by Ziel

 Thomas wants to prove his wrestling skills to his best friend, but there’s one major problem. Thomas is a runt! It doesn’t matter how skillful he is if he can’t even budge his titanic pal. That’s where his latest creation comes into play. Now armed with a way to even the playing field, Thomas and his pal gear up for some friendly competition and lot more than either of them bargained for.

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Despite his frequent protests, Thomas actually loved wrestling. There was something exhilarating about using his whole body to exert dominance over his competitor, and it certainly didn’t hurt that Thomas was quite good at it to boot. He might not look like much, but his wiry physique put him in a unique position to be both strong and agile on the wrestling mat… the only problem was there were very few competitors in his weight bracket that could give him a real challenge. The thing was, even though Thomas had the skill, that didn’t mean shit if he didn’t have the size. Try as he might there was no way he could pin the titans on his team to the mat, and that went double for Thomas’s best friend and fellow wrestling junkie, Jerry.

Thomas and Jerry had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. They had grown up together and were more like brothers than friends, and as the years went on their bond had not diminished at all. If anything, moving in together for college had solidified their friendship even more. They were thick as thieves. It seemed like nothing could ever come between them… Nothing… except for the one passion they both shared.

Jerry had always been a bit of a braggart, and why shouldn’t he be? Not only did he have the skill and the instincts to make him a force to be reckoned with on the wrestling mat, but he had the sheer size to capitalize on his already substantial skills. At 6’5 in height with a body that looked like it belonged on an Olympian, and he was as handsome as he was buff. The ladies loved him. The guys wanted to be him, and even some of the guys loved him too! He seemed to have it all, and he made no effort to hide the fact that he was well aware of this.

Thomas meanwhile… there’s no point in sugarcoating it. He was a shrimp. Measuring in at only 5’3 in height, he had the body of someone barely out of elementary school. Sure, he had some muscles, but he had a lean, lithe runner’s build, not the titan-like brawn that Jerry boasted. Thomas’s lack of height and lack of sheer bulk equated to the loss of sheer power and presence on the wrestling mat—a fact that Jerry never let him forget. It infuriated Thomas to no end. He knew he was one of the best wrestlers out there. He knew he could go toe to toe with even the godlike Jerry if there was just some way to even the playing field, but such things were impossible… until now.

Thomas stared down at the small device on his desk. The dual-screened device looked much like an old school Star Trek Tricorder. The bottom screen showcased an outline of a fairly lean human being alongside some all too familiar statistics. Thomas cringed as he read off the numbers. 5’3. 4”. Those numbers felt like a kick in the gut. Sure, he was short, but to be lacking below the belt to boot was the ultimate injustice. Fortunately, what he lacked in bulk and brawn, Thomas made up for in brains, and he had been burning the midnight oil for months in his quest to create the perfect device to finally even the odds with his titanic bestie. All that was left for him was to spring the trap.

Setting the trap was easy. All Thomas had to do was challenge Jerry to a one on one wrestling match. A challenge that Jerry could not and would not refuse. Not only did Jerry never turn down a challenge, but he was guaranteed to win a match against the shrimpy Thomas… or so he thought.

“Sure you want to do this?” Thomas asked cockily as he took his position on one side of their shared living room. Thomas and Jerry were already clad in their wrestling singlets and were ready to begin their fated duel.

“Are you kidding me? I doubt I’ll even break a sweat pinning a pee-wee like you,” Jerry sassed back. To his surprise though, Thomas didn’t make any effort to counter his verbal jab. Thomas merely stared at him and smirked. The grin on the smaller combatant’s face was somehow more unnerving than any pre-bout banter Jerry had ever shared with a competitor before, but he quickly shrugged it off. Whatever stunt Thomas may be planning to pull didn’t matter in the end. There was no way Jerry could lose.

“A pee-wee, am I? I suppose you may be right…” Thomas mused out loud.

“W-what? You’re agreeing with me?” Jerry sputtered.

“Yeah, I mean. You’re right. Look at me, I’m five foot nothing. I’m like eye level with your tiddies,” Thomas explained.

“Um… yeah. That you are… hey man. Are you okay? You seem a little off today.” Jerry stammered.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m fine. I guess you could say I’ve finally come to accept my limitations,” Thomas explained.

“Aw man. Don’t be that way. I was just riffing, you know? Shit talk is all part of the pregame ritual. See? I call you a shrimp and then you hit me with something back and then we go back and forth until we’re both good and pumped, aight?” Jerry did his best to try to smooth things over with his pal. He knew he could go a little overboard with the pregame shit talk, but he was surprised at how quickly Thomas had caved. Thomas typically had much thicker skin when it came to their trash-talking ritual. In fact, this was the first time Jerry could recall Thomas showing any sign that what Jerry said actually bugged him.

“Hmm… So I hit you with something now? Ah! I have just the thing!” Thomas said suddenly. He pulled something out from behind his back which looked like a clunky TV remote and aimed it right at Jerry and clicked a button on it. Jerry felt something which felt like an electric jolt arc through his body. It hit him hard enough to make him jump, but not hard enough to actually hurt. It was as if he had grabbed onto a metal doorknob after scuffling across the carpet wearing a full wool outfit and some thick socks. It was like a quick snap of static and then nothing, not even residual tingling.

