Growing the cumdump

by Writ Bro

To celebrate 25 years of Metabods, this tells the story of Jamie, who doesn’t know he needs to get gangfucked by 25 muscle studs to get the body of his dreams.

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Jamie was sat horny at his desk, as per usual. It was a Friday night and he was bored. He didn’t like going out clubbing much like most of his friends so usually just ended up staying in.

As he jerked his cock he opened one of his favourite videos—a hunky muscled guy getting gang fucked into oblivion. As he watched the bottom get pounded by a pack of equally (if not bigger) muscled men, he got close to the edge.

But he wasn’t ready for that yet. It wasn’t bedtime yet. Fuck it, he thought. And he opened up Recon.

He had always wanted to get gangbanged but never had the courage to set it up. But he was now on prep and became increasingly less concerned by the risks and more enthralled by the excitement.

He searched for local profiles and found an interesting one. “Looking for gangbang bottom,” the tagline read.

Jamie eagerly read the rest of the profile.

“Muscled master looking for a gangbang bottom to entertain my gym buddies. Must be slim built with a real appetite for cock and cum. Only respond with pictures. The profile was accompanied by some torso shots of a fit looking man wearing leather chaps and harness.”

Jamie didn’t really hesitate.

“Hi Sir,” he wrote.

“I have fantasised about getting gangbanged for many years and I am now keen to make this a reality. I would eagerly submit my hungry and willing cunt to your ownership and get fucked as you see fit.”

With that, he hit send and waited for a reply.

The reply didn’t come that evening and so after another wank fantasising about serving a group of muscled men, he went to bed. The response didn’t even come the next day. It was actually a week later that he finally received the response he had been craving.

“Hi Slave. Thank you for enquiring. Please send a telegram message to the below account to set this up.”

And that was all.

Jamie felt his heart beating in his throat. He eagerly opened up telegram and searched for the account.

“Hi Sir. GangbangSlut from Recon here, looking to set up the gangbang you mentioned.”

This time the response came much quicker.

“Good to see you replied so quickly slave. Are you free tomorrow at 3 p.m.?”

Jamie thought about his weekend plans. He was supposed to grab a coffee with a friend but he didn’t really care. He could always rearrange that.

After messaging his friend he replied to the still mysterious master. “Yes Sir. The diary is clear.”

“Good. Come to this address wearing the following:

– Jockstrap
– Assless wrestling singlet
– Chastity cage
– Knee-high sports socks
– Trainers

You better not cum before then.”

Jamie looked at the list somewhat intrigued. He had most of those things, but the singlet and the cage… that was something missing from his wardrobe.

He immediately checked the closing time of the local gay sex shop and to his relief it was open for another hour or so. He immediately jumped in the car and drove into town, quickly parking and dashing to the shop.

He arrived just 15 minutes before closing and went inside. He found a singlet quite easily, but the cage…

Jamie stood looking at the display for several minutes, unsure what to go for. Metal, or plastic? Open or closed?

He thought about his own dick—he was just above average. Ultimately he selected the cage that looked the comfiest, which happened to be an open, black plastic cage. It should give him the space to get his soft cock in, without being able to get hard. He quickly purchased the items and rushed home.

He messaged the master back. “All purchased Sir. Excited for tomorrow.”

“Good slave. Put the cage on now and send me a pic.”

Jamie immediately obeyed and managed to slip the ring on without much of an issue. The cage appeared to be a bigger problem. Or a bit too small really. It didn’t help that his dick was getting harder…

He hesitated but decided to wait for a few minutes to let his hard-on subside. When it eventually had, he pushed the cage on again and this time he managed to push his shaft into it and lock it into place.

It felt strange, but exciting at the same time. He sent a picture to the somewhat mysterious master. By now it was about time to go to sleep but the excitement kept Jamie tossing and turning.

He wasn’t sure when he eventually fell asleep but he noticed he kept waking up during the night as the chastity got in the way. When the light eventually poked through the curtains in the morning, he didn’t feel very well rested. But perhaps that was all part of the plan.

The day seemed to drag. Jamie forced himself to the gym and workout but his horn-levels were through the roof and with his chastity on he could barely focus.

