Catboy chronicles

by Eriknl77

How a new mobile app changes the entire life of a young jock who can’t resist turning himself first into a plant and then into a feline-muscleboy hybrid.

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Jeff was a 22 year old jock, still living with his parents. He was one of the popular guys at his university and star of the football team. He liked to work out and that was visible on his body. He looked the part. But still, even though he had quite a good reputation, Jeff had a darker side. Kind of a kinky side. He had certain interests and loved to go online to jerk off at stories about transformation. All the time, he imagined himself turning into various animals, different objects. He loved strange transformations, but also basic ones, like dogs or donkeys, the ones most fellow transformation lovers liked.

One night he stumbled upon a storyline about the Chronivac 4.0. Something he had heard of, but so far he had only found interactive stories that didn’t really lead to something, which disappointed him. This time he hit the jackpot. And the plus side of it all, was that the main character’s name was Jeff too. This way he could really relate to the story, even though he sometimes changed the name of the subject to his own in other stories, he had the idea this was written for him. So he put it in the program which he had downloaded to convert text to speech, so he could listen with his eyes closed and he let his fantasy go wild. Then, after just a few short minutes in which his naked, muscled body, shining of sweat, started to shake, his orgasm came harder than ever. He moaned and groaned and then…. a beep, right in his ears. He had worn headphones, so his parents wouldn’t hear what he listened to, so he thought it was just a beep in his computer, but then it came again. A beep. Jeff looked at the screen and a pop-up had appeared saying: Chronivac 4.2….. the mobile version, ready to download.

His eyes went wide. “What the….?” he thought. This couldn’t be real. The Chronivac was real? Oh my god, this was something he had to have. Jeff sat up and grabbed his phone, going to the website that was mentioned in the pop-up where he found just a download button for the Chronivac 4.2. He was rock hard again as the app downloaded and he smiled wide when the download was finished.

He opened the app and to his surprise it seemed to work just like the Chronivac in the stories. He had multiple options and remembered some of the mistakes his namesake in the stories had made. He was very cautions to not change into something bad that could he would be stuck like for years, his original identity ending up being destroyed. The app did say he would have to be careful. Altering his body or merging with another object would prevent him from ever changing back. He didn’t want to redirected to another location or have the timer set on random. But what to become for the first time?

Jeff just stood there in his room. He browsed all the options, still rock hard, and he then heard a noise from down stairs. He unlocked his bedroom door and listened in. Clearly Rosa, the cleaning lady, had come in. He didn’t want her to see him, or ask questions why he was home, so this gave him an idea. Why not change into something for about 2 hours, so she would be gone when he reverted back to himself. He browsed the app and stumbled on plant transformations. This gave him an idea.

He put the settings as he wanted, changing 70% and checking the “reality check” checkbox, remembering this would make sure everyone would think his new shape was normal, and he made sure to stay in his bedroom, transformed for two hours. He then gulped, pushing the transform button on his phone. A shiver went down his spine when he put his phone on his nightstand. He closed his laptop on his bed, so Rosa wouldn’t see what he had been listening to and then he felt how he was drawn to the corner next to the window. He knew he had to be fast.

His body started to change, become more rigid. As he heard Rosa stumble up the stairs slowly, knowing she was carrying the vacuum cleaner, he stood in the corner and he looked down. His skin was turning slightly green. His feet were changing and something was wrapping around it. He noticed a large pot with dirt was forming around his feet, which were becoming brown and started to change into different roots. Jeff took on a bodybuilder pose, thinking it would be fun to show off his muscles for the duration of his transformation and he was just in time. His body started to lock into position. There he was, standing in the corner of his room as a muscled jock, posing his muscles, while his hard on was sticking out painfully. His body became greener and greener and then his shape started to change too. He could see in the mirror on his door that he was transforming quickly into a large cactus. Needles were sprouting out of his body everywhere and he was hardly recognizable as a human being. He was a plant now for the next two hours. His abs, pecs and muscled arms stood out nicely in the dark green shade.

The phone beeped, indicating the transformation was complete and the two hours were starting. Jeff now just enjoyed his time, standing there, feeling so aroused. He’d managed to change himself into a plant! This was so exciting. Then the door swung open and Rosa came in with the vacuum cleaner. She just looked around and shook her head at the mess in the room. She started to clean and looked at Jeff a couple of times, but Jeff knew that to her he was just a cactus.

