Bull brothers

by brazboy

Caio and André live together in their family farm, burdened by the loans inherited from their parents. Caio supports both of them selling his milk, but his younger brother still wants to contribute, even if he has to do it behind his elder’s back.

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Part 1: Helping Out Caio and André live together in their family farm, burdened by the loans inherited from their parents. Caio supports both of them selling his milk, but his younger brother still wants to contribute, even if he has to do it behind his elder’s back.
Part 2: Preparations for the Agricultural Fair
Part 3: Farm Work and Family Time Now that the younger brother is helping more at the farm, Caio and André work together, and have time to eat and play together as well. More lessons are taught and learned, and Caio slowly realizes he can truly rely on André. (added: 27 Nov 2021)
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Author’s Note

Note: In this story a “youngling” refers to a young mature bull between the ages of 18 and 24, while and “adult bull” refers to those older than 25 who are at their peak. A bull below the age of 18 (a minor) is known as a “calf.”


Part 1: Helping Out

Caio had been noticing a few weird things in the last few weeks: when he looked at the milk tanks, they seemed to be fuller than they should be, and that discrepancy seemed only starker when he accounted for all their production at the farm. Thankfully, when testing the milk, he didn’t see anything wrong with it and as such he could still sell it at normal rates, but it was still intriguing. Milk didn’t multiply itself like that! So, one day, he measured the amount of milk in his tanks before going to bed, and measured it again after waking up, just to notice it had increased by 15 liters overnight! He checked his milking machine and noticed it was perfectly clean and where it should be… but a little bit too warm and yet, as if it had just been used and cleaned and put back in place in the exact same way he put it.

He was becoming suspicious, and so the next day he decided to wake up earlier. As he expected, the lights of the barn were on, and he walked silently towards it. When he got there and opened the gates, Caio saw his brother attached to his milking equipment: the long stimulating rod was deep in his ass, his whole body arching in pleasure as he drooled from his mouth. His immense male tits were bouncing up and down, delivering sweet pecmilk through his nipples into the milking machine which sucked him dry. His cock, a true stallion’s cock like his own—or almost—bobbed up and down red and furious as André was milked, apparently close to exploding. As André’s cock bobbed, it released more and more precum, which was flying everywhere.

His brother didn’t even notice his presence, as he entered the barn and clicked his tongue. Caio saw the scene and decided he’d talk to his little brother about why he had been milking himself when he should be sleeping, but first things first—the priority now was getting his brother some release. So Caio did what he knew worked best: he went and grabbed his brother’s monster erection, making him at once tremble in delight and surprise.

“Bro… brother?!” said a low, blissful voice, coming from André’s mouth. Caio just shushed him.

“Enjoy yourself now, we’ll talk about it later,” he said, and started stroking his brother’s magnificent member. André, as always, followed his brother’s advice and simply fell back on what was a dream come true: being jacked of by his monster of a brother, the number one bull in the whole state. In between panting, he moaned as his brother jacked off his tool with absolute love and violence. His pecs were producing so much milk that he was almost overwhelming the machine, as his older brother’s powerful hands controlled his cock and held it under his strong grip.

When André was close to exploding, Caio felt his brother’s balls shaking and did what should be done: engulfed the enormous head of André’s titan cock in his mouth, and sucked the younger man into the nineth heaven, forcing him to deliver all his juices at once, exploding from his nipples and cock in triple pleasure, crying in delight, until he was dry. Caio tasted the delicious juices as they flooded his insides, warming him up—his brother was already a bull, a youngling, yes, but a bull nonetheless. When his younger brother’s orgasm subsided Caio suckled to drink every last drop of the thick white juice.

After André was done with his orgasm but while he was still panting, as Caio let go of his younger brother’s falling erection and licked his lips, he just glanced at him and left the barn back to the kitchen.

“Clean everything and come talk to me, we need to have a serious conversation, little bull,” said the older brother, leaving André afraid of what was to come, but still panting in post-orgasmic bliss.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Caio cooked them a nice hearty breakfast. He was half-naked as always, showing his overdeveloped prized award-winning pecs behind his small apron as he walked around their homely kitchen putting food on the table. His brother then entered from outside, as the sun was rising, his head down as he knew he had been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do. He seemed embarrassed.

“Sit down,” said Caio, as André entered, and he followed his instructions. “Are you hungry?” he asked, and André nodded. Caio then gave him eggs, cake, and other nice food, including some bullmilk cheese. Before his younger brother started to eat, he said: “Why were you getting milked in the barn, André?” asked Caio, trying to sound kind and not accusative, while sitting on the other side of the table.

“I… brother, I am sorry. I just wanted to help you with the bills, I know you are having trouble paying for my college tuition as well as the interests on the loans for the farm,” said the younger bull, making his older brother sigh. That’s exactly what he didn’t want: for his younger brother to become a dairy bull like him just to pay the bills, he worked so hard for him to get an education so this exact thing wouldn’t happen.

“André, have I not provided enough for you? Is that what this is about, you want an allowance? I can give you money,” asked a disheartened Caio, and his brother suddenly looked up towards the larger man in shock. Seeing his brother’s enormous muscles behind and around the small and tight apron making his young cock lengthen.

“No, brother! You have always done so much; you have given me everything I need and more! I just wanted to help you!” said an exasperated André, his eyes turning red. He bit his lips, before continuing: “I just wanted to help as I noticed how hard you have been working since mom died, shouldering everything. It is so unfair, I want you to enjoy yourself as well and to study as well, I feel so bad that I just take from you and don’t contribute at all,” he starts, and Caio interrupts him at once.

“You don’t take anything, don’t speak like that. I want you to study and stop worrying about the farm, I never meant for you to feel burdened by it,” said the older brother, his muscles shaking as he spoke, making André get even harder under the table. His mouth also got dry watching his brother’s big nipples bounce as he talked.

“I know, but still! I am a bull as well, am I not? I am not a calf anymore, brother. I can contribute too, or am I too insignificant for that?” asked André, raising his voice. “It is also in my nature, being milked, I need it too and I want to contribute. Why can’t you understand that?!” he asked, suddenly standing up, his cock hitting the underside of the table and making all the plates and dishes shake as it did so.

Caio sighed and looked down, thinking for a while. His brother was right… he wanted to shield him from all the responsibilities of farm life to give him a better chance to study in the city, but he was a bull as well. He needed to get milked and his contributions wouldn’t be insignificant. Caio then remembered the weird milk yields and looked up to his brother who stood there with his youthful muscles on full display—yes, his yield was already very significant.

“I… am sorry,” said Caio, to André’s surprise. “You are right. You should be allowed to contribute too, after all, the farm belongs to the both of us and you are no longer a calf. I am sorry, little man, since dad died I have been, I don’t know, a little overwhelmed… . I don’t always make the right decisions for us,” he said, and his brother’s eyes panicked.

