by Josh Dugan

Six-legged Lee inspires his artist friend.

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Because he was more comfortable that way, Lee usually left his six big legs naked when he was at home. He looked good in his worn out grey t-shirt, which somehow went vey well with his nude lower half. He was fortunate in that his penises were really handsome, whether they were aroused or not.

Sometimes they'd be aroused in different combinations. For example, he'd be asleep on his back, on top of his bed, his six legs tumbled out all over each other, his last pair with their feet hanging down and touching the floor at the end of his bed. His middle pair of legs would be more or less lying on his last pair of legs, with his front pair of legs stretched out over his middle pair of legs.

Usually when he jacked off it was his front penis, mainly because it was within reach. If he'd jacked off his front penis and was asleep on his back like that, that penis would be only partly aroused as he slept, but the penises between his middle and hind legs would be standing tall all by themselves, as if they were trying to catch a view of what was beyond the tumble of Lee's legs on either side of them.

Or vice versa, if he'd rump-fed himself with his hind penises and later fell asleep on his back, they'd be only partly aroused, tumbled drunkenly in their satisfaction. It would be his front penis fully aroused in that case, a flagpole at full attention, a proud lone sentry as Lee and all his six legs and his other two penises slept.

One of his artist friends, Todd had made several very good sketches of Lee asleep as well as awake.

It was amazing how Todd could capture the essence of Lee's beauty in such an easy-looking way, with just the right amount of shading and outline.

The form was always perfect, although Lee's lips, eyes and jaw line had more detail than the rest. Also, the six handsomely muscled long legs and the three big penises were always a little stronger in detail, but you couldn't miss the flawless flow of his arms, shoulders and torso, either.

Lee wasn't narcissistic or vain, but he couldn't help but jack off when he studied the beautiful drawings Todd had made of him. When Todd found out about that, he purposely drew Lee in ways that would make Lee want to jack off.

Here was one of Lee in a yogic pose, sucking all three of his penis heads at once, his six magnificent legs gracefully upended. Or Lee in his grey t-shirt looking down and confusedly counting his legs, realizing that there were way more than six of them, his penises hugely aroused at the sight of all the extra legs and feet. Or Lee seated at the piano, a tumble of his legs and bare feet tangled beneath the piano bench, helplessly laughing because the reason he couldn't play was that his hands had turned to big beautiful feet as well. Or Lee riding his six legs side-saddle on a handsome six-legged nude clone of himself, kissing his clone's broad shoulders and then his clone craning back to kiss Lee, and the two of them kissing with a beautiful mating of their handsome lips. Or a formal cotillion ball, only with all naked-legged Lees in grey t-shirts, muscularly handsome as they shyly introduced themselves to each other and took each other hand in hand, crowding the floor with all their handsome nude legs.

Lee actually did try riding his six naked legs side-saddle, except it was on Todd, who became a boytaur from making love to Lee. He also grew four arms. Funny, he told Lee he grew four arms to help Lee jack off, but it was really to go with his four legs. You know how artists are.

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