Just between fiends

by Cumguts

 Regular buff guy Dean is met with an unwanted guest (or two) over breakfast. Things get considerably stickier when he tries to get rid of them.

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Dean nearly choked on his cereal as a flash of flame and smoke filled the chair across the table from him, quickly coalescing into the form of a very cheerful and very naked red-skinned… devil? Immediately Dean jumped out of his chair with nothing more than pure instinct and backed away a step or two, brandishing a butter knife he’d picked up in the process and trying to ignore the few drops of milk running down his chin. “Who the fuck are you and how did you get here!?”

“Oh! Uh, well, I’m Agan and I’m here on assignment to be your Outer Demon for a while.” The self-proclaimed demon was definitely at least a looker, broad-shouldered and muscular enough to support the two massive, supple tits he currently had resting on the table. His somewhat cute face was framed by a sparse chinstrap beard, and his shock of short white hair was pierced by a pair of moderately long glossy black horns. From where Dean was standing he could even see that Agan’s tiny waist gave way to a monstrously thick lower body, most of which entirely overflowed the smallish wooden chair he was seated upon. The big red mess of curves seemed completely unfazed by Dean’s show of hostility, until a look of thoughtful concern crossed his features. “Do you need a minute? You look kinda surprised and you’re still in your puh-jaym-uhs, I think? I was told mortals can get a little weird about clothes, so…” He trailed off for a moment as an interrupting thought visibly crept across his face. “…Wait, you…you are Dean, right? Oh no, I hope I didn’t get the address wrong…”

“Get the fuck out of my apartment,” Dean tried to say as he wiggled the butter knife in his hand threateningly, his shoulder gently bumping into his quaint little kitchenette’s hanging herb rack while taking another step backwards. But instead, what actually came out of his mouth in a tone just as hostile was “Yeah, that’s me.” He ran his free hand through his short blonde hair and wiped the milk from his chin, drying his hand on the skintight wifebeater and black boxers he wore to sleep. Just what the hell was going on?

Agan clapped his hands together in glee, inadvertently squeezing his massive mammaries together between his arms. “Great!! That’s such a relief, I’ve been so nervous about messing up my first Outer Demon assignm—”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Dean asked loudly, attempting to drown out the sound of his free hand blindly fumbling around in the kitchen drawer behind him, hoping to find anything at all that might be more useful than a supremely dull knife.

“Oh, you know. Temptation, sinning, selling your soul. The usual, really,” came a deeper, slightly more bored-sounding voice from behind Dean.

Dean nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise, his empty hand in the drawer closing around something out of sheer reactive instinct. “SHIT!”

“Hi, boss!” Agan’s cheerful smile was accompanied by a little wave to his superior, whose similarly nude red bulk was currently taking up the entire doorway behind and to the right of Dean. While Agan was a very curvy hourglass shape with broad beefy shoulders, an unnaturally tight waist, and ludicrously wide hips…this newcomer was built much more powerfully, to put it simply. Big bulging muscles rippled underneath his scarlet skin, a deeper shade than Agan’s but accented with markings and tattoos that were themselves a lighter hue. His ridged horns were longer, his shoulders stronger and wider, and his arms in particular were colossally brawny columns of corded muscle. And of course, his free-swinging cock was nothing short of massive: thicker than his own muscular neck, easily more than a foot and a half soft, and pushed up by a pair of fat balls each considerably bigger around than his head.

“Hey yourself, kid. I’m Rias, by the way,” he said, addressing first Agan and then Dean without even looking up from his clipboard. “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to audit for the day. You know how it is, first assignment and all that,” he drawled, waving a hand dismissively.

Ignoring yet another baffling comment from the intruders in his apartment, Dean opened his hand to find he’d unintentionally grabbed a lighter, and a desperate idea began to form. “Look, I don’t care what you’re here for, but if you really are the demons or whatever you say you are, then maybe this will convince you fuckers to leave me the hell alone.”

Agan pushed his chair back noisily and started to stand (an action that revealed just how ludicrously wide his legs were, with a suddenly-quaking ass that was visible even from the front), watching with moderate confusion as Dean pulled a sizeable bundle of dried rosemary off the hanging rack of herbs. “What are you—”

Rias finally looked up just in time to go wide-eyed at the sight of Dean flicking on the lighter in his hand. “DON’T LET HIM—”

Emboldened by the knowledge that at least one of his hellish trespassers clearly didn’t want to employ the only oldschool anti-demon remedy he had on hand, Dean lit his makeshift incense.

