Medium gets large

by Queen23

 A small town medium meets a spirit with much bigger plans for the holiday.

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Carson Green was a nobody. He lived in a nobody town doing a nobody job that most people didn’t believe in and the ones that did believe in it thought he was consorting with the devil. Which was wild to him considering the fact that his grandmother had run the exact same business with the exact same name. Must be that rural townfolk are more comfortable with a little old lady talking to them for their deceased loved ones instead of this milquetoast nobody that shared her name. Add on to that the fact that he was gay in a town that could have been up for the award of least progressive town ever, and he was the perfect storm of depressed. The only benefit of him having so much free time was that he had plenty of opportunity to go on long meandering walks. He liked going through the historic district and the park, especially now since all of the leaves were fallen and the air was crisp again.

His walk today was just as boring as usual. The same old houses, the same old trails through the same old forest. What wasn’t the same was the loose root that snagged at Carson’s foot, causing him to trip and go falling down a steep incline. He skidded to a stop, inches from falling into the river, which while not particularly dangerous, would have been very cold and uncomfortable in the crisp late October wind. He looked around and noticed that down here it was a lot darker, as if the light refused to go down to the river. Carson brushed himself off and started looking for a way back up. He walked along the river bank, when he saw a trail. He followed it, hoping that it’d lead him back to the main trail, but after a few minutes of walking down it, he realized that it wasn’t going back the way he came, but was actually headed deeper into the forest. Carson shrugged, figuring that the woods weren’t that big and that he’d find an exit eventually. He kept walking and finally found an abandoned house. It looked like it’d been vacated eons ago and through sheer will it was still somewhat standing. Though, that might have also been thanks to the tree that was growing through the roof.

Carson had already taken enough risks for the day, and was going to just leave the house alone, when a sudden squall of rain sent him running for the open doorway that stood in the front of the house like a gaping mouth. He slammed to a halt, his arms bracing himself against the heavy wood of the door, but apparently he’d misjudged the speed he had run with, and slammed the door open with a sickening crunch of breaking wood. He stumbled into the dark interior, the only light coming from the dim daylight that managed to fitfully break through the dense cloud coverage. He knew he should just sit in the doorway and wait out the storm, but the wind had other ideas as it started blowing hard enough to throw the rain sideways into his face.

Carson scrambled to his feet and pushed the door closed, not noticing that the door latches firmly shut despite having crashed himself through the door frame just moments earlier. He glanced around and pulled out his phone for a flashlight. He just got the blinding light to start shining from the back of his phone when it made a cheerful chirp of sound before vibrating once and going dark, the battery running out. “Well fuck.” Carson griped. And it’s not like he had a charger with him in his light jogging gear. He started slowly and carefully making his way through the house and unbeknownst to him, the house was making its way through him as well.

Upon Carson’s sliding into the ravine, the spirit that inhabits this abandoned house in the woods started waking up. The squall that sent him running for the cover of the porch? The flimsy door frame that is remarkably sturdy the next moment? That was the spirit of the house at work. And now that it had Carson wandering through its halls, it could really get to work. It watched him from the carved eyes of the woodland creatures that decorated the heavily embellished trim that crowned the hallways. It observed him from the dark corners of the house that light refused to venture into. And as it watched the trepidatious man, it started worming its way into his mind, gently steering him towards the heart of the home.

Carson didn’t know what path he was following as it led him up the stairs and down the hallway to a large set of heavy dark wood double doors. He didn’t realize he’d reached for the door until it was swinging open under his hand revealing a surprisingly well lit bedroom. The size of the room and the bed that dominated it indicated to Carson that this was plainly the master suite, though the textiles in the room were ruined. He walked around to the large window across the room from him and threw open the tattered curtains giving him a beautiful view of the storm tossed canopy of the forest as it stretched out around him. Carson felt a draft from behind him and turned to see the doors to the master bedroom had closed silently behind him. Carson assumed he’d closed the doors himself and sat down in a large but dusty armchair in the corner by the window.

