My growth journal

by Kaelan

 It's my 30th birthday... and all of a sudden my body keeps changing. And it's awesome.

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July 6

Dear Journal:

I don’t know what’s happening… but I LOVE it! All these years… all those endless hours of struggling at the gym and never seeing much improvement. All that futile struggle. And now… all of a sudden my body is just changing, and so rapidly.

The men in my family always said: “Wait. Just wait till you’re 30… and things will change.” But I never believed them… I guess they were right, though.

My brothers, Brad and Sven, are more than twenty years older than me, so I don’t really remember them from when they were younger. I just remember them being these huge, built, bull studs. Each of them was 6’ 2” and over two hundred pounds of muscle. Sven works out a lot, but Brad just goes on walks—and he still has a killer body.

And my dad is nearly 80 now, and still looks better than most men in their 40s. Great definition. Super strength.

I guess I’m more like them than I knew.

This past weekend was my 30th birthday. And it was a great one. Probably the best I ever celebrated. So many good friends and happy memories.

Up until this point in my life, I’ve always been the scrawny guy. After college I weighed 140 pounds at 6’ 2”.

I’ve worked with trainers, nutrition coaches, different styles of training. But nothing has worked for me. I’ve done acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbs, etc., but the biggest I’ve gotten up to was 153 lbs. Not much to show for the endless hours I’d put in and the calories I’d counted.

But every morning since my 30th birthday, I’ve woken up and been a little bit bigger, and a little bit leaner from the day before.

I’m getting a little underline under my pecs. My chest looks deeper when viewed from the side. When I look down at my shoulders—they look nearly an inch more full. My arms and glutes are bigger too! My jeans are fitting a little too tight.

And get this… my cock has had a growth spurt too. I mean, I’ve always been off and on with penis enlargement exercises. And I’ve been doing them again recently… but the gains have been ridiculous! This week alone, I’ve gained a quarter inch in length and some girth! This puts me almost at nine inches! So fucking cool!! …I hope my balls get bigger too.

Gotta run!! Write again soon.

July 15

Hey Journal,

I weighed myself at the gym yesterday: 165. Holy fuck! That’s several more pounds than the last time I weighed in.

My arms are looking insane! They’re all gnarled like tree trunks. There’s all this crazy definition in my triceps, and my shoulders are looking like big rounded balls.

My abs are getting super defined and I have this awesome V running down to my cock.

Speaking of which… I’m now officially over 9 inches!! When I measured this morning, it was actually 9 and a quarter.

I’m thanking my lucky stars! I don’t know what I did to deserve this—but I am super grateful.

I need to go buy new pants… I’m not fitting into mine anymore.


July 25

What up, Journal?

Okay… I’m starting to rip the sleeves in my shirts. I really need to go shopping now. And I’ve had to start wearing my biggest-pouched underwear: the Anatomax by Obviously. My flaccid dick is constantly like almost 8” now …and it won’t fit in anything else.

My pecs are looking insane! I’m looking so fucking strong. I’m seriously in beast mode now. I notice guys at the gym treating me differently, too. They keep looking at me—impressed like.

Yesterday I walked through the locker room with no towel on… and I swear that every single fucking guy stared at my huge, flopping cock, slack-jawed. Mouths down to their chests.

This is sooooo fucking cool!! I think my balls actually are getting bigger, too! They’re certainly hanging much lower.

It’s been so fun doing my P/E and gym workouts. I feel so fucking sexy!! Damn! And I have soooo much energy! I feel like I’m 13 again. I’m constantly horny and jacking off five times a day…. not cumming though. I’m trying to save it all up! I think not coming has been helping my gains.

Gotta run! Peace. :)

August 5

So I now weigh 169. I’m leaner than I’ve ever been. And my cock now measures 9.6” hard and is a whole lot thicker! My balls are bigger than extra-large chicken eggs. This is fucking intense

August 13

It’s my dad’s birthday today—and I feel like I’m the one who got the birthday present!! My cock is ten fucking inches?!! Am I going crazy?! Double Digit Dick!!WTF!!I am soooo fucking stoked. I’ve had to throw away all my underwear and buy exclusively those Anatomax ones because nothing else will fit. I hope they come in the mail soon—because until then… I’m doing a lot of free balling and I’m sure as hell getting a lot of stares.