“No! I mean, yes, I want to contribute, but you have done an amazing job, brother. You have almost raised me for the last seven years and you have even improved the farm. You have become an amazing bull and you have helped me to become a bull as well! I am sure mom and dad would be proud,” said the younger man, looking his amazing brother now spurting a smile. His older brother was incredibly handsome when he smiled, but above all that smile signified love and a sensation of fulfillment, like he had long needed to hear those words.

“Okay, then. From now on you’ll get to be milked as well, twice a day, but I don’t want your grades to suffer from it, okay? You are still a student first,” said Caio, and his brother nodded excitedly. “Now, have you grown too big for some pecmilk as well, youngling?” asked the older brother, as he pushed his seat away from the table and patted his own lap.

André shook his head. “I hope not, brother,” he said, and then sat on his brother’s lap and moved the apron to the side, revealing the totality of his immense brother’s right pec. Caio smiled and then nodded to André, who looked up to him with hungry eyes.

“There, there, get some milk so you can grow better,” he said, and his brother did just that, going down on his bull nipples, sucking it with the vigor of a young hungry calf who had just been milked himself. Caio was used to his brother’s voracity, but this was something else. He moaned and patted his brother on the head as he ate.

“Drink all you want,” said the older brother, with a kind smile, as André’s sucking and licking picked up speed. Caio’s nipples responded with more milk to every single one of André’s sucking and licking—it was really impressive. How can a bull just give this much and keep on giving?

“Okay, little youngling. So, I want you to know a little bit more about our family business,” said the older bull, and his brother responded by biting his nipple in agreement. “So fundamentally we produce three liquids, our bull saliva which softens the muscles and increases pleasure… awhhhh, wonderful,” said the larger bull, as his brother’s saliva made him produce even more pecmilk. “I sell a little of it but not too much as it’s a niche product. Then there’s pecmilk, of course, which they collect every two days and sell in the city, they also use it to make other products and I make cheese from it as well… hmmmm, yes, there, there,” said the bull as his brother sucked hungrily, “and finally there’s our seed, which is mostly used to complement the diet of other bulls after they become younglings. I… I don’t sell it as I use it myself, but it can be a good source of income too… awhnnn,” Caio completed, as his own cock rose between his legs from the attention his brother gave his muscles.

After being fed for several minutes, André finally let go of his brother’s delicious male udder, and nodded, while still sitting on his lap.

“Okay, brother. Is that why you drank my seed today?” he asked while looking down, at his older brother’s enormous semi-hard cock and his balls which laid on the floor.

“Yes,” said Caio. “I will also share my seed with you from now on, if you like. It will help you grow and improve your yields. I would never have become the six-time first prize winner at our state’s agricultural fair without eating my own seed,” he explained, and André nodded furiously, his lips suddenly dry once more, as he looked towards his brother’s penis.

“Now go eat some more food,” said Caio, moving his leg up and down to force André to stand up, and telling him to go back to his seat. “Look, I brought you some of my pecmilk cheese, doesn’t it smell nice?” he asked, and André blushed as he noticed the delicious cheese in front of him had the same smell as his brother’s warm milk, but stronger. They continued chatting and eating together, as the tense atmosphere was replaced by their usual happy conversations.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Caio knocked on André’s door, making his brother’s eyes leave his books and turn towards his elder brother who was standing occupying more than the full width of their already oversized passageways with his muscular body.

“Hey, André, I was going to ask you to come watch me being milked so I can give you some pointers. What do you think?” asked the larger man. André’s cock jumped under his desk, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Sure, bro, I’d love that,” he said, and then the two of them walked downstairs and into the barn. André, following behind his brother, couldn’t help but eye his thick glutes, his beautiful back, and his powerful arms which had kept their farm productive by themselves all this time. Those arms and back had effectively raised him, he now realized, no wonder they were so broad.

“Brother,” said André, slowly, attracting Caio’s attention as they walked to the barn.

“Yes, André?” asked the older man, looking back towards his handsome younger bull of a brother. Looking at him now under the afternoon sky, he saw his younger brother was every much a well-developed bull with big bouncy pecs, heavy balls and a big rod as himself. How could he have missed it before? Did he turn into a man when he wasn’t looking?

“Brother…” repeated André, his cock hardening as he sensed his brother’s gaze onto his own hunk body. “I wanted to ask you whether I can help you taking care of the farm… only in the weekends, though, so I don’t lose my classes! I think I could help you with your work and then we can both have more free time for ourselves. I think that’s fairer, don’t you?” he asks, and his older brother’s face contorts a little in disapproval as he considers the idea.

“I don’t know, I want you to study and I can do plenty work myself,” said the older man, flexing his arm as if his point needed to be made even clearer.

“Yes, yes, bro, I know. It’s just that I want you to have more free time, maybe go to the city and enjoy yourself sometimes, meet other people outside of work and the Rural Union,” said the younger brother, actually having to change the way he walked as his dick grew harder under his brother’s shadow. “You wouldn’t know but there are many people there who want to meet you, as they have heard about you, but you are never available…” he revealed, and his brother’s face seemed to soften.

“Hmmm, as long as you think it won’t get in the way of your studies, then…” he started saying, before being interrupted by an enthusiastic André.

“It won’t, I’m sure, I’ll manage!” he said, and then Caio started to smile.

“Then I will trust you and be a little bit more selfish,” he said, as they continued walking to the barn, and André was actually thrilled at the idea of helping his brother as they worked around naked doping farm work—to save on cleaning costs, of course. Picturing his brother having more free time to hang around the city and maybe even meet the members of his Fanclub was also pretty exciting to him.

And soon they entered the barn.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Caio had already set up all the equipment for a proper milking, and then started explaining all the precautions one should take before starting the process.

“You get it, youngling? You need to be aware of what is happening to your dick while being milked too! Leaving it bobbling around is wasteful and dangerous. I just take it in my mouth as I am being milked, but most people have another machine which is design to collect their seed, which they can then sell,” warned Caio, André nodded as he listened to his older brother.

“I see, brother,” said André, then examining the enormous stimulating rod his brother used when being milked. Now that he took some time to appreciate it, he was impressed with himself for having managed to take it up his own ass. “But today I am going to drink from your rod, right, brother?” asked an anxious young bull. Caio seemed to be a bit worried.

“I don’t know, André… are you prepared for that? I was thinking of just showing you how it is done today. You might also need too self-suck your rod as you are milked one day, I imagine, if I’m not here to help you,” pondered the older brother, but the youngest wasn’t having it. He had waited too long to taste his brother’s seed, he was a bull and he needed bullseed to continue growing. He quickly covered the distance between them and made his cutest puppy eyes as his pecs smashed against those of his brother’s.

