Four arms

by James Fourlegs

A silly childhood game comes true.

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When we were just young kids, Brad and I would tickle each other all the time. It made us helpless with laughter, and although we didn't realize it then, it was very sexy! I remember how I dreamed of Brad tickling me. He was so cute even then, and I think we knew we were in love.

We used to play “four arms,” which was when one of us would let the other pretend he had four arms, one guy behind the other to supply the extra arms. We would try doing various things with four arms, such as folding them, gesturing while talking, wiping our nose, applauding, buttoning or unbuttoning a shirt, even coming our hair or pretending to shave. We used to talk about how neat it would be to have four arms, and I know we dreamed that it would come true.

But then our game would dissolve into tickling, and the one being tickled the worst would beg the other to stop. But we wouldn't stop, and the thing we said was, “I'm going to tickle you until you grow four arms!” And we would tickle each other mercilessly, especially under our arms, until we were aching and out of breath with laugher, exhausted and in our childish way, turned on. It was so nice to visit Brad one day several years after our families had moved apart. He and I still had that special thing for each other, and we had both grown into handsome guys, tall and, we noticed as Brad met me at the door, with nice long arms. I couldnt believe how good-looking Brad was; his long body was extremely handsome in a turtleneck shirt which revealed his body's male beauty.

He was glad to see me, too, and liked how I looked also. Our arms brushed shyly, but I could feel that old attraction from when we were kids. We visited for a while, trying to find things to say, while we both felt turned on just to see each other looking so sexy now. “Wanna play 'four arms?' “I smiled. We both felt our hearts skip a beat. Playing “four arms” was fun, more fun, actually, than before. Our bodies were really glad to touch each other. I loved the feel of Brad's arms under mine, and his hands and arms were so sexy as my second pair of arms. The touch of his hands was electric on mine, and vice versa. When I put my arms under Brad's, I loved the feel of his back against my chest as I nuzzled his long neck, with the collar of his turtleneck shirt looking so good on it. I loved his maleness, his fragrance, the warmth of his body as I provided my arms as his second pair. We were both so aroused and enjoyed our old game so much more! We played for hours, just like when we were kids. Only now we were grown up, and we were magically attracted by each others' arms. Even though Brad had a long and beautiful body now, he still laughed like a helpless kid when I tickled under his arms. I rolled him onto his back, and tickled his handsome body under those handsome long arms of his that I liked so much. He had begged and laughed and tried to get me to stop, but I wouldn't stop. We were both totally turned on, but since I refused to stop tickling him, finally he held my arms pinned to his sides. He was laughing, I enjoyed the gentle strength of his handsome hands wrapped around arms.

But even with his strong grip, I found I could still reach my long forearms up to his armpits and feel the warm, intimate place up under his arms that I loved to tickle, and tickle I did! I loved Brad's helpless laughter! But he soon got me back, rolling me on my back and pinning my arms up over my head against the bed. And then, all of a sudden, he was tickling under my arms! I begged him to stop, confused, because he couldnt be tickling me when his arms were pinning mine to the mattress. “Now you've done it,” he laughed. “You've tickled me till I grew four arms!” I wasn't registering what was happening fully yet, and I couldnt stay anything except stop, please stop. Brad tickled my underarms til I thought I'd lose my mind. I couldnt stop laughing and screaming! I couldn't fight back because my arms were still pinned to his sides by his handsome original arms. Between my screams I realized, aroused, that our dream had come true—he now had four arms! His shoulders were broader and doubled, inside the turtleneck shirt, and his new arms that were tickling me reached out from under the shirt. I loved it! I wanted him to stop, but the hands were so handsome, and I loved Brad having four of them! Finally, I jerked my arms free. I tried to grab the new arms, but he laughed and folded his new forearms up inside the turtleneck shirt, where I could see their impressions under the stretchy fabrik. I saw my chance, and immediately hugged his waist so his original arms were trapped inside the shirt against his chest. I loved hugging him; his stomach and sides and back were so smooth at the waist, warm and sexy yet cool to the touch. I liked locking the extra arms inside his shirt, and he grunted as he struggled to get those long, muscular guys free, but I had them locked. His shirt was stretching wildly as we wrestled, and his first arms tried to loosen my hug. I could feel his front hands trying grab my forearms to pull my hands apart from each other, but I locked my hands together all the tighter and hugged his waist with all my strength as he laughed and tried to work free.