The spirit of the house watched with interest as Carson settled into the armchair. It circled him slowly watching as the man fell asleep, his breathing easing to a gentle in and out as he dozed in the chair. The spirit chuckled to itself having barely exerted its power thus far. It saw the rather unimpressive figure the man cut and if it’d had a head it would have shaken it. There were plans that this spirit had and they didn’t involve anyone shorter than 6’6”. But that’s okay, sleeping mortals are basically clay in the hands of a spirit like the one inhabiting this house. With a slight expenditure of energy, the sleeping man in the chair started lengthening, his feet creeping further and further away from his mop of curly auburn hair. The spirit watched in delight as the man’s body was more receptive to his powers than he’d imagined, accidentally overshooting his height goals by a few inches, but seeing the formerly unnoticeable man stretched out to a startling 6’9”, the spirit couldn’t go back. He hoped to finish with his work before the newly taller man felt the cool breeze of the drafty house against his ankles or worse, his now exposed midriff.

The spirit circled the sleeping man and really focused for the next phase of the changes happening to the unaware guy. The spirit could see perfectly through the clothes that hung off of even his stretched frame. The spirit was not having that and started thickening and strengthening the muscles on this formerly scrawny man. Starting with the exposed stomach, the spirit watched with satisfaction as cobblestone abs raised from under the pale skin, a dark trail of hair highlighting the deep crevice between the thick muscles. His chest widened as muscles sprang up, pulling his shirt taught against the newly developed pecs and shoulders. His arms were looking a bit scrawny, and so weren’t spared in the new growth, the spirit delighting as the arms swelled even bigger than would be proportionate, just slightly, giving him some seriously thick arms. His legs needed to match and as they thickened, his thighs and glutes becoming especially beefy, a carpet of hair spread over his arms and legs, darkening but not obscuring his newly developed muscles. The spirit looked to the spots where the formerly loose clothes were now digging into the sleeping man’s skin. The spirit frowned and with a wave it no longer had to look through his clothes as the man was now laying in the dusty armchair completely naked.

Looking over the sleeping man, admiring its handiwork, the spirit couldn’t help but feel like he’d forgotten something. So just to be sure he increased the size of all of his muscles slightly, bringing them into stark definition under his pale skin, despite the covering of hair that has sprouted over his body. The spirit still felt like his job was incomplete, and then he realized… The sleeping man had been hard for quite some time. The spirit just hadn’t noticed because it was rather unimpressive, made even less so thanks to the rest of his newly enhanced body. A disembodied chuckle rang through the room announcing that the spirit has finally began work with his favorite medium, cock.

For starters, the thin wisps of hair crowning his shaft needed some help, thickening into a well-groomed but full bush blending into the treasure trail winding down his abs. His pubes weren’t the only thing thickening as his skinny cock started swelling wider and wider till it matched his newly thickened forearm in girth. The girthy cock looked out of proportion thanks to its still meager length, and while the spirit enjoyed disproportionate dicks, this one was disproportionate in the wrong dimensions. A brief surge of ghostly energy swiftly corrected the issue as inch after inch of beefy, veiny cock reeled out from the slumbering man’s groin, like an anchor sinking into the waves, the inches of his dick just continued to spool out from between his legs. The spirit had intended on a hefty 7” to 8” for the new giant’s flaccid member, but once again the sleeping man proved far more receptive to his ectoplasmic ministrations than originally intended and the reclined guy wound up well past the 7” intended, even past the 8” mark, resting closer to 11” and still completely soft. The spirit shrugged and nudged him up to an even foot long soft, being more careful to not overdo it, and even so the sleeping man was a hair over that foot long goal post.

The spirit looked to the heavy balls resting against the soft velvet of the chair and was impressed with his handiwork for a moment before realizing that he had yet to touch those heavy, pendulous spheres. No, the medium sleeping in the chair was naturally blessed with a large pair of low hanging, fat nuts. The only thing the medium had to do was gift them the same thick hair as the rest of his body and maybe scoot them up just one size. The other change the spirit had for them was less visible, making those cum factories twice as productive as before. And then doubling that productivity yet again, realizing that enough cum for two men wasn’t even close to enough cum for this man sprawled before him.