“But brother, it is for my good as well! How can I grow without proper warm bullseed? I am amazed you did just drinking your own even when you were a youngling,” said André, suddenly approaching his brother and stroking his amazing muscles. Damn, he was so big. There was nobody in the city that large, not even at university—heck, probably not even in the capital! The guys from the agriculture department would get crazy every time he mentioned his brother, that is just how amazing he was. They’d kill to have him there and study his body thoroughly.

“Well, when you put it like that…” said a still unconvinced Caio, until his brother released his mature older cock from its tight containers.

“Yes, I think so, brother. In fact, if you think about it, it is your duty as an older brother to help me as well, isn’t it?” said André, seeing in his brother’s eyes that his line of reasoning was making the bullstud ponder. “You know what, a professor from the agriculture department said that if I grow more, they’ll invite me for a research project and might even grant me a scholarship. He said this would be great for my future,” he revealed, making his brother’s eyes widen.

“Really?” he asked, surprise and also proud of his younger brother. André nodded, positively, and he knew he had convinced Caio.

“Yes, brother, but he says he needs me to be as big as possible,” he repeated, to land his point.

“Okay, then. But be careful and don’t drink more than you think you can take, alright?” he warned, and André accepted his bull brother’s conditions. Caio then plugged himself in the machines, attaching the milking receptacles to his bountiful nipples, and then falling with his open arsehole onto the nice stimulating rod with a long delicious moan. His dick started to rise, showing itself to be even longer than André had estimated.

“Damn,” he said, silently to himself. “My brother is a true bull amongst bulls. I am so lucky but I wonder… how much would professor Carvalho pay for his seed, or maybe even one of those bull breeders? We don’t have pedigree but brother could start his own lineage… maybe it could be enough to pay all our loans and even expand the farm…” he thought to himself, before Caio’s voice called him back to reality.

“Here, here, youngling,” said the bull, as his tits exploded with milk and as he fucked his ass with that long stimulating rod, going much deeper onto it than André had managed before. Caio’s cock, meanwhile, had risen to be nested between his immense pecs: what was that, 1 and a half, 2 meters long? And it was already releasing copious amounts of precum. “See how shaking your ass increases yield? It also makes the milk sweeter. Now come, come, and take my cock in your mouth, youngling. You need to be feed properly for you to grow,” said the caring brother, and André, filled by endless desire, did just as he was told.


Part 2: Preparations for the Agricultural Fair

Caio was pleased with how André was doing: his grades had actually improved, as the young bull proved to become less stressed and more pleased with himself after being allowed to help in the farm; his yield had also grown, as he had predicted, from practice and also from his diet. As such, when Caio went to the Rural Union to discuss some price-related issues with other farmers, he pondered about the possibility of taking two rather than the usual one form for enrollment in the Rural Union’s Agro Fair “Best Bull” award.

“Wondering in what category you should enroll, huh?” asked a bull in his 40s, approaching Caio. The larger younger bull didn’t even have to turn back to recognize who was talking to him—it was Matias Belevere, the owner of a large milk and egg farm where they had both bull-men and egg-laying men. He was almost like a mentor to Caio, having helped him greatly when he started managing his own farm, seven years back, when he was only 18.

“No, sir, I am wondering whether I should enroll my brother as well this year…” said the sturdy bull, making the other one laugh and pat him on the back. The older man was always getting shocked by how large Caio had become, and saddened that his late father wasn’t alive to see how big his little calf had grown.

“Of course, you should! He is one of the most promising young bulls in the state! I’d give a leg and an eye to have any of you two in my farm any day! If you enroll him, he is likely to win in the ‘youngling’ category, ‘specially now that you will have matured to the ‘adult’ category,” said the older man, making Caio think about it for a second. “It will be a good experience for him, letting him get known in the business will surely be useful in the future, as well as help you in stablishing your farm. The prize is nothing to scoff at, either,” noted the older man.

Caio pondered for a while more but he did finally agree, and so he took two forms, and then doubled it to four forms, as he realized he needed one to enroll for the general competition and another one for the bullfighting championship. He smiled as he thought about being in the crowd supporting his younger brother as he fought against the other bulls from other farms, or as the judges inspected his body. Those thoughts made Caio happy and even more determined to win in his weight category, so he could inspire his brother to also reach great heights.

While leaving the building of the Rural Union, Caio was stopped by a tall, handsome and muscular young bull who was but a few months older than him—one people said was second only to himself in the region, although he now lived in the big city. His name was Pedro Nunes, and he was the eldest son of maybe the largest dairy farmer in the region, Mr. João Nunes, and went to a prestigious university in the capital. His clothes, unlike Caio’s were expensive and branded.

“Caio, long time no see! Have you grown?!” asked the other bull, surprised, his muscles tightening as he pulled Caio in for a hug. In fact, both lads had grown, but despite Pedro thinking he’d finally surprise his old high school rival, he was the one blown away by Caio’s ever-heavy pecs, ever-tight muscles, and incredibly thick arms, as well as his height. It seemed that no matter how much he tried, the gap between them only widened. Honestly, Pedro had even forgotten what it was like to be shorter than another man, but Caio presence quickly fixed that.

“True man! How has it been in the big city? Fun?” asked Caio, patting Pedro in the back and also pulling him in. The two large muscular bodies were basically rubbing against each other at this point, their pecs, particularly, due to their thickness, were compressed against each other, and little circles of wetness could be spotted where the lads’ nipples touched their shirts. “Are you here for the fair, is that it?” asked the larger bull.

Pedro laughed and nodded.

“Yes, for the holidays and the fair. I almost thought for a second I’d have a chance to win this year since I have been working very hard at the gym, but I guess nothing beats formwork,” said Pedro, also hitting his rival in the ass. As Caio laughed and moved forward, their bulges bumped and Caio’s immense weight made Pedro almost take a step back. It was Caio, however, who pulled away from their hug and took a long look at Pedro.

“Nah, looking great, man. You got the golden prize last year, too,” he complimented. Pedro shook his head.

“Yes, because I’m a few months older and you hadn’t graduated to the ‘adult’ category yet I managed to sneak out one victory. But damn your pecs are so immense,” said Pedro, then weighting Caio’s milk producers with his hands, squeezing them. “Gigantic! I don’t think the boys at the National Dairy University have anything on you, much less me! By the way, will you enroll your brother in the competition as well?” asked Pedro.

Caio felt Pedro’s touch on his large pecs, and he smiled, proud. “Well, I need to keep them large because they allow me to provide for my family and keep the farm running, you know?” said Caio, and Pedro nodded. Caio then responded the actual question and said: “But yes. Actually, my little brother has joined me in working at the farm so I was thinking of inviting him to join the competition as well. Final decision will be his, though.”

