Colt chronicles: A form for any occasion

by Neltharion5

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“Who are you? And what do those forms do exactly?” I asked.

“My name is Elberand Riddell,” said the man. “You may call me El.”


“I am a liberator of men from the thirty-first century.”

“A liberator from what?” I asked.

“From the FSM, the Female Supremacist Movement. In the future, radical feminists have gained such power that they have begun restricting the rights of men, Adam.”

“I don't understand… Why would you come to this time then?”

“Because in this time, you and your brothers hold the key to the survival for the male of the species.”

“What key?” I asked.

“In your genetics. The key to the study of induced exclusive male homosexuality,” said El.

“How would that be a key to end the FSM?” I asked.

“The cornerstone in the reign of the Female Supremacists is the heterosexual man's love of women. They use sex to control straight men, brainwash them. The only ones who can resist are gay men. Therefore, making a serum for the inducement of exclusive homosexuality in men is of utmost importance.”


“And I fear that our time travel technology may have been moled out.”

“What do you mean “moled out—?” I asked.

“A victim of political espionage. I fear one or more FSM agents may have come to this time as well.”

“I see… So what's with the forms?”

“A principle of genetics discovered over half a millennium before my time is the maximum output factor of chromosomal analysis. For your genetic material to be harvested properly, each of you, Adam, Alexander, and Andrew Colt, will have to be at your operational maximum for your specified domain of the mitochondrial DNA. As the eldest brother, you must go through the full range of psychokinetic advances. In other words, how your body relates to your mind must be improved before you can become any use to the cause. The first was strength. The second is form.”

“What about Dick Rogers? You did the same to him, and now he's after me.”

“An error on my part when I first arrived in this time. Anyway, the contract of form can be established in several different formats all of which are fully effective with the future resources I have brought to bear. May I recommend one in particular?”

“Please,” I said, “but first could you explain how you can shape reality at will like this.”

“If you insist. A signature is a two-dimensional spatial representation one's own identity. By a combination of handwriting analysis, genetic markers and global positioning, we can isolate your position and identity. Then we use isometric endocrine-stimulating gamma rays to release growth hormones into your system using direct or reflected sunlight as a catalyst for changing carbon dioxide and water in the bloodstream into amino acids which are used to generate muscle and spongy tissue rapidly. Also gamma rays are known to be sexually stimulating in about 18 percent of the population.”

“Okay… I do remember getting really thirsty right after the change.”

El removed a red contract from the tipped-over cabinet. “The witness protection contract. Pay special attention to the hidden clause.” He gave me a magnifying glass.

If the applicant's safety or wellbeing is ever compromised in the slightest, the applicant is given the instinctive and temporary ability to transform into anything necessary to eliminate the threat yet retain memory and intelligence. The duration of the ability to change form is equal to the persistence of the threat. Sentient alternate forms include but are not limited to: fauna, elemental incarnations, and inanimate objects.

“Okay,” I said, “I'm not even gonna ask how this one works, but at least it will protect me. Now why didn't anyone notice when I hulked out the other day?”

“The line on top of which you signed was another hidden clause,” El said. He showed me a copy of the form.

In addition, the said bodily changes and all oddities associated with the transformation will occur without the acknowledgment of anyone who does not know about this document's special properties with the exception of the applicant.

“Quickly, sign the red one,” he urged, proffering a pen.

“Why?” I asked.

As he raised his hand to point over my shoulder, he said, “Because someone skipped a visit to the emergency room.”

I felt a third party put an aggressive hand on my left shoulder. Without thinking, I signed the contract. As I did, I felt something inside of me give. I felt a sudden soreness in my shoulders. My sleeves got tight trying to force out a new set of limbs. I flexed my right arms as I balled two solid fists. The sleeves of my old sweatshirt pulled away to reveal rock hard bulges.

