I want what I want

by NCGazza

 Multitrillionaire Benjamin Kind has Professor Grant Jennings create a DNA altering nanobite to give him the body he’s always wanted.

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* Top Secret *

Official Transcripts of recordings found at undisclosed location, New York State.

For clarity and ease to the reader, moments where only action takes place as well as lapses in time will be notated.

Although encrypted, this file must be deleted once reading is completed. When the full examination of recordings has been finished, you may request to view it. approval will be made on an as needed basis.

Time Stamp—Start of Recording.

Friday February 15, 2019 7:19 pm.

Professor Grant Jennings: Okay. Hi. I figured this might be quickest and easiest way to get the information out. What I’ve helped unleash on the world… the destruction… the deaths… I don’t know how to stop it… I can’t stop it, so I’m hoping someone, with the help of this recording might be able to… but I doubt it. Maybe I’m simply doing this to ease my own conscious. That’s probably most likely what this is. Please know I’m not a horrible person. That’s not how this started. I wanted to help. I really did. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help.

I’m going to edit together all of the recordings I took, and in some instances where no recordings are available, I’ll simply have to tell you what happened. You’ll have to trust me that all of it is true. Why would I start lying now? This is being filmed on my Iphone, but it will also be instantly imported to my cloud drive.

My name is Grant Jennings, and at 37 I’m the youngest, and in my humble opinion, the most brilliant designer and programmer of nanotechnology living at the moment. Living…

As you may know… or maybe you don’t, there has been many advancements in DNA or gene editing but on very small levels. Malcolm Kind Laboratories, who had become aware of my work with genome editing or gene editing nanotechnology, had hired me right out of Grad School. The work I had been performing with MKL has been in perfecting technology to promote the growth of missing or ill formed limbs, skin, and in some cases, internal organs.

It was all a dangerous and highly guarded project that anyone at MKL would have denied even existed. We had incredible success on mice, monkeys, and finally on a gorilla where we were able to regrow more then half of its body.

It was going great at MKL, but a little too slow and safe for me. I’ve never been a very good team player, and the idea of working for a lab bothered me somewhat, but the money they supplied had enabled me to have quicker advances then I had even shared with them. If they wanted real progress, they’d needed to break into my office in the basement of my home; that was where real magic was happening. Unfortunately, my boss was well aware of that.

I was first summoned to Malcolm Kind’s office in NYC two years after my initial work had begun. I’ll skip all that you know about Malcolm Kind. Yeah, he was the richest man living, yeah he could be a tough business man, but I never saw that side. What I did see was a man scared of death… and when we met, he was indeed dying.

His body was riddled with cancer, and all the finest doctors in the world gave him less then five months to live.

An explosion rocks the camera and sends Dr. Jennings to the floor. The lights flicker on and off for a moment, but then come back on

DJ: I have to hurry. Okay. All you need to know was MK was dying and he wanted my help. In exchange of a sum… a large sum… he wanted me to use him as the first human Guinea pig using my technology. He didn’t just want the cancer destroyed… he wanted all of his internal organs renewed… reinvigorated. And to make a long story short… I was able to do it.

In a fairly short period, all of MK’s internal organs were that of a healthy twenty year old. Money and science had helped him beat cancer and partially beat the hands of time. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him from being killed in a skiing accident one year later. That is where Benjamin Kind enters the picture.

Three weeks after the funeral of his father, Benjamin summoned me to his father’s mansion outside the city. I had never met Benjamin before, but had heard of him as the much loved but much misguided only son of the trillionare.

We met in the library over coffee, and after a few formalities with the 34 year old, he came right down to business. “My father,” he said, “trusted you with his life. He told me everything that you did for him… and I’m forever grateful that you were able to help him in the way that you did. Now that he’s gone… I also want your help… but more in a vanity project sort of way.”

“At this moment I’m the richest man alive. I have everything I could ever want, except one thing: an incredible body. My father didn’t pass on the best genes. As you can see, I’m short, overweight, balding, and have awful skin. I’m willing to give you 60 million to change all of that. Make me into what I want to be.”

I remained quiet while he talked, not that he gave me a chance to get a word in anyway, but the thought of 60 million dollars??!! I could finally do what I wanted to do. I could help my family… assist brilliant kids who didn’t have the resources for good schools or higher education. I could do so much with 60 million…

“I blame my parents for my shortcomings. They should have been wiser with who they reproduced with for the sake of the race, but unfortunately they hadn’t thought about that. So, it’s up to you and I to fix all of their mistakes. You have the brains, and I have the money.”

“So… Where would I want you to start? You’re a guy so it probably will only take you one second to guess what the first trial I want to be. I’ve been dreaming of this for years… I’m going to be honest with you, Grant. My cock is nothing but small to average. It’s about 4 inches in length and 2” in girth when erect. When soft, it isn’t even worth measuring it’s so small. So, I want you to change that.”

Benjamin has been pacing around the room while he was talking, but now he sat next to me… so close I could smell the coffee on his breath.

