Lactose intolerant

by The Other One

Jake has always been very well hung, but after an unknown allergic reaction, his 8-inch cock turned to a steady 12. Unhappy with his new endowment, he would soon learn that size does in fact matter, especially when it starts again.

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Jake dropped the metal beam as the lunch speaker blared through the construction site.

His sweaty, muscled build ached in his T-shirt, drained of energy. His mammoth cock and tennis ball testicles pressed tightly against his jeans as he walked towards the locker room.

“About damn time.” He murmured to himself. He was starving.

As he walked in, the locker room was in its usual state of chaos. Large men with sweaty bodies filled the space. Luckily, Jake was able to squeeze to his locker, though not without meeting with the occasional brush of his 12 incher against the other men. It was annoying. People always told him to be proud of his size, but there wasn’t anything to be proud of when you couldn’t even wear shorts in the summer.

He made his way to his locker, grabbed his lunch bag, and dropped it on the bench while he went to clean up.

Making his way to the stalls, he could feel the wetness in his jockstrap. He found one and promptly closed it and pulled his waistband out enough to check out his crotch, taking no time to unzip his fly. He was hungry and didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Oh fuck me,” he growled to himself. The stain of precum was bigger than ever, almost soaking the entire front of his jockstrap. While he managed to clean the pool that formed within the strap with toilet paper, he was unable to hide the stain that began to creep through his jeans.

Ever since the incident, he had always found himself creating sperm at an alarming rate. He already had an appointment tomorrow with his doctor, hoping that they could at least figure out a way to stop it. His massive size turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing, especially in bed and in public.

“Hey, Jake!” a familiar voice rang through the stalls. “You coming or what?”

It was Dan, one of the only people that Jake really hung out with at his job. Built like a model, Danny was known for his looks. Blonde hair and deep blue eyes created a human Ken doll.

“Yeah, I’m coming! Just give me a sec—” He trailed off as he began to stuff his big friends back in their small cage, and flushed the pre-stained toilet paper.

Jake was greeted with a high five as he made his way out of the stall.

“What took you so long? You having trouble controlling your third leg?” Dan smacked him on the back and chuckled.

“Shut up.” Jake turned red. He never liked when people brought up his cock, no matter how massive it was and would become.

“I’m just joking.” The duo began walking to lunch. “But I know at least ten guys who would kill for a dick like yours!”

“Can we change the subject, please?” Jake replied uncomfortably. He could feel his balls start to fill as his cock chubbed, liking the attention even if Jake didn’t.

They grabbed their food and made their way to the cafeteria. Grabbing a seat in the corner, they sat down and began to eat. Phone in hand, Jake blindly stuffed his grilled cheese into his mouth.

After a few minutes of awkward silence between the two, Dan attempted to start a conversation.

“So how are things with you and your boyfriend?” Dan asked.

“We broke up.”

Dan went red. “Oh, uh, sorry to hear that. How’s your fish?”

“He died.”

Dan went redder. It was clear that this conversation had already taken an awkward turn.

After a minute or two of awkward lunch eating, Dan finally got the guts to ask his question.

“Hey, uh, are you doing anything tonight?” his hands were shaking.

Jake looked up. “No, not really. Why?”

“I was thinking… maybe we could, uh, hang out or something?” Dan was sweating.

“What did you have in mind?”

“There’s, uh, that new fancy restaurant opening up by my place…”

Realizing Dan’s intentions, Jake turned red too. His words were spoken with embarrassment. “You mean… like a date?”

“Um… I mean, if you want.”

Jake was stunned. While they were both single, he had never thought of Dan as gay, since he’d never discussed his love life with him. Jake wanted him so bad. He opened his mouth to reply but was then reminded of his big friend down below, and all the relationship troubles it had created.

Jake sat still, his cock twitching. He sighed and answered.

“Listen… I really like you too, but I have some issues I need to work out, and I don’t want to force you into them.”

Dan sighed deeply. With a frown, he stood up. “I’ll see you later.”

He sauntered off, leaving Jake feeling alone and guilty.
The rest of the day went by without much change, besides the sudden stomach pain Jake was experiencing. As work ended, Jake got in his car and drove to his apartment. Walking inside, the familiar stench of dried sweat and spunk stung his nose on entry. He flinched at the scent. “Never gets old…” he muttered to himself.

As he made his way to his bedroom, the feeling in his stomach seemed to recede a bit, but only just, as the same roiling feeling popped up in his scrotum.

“What the fuck did I eat…?” He groaned at the pain as he unzipped his jeans.

As his large bait and tack flopped out of his jeans, he heard his phone buzz by his bed. Picking it up, he saw it showed a notification from Dan. Sorry about today, the text read. I don’t know what came over me. I never wanted to put you on the spot like that.