Finally, the spirit was about to call this latest project complete, but he looked up at the face of the sleeping giant and saw the same generic “default character” face that he’d walked in with. Now that he had the body of a god, he needed a face to match. Not a problem, just a squaring of the jaw, stronger chin, defined brows, the eye color would have to stay, he didn’t want to risk messing with something he couldn’t see. Plus it helps those from before recognize him now that he was so much more than he was mere moments ago. The shaggy mop of auburn hair lengthened to hang about his shoulders in loose waves, framing his newly improved features. With a satisfied clap of his hands, the spirit finally stepped back and took in the sleeping man before him, getting the full image of his new improvements. Even with the difficulty involved with getting a ghost hard, the spirit of the manor felt himself getting thicker and longer in his ghostly form.

A wry smirk twisted the spirits lips and walked over to the sleeping hulk. The reason for all his improvements was finally upon him and the spirit settled back into the chair like he was sitting into a bath that was a bit too warm. Returning to a physical form was always jarring for the spirit, having done this a few times now. The most distracting part was the coursing of blood through his body. The spirit opened the sleeping man’s eyes and raised his left arm, flexing the massive bicep until it stood level with his eyes. He leaned over to take an appreciative lick along the thick vein snaking across the top of the massive bicep, when he froze in place.

“Forcing a lost and scared man to fall asleep so you can play with his body? That’s an awfully naughty ghost.” The voice that spoke was deep and rumbling, shaking the chest of the spirit and ringing not just through his ears but through his soul, and then he realized… It was the sleeping man! He’d somehow wrested control again. The spirit focused intently but found that he was a prisoner in someone else’s body. “I will have to say thank you for the improvements though. You certainly have an eye for detail.” The man ran a newly strengthened hand over his tightened abs to cup a heavy pec. Despite no longer being in control, the spirit could feel every single movement. “But seriously, don’t you think you got slightly carried away?” the man asked, hefting the foot long soft cock. “Can you imagine how monstrous this thing is gonna get when I get hard? I have always been a grower.” The thought didn’t seem to really be a negative to the man however, as the spirit could feel the rush of arousal from those words and could feel the shared sensations of his stirring cock.

“I’m Carson Green,” the man said. The spirit suddenly felt in control of the speech functions of his new host.

“How are you doing this?!” The spirit was indignant at being corralled like this, despite ultimately having gotten himself into the situation.

“Now now, that’s not the question I asked, but fine. I’ll answer yours if you answer mine,” Carson said, effortlessly taking control of his body again. “I am a medium, a psychic with a specialty in communicating with spirits.” Carson paused obviously delighting in his curse finally proving useful. “And apparently, I have great control over spirits that think they could possess me.” He looked down at his nude and hulking body. “Well, when I’m awake anyways.” He laughed, giving his newly enhanced cock an appreciative rub. “Now, what’s your name?”

“I haven’t had a name in so long…” It was true. The spirit had long forgotten, but now on this stressful day, in this stressful situation he felt memories coming back to him. “I was a spirit of the forest here, a spirit to protect these woods, but the encroaching modernity pushed me into dormancy.” The spirit remembered finding a massive oak in his woods and the fear he felt when it was felled, his spirit trapped in the grain of the wood. Then as the tree was processed into planks and his power split between each plank, he lost himself for a time. His next memory was of a pair of men having sex under stairs made from the very same wood he’d been trapped in for an unknowable amount of time. Finally conscious again, he exerted his powers immediately, taking over one of the men and shaping him to his liking. He did the same with the other and was going to use them to return to the world, but once they passed the threshold of the house, the spirit was expelled and the men ran.

The spirit spent many lonely decades in much the same way, those that were changed by him all forgetting about the spirit in the woods. After countless attempts to hitch a ride out of the house, eventually the spirit gave up, frustrated and horny. At least with the periodic visitors he could relieve the latter feeling. The spirit finished his recollection with thoughts of earlier that day and was interrupted by the medium he was inhabiting. It wasn’t until the living man spoke that the spirit realized that he’d stopped forming the words and was communicating silently with the soul of the medium directly.

“Do you want me to try and bring you with me?” Carson offered the spirit. “I don’t know how much you could leave me, but you could at least get out of this house.” Carson shared thoughts of far off locales he’d visited with the spirit. “And if you got tired of me, it seems like if you left you’d just come back here.”