“Uh… what was that?” Jerry asked.

“Consider it my way of evening the playing field,” Thomas explained cryptically.

“O…k…” Jerry replied skeptically. He was about to ask for some further clarification when he noticed something odd. His singlet, which normally stretched taut across his fit body seemed to shift ever so slightly. The shoulder strap just didn’t stretch as tightly across his sculpted delts as it normally did. It somehow seemed awkwardly loose. Jerry looked down at his body and took stock of what he saw. He was still buff as hell, but somehow his singlet seemed just a shade too large on him. His muscles still pressed against the fabric of his wrestling uniform, but there were a few wrinkles forming in the otherwise taut fabric. That alone would have been cause for concern, but there was something else that seemed off… a certain area where his singlet seemed even looser than everywhere else—his crotch!

“What the…” Jerry murmured in awe as he stared down at the prodigious bulge in his singlet. He had always been as gifted below the belt as he had been everywhere else. His cock stood straight at tall at a solid ten inches when fully hard, and it was a solid nine when soft! He was hung as hell, and had a dick that would make a porn star balk, but today it seemed kind of less than he expected. It didn’t look small by any stretch of the imagination, but even accounting for the slight chill of the air-conditioned apartment, it didn’t seem like his dick should be anywhere near as small as it was now. If he had to guess he figured his dick looked close to eight inches long at the moment. Of course, he had no way to really gauge just how big it really was. It was just that the tip of his dick seemed to rest where the bottom of his glans usually pressed against the front of his singlet.

Jerry quickly shook the notion from his mind. It had to be a trick of his imagination. After all, his cock was massive. Even just looking at it now, it was almost as long as his forearm… almost. Jerry had another twinge of doubt. He was sure his cock, even soft, was every bit as long as his forearm. Not only was he blessed with a big dick, but he was a shower, not a grower, and his dick didn’t feel at all shriveled from the cold.

“What did you…?” Jerry began to ask, but when his gaze fell upon his pal, his words abruptly dropped off. Now he was sure something was off. Whatever had happened to him, the opposite had happened to Thomas. Thomas now filled out his singlet much better than ever before. His formerly lithe runners build had packed on a noticeable amount of muscle. It couldn’t be more than a few pounds, but it was enough to make his pecs press hard against the front of his singlet. Perhaps more impressive though was the bulge of Thomas’s cock.

Jerry had known Thomas long enough to know that Thomas was a bit self-conscious about what he was packing downstairs. Thomas almost always chose to wear a cup underneath his singlet rather than let the world get a good look at the acorn-like nub of his small cock, but today Thomas seemed to have foregone the cup completely and for good reason. Thomas’s bulge was hardly what one would consider huge, but it was definitely bigger than Jerry had ever seen it. Rather than the small little bump of a softy that Thomas usually had, he had a respectable looking semi slumping heavily within the fabric of his undersized singlet.

“Are you getting bigger?” Jerry asked, having fully pieced it together.

“Yep. And you’re getting smaller,” Thomas concurred.

“But how is that even possible? Wait, what am I saying!? How long will it last!?” Jerry asked. His voice cracked noticeable as he started to slowly give way to panic, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what had him so worked up.

“Relax. You really think I’d do something like this if it was permanent?” Thomas replied with a dismissive sigh.

“Well, no, but… I wouldn’t think you the type to do something like this anyway so…” Jerry stammered.

“Let’s just say I want to prove a point, and once I’m done I’ll put you back right as rain,” Thomas explained casually.

“I mean… if you say so…” Jerry replied. He still wasn’t 100% sold on this idea, but he had known Thomas pretty much his entire life, and if Thomas said he could undo it then Jerry had no reason to doubt him, and besides… there was some part of him that actually thought this sounded kind of fun. Jerry didn’t dare say that last bit out loud, but as he stared at his steadily swelling pal, he couldn’t deny the truth to it.

“So what happens now?” Jerry asked.

“Now?” Thomas replied and cracked his knuckles. “Now we wrestle.”

Jerry was taken aback for a moment. With all that was going on he had completely forgotten about the initial challenge. Now he understood what Thomas had planned from the get go. Thomas had long lamented his size and had always claimed that if he had more mass to him he could go toe to toe with even the best of them—namely Jerry himself. Now it looked like Thomas planned to put his money where his mouth was.

Thomas had grown a bit and Jerry had shrunk, but they weren’t quite on even footing just yet. Thomas had gone from being eye level with Jerry’s pecs to being eye level with his Adam’s apple, but the balance was still steadily shifting in Thomas’s favor. It wouldn’t be long before the two combatants were every bit evenly matched in terms of mass. Then it became a matter of pure skill.