Once he had gone home, showered and thoroughly douched, it was nearing 3pm. It was about a thirty minute drive so he would leave in about 15 minutes. He messaged the master quickly.

“I am about to leave Sir. Any further order I should have before I get into the car Sir?”

A message came back surprisingly quickly. “Do you have a buttplug slave?”

“Yes Sir. I do.”


Jamie sent a picture of a small-ish plug he had.

“Have anything bigger?”

Jamie gulped. He did. He didn’t dare to lie.

He sent a picture of his medium sized plug.

“Better. Anything more?”

The only thing bigger Jamie had was a tail plug, but he sent the picture anyways.

“Good slave. Put the second in before you go. The third is a bit impractical while driving.”

“Yes Sir.”

Jamie breathed a slight sigh of relief. He was able to cope with the medium one.

He lubed up the small plug first and gently inserted it into his hole, which eagerly opened up to receive it. While it was in, Jamie quickly lubed the medium plug up, swiftly pulled the small one out and pushed the bigger one in.

He slipped on the jockstrap, assless singlet and socks, as well as a jumper and trackies before grabbing his phone and keys and jumping into the car.

As he drove across town he felt his heart pounding, nerves overcoming him. Several times he almost turned around but his locked cock meant he was hornier than ever, causing his pussy to twitch around the plug- it was clear his cunt was doing the thinking for him.

Every once in a while he would hit a speed bump, or a pothole, and he would feel the plug push further into him, sending a little jolt of pleasure and pain through him.

By the time he arrived at the address his cock was leaking, and Jamie was sure a wet spot would be clearly visible through the singlet.

As he looked around, he got even more nervous. He was on the edge of an industrial estate, just off the main road. In front of him was a warehouse with a big “for lease” sign on it. There were no other cars around.

He checked the time. Five minutes to go before 3 p.m. His phone vibrated.

“I see you have arrived. Make sure you are in just the outfit I ordered you to be in.”

Jamie awkwardly stripped off the jumper and trackies and quickly replied “Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now come to the blue door and knock 3x”

“Should I take my phone Sir?”

“Yes. We have a locker by the door for your phone and keys. Only you and I will have access to it.”

“Yes Sir.”

And with that he went out of the car, locked it and walked through the door.

Thankfully it was a relatively warm day and the sun was shining so as he walked he was quite warm.

He came to the door and looked around but it didn’t seem as though there was anyone else around. He loudly knocked three times, his knuckles bouncing off the metal door.

He listened carefully for any movement but heard nothing. He stood there for a few minutes getting a bit nervous but then realised this was probably part of the plan.

In the end he stood there for 10 minutes before the door finally opened. “Come in, slave.”

He could only see the silhouette of the man that opened the door, but his frame was big, huge even. He was at least 6’6” with a wide back and massive tree trunk legs.

“Put your phone and keys in the locker on the right and then all the way to the end bitch,” the man said in a deep commanding voice.

Jamie, not wanting to disobey, moved quickly as he heard the man lock the locker and follow behind him.

“Though the door.”

He opened the door and the came into a small office, which only had a desk and a chair in it.


Jamie immediately obeyed. As he sat down, he finally got the chance to look at the hulk of a man and his jaw dropped.

He was bigger than huge.

Jamie’s fantasy had always included big hulky men, but not like this. Jamie had jacked off to bodybuilders but this guy was even bigger. How was that possible?

Jamie estimated he was at least 500 pounds of pure muscle. He was ripped to shreds and his muscles seemed to just randomly flex as he moved about the room. He was only wearing a pair of lycra shorts and a compression top, somehow making his muscles bulge even more intensely.

And then there was that bulge itself… It was huge. Bigger than big. Jamie could only imagine how big it would be…

“Like what you see?” he said in that commanding voice.

Jamie was unable to speak. His mouth had gone dry and he was in pure shock so he just nodded.

“Some guys that come here just want to get gangfucked by a group of guys. I suspect you want to get gangfucked by a group of muscled guys. Am I right?”

Jamie just nodded again.

“And I bet you want to be just as muscular as them, instead of having your puny body.”