She vacuumed the room, dusted everything and then left the room after 20 minutes. Jeff felt relieved. She could have knocked him over. What if he fell down and would break an arm. He would be a damaged cactus forever. He didn’t want that. He felt good knowing he would change back in a short while. Then the door swung open again. Rosa came in with a bottle of water. “Damn, nearly forgot to water that stupid cactus,” she mumbled and then emptied the bottle in Jeff’s pot. “There you go, Jeff. Your parents should give you a sunnier spot. I’ll tell them you will only grow if you stay in the sun.” And then she left again.

Jeff thought this was strange, but then remembered. She may think he was a cactus because of the reality check, but he still was Jeff. So it was only normal the people knowing him would recognize him.

Jeff spend the rest of the time noticing his body taking in the water and storing it in his cells. It felt good and quite normal to drink with his feet instead of his mouth. Then the phone beeped again, indicating his time was up and Jeff’s time as a cactus was over and Jeff then felt how he changed back.

Being a bit stiff from standing still for two hours he stretched and relaxed his muscles. This felt so good. He had to try something else and this time for longer. He loved the idea of looking a lot like himself, so he browsed the options.

There, an animal this time. Jeff decided that it would be really cool if he would turn into a domestic housecat, but only for about 60%. He would have just a thin layer of fur and decided to go for a panther print, making his fur and skin just slightly more tan than he already was, leaving his chest and abs without a print, instead of having a white fluffy fur. He decided he would prefer to keep his own genitals and upper limbs, but the lower limbs, hand and feet had to change. So did his face, mainly, and his shape. He wanted to be able to act like a true cat, so he also changed his behaviour to half-human giving him a cat instinct as well. He knew his parents wouldn’t be home for a few more hours so he decided he wanted to spend the rest of the day as a cat, setting the time to change back to midnight. He checked the reality check box and opened the window, so he could jump outside and walk to the flat roof of the garage, so he could discover the outside world. He was so turned on by it, he was in doubt if he should jerk off first or change right away. He then just hit the transform button on his phone and dropped it on the edge of his bed.

He felt how his body started to change and looked in the mirror. He was changing and shrinking at the same time. His body was getting slightly darker, his hair on his head dropping from his body, as was his pubic hair. The fur took its place and started to cover his body. He saw how his body shape changed and how a tail was growing above his round ass. His face changed a little pushing out, with his ears shifting, his nose becoming a black, wet triangle and his ears reshaping, now more on top of his head. He looked so good, he thought. Only two feet tall, but really cat-like. He wished he had a cat like him as a pet. Damn, it looked cool. The phone beeped and vibrated, sliding off the bed and dropping on the floor.

Jeff’s heart stopped for a second. He knew that if the phone were to break he would have a problem, but it looked okay, so with a sigh of relief Jeff turned around, having one last look at his new feline body in the mirror and then he jumped on the bed like a true, natural cat. He jumped on the edge of the window and set his first steps outside. The sun on his naked body felt good. He was happy he could walk around like this and nobody would tell him to get dressed. He heard birds whistle, could see the world much better now. His vision improved a lot and so did his hearing and his smell. He walked over the roof towards the edge, so he could jump on the roof of the garage, knowing the then could walk over the fence towards the back of the garden. He was happy to discover every new thing around him. As he balanced over the fence, he thought to himself how smooth it was going. He would have never been able to do this if he were still in his human shape. This felt so good. He’d already made a mental note about becoming a cat more often. It must be so awesome to discover the world at night. To meet other cats. He couldn’t wait for all the adventures he could experience in all the different shapes he wanted to try.

Then, suddenly he felt a cold splash and he dropped from the fence down to the ground, scratching himself on his mother’s rose bushes. Fuck, that bitch! he thought to himself, but to his surprise he noticed he couldn’t talk, but screeched like a cat.

His neighbor was cursing at him. “There, you damn cat. This is it. I’m calling animal control. Not even a collar, so I don’t give a shit whose cat you are. Stay away from my yard!” The woman started to call a number and Jeff could hear how she was actually calling the animal control for real. His heart skipped a beat and he got up, dirty from the water and dirt from the floor, and he tried to shake it off as well as he could. He was afraid. What to do? He decided to try to get back into his bedroom and started to climb up a tree next to the garage.

He jumped on the roof again and then he heard a car door slam shut. His mother had come home. That was strange. Did he forget the time already? She looked up and saw Jeff on the roof. “Hey…” she shouted.

