The new job

by hyperboi

Out-of-work engineer Jake takes a job at an isolated mansion, where he’s overpaid for just guarding a gate and letting through mysterious trucks. He and his coworkers are getting slowly bigger and hornier, too, and all this seems really great except for a certain nagging doubt—and a terrifying warning from the hugest of his fellow guards.

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Part 1 Out-of-work engineer Jake takes a job at an isolated mansion, where he’s overpaid for just guarding a gate and letting through mysterious trucks. He and his coworkers are getting slowly bigger and hornier, too, and all this seems really great except for a certain nagging doubt—and a terrifying warning from the hugest of his fellow guards. (added: 6 Aug 2014)
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Part 1

Jacob Daniels looked up from the book he was reading through the glass in front of him. Two loud beeping sounds had been used once more to alert of a new delivery to the installations. He stretched his arms and felt the guard uniform tighten everywhere. He still didn’t want to ask for another uniform. He wanted it to tear by itself first. He might need to tear the sleeves off, like Andy did some time ago, anyway. He marked the book and closed it, reaching his second snack of the morning and taking a bite, without his gaze lifting from the horizon. Some minutes later, he could hear the truck approaching and a bit later the truck was there, ready to enter. He checked the codes in his screen and nodded, opening the gate. He didn’t even try to peek who was driving those trucks. The glass of the driver was always dark. A robot could have driven it for all he knew.

As a matter of fact, what did he really know?

Even after three months working there it was all still a mystery. It had been two years since he graduated from the engineering school, just in time for a huge economic crisis to hit the whole world. His country had been since then in a recession: no jobs were to be found for new graduates, who lacked experience in a real job. Jake, as his friends called him, didn’t give up, applying for jobs abroad and studying languages to improve his chances. He lived with his parents so he wasn’t really in a need for a job, but he still wanted to get money to live on his own. He had enough free time to hit the gym and he was in best shape than ever, reaching 210 pounds of muscle in his 6’1” body. Not that it helped overcome his shyness so that he could get a date, especially as a closeted gay man who, at 25, had still not told even his closest friends.

One day he received a mail from a guy he knew at college years ago, an older classmate called Andrew Kennedy. A nerdy, silent thin guy, he remembered, but really smart, who had tutored him for the advanced calculus class.

“Hi, I’m Andrew Kennedy, from college. I don’t know if you’re looking for a job right now, but in case you do, my boss has asked me to contact anyone I knew from the place I studied. The genetic research institution I work for has one vacancy and it’s very well paid. And I mean VERY well paid. You’d have to stay the whole day without going out, but they pay all expenses. Here is the contact you must talk to if you’re interested—”

Genetic research institution? Of course he was interested. It would have helped knowing the kind of job he would be doing, but if they asked him to contact other engineers, the seat wouldn’t be in a fast food restaurant. Jake immediately sent an email asking for the job and the same day he received a reply. He had been accepted! The job he would be doing was still a mystery but the contract sent the next day, which he signed, was for $6,000 a month. There is no way he would refuse a salary offer like that, even if he weren’t desperate for a job. The place was a secret facility and he would have to live there, but he didn’t care at the moment. Genetic research seemed so interesting to him. He would be allowed to send and receive personal mails but leaking of information regarding the place and job was forbidden.

The trip wasn’t really pleasant. Not once was he told where was he going and he had to go by helicopter. He wasn’t allowed to bring anything with him. Not a single personal belonging, except the clothes he was currently wearing. He was registered before climbing the helicopter and he was deprived from anything in his pockets, even his cell phone, which was sent to his house. That heli seemed really different from others, like taken from a science fiction movie. It had no windows where he stood, behind the cabin and he didn’t even saw the pilot. After four hours the helicopter landed and he got out. It was a deserted land, surrounded by sand. He walked 10 feet away from the helicopter, not really knowing where to go, when the helicopter started the engine again and lifted off, leaving him alone in the middle of nowhere. Before he started to get scared he heard a truck coming from the east (the sun was setting). It was small, just fit for two people and from that distance he could see one man driving. It was obviously his pick up.

He tried not to check him but it was difficult not to. The man was jacked. He was wearing something like a military uniform, long gray baggy pants and shirt, but not really baggy on him. The pecs were straining the buttons and the shoulders, showing tanned arms with guns easily over 20 inches, tore his sleeves. He had long blond hair tied in a ponytail in the base of his thick neck, a grey cap and sunglasses. Even in those baggy pants one could easily see the quads flexing when he got off the truck and the bulge running down one of the pantlegs made Jake sweat more than the high temperature of the place.