“In my pants, Grant, I want a real ass ripper. I want the kind of cock that would make another guy stop and think twice maybe three times whether or not he wants me to go through with the act of letting me fuck him. My cock would make it nearly impossible for a guy to give me a blow job because the head itself is just so damn thick!! No matter what I wear, my VPL is always visible, and wearing a speedo or even square cuts is impossible due to there not being enough fabric to cover my meat and balls!! I want a cock where, when I step up to a urinal, I stand back so everyone can catch a good glimpse of my massive horse meat and let loose a stream that would make a fire hose jealous. I have enough money not to care what the world thinks… and I want to be a freak of nature… you have no idea how freakish I want to be… and my cock will be the starting point.”

“Two years ago I found this picture online… “

Benjamin pulled out his phone and scrolled through it until he found the picture he wanted to show me.

“I think it was on Tumblr, when they could show such things… It’s my dream cock. It’s obviously morphed and doctored, but it’s length and girth and… sheer power is simply incredible. I must have jerked off a thousand times to this picture just imagining what it would feel like having it between my legs… feel it’s pull when soft… feel how heavy it is when hard. Yeah…only something like this will do for me. I want you to give me this.”

He stopped talking and waited for my response.

“Mr Kind…”

“Ben. Please.”

“Ben… of course it’s possible. It’s just… I’ve never…”

“You never rebuilt a whole man’s insides, but you could do that for my father. You’re a brilliant man…”

“Thank you… it’s just…”

“60 million transferred into your account right after this is done… and then One hundred and fifty million, transferred after you give me the body I want. What do you say?”

What do you say to that? You say yes!! 60 million to give a guy a huge cock he’s fantasized about, and then 150 to give him a great body? Who would ever say no to that? What harm was there in giving him what he wants? Now you all are paying for my greed…

“Great!! We’ll start tonight. I’ve had portions of the lab closed and everything you’ll need transferred into the basement. I also took the liberty of having your clothes and personal items brought to the house so you can start prepping everything that will be needed.”

“How did you know I was going to say yes?”

“I wasn’t going to give you the option of saying no.”

That night, I infused Ben’s body with 15,000 microscopic and computerized “viruses” that would invade and alter his system as required. It was a long process for him to sit on his ass as the drip delivered 15 million dollars’ worth of technology induced fluids into his system. Yes. 15 million dollars, but that was a drop in the bucket for MKL. They’ll easily be able to get that money back come tax time… if there ever is a tax time again…I tried to distract him with Netflix, but he continually found it difficult to sit still.

Four hours after the initial delivery began, and the last drop of LRS was in his system, I brought the ‘bots’ online. Although it was late, Ben wanted to continue with the first trial, but the ‘bots’ needed to map his entire body first. That was completed around 5:00 am the next morning. Here is what it looked like.

Professor Jennings moves the iPhone. On a computer screen are two images. One is a naked 3D rendering of Benjamin Kind’s body. The other is another rendering, this one showing the interior: bones, veins, organs, etc.

Fucking amazing, isn’t it??!! Even to me it’s scary how accurate it is. The ‘bots’ had gone through every mm of his body, reading and processing his DNA, body mass, bone density, organ size and density, until they had a complete working map. As he looked at it the next day, all Ben could do was comment how easy it was to see his flaws reflected on the screen back at him.

That afternoon, preparing for our first trial run, I went through the diagnostics to verify that all of the ‘bots’ were still online and ready for their commands. Everything appeared to be in working order, and all of the bots were signaling back to the host which meant everything was online. Perfect.

After that, I took the image Ben had given me of that massive cock and balls and dragged the picture from my desktop into the upload portion of the program. Once the picture was imported, I let the program know exactly what organ it was so it would be able to properly judge proportions when it created the 3-D image.

This program I had been working on at home could take any image of a body part, map it, create a 3D rendering, and come up with the DNA it would require to create it… alter the users original system to accept it as if it was always its own… and grow it.

In this program, I had a library of approximately 50,000 different body parts to pick and choose from, or you could upload a specific one. This library could also help to build a proper image even if you only have a front or side view using the examples in the library. We only had a front shot of that cock, but once the program knew what it was, it was able to put the pieces together and create the complete thing.

I’ll show you a picture of it.

Professor Jennings positions the iPhone in-front of the computer screen.

There you have it. The 3D image of Ben’s monster cock. The statistics put it at 12.8 inches by 7 with the glans being 3” long and a whopping 8” thick. A thick finger-sized vein runs up the right side of it, with additional sizeable ones branching off of it. The testicles were simply enormous as well, about the size of kiwis. It’s was massive… so sizeable that… fuck… would Ben think it was too much even for him??

No way!! It was exactly what he always wanted… what he had dreamed of. But first, he required some alterations to be made…. to improve upon it.

First he had me edit the function of both testes to ensure they produced a nearly unthinkable amount of both pre and cum. He wanted to be leaking like a faucet when hard and blowing like a volcano when he ejaculated. Okay. That was easy to program.

Then I took the cock rendering and had it merged it with his DNA. Moments later, it showed up on his 3-D rendering.

As soon as Ben saw it, he began hopping up and down like a kid at Christmas.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yes!!! Look at that!!! Fuck!!! I want that soooo bad!!! That cock and balls will be the most ultimate part of my body… as if the rest of me didn’t grow because it was too busy growing this GodCock!! Fuck it! That’s what I’m talking about!! Just… maybe a little bigger.”

