Bound together

by NBCK99

 When you have the ability to "push" people to be bigger and hotter, and not a lot of self-control, a really cute repairman can be a challenge—especially if things don’t go quite the way they’re supposed to.

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As soon as I see the repair guy, I know I won’t be able to help myself. You see, I’ve got this ability, and although I can control it, I tend to automatically use it whenever I see a really cute guy. It’s hard to describe how my ability works. I mean, I’m not ever sure how it actually works, I just know how it feels. In my head, I call it pushing. I give a guy a little push, and he gets taller or more muscular or whatever. It’s just a little, but it can really add up. Most of my closest friends are close to seven feet tall and pretty ripped, but they don’t know why, and I don’t think they even really realize how much they stand out. Anyway, I’m not talking about my friends, I’m talking about the repair guy.

So the whole thing starts when the dishwasher breaks down at work. Well, the thing is always breaking, but this time it’s seriously broken. The noise it made when he tried to turn it on will haunt my dreams. Since the thing is ancient and decrepit, we see the repair guy all the time, but that guy is an average looking middle aged guy with a bit of a paunch. Apparently he’s on vacation, and the maintenance company has to scramble to find someone to come out. So this guy comes in, and he’s my age and pretty cute. And he’s wearing this tight baby blue shirt that shows off his small but perfectly defined pecs. Man, I have such a weakness for a great pair of pecs in a tight shirt.

So before I know it I’m giving him a little push, then another. Within a couple minutes his pecs are definitely bigger, but I know no one else will notice. It’s a good thing too, because my coworkers are right there. Of course, a few of those guys are quite a bit more buff than they used to be too. Well, now I’m getting distracted by the repair guy’s pecs, so I’m thinking I’ll go to the front of the café and leave the guy to do his job. Except then he starts asking me some questions about the repairs that have been done before. So there I am staring at him, but my eyes keep slipping down to his totally hot pecs, and I feel like I’m being rude, and I can only think of one way to keep my eyes on his face. So I give him a little push, and his cute face gets a little cuter. Okay, so now his pecs aren’t distracting me quite so much, but I’m still hardly paying attention to what he’s saying because I’m getting lost in his blue-gray eyes. I hurriedly give him a few answers and dart away as fast as I can.

Well, things are really slow and I should really check up on how the repair guy is doing, so I go back to the dish pit. There he is on the ground with his little butt up in the air, and his tight shirt is stretched across his back muscles, and I figure he’s got such a nice torso, I should spread the wealth. So I give him a push and his ass starts looking like a bubble butt. I give him another and his butt wants to start peeking out of his jeans. He reaches down to adjust his pants, totally unaware of the changes. Well now I just can’t help myself. It gets really bad sometimes, especially with strangers. I start feeling like I only have a limited time to give them the perfect body. So I start pushing again, and his shoulders get a little thicker, his arms get a tad bigger, his thighs start filling out his jeans.

By the time the repair guy stands up, he’s definitely got a bit more bulk than before, although his waist is a slim as ever. His pecs don’t stand out as much as they did when he was slimmer, so I give him a few subtle pushes to puff them up and make them as prominent as they should be. Now his shirt doesn’t just show them off, it’s straining over his thicker chest and back. God, he looks amazing. Suddenly I realize I’m about to pass the point of no return. I’ve already taken him from cute to hot, I could just let him go and live his life, never remembering his old self. Or I could keep going and turn him into a truly fantastical version of himself. The thing is, there’s no halfway point. I know how I get lost in my abilities. If I keep going, I won’t be able to stop until he looks like he stepped straight out of my fantasies.

He starts talking to me again, and now my mind is getting clouded. I’m staring at those mesmerizing eyes, and I keep glancing down at his bulging chest, and I can’t keep looking at him without giving him another push or two. It dawns on me that I’m looking straight into his eyes because he’s almost exactly my height. I’ve always been into taller guys, so I figure I’ll just give him a little push. Maybe I can make him a tiny bit taller without giving into my urge to completely transform him. I know I’m just rationalizing, but I do it anyway. I give him a little push. A few seconds later his eyes are still right in front of mine. That’s weird. I’ve never had a push not work before. I give him another little push, and then a stronger one. I’m still looking right into his eyes. I keep talking to him, acting as if I’m still listening, but my focus is almost entirely on this impossible situation.

