Waking up

by Musiker

Max wakes up and explores his new body after having been transformed into a hugely muscular, well-hung dog-man. To pay for his transformation, he has sold himself to be a slave and a permanent exhibit in an adults-only zoo where he will perform shows—and have lots of sex—for the entertainment of visitors to the park. In this chapter, he is also re-introduced to the man who will be his Master for the rest of his life.

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The first thing I remember when I woke up was being really, really groggy and confused. I was laying down in a room, but as I stared at the ceiling, it looked like I was lying at the bottom of the world’s tallest jungle gym and I couldn’t figure out what kind of room I could possibly be in.

I was smelling a bewildering jumble of smells, like hundreds of smells. With no effort at all I detected soapy smells, armpit smells, foot smells, metal smells, cologne, grass, polished wood, and on and on. I could tell someone in the room had eaten chicken, beef, brown rice, soy sauce, salsa, coffee, mustard, onion, broccoli, and a lot of other things by smelling it on their breaths. Not that any of this was unpleasant at all, just mildly interesting, like noticing shapes in the clouds on a nice day.

I couldn’t really move, but that was totally okay. I really didn’t need to move. Here was a very good place to be, with interesting smells and the ropes and bars to look at overhead and feeling so comfortable. I have no idea how long I just laid there staring up and smelling things, but when I think back, it feels like it must have been an eternity. I was safe. I was confused, but comfy. “Comfyused”, I thought. That made me chuckle. And right when I laughed, some guy super close to my head with an ultra-deep, gravelly bass voice laughed too. “That’s good”, I thought, “He sounds nice. I’m glad he’s happy.” We chuckled together again.

“Ah, now I do like when my patients wake up in a good mood.”

Unlike the bass next to my head, that voice was vaguely familiar. It was a very comforting voice, a light tenor that belonged to someone I knew cared deeply about me. Something wriggled under my butt, making me giggle again. I smiled, and for some reason my tongue popped out of my mouth, like my mouth wasn’t quite big enough to hold all of my tongue-iness.

“Why don’t we see if you can sit up? Come on, up, boy.”

I didn’t want to sit up. I was exquisitely happy where I was. But I also wanted very badly to please the nice man. So I tried to sit up, but it was too hard. I was experiencing two very bizarre sensations simultaneously: my whole body felt all squiggly like super soft gummy worms, and also felt…over-stuffed, like someone had packed my skin with way too much me. I flopped around heavily for a moment while that kind-voiced man said some things I didn’t really hear. I really, really wanted that man’s approval, though I didn’t understand why it was so intensely important to me. Then—thank goodness!—I was being helped up by two sets of strong hands, one set grabbing on to each of my arms. I remember being startled at how small the hands were, like I was being assisted by two very strong kids.

So now I was sitting up. The nice voice said something that sounded like praise, and I felt a little zing of joy at that. But thinking was still really hard, so after that I just kind of slouched there with my head tilted down toward my lap. I was staring at a pair of very odd-looking arms. The hands were bright white, more pale than any I had ever seen, but with dark, puffy patches on the palms and all along each finger, including the fingertips. For some reason the fingernails were a charcoal gray, like they had been painted, only they weren’t shiny like painted nails. It looked like the owner of those bright white hands was wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt in a rich, warm brown color, but of a texture I had never seen on a T-shirt, and I couldn’t see where the sleeve began, which puzzled me. Then, just above the elbows, the sleeves were jet black. And, I slowly realized, these arms were practically bursting with muscle. “Damn,” I thought, “Whoever this guy is has the biggest guns I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d sure like to train with him some time.” The arms were really enormous, but their position was so odd. It was like the guy was reaching around from behind me and laying his arms in my lap. Why would he do that?

I sat there for a while contemplating the arms of the odd muscle dude giving me a weird reach-around no-hands hug, until the nice voice spoke to me again. This time I detected an accent. A bit of British, but mixed with a hint of some other nationality as well.

“All right, boy, why don’t you wiggle your fingers for me?”

The words “Yes sir” popped into my head, but I couldn’t say anything. I heard a sort of growling grunt though; reach-around dude must have made that noise. I knew it was imperative to obey, so I wiggled my fingers. Reach-around guy wiggled his fingers too. I could see the forearm muscles bulging and relaxing. Reach-around guy wasn’t wearing a shirt, he was just made of really interesting colors.