As I turned to my intended aggressor, five or six things happened nearly simultaneously. Rogers tried to punch me, and I blocked his punch with one of my left hands, punched his chest twice with each of my right hands, gripped his right wrist with my other left hand, and took a deliberate step forward directly onto his injured foot.

Rogers growled from the pain and redoubled his efforts. He brought his left arm up to strike me. One of my right hands opened to block his clumsy attack as my other left hand grips his right arm further up. I toss him across the room.

I walk to him and tightly grip his throat as I began to strangle him while my other arms hold his own arms down. He furiously resisted as I choked the life from him while something inside of me murmured obstinately to myself that this was not the right thing to do.

Elberand came up from behind me and said, “Only do it if you truly want to know what it feels like to kill.” He touched my shoulder, showing that he would support my decision either way. “He's a misguided liar and extortionist. He neither deserves to die nor deserves to live. Already he has told you half-truths and whole lies. Already he has dulled your confidence of the justice system yet made you more willing to be a force of justice.”

I released Rogers. “Get out of here!” I yelled. He stumbled to his feet, ran out of the building and sped his still running Mercedes in a flash of burning rubber out of the alley.

“Even though I understand your decision not to kill him, I still think you shouldn't have just let him go. He could still hurt you,” said Elberand. “Regardless, I will get this form to a secure place, but in the mean time, you must gain experience in as many transformative states as possible.”

“There are still some things I don't understand…” I said.

El said, “I know, but most of them you aren't ready to hear yet, but what I can tell you is how Dick Rogers has lied to you: he's not in bed with any cops, and he had returned to me twice after growing.”

“What if he comes back here if I'm not here? Who will protect you?”

“I have ways to protect myself and my powers, but it's your brothers you should be concerned about. Even though I have ensured they would not be defenseless, they still do not know exactly what is going on.”

I heard a car stop suddenly in front of the building. I heard a gun discharge, and as I did, I felt myself shrink. I transformed into a bird. Because of the way we were standing, the bullet aimed at me missed me as I shrunk but still threatened El.

I saw El catch the bullet as I began to fly away. I realized I was a sparrow.

Flying was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I lost the immediacy of the events that had just suffused my mind. I almost lost myself and my humanity in the clouds.

I came back down right outside of Derek's apartment. I perched on his window sill and used my beak to tap on the glass and get his attention.

Derek opened the window, and I flew into his apartment. Immediately after doing so I transformed back into a human, a naked one with only two arms. “What the hell?” he exclaimed.

“You saw me hulk-out then?” I asked.

“Yes, your body's amazing. I'm sorry I doubted you, but I didn't know you could shapeshift, too.”

“I can only do it under pressure.”

“Really? Care to demonstrate?” Derek asked. I could tell he was turned on, and the truth was my loins were burning for his own sizeable bulge.

“You would have to threaten my wellbeing,” I said, wondering how far he would take this.

“I may have something I could threaten you with…” His voice trailed off which made me a bit nervous. Derek went to his bedside drawer and pulled out a gun. “Now transform or I'll shoot you…” His words were cruel, but he was smiling.

“Is that thing even real?” I asked, knowing that he would never actually hurt me.

“It is, but it's not loaded,” he said as he motioned to the bed with the gun.

“Okay, I'll play along…” I said, “Oh, please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want.” I sat on the bed. I placed my legs on the bed and turned to display my powerful manhood. It was still entirely flaccid but powerful nonetheless. He lowered his underwear to let his own member fly to the free air from the still open window.

“Let's play a little game,” Derek said. He took a single bullet from a box in his bedside drawer and put it in his revolver. He spun the barrel. “It's called: How many times do I have to pull the trigger before you transform? I'm guessing somewhere between one and six.”

“Wait, a sec… Do you even know what I'll transform into?”

“The knowledge that I'll stop when you transform and that your life is in jeopardy until you do probably will motivate you regardless of what you transform into, but personally, I'm hoping for a centaur, a really hot muscular one who's titanic where it counts,” he said, his logic a bit fuzzy but still relatively sane. He cocked the gun.

