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Joey’s genie

by RdyRoger

Now that he has a genie at his command, Joey is going to go enjoy the world, decides to give his friend Rob a few gifts before he leaves.

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“Rod,” said my friend Joey, “you aren’t going to believe me but I’m going to tell you anyway.”

“What?” Joey was so cute… always dreaming up some rediculous situation or other.

“I want to introduce you to my Genie. Uloo!”

As I opened my mouth to say something, a giant puff of smoke appeared out of nowhere and coalesced into a hugely muscled dark skinned man with massive arms and a shaved head and pointed ears and perfect white grinning toothed smile.

I started to speak but Joey said, “be still!”

And I was. Couldn’t move. Not a bit.

“You see I found this lamp and I decided to rub it a bit… yes and Uloo came out. We’ve become quite friendly as he likes the 21st century a lot. And I granted myself a few powers of my own with his wishes. And I can see into people and see what they want and need and desire…

“You’ve always been good to me Rod. I didn’t realize you were such a size queen though. But since you’ve been such a great friend and since we’ve had such good times together I thought I would give you a present or two or three or four before I left the neighborhood.”

Joey walked around me, studying me. I could swear his eyes could see right into my soul. He tossed his blonde head of hair and smiled.

“I see exactly what you want…”

I started to think maybe this would be a good thing.

“But I’d rather give you what you really need.”

“You’re thinking maybe a bit younger, some muscle, maybe a bit of money… Very good safe choices. Very safe. Boring. Dull. In a month you’d be bored. So I’m going to give you something better. Something that will satisfy your deepest desires. Something that will keep changing and growing and challenging you and always bring you amazing pleasure and help you grow up… get rid of your shyness, bumbling insecurity… You’re living life like Clark Kent but I’m going to make you into superman. Not the Superman. Just a superman. A supergayman. Rod. Rod. That is funny.”

With that he looked at me and his eyes were like blue diamonds boring into me. I would have looked away but I was frozen.

“I’ll make it so you can have some control, Rod. I don’t want to be mean. I just want you to really… be you! I’m going to make you the tallest, most humongously hung man in weho. Cute and 23 and sexy and male and horny as you ever were at your horniest… times 3. Don’t worry about anything. I won’t let you or your partners suffer anything… they won’t be able to give or get any disease from you. Any last words from Rod with a small rod? Before you become Big Rod the Bod?”

I believed him. I could suddenly speak. “Hey Joey this is great… I mean it but… seriously… The tallest most hung guy in weho? I mean I would stand out a bit don’t you think?”

“Do ya think?”

“umh… is that the point?”

“Oh yeah. And enjoy the added benefits too… all of them. You’ll figure them out or they’ll kick in. You’re going to be very popular at the gym. I don’t think you need those glasses anymore.”

*Poof!* He was gone and so was the huge apparition.

But I couldn’t see clearly. Something was wrong. I grabbed my glasses off my face- I could suddenly move again- and started to wipe them on my shirt tail. But then I stopped. Everything looked fine. I could see great.

I was astounded. I sat down. Carefully. I would have thought I was having a waking dream but I could see without my glasses. I could see really well without them. I wondered if I was having some sort of brain seizure. I should get to the phone. I set the glasses down and suddenly I felt weird.

In seconds I was horny… more horny than you can imagine. I was thinking of things that I hadn’t thought about in a long time and really enjoying the image.

I looked down and felt myself stretching, growing. My shirt tail crawled up my abs and I saw my belly button. I was tall. Really tall. And I wanted to see. I stood up and suddenly saw the wall in my living room had been transformed into a mirror… wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Joey must have thought of everything. I stood up and watched my slim form creep taller and taller, my image growing in the mirror as I saw the room’s perspective change. When I was about 6’ 10” tall, I realized that I’d stopped growing. I looked at my hands. Long fingers. Strong looking. I still felt like I was growing. My pants had turned into waders and settled low about my hips. I looked good. My bare feet were long. I must wear size 17 shoes!

That’s when I felt it. The weight on my groin.. my hips. Pulling me off balance. I unbuttoned the 501’s and they fell about my ankles. I kicked them off… never taking my eyes off the mirror… off the incredibly stretched and still stretching boxer briefs. Suddenly I stripped those down and off of me, awkward with my new height but feeling the strength of my form.