“Oh,” I thought, “I wonder if the nice man was talking to reach-around guy and not to me.” Better not risk it, though. Obedience was too important. Obedience was the most important thing in the whole world.

“Good boy, good!” (Zing! Wow, it felt so good to be praised! I wanted more!) “Now I’m going to manipulate your hands. Just relax.” The excitement of being praised was getting my brain to clear a bit.

Two small, tan hands and a little tan face popped into my view. I watched as the little hands picked up reach-around guy’s left hand. Fuck, that hand was incredibly big. The little hands delicately grasped each finger, gently bending and straightening first the pinky, then the ring finger. And as I watched, it gradually occurred to me that I could feel those fingers being grasped and moved around. When the process was being repeated for the middle finger, all the pieces suddenly came together in my head. That was my hand! My huge fucking hand stuck on the end of a ludicrously muscular arm, which was also mine! He wasn’t just small, I was huge! Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod I was huge!

And… multi-color… apparently.

I gasped and sat bolt upright, accidentally knocking the little hands away. I turned with astonished eyes to look right into the little man’s face. Those kind, loving eyes with a laugh crinkling up their corners. I froze, thinking for a moment. This was… Master! Oh my God, the joy was so intense I could hardly bear it! This was my Master! A feeling of love swelled up in my chest and I wanted to call out his name from sheer joy.

“Mmmaaassshppppbbbthhrrrrrrr!” erupted from my mouth. Along with my tongue. And about a pint of drool. Which sprayed all over the nicest man I had ever known in my life. I could hear the splattering noise as the drool struck the table behind him and the floor below. Oh! My! God! Shame flooded through my entire body, and I began to emit a kind of mournful whining sound.

Much to my relief, Master’s immediate reaction was simply to laugh heartily and reach for a towel from a stack on the table. As he dried off his face with one hand he patted my forearm with the other. My heart raced as I realized it would take three or four of his hands to reach all the way around my forearm.

“Don’t worry, dear boy,” he chuckled, “As you see, I was prepared. Such accidents are common when a beast-folk first wakes up, you realize.”

…Beast-folk. Yes! I remembered! I had been transformed into a dog-man! A giant fucking huge muscle beast of a dog with tri-color fur! I stared down at my bare chest, which was made up of two big, round, glorious mounds of rock-hard muscle with a deep valley of cleavage down the center and a coating of glossy white fur. Below those were a set of eight cobblestone abs that stood out dramatically as I tensed them so I could bend myself in half and gaze in wonder at their awesomeness. My entire torso was the same bright white as my hands for about two-thirds of its considerable breadth, and running down each side of that was more of the rich brown color like I had on my forearms.

And just below my abs, covered by a light blanket but still very, very obvious, was a long, hard protrusion that was rapidly getting longer and rising up at an ever steeper angle. Ripping the blanket off of my lap, I saw a long, very thick, and oddly shaped penis, dark pink and shiny. The tip was unquestionably pointed, and behind that the shaft bulged out noticeably, as if the head that had been there on my human penis was hidden inside. The shaft was also a bit thicker at the base. And below that, just…wow. Those were some big fucking balls trapped between some mammoth black-and-tan quad muscles.

“You may recall that while you were still human we discussed just how much your penis would be like a dog’s. I had originally considered the possibility that we might make it very canine indeed, but I later concluded that a canine “bulb” or “knot” would unfortunately not be at all… erm… comfortable… for a human having intercourse with you , especially given that your penis is already larger than your human partners will be accustomed to. And I did recall that you expressed a preference for letting your penis hang down as a human’s does, rather than having it retreat into a sheath. I’m pleased to say, however, that I was able to give you a more pointed, rather than rounded, tip, and to give it a more canine texture and color than a human’s.”

Tilting my head far enough forward to see all that had made my chin touch my chest, but far lower down than it should have. I reached my left hand up to my face and realized there was a muzzle there! Just to be sure I brought up both hands to feel all around my protruding jaw and enormous nose…and my nose was wet. Wet! From there, I started to explore the rest of my head by feel and felt something floppy on each side, behind the temples—my ears! Holy shit, I had cute, fuzzy, floppy ears now! I must have spent a good five minutes just flipping them up and down with my hands.

