First costume

by Cockatrice

Luke is invited to a special Halloween party, though he does not know yet just how special that party is going to be.

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Luke stared at the monitor as he commanded his ingame character to walk into nowhere in particular. He was waiting on a text from his friend and the game was just a means to occupy his mind while doing so. Not that it seemed to work very well.

Suddenly his phone buzzed. Finally.

[Dan: Hey]

[Dan: Pumped about the party?]

[Luke: I mean]

[Luke: You barely told me anything]

[Dan: Right]

[Dan: So its not your run of the mill halloween party]

[Dan: So dont come in a regular halloween costume]

[Luke: I gathered as much but what exactly does it mean]

[Luke: What kind of party is it]

[Dan: Its more]

[Dan: How do i put this]

[Luke: Kinky?]

[Dan: Kinky]

[Dan: Yeah haha :D]

[Luke: Figured as much]

[Dan: ?]

[Luke: You werent exactly subtle about it]

[Luke: Plus i know you too well ;)]

[Dan: Hey what does that mean]

[Luke: It means youre a kinky bastard and everyone knows it :P]

[Dan: Now this is just slander :D]

[Luke: So is it like a leather party]

[Dan: No not like that]

[Dan: Not directly at least]

[Luke: Just tell me omg]

[Dan: Nah its more fun if you see it for yourself :D]

[Luke: :|]

[Dan: But!]

[Dan: Ill give you some pointers]

[Dan: Its a sex fantasy thing i guess]

[Dan: Point is dress up as whatever you want and you think is hot]

[Dan: Doesnt need to be anything in specific]

[Dan: Like it doesnt need to be a character you think is hot or somesuch]

[Dan: But you can totally do that]

[Dan: But you dont have to]

[Luke: Wow]

[Luke: That tells me nothing]

[Dan: Haha :D]

[Dan: Just be whatever you want]

[Dan: Can even be sth you made up]

[Luke: Ok…]

[Dan: Does that answer your questions]

[Luke: Nope]

[Dan: Haha :D]

[Dan: Sorry but i think having it as a surprise is cooler]

[Luke: A surprise party just for me]

[Dan: Oh before i forget]

[Dan: Dont put too much effort into your costume]

[Luke: What is it going to get torn during the hot gangbang :P]

[Dan: No definitely not haha]

[Dan: Just saying the quality of the costume is not that important]

[Luke: Well duh]

[Dan: Anyway any more questions?]

[Luke: Youll gimme a ride to the party?]

[Dan: Yeah ill txt you later this week]

[Luke: Okay then sounds good]

[Dan: Anything else?]

[Luke: Nope]

[Dan: All right ttyl]

[Luke: Cya]

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Luke spent the following days rummaging through his mental wardrobe, thinking up of costumes to wear for the party. As the day drew closer, he became more and more nervous. He never went to a kinky party or anything similar, though he was intrigued to try it out. His thoughts were divided between the excitement of going to such a party for the first time and the worry of picking a bad costume.

He settled on an outfit which seemed almost postmodernist in its simplicity. Luke didn’t know whether he overdid the “not much effort” thing, but despite his worries he was somewhat proud of it, if only of the idea. All he needed was a pen, a pair of shorts and some hair gel.

Luke gave himself a last check in the mirror when he felt the phone buzz in his pocket. He unlocked his screen to see the message from Dan. Looks like his lift has arrived. He sent a quick text that he’s coming and grabbed his jacket to head out.

It was more chilly than Luke had anticipated and he quickly made his way to the car where Dan was leaning out of the front passenger seat, waving at Luke. Once he was inside and had closed the door behind him, Luke saw someone sitting behind the steering wheel.

“Nice haircut.” Dan gestured at the other person. “This is Robert, a friend of mine.”

“Hi.” Robert raised a hand in greeting before beginning the ride.

“Hey, I’m Luke.”

“So” Dan turned around, his leather jacket creaking as he laid his arm on the seats’ shoulder rests. “What’s your costume?” He looked at Luke’s beach shorts. “Some summer stuff?”

“It’s a surprise.” Luke smugly echoed their text conversation.

“Pff.” Dan rolled his eyes before turning around. “So is mine then.”