My cock was enormous. Flaccid. About 6” long. About 2” wide. And growing. At a very fast pace. In seconds my cock was well on its way to the foot long dong club membership. I grabbed it with my hand. Damn it was completely soft.. a huge heavy handful of warm flesh. In seconds my cock was over ten inches long… and still growing. Finally it seemed to settle in and stop. I let go of my cock and it fell heavily, bounced once and came to rest. 12” long. 3 1/2” wide. Huge. Humongous. I must have the biggest cock in weho! Then I remembered something … felt something else. I lifted aside the massive meat attached to my crotch and saw that my balls were expanding. Pumping up like balloons. They were growing heavier by the second and hanging lower and lower! In moments I was a bull balled basketball player-tall super hung and super horny stud!

The adjustment was odd… strange that people accepted my growth but also strange that they noticed it too! They looked at me everywhere I went. I had to go to the big and tall men’s stores and it seemed that even in proper sized pants and shirts my long muscled arms and legs bulged and flexed the material at the seams. I couldn’t even wear regular briefs, only stretch boxer briefs with elastic leg bands would hold my package. I couldn’t even wear boxers as only boxers as long as board shorts would hold my incredibly meat.

That first night I was still feeling ashamed and strange… I was still recovering from going shopping wearing only some swimming trunks and an old xxxl shirt I’d gotten as some swag at a trade show… and that was short and rode down to my belly button.

I felt a strange compulsion that night, I had to go out even though my conscious mind knew that it was a bad idea. The strip club seemed to draw me like a magnet. I went in and there was a cute tall guy bartender. He was probably 6’1” tall or so. I towered over him. He was fascinated I could tell. The crowds always seemed to part around me now, wherever I went. I ordered a drink from the bartender, Mikey, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. It was flattering, of course. He was a very handsome blonde man. Cute and sexy and friendly as a puppy. He introduced himself to me and asked me my name. “Rod—” I said. I was going to say Rodney but the second syllable couldn’t make it out of my mouth. I was Rod, I remembered Joey saying. And then I couldn’t stop myself, I blurted out the rest of it. “Big Rod—” Mikey’s eyes went wide, and I hurried out with, “Everyone calls me Rod the Bod.”

“I can see why,” Mikey said. “Big Rod- The Big Bod- or is it the Big Rod?”

“Well, Humongous Rod just doesn’t really sound as catchy.” I was still holding onto his hand and I was getting turned on. My pants started to stretch as I started to get a semi. Mikey’s eyes went wide. I looked down. I had a huge heavy bulge in my pants. Looked like a smoked sausage log… getting bigger.

“Holy Cow!” said Mikey.

“Yeah…” I said. And then before I even thought of it I continued, “see what you do to me?”

Mikey flushed. “Me?”

“Come on you know you are cute Mikey!”

“I know Rod….” He seemed to stumble on the words. “I mean, Big Rod!… I know but you are amazing!”

“Do you really think so?” I egged him on.

“Heck yeah you are so tall and sexy and handsome and muscular!!!” Mikey blurted out.

“And?” I asked, again speaking without volition of my own. I leaned forward and gave Mikey what I thought was a sexy smile. It seemed to work as he just about swooned.

“And you are obviously hung… huge hung… horse hung… you must have the biggest cock in West Hollywood.”

“Maybe you do it to me Mikey. Maybe I’m so huge cause you turn me on that much.” I stated it more as a fact than anything else.

Mikey gulped. “I wish that were true.”

“Oh it is Mikey… it is!”

I was leaning closer to him at the end of the open bar. I reached out and grabbed his hand. I was so strong now there was nothing he could have done to stop me. His hand seemed small in my giant hand, with my long fingers and wide grip. I moved his hand over my swollen package and as he felt the warm flesh through my thin new pants his eyes went wider still.

“Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my God…!” he moaned. Fortunately in the crowded bar we weren’t the center of attention. People were watching, of course, but I didn’t care. “Your cock is so huge!”

“Really, do your really think its big?”

He nodded quickly, almost gulping.

“Anything else you can tell me about it?”

“What…?” then he stopped suddenly. I could feel his fingers travel down my pants leg groping my massive meat. They finally reached the outline of my huge cockhead. His fingers travelled back up and cupped my huge balls… then travelled back to my cock again. My still soft… barely had a chubby cock.

“Oh my God you aren’t even hard…” he whispered. “You aren’t even hard!!!” As he said it I started to get even more turned on and I started to get a real half hardon… His gasped as my meat swelled in my pants leg and as he cupped my cockhead it irresistably push his hand further down my leg, about another 6 inches. Then he did swoon. And I caught him up.

I picked him up easily and said to the bar at large, “I’m giving Mikey a ride home, he needs some rest.”

