Grandfather’s gift

by Joseph

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It all started when I was fifteen years old in high school and I was at PE when we were doing the unit for swimming. As all the boys, including me, gathered in the locker room to get dressed. I was not the most popular kid at school and I was a little chubby. I did work out so I did have muscle that was visible but overall nobody liked me during my freshman year, and the worst part was that I was gay.

So as I was changing, the popular kid, Ricky, was changing and Ricky was about Six feet tall, as I was only Five eight, and he looked like a junior bodybuilder and while he was changing his boxers, I glanced to see a perfect 10 inch cock and fairly thick too. He saw that I was staring and he called me a faggot and pulled my towel while I was changing and everyone saw my microscopic dick. I was so embarrassed that I ran to the bathroom crying, and all I could hear was the word “Faggot”.

All throughout Freshman year, no guys would not even get near me, so all I could do was hangout by myself. Everyday I would be laughed at, and no one, not even the teachers would care about me, because they all knew what I packed in my pants. If all I could do was stay by myself all the time, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the gym everyday.

As the days flew by, the pounds were sliding off my body and by the end of my freshman year, I was finally at 110 pounds, tan skin, but unfortunately, a very scrawny body. My body had absolutely no muscle on it whatsoever and it look like I was as skinny as a skeleton. Nobody talked to me even though I was skinny cause I still knew that I had the smallest dick in the school.

My Grandfather came over and this man was the person I could look up to. He had always been in shape his whole life and he had the muscles of a bodybuilder even though he was 60 years old at the time. Everytime I saw him, he would be a little bigger then the last time. He would wear these tight shirts that showed the two slabs of meat on his chest, and every time he would lift his arms, his biceps would stretch his sleeves to the point where you could hear the elastics break.

Ever since I was little, I knew my grandfather was gay because he would tell me that this was my “uncle” but I was smart and I knew that was one of his boyfriends. When he came to visit me, he always told me that one day, my time will shine, but I knew that was a bunch of bull shit.

Then one day when he came over when my aunt was gone, he came completely shirtless and the sight of his body made my eyes drop. It was made to perfection, every single muscle swelled to mass proportions and then he came up to me and gave me a big hug. He squeezed me really hard and all of a sudden his body began to glow and my whole body felt tingly, and I could see that his whole body had deflated into the body I currently had at the time. He let me go and my body had felt so weird.

The next morning, my grandfather died, and the cause was unknown. I sat down at the funeral and I never forgot what had happened the day before.

A few years had gone by and I had gained all my weight back, and was now 250 pounds of fat. It was the end of my senior year and I had gotten a scholarship to go to the UC Davis. No matter how hard I tried to work out, I would only gain more weight and I did not know what was wrong with me. On the other hand, my aunt had bought me a new car for graduation and now I was finally off to my new life.

I arrived on the campus and parked my car and went to my dorm. I expected I was going to have a roommate and when I opened the door, I saw a man sleeping on one of the beds. I looked and he was wearing nothing but a speedo. He was a latino, my age, and had the most beautiful body a person had ever seen. He seemed to be about six foot five, short black hair with a little swivel at the end of his hair. A perfect eight pack abs, and mountain peak biceps.

I could not stop looking at him and my eyes veered off towards his package and I knew he was dreaming about something that made him horny. His bulge was huge! Then all of a sudden, his bulge began to move towards his hips and I could see his dick snaking toward the side of him and it would not stop. It must have been about 13 inches when it was done growing and about the girth of his own forearm. Then I began to hear the sounds of the fabric tearing and finally, his speedo ripped in two and exposed his 13 inch long shaft that stood rock hard and straight up. I felt the pre-cum drip out of my 1 inch dick.

He began to move and he finally woke up and I looked away acting like I didn’t see anything. Then he said, “Oh dude! I’m sorry, it happens all the time… wait a minute, is that you Joseph!?”, and then I realized it was Ricky Valdez, the guy from the locker room. He had grown so much in these past few years and his face was way more than perfect.