“Mine isn’t.” Robert piped up without taking his eyes from the street.

Luke tried to make out Robert’s costume. Unlike Luke and Dan, he couldn’t hide his costume under a jacket and pants. Luke could only see it from behind, but it looked blocky, as if Robert was wearing a box around his chest and abdomen.

“Are you a robot?” Luke asked.

Robert had to stifle a laugh. “No, not really.”

Dan turned around with a knowing smile on his face. He waited a moment, possibly for Luke to figure it out before elaborating. “He’s a soda dispenser.”

“A slushie dispenser!” Robert corrected him. “I dispense slushies.”

“Right, that,” Dan admitted.

“Oh, okay…” Luke wondered how that was sexy in any way.

As if reading Luke’s confused face, Dan added with a wink. “Don’t worry, it’ll make sense.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The rest of the ride was spent talking about trivial matters sprinkled with some friendly banter here and there. The car finally stopped in front of a big, expensive looking house on the outskirts of the city.

“Do you know the guy who runs the party?” Luke wanted to know.

Dan gave the house an unimpressed look, before opening his door. “Kinda.”

Luke got out of the car as well. “What do you mean, ‘kinda’?”

Dan shrugged his shoulders. “He’s not very present at his parties, but he’s around. Met him once or twice.”

Now that Dan was standing in front of Luke, he saw that Dan had put his jeans on backwards. Even more, it seemed like he had put something in the front of his jeans, like a stuffed pillow or something, making his crotch almost look like a butt, probably to go with the reverse pants.

“The hell is that?” Luke pointed at Dan’s jeans.

Dan grinned. “That’s my costume.” Before letting the confusion on Luke’s face turn into words, he continued, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

As they made their way to the entrance, Luke saw Robert’s costume as well. Getting a better look it was clearer that he was a slushie dispenser. He had built two boxes of cardboard he was wearing around his chest and abdomen, side by side, each coloured differently. To Luke’s surprise, Robert had a tap poking out of his fly, the kind used on slushie machines

These costumes were so weird. Luke wasn’t sure about going to this party anymore, but now it was too late to back out.

The three guys made their way up the steps and entered the front door, which lead to a short corridor with a wardrobe. Judging by the items already hung there and the music coming through the closed double door in front of them, the party seemed to be in progress already.

“All right.” Dan turned to Luke. “Show us what you got.”

Luke was suddenly not sure anymore if his costume fit with the theme, whatever it was, but shucked his jacket nevertheless to reveal is bare upper body.

“You’re a Ken doll!” Dan exclaimed.

Luke gestured to his shorts. “A surfer Ken doll.”

Dan stepped closer to take a look at the black pen markings on Luke’s shoulders and around his neck. “That’s perfect! Way better than most first costumes.”

“You think so?” Luke remained sceptical.

“Of course. This is exactly the kind of kinky stuff this party is best for.” He seemed to think of something. “Although it might… Mmh.”


“Nothing.” Dan gestured Luke to follow. “We’ll find out in a second.”

Luke quickly hung up his jacket and followed Dan and Robert.

At the door Dan turned to Luke. “You ready?”


Robert opened the door and the three made their way in. The room was relatively big, with a small bar on the right, a buffet on the left and some seating areas scattered around. The interior decoration was that of a rich person with designer furniture everywhere. Even the halloween props looked more expensive than typical lawn decoration.

There were quite a couple people already in the room but judging by their behaviour, the party had just started. Nobody was drunk yet, the buffet still largely untouched and the atmosphere relatively calm.

Luke saw many different costumes. One guy was dressed as a centaur. There was a headless guy walking around, carrying his head under an arm. And a guy with two heads.


The guy with two heads was not two people wearing a costume together. The proportions wouldn’t fit. And neither head was fake as one was chatting with a guy in a wolf costume when the other turned to look at Luke.

Even weirder, the wolf’s legs bent the wrong way. And the centaur’s legs were too thin to be human legs too.

Luke wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but the more he stared the more the costumes didn’t look like costumes at all.

He was taken back to reality, when Robert marched into the party, shouting “Who wants some slushies?!” Luke now saw that Robert was not wearing cardboard boxes anymore. It was more like his hands and neck were attached to the slushie tanks, the icy liquid inside sloshing around as he walked. He could even see the gap between the two tanks in the middle.

