Interactive monitor

by James Fourlegs

Amazing what can be done with just a little change to the motherboard.

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“Watch this,” Paul said, pointing at the computer monitor screen. It showed his roommate and his friends, in the next room, watching a video.

Like Paul, his roommate and his friends were to die for; beautiful guys gravitated to them. Anyway you could see a bunch of them lying around watching TV.

“What?” I said. “So you're spying on them with your computer.”

“Better.” Paul said. “Watch.”

He clicked the mouse, and all the guys were barefoot.

“Cool,” I said. “But that's not a live picture. Clever, but you don't fool me.”

“Check it out,” he said. I looked into the next room. The guys were all watching TV, barefoot. One of them looked up at me and gave a wave, the rest kept watching TV. I closed the door.

“They were already barefoot,” I said. “You already had the other picture of them with their shoes on.”

“So check this out,” Paul said. He clicked the F2 button. Their feet grew a size.

The guys kept watching TV.

“They're not aware that anything is different,” Paul said.

I felt that tingling deep in my dick, which started to grow. “Let me check it out.”

“Wait,” Paul said. He clicked something else. “Now they won't react to anything you do.”

I opened the door. The guys were watching TV, some eating snacks. Their feet seemed to dominate the room more. They were all larger. Good-looking, but much bigger… big feet crossed, or one big foot on the floor and the other big guy across the guy's leg, or two big good-looking feet tucked under the guy who sat cross legged on the couch. Another guy came in bringing a soft drink, padding in on good looking feet that were definitely a couple sizes over. They were talking about the video when they talked at all. One guy moved his feet slightly, to get them over from partly blocking his view of the TV, and reached for the nachos. Another guy who had his leg slung over the arm of the chair was wiggling his huge foot as it hung out into space, the other huge bare foot in his lap, his hands resting comfortably on it.

I walked over and took the huge dangling foot in my hands; it still wanted to wiggle, but gave me enough docility to let me feel its beautiful size and shape. I kissed it. The owner of the foot didn't notice, watching TV with his hands on his other huge foot in his lap. Nor did the others in the room. I let the huge foot go, and as it gathered momentum it began its wiggling again, hanging heavily by its ankle in the open air.

I went back to Paul, closing the door.

“What on earth have you got there?”

“I'm still figuring it out,” Paul said, obviously aroused as well. “I had this dream about it and did a couple things to the motherboard, and it's working just like the dream I had. Watch.”

He hit a control key and another F key, and suddenly the guys all had four big feet.

“Damn!” I said.

“Cool, isn't it?” whispered Paul, hardly containing his excitement. The guys were still sprawled around the room, but it was big feet everywhere—really excellent-looking big feet, too. The guys weren't noticing their four huge feet, but they were unconsciously shifting them around to make room for them or to find more comfortable positions with four of them.

I was bone-hard now, and had to check out the room. Paul looked in, too, after hitting the they-won't-notice-us key or whatever it was. It was incredible in real life. All these cute guys totally into the video, not noticing these four big beautiful feet they all had. Those who were sitting sat a little higher, because of their extra legs. The guy who had crossed his legs was up a little higher because he was seated on two pairs of crossed legs, his four big handsome bare feet hanging out the sides of his crossed legs. He was unconsciously massaging his four big feet, going from one big pair to the other, as he watched TV and tossed back some popcorn.

My friend in the chair now had two legs slung over the arm of the chair, two huge and beautiful feet wiggling heavily, and his hands wresting on two more big feet in his lap; he shifted slightly to make his four legs a little more comfortable, and his four big feet found better positions, too.

I couldn't resist the four-way arrangement of crossed feet of another guy, I had to kneel down and caress them, kissing all four on top and on the soles. He was so beautiful with four legs and these four magnificent huge male feet; he didn't notice me for a second as I worshiped his four beautiful feet. I had a feeling he would have enjoyed my loving his feet, just a hunch.

I looked at Paul.

“Make it six,” I suggested.

“Good idea!” he said, and we were back to the computer. He did the keys combination and there they all were, six legged, and he hit the F2 button just for good measure, and all the feet of the six-footed guys popped up another growth spurt.