Jeff decided it would be best for his mother to find him in his room so he climbed up further, jumping through his bedroom window and then on his bed, cleaning himself a little bit on the duvet. Jeff could hear the footsteps of his mother on the stairs just a few minutes later. He didn’t know what to do, so he jumped on the floor and decided to hide under the bed for a moment. Just as he crawled under the bed, the door swung open and his mother marched into his bedroom. “Jeff, you naughty cat, what have you do……” a loud cracking sound was heard. Jeff’s mother looked down and saw she just stepped on Jeff’s phone, now shattered to pieces on the floor.

Jeff used to be a tough guy, but now he felt like he could cry. No, not my phone, he thought.

“Damn, Jeff, I told you not to put your phone on the floor, now look what happened. And come from under that bed you…you…..” Jeff’s mother started to sneeze. Her throat thickened up and she could barely speak. “Get out, you naughty Jeff, you know I’m allergic to cats. What are you doing inside the house.” Jeff remembered the reality check. She recognized him as Jeff, but not as her son, only as a pet.

She stood up, coughing as she went to the window to breath in some fresh air. As she looked outside, she seemed to see something that caught her attention. Then she closed the window and went back to the door. “Stay here Jeff, this can’t go on like this. We’re gonna fix this.” She then left the room and closed the door behind her. Jeff panicked. What was going on? Things were going bad so fast. What happened? Why was he so afraid? It was his mother…

But his instincts prevented him from thinking about her as purely his mother. She was more of his owner. He was confused about this and as his mind drifted off to figure out what she actually was to him, he didn’t notice more than one set of feet walking up the stairs. Then his door swung open and Jeff was brought back to reality. He recognized his mother’s feet, next to those of what he thought was his next door neighbor. Then two men came into the room too. He gulped as he heard his mother speak. “He’s under the bed guys, get him.” Then turning to his neighbor, “Thank you for calling animal control, Clair. I’m sorry Jeff didn’t stay in the yard, but honestly, I am too allergic to him, so it would be much better if they would find him a better, more suitable home.”

“Don’t worry, ma’am, catboys like this one here are popular,” the animal control guy said. “We will take good care of him before we put him up for adoption, and I’m sure by the end of the week someone will already have claimed him and picked him up to live with them in their new home.”

No, no, no, no, no! was the only thing going through Jeff’s head. He didn’t want to be taken by animal control. He didn’t want to go anywhere else. What if he would change back and be naked out on the street. People would recognize him. He used to be very confident as a human, but being publicly humiliated wasn’t something on his wish-list.

Jeff panicked again when he saw the big black boots moving towards him. He saw his chance. He went for the door, and as fast as he could he shot from under the bed and between the first guy’s legs.

“Gotcha!” the second guy said as Jeff was too late to notice the large net covering him. He was scooped up from the floor a put in a travel basked for cats in one swift movement, even before he could use his new claws. “No!” he yelled, but he could only hear the scream of a cat.

“Take him with you, guys, and make sure he will find a nice home to live in. Bye, Jeff,” his mother said. His heart sank and he knew his mother was only saying goodbye to him as a pet.

When he would change back, he would get back home and his mother wouldn’t know what had happened. Shame about the phone he thought, but he could get a new one and he would probably never download the Chronivac-app again.

The basket rocked as Jeff went with the guys down the stairs and into their car. It took a while before he was taken out of the car again, but it was still fairly light outside, so it must be early evening. Just a few more hours and he would change back again.

He felt the basket rocking again, as he was brought into a building. Jeff plotted his escape and as soon as the basket would open he would jump out and try to run out of the building and back home where he would wait under some bush until he would change back. But with his mind being too preoccupied he didn’t notice his basket was put on a table in a white room and a hand approached him from behind. He felt a sting in his ass and as he hissed and turned around, he could see an empty syringe leave the basket.

“What do we have here?” a female voice asked.

“A domestic catboy, panther, answers to the name Jeff,” the man said.

“Jeff? Stupid name for a cat. I’ll change it into the system when I check him in, so the new owner can rename him when he’s picked up after treatment. Did he get any shots before?” she asked.

“No, he didn’t. They said he never has been to a vet before, so I’d say, sanitize him, deworm and vaccinate him, chip him and fix him. We’ve got enough stray catboys running around these days, so make sure reproduction isn’t possible after we’re done with him.”