“Well,” Dan said. “There you go.”

Luke needed a moment to catch himself. “What’s going on here?”

Dan smiled, as if expecting this reaction. “It’s a magical party. When we walked through the door, we became our costumes.” He twisted to give Luke a better look at his lower body facing the opposite way as his upper body, legs and all. “See?”

Luke didn’t react.

“And you’re a Ken doll now.” Dan winked.

Luke’s hands immediately went to his neck. Instead of mere pen markings, he now had small gaps, as if his head was inserted into his torso, like it would be on a doll. Even his skin was smooth and had a more plastic-like feel to it.

But wait. If he was… That would mean—

“Where’s the toilet?!” Luke blurted out.

“Down the hall on the right.” Dan pointed behind the bar.

Luke rushed his way to the restrooms, though he tried not to run to not cause a scene. To his surprise the toilet door opened into a proper restroom with stalls, a wall lined with urinals and multiple sinks in front of a large mirror. Did anyone even live here?

Luke wasted no thought on the weird interior design decisions and made his way to the nearest stall. Even before he had closed the door behind him fully, his other hand was already pulling down his shorts and briefs.

As he feared, there was no dick. Or balls. Or anything besides smooth skin. Well, plastic skin.

Of course. He was a Ken doll now. Ken dolls didn’t have genitals. Suddenly he didn’t know if his costume was all that perfect after all.

He reached down with one hand, just in case, but found the patch that should feature his scepter and crown jewels to be nothing more than smooth skin. He also moved his fingers down his crack. No hole. There was nothing lewd about him now. Well, apart from the fact that he dressed up like this for the express purpose of being kinky. At least he didn’t have to use the toilet this evening.

While he was already checking himself out, he inspected the gaps on his shoulders and neck. He even had some where his legs met his hip, even though he didn’t draw any markings there. Seems like the magic knew whatever he was aiming for. It also explained why Dan’s legs were backwards too despite that not being part of the costume.

Luke decided to get a better look in the mirror and left the stall. Once in front of his own reflection, he immediately noticed that his proportions had changed as well. His arms were thinner, his neck rounder and his skin was perfectly uniform in colour. He really did look like a doll now. Even his hair appeared more shiny.

Luke made his way out and saw Dan sitting at the bar, his legs facing into the room. He seemed to be waiting for Luke with drink in hand.

“I suppose it’s all gone?” Dan asked as Luke sat next to him.

“… Yeah.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not permanent.”

“How does this work?”


Luke gestured at Dan’s lower body and then at himself. “The thing. The magic. Where does it come from?”

“Oh, this house belongs to a warlock.”

“A warlock?” Luke had heard about warlocks but they are extremely rare and Luke had never met one. “They can do that? I thought…”

“I mean, normally they couldn’t.” Dan explained. “But apparently, just like some places and objects can emanate magic, so can some times of the year. Halloween is the single most consistently magically potent day of the year.” He shrugged. “Or so I understand it.”

“So it happens randomly because Halloween?”

Dan sipped from his drink. “Nah. Halloween just makes it much easier. A warlock could totally do any of these transformations by himself, but not on this scale, and not remotely. But today it’s possible. Some forms of magic flow more easily on Halloween.”

“You sound like one of those people studying magic.”

Dan grinned. “I had a nice chat about it last year with the warlock who owns this place.”

“Who is he?” Luke turned around to scan the room.

Dan followed Luke’s gaze. “He’s not here right now, but he’s usually around when needed, just doesn’t make himself known. My personal theory is that he just transforms himself into whatever object and just watches.” He pointed his drink towards a seating area where two guys were kissing and feeling each other up. “Hell, he might be that couch over there. That one wasn’t here last year.”


Dan smiled. “Want a drink?”

Luke returned his attention to Dan. “Sure.”

“What do you want?”

“What’re the options?”

Dan gestured around the fully stocked bar. “Anything, including longdrinks and cocktails.” He nodded behind him. “You can also grab a slushie if you want.”

Luke knew what he meant. He could see Robert dispensing slushies by letting people use the tap poking out from his fly to fill their cups. From the looks of it, he enjoyed the process a lot, as if the tap was now his dick.