Turning my head to the right, I saw a huge, round shoulder that seemed to extend for miles to the side, jet-black and rock-hard like my upper arm. From there I looked again with wonder at my right bicep, delightedly flexing and extending it over and over. My fur did conceal a bit of definition, but not as much as I might have thought. Or maybe, I was so ripped and cut that a hell of a lot of definition still showed through. Whatever, I was thrilled to clearly see that old familiar vein running down the front of my bicep, and even some nice striations in my front deltoid muscle. This was so fucking awesome!

I looked again at Master with gratitude flooding through me. This gift he had given me, this glorious dog-muscle-man body, was literally beyond my wildest dreams. I felt a powerful urge to show him just how awed I was by his gift. I slid off the table, intending to kneel gently on one knee but instead landing painfully on both knees as I misjudged the distance.

“Careful child, you still have much to get used to!” Master chided me with concern in his voice. I had the feeling he would always, always love me no matter how much I screwed up, though I also realized he would do what was necessary to ensure I learned from my mistakes. He reached out a hand to steady me but I grabbed it daintily with my fingertips and…licked it. Seriously, here I am so deeply emotional from gratitude that I’ve got tears in my eyes and I go and lick his hand. But, I don’t know, it just happened and Master seemed to understand. I looked up at him guiltily.

“What a charming boy you are!” Master chuckled. “You are a dog now, as well as a human. You must accustom yourself to engaging in certain dog-like behaviors.”

I beamed at him and gave his hand a thorough going-over with my tongue. I could feel my tail wagging furiously behind my butt. (I had a fucking tail! Sticking out of my butt! So fucking cool!) I really wanted to tell him how grateful I was.

“Thhhhhhdddddaaaaaaannnnnkkhhh yyyyyuuuuuuuu…” I paused for breath. Damn, my mouth was making this difficult. And damn, was my voice deep and gravelly! “Thhhhhhirrrrrrrrrr.” I watched with intense frustration as another colossal gob of spit dribbled out of the side of my mouth onto my leg, and from there to the floor. I’m not kidding, I must have drooled out, like, a half cup.

“It has been my pleasure and delight, dear boy. Now, let’s get you into this chair and we’ll bring your friend round, shall we?”

Those same two helpers from before hefted my massive, naked bulk up and into a nearby chair. As I sat down I yelped loudly. I had accidentally squashed my tail against the back of the chair. Sitting slightly forward and pulling my tail out to the side, I looked around excitedly. My friend! That’s right, my friend was here too, and he had gotten transformed with me! I couldn’t wait to see him! But… what was his name? This was terrible, I couldn’t remember my best friend’s name! And… oh, shit, what was my name? I began to whine in distress.

“Hey, sh-sh-sh.” One of the men who had been helping me—the one on my left—put a hand on my arm and shushed me firmly, though not unkindly. I looked over at him. His eyes were only a few inches higher than mine, even though he was standing and I was sitting. And he was quite muscular for a human (Get a load of me, already thinking things like ‘for a human’!), though he wasn’t anywhere near as muscular as me. But somehow, I instantly knew I would never, ever knowingly disobey this man. I had the urge to obey Master because I felt such overwhelming love for him, but this man! Wow, he was just awe-inspiring. I wouldn’t have thought much about him when I was still human, but something about his scent and his bearing and…I don’t know…it just made my mind shout that here was my alpha-male, the leader of my pack. I realized that kneeling at his feet would feel more natural than eating or sleeping. I sat there staring at him with enormous eyes and open mouth for a long time before he finally glanced at me with a smirk.

“You’ll be calling me ‘Mister Jason’ or ‘sir’, once you learn to stop drooling all the time,” he whispered, wiping my jawline with a towel. Spit had been dripping out of the side of my mouth and I hadn’t even realized it. “For now we need to be totally silent.” He gestured to where Master had been heading. I looked over and saw something like a really large hospital gurney. On top of that lay the handsomest, sexiest creature I have ever seen in my life…or ever will, for that matter.

I have always been ready for anything. It’s something I pride myself on. Even faced with a completely unfamiliar situation where everything is going to hell and nobody knows what to do about it, I can form a plan and put it into action before most people can say, “Holy shit”. That’s what made me a fucking awesome E.R. nurse. When I get caught flat footed—which almost never happens—it is a very disturbing experience for me.