Dan paused, then texted back, It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I wish we could try.

He felt so bad. What were the odds that the man he had been crushing on his entire time working would ask him out? And what were the odds that he’d have to say no?

Moments went by. Jake was well aware of the risks, but he just couldn’t get him out of his mind.

He knew this was his only chance, and he knew that missing it would stagnate, or even end their friendship.

He sighed deeply. Looking down at his massive cock and thick balls, he smirked,

“You always have to get in the way of things.” He spoke, cupping one of his massive balls in both his hands. After a few seconds of the massaging, he let them bounce back on his bed and grabbed his phone again. Hey, is that offer still open?

Jake grabbed his suit and laid it on his bed. After a few pep talks in the mirror, he made his way to his shower. As he washed his cock and testes, he could feel that pain getting worse. The odd fuzzy feeling buzzed up his balls and down to his cock head. “I’m going to have to ask my doctor about that,” he said to himself.

After the oddly painful shower, he combed his hair, followed by a light trimming of his shave. Shirt and tie on, he had finally finished stuffing his thick filled jockstrap into his pants when he heard the knock on his door.

Zipping up, he made his way to the door and was greeted with an awkward “Hi” when he opened it.

Dan was wearing a black tie, a nice addition to his tight grey pants. In his hands was a small bouquet of flowers.

After their greetings, they made their way to Dan’s car. As they started the drive, surprisingly, Jake was the first to make small talk. “Thanks for all of this,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, man. To be honest, I was grinning ear to ear when you said you could come.”

Jake blushed in the passenger seat.

“I’ve liked you for a really long time, and I’m glad that you feel the same.”

As they drove up to the restaurant parking lot, Jake groaned as the deep pain increased tenfold.

“Oh fuck…..” he groaned.

Dan looked over worriedly. “Jake! Are you feeling alright?”

At this point, the pain was entirely centered near his groin. He grabbed his crotch and reeled over.

“Dude! Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Dan was in a panic.

Realizing the worry he was putting Dan through, Jake bit through the pain and tried to reassure him.

“It’s, uh, fine. Probably just something I ate.” He could feel some of the pain slowly receding.

Dan carefully got out of the car and began helping Jake to get out as well. As he opened Jake’s door, he could still see the pain in his eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay? We can do this later if you want.”

Jake shook his head. “Don’t worry, it’s probably just indigestion.”

The confusion was clear on Dan’s face. “Indigestion in your balls? How does that work?”

Jake chuckled a little. “Don’t worry about it.”

As he got out of the car, the pain still lingered, but slowly let up by the time they got seated in the restaurant.

As the waiter sat them down, Jake felt the pain grow, more than ever. He stifled a yell and held to the table, shaking.

He was so enraptured by this hurt that he almost didn’t hear the waiter ask what he would like to eat. He looked up and tried to order.

“Can I, uh, get the…” he tried, then took a deep breath. He began to sweat. “Um… could I get, the, uh, Caribbean steak, medium rare?” he finally managed.

The waiter wrote it down, seemingly obvious to his current state. After he returned with their drinks, Jake finally felt all the pain dissipate. He sighed and smiled at Dan.

“Are you feeling better?” asked Dan. “I was so worried back there.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling great! Sorry about that unintentional scare.”

The two chuckled. A minute passed by of lustful staring between the two before Dan broke it with another question. “So, I know you said you had issues that were keeping you from getting into relationships,” he asked. “Would you care if I asked what those were?”

Jake shifted in his seat. A feeling had come back, but it was much different. It was a low ticklish feeling. Jake ignored it.

“Well, uh, you see,” he said, turning red, “as you already know, I’m very, um, well hung.”

The feeling was more intense, stimulating his cock and balls. He shifted again.

“And, um, a lot of my relationships have troubles taking it forward after I show them…”

The feeling of constant stimulation was starting to make Jake horny.

“And I’ve been seeing doctors and what not, trying to get this growth under control…”

He could feel his dick start chubbing.

“And… I—I just didn’t want to pull you into that,” he finally managed.

Dan stared at him. “Are you sure you’re feeling better? Your starting to worry me.”

Before Jake could answer, the waiter came back with their food. As their dinners were set in front of them, Jake let out the softest moan.

He looked down, feeling his balls under the fabric. He touched them and the shook, before slowly swelling. Jake stared in awe, watching them slowly push against the fabric.

“Uh, sir?”

He popped back into reality. “Y-yes?” he asked the waiter who still stood among the couple.

“Would you like some cheese on your potatoes?”

“Yes, t-thank you..”

With a weird look on his face, the waiter dosed his potatoes with cheese and walked off.

Dan quickly saw the blushing on Jake.

“…And you’re sure you’re okay?” he asked.