Luke decided against a slushie—or a mixed drink. He wasn’t sure whether Dan offered to prepare the drink for him or encouraged Luke to use the bar. “Umm, an amaretto then?”

“There you go.” Dan nodded towards the space in front of Luke. To Luke’s surprise, there was a glass with a reddish liquid inside. He quickly looked around to find the person who put the glass there.

Dan chuckled. “It’s a magical bar. Just think what drink you want, and it’ll appear. The buffet kinda works the same way.” He got up from his barstool, which looked odd as he didn’t need to turn around to stand up. He just slid off backwards. He raised his drink to Luke. “Have fun now. I know I will.”

Luke watched Dan walk into the crowd with his strange backwards gait. By now more people had joined. Among the newcomers was an android, a headless guy in a business suit with a head sticking out of his crotch and guy with a penis for a head. Luke wondered what kind of costumes those even were and what they looked like before entering the door.

He decided to return his attention to his drink. A idea crept up in his mind. Luke wanted to know how the mechanics behind this worked. He pictured a Mojito in his mind and out of thin air a glass with lime slices materialized. This was interesting. He decided to take the magic to the test and demanded mentally to be surprised, without thinking about a drink in particular. A second later, a glass with a white-yellow creamy liquid appeared. He picked it up and smelled the drink. It was a glass of Advocaat. Luke loved Advocaat! He hadn’t had a glass in a while. Apparently the algorithm wasn’t random. It seemed to know the person’s intent or at least interests. Then again it was similar for the costumes so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Luke was so lost in his little experiment, that he did not notice another person approaching the bar. He only noticed something happened when a cocktail appeared to his left.

“You gonna drink all of that?” Luke heard a voice say behind him. He turned around and saw the two headed guy from earlier take a seat next to him.

“Uh, I think I got a bit carried away there.” Luke felt caught.

“This your first time?” the head on the right said, the same voice again. It was also the head that looked at Luke entering the party.

“First time at this party yeah.”

Both heads laughed. “Well, I didn’t assume it was your first time drinking alcohol,” the head on the right said before taking a sip from one of the two straws.

The left head piped up. “I’m Tom by the way.”

“Oh right, how rude of me,” the right head said. “I’m Jeremy. But you can call me Jerry, if only for the punchline.”

“I’m Luke.”

“I like your costume.” Tom took a sip from the other straw.

“Thanks.” Luke took a look at their body, amazed at how seamless their fusion seemed to be. Their upper body appeared slightly broader than a normal torso, possibly to fit two necks side by side. This made them look even more bulky than they already were and the black tank top finished the gym rat look. Apart from that however, they looked like a single person with two heads. “You are, like, two people, right?”

Both heads chuckled. “Of course we are. What else would we be?” Jerry replied.

“It’s a two-person costume,” Tom clarified. “Looks kinda shitty without magic.”

“Huh.” Luke started to like their costume. Maybe he would try that out next time. “How do you walk? Does everyone control one leg?”

“Nah.” Jerry answered, though Tom continued. “We tried that out the first time. Was a bit messy. We now control both legs each.”

“So” Jerry looked Luke in the eyes while taking a sip. Throughout the conversation, Jerry had not looked away from Luke and Luke had the feeling Jerry was the head who was interested in him the most. “What’s the story behind your costume?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“There’s a… There’s a small problem.” Luke was lying on the bed, with Tom and Jerry above him.

After having a nice chat at the bar the three made their way to one of the various bedrooms on the upper floor. Obviously they were interested in sex, but Luke hesitated to tell them about his missing genitals, mostly because he was embarrassed about it. He hoped they’d realize it themselves, seeing as Ken dolls having no genitals seemed like such an obvious thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t and now he had no choice.

Tom and Jerry jerked up from kissing Luke’s neck and chest. Tom raised an eyebrow, while Jerry looked more worried.

“I, uh.” Luke continued. “I’m a Ken doll. And…”

Jerry’s eyes lit up. “You don’t have a dick!”

Luke squirmed. “Yeah.”

“Can you still bottom?” Tom wanted to know.

“No hole either.” Luke added.

Tom and Jerry looked at each other, though neither seemed particularly disappointed.