“C—mon. Put it down,” I said.

“On the count of three, you'll risk death or transform,” he said.

“But turning into a centaur won't protect me from a bullet,” I said.


“Derek, stop,” I said, actually wondering if this would work. I stood and began to walk around the bed as his aim followed me.


“Wait!” I yelled as I reached for his wrist.

“Three!” I grabbed his wrist and pulled it down as the gun clicked empty. “Whoa! Hot!”

I looked down. I now had four arms.

“Okay, so I have four arms. Will you stop now, please? Can't we just fuck?”

“I will stop now, and we can fuck, but first, I think you should take another look at yourself.”

I noticed I was slowly getting taller. I looked down at myself. Hair was rapidly beginning to cover my lower body thickly. I saw my feet slowly getting darker, larger, and more rounded. But what I didn't see was my dick. I looked behind myself. I saw that my back had begun to quickly extend horizontally out so that it could make room for two more legs. I was slowly but surely turning into a centaur. I was also getting considerably larger and more muscular as I did.

My upper body's musculature shredded itself with definition. Each muscle tightened and grew larger and more powerful. My chest began to fill with muscle to the extent that I could bounce them easily by flexing. My nipples enlarged to the size of thumbs hovering downwards at Derek. I used my one set of hands to massage the vestigial sex organs that were my sensitive nips hanging low on my engorged pectorals.

I awakened my sleeping member, a bestial dick covered entirely in its foreskin. I reacted with sexual frustration as I realized a dick that big could never fit inside his ass.

Derek stood and looked up at me. Though six-foot tall himself, the man's body didn't even come up to my withers. Cascades of coarse, brown fur lent their musky scent to the air before Derek's nostrils as he took in the colossal view. Sensing my realization, he said, “We can try…” Derek laid one hand on my flank.

It was quivering.

Gently, Derek pressed the top of his head against my front, burying his face in my earth scents. Too big to be encircled by the smaller human's hands, my torso seemed to warm under Derek's massaging touch. I stirred one dinnerplate-sized hoof and slowly let out a long, deep, shuddering sigh. “Adam…?”

My eyes were half-closed, and my face frozen in a look of half-concern, half-fear.

“I'm… I'm alright. Are you sure…?”

Derek smiled warmly and put his hand in his friend—s. He almost laughed at the vast disparity between the size of his hand and mine. Softly, so only he and my horse-like ears could hear him, he replied, “Yes…”

Gently rubbing the top of his head along the knot of muscles between my forelegs, Derek glanced back towards his partner's penis.

It was still in its sheath. Now that I was a centaur neither of us could be sure of exactly how large it really was. All he knew was that the width was astounding, and my balls were bigger than melons.

Stooping slightly, Derek moved back along my underside, rubbing his head and hands underneath my massive “taur belly and flanks.

After a few steps, he stood facing the impressive member. My sheath ran from beneath my tail all the way across half of his body and his actual penis stuck out an additional foot. Derek slowly moved his hands to cup the lower extremis of its soft, warm and heavy expanse. With his fingertips, he gradually ran his hand up the length of my sheath, pausing to wrap his palms around the massive testicles that hung an arm's reach away.

Each of my balls was at least a foot wide and hung half-again that width down from where they attached to the base of my penis. Squeezing lightly, Derek hefted one of the massive orbs and stroked it's bulbous surface. Above him, he could feel a shudder run through me, his prospective mate. Smiling to himself, Derek stroked back along the sheath towards the tip. Licking it briefly, he cocked his head and slowly slid his hands along my penis inside its sheath.

I gave a low gasp as my hind hooves stirred and shuffled at the sexual touch. Derek must have been surprised at how easy this had become. The broad, smooth surface of my shaft slowly emerged from its home under his ministrations. It was huge. Ungodly huge! Even flaccid, Derek wouldn't be able to encircle the shaft with both hands, but he never expected the length that slowly emerged from that fleshy cocoon. Derek backed up slowly, still stroking his oversized partner.