Then I said, ”Yeah.. I put on some weight over the summer, hehe, so are you my roommate?.”

“Yeah dude! But I got to say, I’m sorry for what I did to you in high school, I was a dick!”, and he put on some boxers and I could see his dick hanging 6 inched out of his boxers, and I was surprised he didn’t care about me looking at him naked. “Dude I got to leave for class, I’ll see you later tonight!”, and as he left, he looked into my eyes, with his perfect Blue eyes and tapped me on the ass. That’s when I got the idea that he was a little curious.

After I came back from class, I was so tired, and all I could think about at the time was sleep. When I got to the room, I had found Ricky in the room just finishing taking a shower and he was wearing his towel a bit too low and I could see the bush he had on his dick. Luckily, nobody could notice my hardons because they were too small anyway. He had the perfect skin, and not one single acne on his face and body. Then he said, “Hey what’s up Joe?”, and as he walked towards the bathroom, his towel slipped and revealed a nice big bubble butt.

I don’t know if he did that on purpose but he looked back at me and smirked. We both got into our bunks and he started talking to me and started to cry all of sudden. He said, “Joe, I’m so sorry, I have been such a bad person to you.”

And I said, “Then why the fuck did you make fun of me in the locker room that day?”

“I didn’t know what I was thinking and I have something to tell you—”


“I’m gay”, and at that point I was on the verge of tears because he doesn’t know how hard it is being a homosexual and he told me I was the first person he ever told. He said, “I had a crush on you, but if I ever even made a move at any guy, I knew the rest of the guys on the basketball team were going to drill me because they all were homophobic!”, and I felt like I was going to die because I knew a guy would never go out with me, only because I was obese.

I asked him, “Then how did you get so big in just a few years.”

“Your grandfather talked to me about bullying and then he bear hugged me and after a few months, I started to grow and grow and grow, until I was about 230 pounds of pure muscle.” I got up and saw that he had the biggest pecs I had ever seen and his nipples were about the size of a quarter dollar and they were perfectly brown.

Then all of a sudden I saw that they were leaking some sort of white fluid out of his nipples and he told me, “Ever since your grandfather did that to me, my nipples keep leaking this fluid and it has never stopped so I had to milk it into jars until it stops, and one day, I thought it would be a good idea to drink it, and as soon as I drunk it, my head began to throb really hard and I was on the floor screaming. I felt my body expanding, and the pain was excruciating. I was wearing a small shirt and I felt the new muscle fibers expanding and my shirt began to get tighter. My pecs were about the size of melons and my biceps were expanding to wear the whole shirt ripped. My dick grew a few inches but expanded out wards to the girth that was like my arm. When it was done, I looked like a junior bodybuilder and but my speedo seemed very tight. I looked at it and I got hard instantly and the whole speedo ripped and exposed my new dick.”

And at that point, I knew my grandfather told me that message for a reason, and Ricky stated, “And I want to apologize by giving you the growth formula that comes out of my nipples, all you have to do is suck on them and drink the fluid.”

And I began to think if I should do it, but I knew this was one of my grandfather’s signs. I leaned forward and before I could even got to his nipples, he pulled my face towards his and he pressed his lips up against mine and stuck his tongue in my mouth. It was an experience of a lifetime. Then he pushed me towards his nipples, and the fluid seemed to be very thick but it was pouring out of his nipples, and I finally went in to drink the fluid.

I drank for about half an hour and all of a sudden my body felt funny. He told me it would work instantly, but it did not and I acted like I didn’t care and went to sleep. Hours after I had fallen asleep, I could still hear Ricky crying because he had let out his deepest secret to the person he had a crush on and that was me.

Then that tingly sensation came back and then I felt pain, and I began to scream. My body felt like it was on fire and I felt my double extra large shirt beginning to become loose and loose and I felt that my body was beginning to lose all the fat that was in my body and I was back at the same body I was when I had lost the weight a few years ago. I was now that scrawny kid again.