“Brad?” Jerry asked Tom.

“Brad.” Tom confirmed.

Luke was confused. “Brad?”

“Brad!” Tom and Jerry replied in unison, clearly enjoying their dorkiness.

“Who is Brad?”

“Pretty sure he can help us.” Jerry said, before both stood up. “Wait here, we’ll be back in a second.”

Luke was confused. How was another guy going to help them? Did they just want Luke to watch while they fucked another guy?

Luke sat up and patiently waited for Tom and Jerry to return. He went through all possible situations he could think of where a guy could help them here. Did one guy turn himself into a strap-on? But how would that even work as a costume? None of this made sense!

Luke heard some guy having fun and leaned over to peek through the door to the opposite room where someone had left the door open. There he saw Dan, completely naked, kneeling on the bed, while his upper body was facing up. Even from this distance, Luke could see the other guy feed two dicks into Dan. One came from the guy’s crotch and went up Dan’s literal front butt and the other came out of the guy’s mouth, getting deepthroated by Dan.

“You need my help?” A guy dressed in nothing but a speedo appeared in the doorway, obscuring Luke’s vision to the other room. His torso did have a line going from his collarbone down to his crotch.

“This is Brad.” Jerry said, standing behind him.

Brad made some steps forward, letting Tom and Jerry enter. “I heard there was a critical lack of cock in here.” He shifted to a superhero voice. “But do not despair, citizen, for I am here.” He struck a pose. “Supersuit!”

There was a short awkward pause, before Luke replied. “You’re not even wearing a suit.”

The other three laughed.

“No.” Brad tried to catch himself, returning to his normal voice. “You misunderstand.”

He moved one hand to his collar bone and grabbed a little thing hanging there. Now Luke saw that it wasn’t a drawn line. It was a zipper.

As Brad pulled down, he spoke with meaning. “I am the suit.” Once the zipper was down, Brad pulled on both sides of the opening, revealing an empty interior, the inner surface a smooth red with light shimmering through, like a thin sheet of skin. “See?” Brad looked inside.

Luke was still lost and looked over to Jerry.

“You can put him on,” Jerry explained. “He’ll bond with you and you can then feel his dick and all.”

“Can even use his ass,” Tom added, eliciting an eye roll from Jerry.

“You up for it?” Jerry asked Luke.

Luke took a moment to think, which made Brad impatiently flap open the wings of his opening repeatedly like a jacket.

“I guess,” Luke finally said.

“You guess?” Jerry looked concerned. “You don’t have to if you don’t want, you know.”

“No, it’s fine,” Luke clarified. “It’s just all so weird still, but let’s try.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it,” Brad winked.

“So how do we do this?” Luke asked.

“Well, first you need to get naked,” Brad pointed out.

Luke frowned.

“It’s not like you have anything to hide,” Brad said with a smirk.

As Tom and Jerry closed the door behind them and made their way to the bed, Luke shucked his shorts.

“All right,” Brad opened the zipper all the way, pulled on his opening flaps and stuck out his chest while throwing his head to the side dramatically. “Take me!”

Luke sighed internally but nonetheless moved over to Brad. “So uh. I just step inside?”

As Brad positioned himself to make it easier to be entered, Luke looked over to Jerry, who promptly smiled in support, which made Tom start to undress themselves.

By now Luke had both legs inside Brad.

“Okay, pull me up,” came Brad’s voice behind him.

Luke looked down and saw Brad’s dick hanging limply from his crumpled crotch. Luke pulled it up and felt Brad merging with him and the familiar feeling of a horny dick rushing through his body. He couldn’t stifle a sharp gasp.

“Cool huh?” Brad piped up again. “Now the arms.”

Luke saw Tom and Jerry having undressed down to their boxers, starting to warm themselves up with a hand reaching in as they watched Luke enter Brad. He pulled on Brad’s arms and savoured the short moments of warmth as their skin connected. Afterwards he pulled up the zipper.

“There, done!” Brad exclaimed.

Luke could feel Brad’s head hanging limply against his back. “What about your head?”

“I thought you only needed a dick and ass,” Brad explained. “If you want to go all the way be my guest.”