Jamie again nodded. He was quite puny compared to this guy. Slim definitely, 5’10”, 150 pounds. Handsome, but puny.

“You bet your cute ass that your wavey blond hair would look better on a big, muscled stud like me than on a twink like you.”

Jamie could feel himself getting hard, or at least trying to. He was somehow getting off on the humiliation, with the words from his master getting to the core of his deepest desires and insecurities.

“Now before we go in. Do you want anything to drink?” Suddenly his voice was extremely friendly and concerned. “We need to make sure you are well-hydrated.”

Jamie just nodded.

“Here, take this. It’s great for hydration and energy.”

Jamie took the can and glanced at it. Real, the best energy drink.

He opened it and took a swig. To his surprise it tasted amazing and so he eagerly downed it, keen to get started.

His master laughed. “Good slave! That’s how I like to see it. Now, we’ll go through that door and there hopefully we make your fantasies come true.”

When Master opened the big, metal sliding door, Jamie didn’t know what to expect. But immediately a dark, barely lit but cavernous room revealed itself. It was the typical warehouse, with a tall corrugated roof. In the centre, a single light shone down onto a black leather sling that was hanging directly from the ceiling.

As the light caught the heavy metal chains the sling was dangling from, they created a pattern on the floor. Combined with the metal walls and ceiling, it could not have been a more industrial space.

“That’s where you’ll be later slave. Now come here.” The muscle master walked towards the sling where he opened a box that had been sitting underneath it.

“Wrists,” Master said in a short, brisk tone.

Jamie put out his hands, and his master put on a set of heavy leather bondage restraints, before locking them into place with two padlocks.

Without much fanfare, his master pulled his right arm up and clipped it into some sort of locking mechanism. His left arm was pulled into the other direction, so he was standing about two metres in front of the sling, with his back to it.

His muscle master moved behind him, barely able to fit in the large gap between Jamie and the sling. Jamie felt his strong hands pull a hood down over his head. Immediately Jamie stopped being able to see a single thing. Then, suddenly, he felt his master pull out the buttplug with one forceful pull. Jamie yelped but didn’t have much chance to recover. Just a moment after, he felt a large dildo push into his hole.

As it pushed in, Jamie felt the pain inside him increase and he was forced onto his tiptoes. Just at that moment, his master must have pressed a button on a remote as his restraints pulled him slightly upwards.

Thankfully the pain in his ass subsided as the dildo stayed firmly put. Jamie tried to lower his feet back onto the ground but immediately realised the dildo was once again sliding deeper inside him.

He flinched and went back on his tiptoes. Thats when he realised he was in a bit of a situation. Although on his tiptoes his ass was pain free, he couldn’t stand like that the whole time. But as soon as his feet were flat on the ground, he would be forcing the dildo deeper inside him.

By the time he really realised what a predicament he was in, his master had gone. He was alone and blindfolded in the massive warehouse.

Jamie’s heart beat in his throat. With every movement he could feel the dildo slip inside him. He tried to stay on his tiptoes as long as he could but eventually the pain in his legs got too much. He lowered his legs down and immediately felt the dildo firmly push in his tight hole, trying to stretch him.

“Fuuuuck!” He couldn’t help but scream, the sound echoing inside the vast warehouse. But yet, he knew he couldn’t go back onto his tiptoes yet, his legs were still in pain even though his feet were now flat on the ground.

After a minute or two, the dildo seemed to try to push harder and harder with each second that passed. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and pushed himself back to the tips of his toes.

He wasn’t sure how long he was stuck there, or indeed how many times he alternated between tiptoes and flat feet. It was exhausting, and yet his dick was straining against the cage of his chastity.

At some point, loud techno music started to play, filling the entire warehouse with its echoing sound. Jamie got excited, thinking things were about to start, but soon he got into the rhythm of flat feet and tiptoes, but just with music blaring.

He really didn’t know—he thought it may have been two hours, but honestly it could’ve been just 20 minutes, when suddenly he felt a hand on his head, the blindfold was ripped off and the music stopped.

He was blinded by the spotlight that was still on him. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he slowly started to see a big group of guys in front of him. Straight in front of him was his master, who had changed into a leather harness and jockstrap, with big, knee-high boots. Next to him was a group of guys—at first glance maybe 20 to 25—all dressed in a similar outfit to Master.