…And after several moments of tense silence, Agan piped up. “So was that supposed to do something, or…?” He idly scratched at his face, unsure if the gentle wisps of smoke a few feet away were actually something to be worried about. “Sure smells nice, though. Like, real nice.”

“Huh,” Dean intoned flatly, staring dumbfounded at the smoking bundle of herbs. “Really thought that’d work.” He had to admit that he didn’t really know the first thing about banishing demons, but he’d heard something about rosemary and demons, right? Or was that sage…?

“Oh, it’s working all right,” came a slow and sultry voice from behind Dean, startling him out of his thoughts as a pair of enormously beefy red arms wrapped themselves around his torso, hands sliding up under his shirt to caress his own thick musculature. The shock of the initial contact forced Dean’s hands open in surprise, sending the knife, the lighter, and the still-smoking rosemary tumbling onto the kitchen tile. Dean had stiffened up in shock at first, but found himself relaxing despite himself, enjoying the bigger demon’s unexpectedly delicate touch. Rias rested his chin on Dean’s shoulder, inhaling deeply and letting the incense do its work. “Mmmph. Been a long time since I’ve seen anyone try this, forgot just how good it is.”

“Uh. Boss?” From where he was standing, Agan could see that the whites of Rias’s eyes had gone completely pitch-black.

For his part, Dean was so shocked by being felt up that his brain didn’t even have time to register the offense, just that it was sudden, confusing, and felt real damn good. Rias’s clawed hands knew just what to squeeze, what to caress, when to pinch and where to knead. “Hhholy fuck,” he gasped, sucking in air through his teeth when Rias’s long tongue trailed up his shoulder, culminating in a gentle bite on the side of his neck just as Rias pinched Dean’s nipples. And then there was that warm, throbbing sensation against most of his back…

“I don’t really get—oh! Oh. Oh, wow,” Agan said, walking first around the table and then freezing with his extended hand hovering within a foot of Dean where the scent of the incense really hit him hard. “That’s good,” moaned Agan, visibly relaxing as Dean watched inky blackness overtake his sclera. “Mmmngh, yeeeaaahhh…” His outstretched hand instead instinctively curled behind him, plunging into the depths of his suddenly-ravenous twitching hole. “H-hey,” he stammered as a spreading blush began to make his features an even darker red, “C-can you just…” Agan pressed his soft, supple, substantial curves against Dean’s body. “S-sorry, but I need—” He pulled his now curiously-dripping fist out of his hole with an oddly wet popping noise and grabbed both of Dean’s open and empty hands, guiding them over his tiny waist to grab and squeeze at his mammoth asscheeks. “Y-yyyeeaahh…!

Dean got to work very quickly, settling right into a pattern of rubbing, slapping and squeezing those soft doorframe-busting cheeks, his hands completely lost in the sea of Agan’s supple, sensitive flesh. Agan’s body shuddered as he gasped and groaned under Dean’s kneading assault on his massively sensitive mounds of ass, moaning with a teasingly unmet hunger. In fact, the look that Agan gave Dean (and Rias, as his dark eyes flicked briefly over Dean’s shoulder) was so full of wanton hungering sexual need that Dean couldn’t stop himself from pressing his lips to Agan’s, muffling the resulting loud moans as he squeezed Agan’s cheeks together hard. Agan’s darkened eyes rolled up momentarily as he groaned and shuddered, Dean breaking the kiss just in time to watch the gasping, wobbling mess squirt something behind him, a clear and sticky goo that shot from between those hefty cheeks and noisily splattered against the tile.

At the same time, Rias continued to tease whatever he could grab, hot breath making the hairs on Dean’s neck stand on end as Rias reached into Dean’s tented boxers to fish out his cock. “Oh, delicious,” purred Rias into Dean’s ear as his hand rubbed against a small portion of that massively thick dick, clearly enjoying the surprise of just how hefty Dean’s meat actually was. The special underwear Dean wore usually contained it for everyday ease of life, but as soon as Rias pulled it out, Dean’s colossally fat cock forced Agan’s stance wider as it slipped between those extra-thick legs and slapped against that extra-sensitive bulging red taint.