“Jacob, right?” He asked in a deep voice, suited for a man his size. Jake felt the strength of his grip and the ropes of his forearms tensing and swelling almost made him bone. “Andy.”

The ride was almost silent until Andy broke it “Wait till you see the mansion.”

“The mansion?”

“We call that way the place we live in. You’ll love it. It has everything you could ask for. I’ll never understand why Pete asked to be kicked out. The prick didn’t even say bye.”


“The guy whose job you’ll be doing from now on. You should have seen him. Biggest guy I’ve ever seen. Even bigger than those I see in the net—”

Jake recalled the muscle guys he jacked off to in the internet. He had seen muscle morphs so he doubted that Pete was bigger than them, and the fact the other muscleman said he looked at big guys made him wonder if Andy had the same tastes as himself. He was probably a bodybuilder who searched for that kind of stuff in the net, but in any case, he guessed he would discover that with time. Right then he was more interested in the job Peter had, the one he would be doing.

“So, what is that job? It’s been like a mystery so far,” Jake said.

“You haven’t been told yet? That’s weird.” frowned Andy “I was told that after I sent the mail, the interested ones would be told. Well, I wasn’t either but that had to be a mistake—”

Jake was going to ask what mail was he talking about when he saw a grey shiny wall up on a hill. There was a cabin next to the big metallic door and Jake could see a big shadow behind the dark glass.

“That’s Manny, the other guard,” Andy told him, scratching his chin and making a thumbs-up signal to the cabin with the other hand. “He’s kind of weird, but not a bad guy, and he’s huge!”

Jake pondered how big that guy was if someone as big as Andy called him “huge”.

The door opened without a sound (there was no sand up there anymore, just rock) and they entered a huge empty space, surrounded by the about 20 feet high walls. The road bifurcated and Andy took the left way, which also joined the way that went to the cabin. That way leaded to a huge house that was just 10 minutes away. He didn’t see where the other way led.

“That’s the mansion, and there’s the guards’ house—your new house,” announced Andy.

Jake tilted his head in confusion. “If that’s the guard’s house, then why will I be living there too?”

Andy cackled, “Well, because you’ll be a guard, of course.”

“What? I didn’t apply to be a guard, but an engineer!” Jake complained.

“That’s weird, I though the boss would tell you before calling you here. I guess you can talk to him about it.”

“You can bet I will,” said an angry Jake.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The truck surrounded the huge pool at the entrance and both men entered the big house. It had only one floor but it was so wide that many houses seemed like would fit the place. Mansion was a good name for it. It was well furnished, tidy and clean. After stepping into the huge entrance, he looked around. The entrance hall of the mansion looked like a living room, with some huge sofas and a big screen TV. Andy looked up with confusion.

“They’ve changed the light color… Oh well, I didn’t like red lights anyway.”

Jake looked up; the lights were similar to normal fluorescent tubes, but without the blinding effect, and it was a very light yellow tone. Not as yellow as to make everything yellow around, but enough to notice.

He didn’t feel the heat like outside. There was a silent air conditioning system working, but Jake didn’t feel too cold either, as the yellowish lights up in the high ceiling gave some warmth as well. Jake followed Andy towards a smaller room with a desk and a computer. One of the walls was full of books. Andy sat and started typing on it until a chat window popped up. Then he stood up and signaled Jake to take the seat.

“Here, you can chat with the boss.”

“Can’t I talk with him face to face?” Jake asked while he sat down.

“Dunno how or where, never seen him in person.”

I can’t believe it, Jake thought. He checked the window till someone typed.

“Welcome to the institution, Mr. Daniels.”

“Thank you. Who am I talking to?”

“We are afraid you are not ranked high enough to access that information.”

Jake cursed. “Are you in charge? I think there had been a misunderstanding. I applied for an engineer job in the genetic research facility and now they tell me I’ll be a guard dog,” he complained. He disliked the chuckle he heard behind him, but he stopped himself from telling Andy to go to hell (he was still twice his size).

“At the moment we do not require any more technical employees in our institution. The job is simple and well paid, and you will be very well attended. We do not see the problem. Of course we do not mind if you keep searching for a job online as you must have been probably doing until now.”

Jake cursed again. “Then why someone with my level of education was required? To check access codes and open a door you don’t need a degree.”