I put him in my car and he woke up. I drove him quickly back to his apartment not far from the bar and we walked up the stairs. Inside he looked at me. Fortunately he had 8 foot ceilings. I had to duck under the doorway, but I was already getting used to that.

“How come I never heard of you???” Mikey asked.

“I’m new in town. You may hear more of me…. now where were we?”



“My hand was on your package when I fainted.”

“Sorry about that I should have warned you…”

“But you… I mean, does it get all the way hard??? Does it work????”

“I assure you it does.” That much didn’t need compulsion. Joey had left no doubt in my mind that he intended me to be a sexual dynamo. “See for yourself.” I unbuttoned my belt and top button. I left the rest to Joey.

He got down on his knees in front of me. Which left my package above his head. He didn’t seem to mind looking up at it though. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down, revealing my knee length black cotton stretch boxers. I stepped out of my pants and kicked off my shoes. Mikey reached out and touched the huge impression of my cock in the right leg of my boxers. His hands felt good on my cock even through the cotton and I started to get hard again. His hands laid end to end together barely covered my soft cock. In a few seconds the cotton stretched more as my cock doubled in thickness. The elastic hem on the boxers held for about a second and my cockhead pushed past it and hung down 4 inches, pulsing. And Growing bigger. Seconds later he had stripped down my boxers. Good thing too as I’ve learned since that if I get all the way hard my cock will tear right through denim jeans. He looked at my treasure trail between my shirttails, down to my huge curling bush of pubic hair, to the root of my massive penis where it jutted out and over my soft ball sized testicles. and hung down and down and down and down. His warm fingers felt so good on my skin that I felt a new flush come over me. In seconds my cock had doubled in thickness and lengthened another 5 inches. I watched in a sexual haze of desire as it swelled and rose erect. You would think such a massive cock would have trouble standing fully erect my my new meat sprang erect as it swelled, like a crane reaching for the sky.

“Oh my God” he whispered.

“I blame you for this,” I told him. He looked up at me questioningly. “Look what you do to me… making my cock so big and huge.”

“I did this?” he whispered.

“Sure you did” I said. What was I saying??? I didn’t even know but the conviction came with the words. “Don’t you like a man with a huge cock?”

“Yes… and you are enormous!! So big and hard!!! and your balls… they are so huge!!!!!! You must cum… like a fountain… My God!” As he spoke my cock got fully hard and extended another two inches. My cockhead swelled huge and red and swollen. Also I felt something odd… my balls seemed to feel heavier by the minute. I reached down to feel them and they were bigger… bigger than they’d been a few seconds ago anyway… and feeling heavier by the minute.

“I wish I could…” Mike stopped. Then he spoke, and it seemed that he couldn’t stop himself. “I wish I could take all your meat in my ass and also deep throat it!!!!”

And suddenly I knew that he could. I knew that was part of the magic… that my partners would be fulfillled.

“Go ahead and suck my cockhead!” I ordered him. He put it in his mouth and I got down on my knees.. I was so tall I knew I had to. Mikey was on all fours and sucking my cockhead which filled his mouth. I felt his hot tongue and the back of his throat and I moved forward slightly and there was a give. Mikey grunted with excitement. I pushed forward gently and my enormous cock slid down his throat. His eyes rolled back in his head with ecstasy. I could feel a rhythmic pulsing of the muscles of his throat stroking my cock. It didn’t take long after that… a few moments of him burying his face in my pubes while I impaled him on the length of my horsecock. And then I learned about fulfilling my partners.

I came… like a fountain. I shuddered with the force of it and I could feel it gush into Mikey. I must have quickly filled his stomach… the slit in my penis head was about an inch long. How much cum could I pump out of that massive slit? My balls pulled up under me, pulling into my scrotum while they pumped a continuous burst of semen into Mikey. My cum backed up his throat and filled his mouth and dripped down his chin and onto his chest (Did I mention he tended bar shirtless? I told you it was a strip club!) and ran down my cock and onto my balls and puddled on the floor. I pulled out and my cock was swollen, the shaft even thicker than when Mikey went down on me. Mikey thought I was done and he reached up and grabbed my cock and as his hand gripped my huge member I felt another huge flood of cum welling up and before I could even do more than grunt I shot again in Mikey’s face… and into his hair and down his back and all over his chest. I felt like a beast marking his territory. I came and came and he shuddered with each warm blast as I baptised him as my lover.