The resulting impact left Agan gasping in pleasure as the obscenely round pleasure-button between his legs sent lightning arcs of ecstasy through him, and Dean heard the second splattery gush just as much as he felt it. Thick warm goo dripped from Agan’s eagerly twitching hole onto Dean’s fat cock, and as Dean reached to bring some of the steaming slime into his line of sight he realized immediately that it was cum. Before the idea could really register though, Dean was surprised out of his thoughts once more by the sensation of Rias’s massive red cock sliding between his thighs and under his own cock. It wasn’t nearly as humongously thick as Dean’s fat dick was, but it made up for it in overall shapely size, not to mention sheer throbbing power.

In fact, Rias’s cock was so steely strong that Agan’s feet were suddenly no longer touching the ground, leaving the mountain of soft red curves writhing in ecstasy as all his weight was left to rest on his round taint crushed against Dean’s fat cock. With his oversensitive bulging prostate teased from the outside like this, and the two monster throbbing dicks beneath him only making it worse, Agan was left to groan and shudder as his hungry hole drooled and spat and gushed more and more cum over both cocks, leaving a spreading puddle on the floor beneath him. “Please,” he huffed between moans, his red toes curling in delight, “please!! Fuck me!!!”

“Can do, kid.” Rias’s low, almost predatory growl of a comment to Agan uttered right in Dean’s ear sent an excited throbbing pulse right through his cock, and in mere moments Dean found their position had changed while he’d been busy basking in every little sensation bombarding his body and brain, inching him closer to the edge. Agan was now pressed against and bent over the kitchen counter, both hands reaching back to spread his excessively soft, gargantuan, couch-filling asscheeks to expose the head-sized, cum-drooling puffy pucker that was his asshole. Rias was still behind Dean with his monstrous dick between Dean’s legs and throbbing underneath Dean’s own shorter-but-thicker cock. Both dicks were oozing precum like an open faucet onto the kitchen tile, painting Agan’s red hills of ass with a heavy squirt every time either cock throbbed. And then, with a single powerful thrust from Rias and a deafening moan of pure pleasure from Agan, both cocks were in.

Dean knew immediately that he wasn’t going to last long. The tight wet softness of Agan’s pulsing hole was already too much for him, not to mention the sensation of being wedged between Agan’s colossal soft moons and Rias’s sensual wall of enormous muscle undulating with every thrust. Each powerful push from Rias not only forcibly slammed Dean’s own dick into Agan with just as much impact, it also rubbed Rias’s slicked cock against Dean’s sensitive inner thigh. On top of all that, Agan was pushing his heavy hips back and grinding his needy, greedy hole down on both cocks while moaning so eagerly for “More!! D-don’t stop!!!” that it just went straight to Dean’s cock, and Rias was still squeezing, pinching, and groping Dean’s body with those teasing claws of his. And between Rias’s massive, audibly roiling balls and Agan’s increasingly desperate moans, it was clear that Dean wasn’t alone at the edge.

All at once, all three of them blew, three different simultaneous moans coupled with the wet muffled SPLURTCH of all three’s cum being unleashed. The underside of Dean’s fat dick bulged with cum, stretching Agan’s greedy hole just that little bit more, until he couldn’t hold it back any longer and it exploded out of him. He rode the intense, brain-clouding orgasm for a minute or so and pumped a good deal of thick, sticky cum into Agan’s shuddering pucker, but it was only after he was done that he had the mental capacity to notice what was going on with both demons.

Dean could feel Rias’s cock underneath him bouncing with every shot, spaced out enough that each individual stream must be tens of gallons of thick, sticky cum. And despite his own screaming orgasm, Agan’s hole was sealed so tightly that only a couple thumb-sized slugs of cum escaped his shuddering rim. Dean couldn’t help but notice, however, that the three of them were being pushed away from his kitchen countertop by means that became immediately apparent. Visible even from the back, Agan’s flat stomach was swelling out into a truly enormous wobbling red belly, obviously filled with the trio’s spunk, and it didn’t stop until Rias was finally done after a solid five minutes of nonstop cumming. At that point Agan was so overstuffed that his belly was scraping against the ground, and the resulting geyser when Dean and Rias pulled out was unspeakably messy..