“I wondered that as well,” Jake heard Andy say.

The chat box stayed still for a whole minute. Finally, the other end typed an answer.

“In due time, you might be upgraded for a position more involved with our research here, as Mr. Wright was.”

“Weird, I thought Pete quit,” commented Andy aloud. “And he didn’t look interested in technical stuff, even if he was a doctor in physics.”

The boss didn’t hear Andy of course.

“Mr. Kennedy will show you around and will explain your duty. Of course, if you want to refuse the job, you must say it now.”

Jake pondered it for a while. Back at home he would be doing the same job search but here he would be paid and incredibly. Never heard why a guard would be paid as much as 6k per month. Shit, in a couple of years he could retire with no need for more working for the rest of his life. Also, if he was lucky, he might be able to join them in the real work they were doing there.

“I’ll take it,” he typed, and just then, the screen switched off.

“Welcome aboard!” shouted Andy punching his shoulder.

Jake grunted, but didn’t want to look weak in front of the hunk. “So I’ll be waiting for Andrew Kennedy here?” he asked Andy. He didn’t really remember Andrew’s face. It had been three years since he last saw him. All he remembered was the glasses, the badly cut hair, and twig like arms.

That’s why he was so surprised when Andy laughed loudly. “Wait? I’ve been here the whole time, buddy. I guess I’ve changed a bit,” he said crossing his arms in front of his pecs.

“Holy shit!” Then it hit Jake like a ton of bricks. “You… how… just three years—”

“Well, there is quite a lot of free time and a gym you won’t believe in here. I guess I had dormant genes. You would have recognized me half a year ago when I came.” He said flexing his biceps.

His thoughts of 21 or maybe 22 inches were replaced by a yelling. “You put almost 100 pounds of muscle in just six months?”


Part 2

“I know is not exactly normal, but I’m not going to complain.” He said putting his hands on his hips and puffing out his great chest. Not only that, but Jake realized they were looking at each other eye to eye. One thing he remembered well was that Andrew was at least five inches shorter than him. He didn’t remember the snake on his pants, either.

Jake cursed when he felt the tingling in his own crotch. Gifted with an eight and a half inches there was no way it wouldn’t be noticed if he boned. He coughed.

“So, are you going to show me around?” he asked, trying to control his voice.

Andy smirked cockily and turned to the door. “I can show around, show off and show anything you want, if you know what I mean,” he said leading the way, with no tint of shame in his voice.

That shocked Jake the most. Since when was he so cocky, teasing and… did he just came out to him? The Andrew, Andy, he knew was one of those straight-laced guys who claimed to be waiting for the right girl and wait till marriage to get off. He didn’t even seem to know any swear words either. It had been like a nun tutoring him. And now—

Maybe it was all an act back then, Jake thought, while he followed that bulging bubble butt.

First they entered, to the left of the main hall, a huge white place. There was a big round table with chairs in the middle of the room and the biggest fridge Jake had ever seen inside one of the walls. There were two microwaves next to it and a huge trash can.

“Welcome to the feeding pit. In that fridge you’ll find almost anything you might want and you don’t even need to cook.” he opened it. It was huge. On the door there were packs and bottles of milk and water, fruit and some milk shakes and the shelves inside, there were so many boxes that Jake couldn’t count them all. He considered himself tall and for the top of the fridge he estimated he would need a stool.

Andy continued explaining, “Those boxes have the magic pasta, as I call it.”

Jake stared at one of the boxes that seemed the same size as a shoebox. “Magic pasta?”

“I dunno how to explain. The texture when biting is similar to normal pasta but the flavor is different each bite, and somehow, it’s never something you dislike. I don’t get it. Oh, but you must heat it first in the microwave, or else it tastes like paper. There is no meat, or veggies or carbs in the fridge, but when I asked the boss, he said that the boxes had all our bodies required, apart from drinks.” He then took one of the milkshakes and gulped it down in a flash.

Jake nodded. It seemed simple. Then Andy turned, threw the milkshake package in the nearest garbage bin and walked outside to the nearest room connected to it. It looked like a spa. It had a sauna, fit for a whole football team instead of just a couple of people, tanning box, Jacuzzi, steam room and a shower room. With so many towels on one of the sides, Jake wondered if it was just for three people.

“I know, ok?” Andy knew what he was thinking “But I’m not complaining. Comfy!”