Pedro nodded, knowingly.

“Then he will do it, of course. Everybody could see his eyes shining when he saw you showing your body and being appreciated by everybody in the last fair. No wonder he jumped on you for a hug after your score was announced: 99 out of a 100, a record! He is proud of you and I’m sure he wants to join in as well, stand in the same stage you stood,” said Pedro, laughing. Caio scratched his hair and smiled a little embarrassed, and then asked Pedro about his own younger brother. Pedro suddenly sighed. “Well, that brat. He will also join, of course. Father wouldn’t have it otherwise, but he isn’t too happy about it. Since he left for college, he says he doesn’t like being milked and is now walking around with his tits completely full and milk literally drooling down his abs. It’s ridiculous, an embarrassment for Father. I hope seeing your brother will put some reason in his mind, he has to learn what being a bull entails,” Pedro said, bringing his hand to his forehead which contorted in worries.

In his head, Caio thanked God for his own brother never causing him any trouble like that. At the same time, he tried to pull memories he had of Pedro’s brother, Carlos, and honestly, in his mind he was a young, nice and handsome impressionable bull. He wondered what had happened in the big city after he went for college for him to want to stop being milked, especially since it felt so nice.

“It will be fine, Pedro,” promised Caio. “Maybe you should talk to him and try to put some sense on his head. He always respected you,” he added, and Pedro sighed again, nodding his head.

“I’ll try, of course, but I don’t know. He seems to think that a bull has to be sucked, not milked. I think he is interested in that ‘paleo’ lifestyle; you know? He isn’t eating cooked meat either, anymore,” Pedro said, concerned. Caio nodded, really shocked—as good as being sucked was, it takes time and its hard to schedule. Modern bulls make too much pecmilk not to be milked, unless they have many younglings and calves to feed with their pecs.

“Is he at least still drinking his milk and his seed?” asked a concerned Caio, and Peter nodded.

“Oh, yes, especially now that I am back, he is. He says it’s how it is ‘natural’, and ‘supposed to be’, that the older brother feeds the younger and so on, and so he wants to feed some of the younger cousins instead of selling his milk, but you know we don’t have that many cousins and plus, we need to keep the farm afloat!” said a distraught Pedro. Caio put his hand on his mate’s shoulder to calm him.

“It’s okay then, at least he will not be behind in his growth, and you guys can talk it out. It is not like he is 100% wrong either, but I think of it as us sharing our milk with the world. There are many people who aren’t bulls and they also deserve a taste of bullmilk,” said a thoughtful Caio. Pedro nodded and put his hand on the larger man’s, thanking him for his words.

The lads then continued talking for a while until Caio decided he had to go because the farm wouldn’t take care of itself, and the two rivals vouched to remain in touch and said their goodbyes with another tight brotherly hug.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

André entered the kitchen coming from the barn, after a day of studying and being thoroughly milked he was very hungry. He loved ending his day like that: after he returned from college, he got milked and then joined his brother for a meal before helping him with whatever leftover chores he had to do. This time, though, his brother was waiting for him with food, but also with two pieces of paper he didn’t recognize. Caio welcome André at the table, hugged him and asked him how his day was. They both exchanged stories while they set up the table, and then, after eating, but before dessert, Caio took the two forms and showed them to his younger brother.

“So, André, I was thinking you might want to enter the “Best Bull” competition at the fair this year, or the bullfighting championship. I think you are a fine youngling and as such you have a very good chance to win your category, after all, your body is perfectly proportioned and you are yielding a lot of pecmilk, certainly more than any of your peers,” said Carlos, matter-of-factly, waiting for a reaction from his brother.

As he heard his older brother’s words, André mouth opened and gasped in surprised, and his eyes shone in delight. Not only was he being complimented, his brother wanted him to represent their farm at the fair! He stood up and almost screamed in excitement.

“Yes, brother! I want to join the fair with you, I will be sure to try my best to represent our farm and win the golden prize!” he said, and then he breathed in and looked at his gigantic hunk of a brother still sitting in front of him. “Do you really think I can win, brother? Even against the son of the Beleveres, or of the Figueiredos, or Martinho?” said the young bull, a bit worried. He was well aware that he didn’t have the same sort of support structure as the kids of the rich families, neither did he do all that much farm work like his brother and the kids of the other small farmers.

Caio looked at him and so he stood up and pulled him into a hug, stroke his back, and then looked him deep in the eyes, feeling protective of his younger brother. He was one of the very few men who could use his body to completely engulf André like that.

“André, you are the best bull of your age group, I’m sure of that. You know I see other farmers frequently at the market and the Rural Union. In fact, you are larger and more productive than the lads three or four years your senior. You think I don’t talk about that with the other farmers? That me and the other lads, that we don’t compare out techniques and sizes and yields? I boast about you all the time. Look at these milk-producing udders,” said Caio, now squeezing his brother’s gigantic pecs, letting some milk flow out of them. “They are enormous, I am lucky to have you help me in the farm. You are a youngling like no other,” he finished. André seemed proud, suddenly filled with confidence, but also a bit flustered with his brother’s touch.

“They are not as big as yours, brother,” said André, and Caio smiled.

“True, but I’m your bigger brother. Don’t worry, I will help you get even bigger and we will win the awards at both categories,” said Caio, smiling, and then he lifted his brother’s shirt and licked the milk being squeezed out of his nipples. “Now that you are a bull, I think you can feed me too, right?” asked Caio, and André nodded violently, feeling a surge of pride, loyalty and love burst inside him as his brother started sucking from his thick and hot nipple.

When Caio sucked his younger brother right nipple dry, he moved to the left nipple, which was starving for attention, and as such delivered great amounts of sweet milk into the older brother’s mouth. After Caio finished drinking, André’s mouth was open and his face all red from the attention, but he managed to push much larger Caio back to his chair and smile, asking his older brother for his dessert.

“Don’t worry, little bro,” said Caio taking his long and thick penis from his pants and revealing it to his brother—his size never ceased to amaze André. “We will keep growing you with your bullseed diet,” he completed, and André nodded, as he got to his knees and his mouth engulfed the head of his brother’s gigantic member. Soon, as André sucked and suckled on his brother’s cock, as he drank the precum his brother fed him, his own cock turned at attention, and again, it was an obelisk of legendary proportions, comparable only in scale and beauty to the one he was sucking. Caio smiled and patted his brother on the head as André sucked his long rod, until, seeing his younger brother’s erection. He then decided to stroke it and play with it’s slit, which was large and wet with precum, like the true member of a bull.