But what surprised Jamie most was they were all a similar size.

“I think he’s ready guys!” Master said.

With that, two guys untied him from his bondage and lowered him onto the ground and lifted him straight into the sling. They weren’t necessarily violent, but they were definitely forceful and it was clear Jamie had no choice but to go along.

Still locked in chastity, Jamie could feel his cock twitch. He had no idea how big the cocks of these guys would be but if his master’s bulge was anything to go by…

As he laid there in his assless singlet, someone lifted his ankles into the straps of the sling. Jamie moaned, the anticipation in his body rising. Was this really happening? He had dreamed of this but 25 guys? That seemed a lot…

The first guy that approached the sling was a handsome but short black guy. His height somehow meant he looked even more muscled than master, although Jamie knew full well that was an illusion.

His dick twitched again as he spotted the bulge in the stud’s jockstrap.

Without much warning, he felt cold lube being generously applied to ass, and the black stud started to finger him. Initially he was quite gentle, but as Jamie felt his hole loosen up, the stud picked up the pace.

Jamie moaned loudly, unable to contain himself as the stud kept assaulting his ass. One finger quickly became two and then three.

When the fourth finger was inserted Jamie screamed loudly. But it was not agony. The pleasure in his body was intense and he wanted more.

“Fuck me, please,” he begged.

“You think you’re ready for this, slut?” the guy asked in a deep voice.

Jamie hesitated but nodded. He wanted it. No. He needed it.

With that the stud removed the codpiece from his jock to reveal a huge cock, bigger than any real dick Jamie had ever seen. He applied another generous squirt of lube and rubbed in on his dick as it slowly started to harden.

Jamie couldn’t believe his eyes. Fuck he thought to himself. Soft it must have been at least 14 inches. Hard? That was another matter altogether. As it grew harder and harder, Jamie got more and more nervous. Was he really ready for this?

Then, the stud put the dick at his hole and Jamie knew it was about to really start. He was about to get fucked by a 20 inch cock.

The stud put his hand behind his neck as he placed his throbbing head at Jamie’s hungry cunt. As he pushed in he leant forward and put his mouth next to Jamie’s ear.

“And I’m the smallest here,” he said with a wicked undertone in his voice.

Jamie gulped. If that was true he really was in for a ride.

With that, Jamie felt the stud give a strong push as his hole opened and the head slipped in. Jamie moaned loudly, but to his shock, it wasn’t very painful.

“That’s it. I knew you were born to take this,” the voice of his master shouted. “Come on Dan, fuck him!”

With that, the stud called Dan grabbed Jamie’s thighs and pushed forward.

The feeling was almost bizarre. He could feel each inch slide deeper and deeper into him, rearrange his internals. But his internals didn’t object, and instead seemed to happily make way for the huge invasion. Whether it was the lube, or Dan’s incredible skill, Jamie wasn’t sure, but either way it felt amazing.

Jamie had never felt such pleasure in his life as when he had 20 inches of cock lodged deep inside and he could feel Dan’s balls hit his ass.

But of course that’s when Dan knew he was ready. Without mercy he started to pull out. When he still had 15 inches inside Jamie, he shoved it back in and started to fuck, but with each thrust he pulled back a little further. Jamie moaned loudly as his guts started to get more and more used to the assault and the pleasure seemed to get increasingly intense.

“Fuuuck,” Jamie moaned, his own cock now leaking precum in his singlet.

“That’s it slut, take that cock!” Dan said excitedly.

“Oh fuck, please breed my pussy, Sir,” Jamie begged, loving hearing Dan talk dirty.

“You want me to breed this pussy? You want my seed, you filthy fucking whore!”

“Yes, please Sir, please give my cunt your load!”

With that, Sir Dan gave one further hard, deep thrust and his cock exploded. Jamie could feel his insides getting coated in the thick sperm.

“Good fucking bitch,” Dan whispered as he withdrew his cock.