My quads have gotten so big that my jeans are skin tight. And there’s no where for my junk to go, so I just have this giant papaya-sized bulge down one of my pant legs.

My balls keep hanging lower and lower and it feels so amazing how they swing when I jack off.

Everyone has been talking about how amazing I look. Guys are asking me what supplements I’m taking… I wish I could tell them what it was. I guess my good inheritance genes are just it.

I need to ask Brad or Sven if their dicks randomly got bigger around 30. I know that they’re super well endowed—I’ve heard their wives talk about it. But being so far apart in age, I’ve never been comfortable asking. I’ll work on being direct with them soon.

Peace out

August 15

I had to go buy new clothes this morning. I went to Nordstroms, picked out a bunch of stuff… and while I was trying them on, the attendant snuck a peak… and I thought that his eyes were going bulge out of his head!! He was so incredibly helpful after that. All “Yes sir—what else can I do for you, sir?” Ha ha! It was amazing.

I went swimming yesterday… wore my tiny, unlined swimsuit. I can barely fit in it anymore… but oh man… all the looks I got at the pool. I’m really glad that nobody complained to the gym management for how I was dressed, because I suppose I could have been kicked out! Haha—oh well, hung man privileges…


August 30

Hey Journal:

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written, it’s been a crazy past few weeks.

Well, my weight has continued to go up. I am up to 179 right now… and I really look like a Men’s Health cover model. It’s crazy! My energy has been through the roof, and I’ve been working out for four hours a day.

I’m also working out my cock a ton! It’s so fucking big… I can’t stop playing with it. It’s actually up to 10.5 whole fucking inches now!! WTF??

I’m always tugging on it, jostling it, playing with it through the pockets of my pants. I’ve started to go commando all the time now—and never grab a towel at the gym anymore. Some guys have purposefully started to pick lockers around me and follow me to the hut tub where I lounge naked. Then some of them follow me to the showers where their smallish dicks get hard as fuck seeing mine…

It’s such a power trip! I am so fucking lucky.

September 5

Okay Journal:

I learned that this new body is coming with some surprising consequences. I was out at a bar last night, and these Alpha-type guys started to pick a fight with me… trying to establish dominance, I guess. Long story short, I ended up with a bloody nose and getting sent home early.

I didn’t anticipate that a bigger and stronger body would now put me in competition with other men.

Too bad I just didn’t take out my dick and say, “Who’s the real man here, fellas? Bow down and kiss my feet!”

Live and learn. Goodnight.

September 15

Weight: 185. Percent body fat: 6% Dick length: 10.89” Dick girth: 6.2” Flaccid length: 8.75” …and my balls are the size of limes now…

This is some fucking crazy shit.


September 20

The weirdest thing happened today. I was jacking off my Monster Cock… and I came accidentally… but I stayed rock hard… so I started jerking again… and made myself come again… but I still stayed rock hard…

I came seven. fucking. times. in. a. row.…. and my God-Cock is still a fucking turgid meat bat…. What The Fuck.

September 30

Weight: 192 Percent body fat: 5.3% Dick length:…..a full 11 mother-fucking inches!!! Flaccid length: 9.5”.

So… I’ve had to stop wearing pants! They’ve just become ridiculous. My legs and glutes and junk are just too fucking big… So I’ve started to have to wear kilts…And truth be told, I look bad-ass in them!! With my now huge muscles …I look like a Viking warrior. I’ve been growing my beard and hair out… and I’ve got all these corded muscles running up the length of my limbs and torso… I look fierce as hell… an Adonis…

And I can’t tell you how many men and women have tried flipping my kilt to get a peek at what’s underneath. And those that do… well, I’ve had many people now begging me to suck me off, or to have me fuck them or get them pregnant….

I cannot believe how much has changed…

This is so sick.