I shifted the size to make it 13.2x7.5 with a head 4x8.5.

“Much better, Grant!! Love it more freakish!”

Once he was happy with it, I had the computer write the command to alter his DNA to grow what he wanted. It took about two hours to process. Longer than I had anticipated, but the entire strand was finally complete.

Professor Jennings points the phone at the screen again

As you can see from the updated 3D image, the muscles in his groin area had become enlarged to enable his new cock to stand at attention when hard. Also, and this was surprising, you can see that it had a foreskin that was only able to cover about half of the head when soft. That hadn’t been programmed, which was strange, but being a guy who’s cut, Ben loved the idea of having foreskin. He thought it would be a new experience and one he was really looking forward to. Hell!! Having that whole massive cock and balls was going be a new experience for Ben, and one he couldn’t wait for.

So… Ben wanted to know… what were we waiting for? The DNA code was prepared and the bots were ready to alter the strands already in his body. All I needed to do was type in the command and it was a go. With one command I did it. With one command I began the downfall of our planet.

Every nanobot in Ben’s body was now working in tandem to alter his DNA and replace it with the one where he would possess that cock. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take. The trial tests on animals took a few hours before visible signs of change were obvious, but never having done a full test run on a human made the timing an unknown.

Ben was horny from the get go. He talked about wanted to jerk off right then and there, but he waited.

“I never want to touch that little cock again. Soon I’ll be rid of that mistake and replace it with one fit for the man I’m gonna be.” Those were his very words. I remember them like they were yesterday.

We waited and waited, Ben wondering if everything was working properly, and I kept informing him that it was. Finally at 11:38 pm, Ben let me know that something was starting to happen.

For scientific purposes, I recorded the entire thing. Here it is. None of this footage has been altered.

Here Professor Jennings has attached an additional file timestamped at 11:40 pm. Benjamin Kind is sitting on the couch of what is presumably the makeshift laboratory. He is naked. Sweat is beading on his forehead. He appears anxious and excited.

- Describe what you’re feeling for me, Ben.

- Okay. About ten minutes ago I started feeling a little something in my balls. I don’t know how to describe it… but it felt like an engine starting up. Now it’s only getting stronger. I feel like my balls are… ugh!! Damn that hurt. It’s really getting strong now. It feels like my balls are just churning away… filling up… getting heavier. If you look at them, they do look like they are slightly bigger in size. Not by much but a little. They… fuck!!! This is really starting to hurt now. The feel like their swelling… growing… Grant… look!!! My balls are!!! Fuck!!! They’re growing!!! Buddy!!! Look.. you can totally see that they are… Oh yeah!!! I’m… finding it harder to talk… I just feel so…. so horny. I don’t think I’ve ever been this fucking horny in my life!! Argh!! It hurts. It hurts a lot. It feels like I’m getting kicked in the groin… over and over again… but it also feels so good. I don’t know if you can understand… but it feels… fucking amazing.

- I’m sure you can see, Grant, but my cock… it’s getting so hard. It’s never been this hard before in my life!!! And my balls… you can totally see now that they are much larger. They’re both pulling down on my sack. Blowing it up like a water balloon.

Benjamin laughs as he winces in pain.

- Who would have thought getting bigger balls would hurt so damn… FUCK!!!! Look at the size of these bad boys!! I can grip one of them with my hand. It’s like an XL egg right now.

Benjamin Kind closes his eyes and starts to breathe heavily.

- Fuck fuck Fuck!!!

A large amount of pre-ejaculate squirts out of Ben’s penis.

- Oh my God!!! That felt amazing!!! Shit!! It shot across the room!!

Benjamin Kind laughs

- I can already feel it building up again. Oh God!! Oh God!! Here it comes!!

An even larger amount of pre-ejaculate squirts from Ben’s penis

- Fuckin hell!! What the fuck is… AHHHH!!

Benjamin grabs onto his penis as it shoots squirt after squirt of pre-ejaculate. This continues for 10 ejaculations. Still breathing heavy, Benjamin stands and begins to pace around the room

- My cock and balls are growing!! I can’t fucking believe this…

- Maybe you should sit down, Ben

- This is almost too much… no! It’s not enough! I fuckin’ love it!! Here it comes again!!!

Benjamin falls onto his knees and begins to moan loudly. Ben’s penis begins to squirt pre-ejaculate in larger and larger amounts until it begins to look like a constant stream. His penis continues to throb over and over, noticeably getting thicker. Benjamin wraps his hand around his penis and begins to stroke it.

- I… can… hardly… speak… My balls are… sending out… a continuous river of pre! Is this… supposed to… happen…

- Ben… come over here and sit down… This could be a complication from altering the testicles processes…

Benjamin laughs while looks down at his penis and tries to control where it is spraying.

- This is gonna… be a… bitch for the… servants…to… clean up… tomorrow!!!

Benjamin laughs even more. He watches as he strokes his penis, smiling at the camera.

- Can you see this, Grant?? Every time it squirts it’s getting thicker… FUCK!!! Oh yeah. It’s getting much thicker. I can feel it… argh!!! I can feel it…

Benjamin’s penis abruptly stops flowing.