My shirt’s feeling a little uncomfortable. I reach down to tug at it, and I freeze. It hardly reaches past the waistband of my jeans. The repair guy turns back around to look at the dishwasher again, and I see that his shirt barely reaches his waist. This isn’t possible. This can’t be real. I’ve tried pushing myself, and it doesn’t work. I’m not bad looking, but I tried improving myself as soon as I discovered my ability. I can’t do it. Except now I’m taller. Now I have to try something else. My eyes flicker across the repair guy’s body. There’s one thing I haven’t pushed yet. I walk around so I can catch a glimpse of the modest bulge in his jeans. I give him a push. This time something definitely feels weird. It’s like I’m feeling resistance. He doesn’t look any bigger, but then it’s hard to tell under the clothing. I don’t feel anything either. I decide to try his height again. A little extra can’t hurt. I give him a push. I feel air on my stomach between my shirt and my pants. The repair guy’s shirt doesn’t cover him either, but he doesn’t notice.

Now I’m freaking out. I push one way, and I get pushed too. I push another way and nothing happens at all. I try pushing his bulge again. I can’t really explain it, but it’s like there’s jello between my mind and his body. I’m pushing, but I’m not getting through. Okay, so I’m still freaking out, but I’m also getting curious. Somehow he’s different from anyone I’ve pushed before. Maybe I should try pushing him in other ways again. Maybe something new will happen. I just have to find out. He’s inspecting the dishwasher again, but I catch another glimpse of his face. God, his eyes are gorgeous. I give him a push. Whoa, that was weird. At the last second, I felt a tug and the push turned into a shove. We’re definitely connected now somehow. He suddenly turns to look at me as if he can feel the connection too. My breath catches. I didn’t know I could push someone that hard. He’s just gone from hot to perfect in one push. It’s not just his eyes now. It’s his jaw, his cheekbones, his hair, even his nose. Just looking at him is making my dick stir in my pants. As he stares at me, he seems equally enamored. He leans in like he’s about to kiss me.

Suddenly he turns away. He shakes his head a little like he doesn’t know what just happened, and he tells me he needs to call his boss with a question. I nod and let him get back to work. I make a beeline for the bathroom. I lock the door and check out my reflection in the mirror. Holy shit. My blue-green eyes are now deep ocean blue with little flecks of green. The bit of stubble I like to grow has formed a perfectly groomed frame for my now strong, sharp jaw. Everything I like most about my features seems to have been accentuated. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I have to try something. I give my face a push. Nothing. I try my height and then my chest. Still nothing. I recall what happened earlier, and I pull my dick free from my pants. I push as hard as I can. Nothing. Whatever is happening to me, it’s linked to the repair guy. I’ve got to go out there and try more. I’ve already gone past the point of no return with him, and now I have a change to change myself too. I desperately will my cock to stay soft as I put it away and head back out to have some more fun.

The moment I get out of the bathroom, I get called up to the front. Oh yeah, I’m still at work. Things stay busy for a few minutes, and I can’t check on the gorgeous repair guy. I’m getting a little out of control now. I push three cute customers, and I push a coworker who’s already several inches taller than my improved form. God, I need to get back to the repair guy. Finally the little rush is over and I head to the back with the excuse that I need to check on the repair guy’s progress. He doesn’t quite look at me as he says things aren’t going well and it’s still going to take a while. I suppress a smile and assure him that he can take all the time he needs. I give his pecs another little push, except I lose control again and it turns into a shove. I swear it’s like my energy is getting dragged toward him. I don’t want to scare him by ogling him, so I decide to retreat to the office and ogle myself.