In fact, the two young bulls were of such size that, even as André was on his knees sucking his brother’s immense hardness, the younger bull’s member was still large enough that his brother could lower his torso and—despite his impressive bulging muscles—reach it and take his brother’s cockhead in his mouth, suckling on it and licking it’s slit. The surprising attention made André tremble in pleasure, open his eyes wide and look up at his brother taking his whole thick and hot cockhead in his mouth easily, and redouble his efforts to take as much of his brother’s length and bullseed as he could—in fact, soon his older brother’s gigantic cock was stretching the younger bull’s neck and reaching deep into his muscular body.

Being pleased by Caio while also having Caio’s award-winning cock in his mouth and throat feeding him his brother’s hot precum was too much for poor André’s capabilities, and soon he was flooding the older larger bull’s mouth with his thick, dense and powerful bullseed. Caio expertly drank it all, continuing to suck and suckle his brother’s penis even as he came in a torrent, and trembled in pleasure. The orgasm was so strong André face and neck muscles were contorting and further milking his older brother’s rod, but Caio managed to control himself. He wanted to feed his younger brother on his terms.

After drinking the younger bulls seed and licking his cockhead clean, Caio stood up and started gently fucking his younger brother’s mouth and neck and whole body with long lovely strokes which served both to make André more receptible to his bullseed but also to stimulate his future growth and production. Caio could, in fact, be a great cattle breeder if he had been given the chance, because having to manage his own body to keep the farm afloat the better part of the last decade made him fully aware of how to improve a bull’s yield—and he tested all these techniques on himself, and took careful notes and improved them. Now he could also use them on his younger brother, and make him the best version of himself, which was already proving to be a beast of a bull. In the future, he dared hope, he’d also pass his knowledge on.

Soon, Caio noticed Andrés hungry eyes rolling backwards as his mouth and neck were filled to capacity. During his feeding, Caio had to push and pull his cock from inside his brother, which made his balls bounce back and forth and hit the young bull’s pecs in several consecutive slaps—this had made Caio eager to release his seed, and so, seeing his brother was also hungry, he did just that. Caio’s jets flooded and overwhelmed André, who was not as used to drinking such vast amounts of bullseed as Caio was. He collapsed losing all muscle strengthen, and although he managed to drink maybe 60 or 70% of his brother’s yield, it was messy, and a lot of the thick hot white juice spilled and overflowed the young bull’s mouth, painting the floor white as he laid on a puddle of bullseed.

Almost immediately, André was heavy and sleepy, in a hot puddle of his brother’s cum. Caio didn’t want his younger brother sleeping on the floor, so he picked him up with his large muscles and incredible strength, and effortlessly carried him over to his bathroom where he washed him, and then to his bed where he covered him and put him to sleep, despite Andrés own large weight. As during this whole time Caio’s cock had been drooling bullseed, the older bull then had to go back and clean the floor of their hallways, bathroom, living room and kitchen—where he had to mop and scrub liters and liters of his cum which were already starting to dry up. Despite how messy and boring cleaning was, he was still smiling as his brother had been pleased and he knew that one day—not too far away—André would be able to take all his juice without spilling. He’d just have to wait and, after all, it was great to see his brother learn and grow as a bull right in front on him.


Part 3: Farm Work and Family Time

In the weeks after André started helping in the farm, his work proved to be an immeasurable help to his larger, more muscular and better-hung older brother—not only had the income of the farm grown greatly from the sale of the smaller bull’s pecmilk, but Caio was finally finding himself having some free time to do things he before had struggled doing, like fixing the fences and harvesting mangoes. In the weekends, when the two brothers worked together, he even managed to find a few hours to relax, and it was soon apparent they could do so much together that the brothers ended up having free afternoons and nights.

“You go from here to the south, all the way to that large mango tree down there, and I will go the other way, okay, little bro?” ordered Caio, using his friendly tone that made André feel an urge to do what he was told to. As he spoke, the larger bull was showing André a smaller part of the larger field which the bulls had to plough and seed that day.

André nodded and then Caio took off his shirt under the morning sun, revealing his award-wining torso. “Perfect! Now, I will show you how to use the ploughing and seeding machine, watch attentively,” said Caio, patting his brother’s muscular shoulder as he smiled. The mature bull then picked up and put a large yoke-like instrument around his shoulders and lifted the gigantic and heavy plough which he started to pull forward. The machine was heavy but relatively easy to maneuver and efficient. Despite its size, Caio made moving it seem rather easy.

André observed as his brother pulled the massive plough through the first line of the field more or less easily, spreading and seeding the land like one would do to an ass, without breaking a sweat. Caio’s steps were quick and successive, and quickly covered the whole length of the field.

“Isn’t that thing heavy, bigger brother?” asked the younger bull biting his lips, as his muscular stud of a brother dragged that gigantic machine around, his muscles bulging and contracting under the early morning sun. Caio laughed.

“Not for bulls like us, little bro! See, when you get to the end of the line, you turn it around like this…” said the older and stronger bull after arriving to the end of the field, turning the plough around on its axis. Caio then smiled to his little brother, who was still watching him, mesmerized. “It’s not as hard as it looks, little brother, but if you want to, I can do your part and you observe for today,” he offered, and André blushed and frowned. No! He wanted to help his older brother, not just watch him do his work for their farm. If he ever hoped to have Caio admire him, and accept him as his equal, he’d have to do his best!

“Absolutely no, bigger brother! Watch and see, I am also a bull and can carry a plough myself!” said the youngling, removing his shirt and thus revealing the massive muscles which covered his torso, and then picking up his own plough—with some difficulty—and carrying it over his section of the field, albeit slowly. Caio continued ploughing while watching his younger brother with a proud smile on his face, as they both got tanned and sweaty as the opened the fertile soil and fertilized it with seed under the morning sun.

At a point in time, after some work, André started panting and almost trips. Seeing that, Caio let go of his plough and ran to his brother, to hold his machine. “Little brother! You have to be careful where you step. You have to trust your muscles to carry the machine, but your feet have to provide a good and firm support for your muscles to work on,” lectured the older and larger bull, as he held André’s plough up with one hand, releasing the younger bull of its yoke for a little while. His second hand he used to rub and squeeze André’s pecs and abs, showing him how to improve his posture and also emphasizing the importance and size of his torso.

“Okay, bigger bro! Let me try again!” said a sweaty André, after regaining his footing, and Caio raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure you will be fine?” asked a concerned bigger brother, but André, decided, glared at him and smashed his own muscles.

“Yes, I will! You told me I am a fine youngling who can win the state fair, how can it be that I can’t even carry a plough?!” said André, loudly and powerfully, as he flexed his muscles to emphasize his point. Seeing how willing and decided his younger brother was, however, and how his pecs were getting plump with milk, Caio chose to nod and acquiesce. The stronger bull slowly lowered the plough on his brother’s shoulders, as André corrected his posture, and manly Caio then slapped André’s ass.

