Jeff’s Mr. Body comics collection

by Josh Dugan

It's pandemonium as usual in this rarest of all rare superhero comics.

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You remember Mr Body, everyone's favorite superhero. The one with the bright smile, the boyish face that was so sweet you (and most of the characters in Mr Body comics) wanted to kiss it. That cute smile and sweet face sprouted from a powerfully muscled neck that grew from amazingly huge shoulders with massive pecs, giant delts, incredibly muscled arms, part of the most beautifully developed torso ever penned.

In panel after colorful panel, Mr Body's big, cheerfully nude body would save the day, Mr Body's huge muscles gleaming and his ever-present giant penis either ejaculating or about to ejaculate.

Anyway, Jeff and I were going through Jeff's Mr Body comic book collection. He'd gotten some more rare editions from an online auction service.

Mr Body would pop up almost everywhere and save the day.

“Check this one out,” Jeff said, passing me one of the comic books.

Here was Mr Body, using his super strength to push a broken-down pastry truck to a ritzy party on time to deliver the crepe suzettes, to the tearful thanks of the driver, whose job was spared because of it.

Mr Body was seemingly everywhere, carrying rack after rack of the delicate crepe suzettes through the elegant crowd to the grateful caterers, as everyone wowed and cooed at Mr Body's huge, beautiful body and his enormously oversized, about-to-ejaculate penis.

Mr Body was always smiling boyishly, even as his hugely muscled body shed big comic book style beads of sweat.

Oops! A clumsy young waiter runs into Mr Body's crepe suzette-laden body, and crepe suzettes go everywhere! Mr Body's boyish face looks astonished but not angry as the cute waiter is almost lost in Mr Body's giant muscles.

Everyone is coated in crepe suzettes, the elegant guests, the tables, and Mr Body's enormous, beautifully muscled body! Oh, the mess! The head waiter is furious and fires the embarrassed young waiter in front of the shocked guests!

But wait—Mr Body's long arms and dexterous torso catch crepe suzettes still falling from the air, onto the racks emptied by the collision.

And Mr Body quickly cleans up the tables and delights the guests by quickly picking and licking them all clean! Mr Body manfully takes the blame for the accident, and the head waiter, quite taken by Mr Body, re-hires the cute young waiter, and in jubliation, all the waiters lick the crepe suzettes off Mr Body! The crowd laughs and applauds with glee! Mr Body laughs boyishly, helplessly, as the handsome waiters feast on crepe suzettes from his huge nude body, and his giant penis ejaculates enormous white gouts of come!

Then Mr Body grabs up some tools and runs his huge, perfect body down to the broken-down pastry truck. In the background you can see some of the handsome waiters and guests jacking themselves off, still hot and bothered from Mr Body's incredible muscular body. Mr Body, meanwhile, hoists the pastry truck with one hand and fixes the underside of the pastry truck with the other, and together Mr Body and the grateful pastry truck driver drive away from the still-jacking party, Mr Body's huge, beautiful naked body nearly filling his half of the truck cab.

In the final pages, they've stopped at a stoplight, and the grateful pastry truck driver, a fetching young roustabout, can't help himself. He plants a huge kiss on Mr Body's sweet lips and Mr Body's huge penis explodes again with volumes of come. In the last panel you see the windshield completely blanked with Mr Body's come, the wipers going back and forth, but they can't clean off any of Mr Body's come because it's all on the inside of the windshield!

We flip through piles of the Mr Body comic books. “Hey, did you ever see this one?” says Jeff, handing me another vintage Mr Body comic book.

Here's Mr Body at a surfing contest, coming to the aid of a disconsolate tanned young surfer whose board has broken. He's letting the surfer use his perfectly muscled huge naked body as a surfboard, and they win the surfing contest, the surfer hanging ten from Mr Body's giant shoulders as Mr Body's boyish face looks astonished while his massive body surfs the huge curling wave, skillfully piloted by the strong feet and excellent balance of the tanned young surfer.

All the surfers want their picture taken with the winner and his Mr Body “surfboard,” so Mr Body's huge tall naked muscular body is crowded by a whole crowd of tall tanned young laughing surfers, and the surfer who won the contest turns and kisses Mr Body on his sweet lips for being such a great surfboard, and Mr Body's giant penis rains enormous white gobs of ejaculation everywhere, on all the laughing, aroused surfers, and all of them have to jack off because Mr Body's body is still ejaculating from his huge penis, even as the surfer kisses him, ejaculating too!

Then Jeff passed me one of the rare anniversary editions of Mr Body, in which something unusual happens. In this one, the cover, as usual more elaborately drawn than the comic pages inside, shows Mr Body's sweet face wide-eyed with boyish astonishment as he looks down at his enormously-muscled body, which has Mr Body doubly-aroused with two huge penises between his four muscular legs!

“You've got 'Mr Body Becomes a Boytaur!” I gasped, as Jeff nodded excitedly, his eyes glittering. I'd heard about this one but had never seen it.

There was Mr Body, having won a spa weekend, walking his strikingly masculine naked physique through the verandas and steam rooms of the fabulous spa, as the spa guide showed him the lavish facility.