Without waiting a moment, the next stud appeared. It was a handsome Latino guy. When the codpiece was removed, it revealed a cock only slightly longer than Dan’s but definitely thicker. He generously covered it in lube and without hesitating pushed it straight into Jamie’s now gapping pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah that cunt feels good!” He immediately shouted as Jamie’s ass stretched further to accommodate the new stud. “That’s it boy, get ready for a rough one!”

And he wasn’t kidding. Within less than a minute he had forced himself balls deep into Jamie’s throbbing pussy, and started to fuck. Hard.

For the first time since the gangbang began, Jamie felt a twinge of pain, as the second stud fucked him rough and mercilessly. Not only was his speed much faster than the previous one, he also clearly enjoyed doing long, deep thrusts. The combination was brutal and yet Jamie could feel his cock leak aggressively.

“Fuck yeah. You’ve got a tight fucking snatch here! And yet you’re taking my cock like a fucking squealing bitch! You disgusting fucking faggot.” And he spat straight onto Jamie’s face.

Somehow Jamie was even more turned on now.

“Oh fuck Sir, fuck fuck fuck! It feels so good.”

“Feels good does it? Well it ain’t supposed to!” With that another gob of spit and a slap right across his face. Jamie moaned in pain but was loving the abuse.

“Come on you fucking bitch, you gonna take my load?”

“Oh fuck, breed me!”

“Breed what fag?”

“Breed my cunt, Sir!”

“That’s more like it, well get fucking ready for it!” With another few thrusts, Jamie eagerly accepted the second massive load of muscle cum.

“Good fucking bitch,” the stud said as he pulled out, giving him one final slap across the face.

The third stud immediately jumped in and didn’t even bother using the lube. To Jamie’s relief, the lube (and cum) in his ass was plenty, even if this cock was a bit longer than the last.

The handsome Korean looking stud was a bit more relaxed and less aggressive. Jamie enjoyed the more gently experience as he laid there and took it.

It was similar with the fourth and the fifth studs. One ginger guy and another latino.

The sixth muscled guy was an absolute beast. He was much taller than master and his shoulders looked like the width of a car. His cock was probably just over 2 feet long, and almost twice as thick as a beer can. He looked of Indian decent, and his handsome features apparently disguised a mean attitude…

“You ready for this, faggot?” He asked.

Jamie gulped. He didn’t think he was to be honest. But what choice did he have?

“I don’t really care,” the stud said, when no answer came. He first spat on his cock head and then another gob landed on Jamie’s left cheek. With one firm thrust, he pushed in and was well over half way inside Jamie’s cunt.

“Fuuuuck! That twat feels fucking good! I can see why these guys liked it!”

He did not hold back for another moment and started to fuck rougher than Jamie had been fucked all day. The Latino had been something but this guy…

“Fucking take you it you fucking faggot! You like that? You like getting your pussy destroyed by big fucking cocks?”

“Yes Sir! Oh please, Sir.” Jamie was still scared but couldn’t deny the incredible pleasure this guy was filling him with.

“Please what?”

“Please, Sir. Fuck my twat. Destroy my fucking pussy!”

“That’s fucking right, you fucking useless bitch. All you are is a hole. A hole for our pleasure!”

Another slap across the face.

“Open your mouth faggot,” he ordered.

Jamie complied and with his tong out another thick gob of spit landed straight in it.

“Swallow boy!”

Jamie obeyed.

“Fucking cunt you are, a useless fuck hole. Made to serve men like us.” With that, Jamie felt him place both his hands around his throat as he started to choke him while he continued to fuck.

Jamie moaned, the pleasure almost becoming to overwhelming. With another thrust, it suddenly happened, and Jamie could feel his own balls drain through the chastity cage.

“Oh look at that, guys. He’s just fucking cum. Seems the more aggressive you the more he enjoys it.”

It just seemed to be more fuel for his aggression. A slap across each cheek, another gob in his face.

“Fucking ready to take that load, faggot?” He asked in that domineering voice.

“Oh fuck yes, Sir, please breed me, Sir!” Jamie said as he almost struggled to breath

“Oh you fucking bet! This cunt was made for fucking breeding!”

And with that he shot another huge load, deep into Jamie’s hungry pussy.