So when I woke up and found I couldn’t move and had no idea where I was or how I had gotten asleep or unconscious or whatever the hell I had been…I hate to admit it, but I kinda panicked. I remember I started to breathe pretty fast. I looked up and didn’t recognize the jumble of ropes, bars, and planks that was above me. I was smelling a lot of really intense odors. I smelled deodorant, steel, rubber, sweat, protein shake, more than I could sort out, but really strong, as if those things were all being shoved inside my nose. The mysterious place where I was, was almost silent, but I could hear very soft noises of people like they were trying not to be heard, and that made me suspicious. Were they hiding, or what? Dammit, I couldn’t see them.

I needed to do something, if for no other reason than to prove to myself I wasn’t helpless. I decided the best action would be to get up from the bed or whatever I was lying on. I tried to contract my abs so I could sit up. Nothing happened. I tried again, this time pressing downward with my elbows. My body didn’t do a damn thing. I’ve spent my entire life training my body to do what I tell it to. There was no fucking way I was going to take this shit. I decided, instead of trying to sit up, I would just try to turn onto my side. Maybe from there I could get my legs off this bed thing and stand up.

I pushed my right elbow down into the bed. I didn’t even crinkle the sheet under me, though I was vaguely aware that some fairly bizarre noises were coming out of my mouth as I struggled. They sounded like a mix between a grunt and a whine, but with a stuttering quality like when you’re trying to start your car and the engine keeps turning over but still won’t start.

I kept pushing. Come on! Lats, triceps, rear delts, come on, Move!Moooooove!. I think I was sweating. The noises coming out of my throat were sounding louder. I was getting really pissed now. I stopped struggling for several minutes, breathing hard and fuming. I took in a big breath, held it, and shoved down hard with my right arm.

It worked. Too well. With that one gigantic effort, I managed not to tilt myself up onto my side, but to flip myself completely over, flinging my entire body off of the bed. I was elated for the entire time it took me to plummet to the ground.

I hit the ground way harder than I should have. Then I was in pain. L-O-T-S of pain. Both knees, my left hip, my entire right arm, and my left shoulder felt like they’d had a piano dropped on them; my left wrist felt like I might have broken it. I managed to knock the wind out of my lungs, so I was also wheezing desperately—God, I hate that feeling. But what hurt worst was my face. Not my nose, which I normally would have expected to be broken, but my whole damn face felt like I had tried to stop a car with it. And what was really odd, was that my head was tilted way, way back, as if my nose were somehow a foot longer than it was supposed to be. Oh, and my arms managed to get themselves trapped under my body so that once again, I couldn’t move.

Those mysterious people weren’t trying to stay silent anymore. I heard a whole lot of cussing and shouting and scrambling around. Soon after that I felt hands on both sides of my body tugging on me, and was aware of a small person crouching by my head. The cussing people managed to tilt me so I could see better, and a small, weathered face came into my field of view.

“Oh my goodness, I’m terribly sorry my boy, I had no idea you would be so determined to get out of bed! Worry not, we’ll get you sorted out.” Then the little man said something I didn’t quite hear and I was out cold.

I woke for the second time sitting up in a chair. My mind was feeling much sharper and I could move my body just fine. But what I saw moving was all wrong. I could feel that I was naked, except for a brace on my left wrist, but I was all the wrong color. I was this warm, intense reddish-brown that was actually quite handsome, I thought, but obviously not what I was used to. I shifted in my seat and experienced another moment of panic: I couldn’t feel my toes. I looked down in alarm and rather than five little, fleshy digits on each foot, I saw two fucking enormous hooves poking out from masses of long white hair.

That’s what did it. That’s what brought it all back to me. I was a horse now! And not just any horse but a fucking Clydesdale, the strongest, handsomest, hardest working horse in the world. You know it’s true, don’t argue.

I lifted my right leg and tapped my hoof on the ground. The floor was covered in a rubbery surface, exactly like they have in gym weight rooms, so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to hear myself go ‘clop’. Still, if this place had lots of floors like this one, maybe they wouldn’t make me get horseshoes nailed on my feet. I sat there just bouncing my hooves off the flooring for a minute or two before I started to look at the rest of my legs.