Thomas was the first to make a move. He charged at Jerry so fast that Jerry was almost completely caught off guard. As it was, Jerry only barely had time to react to catch Thomas in a grapple before Thomas had a chance to tackle him to the carpet. Jerry soon found himself in for the fight of his life. Thomas didn’t have quite the strength that Jerry had, but he had Jerry beat in other ways. Jerry hated to admit it, but Thomas was good—really good! Jerry had never gone toe to toe against someone who was both fast and agile as well as a rival to his own impressive strength. It was all Jerry could do to keep Thomas from taking the upper hand. In fact, at first it seemed like Thomas was going to pin him before Jerry would even have a chance to muster up a counterattack, but Jerry wasn’t the regional champ for nothing. He managed to brace himself at the last second and then used Thomas’s own momentum against him. It was over almost as quick as it had begun. One second the two combatants were locked together, neither one seeming to give an inch, and the next second Jerry had Thomas pinned to the floor. Jerry was thankful to have stopped Thomas’s charge when he did, but he could tell that had he been just a bit smaller or his opponent just a bit beefier, he could have easily lost that bout.

“I was so close…” Thomas groaned. Jerry couldn’t help but nod along in agreement. It had been ages since he had felt pushed to his limits as he had been in that last brief bout. As much as he hated to admit it, in the end it all came down to power. Had Thomas been just a bit beefier he could have knocked Jerry off balance before he could muster a counterattack, and had Jerry been just a bit weaker, his counterattack would have been for naught.

Once Jerry had eased off his buddy’s back, Thomas was quick to hop back to his feet. “All right. Best of three!” Thomas said excitedly.

“Whuh?” Jerry sputtered. To say he had been caught off guard would be an understatement. He had already started to pat himself on the back for yet another hard-won victory. He had not expected there to be yet another bout—let alone one that he was less likely to win. Now that Thomas was back on his feet, it was clear that Thomas had gained a little bit of mass in the interim… and that Jerry had lost a little. No longer did Jerry have even an inch of height on his buddy. They were every bit the same height and build, but that wasn’t all. Jerry once prodigious package was looking pretty puny in his singlet. A lot of that had to do with how loosely his uniform now hung off his reduced frame, but on some level Jerry knew that he had taken a hit down there as well. Even without inspecting his package up close and personally he could feel it hanging less heavily than it had before, and if he needed further proof he just had to look at this thick slab of sausage that lazed about in the tight confines of Thomas’s overstuffed singlet. Seeing how huge Thomas had become really drove home how small Jerry had become. This knowledge caused his gut to churn, but there was another feeling there as well—a feeling he wasn’t sure he wanted to understand.

Jerry’s gaze lingered on his pal’s recently beefed body for a moment. There was no denying how hot Thomas looked in his too-tight singlet. The wrestling uniform now clung to his dense muscles like a second skin. It was so tight that the very curves and contours of his abs could be seen pressing through the fabric. Jerry could even make out the bulge of the well-defined V of Thomas’s Adonis Belt which formed an arrow pointing right at his respectable package. At this point Thomas’s semi was only around seven inches, but given how small it had been before, that seemingly small growth added up to a lot. His cock had almost doubled in size! But not only that. The fact that Thomas had gone from fully soft to semi-boned showed that on some level he was getting off on it. Jerry wished he could claim the opposite was true for him. His own cock was stirring to life in his oversized singlet.

Jerry had always found Thomas to be kinda cute, and now that Thomas had beefed up a bit he was absolutely stunningly handsome, but that wasn’t it—not all of it anyway. He had gone from towering over his pal to being the same height, and there was a part of Jerry that was wondering what it would be like to shrink even further. The idea fascinated him in a way he didn’t quite understand, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet on me,” Thomas quipped. The comment was enough to snap Jerry out of his thoughts and bring him back to the situation at hand.

“Of course not! I’ll still beat you even at this size!” Jerry replied defiantly, but his bravado was somehow lacking. His posturing felt weak. Jerry wasn’t sure he could win this match, and he was doing a poor job of hiding it.

“I’ll even let you have the first move,” Thomas said with a smirk.

Jerry balked, but it wasn’t so much what Thomas said but rather how he said it. Jerry didn’t want to admit it, but somehow that cocky smirk suited Thomas. This new larger-than-life attitude Thomas was developing seemed as natural to him as his own hair.

Jerry quickly managed to regain his composure and tried his best to match Thomas’s new bravado tit for tat. “Fine then,” Jerry said with a smirk. “But don’t come crying to me when you lose again!” And with that, Jerry lunged forward and managed to get a solid grapple on Thomas’s newly beefed up bod. Jerry had hoped to finish the match as quickly as possible and tried to force Thomas into an easier position to pin him, but Thomas proved to be just as slippery as he had been at his old size. Just when Jerry thought he had Thomas on the way down, Thomas managed to shift his weight just enough to throw Jerry’s momentum completely off. Had they been back at their old sizes, this wouldn’t have mattered much. Jerry could have just quickly readjusted himself and gone for another pin. Now, however, Thomas had the brawn to muster a decent counterattack. In the split second before Jerry could regain his footing, Thomas managed to blindside him and sent him toppling over. In an instant both guys were on the floor and fighting tooth and nail for dominance. Jerry continued to go on the offense at any given moment, but Thomas was just too agile. His new brawn didn’t seem to diminish his speed at all. Every time Jerry thought he would get the upper hand, Thomas would just barely slip out from what would have otherwise been a guaranteed pin. In the end it turned into a battle of attrition. Jerry had never faced a foe who was both fast enough to evade him and strong enough to out-pin him. It got to the point where Jerry was at the end of his stamina, but Thomas still had plenty of energy left. In the end it came down to a simple mistake brought on by fatigue. Jerry thought he saw his opening and went for it, but Thomas was a step ahead of him. It was a feint all along. Thomas was just baiting Jerry into leaving himself exposed to a counterattack, and as soon as Jerry took the bait, Thomas sprung the trap. It all happened so fast that Jerry didn’t even have a chance to react. One second he was lunging with all his might to pin Thomas, and the next second he was flat on his back with Thomas pinning him down. Jerry struggled with all his might to shove Thomas off of him, but he just did not have the strength! Thomas slapped the carpet three times, and that was that. That signified the end of their second bout, and with it, the two combatants were now tied one to one.