“Better now, but remember, one foot after the other, little bro! Don’t take the next step until you have found solid footing!” said the bigger bull, already sweating and giving out his pungent scent, which André loved and inhaled hungrily. “If you do well, I will let you feed from both nipples today, what about that?” offered Caio, trying to boost his little brother’s enthusiasm, making the younger bull nod his head excitedly, smiling.

“Okay! I will not disappoint you, bigger bro!” said the smaller brother, flexing his gigantic arms as he started ploughing and seeding again, and Caio took a step back to watch him do it and correct his posture a little with a few slaps to his ass and abs, before returning to his own big bro plough.

After about three hours Caio finished his work, and, seeing André had yet much land to cover, he offered to help the smaller and less experienced bull in clearing and ploughing his smaller and easier part of the field. However, André shook his head aggressively, as his muscles gleamed in sweat under the late morning sun, and he raised his strong arm to rearrange his wet hair, revealing his hairy armpit.

“No way, bigger bro! I just want you to stay there and watch me finish my work, and then I will drink your pecmilk! Don’t go back on your promise! You milk is as good as mine!” challenged André as he pushed his limits, and Caio smashed his little brother’s massive pecs with a kind brotherly slap, proud of his attitude, and agreeing to do just what was asked of him.

An hour and a half later, when André finally finished, he looked around happy, looking for his brother and expecting his congratulations. He saw Caio coming to him almost running, and got even more excited. Caio pulled his little brother’s yoke up and then swiftly and easily his thick muscles took the ploughing and seeding machine away from the smaller bull, whom he hugged tight, compressing bull muscle against bull muscle, slamming their bulges together, and patting his lil bro’s head as André nested his head on his older brother’s shoulder and smelled his manly scent.

“You did it, little brother! Amazing! You really are one heck of a youngling!” said Caio, praising André so much the younger bull got excited and his cock started rising in his shorts, sliding against the older bull’s bulge. “Here, get your reward, you deserve it!” continued Caio, pushing André’s head so it would reach the bigger man’s massive and plump nipples. André didn’t need to be told twice to suck and suckle his brother’s nipples, and to drink his delicious milk, and so he started doing just that, making Caio moan quite easily.

“You know, little brother, I really am amazed by how much you are evolving every day. You are such an amazing young bull! I am proud to feed you, and provide you with everything you need to continue growing and studying,” said Caio as he caresses André’s head and his male tits squirt lots of milk inside his younger brother’s hungry mouth. André frowns and bites his older brother’s nipple in protest.

“No, bigger bro! You are even more amazing; I am so lucky you give me your milk and seed! As big as I am, you are so much larger everywhere! Everyone in the city admires you, and they envy me because I can get the best milk and seed directly from the source, as well as learn about milking and draining from the best, and because I have the best bigger brother!” said André in between suckling on his brother and swallowing the delicious milk he was rewarded with for his efforts, meaning the words came out a bit weird and muffled, although still understandable.

As the younger bull praised and continued sucking the older one, Caio’s cock started to rise in response—undoubtedly also out of a desire to help the youngling. Nonetheless, as his bull udders were licked, kissed, nibbled, sucked and suckled, and as his hands caressed the hungry head which did all that to himself, Caio’s mind remembered Pedro’s problem with his younger brother Carlos.

“Little brother, do you still talk to Carlos Nuñes?” asked Caio, to which André responded affirmatively by humming around the large nipple he continued to suck from. “Good. Maybe you could do me a favor and talk to him about the benefits of getting milked and drained, little bro. His older brother is worried about him as he isn’t getting his balls and udders properly taken care of,” said a concerned Caio, as he caressed André’s neck, making the lad shiver. His immense cock also rose, finally leaving his short, and now slapping his muscles as it leaked crystal-clear sweet and warm male pre.

André heard the request, and rolled his eyes in pleasure and also out of contempt for Pedro. The two lads, like their older and larger brothers, had been friends for many years and also become sort of rivals, but Pedro had started pursuing this ridiculous ‘paleo’ lifestyle and become a bit of a rebel after entering college, despite his family always tending and caring a lot about him. André had a really hard time understanding Carlos’s reasons: he understood wanting to suck from pecs and the duty of feeding your younglings, but still! How could Carlos refuse to help at the farm, refuse to get milked and drained? Did his udders not get painfully full and start leaking? That is such a waste! Being the son of a less well-off family, this attitude sounded selfish to him.

“And he is even creating trouble for his bigger brother, and even my bigger brother is concerned now! Does he not understand how privileged he is to even be able to forfeit the income of being milked and drained? He is acting too proud, and bratty! His brother should educate him better! Perhaps… if I defeat him in our category for the ‘best bull’ competition I can help him understand,” thought André, and then, as he continued sucking—noticing his brother was still expecting a reply—he nibbled Caio’s nipple and hummed around it.

“Thank you, little bro. We should help our friends as much as possible,” said the older and bulkier young bull, as his brother continued to feed from his right nipple until the stream of milk became but a dribble, and then he moved to the left one and simply re-started his aggressive and violent hungry sucking.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Do you want to do something during the afternoon, little bro?” asked Caio, after both bulls left the field to go home, for lunch, but with nothing left to be tended to after noon. André, his sweat covering his well-defined muscles, a smile on his face as he looked at his body’s glistening majestic sun-kissed body, nodded.

“I want to spend the afternoon together, brother, like in the old days!” he said, and then hugged Caio from behind, his large pecs slamming against the older brother’s cut back, and his little brother hands reaching for his elder’s male udders, which he squeezed before nesting his face on his brother’s massive shoulders. “But tomorrow I am going to a friend’s place… can you give me a ride to the city then? You could also use this time to… you know, enjoy yourself? Meet other people, maybe old friends?” suggested André as started sniffing and licking his brother’s sweaty neck.

Caio moaned a little, loving his brother’s squeezing his male tits, which after all belonged to him in a way; he also enjoyed his little brother’s cock rubbing against his back and hardening up, as the submissive younger bull licked the sweat out of his elder’s body and rubbed his cheek on Caio’s muscular neck. As a sign of approval, the older brother moved his hand backwards to pat André on the head, making the youngling moan a little.

“That’s perfectly fine, little bro. Let’s eat, get cleaned, and hang out together for today, and tomorrow I’ll drive you to town,” he said as the two got home, but pondered a little about what he was going to do on Sunday—Caio was simply not that used to having time for himself and using it for anything other than work. Sensing his brother’s deep thoughts, André hugged him more and started rubbing his body against his brother’s back, trying to get his attention.