I’m in love with my uber-masculine body

October 10

I hadn’t been able to find a way to bring up the topic of 30th birthday growth with my brothers… so I invited them to the Korean Spa in the city today, knowing that we’d all have to get naked …and that would bring the topic up.

So we went. They’d never been before and were a little weirded out by the whole naked thing… but they went along anyways.

So… both of them are really fit… but neither of them were hung like me. Don’t get me wrong, they were both fucking big… like 6-7” fully soft, but nothing like my mammoth man-meat.

They complimented me on how my body has changed recently, and tried to stop looking at my massive man-cock, but I caught them looking a ton.

I asked if they knew why this happens around thirty. They exchanged glances with each other… but said, almost hesitantly, that they didn’t know… I guess that means that it’s time to check in on good-ol’ dad… maybe he’ll have some answers.

Oh, btw… current stats. Weight: 195, Bodyfat: 5%, Dick length: 11.25”, Girth: 6.5” Flaccid length: python.

P.S.: Sven said to me as we were packing up and leaving: “Maybe we should call you ‘Big Brother’ now… ” …I almost died! Haha.

October 20

It’s almost Halloween and you want to hear something scary?? MY dick is almost 12 inches!!! …Technically 11.75…. But crazy right?!I don’t know how I got so blessed.

Everyone looks at me everywhere I go, now. Men want me. Women want me. Everyone wants me… it’s crazy.

I’m visiting dad next week. Maybe he’ll have some answers for me…

Good night.

October 30

Wow. Just wow. Visited dad today… and well…

I saw his dick… and he’s huge! I mean… I’m still way bigger… but he’s got to have a ten-inch cock when it’s hard. I saw it soft and it was still, like, 9”…

It all started out when I came over. He said “Wow! You’re looking great! …I guess that birthday paid off, huh?”

I said that it’s been really weird. Did he know anything about it…?

He took me in, poured me a glass of whisky—and asked if I wanted to hear the real story.

He said: “You may not believe it.”

I said: “Try me.”

He replied: “Okay, here it goes. My father was a Gypsy. He was in love with a young girl from a neighboring tribe, but she wasn’t interested in him. No matter what he did—he couldn’t draw her attention.”

“So, one day he set on a quest. He had heard about a Gypsy witch, who travelled all alone, and if you found her, and your desire were pure, she would grant any wish that she could offer.”

“He spent six months traversing Romania for the witch… and just when he thought he had searched everywhere he could—when he had given up all hope… hungry, alone, and headed home in disgrace… he found her.”

“She took pity on him, and he asked to be the sort of man that the girl back home would fall in love with.”

“She said to him: Go home. I can see that your 30th birthday is in a few nights. For the next six months after your birthday, any strides you make to improve your appearance will be amplified five-fold… and they shall stay with you for the rest of your life. Additionally, I shall naturally give you some physical gifts to enhance the girl’s desire for you, regardless of your effort. Go now… and trust… ”

“He set home, and believing the gypsy at her word… the morning of his 30th birthday, he set to work. He chopped extra wood. He carried extra water. He ran leagues and did thousands of callisthenic exercises. …And his body quickly began to change. He began to morph, day by day, into a kind of paragon. A man among men. Not only was the young woman entirely swept off her feet by my handsome grandfather, but several other women and men were too. He ended up having five wives (which was unheard of in the Gypsy community) and several male concubines.”

“He had three sons—one of whom was me. When my eldest brother turned thirty, we began to notice the same changes in him that my father had experienced. Father told us what was going on… and that the witch’s blessing lived on within all of us. The same happened for my second eldest brother. And the same happened for me.”

“But I went one step further than my brothers did. They just exercised their bodies… I also exercised… and I hope it’s alright I’m sharing this with you (Dad said)… but I also exercised my penis… I stretched and milked it and made it grow… and I ended up with a huge, swinging knocker of a phallus.”

At this point, I looked down into his khakis and noticed the giant bulge that I had someone how always missed before.

At this point I admitted: “I’ve been working out my dick too, dad.”