Once Thomas eased up, Jerry scrambled to his feet and groaned, “Ugh. I almost had you!”

“Almost…” Thomas replied cryptically.

Jerry turned to shoot his pal a questioning glance, but once his eyes fell upon his now muscular pal his jaw dropped. Thomas had been hot before, but now he was a certified Adonis! But that wasn’t what had really caught Jerry’s eye. Thomas was now taller than before, but that was to be expected. What really surprised Jerry was that Thomas was now taller than he was! Jerry barely came up to Thomas’s chin and he was still shrinking!

“I thought you just wanted to balance things out…” Jerry murmured in awe.

“I did.” Thomas replied with a mischievous smirk. “We’ve done one match where you were the big guy, and now it’s time to do a match where I am the big guy.”

“How am I supposed to win if…” Jerry began to ask, but his voice trailed off. He knew the answer even before he finished asking. There was no way he could win, and that was exactly the point Thomas had been trying to make.

“Okay. Okay. You’ve made your point.” Jerry said with a sigh. “Now can you put me back the way I was?”

“So soon? But we haven’t finished our match yet.” Thomas replied impishly.

“You’re not gonna turn me back until after our match, are you?” Jerry asked, letting out another sigh.

“Nope.” Thomas said giddily. Then his demeaner became even more mischievous. His already impish expression changed to something that could only be described as devilish. Jerry was about to ask what it was that he had in mind, but he didn’t have the chance. No sooner had Thomas’s expression changed than he started to tug at the straps of his far-too-small singlet.

By this point Thomas was so huge that it little more than a second skin. The skintight fabric clung to every nook and cranny of his defined musculature. His singlet clung so tightly to his eight-pack abs that there was even an indentation for his belly button. His singlet was stretched so tight across his bulging pecs that the formerly wide shoulder straps now looked like spaghetti straps. They barely covered anything of his chest leaving his nipples completely exposed. His suit clung so tightly to his dense, muscular bubble butt that it had become little more than a single strap that had vanished into the deep crevasse between his beefy butt cheeks. The sheer shape and size of his sexy mounds of muscle were completely on display, but even the spectacle of his impeccable ass paled in comparison to the lewd display around front. Thomas’s huge hard-on strained against the front of his singlet. His cock was already so hard that it was leaking pre which seeped through the already skintight fabric and made it cling even harder to his cock, but that wasn’t even the extent of the peep show that Thomas was putting on. The pre caused his white singlet to become nearly completely see through. He may have been completely naked at that point!

Jerry gawked at his pal’s enhanced boner. There was no doubt about it. The thing was huge by anyone’s standards. It stood straight and tall at a solid eight inches. The thing was as long and as thick as a TV remote and topped off with a pair of nuts the size of golf balls. Thomas was so hot and hung that he looked ready to walk onto the set of a porno, and with how little he was wearing he looked like he might as well already be in one.

“This is just going to get in my way,” Thomas said casually as he slowly peeled off his extra tight singlet. Thomas was hot before but somehow seeing his dense muscles spill out as he peeled his suit off just made him hotter. His muscles looked even more defined than they had a minute ago. Jerry was transfixed by how Thomas’s abs seemed to ripple and his lats flared out. Even the deep, dense V of Thomas Adonis belt seemed to exude an eroticism all its own, and then as Thomas pushed his suit lower and lower, his cock started to spill into view, and what a magnificent cock it was! Not only was it long and thick, but the veins along the shaft seemed to augment it’s already superhuman virility. Thomas already looked this amazing, and he wasn’t even at Jerry’s old size in terms of muscles or cock! Just starting at his recently buffed-up bestie got Jerry more hot and bothered than he had been in ages. Thomas already looked this hot, and he wasn’t even done growing!?

Jerry hated to admit it, but he was excited to see how Thomas looked when he was finished. There was something else gnawing at the back of his mind though. It wasn’t just a matter of how huge Thomas had become. There was a facet of his arousal that stemmed from how small he himself had become. On some level this shrinkage excited him, and as much as he wanted to hide that fact from not only Thomas, but also himself, his own cock was dribbling pre like a faucet causing his incredibly loose singlet to cling to his reduced rod. Despite how loosely his suit hung from his dwindling frame, it was clear how much his cock had shrunken. Jerry’s rigid boner was barely six inches. Sure, that was a sight to behold on such a small frame, but it was closing in on half its original size. At the rate things were going he’d soon be painfully average below the belt… or even smaller. He wasn’t sure why, but the thought intrigued him.