Finally, with his second pair of elbows stretching the turtleneck shirt wildly, he managed to get his two extra hands around his body and up his chest till they came out the turtleneck collar. The collar stretched and stretched as he crained his neck to reach his new hands out the collar. As I tried to throw my weight on him to trap the new hands against his chest, he grunted and laughed. I could see that his new hands were just like his first pair—large and long-fingered and smooth, very good-looking, sexy hands—and on their fine wrists they struggled to reach out through the turtleneck collar, the nice fingers flailing and the hands grabbing each other and trying to pull the collar wide enough to let them out it. I loved it, and I squeezed tightly to hold Brad's handsome original arms against his waist. This was such a turnon! So many of Brad's beautiful arms to wrestle with and enjoy! I was in heaven! I leaned my face forward into the big, handsome pair of hands that stuck awkwardly out the stretched collar of the turtleneck shirt and I buried my face in them. They welcomed me, and Brad laughed.

“I want to kiss you!” he shouted, and the two large, nice hands managed to arrange themselves to gently cushion my face and caress it, and I kissed them, also kissing his wonderful lips. I loved his warm fragrance and the beauty of his kiss. He groaned with pleasure, and his original arms freed themselves from my hug and pulled me to him, his strong hands nice on my back and sides and the long, beautiful arms warm and firmly hugging me. I snuggled my face in the new hands. God, he was sexy! ' 'I want four arms, too!” I said. “Gimme four arms!”

“Okay,” he shouted, “but I'm gonna have to tickle you! That's how it works!”

“No,” I shouted, really wanting him to tickle me but dreading it,and feeling so turned on my this cute guy with the four handsome arms! “You asked for it!” he smiled, and his first arms pulled up his turtleneck shirt over his stomach and chest, freeing the new arms. Were they sexy! All together, he looked so awesome with four of them! Such nice long arms, four of them! I wanted to kiss them but he held my hands tight with two of his hands, and his new hands mercilessly began tickling my underarms! “Stop!” I shouted, trying to wriggle my tall body away from him as we rolled on the bed, but he locked his long legs around mine and had the definite advantage of four strong, sexy arms, which made me weak with arousal! It almost made me mad, because I couldn't fight back. My hands were helpless in the strong yet friendly grasp of his two front hands. I was panicking because it was so ticklish. At once I willed to grab his new hands and get them away from under my arms—and I did! He still had my hands grasped in his strong, original hands—but I wrested the tickling hands away from my sore armpits! Finally it hit me that now both of us had grown four arms!

We both realized how sexy it was, and all at once we both let our four arms relax. We were like sexy arm-gods, and we started feeling each others' arms and hands and really enjoying their beauty for the first time. It was so sexy each of us having four of them sliding over each others'. We were getting turned on, and kissing hands, and it was kind of confusing to know which hands were Brad's and which were mine! “I like your hands and arms, Brad!” I said. “Yours, too!” Brad smiled.

“I'm gonna grab all of them,” I said, and he didnt fight me as my four hands gently grabbed his four nice arms, and then it was his turn to gram all of mine. “Oh, I like you this way,” Brad said. And he was so awesome with four arms!

I just kept thinking it over and over and over in my mind as his sexy arms held mine—so many nice-looking arms between us—I stayed turned on just thinking “four arms!”

“four arms!”

“four arms!”

Brad giggled gently and let his four arms be heavy and warm all around me, and I held them and his long body close to me with my four arms. We kissed each other and laughed, totally wild about each other! Needless to say, I never left!

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