I couldn’t figure out why I was having to tilt my head at a weird angle to see my hooves until I realized my face was sticking out about six inches further than it used to. I put my hands up gently—they still hurt from my fall—and felt all along my now-colossal nose and mouth—also still in pain—and traced my lengthy jawline. Holding my hand in front of my extra-large nostrils, I snorted and felt the air come puffing out with a surprising amount of force. Just for fun I wagged my head back and forth, just to feel the sheer weight of my face, and in the process a lock of long black hairs kept flopping in front of one eye, then the other. I put my hands up to the top of my head and felt my mane where it started on the top of my head and extended down along the back of my head to my neck like a long, flowing mohawk. I was curious if it kept going down the center of my back, but my arms wouldn’t stretch past the base of my skull for some reason.

I returned my attention to my hooves and noticed that what used to be my heels now wouldn’t ever touch the ground. (Dr. Quanh told me later they’re called ‘hocks’, though people mistakenly call them ‘fetlocks’, which I don’t really have. My anatomy is still half-human, after all.) When I stood up, it would be like I was forever standing on tiptoe… or… tip-hoof. But what really caught my attention was the rest of my legs: they were fucking enormous! Like, I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed, but my quads and hamstrings were packed so tightly between the arms of this chair I was in that I felt like if I flexed my legs too hard, I’d blow the whole chair to pieces. The bay color of my coat only went down to my knees; my coat was a bright white from my knees down to my hooves, and that included the long white hairs that grew below my hocks.

Perched on top of my glossy brown quads was a true vision of beauty. A dick long enough to impress a porn star was there, bright pink with dark gray spots close to the base, and sporting a much flatter, angled tip than any human dick you’ve ever seen. My urethra was now round and much closer to the top of the head than the typical, centered location of a human piss slit. My dick was throbbingly hard at the moment, standing up next to an 8-pack of abs, also hard as steel. Looking past my cock I noticed that my ball sack was now so long that my lemon-size balls were resting on top of my enormous quads, almost halfway to my knees. “Fuck,” I thought, “those are gonna really swing during sex.”

Next on my tour of things to admire were my pecs. Holy shit, these things were glorious: they stuck out more than most boobs I’ve seen on women, but hard as rocks and definitely all man. And my glossy bay coat caught the light in a way that just accentuated their size and shape when I twisted my torso just right

Finally, I turned my attention to my arms and, oh fuck, I was not disappointed. These things were the biggest fucking pythons I had seen in my life. I made a mental note to measure them at the first possible opportunity, but for the moment I contented myself with placing my right fist below my left nipple and flexing. (I assumed there was a nipple there, but hadn’t actually seen it yet because my pec was so big.) There were a lot of things I was loving about my new body, but right at the top of the list was the fact that I couldn’t flex my biceps muscle all the way because there wasn’t room! My muscles were so fucking jacked that I had to hold my elbow way out in front of my pecs in order for my biceps to have enough room to flex to their full, glorious size.

I couldn’t tell you how long I sat there admiring my new body, but at some point I came back to enjoying my beautiful, slightly-non-human dick. I couldn’t wait to take that baby for a test drive. I delicately ran one finger along its length, just to see how it would feel, and holy shit, it felt intense! But just as surprising as my dick’s sensitivity was the reaction from the rest of me. I tossed my head like an actual horse and, I swear, I whinnied.

I had been so totally absorbed in exploring my new body that I had totally forgotten that anything else existed, but having made such a loud noise suddenly made me wonder if anyone was around to hear. I looked around and saw four people who had apparently been staring at me this whole time. While I was sitting there flexing. Naked. And touching my dick and whinnying. But here’s what was weirdest: I realized I was enjoying the attention. My body was pretty amazing, after all, and how many musclebound Clydesdale-men do you see in a day?

(By the way, I prefer ‘Clydesdale-man’, ‘draft-horse-man’, or just ‘beast-man’ to the phrase ‘horse-man’. Too easy to confuse with ‘horseman’, and I’m sick-to-fucking-death of people telling me the ‘She was only the stableman’s daughter’ line as if it was the most fucking hilariously original fucking joke on the whole fucking Earth.)