This time I didn’t just feel the tug, I felt the backlash onto my body. I know without looking that the shove didn’t just affect my pecs. When I do look down, I’m stunned. I’ve always been in shape, but I never went for bulk. I enjoy being smaller than the guy I’m with. Well, I’m still smaller than the repair man, but my pecs are at least as big as his were before I starting using my ability on him. My shoulders and back are definitely a bit bigger too. Even my upper arms have a little extra definition. I reach under my shirt and feel my abs. Whoa. I’ve always been proud of my toned stomach, but now I’m ripped. My abs are so amazingly defined that I wonder if I’m subconsciously flexing. I’m not. Shit. Wow. Okay, time for more.

The repair guy is bent over the dishwasher, and his shirt is riding up to expose several inches of lower back. I can clearly see his improved back and shoulders from this angle, and I can only imagine how great he looks from the front with those huge pecs. God, he looks amazing. I give his legs a little push. Actually, this time I’m expecting the extra tug, so I try to give him the slightest tap. It turns into a moderate push. Perfect. I’m glad his legs have bulked up a bit, but I want most of his mass to be in his chest. I decide to repeat the process with his arms, but I feel that strange pushback again. I try pushing harder. I feel like I’m getting closer, but I still can’t manage to push through the strange energy. Well, his arms look big enough for now. I look down at my own arms. I would have liked to get a little more mass, but I’ll have to settle with what I have.

The repair guy stands up straight, and I take the chance to admire his long, toned body. I’m starting to feel more reckless now. I shouldn’t be doing this at work of all places, but I can’t stop myself. I push his height, and I don’t bother trying to hold back. This time the tug is even stronger, and my energy slams into him. I shoot up right along side him, and it happens so fast that I get a little dizzy. I suddenly realize that I’m not just disoriented because I’m dizzy. Reality itself is vibrating and doing this weird thing that feels like waves rippling in the ocean. This has happened a couple times before when I got a little carried away. Time seems to slow down. One moment I feel how horribly constricting my tiny clothes are on my newly lengthened body, and the next I’m wearing a pair of extra long jeans and a shirt that just barely covers my rippling abs. The repair guy’s shirt fits him too now, but it clings to him just as tightly as it did before. Time speeds back up, and suddenly everything is back to normal.

Okay, this is a bizarre sensation. I clearly remember pushing the repair guy and how that made me grow, but I could swear I’ve been this tall since eleventh grade. I love having to get special extra long pants, even if it gets a little expensive. I can remember a doctor telling me my height: 7’4”. I can’t believe it. I’m a foot and a half taller than the average guy. Now I’m getting excited, and I have a feeling that soon I won’t be able to control my cock. I try reminding myself that I’m at work, but then I look at the increasingly hot repair guy, and I look down at my own body, and I know I can’t stop.

Alright, I’m getting serious now. I’ve already pushed so hard that reality is bending. It’s time to completely let go of any notion of caution. The repair guy comes to me to give me an update, and I give him a push before he can speak. I don’t just feel a tug this time. It’s like our energies are crashing together. I don’t know what I expected, but I get way more than I bargained for. I thought his face was perfect before, but apparently I was wrong. I’m not even sure exactly what has changed. The only obvious change is that his short hair has suddenly grown to frame his beautiful face. The effect is stunning. Suddenly the repair guy’s hand is caressing my chin, and I can feel that my stubble has turned into a short beard. The repair guy opens his mouth to speak, but his lips remain slightly parted, expectant. My lips form the same shape, and before we know it we’ve closed the gap between us.

The kiss is unbelievable. It’s like our lips were made for each other. We reach out our tongues, and it’s like those were made for each other too. A very small part of my brain is still able to function, and I realize that our mouths probably really are made for each other. The link between us seems to be strengthening in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I let go of my thoughts and get lost in the kiss. Two hands reach under my shirt and start feeling me up. I do the same. God, his abs are as cut as mine. I reach up, lifting up his shirt, and feels his huge pecs. They totally dominate his torso. I’ve never felt such huge, perfect slabs of muscle.