“What makes you think you could get me out of here?” The spirit had no success on his own, so he had little faith in the psychic.

“I got you trapped in here, don’t I?” Carson tapped the side of his head.

And with that, Carson stood and started walking towards the door. He stopped when he heard the loud slapping of his massive cock against his beefy thighs. “Oh… clothes.” The spirit focused for a moment and a well-tailored, if very old fashioned, suit was suddenly wrapped around Carson, fitting him perfectly despite his insane proportions. Carson flexed his toes in his silk socks and new brown leather loafers and smiled. “Very well done… Thomas?” Carson offered as a possible name for his new spirit friend.

“Thomas…” The spirit rolled the new name around like a cat playing with a ball. “Thom?”

“Thom,” Carson agreed, approaching the front door with caution. “Okay, really try and hold tight I guess,” he suggested, following his own advice as well as he could. Carson stepped through the door and both he and the spirit could feel the tug for the spirit to remain, but with some effort Carson was able to pull him free of the house, somewhat like sucking a piece of candy through a straw in your milkshake. Once on the porch, Carson took a few quick steps to get some distance from the house before reaching out and looking for Thom.

“I… I’m out!” Thom cried through Carson’s being. “Wow, that fresh air!” Carson let the spirit have full run of his body for a few moments and Thom immediately took off like a bolt, running through the woods, low hanging branches whipping his face as he sprinted between the trees. He felt the exertion of running for the first time in eons and Thom felt as though he could fly. Carson took control back over his body when the spirit’s powers had lifted Carson about a foot and a half off the ground.

“Okay, so maybe no super powers in public, eh?” Carson said to Thom, the spirit was confused at first but thanks to Carson sharing memories of the X-Men with him, Thom swiftly realized that being discreet might be the better angle. Carson walked the distance home with ease, unsure if it was because of his newly enhanced physique or the simple distraction of having a spirit to inform about several centuries of pop culture.

Carson was kept occupied the entire walk back to his apartment above a cafe. Well, in the mornings it was a cafe. In the evenings they switched to serving healthy and organic meals.

Feeling ravenous suddenly, Carson decided to dip in for one of his favorite soups, a black bean nacho soup that despite having a small garden of veggies in it just tasted like nacho cheese. The slim hipster serving the soup usually didn’t spare Carson a second glance but today his eyes were glued to the broad shoulders and taut sleeves stretched over bulging biceps that he accidentally gave Carson extra. Carson wasn’t going to argue with free soup though and happily took the extra with a wink. On his way to leave the store, Carson’s trek was interrupted by a slightly breathless hipster standing in front of him with a scrap of paper, hastily covered with what Carson assumed was his phone number.

Carson took the scrap of paper and read it over. “Elliot? You off work?” he asked, looking down at the guy. It took Carson a moment to realize it—Elliot had to be well over 6’, but Carson hadn’t noticed with his own increased height. The hipster nodded rapidly, shucking his apron and tossing it behind a register that he hadn’t even been working at. “Well, I happen to have accidentally gotten too much soup. Wanna come up to my place and help me with it?” The tone Carson used made it very clear that he wasn’t offering soup.

Up in his apartment though, Carson’s hunger hadn’t abated and so the soup was actually had. Elliot was actually a pretty interesting guy Carson found out as they chatted over dinner. He was into competitive video gaming(something Carson had to take a quiet moment to explain to Thom). Elliot was just griping about having to work on Halloweekend when Carson set down his spoon into the empty bowl with a clatter. “So, shall we go to the bedroom?” Carson asked casually as if he was asking about a movie.

Elliot seemed to remember the fact that he was in the presence of a demigod and leapt to his feet, already tenting his skinny jeans to a decently impressive amount. Carson was impressed, it had to be at least 7”. He was leading Elliot over to the edge of his queen sized bed when Carson finally got a glimpse of himself in the full length mirror he had in his bedroom.

The half glances and warped reflections he’d seen this far had done little to inform him to the magnitude of his transformation. He stopped and examined himself in the full mirror. It had been since Tumblr stripped away the porn since he’d seen a man built like he was now, and even then that had been a morph. The nearly 7’ behemoth in front of him, all lightly hairy and shredded and hulking and hanging down to his knees was all real solid touchable flesh. His own, real solid touchable flesh. He threw up a double bi pose and felt himself chubbing up from watching his massive biceps jump into action.