As I looked around, the first person I noticed was the same small, elf-like man who had spoken to me while I was face-planted on the floor. He was leaning comfortably against the back of a nearby couch and gazing at me in cheerful fascination. The instant I saw him I thought, “Master” and got a really protective feeling, like I wanted to gather him up and hold him in my incredibly strong arms. At that moment, this man felt more like my father than my actual father ever had, and I gotta admit, I felt myself getting choked up. When he saw me looking at him, his smile brightened even more and he spoke.

“Hello again, boy.” His voice made me feel warm and homey. He had an accent that was sort of British, but not exactly. “I suppose some introductions are in order. Or in my case, re-introductions.” He paused to emphasize what he was about to say. “From now on, you shall call me ‘Master’, and I am delighted to have added you to my collection. I believe you are going to be extremely popular with the guests here at The Zoo.

“And, please let me introduce you to…yourself! Along with your new body and your new life, I have also given you a new name. Henceforth you shall be called ‘Dale’. I was quite proud of myself for coming up with that, it’s short for ‘Clydesdale’, you see.”

I thought, “Thank God he didn’t name me ‘Clyde’.”

“And seated to your right is your good friend. His name is now ‘Max’.”

I looked over at the other beast-man in the room, seated in a chair not far to my right and also naked. I had to admit, my buddy made a damn handsome dog, with a broad, intelligent face; short, glossy black-brown-and-white fur; and muscles on top of muscles. He was looking at me with his head tilted to the side like the classic picture of a puzzled dog, his floppy ear brushing his bulging trap muscle, but his expression was one of open-mouthed delight. His tail, threaded through a gap in the back of his chair, began to wag back and forth. A little thread of drool hung from the side of his mouth.

It was incredible to think that this was my friend from before. We had been roommates, and had come to get transformed together. The thought came to me again that he was handsome…really, really handsome. I got a fluttery feeling in my stomach and a tingly feeling in my balls. I wasn’t sure I was ready to think about those feelings. I tried to remember his human name, but came up blank.

“Beyond Max is his personal trainer and keeper, Mister Jason. And over there on the weight lifting bench—come over here, if you please, Mike—is one of your keepers. You may call him ‘Mister Mike’, or ‘sir’, and he will be acting as your personal trainer. For the moment they are here to assist you physically, as the newly-transformed tend to have difficulties with gravity.”

When I looked at Mister Jason I noticed he was a decently-muscled guy. Looked like he was nice enough. Otherwise, not that interesting. But as I watched Mister Mike walking over from what was obviously a weight training area, I gotta admit, I was intimidated. I know it doesn’t seem to make sense. He was pretty tall, but definitely not huge. He was very muscular but only half as big as me. His expression was neutral, not macho or aggressive. But when I looked at this man I felt…awe. This man exuded self-confidence and personified leadership and I knew he was capable of facing any challenge. Had Master really said he was going to be my personal trainer? Man, if Mister Mike was going to have anything at all to do with me then I was headed for greatness. If I survived.

As he neared me I started to get this desperate feeling that I had to show my respect right now, like, right now. Without taking my eyes from his, I scooted my butt forward on my chair, then got down on my right knee with my right fist on the floor, resting my left, injured wrist on my left leg. As he took his final steps and stopped in front of me, I bowed my head. My mane flopped in front of my eyes. I heard him give a soft chuckle.

“Looks like we’ll get along just fine. We’ll put some meat on that beanpole body of yours.”

I was grateful to hear he had a sense of humor. I tossed my head to get my mane out of the way and looked up again with the idea of saying, “Yes, sir.” Unfortunately, that’s not what came out.

“Ye-he-he-hezzzzzz-rr-rr-rr-rr.” Fuck. Way to make a good impression. Master stepped forward at that point.

“As both you and Max have discovered, speaking is going to be challenging for a while. You mustn’t fret, however. I have a speech therapist who is downright miraculous at teaching beast-folk to use their non-human mouths to produce human speech. She will be meeting with the two of you first thing in the morning.

“Now, boys, why don’t we take a little tour of your new home?”