“I mean, I don’t mind,” Luke clarified. “I just thought you might be uncomfortable.”

“Oh my god he is so cute!” Brad squealed before returning to his former voice. “But nah don’t worry, bro, I’m fine.”

Having Brad’s head bump into his back as he walked, sure was something Luke had to get used to, but he moved over to the bed nonetheless.

It wasn’t easy to decide which head to make out with first, but since Jerry seemed to be more interested, Luke went for the right head, leaving Tom to kiss Luke’s cheekbones and neck.

The dick between Luke’s legs began to stir and Luke reached down to pull off Tom and Jerry’s boxers. They helped a bit and Luke looked down at his prize.

His eyebrows shot up. “You have only one dick?”

“Aw, did you expect two?” Jerry asked.

“Pff, so greedy,” Brad’s voice came from behind.

“Kinda…” Luke explained. “What’s the point of sharing a body with someone if you don’t get the double amount of dicks?”

“Oh trust us,” Tom smiled. “Sharing one dick is much better.”

“We tried both,” Jerry winked.

Luke pushed the boxers off the bed and continued his make-out session with the pair. Tom even brought Brad’s head over Luke’s shoulder to make out with him as well.

Eventually all four men were ready to move to the next stage.

“All right, we bottom?” Tom asked between breaths.

Jerry broke away from Luke’s lips to reply. “Of course we do.”

“For someone who claims to be a versatile, you bottom a lot.”

“That’s because we always top when it’s your turn.”

“You guys done arguing?” Luke interrupted the two.

“Sure.” Jerry looked up at Luke. “You up for it?”

Luke grabbed his dick. “And how up I am for it.” He thought about how much he liked Jerry’s lips on his and that they would have to part now. “Wait, I have an idea.”

Tom and Jerry watched closely as Luke grabbed the sides of his neck and pushed up. With some force his head came off and his neck showing a mushroom-shaped plastic cap like found in dolls to snap the head inside the body.

“Wow, this actually worked,” Luke gave Jerry his head and Jerry knew immediately what to do with it.

Lying on their back, Tom and Jerry spread and lifted their legs to let the headless Luke now find his way to his destination. After some quick maneuvering, Luke positioned himself between the pair’s legs.

“Hell yeah, here we go.” Brad moaned from behind as Luke slowly entered Tom and Jerry.

As Luke’s body kept going, Jerry and Tom made out with Luke’s head. Eventually they grew too horny and moved the head down to their shared cock, inviting him to suck them off as they continued kissing each other, which he did without hesitation.

In time the room erupted in four simultaneous orgasms. Spent, the two bodies slid off each other, collapsing side by side on the bed, while Luke’s head still lay between the pair’s legs.

After a few minutes, Tom and Jerry propped themselves up and took Luke’s head in their hands.

“That was amazing,” Jerry said.

Tom faked a more tempered reaction. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

“Pff, you got just as hard as me!” Jerry gave Tom’s head a gentle bump with his own, before returning his attention to Luke. “We should do that again some time.”

“Sure thing,” was the only thing Luke could answer.

The pair gave Luke a kiss from each head and handed him back to his body. As they undressed, Luke put on his head and got out of Brad. To his surprise, he found Brad crumpled on the floor after he was done.

Concerned, he picked Brad up and put him on the bed. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Nothing,” Brad managed. “Just… Leave me here. I just… Need some time…”

“He needs some minutes to fully inflate again. He’ll be fine,” Tom explained.

The pair was fully dressed by now and made their way to the door.

“I hope I’ll see you around,” Jerry winked.

Luke smiled back. “Same.” Then he turned to Brad as he pulled up his shorts. “You sure you’re fine?”

“Yes, thanks, cutie,” Brad muttered as if half-asleep.

“All right,” Luke made his way out. In the intervening time the atmosphere of the party had changed significantly. People were more drunk, the music louder. Was the light more dramatic too? With a warlock around, he thought everything possible.

Finding his way through the crowd was no easy task. The number of bedrooms did not suffice, or maybe it did and people still prefered to suck each other off in the hall. He saw someone fucking the disembodied hip of the android who entered earlier, the other parts nowhere to be found. The centaur meanwhile was having some fun with a guy dressed entirely in black rubber. Although, judging by the bulge on his stomach appearing and disappearing with the centaur’s thrusts, Luke was fairly sure the guy was all rubber, outside and inside.