- What the fuck??

Benjamin closes his eyes tight, starts to pant, and scrunches his whole face as he screams; His entire penis begins to swell like a water balloon at bursting point, when a massive amount of pre-ejaculate is suddenly emitted from his penis.. this continues for nearly ten minutes of the recording.

- I can literally feel and hear the flesh ripping and repairing itself as it gets thicker and more eminence. My heart is beating so fast… more and more blood keeps getting pushed into my cock. Fuck!! Look at how thick it’s getting. I can hardly get my hand around it!! I fuckin love this, and I love the fact it’s only getting bigger!!!

- Here it comes again… even stronger!!! My balls are churning more and more… I’ve never felt anything like this before. I can actually feel and hear my balls churning!!! Look at them!!! I don’t think I can even close my legs anymore… I…

Benjamin grabs onto the couch as he begins to arch his back

- It’s getting… so heavy!!! I can feel it starting to pull on my groin. It has to be at least 7 inches long now. Five more to go!!! Look at it!! So thick!! Hah!! I can’t even get my hand around it now at all!! Look at the space between my thumb and middle finger!! This would tear a guy up already… and it’s not even as thick as it’s gonna be.

- This whole room stinks of bleach!! I don’t think there’s a surface I haven’t covered in pre. It just doesn’t stop coming! My body just keeps producing more and more… an endless supply… forcing my cock and balls to just keep growing.

- You’re a fucking genius, Grant Look at this thing!!! Come on, baby!! Keep getting longer!! Keep getting…

- FUCK!!!!

- My cock head!! It feels like its gonna rip in two!! Blood just keeps getting pumped in, forcing it to swell. Argh!! The piss slip is starting to tear… getting so much longer as the head takes over the growth… getting so massive! I’ve never seen a head so meaty. The piss slit has gotten much longer… and keeps ripping to accommodate the size of my head. Look at me covering the head with my hand!! It’s thicker than my palm… so bulbous and still growing!!

- Fuck!! A shot just went through my balls like lightning. It’s all happening so much faster now. My sack has nearly doubled in size to accommodate the two kiwis residing there. And my cock… two hands doesn’t even start to cover it!!

- Growing so quickly now. One second it’s nine inches, then ten!! Keep growing!! Keep growing!! I’m becoming a total freak with a cock like this… but I love it!! Damn!! Where’s all the blood coming from to fill this thing??!!

- I need to fuck! I need to fuck sooo bad. I need to fuck over and over again… I don’t think I’ll ever really be satisfied again! I’m going to always be constantly horny.

- Here comes another surge!!! Here… it… FUCK!!!! Growing so… my voice?! What’s happened to my voice?! It sounds like it just dropped!! How can that… there!! It’s happened again!!! My voice is getting so deep… so masculine… sounds like it dropped an octave!!! so… FUCK!!!

- I’m thicker than a wine bottle now… my voice just oozes sex!! I love it!!

- My cock looks exactly like the picture!! Even two handed I barely cover it!

- Something else is happening… my balls are churning more. Can you hear that?? So loud!!! My cock is nearly 13” and so thick!!! So… thick!!! My balls are even bigger then kiwis! Swelling even larger. No way I’m gonna hide any of this in trousers! I don’t think I’ve even got underwear that will fit this beast!!

- So hard… so colossal… just looking at it makes me want to get fucked by it! I want to suck it… get fucked by it… over… and over… and over…

- My cock and balls are pure sex. Fuck… I’m pure sex!! I think I’m… I’m gonna… balls churning more… I’m gonna blow… need release… need to empty these…

- FUCK!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Kind begins to ejaculate continuously for eight minutes. During this time his cock continues to lengthen and thicken even more, the head blowing up to unthinkable proportions. As his ejaculations begin to become less frequent, Benjamin keeps stroking his penis and laughing. When he speaks again, his voice rumbles in a deep bass.

- It worked even better than we thought!! I’m even bigger then predicted. It’s thicker than my arm! I have the monster cock of my dreams!!! My voice!!! So deep… so sexy!! Like my cock!! I cum like a fire hose, and I’m as hard as a steel girder. It would take four of my hands to cover this cock!! You’re a fucking genius! And if you can do this… imagine what else you can do!! I can have the body I’ve always dreamt of. The existence I’ve always dreamed of. You’re gonna make my dreams come true, Grant. You’re gonna make me into a God!!

- One step at a time, Ben. We need to look at why you’re much bigger then you were supposed to be…

- Measure it!!

Professor Jennings sets the phone down so that Benjamin is still in view. He walks over with a tape measure.

- It’s… 14.6 inches long and…8.8 inches wide.

- Yes!!!!

- The head itself is… 5 inches long and 9.6 wide.

- Fuck!!! My head is bigger then my old cock used to be!! My balls. Look at then. Like two oranges fighting for space in this sack. I wonder how big I am soft…but I haven’t been soft yet!!

Benjamin laughs and then winces in pain again.

- What’s wrong, Ben?

- Nothing!! Everything is great!! I have to go…

Benjamin starts to leave the room but stops, leaning against the wall. Professor Jennings runs up to him. Benjamin starts laughing.