As I went to stand up, Mister Mike silently offered me a hand up. I took it with the hand that wasn’t sprained and stood up. And up, and up. I realized with a shock that, in addition to having muscles that would make Hercules jealous, I was fucking tall, as well! Mister Mike only came up to my shoulder, and I would guess he was around 6 feet. Shit, I must be 7 feet tall and weigh, like, 400 pounds! I wobbled violently for half a second, until Mister Mike grabbed my elbow and steadied me. Not wanting to repeat my failed attempt at speaking, I gave him a deep head-bow to show my thanks. He gave me a tiny nod in acknowledgement.

“Until you are finished with your speech tutoring, I will be loaning you these.” Master handed Max and me each a tablet computer. It was quite a reach for him—he was almost two feet shorter than me. “The only app you will find on these is one for instant messaging, and every message the two of you send will go to one another, to me, and to all six of your keepers. You must remember,” he continued in a firm but kindly tone, “you are now slaves and exhibits in a zoo. As such, you must not expect more than the barest modicum of privacy. Do you both understand?”

I nodded my head but Max texted his reply.

MAX> Yes sir.

I realized I was expected to reply in the same manner.

DALE> Yes sir.

“Good boys. Do not forget to address me and any member of the staff or of the public as ‘sir’, ‘miss’, or whichever honorific he or she might prefer. I place a very high value indeed on respectfulness. From this moment on, failure to show respect will be punished.” It wasn’t a threat, just a fact.

MAX> Yes sir.

DALE> Yes sir.

MAX> Master, may I ask a question?

“You may, Max.”

MAX> Well sir, a second ago you said we have six keepers?

“Yes, as a matter of fact, you will be meeting Miss Maya and Mister Glenn once our tour is finished, along with Miss Amy, your nutritionist. They will be bringing a rather large supper for the two of you. Bodies as massive as the ones you boys now inhabit require massive amounts of food.

“There are two more keepers you will meet tomorrow. Their names are Miss Rachel and Mister Dante. They will begin your acrobatics training for the shows you will be performing.”

Max and I looked up at the ropes and bars and planks crisscrossing the air space above us. Holy shit. We both stared upward with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

“Quite,” Master chuckled. “But fear not; you are to receive top-quality training. Rachel and Dante are among the finest experts in the world.”

MAX> Master? Can I ask, isn’t it going to drive you and the keepers crazy if Dale and I are constantly texting each other, sir?

“Not at all, Max. Your conversations will give us a valuable understanding of how you are adjusting to your new lives and bodies. We will be able to assist your transition more effectively, and will be able to hone our procedures for future beast-folk as well. By all means, converse with one another.”

MAX> Wow, thank you, sir!

MAX> Dale! arent U xcited? U look so totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…Later, perhaps?” Master inquired, raising an eyebrow.

Max froze with a guilty look, clearly in the middle of composing a second message to me, then dropped his hands down to his side, hiding the screen of his tablet against his meaty thigh.

“Now then, Dale, I’m inclined to agree with Max here. I think it’s time you saw your ‘totally amazing’ face. Why don’t we head over to the gym mirrors so you can take a look?”

Master strolled toward the gym area, passing two gurneys that I assumed were the ones Max and I had woken up on. They had very thick foam rubber mattresses, each with a slit that I guessed was for our tails. Max and Mister Jason followed behind him.

I tried to take a step but discovered that balancing on my hooves while standing was very different than balancing on my hooves while walking. My legs wobbled and tilted wildly with every step and I realized this was probably a lot like learning to walk in high heels. My respect for the nurses and doctors who could race around the E.R. wearing those things skyrocketed.

Mister Mike reached over and grabbed my elbow after I’d taken about four tiny steps, steadying me. I desperately didn’t want to need help. But I did need it, and there was no way I was going to push Mister Mike away. We had a job to do, after all, and even if that job was just walking across the room, then I would do whatever it took to get it done.

With Mister Mike’s assistance I made decent time and was able to get to where Master was without making him wait very long. Once I could stand up on my own, Mister Mike let go. Remembering Master’s cautionary words earlier, I typed on my tablet.

DALE> Thank you, Mister Mike sir

“Good boy,” he murmured with the tiniest smile.