And then I was kneeling there and he was kneeling in front of me and looking up at me and I could see everything in his eyes and I knew he was already thinking I was going to leave him. I knew I would have a lot of lovers but that Mikey was special. Mikey was mine. Joey had seen to that. I looked up to the ceiling and whispered “thank you.” There was no response but I knew that Joey knew I was grateful. Grateful for this hyper masculinized body and cock…

I rolled over onto the floor. It must have been the smart thing to do. Everyone is the same height laying down, right? Well, almost everyone. Still, I think it put me more on an even level with Mikey. “God you are so handsome!” Mikey said. “So beautiful!!! So Sexy!” As he spoke I felt a tingling all over my body for a moment. Esp in my face though. Mikey looked at me like he was seeing me for the first time. “Wow.” he said.

“It’s your gaze that makes me handsome and sexy.” I said. And I knew it was true. And I knew that I looked different than I had when I entered the bar, I could feel… different.

“Just like your gaze fulfills me… makes me know what I want, what I need, and gives it all to me…” Mikey stopped abruptly. I was staring at him. I could tell the power my gaze had on him now. I wished it and he swooned, forward on me. Spasms of pleasure wracked his body. He pulled himself up and I leaned toward him and his mouht opened and my long huge tongue snaked into his mouth and our lips touched and he was sucking on my tongue like it was any regular big hung guy’s cock. I unzipped his black satin bartender pants and pulled them down over his bubble butt and grabbed his ass with my hands. I felt his glutes swell a bit in my hands so they were perfect handfulls of man ass that fit perfectly in my oversized grip.

Somehow I was still hard.. or rather, harder again. I could feel Mikey’s thighs around my cock. I looked down when Mikey did and I saw that my cock was dripping precum like a stream. My cock moved easily between his thighs and up to his beautiful ass and Mikey squirmed and suddenly his rosey hole was at my cockhead and I pushed between his bubble cheeks and somehow he opened for me and I entered his ass and it was like the first time I had ever fucked anyone. I felt parts of my brain turn on that I didn’t even know existed. Mikey must have felt pretty much the same thing because he came. He came and came and came and came. I fucked him and fucked him and fucked him and he took it all and I could tell it was the best thing he’d ever felt. I knew that he could die happy as I fucked him but there was no way the magic would let that happen to him. I came in his ass and I kept fucking him. I came again a few minutes later and I kept fucking him. After about 6 rounds of this it was over 4 hours later and I started to feel momentarily satiated.

Mikey was delirious… deliriously happy. He reached up to unbutton my shirt. “You got a hairy muscle chest under there?”

No, I didn’t. I had a smooth chest and a basketball player’s build but Mikey unbuttoned the shirt and reached in and I felt his hand on the hair on my chest. I felt the muscle of my pecs expand as he touched them. I helped him off with my shirt and he looked at me and said it. That was the start of it. One word. “Muscle!”

My body exploded with muscle growth. Everywhere Mikey looked it was like he was painting muscle onto me with a paintbrush. A very wide paintbrush. I went down on his cock and we 69’d and I could feel my ass and legs explode with muscle under his grip. Later he sat on top of me while I impaled his ass with my cock and he reached way up and felt my traps and delts and esp my upper arms. My Body exploded with growth. My Biceps swelled and so did my triceps. Mikey seemed delirious. I saw my chest was now covered with dense black curly hair.

“My man! My macho macho man! My huge hung monster muscle stallion fucking stud!” Mikey said.

Well, you can imagine what that did to me. I felt myself swell with muscle and power. Veins snaked under my skin, vascular muscle veins that stood out, thick as Mikey’s index finger and fed my muscles with growth and strength! I felt completely refreshed and energized… and I was hornier than ever! My cock was rock hard inside Mikey and he felt my hairy muscle chest and played with my nipples. Every time he touched them sent a bolt of sexual energy through my chest and directly into my penis. I came again, harder and longer than even to first time! Mikey rode my cock, cum puddling in my pubes and on the floor. His hips bucked and bucked and finally I was spent and he laid down across my chest and I was still inside him… my cock softened but even soft was so huge it still penetrated his ass a full twelve inches!

“I want to fuck you!” Mikey whispered.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“I want to fuck you- I want to fuck you and make you feel like you made me feel… make you feel me deep inside you and knowing that I want to be there and make you cum and cum!!!”

Mikey was hard I could feel his cock pressing insistently on my abs as he laid on me.

“Then Fuck me! I want you to fuck me! I want to feel your cock in my ass!”

Mikey was hung maybe 7” and had a beautiful penis. He was a beautiful blonde man and I loved his body and wanted to give him anything he wanted.