Andy led him to the main hall again. He then signaled three doors to the right side. Next to them was the li’l office where he had chatted with the boss.

“Those are our rooms. Manny has the first, me the second and Pete—well, I mean, yours, is the one closest to the gym,” he pointed to a door in the end of the main hall, in front of the main door of the mansion.

Jake entered his room. It was grey painted, like the rest of the house it has a big window on one side but the view was of rocks, a wall in the far away and the blue sky. Not really interesting. The bed was enormous, 15x15 feet more or less. “Is a giant going to sleep here?”

“LOL, I said the same joke my first day here. And recalling what Pete looked like, you might have not find it so big for being his bed.”

Jake smiled. Saying the letters LOL was something he could relate to the nerdy Andrew he knew. There was a big chair and a desk next to a window with a computer on it.

On one side there was a cupboard. Inside there was a towel, a grey uniform with a cap and black boots like Andy was wearing. There was a furry carpet covering the whole floor.

After checking the cupboard and not finding anything else to wear, he faced Andy. “Is there really nothing else?”

“You mean, to wear? Nope, besides, we must always wear the uniform given. If not they might cut our salary. Oh, and there is something I had given up on asking about—new underwear.”

Jake looked down immediately towards the snake that ran down almost half way to the knee. “Fuck, what would you call growing down there as well—”

“A second puberty? Hell if I know, hell if I’m gonna complain, haha. Besides, my clothes didn’t fit well after a while and these are more comfortable to wear. Or at least, they were.” He said stretching.

“They look tight—” Jake couldn’t help saying, then he coughed “You mentioned a gym, right?

“Yup, you’ll love it. You seem like you workout quite a lot, right? You look bigger than two years ago.”

Look who’s talking, Jake thought.

“Yeah, I want to get bigger. I guess I’ll try catching up with you.”

“Who knows, you might do that soon,” he said in a pondering low voice. Jake wondered what he meant. “At least to the current me. I haven’t stopped growing yet, it seems.” Jake almost whistled.

Then they entered the biggest room of the mansion. It was covered in mirrors and full of the weirdest machines he had ever seen. They looked like normal weightlifting equipment but there were no plates to put on the bars, and those were connected to electronic boxes. Everything looked electronic. Even the few dumbbells, all similarly shaped had electric stuff on them. The floor looked weird too, it wasn’t entirely solid, more like a solidified gel, that you could left your shoe print on it and would last a minute before returning slowly to the original plain state.

“The floor is great to workout barefoot. In fact, this place is ours, so why bothering with clothes anyway?”

Jake looked at Andy with wide eyes. Was it for real? But Andy didn’t laugh. He got close to the nearest machine, similar to a bench press. “Get on it.” He told him. Jake shrugged and lay on the bench, griping the bar. The sides of the bar went into the electronic device that reached the floor and also behind his head. “How much you usually bench?” Andy asked him.

“About 200—” he replied.

“Watch out, buddy, and grip it tight. Machine, 200!” Andy shouted

In an instant, the bar felt in his hands as if it weighed 200 pounds! In his surprise, he managed to do a rep before Andy shouted again.

“Machine, stop!” And the bar went back to position, again not weighing anything at all.

Jake got up, still shaken by the surprise. “What the hell—”

“Magnetic workout device commanded by voice. You don’t even need a spotter!”

“I have always wondered if magnetism could be used for something like this, but the energy used—” Jake commented, amazed.

“They don’t seem to mind,” Andy shrugged. “Oh, and all the rooms are soundproof once the doors are closed, so you don’t have to worry about sleep. Not that I need much lately… Anyway, awesome, huh?” he exclaimed enthusiastically before turning to the door.

Jake nodded and followed him outside. In front of the gate there was the Olympic swimming pool he had seen.

“Here is the pool where we can swim or just laze around. I don’t know why, but here there is never bad weather here, so you don’t have to worry about rain. Or about cleaning the pool. I wonder who cleans everything here.”

Another mystery— Jake thought, following Andy towards the truck. As they climbed in, Andy put the gear on and they went back towards the gate. “We have shifts. I got the night one, you have the morning one and Manny has the noon one. At 8 a.m. you must be in the guard cabin and switch places with me. At 4 p.m. Manny will be there to switch places with you. You’ll have a computer to keep you entertained but you can also bring a book with you and some snacks if you want to. The delivery trucks come randomly but not many each shift. The most I got were three on a shift.”

Jake listened to him and nodded from time to time or mumbled an “okay.”