Agan shuddered and groaned as his eyes rolled up just from the sensation of emptying himself out, adding yet another anal orgasm’s worth of cum on top of the sticky mess blasting from between his cakes. By the time he was done, Dean and Rias’s entire lower bodies and much of their torsos were completely caked in gluey viscous jizz, and the kitchen itself was entirely flooded in about a foot of cum. Agan’s initial blast had even sent the kitchen table flying where it was currently stuck to the wall by the sheer viscosity of their combined cum alone.

Dean, taking stock of the situation around him, piped up after a few moments. “…What the fuck just happened?”

Agan, eyes still strangely darkened, replied by waving his wide hips and monstrous, still-dripping ass back and forth, teasingly showing off his gooey gape. “Let’s go again!”

“Cheers to that, kid,” Rias said, sensually licking a glob of cum off the back of his hand and locking his similarly black eyes with Dean’s gaze.

Panting, Dean flopped back onto his bed. “Holy fuck,” he said breathlessly.

“Holy ain’t got anything to do with it,” Rias teased, laying back next to Dean with his hands behind his head. Dean couldn’t help but notice that now, after ten hours of nonstop rough sex and constantly flooding more and more of his apartment with cum, Rias’s eyes were back to how they’d initially looked. “…Although,” Rias mused with one clawed finger scratching at his chin, “as Agan’s supervisor for his first assignment…I can’t really say today was a success.”

“Aww,” came Agan’s disappointed response. He was still bouncing up and down Rias’s massive dick, riding it out in hopes of getting every drop of cum he could manage, currently nursing a wobbling cum-belly that made him look pregnant to term with triplets. “And after I tried so hard! I’m sorry, boss.”

Clearly I’ll just have to stick around,” Rias continued, smirking first at Agan, and then at Dean. “How else am I gonna give my favorite trainee the support he needs?”

This seemed to cheer up Agan immediately, and without getting off Rias’s dick he leaned forward to pull both Dean and Rias into a sticky gut-squishing bear hug that shoved each of their faces against one of Agan’s fat tits. “Aww, thanks boss!! I’m so glad to have you! And you too, Dean!!”

“What the hell have I gotten myself into,” Dean groaned, half-muffled by meaty demonic nipple.


To All Staff,

Fuck, it’s been forever since one of these was put out. Have we done any since dear old Luke retired? No? Wow. Well, whatever. We’re here now, so let’s get to business.

First, let’s address the rumors. Yes, it’s true that our company policies have shifted a little more towards promoting open sexuality ever since I took up the mantle of Satan. Sure it might be a little messy around the workplace sometimes, but it keeps morale high and it seems to do the job pretty damn well when it comes to snagging mortal souls. Besides, I know what I’m about. Anyone who wants to lodge a formal complaint about it can do so by writing me a letter and throwing it into the nearest lava pit where I definitely won’t be reading it. Eat my ass, peons.

Secondly: yes, I’m continuing Lucifer’s old Outer Demon outreach program. No, I will not be taking criticisms. It’s an old tried-and-true method of getting mortal souls in our hands; send a demon to tempt a mortal for a while until they’re just corrupt enough to give in. Don’t forget that we’re fuckin’ demons here, people; your moods and desires psychically effect mortals around you whether they want it or not. Plus, with our (read: my) new policies regarding the definition of “mortal temptation,” it should all be a lot more interesting for the lot of you who get to cross over. We’ve already seen interest in the program soar along with a lot of good results. We’re getting some real choice nearly-pure souls down here, so keep it up!

And the last point, on a related note: reports of modern mortals relearning old methods of “demon banishment” are true, but they aren’t anything to worry about. For the younger demons out there, you can thank old Luke for that one; the guy spread some rumors among the mortals a few thousand years ago and all of them are fake. In fact, most of them just let us have a little fun. Y’know, stuff like “holy water” or crystals or whatever, yeah? Rosemary in particular is a favorite of mine, the stuff makes you so randy that you wind up jumping the first person you see. For like, hours. Shit, maybe I ought to ask my assistant to get me some next time we’re topside. Don’t take that down in the letter or whatever you wanna call this, I’m just talkin’ to myself. I do want some rosemary though, if you can get it.

Are we done here? Maybe you can fix it up before we send it out, add some bells and whistles. Great, thanks. Call you later, I’ve got an orgy to get to. Oh wait, you’ll be there! Fuck yeah, see you in a bit.

—Asmodeus of Lust, Third King of Hell, AKA “Pryce”

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