I proffered my ass to him and he put my huge muscled legs over his shoulders, my massive hairy thighs on his chest and my knees rising over his shoulders to accomodate his penis to my ass.

I felt him there… pushing insistently at my sphincter… and then I realized I had to relax or he’d never get inside. I was just too strong. So I thought about him fucking me and I wanted it and I relaxed and I felt his penis enter me. It felt good. He wasn’t nearly big enough to fill me up but he was plenty big for me to feel him inside me and when he pushed in all the way I could feel his cock head rub against my prostate. It was wonderful. My cock was sliding up across my abdominals, hardening. Mikey saw that and smiled. He knew that I was enjoying his penis in my ass and he was happy it was good for me.

“I wish I could fuck you like you fucked me!” Mikey said. “I wish I was hung big enough to give you that pleasure!! To make you feel the joy of waves of love and that endless fountain of cum!”

Suddenly he gasped and looked shocked. For an instant I thought something had gone wrong but then I felt it- I felt his cock deeper in my anus and even as he stroked he began to reach deeper and deeper… his penis which barely reached my prostate was now pounding it and sliding past it with every stroke and it was amazing. Also I was feeling My rectum stretching larger and larger… his penis was growing thicker and thicker with every passing second. He began to moan and I felt something else… his testicles were slapping against my ass but they were hitting lower with every swing and feeling heavier and bigger with each passing moment!

“I want to turn you on so much that your cock gets bigger than ever! I want you to fuck me and fuck me until we explode together!” I said to Mikey. It was all he needed. I could feel his cock expand violently in my anus! It was as if I had given it permission to fill me all the way!!! And then he came in my ass and as I felt his hot cum inside me I exploded again. My cum shot across my chest and splattered across the room. Mikey came and came and shouted, “yes yes yes oh fuck yes!”

After he pulled out of me I could see the result of his fuck. I could see sticking out from his groin like a forearm his beautiful penis and scrotum… but magnified hugely!!!!! His penis had even gained more thickness than he had in length… Like I said I was a big man and for him to fill me up… he would need a clublike horsecock. And now he had it. His testicles were huge in his expanded scrotum!!!

“Wow” was all Mikey said.

“Are you okay with it?” I asked him.

“As long as you stay with me I am!” he said.

“Fuck me again with your huge cock and make it grow inside me even bigger! Cum in me even more! Be my Blonde hot lover with a cock to fill me up and balls to flood my ass with cum.”

As he stood there his cock had begun to droop and soften. It was huge, even softening. At my words his cock became erect and the head of it swelled up and it grew even longer and it became thicker and thicker!! His scrotum, extra extra large before now became completely oversized but it barely contained his massive nuts!!!

He came over to me and resumed his position at my ass and this time I saw stars when he entered my ass. He was fucking me with a massive tree log of a penis! I looked up and he was gasping and sweating and straining. I realized he was struggling due to the weight of my legs and body.

“Come on Mikey be my Blonde Muscle Mikey and use your massive hot muscle to fuck my ass!” I knew he would be better able to handle me with some extra strength. But what happened was… extreme.

He gasped and inhaled and his chest expanded. And expanded. And expanded. In seconds his arms had exploded with growth and his deltoids were the size of cannonballs and he was growing bigger and bigger! Not taller… just wider and more muscular. He was a blonde body builder stallion now. “Oh yes I always wanted to be a bodybuilder!” Mikey said.

“Well then why don’t you just get really big? Why don’t you just get huge!!!? Why don’t you take all this sexual energy and show me with muscle how much I turn you on?” Mikey looked down at me.. He looked at my face, stared into my eyes, his gaze roved over my muscled hairy chest and came to rest on my humongous cock. He reached out and grabbed my penis and the force of his growth almost bent him over. His biceps swelled enormously. They hung from his arms pulsing and shaking and his chest grew huger and huger! His nipples grew until they stuck out almost an inch. I twisted them and he grew bigger still. Then he fucked me. He fucked me like I never knew someone could be fucked. It was over 2 hours later he finished.

We got some big bathtowels and mopped up the floor of his living room and then we went into the bathroom to wash. I looked amazing in the mirror. In his eyes.. Mikey’s desire had made me into a beautiful living statue… all man, all stud… but graceful and sexy. My face was symmetrical in its beauty.

Mikey was huge now, still 6’1” tall and his soft penis was 10” long and as thick as my own. I would have said I had never seen a package on a man as big as Mikey’s except for the 13” soft meat and gigantic balls hanging from my groin!

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