- I can just feel it growing again, Grant. It hadn’t finished growing… look at it!!! Fuck!!! Getting so massive…

- We need to go run diagnostics on this, Ben…

- It’s still getting bigger!! Don’t freak out, Grant!! It’s what I want… what I’ve always wanted… I’m a fucking living morph!!!

Benjamin winces again. When he speaks, his voices is even deeper than before.

- I need to fuck!! Need to fuck right now!!! Need to fuck all night!! Balls are already starting to fill up… churning. Fuck!! Getting blue balls!! That can’t be right!!! Starting to hurt already!! Just a reminder that this cock and balls were built for constant use!!

Benjamin starts to move around the room, in and out of the frame.

- Gonna go fuck, Grant. Find some poor soul and tear his ass apart. Got to fuck! Now!! Right now!! Not sure what I can wear… this won’t fit in any of my trousers… fuck it!! Let them see the massive bulge of this God cock!! Let them see I’m packing and what they’re getting!!

- Ben, you can’t. We need to figure out what’s going on!!

- Want me to fuck you, Grant?? That what you want??

- No… I…

- Then get out of my way… all I can think about right now is fucking… getting off… FUCK!!! It’s still growing… and my balls!!! I’m gonna…

Benjamin grabs onto his penis with both hands as he begins to ejaculate once again for four minutes, moaning and stroking as he does. When he finished, he looks at Grant and laughs!

- Measure me again.

- It’s… 15.4 inches long and… 9.7 inches wide.

- Yes!!!!

- The head itself is… 6.4inches long and 10.2 wide.

- It’s a fucking monster, Doc, and I have you to thank!!! I’ll see you tomorrow, Doc… not too early… I think I’ll be too busy… sleep all day… the servants will take care of you. I have some great ideas what we’re gonna do next. I can have the body I’ve always dreamt of. The existence I’ve always dreamed of. You’re gonna make my dreams come true, Grant. You’re gonna make me into a God!! Gonna go fuck!! Talk more later!!

Benjamin starts to exit the sitting room, his penis hard and still leaking. He stops and turns back to the camera.

- Don’t be worried, Grant. You have no idea how amazing this feels. Ive never felt so alive…

The recording ends.

Grant: That night I went through every diagnostics and everything was working properly. There was no reason why Ben’s penis and balls had grown to the size they now were. If I knew then what I know now… I would have destroyed that program right then and there. But I didn’t… and we didn’t stop… and now… fuck… what the fuck has Ben become? What’s he finally going to be??

I did sleep late and woke up around 1 p.m. After a quick shower, I went to check on Ben, but was told by the servants that he never came home last night. At 7 p.m. that night, he still wasn’t back, and I was beginning to get worried. I had his cell phone number, and gave it a call. The individual who answered was indeed Ben, but his speech was an even lower bass then when I saw him last. He let me know that even though he was still horny as hell he was on his way back to the compound and would be there in twenty minutes.

When Ben appeared, wearing only a T-shirt and nothing else, I was more stunned by what I saw then I thought I would be. His mammoth cock was still hard, still leaking, and larger then when he left the house last night. He was also much hairier then I remembered, sporting a week’s growth of facial hair. His pubic hair also appeared fuller then I remembered, and when he took off his T-shirt and tossed it on the floor, his chest had a light coating of hair that I hadn’t remembered being there before. He also had an odor that bathed the room as soon as he entered. The smell was musky mixed with wood mixed with leather mixed with sweat, yet it came from his body. It made my mouth water, my head swim, and my body was instantly aroused. The smell was lust and sex combined. I tried to concentrate. “What happened to you?!” I asked.

“What hasn’t happened?” he replied mockingly. “I spent the night and most of today fucking, getting sucked, and cock worshipped by dozens of men.”

“Has your cock ever gotten soft?”

“Yeah. A couple of times… when I wanted it to.”

“It seems even bigger.”

He peered down at it. “Yeah. I thought it was still growing. I wonder how big it is now.”

I measured his cock for him, and it was now a whopping 16.8” long and 10.2 inches wide. The head was huge… thick and swollen and seemed to pulsate every time it sent out more pre cum. By itself, it was 7.9” long and 10.11” wide. “How did you even get this in anyone?”

“It was difficult, but nothing’s impossible when you’re both into it. Those guys couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t get enough! I still can’t. My balls need to be emptied about every fifteen minutes. You should have seen me cumming gallon after gallon inside and onto those guys. I was incredible… unstoppable!! When I was leaving this guys apartment, I tried to put my sweatpants on, but my cock was simply too big for them now, so I thought: fuck it!! Why shouldn’t I always be on display? So, I drove home like this.”

“You’re lucky you weren’t arrested.”

“I was stopped by a cop, but got off with an incredible cock tongue bath!! I’m gonna grab a shower and then we’ll start, okay.”

“We need to figure out what’s going on first. It shouldn’t have gotten this big…”

“Nothing’s wrong!! I’m glad it’s this big!! I want it this big!! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life!! I’m paying you, Grant, remember that. I’m paying you for what I want, not for you to be my mother. I love what you’ve done so far, and hope my body is as amazing as this cock. See you downstairs in 30 minutes.”