A soft clearing of the throat brought Carson’s attention back to the naked hipster laying on his bed. Carson didn’t waste time wondering where the clothes had gone, nor did he waste time slotting himself between the hairy thighs of the man beneath him. He wrapped a hand around the base of Elliot’s thick cock and gave it an appreciative pump. “Fuck yeah…” Carson groaned watching a large bead of pre well up at the tip of Elliot’s fat dick before it fell and rolled along his shaft and over Carson’s fingers. Carson darted his tongue out and licked it up before it was lost to the mattress, continuing the slide of his tongue across his fingers and onto the wide shaft of Elliot’s straining dick. Carson was mouthing at the thick head of Elliot’s leaking dick and felt something that made his eyes shoot wide open.

Elliot’s dick was getting bigger. Not very fast, but the feeling of the already fat dick straining his jaw even further was unmistakable. Carson could feel the dick growing in his mouth, sliding along the roof of his mouth even as his head remained still. The gradual spreading of his fingers was an absolute delight, making Carson’s own dick stiffen dramatically, now gently grinding against the edge of the bed while Carson really started blowing Elliot with gusto. ‘Care to explain Thom?’ Carson thought to the spirit inhabiting his body.

“Well, he isn’t as receptive to my abilities as you are.” Thom explained, answering the wrong question in Carson’s opinion. “I’d have made him bigger faster otherwise. Oh, do you want him to be aware of the change?” Thom asked as if this was as simple as deciding on what to wear.

‘What do you mean “aware”? What does he think is happening now?’

“Well, right now Elliot thinks that the sexiest man on the planet is giving him the most amazing blowjob he’s ever experienced,” Thom explained. “But he could become aware of the fact that his dick is steadily growing from a decently impressive cock into an absolute beast.”

‘Wouldn’t that freak him out?’ Carson thought to Thom. It didn’t escape him that he was now capable of both carrying on a conversation and sucking an increasingly massive cock with ease. Mayhaps the changes weren’t just physical.

“Only if you want it to. It’s easy to make someone cool about a change, especially if it’s a positive one.” Thom’s rapid acceptance of modern lingo was not lost on Carson, a thought for examining later.

‘Fuck, do it. It’ll be hot.’ Carson estimated that by now Elliot was at 8.5” long and not far from that in girth, easily 7” around judging by how Carson’s fingers struggled to close around him. Carson punctuated that thought by taking Elliot’s cock down to the base. He could feel his newly thickened neck straining against the intrusion. Carson stayed there with Elliot buried in his throat for as long as he could, which was longer than he thought possible. The entire time he could feel the stretch of Elliot’s dick growing down his neck.

Elliot went from the occasional groan to loudly moaning. When Thom told Carson he was satisfied with Elliot’s dick, Carson finally pulled off of Elliot, both of them marveling at the vastly improved cock before them. Carson’s first thought was to the safety of his throat, considering that he’d just had every single inch of Elliot’s 8” thick and 14” long cock down his throat, all the way till his lemon sized balls were pressed against his chin, but Thom just chuckled at him. “Why would I let you get hurt?” Carson smirked around the fat cock in his hands at Elliot’s awestruck face.

“Holy fuck… I’m huge!” Elliot gasped, reaching for his dick with trembling hands, almost as if he didn’t believe it was really there. When he wrapped his hands around it and felt the sensations of the newly grown cock, Elliot tossed his head back with a loud groan. Carson gave Elliot some space to explore his new package as he shifted on the bed, moving up to lay alongside Elliot. “How did you do this?”

“That’s just the beginning,” Carson said smiling. He ran his hands over Elliot’s already toned form, this time working in tandem with Thom, the two of them molding Elliot into perfection. But where Thom had his own ideas of perfection—incredibly tall, overwhelmingly muscular, and hung to put moose to shame—Carson preferred to keep the subject more recognizable, improving and perfecting the shapes of the man that already existed. So that means that instead of Elliot becoming a massive muscle behemoth like Carson now was, he retained some of that hipster slimness, even though he could pass for an off-season gymnast. His shaggy brownish-blonde hair lengthened and thickened into a wavy golden mane to put a lion to shame, with hazel eyes to match. Thom provided his own assistance, once he picked up on Carson’s intention of keeping the base model intact, and did some casual light gleaning of information from Elliot’s mind to help guide their reshaping of the man on the bed next to them.