“You should lose your suit, too,” Thomas said. Jerry didn’t reply, but he balked at the suggestion. Lose his suit? And show off just how meager his average endowments were when compared to the towering, muscular Adonis that stood before him? That seemed like a terrible idea, but he had to admit that there was some logic to Thomas’s suggestion. The loose singlet barely hung from his shoulders. At any given second it could slip from his shoulder and slide right off his reduced body. That was the last thing he needed in a bout that was sure to be the toughest fight in his wrestling history. He needed every edge he could get, and if that meant shirking his suit, then so be it.

Jerry let his singlet slide from his shoulders and pool around his feet. His suit was so loose on him that it may as well have been a toga or a slip rather than a supposedly body-hugging singlet. In an instant he was left standing there fully nude before his towering pal. Jerry had never felt tinier in his entire life than he did in that moment. He now was so short that the tip of his head barely reached his buddy’s collar bone. Jerry was nearly eye level with Thomas’s nipples. Thomas’s massive pecs seemed to stare right back at him as if watching him shrink even further. Jerry needed to take his eyes off of them, but what other option did he have? If he looked up he’d be staring up at his pal who until just recently was far shorter than him, and if he looked down then he’d be staring at his pal’s enormous cock—a cock that was still steadily creeping up in size. Thomas’s huge cock was closing in on nine solid inches which put it almost twice as long and as thick as Jerry’s own reduced five-inch stiffy. Jerry was so painfully average where it counted, and soon he would be even less than that. Yet, despite how much this should freak him out, his cock was still dribbling pre. He was so hot and bothered that he felt like he could cum at any second. He had hoped that the comparison of his newly shrunken body against his friend’s beefed up bod would take the edge off his arousal, but somehow it had just made it worse! Seeing how small he had become compared to Thomas got his hornier than ever.

“Are you ready for our final bout?” Thomas asked impishly. “If you win, I’ll turn you back right now.”

“Wha-what!? You mean you won’t turn me back!?” Jerry sputtered. He tried to sound indignant, but he wasn’t sure he succeeded. Some part of him was excited at the prospect of spending his life as a lean, lithe little twink compared to his buddy’s massive jock bod.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Have a little faith in me, wouldya? I just wanted to have a little fun first.” Thomas replied.

“O-oh…” Jerry replied with a sigh. He hoped his sigh sounded relieved and not crestfallen, but the way Thomas seemed to raise an eyebrow at him made him wonder if Thomas had caught wind.

“All right. Take your position. I want to have a little sport out of this before you get too small to challenge me,” Thomas said playfully. Jerry quickly did as he was told, but his mind was racing with thoughts. Would he have a chance at all of fighting back? Could he possibly win? Should he even try? Part of him was excited by the prospect of Thomas having some fun with their new inverted size.

“On your mark. Get set. Go!” Thomas counted off. As soon as he said Go both combatants leapt into action. Jerry’s earlier hesitation immediately left him. His doubts were overtaken by the thrill of a tough match. The two competitors grappled one another and thus began their bout for supremacy. Yet, despite his newfound resolve, there was little that Jerry could do. He lacked the speed to outmaneuver Thomas and the strength to resist when Thomas went in for a pin. The match was over almost as quickly as it had begun.

“Okay, okay, you can get off now,” Jerry grumbled half-heartedly. He didn’t want to admit out loud, but he didn’t dislike the feeling of having Thomas’s big, bulky, bare body pressed up against his own.

“Not just yet… It occurs to me we never did decide what would happen if, and when, I won our little tournament.” Thomas mused out loud.

“You were gonna leave me like this for a while, right?” Jerry asked. His voice cracked slightly as he asked. He hoped that he sounded nervous, but he doubted he was doing a good enough job of hiding his excitement at the prospect.

“Well, yeah, but there’s so much we could do like this. We should have some fun with it.” Thomas replied. There was a brief pause where the two of them pondered in silence, but it wasn’t long before Thomas broke the silence with an outburst. “Let’s have sex!” he said suddenly.

“W-what!?” Jerry yelped in shock.

“Oh, come on. Don’t act like you weren’t thinking it. I can feel you grinding your dick against me, and I saw the way you were looking at me.” Thomas replied.

Jerry couldn’t deny that the thought had crossed his mind especially while staring at Thomas’s new, nude and hunky body. He couldn’t help but fantasize about what it would be like to be pinned down by those muscles and have that cock deep inside of him. He was already halfway there. Thomas had him pinned, and apparently part of Jerry’s body had already decided to act on his fantasies.

“Come on. Please? I’ve always thought you were cute, but now you’re absolutely adorable!” Thomas pleaded.

“A-adorable!?” Jerry yelped indignantly. It had been ages since anyone had used that word to describe him. That was a word used to describe little kids or puppies or bunnies or something—not hot and hung college studs! But Jerry was no longer a hung college stud. Even now he could feel the last of his muscles smoothing out. He had gone from a certified beefcake to having a lithe runner’s build to now having no muscles to speak of. Jerry now had a slim, slender, waifish build. He was even punier than Thomas had been before the changes had occurred.