He turned around, hitting the wall with his cock, leaving a large wet splotch of precum behind. “Have Charles clean this up, will you?”

Forty-five minutes later, Ben came down from his shower. He let me know that he had jerked off three times and that the tub was now clogged with his cum, but Charles was taking care of that. He had also decided to keep the heavy stubble and refused to wear any type of pants. His penis was finally soft, and hung over 12”. We sat in front of the computer arguing.

“I don’t give a shit, Grant. I want to do the whole body now!”

“We’re only doing your legs, and that’s final. I want to be sure everything is working fine before we go after something as complex as rebuilding your whole musculature. It’s either that, or nothing. I can live very happy with the 60 million you transferred last night. Thanks for that, by the way.”

“Hey… I’m a man of my word. Best 60 mil I’ve ever spent.”

“It’s either this or nothing. I pack up and go home.”

“Then I just get someone else to program it.”

“You think I don’t have provisions? I leave, my whole program self-destructs when I tell it to.”

“You wouldn’t!!”

“Try me.”

He frowned. “My father said you were good. He knew what I wanted to do but said no… didn’t want a muscle freak for a son.”

“Sorry about your father.”

“He was a good man. A difficult man, but a good man. Now he’s gone, I get to do what I want.”

“I guess so.”

We sat for a minute in silence. Ben wasn’t a bad guy at that time. I’m not making excuses… he just wasn’t. He was like a little kid who had lived in the shadow of his imposing father and now wanted to burst out from it. I hadn’t told him, but I kept a backup copy of his DNA figuring one day he’d be tired of living this way and want to be normal again.

No… don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried.

“Fine. Just the legs. But if that works out fine, we do the rest.”

“Deal. Now, I picked out an amazing set of muscular legs from my library….”

“You think that’s muscular?! This is muscular. These are the legs I want.” Ben showed me a picture once again on his iPhone, this one of a heavily morphed bodybuilder with titanic columns for legs.

“I don’t want to go that far. I want to start with something easy and go from there. Tomorrow… if it goes well… we can go with those.”

“Fuck, Grant!!” he exploded, then forced a little control. “Fine!! Guess I can live with your puny legs for one night.”

As before, I attached the code for the muscular legs onto Ben’s DNA. His rendering on the computer altered, and we were faced with an obviously taller Ben with more impressively built legs.

“Not bad!! Let’s go. I wanted to go out again tonight. At least with those legs I can still get some real power behind me when I fuck.”

“Here I’m going to attach the next session I recorded.”

Attached recording starts. Time stamp; 12:47 am. Benjamin Kind is lying on the floor. He is naked, panting heavily, hands clenched, and sweating profusely.

– Let me get you to the couch.

– I’m fine!! Don’t touch me!!

Benjamin Kind screams out.

– It feels like my legs are being broken over and over again.

– They are. It’s your bones breaking and healing. You’re getting taller, Ben.

– Fuck yeah!! Just wish it didn’t hurt so much!!

– Going through growing pains…

– It feels strange… good strange. They feel longer. Denser.

– You must have gained at least an inch so far.

– Yes!! Argh!! I can deal with the pain!! If there wasn’t pain there wouldn’t be any… argh!! Any… growth!! Fuck!!

– It shouldn’t be much longer. You’re only supposed to get two inches taller.

– When we do this again…. tomorrow… I don’t care how much it hurts… I want to be tall. Fuck!! Fuck!! I always wanted to be tall. A fucking giant…

The video stops, and we have Doctor Jennings in his lab.

“No matter how many times I’ve replayed this… I never took into account those were the words he used: A fucking giant… I should have seen what was happening. I should have.”

Recording continues again, from where it left off. On the recording, there is the perceptible sound of bones breaking coming from Benjamin Kind. Dr. Jennings is on the floor next to him.

– My pelvis!! Grant… why does my pelvis… keep… breaking… Fuck!!

– I don’t know… I don’t know what…

– My legs are so wide now… so far apart. What’s going on.

– I told you we shouldn’t have…

– My legs at getting… so long…

– I know… I’m not sure…

Benjamin Kind screams out again.

Fuck!! It hurts so much but… it’s also beginning to feel… feel… so good. I feel this burning in my legs… this burning and this thickening… I can feel my legs getting denser… Yeah!! I think my muscles are growing!! Argh… they are!! I can feel it now!! They’re really burning now!! Fuck!! It’s like my fucking legs are on fire!! Like I’m doing thousands upon thousands of squats… argh!!

Benjamin Kind sits up to look at his legs.

– Look at my quads, Grant!! They’re blowing up!! Getting thicker!! Fuck!! I fuckin love this pleasure and pain!! Do it!! Make me huge!! Help me stand up, Grant.

– I think you should…

– Help me stand up!!

Dr. Jennings struggles to get Benjamin Kind to his feet. Benjamin tries to walk.

– My pelvis… it’s so wide now… making me really bow legged…

– I know…

– I’m so tall now… taller then you!!

– Yeah…

– And I’m still growing!! Look at these quads!! I’m growing powerlifter quads. So thick!! So full… argh… yes!! Make me talker!!

– The sound of your bones… it has to…

– It has to happen so I can grow, Grant!! My calves are growing now too!! Ha!! Obviously I never skip leg day!! Ha!! Leg day is every day!!