Thankfully the next few were a bit more relaxed, although they all seemed to be encouraged by the performance from number six. The slaps were happening more and more often and Jamie lost count of the amount of spit he swallowed.

Eight came. Then 12. Soon Jamie had taken 15 loads. He was over half way but could feel the exhaustion. These guys had stamina and were rough as hell.

“All right guys, let’s take a little break,” Master suddenly said, just as number 15 dumped his load. “Time to give the fag a break.” With that, Jamie felt a large buttplug being pushed into him (it certainly had to be much larger than the plug he had in when he arrived, that would not be able to stay in his now ruined cunt).

Two strong guys picked him up and carried him onto a mattress he hadn’t previously seen, in one of the corners of the warehouse and threw a blanket on him. Within moments, Jamie fell asleep, exhausted.

He woke up by another strong spotlight coming on, pointed at the mattress. The gang of studs was still there. He felt sore, everywhere. Like a bad muscle ache that went so deep, he didn’t really understand how the 15 guys could have been that painful.

His twat, on the other hand, felt good. He could feel the plug still inside him, keeping him stretched open and making sure the 15 loads didn’t go anywhere. And he wanted more.

He had no idea how long he had been asleep but he didn’t care. Within moments, two guys picked him up and carried him back to the centre of the space. Where previously there had been a sling, now stood a fuck bench. Within moments Jamie was strapped down, his ankles and wrists firmly in place forcing him to stay in doggy style.

Now Jamie wasn’t able to see behind him but within moments he felt a hand tug on the buttplug, just gently at first, teasing him.

“Please, Sir. Please fuck me!” He said, already craven and desperate for more cock.

“Hehe—hear that, guys! The fucking fag needs this!”

The last guy that had fucked Jamie had been just under 30 inches. He knew the next one would be bigger but had no idea how. He got no warning this time either, and with one aggressive stroke cock 16 was lodged deep inside him, making him scream.

There was definitely some pain. The break had obviously brought some relief to his hole but that appeared to be straight back out the window.

“Fuck that’s it, bitch. Let me ruin that pussy!”

Jamie moaned loudly but before he got the chance to reply, a cock was shoved in his face.

It was huge. But it was small for the cocks in this room. He looked up to see Sir Dan standing above him. They had started back at the bottom…

He didn’t resist though and eagerly took the thick, long shaft in his mouth. To his surprise, he didn’t struggle to take it either. Or at least most of it. About 2 inches from the end he gagged—which was an incredible achievement in itself.

Dan put his hands on Jamie’s head and pushed, gently at first. As the assault on his twat continued, Dan’s cock started to slide deeper down Jamie’s throat.

“Fuck yeah that’s it. Take it real nice,” Dan encouraged him.

And that’s how Jamie found himself being fucked in both holes. The ones that were fucking his face seemed to come more quickly and by the time 16 was done, one, two and three had already dumped their loads down his throat.

17 was just as vicious as number 2, but it wasn’t until Jamie felt cock 21 that he knew he was in for another violent ride.

By now, his face was getting fucked by number 17, and Jamie’s main attention was focussed on his ass. Spank after spank landed, causing him to yelp in pain.

“Fucking take that, you fucking filthy whore,” he swore aggressively. “Take that big fucking cock. Look at that, my huge cock destroying that pussy. Will just be a gaping wreck by the time we’re done.”

17 joined in and was now slapping Jamie across the face as he fucked his throat. It was starting to become a bit much. The huge 32” cock inside his twitching cunt. The 30” cock fucking his face. The constant slaps on his ass and face…

Without warning Jamie could feel a tear running down his face. It took him by surprise, but he let them flow, not caring. In his heart he was still loving the experience and he didn’t want them to stop. He wanted this.

Eventually, 24 guys had come and dumped their loads in his pussy. Another 23 guys had dumped their loads in his mouth. He knew what was left.

His mouth was clearly, purposefully left empty as his master appeared in front of him.

“Such a good slut. I am so proud of what you have taken so far. But this thing takes 25. You gotta take this before you leave…”

And with that he ripped off his codpiece to reveal a truly gargantuan cock. It was probably 40” in length, rock hard and thick as a 2-litre coke bottle. Over three feet of cock…

Jamie looked in shock. He didn’t think it came even close in size to the cock of 24.