“You will really try to have fun, right brother? You won’t work in your free time, will you? You will go have fun in the city, right? I worked so hard to help big brother, I want you to have fun!” said André, trying to sound as cute as a gigantic and thick mountain of muscle could. Fortunately for him, his brother thought he was extremely persuasive, and his previous thoughts almost immediately left his mind. Caio rubbed his little brother’s hair, making André quiver, and laughed.

“Yes, little brother, don’t worry… I won’t waste your sweat. Let’s have fun together and tomorrow I will also enjoy myself,” promised Caio, and André’s eyes shone as he let go of his brother’s body and started running ahead of him—as he did so, the youngling’s massive muscles bobbed up and down, as did his gigantic cock and balls, bringing Caio much joy and pride.

“Yes, then let’s go already! I am hungry and I want to relax too!” said the youngling, making his older brother laugh and slap his ass as he ran ahead back to the farmhouse. Caio, seeing his younger brother run a little ahead and then stop to wait for him, smiled under the midday sun, happy to have such a good and hard-working brother who was even concerned with his own happiness. He had become such a fine young bull, in and out—no matter how he went in the agricultural fair, Caio was already so proud of him that he could burst (and his balls often did).

Caio was lost in this line of reasoning when his younger brother ran back to him, grabbed his large and muscular right arm, and started pulling the older bull.

“Let’s go, bigger brother, I don’t want to waste our time together!” said André, biting his lips, apparently not too pleased that Caio seemed lost in thought and as such giving himself less attention—little did he know his brother’s thoughts were, then, mostly praising him. Caio laughed and let his strong younger brother pull his massive body forward.

“Don’t worry, little brother, we will have lots of fun together today,” guaranteed Caio while laughing, before they got home and he started to make food for them while André helped him cutting vegetables and making the rice and salad, and then juice, and finally putting the table for their little family of two big bulls.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The brothers had a hearty lunch together, although Caio’s nipples were still a bit red and big from his brother’s earlier hungry suckling. André, always a good boy, ate a lot even after having feasted on his brother’s milk, and continuously scratched his massive unmilked pecs. The two then washed the dishes and, still being dirty and sweaty themselves, went to take a shower. As they went upstairs to do so, André bit his lips.

“Bigger brother, do you mind showering with me? I think I really need to get my balls drained of my bullseed, and because of my muscles… I really have trouble washing my back,” said the younger man, and Caio laughed, slapped his ass, and then grabbed Andrés’s massive bulge, releasing his large semi-hard cock from its fabric prison.

“Of course, little brother! In fact, I can do better than that and feed you myself, what do you think?” asked the older and larger brother, as his other hand revealed his own immense—and in fact much larger—half-hard rod. André licked his lips, and immediately pulled closer to Caio, lowered his face and kissed the gigantic cockhead of his bull of a brother.

“Yes, brother, please!” he said and grabs the gigantic cock ahead of his, hugging it alongside his own, and then squeezing them tight together with his young bull muscle arms, his pecs providing his own member with a meaty cushion while his thick arms arrested both brotherly cocks as one. “Although you smell so good even without showering, bigger brother!” said an ecstatic André while inhaling the whole scent of his brother’s sweat mixed with his penis’s manly smell. He closed his eyes to be better able appreciate the richness of the composite smell, and then licked the gigantic cockhead of his brother’s member.

Caio moaned and laughed.

“Stop joking! Let’s go shower little bro, we can’t do this in the hallway, it would be a pain to clean later,” the more mature bull said, pulling his brother almost unwillingly upstairs, before laughing as the smaller bulls resisted until being almost carried away despite not letting go of the massive cocks. As they laughed together and André played dead, Caio sighed and rolled his eyes. “I spoil you too much!” he said while taking his brother up and then to the shower where he turned the warm water over the two of them.

Since there was not so much water coming out, the two brothers had to squeeze their massive muscular bodies together so as to get both of them under the showerhead. Now, their muscular bodies were so entangled, as were their cocks and balls, that is was hard to know where one massive brother started and the other ended—particularly, because André had fun positioning his leg between his older brother’s legs to then almost hugging all parts of Caio he could.

“Bigger bro, you occupy too much space!” half-complained André with a smile, as he went and squeezed his brother’s massive pecs, making Caio laugh.

“Well, it’s one of the perks of being a large bull, little brother… I get to fill more space,” replied the older brother, as his now fully hard male member rose well above his pecs. André pouted, let go of his larger brother’s muscles, and then grabbed his penis and lowered it so he could embrace and kiss the glans, and then slowly work on spreading his lips around it. When his lips had stretched around the gigantic cockhead, André then engulfing its full size and started to drink its bountiful production. Caio moaned and started stroking his gigantic cock with one hand, the other patting his brother on the head.

“You are a master in getting fed as well as being milked, aren’t you little bro?” joked Caio, as André engulfed more and more cock and his tongue played around his older brother’s manhood. Hearing the teasing, André’s overstretched lips tried to make a smile, but the only thing he actually did was bob his head and thus force his older brother’s cock to move up and down. Caio laughed again and then stopped stroking his own cock to grab André’s and release his large cockhead from his foreskin. “Well, so am I, André; and I can still teach you a thing or two,” teased the larger bull, before kissing the smaller bull’s cock and finally licking his slit profusely, after which he actually engulfed the hot cockhead inside his big bull bro mouth.

Now, both bull brothers were drinking each other’s pre, as they were both face fucking and sucking each other’s massive cocks. The little brother’s hands were both focused on stroking his older brother’s massive rod, while the older brother’s hands were divided between caressing the younger bull’s hair and fondling his gigantic balls. Both moaned profusely, though, even if one could see André was having a harder time resisting the more experienced bull’s advanced and techniques. Meanwhile, steamy warm water fell on both of their scrambled massive bodies, as they were technically still showering.

Caio pulled for a second to grasp for air.

“Sucking is not only about wanting, little bro, it is also about milking,” he advised him, before falling back and easily engulfing his little brother’s immense cockhead and then more and more of the hot shaft, before coming up and down around the gigantic cock, making André crumble in pleasure and fall to his knees as he moaned muffledly around his older brother’s even more massive manhood.

For a while, the two brothers expertly sucked one another, although Caio did so more proactively, almost as if showing André how to manage a gigantic bull rod like theirs. André had trouble reacting, as his brother’s mouth was just too good and too welcoming, but he did manage to use his desire for his older brother’s massive member to collect himself and suckle on Caio’s delicious pre while engulfing as much penis as he possibly could. Nonetheless, it was still impossible for the younger muscular stud not to be thoroughly milked by his brother’s mouth first, thus moaning mutedly with a megacock in his mouth under the shower water as he came profusely feeding Caio large amounts of bullseed.