We darted back into the room. There was noticeable unconscious shifting again, the guys not aware that anything was unusual about their each having six huge, beautiful bare feet, as they adjusted their six legs and found places for their absolutely beautiful teams of huge feet. An unconscious adjustment in their interpersonal space appeared to have taken place, as guys nonchalantly placed two or more pairs of giant extra feet on their neighbors' laps and or welcomed the babysitting duties for other guys's multiple pairs of huge, beautiful bare feet. Guys were still watching the TV, but they took their neighbors' six feet and held them close, sometimes unconsciously massaging or kissing the beautiful bouquets of giant, handsome male feet.

I was noticing that with all the extra legs the guys now had, their clothes fit their multilegged bodies, but Paul went away for a second and returned; I guessed he hit the nude key, because suddenly they were all comfortably nude, eyes on the television, with more adjusting to see around one's own or one's neighbors large, handsome pairs of feet. One guy was coming back from the kitchen carrying sodas, stepping over the several dozen pairs of handsome legs and the piles of huge beautiful feet everywhere, working his own six legs to get his own six huge handsome feet over the other huge feet and legs and to find places to put all six of them, as he picked his six huge handsome feet up and placed them here and there among all other guy's teams of giant, good-looking feet, sort of like a very foot-handsome human spider as he balanced his sodas and tried handing them to some of the guys, who moved huge feet aside to reach them.

I couldn't help noticing the state of my friend with the wiggling feet slung over the arm of the chair; sure enough, three big beautiful guys now wiggled, although at a slower rate due to their colossal size and greater momentum, and three enormous, incredibly handsome male feet filled his lap, which he would massage and touch to his lips from time to time as he watched the video.

Paul looked like he had an idea and darted back to the computer, and I saw what he was up to.

The guy with the sodas dropped them clumsily. “I'm sorry,” he was saying to the other guys, who tried to help him pick them up. At the end of their arms now, in place of their former hands, were more of the same huge, beautiful male feet, the handsome six-legged nude guys completely unaware of anything different; they were cooperating with each other, coordinating their huge handsome wristfeet with those of their neighbors to pick up the dropped sodas.

One guy was holding his can of soda between his two huge wristfeet as his friend skillfully manipulated his own giant wristfeet to get at the ring on the can to lift it up to pop open the can; as they gyrated and switched positions, trying to kneel facing each other so their huge wristfeet could get the can open, their great teams of six feet shifted, their neighbors accommodating the shifting of the huge feet, sometimes bracing or assisting the movement of the huge teams of feet with their own huge wristfeet.

Those who finally got their sodas open drank from them, the cans pressed between their two beautifully giant wristfeet; the huge wristfeet were graceful as they passed soda cans between guys who shared the sodas.

In all of this, there was by now an undercurrent of arousal at all the beautiful guys nude and the plethora of incredibly handsome giant feet everywhere, and while eyes stayed on the video, arms were relaxing around gathered bunches of huge feet, guys were resting their chins, cheeks or faces on their own wristfeet or on sixsomes of borrowed feet from the neighboring guy, and this sort of undiscovered mutual attraction began the arousal of what Paul ensured were colossal penises, and the evening became an ongoing viewing of the TV plus a sort of social, casual and accommodating exchange of sweet major footfucking, which was hard to see because of all the giant feet blocking the view when guys had to get up to leave the room or to return, as their giant teams of beautiful feet plied their way among the dozens taking up all the space in the room. It was nice to see the guys with arms around each others' shoulders, huge, beautiful feet hanging from their forearms, and it was good to see the huge, beautiful wristfeet as vessels of communication, expressing by touch and caress with their large and gentle warmth and beauty, and it seemed by now all the handsome guys were talking and laughing about was the beauty and sexiness of each other's six huge feet and their beautiful huge wristfeet, as they came and came again among each other's beautiful feet.

Guys were cordially offering their enormous, handsome sets of feet to one another to enjoy, and as some made love, others blissfully rested among the beautiful, enormous male feet, coming or helping a friend come with their beautiful feet and wristfeet. Thankfully now that Paul and I were in the room with all the beautiful naked guys with huge wristfeet and six huge beautiful feet, we were all showing on the monitor, and we were like them too, and it was hard to remember if things had ever been any different.

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