Plus one

by Double-U

 I thought getting a new suite mate would be nothing but bad news. But that was before I learned he was a hot, muscular stud.

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For the fall semester, I lived on campus in an apartment with two other guys. We all pretty much got along and kept to ourselves. What was really great was that the fourth bedroom was vacant, so I was able to have a bathroom all to myself. The apartment was nice and quiet, which was great. I was able to focus on my studies and keep my grades up. There would always be room for parties later. At the end of the semester, I got an email saying that the vacant room was being filled for the remainder of the school year, by a guy named Kevin.

Now, because I am me, I had to look him up on social media. He only had a few photos up, so I really couldn’t tell anything about him. Except from the fact that he is transferring from another school. And that he was also kind of attractive. Like, supermodel material. I wonder if he’s got a hot bod underneath the sweatshirt he is wearing in his profile picture.

I hope he isn’t loud. Or ‘an ultra-bro.’ You know; a jock that talks that annoying way and always talks about lifting, and wears backwards hats. I guess I will have to wait and see.

A few weeks later, it is move in day. I am not worried about my other two suite mates from last semester. I know what to expect from them. But, I feel nervous about Kevin. Since we are sharing a bathroom, I hope we get along. I will be seeing a lot of him for the next five or so months.

When I move in, my other two suite mates are already in the apartment, and we all exchange hellos. My new suite mate, Kevin, is not here yet. I unpack and clean my room.

I turn on my computer and surf the web. I leave my door open to help me leave a good first impression with Kevin. I like to think that it shows that I am not a shut in… even though I sort of am. First impressions are very important.

I am just getting into a new tv show when he arrives. This is it. I finally get to meet this alpha male. I really need to focus and not stare at him too long or he might find out that I am gay. I don’t want him to see me as weird or some lame gay guy or something. Like I said—first impressions are everything. Maybe down the line I will tell him, but definitely not now.

He goes to his room and passes mine as he does, but back tracks when he sees me in my room. His walk is confident; his shoulders sway to and fro as he moves. He stops at my bedroom entry. This is it. I need to think before I say anything. Stand up straight. Smile, but not too big. I cannot mess this up. I am living with this guy for five months.

I stand up and we introduce each other, and shake hands. We have a great firm hand shake, which is not too long. His grip is strong; his smile is warm and welcoming. He seems nice. He is hotter in real life. He has a beard and mustache, but it is not long and messy. It is nice and short and makes his jaw look straighter and more masculine. It does look like he plays sports, but I can’t really tell because of the heavy sweatshirt that he is wearing. After our meet up, he unpacks and eventually introduces himself to my other suite mates. I try to distract myself by continuing to watch tv. I can’t really focus, though.

When he finishes unpacking, he knocks on my open door. He asks me if I’m hungry and if there are any good places to eat around campus. His voice only accentuates his masculinity. I accept, and grab my coat, trying to make my voice sound deeper. I just make myself sound like an idiot. Normally, I would decline to go out to dinner with my suite mates, but Kevin is special. He looks at me without judgement, it feels like.

When I asked him what type of food he wanted, he just said anything, so we go to a local burger joint. We grab a table and order. Dinner goes great, and we end up talking for a while after we finish eating. I take great pride in not staring too long at his face, or anywhere else.

He is actually super nice. I learn that we have a few things in common, such as our love for science fiction novels, and television shows. When the conversation gets quiet, I forget to think before I speak and say, “So, do you play sports?” Great. Why did I ask that? Sure, it sounds like an innocent enough question, but that implies that I have noticed his increased physique.

“Nope,” Kevin responds. I think I am overreacting. Why can’t a guy ask another guy if he plays sports? It is not like I asked him how long he has worked out for. Bullet dodged.

Over the next week, our friendship grows stronger. It starts by just small conversations about the school and where everything is, and me giving him tips. Then we start hanging out watching our favorite sci-fi shows on tv. We usually split a bag of popcorn. I guess he doesn’t care about what he eats. Also, we end up eating dinner out every few nights. We tell each other about our families, friends, school… everything. We talk about our homework and proof-read each other’s papers.