I had been so focused on not falling down that now was the first chance I had to see myself up close. I looked at myself in the mirror. I know it sounds arrogant or whatever, but Max was right. I did look amazing. I realized now I hadn’t really had a clear idea in my mind of what I expected to look like after the transformation. I guess I had a sort of fuzzy picture in my mind of human and horse body parts tacked together, creating a bizarre sideshow creature that shouldn’t really exist. But no…I looked like a creature that was just as natural as a human or a horse. My face was much longer than a human’s and blunter than a real horse’s, but on me it looked exactly like nature had created it. Each curve and shape and texture on my face and body blended perfectly with the next. The word that came to mind was ‘aesthetic’.

I now had a proper view of my mane and, turning so I could look at myself in profile, saw that it was relatively wider than a normal horse’s mane and grew a couple inches down the center of my bulging trap muscles, but no farther. Because the hairs were about a foot long, my mane gave the illusion that it stretched halfway to my butt. I did a side chest pose since I was already standing mostly in that position and my mouth dropped open in wonder. My muscles were… colossal! I was thrilled to notice that I could still see a significant amount of definition and vascularity through my coat. I had resigned myself to the idea that my coat would conceal the sharp definition bodybuilders really work for, and it did, a bit. But what really made up for that was that my coat was glossy enough that I would never need to oil up for every bulge and vein to catch the light. And I wouldn’t need to get fake tan put on, either! I was already a rich, deep reddish brown! When that thought occurred to me I whinny-laughed out loud.

I looked back up at my face. Color-wise, it was divided into three regions. There was the black mane, of course. Then the area around my mane, around my ears, and along the sides of my face was the same bay color as my body. Most noticeably, there was a white stripe running along the top of my muzzle; my mouth and all the hairs under my extra-long chin, were also pure white. As I was tilting my face up to get a look at my jawline, Max messaged me.

MAX> Look look we match!!!! We’re black and brown and white, this is sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked over at him and grinned. He punched me a bunch of times on the shoulder.

DALE> Ya dude we’re a matched pair, this is way cool

I looked back at myself and couldn’t resist making my pecs bounce. FUCK did they bounce! Max did the same thing and we stood there like a couple of idiots, grinning at each other in the mirror and making our chests dance. Max started typing again.


Apparently Max’s enthusiasm dial had gotten turned up to 11 during his transformation. I wasn’t annoyed or anything by him, though. It was charming, you know? I reflected that every person he met was going to like him without hesitation.

I wanted to thank Master, too. But I’ve never been the jump-up-and-down-and-clap-my-hands type. Rather, I was starting to feel the stirrings of a whole new personality, not like Max’s but also not exactly like my old human outlook. Being in this body, being a horse, being surrounded by Mister Mike and Master, made me feel… Grand? Proud? Fierce? Regal? I couldn’t think of any words that exactly fit. What I did know was that stuff that would have been stupidly melodramatic if I did them in my old body now felt exactly correct in my new body.

I knelt on one knee before Master’s feet, delighted to feel my cock and balls dangling low against my leg. I bowed my head, then tilted it so I could see around my mane. Mentally cursing my inability to speak, I set my tablet on the ground so I could type.

DALE> Master, I know this isn’t necessary, sir. I already pledged myself to your service and renounced my freedom. But, sir, I just want to say again: I will serve you with gratitude, love, and devotion for the rest of my life. I see now that nothing I will ever do can come close to paying you what I owe for the gift of this incredible body. But I’m glad, sir, because I never want to be free of my debt. I want to be here serving you for the rest of my life. I may be a slave, sir, but I feel luckier than a king.

Master was standing there, patiently waiting for me to finish. After I hit ‘send’ I looked up into Master’s face to see his reaction. He read my message. Max had knelt beside me while I had been typing. After he finished reading he looked fondly down at the two of us. Our clumsy messages must have been to him like crayon-and-glitter valentines from a couple of six-year-olds. He set his tablet on the ground and reached over to touch each of us on the head, as if giving a blessing.

“Boys, I shall never for a moment regret acquiring either of you. Always know you carry with you my trust and my love.” He paused to let the moment last, then cleared his throat. “Now, shall we finish touring your new residence?” he asked. Back to business, it seemed. “Do be aware that your habitat is as much a stage and training facility as it is a home….”

I balanced unsteadily on my hooves again. This time, Mister Mike was spotting me but not touching me. He was giving me a chance to do this on my own, just like a good trainer. I realized as I took a couple steps with a fraction more confidence than before that literally nothing in my new life was going to be like my old life as a human. It was all going to be a thousand times better.


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