Jerry didn’t get an answer to his outburst—at least not one he was expecting, anyway. Suddenly Thomas eased off of him and began to stand up leaving Jerry confused and exposed on the floor. Jerry’s slim, slender body was left on display for all to see, but that wasn’t the main part that was left exposed. Jerry’s cock—what was left of it, anyway—was sticking straight up in the air for all to see. It was hard to believe that just an hour ago Jerry was sporting a cock that would make a porn star gawk. The small stiffy that protruded from Jerry’s smooth crotch was anything but big. It barely capped out at three inches long. It was barely longer than his pointer finger and not much thicker than his thumb. His nuts which had gone from being a handful in and of themselves were now as fun-sized as his pecker. His nuts had gone from the size of walnut shells to the size of macadamia nuts, and it appeared like his junk was still ever so slightly shrinking.

“H-how small am I going to get?” Jerry asked, trying to hide the excitement in his voice.

“I dunno… you’re already smaller than I expected you to get.” Thomas said in awe as he stared down at the small form of his dwindling best bud. Thomas hesitated for a moment as he mulled it over, and then suddenly said, “That’s it. We’re stopping this now.”

“W-what!? Wait!” Jerry said suddenly. He scrambled to his feet and moved to block Thomas as he reached for the small device he had been fiddling with earlier.

“Wait…?” Thomas asked.

“Y-yeah… I mean… we don’t have to turn it off just yet, right?” Jerry asked awkwardly.

“Don’t tell me you…” Thomas murmured as he stared down at his tiny friend. Jerry was now so short that he was only eye level with Thomas’s top row of abs. Jerry didn’t even reach up to Thomas’s pecs! He was so short that he looked more like a pre-teen than a pre-med.

Once the shock began to subside, Thomas began to chuckle. “You do! You actually like being that small!” He said.

“It’s… an interesting change of pace? I guess?” Jerry replied.

“Hehe. No, you don’t have to defend yourself. I can see it for myself. You absolutely love being puny.” Thomas gloated. He almost felt bad for calling Jerry ‘puny’, but the look in Jerry’s eye and the tremble of Jerry’s cock quickly erased all fears that Thomas may have had.

“H-hey, now there’s no need to put it that way,” Jerry grumbled.

“Oh? But there is.” Thomas said with a smug smirk as he took a step closer to his tiny pal. Thomas’s nude, beefy bod was so close to Jerry’s own naked bod that Thomas could feel Jerry’s shaky breaths against his belly. Jerry didn’t even try to step away. He stood there and craned his neck back to stare up and up at the towering Thomas.

“Just look at you.” Thomas chided Jerry as he would a child, “You’re a total shrimp, and what is that between your legs?” Thomas reached down and cupped Jerry’s cock and balls in his hand. Jerry’s bait and tackle was so small at this point that Thomas’s palm was enough to eclipse the whole package—cock, balls, and all.

“H-hey… cut that out…” Jerry whined pathetically, but he made no effort to move away from Thomas’s touch. If anything, he leaned into it further so that Thomas could rub his palm against Jerry’s shrunken cock and balls even easier. Jerry’s whole body trembled as he felt Thomas effortlessly handle his cock and balls. Just feeling how massive Thomas’s hand felt against his reduced junk drove him wild. It reminded him further just how tiny he had become and just how massive Thomas now was. Never in his wildest dreams would Jerry have believed he would love being in this situation, and yet here he was, shrunken down to the size of a twelve-year-old, and completely at the mercy of his best friend who was now a towering Adonis who was built like a Mr. Olympian competitor.

Soon Jerry’s arousal and Thomas’s stroking became too much for Jerry to fight against. “I…I…” He moaned, and then his tiny nuts pulled up, his meager cock shuddered, and what felt like the largest, messiest spurt of spunk he had ever shot erupted from his dick. Jerry trembled like a leaf as he came again and again. The orgasm was so intense that he could barely remain upright, and in fact, he probably would have collapsed to the ground had Thomas not been there to steady him.

“Hehe. You came already?” Thomas teased.

Jerry couldn’t answer. He was so groggy and giddy from the afterglow that it was all he could do the stand upright, but it didn’t sound as if Thomas was expecting an answer. Thomas had something else in mind, and he was already on the move.

Thomas lifted his hand up to Jerry’s face. “Is that all those peanuts you’re packing can put out?” Thomas teased playfully. As Jerry’s vision began to clear he saw for himself the aftermath of his “massive” climax. It had felt so huge and messy to him, but it resulted in little more than a few splatters of spunk against his pal’s massive hand which again drove home the size disparity between the two of them. Even though Jerry had just cum what felt like the largest load of his life, his cock was already hardening for another go. He was just so hot and bothered that his dick didn’t care if his nuts didn’t have anything left to shoot.

There was a brief pause as both pals tried to parse their feelings on the situation and decide the next course of action. They were both hornier than they had ever been before, but didn’t know how to come to terms with what they were feeling. Thomas had never before thought of himself as a spiteful person, but seeing the way Jerry reacted to his taunts and teases drove him wild. Jerry, too, was experiencing a similar feeling. Jerry had always thought of himself as The Big Man in more ways than just physically. He was proud to a fault. Some might even go so far as to say he was downright arrogant, but today he was feeling absolutely pathetic, and it thrilled him! Both pals were already thinking about taking it even further, but neither one was really ready to take the first step.