“There is only one truck for us to use. In a few hours I’ll come here again and Manny will take it to go back to the mansion and when your turn comes, you’ll take it to come here so I can leave with it.”

Jake nodded again while Andy opened the door towards the guard cabin. Then it hit Jake that the door (in fact, all doors so far) was wider than normal. The thought left as quickly as it came when he checked out the inside.

It was quite spacious. The other three walls were made of glass, which even if it didn’t let see much from the outside, were really transparent from the inside. The ceiling was 10 feet high at the very least and later on Jake would discover it could be mechanically removed to let the sun enter. “Great to get some tan”, Andy told him, as he showed him how to do it.

But what was more interesting from the room was the huge man sitting inside. Jake didn’t wonder anymore why a big man like Andy, easily over 250 ripped pounds called him huge. He estimated Manny to be about seven feet tall and more muscle in proportion than a bodybuilder when competing. 350” maybe 400 pounds? If that was even possible… Jake couldn’t guess. He couldn’t ask, just stare at the freaky man. He was deeply tan, which almost added size to his muscles if that was possible. His shirt was in a worse state that Andy’s, the front no longer able to close, giving a mighty chest its freedom. His biceps and triceps made his arm thicker than it was long, and he wasn’t even flexing it, although it seemed as if it couldn’t be in a straight position either. The lats helped on that, pushing the arms to the sides. The tight pants had the calves painted on them and the outside seams from the knee to the hip of both legs were opened. So much meat those legs had. Jake couldn’t help staring at the right leg. The seam gap was wider cause more mass was inside. A tube over a foot long was added to the mix in the inside of the leg and two orbs the size of cantaloupes filled the space as well.

Jake wondered if the cabin was like the inside of the horny part of his brain.

“Hey Manny, This is Jacob, the new morning shift,” said Andy.

That made Jake wake up. “Ca-call me Jake,” he offered a trembling hand.

“Welcome.” He just replied barely touching his offered hand. The massive guy looked at him with a serious look in his handsome face. He had an unshaved thick jaw, a very big red nose and black eyes. His eyes made Jake uneasy but he couldn’t tell why.

“Ok, show Jake what should he do when on duty, pal,” asked Andy.

“You’ll hear a beeping sound each time a delivery truck arrives. That means less than a mile far away. You should hear the sound of the truck not long afterwards. When it arrives, it will send you a code that will appear on the screen in the left.” He pointed to one of the three screens in front of him. “The code is changed daily so you have to verify it with the one appearing in the right screen. When you see it’s correct, you open the door with this lever.”

“Easy, huh?” added Andy with a wink

“And what if the code isn’t correct?” asked Jake

“Well, it has never happened before, right?” Andy asked Manny. He nodded. “But I guess you don’t open the door then.”

“That’s all?”

Both men nodded.

“Erm… Are you telling me that the simplest work that a simple computer could do, requires three men and the waste of 18,000 dollars a month plus the expenses of a mansion like that?” Jake asked, dumbfounded.

The other two men looked at each other. Manny was frowning, but Andy just shrugged.

“Whatever, it’s not my money they are wasting and whatever the question you might have, they will answer you with a ‘classified information’ or a ‘we have our motives’. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

“There is something wrong here,” Manny said in a low voice.

Andy rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah. I know, now if you’ll excuse us—” Andy dismissed him with a wave of his hand and went outside. Jake was going to follow him when a steel like grip stopped him in his tracks. If he hadn’t felt Manny’s grip strength in a handshake before, he was feeling it now.

And it hurt. A lot.

He was looking at him like a wild caged animal.

“Be careful. Not everything here is as it appears.”

He let Jake go with another warning in his eyes and he stormed out of the place. He hurried up towards Andy, who hadn’t realize he wasn’t there before.

“—Really, he’s bigger each time I see him, woof! What a hot man! If only he didn’t behave like a creep sometimes.”

That made him forget for a while the scene of before. Since when was Andrew Kennedy gay? And since when was he so forward when speaking? The more he was with him, the more it seemed like another person.

He was about to jump on the truck when he stopped. Andy was grinning at him.


“Heh, I guess you think the same as me, that Manny is like a walking wet muscle dream.” He looked down towards Jake’s crotch.

“Shit!” he then realized he was tenting his pants, big time. But not as big time as Andy was, though.

“Hey, I’m no one to talk, so don’t worry,” he winked.