Dozens of beautifully muscled nude young men adorn the grounds and facilities, and Mr Body's penis is a giant pendulum of arousal as Mr Body's hyyuugely muscled body reacts to the handsome guests. They, to the man, become aroused to the point of jacking off as the sweet-faced Mr Body parades his beautifully naked muscled body past.

Unbeknownst to Mr Body, whose eyes widen in wonderment at the beautiful gardens and the excellent gym equipment, the spa's owner is a warlock who realizes that Mr Body is the perfect specimen on whom to use his centaur spell, because he owner's private home and ranchero grounds are staffed by handsome centaurs created from the most beautiful of the spa's guests, which is why there are contests for free spa weekends in the first place.

So the spa's owner, the warlock, transforms himself into a pair of handsome masseurs who give Mr Body's enormously muscled, perfect body a full-body massage.

Mr Body's sweet boyish face is nearly cross-eyed with pleasure, not realizing that the warlock, in the persons of the twin masseurs, have given him the full centaur spell.

But the handsome twin masseurs are looking perplexed as they massage Mr Body, and they do not say a word even as Mr Body groans with pleausre. Why? Because the twin masseurs cannot let on that the spell is not working properly, because Mr Body's physique is too strong for their spell to change him into a centaur.

However, it does work partially, and to the surprise and arousal of the two handsome and now smiling masseurs, Mr Body is now four-legged. Mr Body doesn't realize it, but his body is more incredible than ever with four of his fabulously muscled human legs. It now sprouts two of Mr Body's gigantic penises, one per pair of Mr Body's four awesomely shapely male legs.

Mr Body groans in near-orgasmic pleasure as the two masseurs massage Mr Body's four beautiful legs, but Mr Body still does not realize that he is four-legged. His sweet face, stupified by the nearly drunken pleasure of the four-legged massage that the two handsome masseurs are administering, eventually cranes lazily around on its massively-muscled neck.

Whoa!!! Mr Body is so sexually electrified by the erotic vision of his four shapely muscular legs that both of his massively engorged penises blow their enormous wads of spurting hot come, pulse after pulse without cessation.

This arouses the warlock so much, in the persons of the two handsome masseurs, that they mount Mr Body's two ejaculating penises!

Mr Body's giant penises rump-feed the masseurs to the point of four-leggedness! The handsome masseurs are in agony as Mr Body's come transforms them, making them four-legged as well, making them have two huge penises as well!

The comic frames are wildly drawn at this point in several views, because with Mr Body's two orgasms and the two masseurs each having two orgasms, penises are blowing ejaculate in all directions at once. In the center of all the frames of exploding multiple penises and spasming foursomes of legs are several views of Mr Body's sweet boyish face, distended in orgasm, gasping for breath, gasping in astonishment, cross-eyed with pleasure, and sweating with effort as he ejaculates and ejaculates.

Finally Mr Body is shown walking his four legs along with the two four-legged masseurs, along the splendid grounds of the spa, towards the warlock's private grounds. They meet the centaurs of the warlock's private home and ranchero, who are entirely aroused by Mr Body's sweet, boyish face and his hugely muscled body, and his massively aroused penises, and some of the centaurs are particularly taken by Mr Body's four muscular legs and those of the two four-legged masseurs.

Mr Body falls for a cute tall, tanned blonde centaur, whom it turns out, was created from the surfer who surfed on Mr Body's body and won the surfing contest, and a lot of his centaur buds are his former surfer buds.

There are some great frames of Mr Body's sweet face gazing into the eyes of his handsome blond surfer centaur, and before you know it, Mr Body makes incredible love to the tanned blonde surfer centaur—and wham! Mr Body's hot four-legged come transforms his blond surfer centaur to human again! But wow, he's got four human legs! Mr Body's a boytaur, and now he's got a blond surfer boytaur! They can't stop making love!

The warlock has decided to stay two-personed, because both of him like being four-legged. So the two boytaur masseurs make love to several of the former surfer centaurs, which transforms them to boytaurs also!

The other centaurs at the ranchero stay centaurs because they like it, but they are so hot and bothered by all the boytaur transformations that they mount each other in an agony of lovemaking.

The final pages show Mr Body the boytaur and his boytaur blonde surfer riding centaurs out to the beach, with all the other boytaurs and riding centaurs also, and while the centaurs frolic in the waves, the boytaurs hang twenty as they surf the huge waves. They laugh because they have to cheat a little, hanging ten toes from the front of the surboard and the other ten from each side, but it's still fun.

Mr Body's boytaur surfer, who digs hanging 20 from Mr Body's massively muscled shoulders and flanks, surfs Mr Body's four-legged body all the way to the sand where they make love until Mr Body's enormous penises are once again raining come down on all the surfer boytaurs, who make love and jack off so much that the centaurs frolicking on the beach are driven to another frenzy of mounting each other and mating.

“Here's the one where Mr Body accidentally takes Viagra,” Jeff said.

“Yeah, hand me that one, will you?” I said.

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