In the end it was Thomas who worked up the nerve to keep their little play going. He ran his fingers through Jerry’s hair and smirked down at his now tiny pal. “You’ve already gotten your rocks off. Seems like it’s my turn,” Thomas said playfully.

“W-what do you want me to do… sir,” Jerry stammered. Both friends balked at the accidental utterance, but neither one of them disliked it. To Jerry the title of sir was fitting for someone as huge and handsome and oozing raw masculinity as the now towering and jacked Thomas, and to Thomas the title just went to show how submissive Jerry had become in his shrunken state. Thomas suspected that he could ask pretty much anything of Jerry and the little guy would comply not just willingly but enthusiastically!

“I played with that thing you call a dick until something came out of it, I think it’s time you returned the favor,” Thomas replied saucily. He reached down and one hand gently stroked Jerry’s chin while the other hand dipped lower and took hold of Jerry’s hand. Thomas guided his little buddy’s hand until it came to a rest against the massive, meaty rod of Thomas’s thick cock.

Jerry’s gaze dropped lower until it fell upon the enormous rod that his pal was now sporting. Even had Jerry not been so tiny, Thomas’s rod would have been a sight to behold. It had to be easily a foot long and thick as a baseball bat! The enormous nuts that hung from the thick rod were easily the size of apples. It was hands down the most amazing cock Jerry had ever seen, and he wanted nothing more than to worship it with everything he had at his disposal.

Jerry didn’t waste any time. He got down on his knees and prepared to go to work. He was once again struck by just how small he had become. He was so short that while standing on his knees he was eye level with his pal’s amazing cock, but he didn’t want to spend too much time ogling his own shrinkage—not when the result of Thomas’s growth was staring him square in the face! Thomas’s rock-hard cock was already drooling pre causing the tip to glisten in the light of the dorm room. Jerry had no doubt in his mind that he wanted to service and suckle that magnificent tool, but the question was; how!? The knob of Thomas’s fat cock was as big as an apple. Even had he been full-grown, Jerry wouldn’t have been able to get his mouth around the beast, and now that he was a pitiful, little shrimp he had even less of a chance. The best he could hope to do was suckle on the tip of it, but that didn’t stop him from giving it the good old college try. Jerry leaned in a licked at the tip of Thomas’s huge cock. The subtle taste of pre mixed with the slightly salty taste of the bare flesh of Thomas’s cock. It tasted amazing. Jerry never thought he would love the taste of cock as much as he did, but this was a day for finding out a lot of things about himself that he never would have thought possible. With the taste on his tongue he was hooked. He really threw himself into the task then. He wrapped his hands around the fat tool and began to stroke the thick cock. Thomas’s dick was so thick that Jerry couldn’t even fully wrap his fingers around it! He may as well been trying to wrap his hand around a football instead of a fat cock!

Jerry quickly settled into a routine. His hands would make long, languid strokes across the incredible length of Thomas’s massive cock while his tongue lapped greedily at the pre drooling tip of Thomas’s dick. All the while Jerry snuck in soft kisses mixed in amidst his adoring licks. He was in heaven, and he hoped that it would last for a good, long time, but Thomas had other ideas.

“Seems you’re really into it,” Thomas said in a sultry voice. Jerry didn’t respond. He was too enamored with his friend’s cock to take the time to use his mouth for anything else, but Thomas took that as a response in and of itself.

“Have you thought more about my earlier suggestion? Are you ready to fuck?” Thomas asked in a voice that was nearly a feral growl.

This actually made Jerry pause his praising and licking for a moment. He had been so enamored with licking and suckling his pal’s cock that he had completely forgotten there was more that could be done with such a fantastic tool, but now that he mulled it over he wasn’t sure it was even physically possible at his current size. Even if he was back at his 6’5 former self it would have been a miracle if he could ride such a behemoth. Thomas’s cock had to be over a foot long! Yet despite his doubts, Jerry’s cock was all for it. It somehow felt even harder than it had a second ago! Jerry was already close to cumming all over again when he heard the mere mention of having that cock embedded deep within him.

“Hehe. Don’t worry. There’s no need to say anything. Just show me where you want it,” Thomas goaded his little buddy on.

Jerry couldn’t even believe he was even considering it! Such a huge cock was more than he was capable of, but even just the thought of it had him so hot and bothered that he couldn’t fight back. Without even thinking about it, Jerry pulled back from his pal’s fat cock, turned around, and laid down so that the side of his face was pressed against the carpet and his cute, muscle-less little booty was raised for Thomas’s using pleasure.

Thomas didn’t need to be told twice. He was so ready to rock that his cock was nearly laminated in pre. It would be a miracle if he lasted more than a minute once he finally took the plunge into his buddy’s inviting ass, but he was going to give it his best.