As André came, Caio sucked all of his liters upon liters of bullseed, and licked around the shaft to guarantee not a single droplet was lost. When André’s cock started softening, and Caio pulled it progressively out of his mouth, he was careful enough to hold it so the head would not fall back down, but be at a perfect position for him to suckle and lick the leftover cum out of the massive slit. As he felt his brother ingesting all of his bullseed, and licking his glans clean of any traces of it, André moaned profusely—or tried to—around Caio’s massive cock.

Soon, Caio had drunk everything and cleaned his little brother’s cock, which he let then fall softly onto the tiled floor of the bathroom. He then smirked, “Thank you for the meal, little bro. Now it’s high time I reciprocate,” he said, as the water washing their bodies came down the drain almost white due to both of their pecs drooling pecmilk.

André responded to his brother’s words by starting to suck his massive bullcock even more strongly, trying to replicate Caio’s techniques. Caio patted his head, recognizing his little brother’s typical enthusiasm, but simply started thrusting his hips—and thus his massive rod—back and forth, penetrating and ravaging the smaller bull’s mouth and throat. André’s eyes rolled back in ecstasies as he was effectively face fucked, and as his body resisted less and less—and in fact invited—being used by his older brother’s cock, he was soon to be fed even greater amounts of bullseed than he had just released.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After finishing their shower, the brothers dried each other and put comfortable clothes to go downstair and watch TV and play games together. As they walked, Caio’s muscles were stretching his comfortable white t-shirt and grey shorts, as his penis and scrotum created a gigantic bulge between his thick and muscular legs; as for André, who came behind him, his smaller but still substantial built was also tightly squeezed by his green and blue shorts and shirt.

“Come sit next to me, little bro,” said Caio, after his large body collapsed on their strong couch, and he patted the seat next to him, as he turned the TV on. “What do you want to watch?” he asked taking the remote control, which looked quite small next to his gargantuan arm.

André came and squeezed his frame as close as possible to his bigger brother, making sure he could rest his head on the bull’s giant meaty pecs.

“I don’t know, bigger bro… something fun. What about a comedy?” asked André, looking back and up to his brother’s face. Caio smiled and started looking for a movie on the TV, as he felt his brother’s heat against his body, until André slowly lowered his head on Caio’s lap, the larger bull’s bulge serving—alongside his muscular legs—as a comfortable pillow for André.

“Sure, little bro, what about this one?” said Caio, smiling, as his little brother looked towards the screen and approved the choice. They soon started watching the movie and Caio lowered his hands to caress and stroke his brother’s hair, as André scratched his own massive pecs—his udder felt a little full, but it wasn’t milking time yet. Soon, however, he was moaning a little and rocking back and forth, so Caio looked down to see why his brother was moving on his junk, seemingly uncomfortable.

Quickly, Caio identified the problem—after being fed so much, the youngling’s pecs had been hard at work making milk and now they were positively huge. André tried to relieve the feeling by scratching his pecs and abs, but the wet circles on his shirts revealed that what he truly needed was a good milking. Carlos smiled and, as he caressed his little brother’s hair, he put his other hand on André’s large pecs and squeezed them a little, making milk jolt and squish out of the smaller bull’s nipples and forcing his little brother to moan with his masterful touch.

“You need to be milked, André,” affirmed Caio, sternly, and André pouted.

“I want to finish the movie first, leave my nipples alone and I can hold it!” he said, and Caio shook his head and squeezed the massive muscles once more.

“Doesn’t seem like it, you are squishing milk, André,” he said, and the smaller bull bit his lips—on the one hand, he wanted to follow what his brother said, and also he wanted to be milked; on the other hand, having his hair stroked and being on his brother’s lap while watching a movie was just too nice to give up now.

“No! After the movie, please, bigger bro! I will let you milk me dry after the movie, how about that?” he asked with his best puppy eyes; a gigantic hill of muscle begging to a mountain of hard meat. Caio sighed and rolled his eyes.

“I really shouldn’t allow it, but there’s nothing I don’t do for you, little bro, is there?” said a tired but laughing Caio, and then he started taking André’s shirt off, making the smaller bull moan and pant a little as they struggled to remove the tight fabric from the thick torso. “But at least let your udders expand instead of restricting them, all right?” he said and when André’s massive muscles were once again revealed, and his cock throbbed under his shorts, the little brother raised his arms to squeeze Caio’s own pecs.

“Unfair! You are still wearing shirts and your muscles are even larger than mine!” said the younger bull, and indeed by squeezing his brother’s nipples he managed to get some milk out of them. Caio rolled his eyes and simply removed his shirt as well.

“Better now?” he asked, chickling his tongue. His brother nodded, loving the sight of the underside of the massive muscular tits.

“Yes!” André responded, and then they continued watching the movie as André’s nipples were leaking milk which accumulated in his well-developed abs, and as Caio’s hands caressed his little brother’s hair and increasingly his wet abs as well. André moaned and as the movie got more and more interesting, he saw himself licking his lips as he glared repeatedly at his brother’s massive nipples above him. Eventually, he stood back up in his seat—which made a lot of his milk run down, drench his body and fall to the floor. Before the older brother could react to all this movement and mess, however, the smaller bull stud was sucking once again from the massive muscle udders his bigger brother had. Caio tried to pull him away but André simply bit and sucked and resisted the powerful brotherly hand.

“Ahh, okay! I’ll let you feed more, but you’ll have to behave during and after feeding!” said Caio, giving up, and then moving to using his arm to caress his brother’s own pecs and his neck. André then moved further against his brother and tried to help Caio embrace his smaller body as much as possible with his impossibly thick arms.

After the movie and when André stopped suckling on Caio’s nipples, they both went for a milking session, which lasted for about an hour for André and only half as much for almost dried up Caio. Seeing his own low production numbers, the older brother slapped André in his massive pecs. “I hope all that feeding will be worthwhile, little bro!” he joked and so did the smaller brother, knowing the bigger bull would in reality never ask for anything back for all his help and support, although André was decided to pay back as much as possible regardless.

After that, the bull brothers went out for a walk, reaching a nearby waterfall where they swam and played in the water together. They returned home later that evening where they played card games and finally had dinner. After dinner, they got themselves milked a third time, before showering and then going to bed. André went to sleep first because he was full from dinner and had had an amazing fun and tiring time that day; Caio stayed up to do some accounting first, and to suck himself off before going to bed—he missed tasting his own seed, but, as he did so, he couldn’t help remember André’s delighted face as his older brother fed him earlier. After that, his mind went directly to the memory of drinking his brother’s bullseed.

“I am no longer the only bull in the farm,” he thought to himself smiling, then.

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