Jake had to force his mouth to remain closed. Andy’s boner reached his hip and a couple of inches further. That thing looked close to a foot long if that was possible. Possible outside a porn movie, that is, he thought. Then, Manny had a foot long already and he might be soft… Impossible.

Andy patted his back and jumped on the truck. Jake did the same and both went back to the mansion without saying a word. After getting inside, Andy yawned and stretched his beefy limbs.

“I’d like to keep you company, but lately I’ve been sleeping less so I’m gonna hit the bed a couple hours before my shift starts. You must be tired too. See you around!”

Jake stared at his butt until he disappeared behind his bedroom door. He decided to take a shower and eat something before going to bed. All the strange events so far had exhausted him. He went to the shower area and took a nice long shower, finishing with a jerk off helped by the thought of the workmates around him. He just put on his underwear and left his sweaty clothes in his room, walking towards the kitchen almost naked. He decided he wouldn’t bother since he probably wouldn’t cross paths with anyone there. He decided to try one of the “magic pasta” boxes from the refrigerator, heated it in one of the microwaves and started eating it.

The first bite tasted as he expected, like Bolognese pasta. But the second made him almost cough. It tasted like apple pie! And the third one tasted like chicken nuggets! And it went on like that until he finished it. He didn’t understand how it worked, but he liked it. He chugged some milk too and walked towards his own room. He noticed the door had a lock inside, and he used it. Before going to bed, he turned on the computer and wrote some mails to family and friends telling about the place and that he was fine. He set the alarm on the nightstand at seven and went to sleep in just his undies, as he used to.

Four hours later, at 3 a.m., his grumbling stomach woke him up. He had never woken up from hunger before, but he was too sleepy to wonder about anything. He just went to the kitchen, rubbing his morning wood through his boxers. There, the sight at the table stopped his yawn. There were about seven opened and empty boxes on it but even so his eyes weren’t staring at them, but at the massive man eating. It was Manny of course, as Andy was working at the time. He was shirtless and his arms and pecs bulged and flexed with each movement. Even with so much eating there was no trace of a gut and the abs he could see over the table were well carved.

Jake managed to say hi, while a precum spot was forming in the tip of the tent he was making.

Only then Manny realized he wasn’t alone in the kitchen. He looked up from the food and just nodded, then resumed his eating.

Jake swallowed with difficulty and commanded his legs to move and finish what he needed to do before he came on the spot. He opened the fridge and to his surprise, it was full.

Where had the boxes Manny had just eaten come from? He thought

He just shook his head, grabbed another box, heated it and sat on the table to eat it in front of the huge guy. He seemed busy filling his mouth; he didn’t even looked at him again. As a contrast, Jake couldn’t lift his eyes from him while he ate his own magic pasta, again marveling about the different special tastes he get with each bite.

When Jake was almost done, Manny burped, took the boxes and threw them to the nearest trash bin, his biceps and triceps movement and bulging not letting go of Jake eyes, who at that point was biting air, not realizing the pasta was already gone.

Without a word, he got up and walked directly to the bathroom area. Jake needed about five minutes to realize he had his mouth opened and drool was forming a spot on the table. But nobody could blame him. When Manny rose, Jake realized he was also naked from the waist down and his cock reached really, really low. It had to be the same size Andy’s boner was, and Manny was soft!

“How big can that monster get when hard?” he wondered to himself. The thought was scary, but at the same time, exciting. He considered himself a size queen, but he never thought that the limit to that title would be tested.

He sensed his cock was about to blow again, so he carefully walked towards the bathroom to relieve himself. He didn’t see Manny around so he guessed he had gone to the gym or who knew where. He just went to the closest urinal, pulled down his wet boxers and gave a single squeeze to the throbbing shaft, cumming as if he hadn’t done it hours before.

He was lucky he didn’t cum with them on, he hadn’t seen a washing machine yet and it was the only pair he had.

After grabbing and downing a milkshake from the fridge, he went back to bed. He wasn’t surprised to have a weird dream where a medieval duel was being held, but without horses or lances. The two knights used their eight feet long cocks instead and the winner was granted a night with the musclebound prince, whose cock was even bigger.

