Boardwalk muscle

by Lou Garou 78

A randy bathroom encounter leads to an unexpected transformation.

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I had just finished pissing in the urinal.

I could feel the gritty sand from the beach under my bare feet and there was a breeze coming in through the doorless opening into the bathroom pavilion. Since there was no one else inside at the time, I let my cock hang out, feeling the air run across my sweaty back, tickle my cropped pubic hairs. I milked the last few drops of urine out by tugging slowly against the corona of my head. It felt so good I couldn’t help but moan slightly and push my ass out behind me a bit. I squeezed my balls, tugging down slightly with my right hand, sliding my middle finger beneath them and running it along my sweat-slicked taint. I huffed involuntarily, my cock was now at half-mast; floppy and thick and beginning to arc out into the air. It was a shame there wasn’t someone else in here, I thought as I looked at the condensed moisture running down the tiled wall.

I was aching to present my hole to some randy john.

Right on cue, I heard someone else walk in and step up to the urinal next to mine. I pulled myself together, released my balls and grabbed my dick at the base of the shaft—made like I was pee-shy and waiting to get started.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell he was huge. Massive. At least a head taller than me, probably more. Within a few moments, I could feel the body heat radiating off of him. I could smell his musk, his ocean-rinsed pits—sea salt and sweat, my favorite combination.

As he fumbled with the drawstring of his board shorts, I very carefully looked him over, preparing a casual nod in case we crossed eyes…but as it was, he was already eyeing me up: and by me, I mean my cock. I felt a wave of heat rush up my body and my rod lurched to attention. His shorts dropped to the floor and landed around his feet. There he stood, one hand slowly stroking the midline of his abs, dusted with thick black hair, closely cropped and glossy. His cock was thick enough that it hung heavily against his balls pointing towards the urinal with no guidance needed. My mouth was watering.

My anus began to twitch.

He knew I was watching by now. He contracted his pelvic floor to send his dick into a heavy bounce, grunted once, and I inhaled as a thick, noisy stream of urine erupted from the slit of his uncut penis. Were his cock average-sized it would have fire-hosed everywhere, but as it was, there was more than enough meat to hold it steady as the torrent splashed against the porcelain.

The sound of him urinating, his contented sigh as his bladder continued to empty itself, had my own dick rock-hard and straining in an upward-curve in mere moments, its head swollen and shiny. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He pissed for so long, eyes closed, face upturned to the ceiling that I was able to run my gaze across his entire figure before he finished. Enormous shoulders, a thick neck and traps, full, swollen pecs. The thumb and forefinger of his far hand were slowly running circles around the large, brown aureole of his left nipple. Like my now-throbbing dick, both were erect, standing out from his heavily muscled chest. My tongue began to twitch in a suckling rhythm, I had to get those tits in my mouth.

His right hand continued to strum its way along his taut abs, slowly making its way down his hairy belly which was slowly pulsing with his panting. A pearl of precum was now glistening on the tip of my own dick as his hand ran its way through his dense pubic stubble. His cock bounced twice as he squeezed out the rest of the piss, and he then cradled it in the palm of his hand, his thumb slipping the foreskin off his head twice as the final drops fell away into the urinal.

By now I was holding my balls in one hand, wagging my aching erection while kneading my ass with the other. He only had to indicate what was next. I was so clouded with hormones and hot blood I was ready for anything. We crossed gazes and he moved towards me. Before I could drop to my knees and bury my face in his crotch, he was behind me. I shifted my weight and eased into his mass. I was much smaller, and though not very built, I was one ripped motherfucker. I could feel the fullness of his genitals press against the small of my back, my shoulder blades sank into the thick meat of his chest, more cropped body hair scratching against my skin.

I began to shift, raising myself on my toes to bring my ass closer to his stiffening cock but he wrapped his arms over my shoulders. I could feel the dampness of his hairy pits across my traps as his arms enveloped me. Feeling his hands run across my stomach, I contracted my gut into a vacuum—he’d love the trampoline-tightness of my own abs. I eased into his frame as his fingers stroked my smooth stomach and his heavy, veined biceps brushed against my nipples, now as erect as his.

A slick of sweat had already formed between our bodies and I wriggled around a little against him, my skin popping against the deep valleys and creases of his muscled torso. The clipped bristles of his chest hair were no longer raspy but softened by the dampness of our bodies.