Thomas knelt down behind his buddy. He was once again struck by just how tiny Jerry had become. Jerry was now so small and Thomas was so huge that Thomas could very nearly wrap his hands around Jerry’s midriff and have his fingers touch! Jerry was so small and Thomas’s cock was so huge that Thomas could rest his own, huge, orange-sized nuts against Jerry’s tiny, peanut-sized stones and Thomas’s massive cock would stretch across the entire length of Jerry’s ass crack and then some! It was like sticking a foot-long sausage in a ballpark hotdog bun! Even as Thomas rubbed his cock against the crevasse of Jerry’s ass, his nuts would grind against Jerry’s own, and Thomas’s pre dripped down onto the small of Jerry’s back.

Thomas could have continued to grind his cock against his pal’s cute butt for ages, but his own libido and desire to cum were demanding he do something more. Thomas took one last look to admire how huge his massive cock looked when pressed against his little buddy and then began the next phase of the festivities. Thomas lined up the fat head of his thick cock against the tight little hole of his buddy’s cute butt and slowly began to slide the monster into his pal’s eager ass.

It was tight—amazingly tight. At first Thomas was afraid it would be too much for his little buddy to handle. Jerry winced and groaned as Thomas pressed even just the tip into Jerry’s tight ass, but Jerry steadily relaxed, and his hole steadily spread to allow more and more of Thomas’s fat cock inside of it. Soon Jerry’s groans of discomfort were replaced with whines of pure bliss.

Jerry couldn’t believe what he was feeling. He never would have imagined that his ass could be spread so wide or that he could be filled so thoroughly with cock. He was in heaven! Thomas’s cock was so huge that it didn’t just graze that sweet spot deep inside Jerry’s hole—it positively mashed it! As Thomas dug deeper and deeper into Jerry’s ass, Jerry could feel each and every last inch of Thomas’s massive cock pressing against that spot. It was maddeningly fantastic. Jerry let out a moan and came at the first thrust, and with each subsequent thrust of Thomas’s huge cock, Jerry continued to whine and moan, and his cock continued to spurt whatever his tiny nuts had to offer. Soon the spurts were little more than water, but that didn’t stop Jerry’s dick from trying. Even without spunk to shoot, Jerry was so hot and bothered and in the throes of pure ecstasy that his cock shuddered and lurched as if cumming again and again! Jerry was so horny that he couldn’t keep his hands off his cock.

Jerry reached down and wrapped a hand around his cock. He was once again shocked by just how small it had become. He once had a coke can thick, ten-inch long cock that would make porn starts do a double take. It used to take both hands to stroke it, and there would still be room to spare, but now his dick didn’t even reach all the way past his palm. His two-inch stiffy was about as long as his thumb and about as thick as his middle finger. Some small part of him knew he should be freaked out. He knew that having a dick that small was unmanly, but that part of him was drowned out by the rest of him which loved every second of it. He loved how his cock felt wrapped in his hand. He loved how it felt to have his ass filled to the brim with the largest cock he had ever seen or felt. He loved the way Thomas’s big, strong arms grabbed him while the huge and hunky jock had his way with Jerry’s ass. Everything about this situation just felt so right that Jerry had forgotten what it was even like to be the big guy. He felt like he had always been this small, and was perfectly fine if he always remained this small as well. The evening was quickly reaching its climax, though.

Thomas was barely keeping his load down before taking the plunge into his buddy’s tight ass, and feeling how amazingly Jerry’s hole gripped Thomas’s huge cock wasn’t helping matters at all. Thomas was keeping from cumming through sheer force of will. He wanted to cream so bad, and yet at the same time he wanted this to last even longer. It wasn’t just because the sex felt so amazing though. He loved the rush of being so huge. He loved how it felt to have his pal so tiny before him. He loved having a massive cock and muscles to match. He knew that once this was over he’d soon have to return back to his normal life as short, lithe, little Thomas.

Thomas knew it was time. He took one last plunge and buried his cock deep in his pal’s tight ass. His whole body trembled. His cock lurched. Spunk shot forth from his huge dick deep inside his pal’s hungry hole. The orgasm was so intense that it was all Thomas could do to keep himself upright as he fired spurt after thick, creamy spurt into his buddy’s ass. Eventually, though, Thomas was spent. Even with nuts as huge as his, there was a limit to how much they could hold. Thomas pulled his softening—but still massive—cock out of his buddy’s wrecked ass and fell back with a thud on his big, beefy butt. Thomas stared in awe at his handiwork, and not just the damage done to Jerry’s cum-dripped ass. Staring at Jerry as he was now it was hard to imagine that just an hour or so ago, Jerry had been the tallest, buffest guy Thomas had ever met. Now Jerry was the quintessential twink. He didn’t have a muscle on his body to show for all his years at the gym. His slim, slender figure was more cute than cut.

“I suppose I should put you back to normal,” Thomas said with a sigh.

“Yeah…” Jerry replied wistfully. Jerry was too lost in the afterglow to even try to disguise his love of his new size, but it hardly mattered. His cover had long since been blown.

“You know…” Thomas mused out loud, “We could always do this again if you want.” Thomas never specified if he was referring to the sex or the swap, but Jerry knew instinctively he meant both. Just the knowledge that he could experience this size more and more brought a smile to Jerry’s flushed face.

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