We even hangout in each other’s rooms. And, he isn’t too bad around the eyes. Whenever he smiles, oh man. And of course, I try to hide it. The last thing I want is to scare him away and make him think that I am not cool and chill. Until I see him the following week.

It is a normal Wednesday morning. When my alarm goes off, I get up and try to shake off the drowsiness. I go to the bathroom and wash my face with some cold water to wake me up. I see Kevin’s door open when I leave the bathroom. I guess he is up early too. I go back into my room, leaving my door open and turn on my computer.

Kevin appears at my door frame and knocks on my open door. “Yo, morning,” he says, his voice smooth and deep.

“Morning. What’s up?” I say as I turn my head to look at him. He takes me off guard. He is shirtless. I see his bare chest for the first time. He has one hell of a physique. His pecs are full and round. His abs outline his stomach. His shoulders are like bowling balls—solid and curved, which show off his wider chest. I even see an outline of his snake hiding in his pants, hanging down several inches. I feel like I could hug him and all of my problems could melt away. He is perfect. When I look at him, nothing else matters. How am I friends with this guy? He has a perfect alpha male body.

Wait? How long was I staring? I look at my computer, trying to hide the fact that I was staring, and I look back at his face. I force myself to look at his eyes this time. There is a pause. He suspects something. Oh god. There goes our friendship. He looks down to his body and looks back at me. I don’t know if that is a good sign or not. I think it is a bad one. The air gets stone cold.

“I was ah… I was wondering if you had a sharpie I could borrow for my class.” Kevin’s face looks serious and plain. Kill me now. What will he think of me? Will he tell the others? Does this mean no more popcorn nights?! No more grabbing dinner?

“Ah, yeah sure,” I say, as I dig through my desk drawer. I find one and throw it to him.

“Thanks,” he says. But he doesn’t leave. He just stands there, looking at me. Oh man. I really screwed this up.

“Hey, could we talk? Like, talk talk?” Kevin says.

Oh god. He is going to think that I am weird or something. “Sure, sit,” I motion to my bed. What is he doing? I could always just say that I am really tired and that I was just staring out into space or something… that could work. Kevin closes the door behind him and sits on the bed. He is just out of reach. I could touch him if I wanted. I could touch his rock hard chest.

“Hey, so yeah. I saw that look.” Crap. Crap. I look away and Kevin puts his hand on my shoulder. I feel the weight of his hand. Wait, what? What is that supposed to mean? Is he going to tell me that there is a fee for staring? What I wouldn’t do for a time machine and just go back just 3 minutes and stop me from looking. “I see that you are embarrassed, but you shouldn’t be.” His tone is sincere. I look back at him. He pats my bed, joining me to sit next to him. And I do.

I can feel his body heat irradiating off his bare chest. I should say something. Right? I’m going to say something. “Look, before, I was just tired and…” I say, but he cuts me off.

“Look, I’m gay too,” Kevin says. I feel my brain implode. What? WHAT? “I’m not really looking for anything serious right now, but… you know.” He raises his shoulders. So this hunky stud sitting next to me, the one I have been getting to know for the past month, is gay? And he saw that he turns me on. So, what happens now?

He holds out his fist for a fist bump. I return my fist. “So, tv and popcorn tonight?” Kevin says.

“Absolutely,” I say. So, yeah. That just happened. I think we are cool. A few seconds pass, but he doesn’t get up. We are done here, right?

“Listen. I know what you were thinking back there. So I figure you could tide yourself over for now,” Kevin says, his gaze playful. I am not sure I follow. Is he implying… “Dude, we are alone. No judgement here. I know you want some of this.” He looks at his chest, and back at me. I raise my hand and he grabs it and puts it on his chest.

I could die right now. His chest is hard. I rub my hand on his abs and he tells me to give his pecs a squeeze. I bring up my second hand and rub the sides of his torso. He is watching my hands as they rub around his meaty pecs and discover the deep valley between them. He lets out a quiet moan. He flexes a bicep for me and I feel it. I bring my hand around his arm and we lock hands. This is definitely one of the intense things I have done in school.