– How is this happening??!!

Dr Jennings runs out of the frame and can be heard at his computer. Benjamin’s legs are continuing to grow. In moments highways of veins begin to appear up and down his legs. The sound of bones breaking continues and appears to be getting louder and more frequent.

– It says here that everything is functioning as normal.

– Everything is functioning, Grant!! Fucking hell!! I think it’s all functioning just fine!! I’m just gaining more mass then you expected… a lot more mass!!

Benjamin Kind begins to walk around the room, his legs visibly becoming immense pillars as he walks.

– It’s like I have fuckin redwoods for legs now!! You can’t believe how heavy they are!! Each leg has to weigh at least a hundred pounds now… and they just keep growing. Look at me!! I have to waddle a little when I walk… quads keep rubbing against each other… balls in the way… Argh!! My feet… look at my feet!! Even they’re growing now!! Fuck yeah!! My feet are also growing. Look at how long they’re becoming!! Each toe is getting so friggin’ lengthy and thick!! You have to do this to yourself one day, Grant… to see how this feels… how it feels to just grow and swell… feeling each muscle get larger and larger… I’m… ARGH!!

Benjamin Kind bends over and grabs his stomach. He screams out again, but laughs soon afterward.

– My abs!! My abs are literally bursting from my stomach!! Look at them!! Cobblestones are exploding from my stomach! I never imagined a six pack could look like this… feel like this!! The crevices between each ab are so deep and getting deeper!! I always wanted a trim stomach, but you can’t with dense abs like these!! They are literally like bricks being attached to my body!! Look at them, Grant!! Look!!

Benjamin begins punching his trunk over and over again. He laughs as he does so.

– I can’t even feel this anymore!! How thick is my waist, Grant? 36 inches? 38? And not an ounce of fat!! Just ripped muscle!!

– How is this happening, Ben?

– I don’t care!! Give me more!! Look at you down there!! You only come up to my neck now!! Feel my abs, Grant! Go on!!

Dr. Jennings puts his hands on Benjamin’s abs.

– They’re still growing, aren’t they? Getting bigger…

– Yeah…

– I knew it! I can feel it happening to my whole body. My spine feels like it’s stretching… lengthening… already I’m taller than I was a minute ago… I feel like a cock that is slowly getting an erection… filling up more and more with blood… filling up more and more with muscle!! I feel like my whole body is just going to explode with growth… getting more and more powerful!!

A loud cracking sound is exceptionally audible on the recording. Benjamin looks down at his hands and winces in pain but also smiles.

Fuck!! My hands!! Look at them!! Getting longer and thicker. Look at my fingers!! Thick as sausages…My hands are starting to look like fuckin baseball mitts!! So thick… Hah!! Not baseball mitts anymore!! My palms have to be as big as manhole covers!! Fuck!! The pain is worth it for hands like this! Oh yeah… Now my entire arms are joining in with my legs… getting longer and thicker!! When I flex I can actually see my bi’s and tri’s engorging me with power! Look!! They really are!! Each time I flex they swell up more and more!! Look at how big the veins are becoming on my arms!! More like pipes then veins!! Spreading all over my body… feeding this growing mountain of a man!! Argh!! My legs!! Getting longer again!! My pelvis is getting even wider, allowing more room for growth!! My arms!! Look at my arms getting longer and bigger as well!! Fuck yeah!! You only come up to my chest now!!

– We need to find out what’s gone wrong here, Ben.

– Nothing’s wrong!! Everything is… fuck…perfect!! Growing so fast now… thicker… denser… packed with so much muscle. Look at my legs!! They’re each thicker then your waist!! So massive!! Argh!! My arms!! Look at these guns!! Almost the size of your head!! I’ve never seen biceps this huge… this freaky! Getting harder to even bend my arms!! Look at how vascular my whole body is!!

– Maybe if we shut the program off… reboot the bots…

– There will not be any stopping of anything!!

Jennings goes to run to the computer but Benjamin Kind grabs him by the shirt and pants and lifts him over his head. Jennings attempts to struggle but Benjamin Kind is like a rigid statue. As he continues to grow both more muscular and taller, Benjamin begins to press Dr. Jennings into the ceiling.

– Nothing is being stopped here!! Do you hear me??!! Nothing!!

Benjamin Kind screams/roars, and as he erupts further in size, pushing Dr Jennings further against the ceiling, his pectoral muscles simply explode with mass. Benjamin’s penis is now fully erect and leaking pre-ejaculate once again.

– Please let me down, Ben…

– No one is stopping anything!!

Benjamin’s shoulders begin to get rounder as his deltoids join his colossal body in spontaneous growth. His neck is nearly as thick as his quads, and his lats begin to swell larger, causing an extremely wide V taper to his already impenetrable body. Along with gaining hundreds of pounds of muscle mass, Benjamin Kind keeps getting taller. He appears to be in total muscle lust as he is now simply moaning loudly as he grows.

– Please let me down, Ben. Please!! You’re pressing me into the ceiling!! Please!! Please let me down… you’re really hurting…

Benjamin throws Dr. Jennings across the room. Stunned, he lands in a heap on the floor.