He squeezed his arms, pressing me tighter against him, and I felt a strange numbness; an unusual disorientation. Light and giddy and confused I drifted away for a moment under a wave of overwhelming heat, and then I was alone in the room. I looked down, saw my own trunks laying on the floor.

I stopped and took in the view—the floor seemed farther away than usual. That was when I noticed I was looking down at his dick, thick and erect, its head now cowled within a partially retracted foreskin—his heavy chest with its paired mounds of thick pectoral beef and dark brown nipples poking into the air. Cropped black hair swirled across the stacked flesh.

As fear was setting in, I heard a voice. His voice.

“Don’t panic. This is your body now.”

“What did you do…what happened to me!?”

“You became me…us.” I heard a soft, ominous chuckle. He turned his body around, so I could see the reflection in the polished steel mirror of the pavilion. He smiled—a devastating grin—and flexed his arms, his massive biceps bunching up into striated mounds of muscle. Veined lats flared, against which thick shocks of armpit hair were plastered.

“You like the view?”

“What did you to me?”

“This. I turned you into this. I absorbed you…I didn’t need any more size at the moment, but I wanted to get fucking shredded, like you. Now, look at us!”

He flexed a thigh and I gaped at the full sweep of his hairy quads. His lower abs were now separated into four additional blocks of muscle. Thick veins forked up and away from his cock across his lower torso, ran along the obliques, disappeared into the deeper cum-gutters above his hip bones.

“You look amazing, but—”

“Not me, us. You. You look amazing.”

I was in shock, panicking. Such a thing was not possible, and yet, there was the reflection in the mirror—seen from a higher vantage point, but still, a reflection. Suddenly, my fear was washed away by a fog of testosterone and the rush of pumping blood. I could feel the breeze running across his ass, much thicker and heavier than mine ever was. Hairier too.

“Your ass. It’s yours now,” he corrected patiently.

I looked back to the mirror, looked down at my cock; dark brown and thick, a massive vein winding its way along the shaft, forking into the foreskin. My cock; it was an upgrade to be sure. My mouth was watering already. I wanted to grab my prick, rub it out massively. I heard a soft, internal chuckle.

“You have to sit back and enjoy, you’re a spectator now, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained.”

I felt my broad palm warmly squeeze my new girthy prick. I turned to the side, eyes still trained on my reflection—the massive bunched-up swells of my torso tapering to a narrow waist, heavy legs, and thick ass. There was a light dusting of hair on my shoulders and upper back, a light line where the clippers had stopped trimming at the base of my bull neck. My dick, heavy and swollen, stuck far out from my body, the dark velvety balls hung heavily against my thighs. It had a familiar upward curve, I looked down briefly, and was met by the slit tilted up and staring at me.

“I love it. I knew its angle would be a nice addition.”

I reached down once more, grabbed the base of my cock, and waggled it in the air. With my right hand, I lifted a hefty pectoral once, twice. God, they were thick! I could feel the bundles of muscle slipping around beneath the skin. A vein forked across the swell of flesh towards the nipple. Oh, that nipple, a thick dark nub, erect in the fresh air. I gripped it between thumb and index and pinched hard. Once. Twice. The electric zings were duplicated in both tits. I felt my balls lurch and my rectum twitch.

My anus, I’d almost forgotten about it. Releasing my cock I reached around and gripped a glute. With the heel of my hand in its hollow, I could feel the striations trembling under the light dusting of fuzz. I was so much hairier now. I slid my fingertips into the furry crease, damp and soft between the warm muscle. I growled. My basso voice resonated in my barrel chest and my mouth fell open. A thick cord of drool dropped free and splattered on my dick.

“Pull yourself together—you’ll get used to this sooner than you think.”

I stopped manhandling myself and stepped back to the urinals, picked up my old swimming trunks, and launched them into the trash bin. Bending over to pick up my board shorts, he spoke to me once last time as ‘him’ and not ‘me’.

“We aren’t going to spend our time rubbing one out here—alone. That would be a waste of a really good load.”

My cock jumped at the words. I could tell my balls were full and heavy. I pulled my board shorts up over my ass, let them drag heavily against its round heft, and tied them closed, my erection mashed to one side against a hip bone, slicked pre-cum pooling against the damp skin.

I turned once more to look in the mirror, “you wouldn’t believe the kind of action we can land with this rig. Now, let’s go find a nice piece of ass.”

I walked to the doorway and stepped back into the light of the boardwalk, eyes already scanning the crowds on the beach.

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