When they finished, Elliot was a panting, leaking mess, his 14” monster cock leaking a heavy stream of pre onto his heavy pecs and draining in a river down the center of his cobblestone six pack, only getting slightly tangled in the thicket of tawny hair that decorated Elliot, spread wide and covering his chest before tapering into a narrow treasure trail down the center of his tight abs. Something that Thom had seen to without Carson noticing much was Elliot’s thighs and ass, vastly improved and only ever so slightly out of proportion with the rest of his frame, Carson found himself thinking that Elliot would be a great cyclist now, if it weren’t for the massive cock and balls that would get in the way on even the most ergonomically designed bike seat.

After taking ample time to admire his work, Carson finally decided it was time to take Elliot for a spin. “So, how did you wanna do this?” Carson asked Elliot. He reached down to stroke his own cock, just to relieve some of the pressure. When Carson grabbed his mammoth erection he realized that he hadn’t actually seen himself hard yet. The entire time he’d been hard blowing Elliot his cock was behind the bed, and when he was changing him, his vision was a bit distracted with his work anyways. Now attempting to grab his cock with one hand was laughable, even with his huge mitts. His hand was just big enough to get a somewhat decent grip on the shaft of his monster dick. Stretching the tape at over 10” around and just past 18” long, Carson wasn’t sure how he knew his measurements so exactly, but he did and he was floored. A foot and a half of cock… “I can promise you that no matter our size, either of us would fit in the other perfectly.” Carson paused for a flicker to confirm with Thom that what he’d promised was a reality, and Thom assuaged his concerns.

Elliot blushed a deep red and had difficulty meeting Carson’s gaze. “I’ve… I’ve always wanted to fuck a giant like you.” Carson’s cock throbbed and shot a spurt of pre that was larger than any of his loads from before he’d met Thom. Carson wasted no time at all straddling Elliot and lining up his tree trunk of a dick with his hole. He waited until Thom gave him a go ahead, feeling the spirit in him relaxing him, reshaping him and most importantly, lubing him up generously. Once the ghostly prep work had been done, taking less than 20 seconds, Carson started lowering himself onto Elliot’s massive cock. And true to his word, Thom made sure that Carson felt no pain from the incredible stretch of Elliot’s monster cock.

“Oh holy fuck!” Elliot gasped when Carson got to about the halfway point. “You feel so fucking good, Carson.” Elliot has a tight grip on Carson’s hips, one that would have bruised his unchanged self, but that just felt comforting and reassuring as he continued feeding more of Elliot’s enormous dick into his ass. Eventually, Carson felt the soft brush of Elliot’s trimmed pubes. He pressed himself down, making sure his ass was flush with Elliot’s hips. “I don’t know how this is happening, but holy fuck you feel amazing.”

“Mmmmm…” Carson moaned, rolling his hips in place, “you don’t feel too bad yourself!” Carson spent a few more moments feeling of Elliot’s monster cock buried to the hilt before raising himself to just before the halfway point. “God you’re so thick too!” Where he was paused at the halfway point of Elliot’s cock, he could really feel exactly how thick he was, stretching out his hole to the point that he wasn’t even sure if he could clench it anymore, or if he was too stretched out for even that. He gave a cursory squeeze and Elliot moaned like he’d been punched.

Elliot grabbed Carson’s hips in that tight bruising grip and using a strength unknown to either of them, he flipped Carson’s massive form onto the bed, hiking those thick legs onto his shoulders and slamming into him roughly, taking 8” thrusts as he slammed his hips against Carson’s beefy ass. “Fucking take my fat fucking dick!” Elliot demanded, his aggressive demeanor a surprise to both men, but not the spirit. Thom had continued pulling down walls in Elliot’s psyche, peeking into the dark corners that he didn’t delve into and found a dominant streak a mile wide. Who could blame Thom for merely giving Elliot the confidence and the strength to act upon it? And from the pleasure that ran down every nerve ending in Carson’s body, the medium didn’t mind either.