– I was lifting you above my head…but I forgot you were even there. You barely weighed anything!! Can you believe that!! I forgot I was even holding you!! Look at these pecs!! Fuck!! I want to just lick them, suck on those massive nips!! And my underarms… so deep!! I smell so fuckin good, Grant!! You should come over here and smell me… come over here and worship me!! Getting so big!! Getting as tall as the ceiling!! That has to make me nearly ten feet tall… and I’m not stopping!! Gonna grow and grow and grow till I take up this whole house!! ‘Til I rise from the rubble… showing the world who exactly Benjamin Kind is!!

Every muscle group continues growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own. Benjamins is now worshiping his own body, licking stroking, touching, and feeling every inch of himself. In between, he strokes his cock frantically as if trying to intensify the feeling he is receiving. As Benjamin Kind’s lateral muscles grew even wider, his trap muscles began to lengthen and thicken, growing higher by the second until they had nearly engulfed the sides of his neck making it virtually impossible for him to turn his head. Without him realizing what is happening, Benjamin Kind’s head slams against the ceiling.

Awww!! Fucking ceiling!! Think you can stop me!! My father wanted to stop me and look what happened to him!! Nothing will stop me ever again!!

Benjamin begins to lift his arms as best as he can, and proceeds to punch holes in the ceiling over and over again.

– Need to make… more room to grow… need… more… room!!

The ceiling of the floor above comes crashing down on Benjamin, which includes a settee, table, and lamps, sending him to the floor underneath it. More of the floor continues to fall on him as he continues to laugh.

– I brought the whole fucking house down around me!! The whole fucking house!!

As Benjamin rises he throws the furniture to different parts of the room. He stares at the destruction all around him, laughs hysterically, and proceeds to do a most muscular pose until his penis begins to erupt in a continuous ejaculation. Benjamin continues to flex and roar, growing larger by the minute. This continues for seven minutes, his shoulders pulling down more of the ceiling as he bursts through it. Ben proceeds to get even taller and wider as his pecs become on level with the ceiling. With his head out of the frame, the only thing we can hear is laughter coming from Benjamin. Dr. Jennings does not inform us how much Ben weighs at this time, but from analysis we believe that he has to be at least a ton if not more. Ben’s hand grabs onto his penis and begins to stroke it harder, releasing more and more cum. His other hand proceeds to finger his rectum. As he ejaculates for longer than fifteen minutes, his body continues to gain both size and density, possibly gaining a pound a second. Finally, with one intensely loud scream/roar, Benjamin Kind’s penis ceases ejaculating and he falls onto the floor in a giant heap, taking down one wall, and then ceasing to move. The quiet continues for nearly a minute with no movement from either Benjamin Kind or Dr. Jennings. Finally, Dr. Jennings climbs over the rubble to Benjamin Kind’s side.

– Ben! Ben!! Are you all right? Answer me!! Ben!!

Dr Jennings tries to shake the humongous form of Benjamin Kind, but is simply unable to move such weight. Dr Jennings stands as if he is going to get some help when a snorting and snoring sound rises up from Benjamin Kind. The frame pauses, and then shifts back to Dr. Jennings, reacting to the video.

“Ben slept for 10 hours. He continued to grow for three more until it finally halted. By the time it was over he was nearly fourteen feet tall and probably weighed nearly two thousand pounds of pure muscle. He was simply enormous… exactly what he wanted to be. As he slept on the floor surrounded by his own destruction, I couldn’t help rubbing my hands along his muscular body. Subconsciously he must have known that he was experiencing some sort of pleasure as his penis got hard again and proceeded to leak pre. I don’t know what came over me… but I moved myself into position by his mighty cock and began to lick him clean. He tasted simply amazing, and I found I couldn’t get enough as I dove my tongue deeper into his piss-slit.

“In his sleep Ben began to moan louder and louder as I ate his cock head out. I could clearly hear his balls churning as they filled with cum. I can’t tell you what came over me, but I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled out my own hard cock, and shoved it into the slit of his penis. I rode his cock faster and faster until I blew my load inside of him. The rumbling and churning of his balls grew louder until he erupted himself, cum hitting me, the ceiling, and the rubble around him. As I licked up his cum, the most delicious I had ever eaten, I couldn’t believe how far we had gone in a few days. In the destruction he had caused lay the muscular creature that had once been Benjamin Kind. No one would ever recognize him, he had changed so much. There was something so primal that oozed off of him, something so powerful that it seemed totally natural to worship him.

“Once the cum stopped flowing and the fog cleared from my head, I knew I had to discover what was making this happen to him. Why the program was out of control. I had to stop it… but a voice in the back of my head questioned this. Did I really want to? Remembering him lifting me above his head so effortlessly made me hard again. He was so powerful… so mighty… no!! I needed to find out what was going wrong.

“I called up MKL as if it was a perfectly ordinary day and ordered a mobile open MRI machine delivered to the house. I had my suspicions what was occurring, but being a scientist I needed to verify them. In his sleep Benjamin’s massive hand wrapped around the shaft of his penis and slowly began to stroke himself. What would I discover and what would the future hold?

“Unfortunately for us all… my discovery would lead us down a far darker path.”

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