Foot after foot of my stallion-hood emerged from the sheath. Derek's eyes got wider and wider as he was forced to step back between my front legs, still rubbing and holding the tip of my penis. While yet unflared, my cock stuck almost half a foot in front of his forelegs, gently throbbing in Derek's palms. He looked up at me for my response. I still looked slightly concerned but even more aroused. His smile even broader, Derek turned his full attention back to the beautifully huge cock in front of him.

It was almost as big around as Derek’s face and its urethra just over an inch wide! Derek gradually pushed his tongue into my cock hole and began to stroke my tip evocatively. I moaned and took a few halting steps forward, pushing himself against the erotic stimulus. Derek paused his licking but kept his hands stroking the smooth, warm surface. The man watched, enraptured as I began to grow stiff…

“If you keep growing, you'll push me right out the door!” he murmured, delighted.

I looked down, slightly admonished. “Well, it's not my fault you're so good at this… You do this often?”

Derek smiled and licked slowly around the edge of my cock. “Not with centaurs, I don't…” He paused to stick his tongue down my cock-slit again. After pulling it out, “but I think that's gonna have to change!”

Pressing forward, Derek spread his lips around the thickening cock head and began to suck. Gently, he drew deep breaths. His suction making me moan and shudder. Bringing his left hand forward, Derek rubbed my tip gently; virtually tickling it and teasing his massive lover with tiny, tentative brushes. His mouth barely fit over the first third of my cock-tip, and it was still growing harder and thicker.

I groaned deeply and began to grind my rear legs against the floor. Derek's breath sent shivers of pleasure up my shaft as I longed to plunge my whole, hardening cock deep within my minuscule lover. My body didn't seem to realize the impossibility of what I longed to do. Nonetheless, I reacted on instinct, reaching down and holding Derek's head as I tried to shove my rod down the tiny man's throat.

Derek, helpless in my muscular grip, struggled in vain as he felt his cheeks stretch and his jaw distend in an attempt to accommodate my gargantuan cock. Futilely, he pushed against the rock-hard muscles of my abdomen before him, both of them straining in the throes of erotic lust. Sweat beaded down Derek's brow in a blend of fear and exhilaration as he felt his jaw virtually pop out of its sockets while I blindly tried to force Derek's face around a cock as thick as the young man's whole head…

A faint tingle grew in Derek's abdomen and began to fill his entire body with an odd, warm sensation. With shock, he must have realized that his face was starting to stretch and distend under my forceful hands. He watched in amazement as he saw his nose and upper lip push upwards away from his chin to make room for the monstrous cock. His jaw opened wider and wider to admit the freakishly large organ, stretching with a sound like slowly warping wood.

Suddenly, I pushed him away, his face snapping back to its former shape and size. Derek's jaw ached along with the muscles of his mouth and tongue as the faint taste of salty horse-flesh still lingered in his mouth. I was looking down at him, horror clear in my eyes.

“Oh, Derek… forgive me! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry…”

Derek nodded and put his hand up to stop my torrent of apologies. Working his mouth, he gradually was able to spit out a few words. “Nawt … -er- … not a prawblum… Add-Um. The human panted for a few moments, trying to regain his breath. After a second, I realized that he wasn't panting from lack of air or exertion but from arousal. Looking up at me, he smiled. Somehow, he hadn't been hurt by what had almost happened.

He said, “I should probably tell you I got a visit from a woman named Donna White today.”

“Really?” Why does that name sound familiar?

“She offered me indestructibility in exchange for information on you. She said it would work slowly, and the more information I give to her, the less destructible I become. Of course, I had never actually intended on spying on you, but I thought to turn down such an offer would have been stupid.”

“That's probably smart…”

“I'd love to be a double agent for you, but first, you'll have to tell me exactly what I'm involved myself in.”

I explained to him everything I knew about the future forces at work, Rogers, and my brothers.

“Use my cell phone to call your brothers.”