I feel a push, and the repair guy’s pecs push out under my hands. I can feel my own pecs push out too. I break off the kiss and stare at the repair guy with startled eyes. He can tell I’m concerned, but he doesn’t seem to know why. I ask if he knows what he just did, and he shrugs and says it just felt right. It doesn’t take long for my lust to take back over. I tell him to do it again and think about my height. Seconds later he and I are both several inches taller. We’re about to kiss again when his phone rings. It’s his boss responding about the dishwasher. Shit. Work is such a boner killer. I let him get back to work, and I head to the front of house to check on things. I notice that reality didn’t change this time, so my shirt is too short on me again. I tower over my coworkers, even the ones I’ve pushed in the past. I must be over 7’6” by now. I might even be pushing 7’8”. Everyone’s staring at my muscles and my face. I vaguely remember that they do that now. I’m like a walking magnet. All the guys actually take a step or two toward me when I walk by. It’s an unbelievable feeling.

For a while I avoid the repair guy and just let him do his job. I know my boss will be pissed if the repair guy ends up spending all his time kissing me and doesn’t get the dishwasher fixed. Still, I know we’ll continue to change each other. Our bond has grown strong enough that we both want it. I still can’t believe the repair guy can push me. It seems impossible, but it’s absolutely thrilling. I can’t wait to see what else he can do. Suddenly I get an idea. I want to run to the dish pit right then, but I force myself to wait. I start getting hard just thinking about him, but no one seems to care. A couple guys definitely notice, but they just grin knowingly as if this happens to me all the time.

After what seems like ages, the repair guy comes and finds me in the office. The dishwasher is fixed. He says if anything happens to it, don’t ask for the other repair guy, ask for him. I assure him that I’ll always ask for him. Suddenly we’re kissing again, and once again I feel like our bodies were made for this. It’s not enough, though. We’re not complete. I break off the kiss and tell the repair guy to focus on my junk. Nothing happens, and he looks disappointed. He tells me it’s like he’s swimming in jello. I grin and say I know exactly what he means. I tell him to try my arms, but we still don’t get results. I’m about to just kiss him and forget about it when I have a brainwave. I know it’s going to work before we do it, and I shiver in anticipation. I tell him to push my package again, but I’m going to push his too, and we’re going to meet in the middle. It still feels like jello, but I can feel his energy reaching toward mine. When our energies finally crash into each other, it’s like an explosion.

I’m feeling totally disoriented now. My ears are ringing as if there was an actual explosion. I look around, and reality is doing that ripple thing, but the waves are absolutely massive. What did we just do? The repair guy and I lock eyes, and my twin boners come to life. Holy fuck. Twin boners? Reality snaps back together, and I can remember when my second cock grew during my first years of puberty. Except I know that the second cock came from that huge explosion of energy. The repair guy is already fishing his two cocks out of his jeans, and they’re beautiful. They must be a little more than a foot long, and they look amazing on his extra long body. I fish mine out too, and for a moment we just stare at each other’s huge poles. The door of the office is still open, but I know my coworkers have already seen my cocks before. They’re not exactly easy to hide, especially since they’re hard more often than not.

I’m about to reach for one of the repair guy’s cocks, but he has other plans. This time when he pushes my cock, I can feel his energy even though it doesn’t reach me. We lock eyes again, and I know we have to do it. I push as hard as I can, knowing he’ll do the same. This time I’m ready for the disorientation. I keep my eyes closed until I’m sure reality has repaired itself. When I open them, I stare in awe at the repair guy’s three massive boners. If they’re the same size as mine, they’re 18 inches long, and they rise almost to the base of his massive pecs. I absentmindedly caress my three rods without taking my eyes off of his. His body is so perfect. Well, almost perfect. I suddenly realize what we’re missing. The repair guy and I look at each other and simultaneously say “arms.”

I know what’s about to happen, but I still can’t believe it. Even after everything that’s happened so far, this just doesn’t seem possible. I know I have to try, though. I concentrate on the repair guy’s arms, and I push as hard as I can. The jello feels thinner now. Our connection is far too strong for little things like reality to stand in our way. The energy crashes into me, and I find myself reaching out all four arms to stabilize myself. Suddenly my lover, the man I was destined for, wraps all four of his muscular arms around me. I wrap two arms around him and start removing his shirt with the other two. Even though part of me remembers having always had four arms, I’m still surprised by how good my coordination is. My lover removes my shirt too, and we practically melt into each other.