After what seems like millennia, he gives me a huge bear hug. My senses go into overload. He gives me a squeeze, but not too hard. I feel his rock hard pecs press against my pathetic ones. His meaty arms wrap around me. I wish this could last forever.

He releases me from his grip. “Well, got to get ready for class. Thanks for the sharpie,” Kevin says. Just before he goes to open the door, he turns around. “Next time, it’s my turn.” He winks and leaves my room. Next time it’s his turn? But I am weak and pathetic. Whatever. I don’t care. I want to be intimate like that again. I want to see him every moment of every day. I soon went to class, but my mind wandered. I thought about that magical moment on my bed and how my body ached for more.

That incident fortified our friendship. He knows that I am gay too, so we can relate even further. Every time he wears a shirt now, I can still remember what he looks like underneath. I am one of his best friends, so we hang out all of the time now.

I wonder how long he has been working out. Years, probably, judging by his development. I have tried to ask him a few times, but each time he dodges the question.

It is now mid-March. The weather has been bipolar recently, so one day I see Kevin in just a tee-shirt and other days he is hidden in a sweatshirt. It’s Friday. Thank the lord. My other two suite mates left for home a few hours ago, so it will just be me and Kevin for the weekend.

Before Kevin went to his Friday class this morning, he said that we should do something tonight. I don’t know what he has in mind. Maybe just tv or food or something. I spend a few hours getting my weekend assignments done so I don’t have to worry about them tonight.

When Kevin gets back to the apartment, I’m in my room surfing the web. He takes off his back pack and comes in my room.

“So, it’s just us this weekend, huh?” Kevin says, flipping through one of my textbooks. He sits on my bed. He looks pretty bored. I join him, sitting on my bed. “Do you want to do something different?” The question sounds innocent, but I think he is trying to imply something else. I don’t entirely know for sure. I am pretty new to all of this.

“Like what?” I question.

“Well, it is pretty cold out today, and I think a nice warm shower will be nice.” Kevin says.

“Go take a shower then. We can grab some dinner after,” I say. I can’t encrypt the hidden message he is trying to send me.

“No, I mean, like, us. Together. In the shower.” Kevin says, lifting his eye brows. Take a shower? Like, at the same time? Together? Nude? In the same shower? He continues and says, “wow, you are pretty new to this, aren’t you.”

“…I don’t think I… What I mean is that I am new to this whole… experience, you know?” I say, breaking eye contact. “I guess you can say that I am a newbie.” I don’t want to come off as too rough.

“No, I get it,” Kevin says. He seems to think before he speaks again, saying, “Well, I guess we could just go grab a bite to eat then…”

“Hold on a sec. I never said no.” I say and I glance at the bathroom.

So, yeah. We take a shower together. It was difficult for me to get over how pathetic I look, but he tells me that it doesn’t matter and he doesn’t care. The actual shower itself is pretty big, so we don’t have a problem fitting in together.

It is a magical experience. Like a dream. The perfect dream. We feel each other all over as the water streams from the shower head. I ask him again how long he has been working out, and he says it is complicated. Complicated… really? What does that mean? But, I don’t push. He can tell me later. I just focus on enjoying the intimacy of the situation. I’d say right now, we are more than friends; we are like friends with benefits.

We dry off and end up making some tacos. Then we put on a movie and munch on some snacks. I really want to know how he gets away with eating so much junk food and not really get any of the consequences, so I ask him.

He is thinking about his answer. Maybe I will actually get an answer and he won’t change the subject.

“I have a good metabolism, I guess. I can usually eat whatever I want and I just… say the same,” Kevin replies.

I point to his chest. “And you don’t see any changes? At all?” I ask to clarify.

He says no. Life isn’t fair sometimes. So, if he eats a large bag of candy, he looks exactly the same the next day. If I eat the same bag of candy, my stomach goes out a little bit further, I feel weaker, and my face flares up with acne. Life is not fair.