On the ground floor Luke saw Robert being swarmed by several guys on a couch, including the dude in the business suit, the head on his crotch eagerly lapping up any liquid leaking from Robert’s tap. Luke noticed how Robert’s slushie tanks were less than half full by now.

Ignoring Robert, Luke made his way to the buffet. Before he could even formulate a mental request, he saw a plate with cinnamon buns sitting right in front of him. Pleasantly surprised, he grabbed one and took a bite.

Lost in the enjoyment of the taste of the best cinnamon bun he ever had, he flinched a little when he heard a voice behind him.

“Having fun?” Luke turned around and saw Dan.

“Yeah.” Luke brought out through a full mouth before swallowing. “This is actually a pretty cool party.”

Dan beamed. “I told you!”

“Not so sure about the costume though.” Luke took another bite.

“Aw, not getting any funtimes?”

“Mmh.” Luke emptied his mouth. “No, I did. We had to call in for some help, but it worked out.”

“Okay.” Dan decided not to ask for more details on Luke’s cryptic comment.

Before any could reply, a guy with feet instead of hands approached Dan. “This a friend of yours?”

“Yeah,” Dan replied. “This is Luke.”

“Hey,” Luke nodded.

“I’m Zac.” He put one of the feet on his arms on Dan’s butt. “So you coming?”

“Sure.” Dan looked at Luke. “Actually, you wanna join us?”

“Nah, I’m good.” Luke waved his cinnamon bun around. “Have fun.”

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Luke managed to pass the time without getting bored. He decided not to meet up with anyone else, although he had plenty of opportunity. It was like everyone was horny at the party. Luke, however, didn’t want to overdo it. It was his first kink party and he already had a fourway, this was already way crazy, even ignoring all the costume stuff. Next time, he said to himself, he’d go all out.


Even so, as the hours progressed, the party trickled out little by little. Eventually there were too few people left to create background noise over the music. Dan had told Luke that the magic would wear off soon.

“Robert! You coming?” Dan shouted over the sleeping man on the couch.

“Yes yes, I’m here.” Robert groaned and shambled over to Dan and Luke at the door. Luke could see that his slushie tanks were entirely dry. “I wasn’t asleep. Just closed my eyes a little.”

“Sure.” Dan remained skeptical. “Let’s go.”

Right before stepping outside, Luke stopped. “What happens if I pull off my head and then walk through the door?”

Dan looked at him. “You can do that?”

“Of course.” Luke put his hands to his neck. “I’m a Ken doll.”

Before Luke could pull off his head, Dan stopped him. “Please don’t! Some guy did that two years ago. Urgh, it was such a mess.”

Luke must have gone pale upon hearing that as Dan hastily added. “Not that kind of mess! It was just a hassle. The magic protecting this place has some failsafes and they’re kinda annoying for everyone involved.”

“Oh I dunno, I liked it.” Robert turned to Luke. “You have my approval.”

“Robert…” Dan made Robert shrug and returned his attention to Luke. “If you do that on purpose, you’re not allowed to come anymore. So please, don’t do that.”

“All right.” Luke said as the three stepped through the door. He checked his hands afterwards to see them looking like normal hands again with pores and small hairs and everything.

He also noticed that Robert’s cardboard boxes were now missing the painting of the fluids inside, even though they were present before the party.

“Can you still drive?” Luke asked Robert.

Robert stretched himself as if waking up in bed. “Of course. I didn’t drink. Everyone else did.” He pointed to the tap on his crotch and winked.

“Yeah, that’s why he is our driver,” Dan elaborated.

“Fair enough.” Luke put on his jacket and the three made their way to the car. Inside, he checked his phone.

One new message from an unknown number. He swiped to accept the new contact and see the message.

[Hey, this is Jerry. Dan gave me your number. :) I just wanted to let you know I had a great time with you and you’re pretty cute. If you wanna meet for a coffee or a drink, just let me know.


Before Luke could formulate a response, Dan turned around. “So what’cha say, you coming to next year’s party?”

Luke looked at his phone and smiled.

Of course he fucking would.

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