The nurse nodded and Jeff wanted to cry, but felt how he started to become dizzy. He knew that if they altered his body, he would remain this way forever.

He heard the man mention to the nurse that he was around 20, according to the woman who sent him away, but the nurse chuckled. “She must mean he’s about 2 years old. Well it’s good to find this one a nice new home, ‘cause they usually become twice as old as normal domestic cats.” Jeff felt relieved he knew he would at least live for a while, but he never imagined it would be like this. Then he fell asleep.

Hours later, Jeff woke up with a strange thing around his neck. His mind didn’t work well yet after all the medication he was given, but he then recognized the thing…. and what it represented.

I was castrated. He remembered, he would be chipped, castrated and vaccinated. He was a pet now. And it would be what he would spend the rest of his life as. He remembered how he looked and how he turned from a handsome jock to a catboy. Knowing he looked good, made him feel a bit better and started to turn him on. He could feel his cock swell, which indicated it still worked. but then it started to feel as if his groin caught fire. Sharp pain went through his body and he started to whine. The nurse came to him and saw the situation. She petted him and then gave him another injection, making sure he fell asleep right away.

The first week Jeff slept most of the time. He had to wear the cap around his neck for the rest of the week, but eventually it was removed. He remembered still how he became this way, but was slowly also adapting to his new life, getting used to being picked up by people and petted. That felt nice. He had a cage of his own and as he became more awake the nurse came back and petted him some more. He didn’t feel the urge to run away again and even sat nicely to pose for a picture that she took. He knew it would be for an advertisement for new owners. He was a pet now. His mother…. previous owner gave him up. He just lay down, feeling a bit depressed, not touching his food for a while. He couldn’t get used to the dry food yet, so he only went for the soft food at first, but now all he wanted was to sleep and forget about everything.

Three days later a young man came into the office. Jeff recognized him right away from the gym. He sat up and walked towards the gate of his cage. “Hey little one. There you are.” the guy said. Jeff knew the guy was gay, and he usually didn’t hang around with gay guys, but they always had been friendly and greeted each other. “Well hello there cattyboy, yes, come here, come, come then,” the guy said. Jeff felt strange. His instinct told him to go, but he also felt as if he could kill the guy for talking to him like a little child, or more…. as if he was a pet.

Jeff felt ashamed and yet also warm with affection for the man, who stroked his fur. Jeff started purr and arch his back. “Yes, Jeff, I have seen you before. I always thought you were a fine specimen. A very handsome muscled catboy. So handsome are you, yes. And I wanted to have you then already, but you were not available. And now you are. Now you are coming with me. Yes. I think I will keep your name. I haven’t decided yet. Jeff isn’t a good cat name. What if I call you Tommy? Or Cooper? Or Micky? Would you like that?” The guy didn’t stop talking and already started to get on Jeff’s nerves. But Jeff let himself be lifted up and cuddled. The attention was so nice. The stroking felt so good. He felt wanted and loved and the large, warm hands on his body also aroused him a little bit. He was thankful it didn’t hurt this time. Jeff felt how he then was put on a table and how a scanner was moved over his neck. He then realized, he was a catboy for a week now already. There was no way he would ever be changed back, nor that he would see his former family back.

This guy was about to become his new family. He looked up at him as the guy looked down at him. “You look like a Cooper, right?” Jeff meowed one time and they seemed to agree on this being a signal. The nurse updated Jeff’s data that she had taken from the chip in his neck and changed his name into Cooper. This would be his name from now on. “Come on Cooper, time to go home,” the guy said, while he put Cooper into his basket.

A little while later Cooper was let out of his basket so he could discover the skyscraper loft that was now his home. About 200 square meters of open space all for himself. His new owner greeted his boyfriend, who turned out the owner of the gym where he had gone to while he was still Jeff. Both young men, in their late twenties, greeted their new pet and showed him his new home. Where he would have to litter where he would find his food, how good the view was from 46 stories high. Cooper then realized he would be an inside catboy from now on. He wouldn’t be able to run around outside, but he always thought of getting a cat when he would have an apartment, so somehow he would think he would be getting a wonderful life, being spoiled and loved, fed and never having to worry about anything ever again.

He sighed, finally letting go of his former human life now. Even though he was still very human, he was a pet now, and that was what he would before the rest of his life. As he thought this, he started to purr in contentment.


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