He looked surprised. And then smiled. “That a boy!” he said, and slapped me on the back. “I was too embarrassed to tell your brothers about it when they turned thirty… so they missed out on the chance. But I’m sure the Gypsy’s blessing still helped them along in that department, anyways. I know my two older brother’s manhoods grew considerably during that time, as well… but, of course, not nearly as much as mine!” And he chuckled.

He was so proud of his fucking cock. It was kind of eerie how much it reminded me of my own feelings for mine.

“That’s also the reason I never settled down, after your mom died… no woman can hold my giant cock to herself. It deserves to be shared with the world!”

At that point—and I can’t believe I said this—but I asked: “Dad, may I see it?”

He smiled and said, “Of course, son.”

He unzipped his khakis, and out plopped a giant trouser snake. Like I said, it was almost 9” long… fucking massive… except when compared to mine.

I replied: “Oh wow. Cool! Well, that gives me some inspiration. Maybe we can measure up next to each other, when my six months are finally finished—and we can see how we compare.”

“It’d be my pleasure, boy-o.”

The rest of the conversation was very much the same as it always is. Asking how my sex life is. Asking how the job is going.

I guess I have until roughly New Years day to change as much as I possibly can….

Let’s see how far all this all goes…

November 10

Well—it’s official… 12” of Horse-man meat!! Should I change my name to Centaur?

Workouts have been going great… I’m about to tip over the scale to 200… this is fucking nuts.

People at the gym are asking if I’m a competitive body builder, now…

Less than two months to go… let’s see how much else changes.

November 25

Had a fantastic Thanksgiving with dad and the bros. Just the four of us this year… their wives went to visit their families.

At one point, we all ended up out back, stripped to our undies, and wrestling in the mud… It’s was kinda ridiculously hot, to tell you the truth. These four, hugely muscular, super-endowed men grabbing and pinning each other.

I didn’t have underwear—so dad let me borrow a pair of his. As I was putting them on, dad hollered out in front of his other sons: “See that, fellas! That’s what a real man packs between his legs. I guess you’ve been taking me at my advice, huh?!”

I smiled and said: “Uh-huh!” My brothers just looked real confused… It was awesome.

Ate way too much… but still staying super lean, so I guess it’s okay.

December 15

It’s been so crazy at work, I’ve had to cut back a bit with my training regimes, but I’m still definitely making gains. My biceps are now 19”… my waist is still 29”. My dick? Well… I was going to leave that to be a bit of a surprise… but what the hell…. 12.5 fucking inches, baby!! Woo-hoo!! Bigger than a fucking ruler!!!

Time to grab the yard stick!! Ha.

Okay—time for bed…

December 29

Four days away from the 6-month mark.. so time is of the essence. I’m weighing in at 225. Body fat at 4.5%. Dick… nearly 13”…. 7” girth, now!… balls are the size of medium lemons…

It’s really weird trying to walk now. My junk is constantly in the way… It actually can peek out from under the lip of my kilt when I get aroused. I hope I didn’t go too big….

Thank god most everyone at the gym I workout at is gay… because it’s a fucking porno trying to watch me workout at the gym with this huge appendage. I try to strap it down… but it hardly works. It looks like I’ve got a cantaloupe hidden in my pants….

January 2

Well. Six months are now over.

Let’s reflect on where we came from:

End of college:
140 lbs
7.5” cut cock
32” waist

30th birthday:
150 lbs
8.5” cock (from P/E exercises)
30” waist

232 lbs of solid muscle
19.75” biceps
28.5” inch waist
13.5” fucking horse cock
Balls the size of lemons

I look like a fucking cartoon in the best of waysI’m so fucking blessed to be part of this family.

January 4

Visited dad today. As promised, we whipped ’em out, stroked and measured them… He’s ten and half inches… I beat him by three whole-fucking-inches! That’s almost an entire other cock.

He said he was fucking proud of me.

He said that he had a couple of hot twenty-year old babes coming over for some playtime over the weekend. He asked if I’d like to take them on with him. Show them how a proper father and son provide for the ladies.

I said…. Hell yes!

This is the last page of the journal. I might start another one soon, with all the exploits of my new-found body and crazy abilities. Stay tuned

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