Thom took a front row seat for the spectacular sex that was happening in Carson’s previously sexless bedroom. More than a front row seat, he tapped himself into Carson’s body and felt each thrust of Elliot’s monster and found himself moaning through Carson’s soul as Carson moaned into the room. Elliot’s rhythm started to falter slightly as he approached his climax, and climactic it was going to be, as Carson felt himself nearing the edge as well, Elliot’s dick was so big that his prostate felt like it’d been ground into a paste that set his mind to melting. With a few more thrusts and a loud slap against Carson’s thick ass, Carson started shooting hard.

Carson’s whole body clenched, throwing his muscles into sharp definition, veins bulging across the peaks of his biceps and snaking across his pecs. His already huge cock swelled slightly as it started blasting an endless stream of cum that shot from the tip of his cock and flew across the room to splatter loudly against the wall. The spray of cum only became more intense, firing from Carson’s cock with even more intensity, going from hitting the wall, to hitting the window with such force that it shook the pane in its frame. The entire time he was shooting this pulsing stream of jizz, his tight hole was clenching around Elliot’s monster cock as he continued relentlessly plowing Carson’s thick muscle ass.

It was when the spray of Carson’s cum finally caused the window it was hammering to crack and break with the sound of shattering glass that Elliot was finally sent over the edge. He roared as he slammed himself all the way to the base, grinding his dick in place as he unloaded his own massive orgasm. He leaned his sweaty forehead against Carson’s furry pec and found himself laughing in-between moans as his orgasm continued having its way with him. Elliot could swear he felt the space between him and Carson become tighter, their bodies pressing closer together. He pulled off of Carson to investigate and saw that the cobblestone abs of the medium were getting distended slightly by the sheer volume of Elliot’s load. Eventually Elliot felt his orgasm taper off, but not before he’d ruined the sheets below them and the mattress with how much cum had sprayed from around the base of his dick. He could only imagine the mess that would happen when he finally pulled out and unplugged Carson’s ass.

Speaking of the medium, Carson hadn’t stopped cumming the entire time. More damage was done to the window to the point that Carson was going to need to replace it. But that window’s noble sacrifice was the only thing that prevented his room from being the same swampy mess as the side street was now. The storm drains would certainly struggle with this one. Carson eventually stopped cumming, his last shots looking more akin to what a horse could produce than a human and wrapped his exhausted arms around Elliot, pulling him into a messy, sweaty and cummy embrace.

“Someone’s gonna call about the mess outside,” Elliot murmured from his muffled spot in between Carson’s pecs.

‘Thom? Anything you can do?’

“Nope! If it’s not my domain, I’m worthless,” the spirit explained. Carson could tell he was trying to sound contrite, but even formless, Carson could tell the ghost was smirking.

“And they’ll think it’s just a Halloween prank,” Carson offered, the excuse sounded weak to his ears as he said it. He was just starting to feel like he should maybe care about it when he felt Elliot start to pull out. “Ohhhh fuck.” Carson moaned out. “Careful, that feels amazing.” Elliot chuckled and pulled his mostly softened cock from Carson’s still somehow tight and gripping ass.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be used to this,” Elliot said while looking at his now 8” soft cock, though Carson was pretty sure he was talking about the whole transformation.

“Honestly?” Carson started, propping himself up on a massive arm. “I don’t think I will either. Or the fact that I can do this.” Carson reached out and ran a hand along Elliot’s soft cock and added another inch to it. Elliot gaped down at the now 9” softie hanging from his crotch. “I know, right?”

“Haha, Jesus Christ dude,” Elliot chuckled, grabbing his cock. “Is… is it just me?”

“I haven’t had a chance to try on someone else yet. Should I?” Carson asked, laying his head onto Elliot’s thigh and languidly draping his arm around his waist and over the other thigh.

“Why not?” Elliot ran a hand through Carson’s wavy hair and hummed contemplatively. “You know, I have a gaming group that could really use some improvements.”

“Well, invite me to the next session.” Carson licked his lips. “We’ll see if we can’t level them up.”


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