Then my body was engulfed in pain again and I felt my head throbbing and Ricky was just watching. I felt my legs expanding and they were inflating with rock hard muscles and my boxers were beginning to feel really tight around the fabric. I felt my feet beginning to elongate and they grew to a size thirteen. Then the tingly sensation moved to my stomach and I felt it getting tighter and tighter and then felt eight bumps appearing on my abs and they grew bigger and bigger. Then it moved to my chest and I felt like my chest was being pumped with air and they grew into the size of melons, and they were nice and rock hard.

My shoulders began to move outwards and I started to show that v shaped body. Then it went into my neck and I could feel the growth of my neck muscles moving upwards and my neck was now all muscle. Then it moved to my biceps and they were beginning to rapidly fill out with muscles and expanded beyond my shirt and ripped the sleeves. My hair turned from a brown to a black and started to shorten and my skin turned into a light shade of tan.

At last it went to my dick and I could feel it growing, and my dick was the girth of about a pencil but then it started to grow long and it went past about to 2 inches, and then 6 inches and then 9 inches, 12 inches, 18, inches, 21 inches and finally stopped at 25 inches. My dick was still the girth of a pencil and then the sensation came back and I could feel my dick getting thicker. I put my hand around my cock and it was very thin. Then I felt my hand grasper something thicker and thicker and my dick was stretching wider until it finally stopped at about the girth of two 2-liter bottles and I couldn’t even wrap my arms around my cock.

Then it went to my balls and they began to expand to the size of bowling balls and I felt the weight pulling me down. My manhood was perfect!

Then as I stood up from my bed, I felt my whole body expanding upwards and I grew about seven inches until I reached to the height of about 6 foot 9 inches. I was so horny that I began to get really hard and my shaft grew even thicker and as soon as it was done, it was about 50 inches long.

Ricky was amazed and he asked if he could jerk me off. He came over to my bed and he began to jerk me off with both arms. It felt so good that I came in about two minutes. I let out a scream and I saw that my voice was way deeper than before. My cum shot straight up into the air and hit the ceiling. I was cumming for about 10 minutes and the room was a foot deep in my cum.

Ricky decided to put his mouth on my dickslit and he began to chug my cum. I felt his body growing larger and larger until he was about 10 feet tall. His dick was about 60 inches after he had stopped drinking. I put my dick on my mouth and began to drink my cum and my dick shot up another 20 inches.

Ricky asked if he could fuck me and I said yes. I didn’t know how I was going to take that dick but I knew I could. He lubed his dick with my cum, and than rubbed my ass with his dick and then shoved it in slowly. I could feel my ass expanding and he sat down while I stood up and I begin to sit on his dick and I was about half way down and I kept going but I could feel his dick anywhere in my body but my ass. I took the 50 inches and It felt so damn good. I began to ride him like a horse and his dick began to grow in my ass, and after that his dick was about 100 inches long and I was still able to take his dick and sit on his lap and felt his dick only in my ass.

His dick was about 30 inches in girth and I heard him moan and he shot his load in my ass and I shot up like a rocket and cum flew everywhere. My nipples began to shoot off the white fluid and was mixing with the cum. We were practically swimming in our cum and we both began to grow and grow and grow. We both felt our heads against the ceiling and we broke through the ceiling and we were about 30 feet tall and our dicks were about 20 feet long and out bodies looked like muscle gods.

All the students came outside, and saw us. I felt my nipples throbbing again and released a 20 foot glob of the white fluid all over the campus. All the students, which were all male, began to grow and I saw that all their clothes ripped into shreds and they grew to about our size. Their dicks were bigger than ours though and they immediately went straight for our asses and began to plow us with their 30 foot dicks.

This was the orgy party that never ended, and this is all thanks to my grandfather.

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