As master walked to the back, 24 appeared, ready to feed him his seed. Jamie gulped. That cock had ‘only’ been 35”. Master’s cock was a full 5” longer. The length of an average cock, but that width though…

He felt the head at his cunt.

“Fuck bitch. That looks like such a perfect wrecked pussy. You’re going to need to get this filled all the time now. You will never want to be empty after today,” Master said, excitedly.

With that, he started to push in, gently at first. Jamie could feel his cunt lips spread and make way for the biggest cock he would ever take in his life.

“That’s good, that’s real good, you fucking bitch.”

At that time, cock 24 was placed at his lips and Jamie eagerly opened his mouth, the first foot easily disappearing down his throat.

“Fuck yeah,” 24 moaned. “That’s it, take those big cocks.”

With that, master suddenly thrust forward, causing Jamie to scream into 24’s cock. 24 placed both his hands firmly on Jamie’s head to stop Jamie from pulling off his cock.

And so his master started to pound him. Stretching his already ruined cunt more than ever. The aggression in his fuck was more intense than the abuse he had gotten from number 6 or Mr. 2-1itre. More violent than a slap around the throat and more degrading than the spit in his mouth.

But Jamie loved it. Each hard thrust, each time master’s big balls slapped against his ass. Each time 24 managed to push in a bit further, triggering his gag reflex.

How long he got fucked for, he wasn’t sure. It may have been 5 minutes, but he thought master would have more stamina than that. Maybe it was an hour? Though he didn’t think 24 could last quite that long…

Regardless, it was at almost the same time that the two eventually reached their climax and dumped their loads. Jamie eagerly gulped 24’s down as his master’s load caused his stomach to bloat, clearly visible through the singlet.

“Well done, boy, just one last load to take.”

With that he walked to Jamie’s mouth and fed him his still hard cock. Jamie eagerly sucked on it, gently really as the others stood and watched, jacking off their huge cocks.

This time it didn’t take very long. It was as if though master could come on command because soon his cum was flowing into Jamie’s stomach.

“Well done slut. Now just to finish him off!”

And with that, all the guys blew their loads, covering Jamie’s singlet and body in their third load of the day. When they had cum, they all stayed in their place and after another moment, Jamie felt a warm feeling spread over his body.

It took him a moment to realise they were pissing all over him, drenching him. Somehow Jamie loved it. He had never done watersports but his cock was throbbing in his chastity cage.

“It’s time, guys,” Master said. Some of the guys undid the restraints and picked Jamie up. The fuck bench was moved and Jamie was able to sit down on the floor. It felt like a leather floor—maybe it was even padded?

And then that strange feeling filled him. That feeling of warmth, of cum flowing through you (could you even feel that?), the feeling of strength and power, the feeling of insatiable hunger and lust.

The feeling seemed to reach a climax and as it did, it seemed to be burst out of Jamie’s body and into his surroundings, glowing and radiating from him.

That’s when Jamie realised it was more than that. It didn’t radiate from him—it grew him. It expanded the outer edges of what he thought his body was and re-drew the lines. It filled the space in with just muscle and strength. Brutal strength, core strength, pure muscle.

As he became conscious of the fact the glowing was instead his body expanding he became even more aware of the sensation. Feeling his chest push forward, the bit of baby fat around his waist disappearing, his abs forming, his ass growing even bigger. His thighs became like tree trunks and biceps like footballs. He could even feel his dick grow. The chastity cage burst quite quickly before he reached 8 inches, suddenly up to 15. Then 18, 24, 28, 31!

His balls grew too, becoming the size of oranges. Even his nipples seemed to grow, immediately becoming more aware of the sensations they could bring.

As his back widened, his singlet started to rip open, making space for his newly formed body.

Jamie felt alive. He felt powerful and yet he also knew…

“Welcome to the club, Jamie. We’ve been needing someone like you.”

“Yeah definitely. Someone with our body but with a faggot’s appetite for cock.”

“Someone who can out-fuck us if we want but will more likely just get on their back and take it.”

“My cunt is yours,” Jamie simply said. “I am a hole for you to fill.”

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