As we kiss and embrace and feel each other up, I find that our bodies really do belong together. Everything about us seems made for the other. I feel as though we were always moving toward this point. Reality was just waiting for us to bend it to our will. So now we’re together, and our lips are pressed together, and our arms are wrapped around each other, and our huge cocks are squeezed between us in the space between our perfect abs and our huge pecs. As large as my pecs are, his still dwarf mine, and I love it. We get lost in the kiss, but eventually we can’t ignore the six cocks straining for release. We both kneel down, and we instinctively move into position.

My two left hands grab onto one cock, my right hands grab another, and my tongue caresses the center cock. My lover mirrors my actions. I have vague memories of doing this before, but the sensations feel brand new to me. I’m amazed by how huge my lover’s cocks are. Even with two hands, it takes some real work to stroke the length of the poles. I notice that my hands wrap around the shafts perfectly though. My fingers seem to have lengthened along with everything else on my body. My lover’s hands feel amazing on my own long shafts. His powerful yet gentle hands bring my excitement to new levels. Suddenly he wraps his mouth around my middle cockhead. I’m amazed that it even fits. I try to do the same, and I find that my jaw opens surprisingly wide to accommodate the wide head. I suck with increasing fervor, and I tense up as my lover does the same. Our every movement seems to be in sync.

I’m engulfed in pleasure, but I still want to do more for my lover. I bend down further, and miraculously I’m able to take several inches of his shaft. I very nearly gag, but I carefully lower myself down on the pole, and I take a couple more inches into my mouth. As I suck the massive cock, my four hands move of their own accord, pumping the other two cocks with increasing speed. My own three cocks pulsating with energy, and I’m nearly overwhelmed with pleasure. The experience of having three cocks pleasured at once is almost impossible to describe. My lover takes more and more of my middle cock into his mouth, but I can still feel his four hands on my other cocks. My lover teases me by slowly taking his mouth away from my middle cock and returning to just kissing and licking the head. Of course I’m doing the exact same thing. Every little thing we do seems to be a perfect mirror image. He’s even right handed, while I’m left handed.

After a little while, we each start going down on the other again, and this time we know we’re both on the edge. Our eight powerful hands haven’t stopped their ministrations, and all of our cocks are aching for release. I feel my balls seize up, and the next thing I know I’m releasing three simultaneous streams of cum. Spurt after spurt shoots out of me, and at the same time I work hard to swallow my lover’s load without choking. Our orgasms subside at the exact same time, and we finally release each other’s softening cocks. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and already I can’t wait to do it again. Suddenly I notice that reality is in flux again, but I don’t know why. The ripples disappear, and reality solidifies, and I’m stunned by the changes.

My lover and I stuff our junk back into the absolutely massive pouches in the front of our pants. We don’t put on shirts because we don’t own any. We leave sex and lust in our wake, and no one wants that to change. The only reason we can’t walk around naked is that our many boners would simply be too distracting for the people around us. Before I even leave the office, I know that we’ve grown almost all of my coworkers to massive proportions. None of them looks like us, but they’re all extra tall and either huge muscle gods or lean, lanky hunks. My lover reluctantly leaves, but I still feel like I’m with him. My lover’s next client is really handsome and fairly muscular, and I can see him in my mind’s eye. I focus on his pecs and arms, and we watch together as the guy grows. Later I have a really cute customer, and I can feel my lover’s power flow through me as we push the guy taller.

At the end of the day, I go to an apartment where I know my lover will be waiting. Even though I just met him, I know him like we’ve been together for years. As we make love for the third time that night, I get an idea, and I try pushing his pecs. He gets a funny look on his face. You know we can’t push ourselves, he says. We never could. It dawns on me that he must not remember us pushing each other earlier in the day. He must have forgotten when reality changed that final time. The moment I think that thought, reality starts bubbling and rippling around me. I think I know what’s about to happen, and I don’t fight it. Something seems to snap into place, but whatever I was just thinking about slips away before I can remember it. I lie in bed and gaze at my lover. I still can’t believe we found each other. He always says it was destiny, and I’m tempted to believe him. I’m just glad I found my literal other half.


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