The weekend flies by and it is Monday before I know it. I am busy working on my public opinion paper. I need a break, so I go out into the living room and turn on the tv. Anything to get my mind off of class. Kevin walks into the apartment, just getting back from class. We exchange a conversation about how the day is going. Towards the tail end, he tells me about a party that I am invited to. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day party, and Kevin is allowed to invite a friend, and he chose me. I tell him that I am not much of a drinker, and he says that is fine. He also says that he won’t leave me alone when I look hesitant at the offer.

I guess I don’t have a choice. I mean, he could probably wrestle me to the floor and not let me go until I change my mind. I accept his invitation, even though I kind of don’t want to go. I wonder how wild the party will be.

St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, and Kevin takes me to his friend’s house. I am slightly nervous. I have never met his friends, let alone seem them. What if I can’t relate to their conversations? What if I am like an outcast? In the car, Kevin parks in the drive way and turns off the engine. We are at the party. There is no turning back. He says, “now, my friends are cool, but they might be intense at first. Just give them a chance, ok?”

I really don’t have a choice, being already in their driveway and all. We walk to the door and the door opens. I hear music and chatter coming from inside. The guy who answers the door is wearing a tank and is packing some serious muscle. More than Kevin I think. I do not even look at his chest. Too risky. This is going to be a long day. Kevin introduces me and this guy’s name is Walt. Walt is the party host, and looks like a serious body builder. As we walk in, the house is filled with other guys, drinking, talking, and playing ping pong. Pretty much everyone at this party is huge. Their chests stick out of their shirts and all of their stomachs are flat as a board. A few of them are even wearing tanks. This will be… fun? I glace at Kevin. He pats me on the back. This will put my social skills to the test.

As Kevin says hello to his friends (his very buff friends, like all of them are studs—I am not even joking), Kevin also introduces me to everyone. Everyone seems cool, I guess.

There are snacks lined up on the coffee table. Chips, soda, and pretty much any snack you can think of. And plus, there is a ton of beer in the fridge. The day gets slightly less awkward, but I try to hide my weak frame by crossing my arms and stuff like that. But I am only wearing a tee-shirt, so it’s pointless. I know I shouldn’t really care what these guys think, but I do care.

Kevin and I travel from conversation to conversation. I think I am doing pretty well. And I have a few things in common with a few guys at the party. Kevin even leaves me alone while I have a conversation with one of his friends. I guess I am doing really well.

A few hours later, the pizza arrives, and everyone stuffs their faces. The party gets a little more wild, because of the alcohol, but it’s not crazy. Yet. I think, for the most part, Kevin’s friends like me. I get good vibes from everyone I have talked to. I am kind of intimidated by Walt, though. He is probably the biggest one. His body is just too distracting. I don’t think we would have anything in common. But, on the other hand, when I first saw all of these guys, I thought they would be stereotypical jocks, but none of them really fit into that stereotype. I mean, I’ll thank Walt for the party, but that is all I want to do with him.

Kevin comes over to me and pulls me away from a conversation I was having with another guy. He says something to me, but I don’t quite catch it. He guides me over to Walt. Oh, no. Anything but this. He sees Kevin and me coming, so I can’t back out now.

After a few minutes of talking to Walt, he is actually a pretty cool guy. And he seems to be interested in my life.

“I have decided.” Kevin wraps his huge arm around my neck. “This guy is my plus one,” Kevin says to Walt. Walt’s face gets serious.

“You sure? It has taken months for you to decide on your plus one, and you are sure you choose him?” So, they’re talking about me? Are they talking about the party?

I look at Kevin in confusion. He holds up his finger. “I am sure. He is my plus one,” Kevin says. I am lost, but I keep my mouth shut. Kevin takes his arm off my shoulder and nods.

“Alright. But you only get to choose one person and this is it. So, as long as you are really sure, we could do it sometime next week…” Walt is interrupted by Kevin.