“It's past four in the morning. They're probably both asleep right now.”

“Isn't your family from California?” asked Derek.

“Pennsylvania though my one brother is out at school in California,” I said.

“Well, it's only one there so call him now.”

“Fine, but afterwards, you need to suck me off because I am still hard after that whole explanation.”

Alex voice came over the phone, “Hello…”

“You will not believe what just happened to me.”

Alex asked, “You won your first criminal trial?”

“Yes, but that's not the half of it.”

I explained to him everything about my public hulk-out, Elberand Riddell, the FSM, and my two newest states of transformation.

“One of my dreams came true…” Alex said, “I wrote it in my dream journal, and it totally happened.”

“I seriously doubt it…”

“Like I should believe anything you said…” Alex asked, “Wait, did you say Elberand Riddell?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That's the guy that sent me the dream journal,” Alex said.

“Just be careful! Don't tell anyone about it…”

“Okay, Adam… I may just have someone to protect me soon. Are you gonna call Andy?”

“I'll call him at six before he goes to school,” I said.

“Okay. I love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

“Bye,” Alex said as he hung up the phone.

“He's safe for now,” I said.

“Are we safe here?” asked Derek.

“I never told Rogers about you so he would have to get into contact with Donna White before being informed about our location so I'd we're safe here for tonight. Besides, I can't be hurt, and you're partially indestructible.”

“Okay.” Derek asked, “Are we ready to try this again?”

I wasn't so sure. “I almost killed you last time, Derek…”

Derek smiled up at me, his aroused lover. Gently, he leaned forward and kissed me on his abdomen. The hot scent of my sweat exhilarated Derek as he gently licked the muscled flesh before him. “You may not be sure, Adam, but I am…” He paused to encircle as much of my torso as he could with his hands in a tiny hug. “But if you're worried, just go a bit slower… I trust you.” Gallan looked down at the tiny man. He was so frail-looking yet so handsome. While not hugely muscled, Derek kept himself in good shape and had a fine, rippling muscle tone. And I loved him. I felt my heart melt.

Derek felt my hand come to rest on his shoulder and rub gently. The hand came away from him as I backed up and gently pushed my cock forward towards Derek's face. A deep, lustful smile passed between the two as Derek gingerly caressed my cock-tip with his palms.

Carefully, Derek began to lick the underside of my cock, rubbing its expansive surface with his hands and spreading his saliva over the newly throbbing flesh. Each thrust of his tongue over the surface of my erection sent shivers through me, each shiver filling Derek with a feeling of elation and arousal. He could feel his own proud cock hardening beneath him.

I began to gasp and moan, my hind legs pumping rhythmically forward, pushing his spongy, bloated tip against Derek's eager face. The human smiled and began rubbing the huge cock against the top of his head.

Delirious at the massive organ, Derek began to roll his face up and down along the length of the shaft. Ahead of him, he watched as my balls bobbed and swayed, each one slightly swollen at the attention the rest of the cock was getting.

“Unh… Oh…!” I tried to speak, gasping for air… “Oh, Derek… Rub me more…! Lick… Lick me…!” I shuddered and trembled as I held back from thrusting too hard into Derek's face. My whole body quivered and bucked as I wrung my ham-sized fists into knots and clenched my eyes amidst his throes of ecstasy.

Derek rubbed his cheek along the huge cock-tip and kept licking the face-sized surface. Reaching forward, he wrapped his arms wholly around the forward two feet of my shaft, barely a fifth of it, and began to pump wildly.

“Unh! Oh! Oh… More! Derek, I need… I need more in you!”

My thrusts grew more earnest, but Derek could sense that I was still reluctant to take advantage of his near invulnerable form. Instead of trying to engulf my massive cock with his mouth, Derek merely redoubled his efforts with his arms and tongue.