Jake felt the swelling increase as the fuzzy feeling came back. He squeezed his fat testes as he felt his member push along the jock strap with a creak. After a few seconds, he came back, whispering only one word.


He got up and ran to the bathroom, leaving Dan alone and anxious.

Jake ran into a stall, breathing deeply as his members grew. He didn’t get hard. He wasn’t aroused, they just grew.

He sat for a moment on the toilet seat, before realizing that it had started again.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck….”

His mind swirled and terror and ecstasy as he heard a saw them grow. He grabbed his cock and pushed it into his pant leg, watching it snake down his thigh to his knee. Its thickness pushed hard against the fabric, only adding to the tension. Stream after stream of pre-cum dripped to the floor.

His balls were another story. Hairy and full, his cantaloupe balls swelled and swelled. The sloshing of cum caused Jake to moan, its feeling of eternal expansion not letting up. They taught fabric pushed deeply into his thick ass, his cock and testicles stealing all the room for themselves.

“Too… tight…” he murmured. He tried to unbuckle, but the base of his thick growing cock refused. His hairy pubes began showing along with his base, taking up space that was no longer there. The pants creaked and groaned, finally tearing at the tension. His belt snapped.

“Oh, fuck..” As his 14-inch cock and cantaloupe nuts spilled over the toilet, let out a moan as his puffy head touched the cold tile.

He managed to stand, his massive friends pushing the jockstrap deep into his thick ass crack.

He shuddered as another wave of ecstasy flowed through him. He had to cum.

As he began to stroke, his balls only swelled faster. As the pool of pre got larger, he started stroking faster and faster. More and more. It felt so good. He was ready to burst when that feeling disappeared. He stared down in confusion. His now 18-inch penis and bowling ball nuts were too big to get off alone.

“It’s so big….”

His cock perked up as it brushed against the stall.

His moan spoke no words for the pleasure he was experiencing. The pre-cum was flowing like real cum, and as his balls shoveled a few more gallons into their system, the already ripping jockstrap popped.

His little session was cut short as he heard Dan walk into the bathroom.

“Jake, are you okay? You’ve been in here for 20 minutes.”

He came across the pooling pre-cum.

“…Jake?” He was met with a shaking voice.

“Need… cum…”


“I… need help… to… cum…”

Dan stood in shock. Jake wanted him to help him cum? He stood still, then said, “Uh, okay.”

As he climbed over the stall, he could see the monster in all its glory.

“How the fuck…!?” Dan stared in awe.

“Please…” Jake moaned.

As Dan dropped down next to him, he could hear the sloshing of cum in his pillow sized balls. Taking off his shirt and pants, he stared at his growing date.

Hesitating just for a moment, he grabbed his 18-incher and began to stroke with all his might.

Jake reeled back. “Faster, ooh, faster…”

Dan did as he was told.

After what seemed like an hour of stroking, Jake asked for more. “Touch… my… tip,” he said. They could hear the low rumble in his testicles.

As Dan lightly brushed his fingers against Jake’s swollen head, a loud moan filled the bathroom as his cock started to stream cum.

Gallon after gallon, his thick cum pooled from their stall and beyond. It was thick and warm, giving Dan, (who was already half naked and hard) the notion to taste it.

It tasted of sweet milk, and its thickness made it rich. After a few for licks, Dan came, his small amount of jizz not even holding a candle to Jake’s still-going spunk fountain.

Jake became worried about his orgasm. It had been almost five minutes, and his cock showed no signs of letting up. “I-it… won’t… stop…!” he moaned.

Dan looked at him in worry. A scream of pleasure pierced the air as Jake’s cock blasted, gallons and gallons of his thick semen filling the bathrooms. It filled and filled with his rich man-milk, splashing, and sploshing in its constant filling.

After five minutes of pure pleasure, the couple found themselves in a chest-high pool of cum.

“Jake, are you all right?” Dan asked softly, grinning.

“Yeah…” was all he could manage before he passed out in the pool of spunk.

Two years later, Jake and Dan got married. They moved to a house in a small neighborhood and adopted three children.

At this point, Jake’s bait and tackle were the largest on earth. While the swelling in his dick had stopped two years ago, the same couldn’t be said for his balls. They swelled constantly, requiring constant check-ups and jerk offs.

After about of year of treatment, Jake had finally found the root of his problem: an allergic reaction from dairy products. This mixed with his unusually large testosterone levels and genital growth had created a mutation within him, causing the swelling whenever he was met with high amounts of emotion after eating.

Dan and Jake left the construction business and went on to create their own milk company. The reason for why their milk was so sweet was still unknown.

Jake lived in a state of constant fear over his crotch, but Dan always helped. Together, Jake came to accept his massive manhood.

Even with such a busy life, however, they still made time to be alone. Their love for one another never died, and neither did Jake’s sperm count.

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