“Right now,” Kevin says. Walt gives him a look. “You owe me, remember?”

Walt looks at me before turning his attention back to Kevin. “Fine. Meet me in the back bedroom in 5 minutes. I trust you will give him the speech.” Walt finishes his beer and gives us a wave before walking away. Kevin looks at me, grinning. I am still lost.

“Let’s go,” Kevin says. He grabs my hand and brings me to the back bedroom, which is away from the party scene.

“Ok, what was all of that about?” I say. Kevin sits me on the bed, still smiling.

“Just listen, ok?” Kevin waits for me to nod my head before continuing. “Where to start… ok. So you are my plus one. I believe you are the best candidate out of everyone I have met over the past few months, and I think you deserve it.” I am still lost. Plus one? Am I supposed to know what that means?

Kevin continues. “Now, Walt, he has this ability. But, not like a skill or anything. Like, a super power.” Super power? How drunk is Kevin? He really isn’t the type that jokes or pranks. I guess I will hear it out, so I slowly nod. “He can manipulate physical features. Like strength and things like that. He found out when he hit 16 and made himself look huge. He gave all of his closest friends, including me, the option to upgrade our bodies. And he also gave us a ‘plus one’ so we could invite anyone to change, if they wanted to. And you are my plus one.” I think I get it. And Kevin looks really serious, so why not just see where this goes?

“You can’t be serious.” I say. I wait for him so admit that this is a joke or something, but he doesn’t.

“I am dead serious.”

“Ok, then. Why me? And Walt said that you have taken months to pick a plus one,” I say. Why would he choose me? We just met a few months ago.”

He sighs and rolls his eyes. “You’re kidding. Do you have any other good questions? Walt will be here any second.” Kevin says.

“How does it work? What does it feel like?” I ask.

“It’s like, you know when it is really hot out and you are really thirsty? And then you finally get that ice cold glass of water and you drink it? And you can feel it going down and getting to your stomach? It is like that.”

I nod my head. He asks if I have any other questions, and I shake my head.

“So you are interested in this, right?” Kevin asks and I nod my head. If this is somehow real, there is no way that I going to miss out on a life changing opportunity like this.

“Good. Now, strip and put this towel around your waist.” He hands me a towel. You can’t be serious. When I don’t move, he says, “quickly, before Walt comes in. He’ll be pissed if you are not ready when he comes in.”

Fine. Whatever. It is only Kevin, and some new guy I have never really met. I strip and wrap the towel around my groin. Here we go? I guess.

Walt comes in shortly after. He looks to me. “You ready?” He asks, and I say yes. He looks to Kevin and asks, “Is he ready?” and Kevin nods. “Ok, thanks Kev.” Walt waves Kevin out of the room. What? Kevin is leaving?

“Really?” Kevin asks.

“Your friend can’t feel pressure from you about his changes. He has to do this for himself.” Walt explains and nudges Kevin out of the room. Walt closes the door. It is now just this huge body builder in a tank and me in a towel. This is really uncomfortable. Is this a joke? Is he going to take my towel and shame me?

Walt sits on the bed and looks at me, thinking. He tells me to slowly turn around to get a good look at me.

“So, what are you thinking?” Walt asks me. That is probably the hardest question I will ever be asked in my entire life, if this was actually real, of course. It could be some elaborate prank. I don’t know what to say. “So where you thinking something like Kevin, or something bigger, like me?”

“I guess something like Kevin,” I say. He nods his head and tells me to spin again. “And I still want to look me too, like not totally different.”

“I think that is a good start.” He says. “Ok, tell me which option you would prefer.” I nod my head. “Swimmer type or football type?”


He looks me over again and scratches his head. “Now, personally, I think you would look better with darker hair, but just a little bit darker. Thoughts?”

I loved the idea. He nods his head and continues.


“6-foot-4.” I always wanted to be slightly taller. I feel pretty short at school.

“How do you like your voice?”

“If it was lower, I wouldn’t complain.”

“Not a problem. Hairless chest or more hair?”