A rumble rushed through the enormous penis as I suddenly flared. Caught off-guard, Derek lost his grip momentarily as he watched the monster swell to momentarily fill the space between my forelegs. A rush of warm liquid shot forth like a geyser and splashed over Derek's hair, face and shoulders. Derek gasped and tried to force his mouth around the huge cock-slit in front of him. “I… I think I'm… gonna cum soon…!”

Derek looked up at me in surprise. A warm shudder ran through the young man as he realized that the huge, sticky rush had only been a single jet of my precum.

With his hands, Derek slowly smeared my precum over the huge cock as a lubricant and quadrupled his pumping with his arms. My pumping grew more intense and violent as my muscles spasmed and shot another load of precum over Derek's eager face. Gulping as quickly as he could, the young human gobbled as much of the hot, thick cum as he could. I kept pumping, and I started to lose control.

His own cock bucking and pleading for release, Derek pushed his whole body up and down, along the monster shaft's length, using the two shots of precum as lubrication. Again and again, he pushed himself and his arms along my erection, pausing only to suck more precum from the swollen cock-tip. My balls almost seemed to have grown… I had never heard of such a thing before, but they almost seemed to have swollen to twice their normal size, swaying and dangling heavily between my hind legs!

On his next slide down my cock, Derek paused to squeeze each of my balls in the crooks of his arms. I shuddered and shouted with delight, “Yes! Unh! Oh! Yes!”

Another huge shudder wracked my muscles as I began to buck uncontrollably. Apparently feeling the tensing in my balls, Derek quickly slid back up to my cock-tip and began licking and rubbing as fast as he could. I pushed and shoved my cock forward uncontrollably, my pressure making a tight seal of Derek's lips around his cock-slit. Another huge wash of precum gushed into Derek's mouth, causing his cheeks to swell impossibly and his neck to distend at the pressure.

Derek closed his eyes in ecstasy and washed his tongue about in its sweet, warm bath. I could tell my flavor was intense.

And then I came…

Like the floodgates of a dam, my semen jetted from my gargantuan cock with a sudden rush. Thick and sweet cum swelled Derek's cheeks and neck, stretching them as huge drops spurted out of his mouth over the floor below. Eye's wide, he felt every push and every spurt of my massive “taur cock! More and more filled him, and I saw his stomach expand and swell. I clenched my eyes and bellowed as he rocked and bucked, spraying my spunk into the tiny human's mouth in hot, jetting spurts of thick, sweet cum…

My muscles flexed with each push and every shot. My face screwed itself tight as he moaned and pumped harder and harder, feeling Derek's mouth stretch further and further around his throbbing cock-tip.

“Unh!! Oh… Unh! Unh! De… Derek…Unh!”

Derek stared as I pushed harder against him… His mouth seemed to form a seal as I pushed deeper in, and his face began to distort. He moaned as he felt his muscles distend and stretch like thick, hard rubber to accommodate the freakishly large organ. Derek's heart fluttered as he reveled in the hot cum splashing into him with geyser-like force… Repeatedly, he stroked the throbbing length of my shaft and moaned as I finished my climax in a series of short, heavy bursts of cum that further pushed the flared tip deep into the young human's stretched throat.

Weary, Derek pulled his mouth from the surroundings of my hot shaft with a slight popping noise. His face, snapping like rubber, shot back to its normal configuration. The huge, flared, centaur-cock before him, bobbed like a log between my forelegs, dripping with its hot spunk. I looked down at Derek with a smile. Standing, Derek felt an odd pressure at his waist. Looking down, he paused, stunned.

His belly stuck out like a pregnant woman—s. He looked as if he had swallowed several large rocks or at least gallons of my fluids. Tenuously, he patted his filled and bloated stomach. Small waves washed over it's fleshy surface as he looked at me with satisfaction. He smiled at his lover and leaned in for a hug.

My four large, muscular arms encircled him. Derek just held on and rubbed the side of his head into my abdomen. “I love you, Adam… I just wish I could satisfy you, well, centaur you.”

“I love you, too,” I said. The first time I had said that to a lover and actually meant it.

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