“Hairless, definitely.”

“Some guys like hair and that sort of thing. Anything else?” I glance down to my groin, which is hidden by my towel. “Take it easy, we will do that last.”

“Actually, could you clear up my skin?”

“Sure thing. I was going to do that anyways. Anything else?”

After a pause, he says, “Ok. Let’s get started.” He stands up from the bed. “So we will start with your height.” I can’t believe this is happening. Is this really going to happen? And how could I be so lucky to be Kevin’s plus one?

Walt squints his eyes. I begin to feel something. It is like a floaty feeling. As soon as it starts, it’s over. “How was that? Is that good?” I can’t be taller, can I?

“Just like that? I’m 6-4?” I ask and he nods.

“You were pretty tall to begin with. Ok, next. Let’s wipe your hair off your chest.” Walt raises his right hand and drops it down a few feet. My chest feels tingly for a millisecond. And I look down and the little hair I had there is gone.

“Now, will I ever grow hair there?” I ask, and he shakes his head no.

“Ok, test out your voice, now.” He says.

“You lowered it already? Wow. You did. I like it.” My voice is now lower and more masculine, but not too different than before.

“Oh, and I’ll just wipe your skin really quick.” Walt focuses his eyes on me again. I feel that floating feeling, mixed with pins and needles all over my skin. I don’t believe my eyes. My skin gets smoother and scar free. Acne, burn marks, acne scars, everything. Gone. My skin is flawless.

“Wow, how are you doing this?” I ask. This is crazy.

He ignores me. My scallop tingles and I watch my hair getting more like brown in my reflection. I also feel my beard coming in. “How do you like it? I figured you would look good with a beard. And how do you like the density?”

I feel my facial hair. I tell him that it is perfect. “So, can I shave my beard and it will grow back and keep on growing until I shave?”

“Yeah. It’s not like your chest, it’s different,” Walt answers and asks for my approval before we do the next step. After looking in the mirror and seeing a more mature and masculine version of myself (but I still look like me), I tell him I approve and we continue. This is all so new and exciting. I can’t wait.

“Ok, so before I continue, I first need to change your body type to make it easier. Now, before you freak out, yes you will look essentially the same. Just let me work. I think I know what you want. If you don’t like it, I can always alter you,” says Walt. “Ready? It is like ripping off a band aid. Sort of.” So it is going to hurt? Well, at least he gave me a heads up. I nod. I’m ready. I think.

It happens in an instant—and it was extremely painful. I feel my shoulders being pulled away from my neck. It feels like my body is being pulled apart at the seams. My chest widens and deepens, but I still look essentially the same. The pain is only for an instant. I let out a groan. Walt stops and checks to see if I am ok. So glad that is over.

Walt holds out his hands, his fingers pointed towards me. This is it. Is that really all he has to do? Peculiar. And cool too. He pulls his hands back straight. I begin to feel all of my fat melting off my body. I look down and see just that. I am becoming thinner—especially around my waist. My stomach becomes ultra-flat, which reveals a slight outline of my abs. When he stops, I must be like, I don’t know, 40 pounds lighter. And I feel paper thin standing next to Walt. I can see beads of sweat on Walt’s forehead.

I guess it is time for phase 2 because Walt lifts his hands up with his palms at me. He closes his eyes in a deep concentration. My muscles start to push against my body. I am in a state of bliss. They begin to expand outwards. It feels like water is coursing through them. My body feels denser, and all of my muscles are inflating. My pecs are becoming more firm and square. My stomach is getting tougher and my abs develop into bricks. I feel as my shoulders are firming up, preparing to hold up my bigger arms. My biceps, triceps, and forearms explode out. And it now feels like I can knock someone’s lights out with them. My back thickens and I feel all of the muscles moving and growing. Walt drops his arms, looking exhausted.

I look to the mirror over by the dresser. “What do you think?” Walt says. I am perfect. I am just as strong as Kevin. I have the masculine ‘V’ shape to my chest. My lower chest feels compact and air tight. My legs are powerful and support my new heavier frame. I run my hands down my chest and feel my tough abs—I have never experienced the sensation of hard abs on my stomach. I make a muscle with my newly huge biceps. It is solid and thick. It feels like I’m flexing all of my muscles at once, but I’m not. I shift my gaze to Walt.

“Wow, this is incredible! Thank you! This… this is going to change my life!” I say.

“Don’t thank me. Thank Kev. One more thing,” Walt points to my groin. “Drop ’em.” Well, I have no choice. I mean, why would I pass up this great opportunity? I slowly take off the towel that hangs around my groin. I get a good look at my thighs. Once fatty, they now look like they could help me run a marathon.

Walt looks down at my groin. I wait to see Walt’s judgement, but it never comes. I can see his mind processing all options.

Walt is now hard at work. I feel my dick getting slightly longer by the inch—pure pleasure is runs through my body from my dick. I look at my dick getting thicker and rounder too. Walt looks at me for my approval when he is done, and I shake my head. I feel its new weight between my legs. The new sensation of it hanging and rubbing so far down my thigh is heavenly—it will take some time to ignore it so I can focus on something else other than my newly enlarged dick.

“Ok, then. Anything else?” Walt says to himself. I am perfect male human now. I now have the body of a football player. I am more slim, but with muscle. “Oh, and one more thing. I have to give you the ability to have more fun. Wow, Kevin would have never forgiven me.” What? More fun? This is already fun. Walt looks back down to my groin. It feels warm for a few seconds. “There. Now, you can get it up easier and you can go as long as you want.”

“Also, I am not going to let you wear your old clothes today. You can put your clothes in the car. I want you to wear these. They’re for you.” He holds out a pair of shorts, a tank, and a hat. I put them on and turn to Walt. He nods his head, but grabs my hat and turns it backwards.

Walt holds out his hand and I shake it. He pulls back his hand. “Make sure you learn your own strength,” Walt says, with a smile on his face. I thank Walt again we leave the room. I have to go show Kevin. I receive a few high fives on my way to Kevin, I guess they are in on it—or plus ones like me. I got to say, I feel powerful and in control.

I finally find Kevin by the flat screen tv, who looks proud at what I have become. I give him a high five as well.

“Looking good,” Kevin says. He leans in and says, “And keep this between me and Walt.” I nod.

“So, how long have you been working out for?” Kevin says and I laugh. This is the best party I have ever been to. And to think I didn’t want to go.

After the party, we go back to our apartment. It’s pretty late—around midnight. “So we got the apartment to ourselves tonight.” We look at each other. Oh yeah. Kevin takes off his shirt, and so do I. We go to his room and I take off my clothes. So does Kevin. My body feels air tight. We collapse on the bed and make out. After feeling each other’s powerful bodies, I turn around and he shoves his giant dick into me. I am transported to another world of ecstasy and pleasure.

I moan as he moves his dick in and out. Oh god. That feels so good. Kevin blows his load and it seems to go on forever. Kevin eases up, but still continues to empty his warm, thick cum. He pulls out and we make out again. And I get to use my new enhanced dick on him. It must be a foot long hard. I cum inside of him. I never felt more alive and in a pure state of bliss before in my entire life. And I must have cum for ten minutes straight.

After an hour of playing on the bed, we are both exhausted and covered in cum.

“Looks like I have to do laundry tomorrow,” Kevin says.

“No worries. We can sleep in my bed tonight.” We clean off in the shower and move into my bed, both still naked.

I feel his body heat. We get close and cuddle. It feels unusual sleeping on hard muscle, but I will get used to it.

When I wake up in the morning, Kevin is sound asleep next to me. His body angelic, I look down and remember that so do I. Kevin’s chest rises and falls as he breathes. I roll over to get closer to him and gently put my arm around him. He wakes up.

“Good morning.”


“Ready for your first day as a stud?” Kevin asks. I reach down and put my hand on his groin. He smiles and does the same. I feel a pulse of pleasure. Hell yeah.

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