He woke up just before the royal guy was about to get impaled in cock. He looked at the alarm, just five minutes before seven. He forgot the dream as soon as he got up with a jump, feeling full of energy, horny and really hungry. He had his morning ritual with showering, shaving and jerking off (not always in the same order) and left his underwear in the bathroom, walking with just a towel around his waist towards the kitchen. Surprisingly, the table was full of opened and empty boxes and bottles again and the most muscled butt and widest legs he had ever seen greeting him in front of the fridge. The legs were flexed and bulging, in a squatting position and between them he could see the huge balls hanging. The towering man turned with three boxes and was so surprised to see him in front of him (tenting the towel, should be said), that the boxes fall from his grip.

That made Jake broke the spell and quickly knelt to lift the boxes, with a “sorry I startled you, man”. Just when he had it, a drop fell on it. He looked up in confusion to see the mammoth cock, even bigger than the day before, reaching the knee and as thick as his forearm (which wasn’t narrow by the way), dripping precum.

The word semisoft didn’t form in his brain. In fact, his brain functions were quite switched off. He just lifted a hand and grabbed the tool. His hand didn’t encircle it, so big it was.

And he squeezed.

And the massive nuts contracted and swelled for a moment.

And the hose being grabbed released a stream of cum with such force that it splashed the floor and got on anything nearby, being Manny’s feet and ham-like-calves, or Jake’s legs, towel and lower abs.

Jake was horrified. “I’m so sorry, man. I don’t know why I did….”

But Manny didn’t look pissed off; he had a blissful expression in his face.

“I’ll help you clean.” Jake started to say, but Manny changed his face and grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Get out!” Manny warned him.


Part 3

Jake was paralyzed. If the hulking man was going to hurt him, it would be as easy as breaking straw. Maybe even easier, with arms that looked over 27 inches. “O-ok, I’ll get out of the kitchen now, but you must let me go. Please.”

Manny released him, confused. “I don’t mean the kitchen, I—” But a growling sound interrupted him. His face changed again. “Damn, hungry again. No wonder, I have to feed this guns.” He then made a double bi pose whose peaks rose higher and higher.

Jake walked backwards slowly towards the bathroom door. “Yeah… eat… good… I’ll go clean myself… Later!” And he ran away to the bathroom. Manny didn’t even look at him go, busy heating more boxes to calm his stomach.

“What the hell—” he needed a couple of minutes to ease his heartbeat. Then he noticed the sticky white goo splashed on his legs and went to shower again. Taking a clean towel, he waited five more minutes before daring to check if the kitchen was empty.

No sign of Manny, boxes or cum spots. Was it all in his head, or cleaning was quicker than he thought?

He took two boxes from the fridge, which was still as full as the day before (and checking the trash bin, yeah, boxes had been used a bit ago) and heated them, while he drank a milkshake. The boxes were heat -keeping so he ate one (he almost couldn’t finish it) and the second one he carried with him for a pre-lunch snack. He got clothed in the uniform, cap and boots and went outside to be greeted by the morning sun and the fresh from the pool. He wanted to try it as well, but he thought of doing it later after his shift was over.

He drove the truck to the cabin where Andy greeted him with a hug and a stretch.

“Hey buddy, how was your first day in the mansion? Pretty incredible, huh?”

“Yeah, I still haven’t tried the gym or the pool yet, but—”

“Tell you what, once your shift is over, I’ll workout with you.” He said jumping on the truck.

“Shouldn’t you be going to bed by then?”

“Oh come on, who need eight hours of sleep nowadays? Enjoy your shift!” he dismissed it and started the truck, going back to the mansion.

Jacob shrugged and closed the door. He inspected the cabin’s insides. It was fresh, but not cold, the seat was comfortable and he could use a big desk to put his mid shift meal. After 15 minutes he was so bored he started surfing the web. 1 hour before his shift ended, two loud beeping sounds made him alert. He stretched on his seat and put his cock inside his uniform. He was glad he had carried with him some tissues for the lunch; now the box was being used as a trash bin until he could go to the mansion and got rid of it. His stomach growled but he ignored it. It was the first time he would do the job and he wanted to focus. He inspected the horizon and saw the dust the black truck was making. When it was closer, he could see the glass was tinted so he couldn’t see who was inside, but he checked in the monitor and the code that appeared was the same of a list he had on a notebook. He pushed the “open” button and the door of the huge walls opened. The truck entered and he checked the truck disappear by the other way that didn’t go to his new house. He then pushed the “close” button.

“One would wonder why did I even studied for five years… to push a damn button. Oh well.”

He replayed the porn video he had found on the net and resumed his jerk off session.

An hour later he heard a truck coming from behind the cabin. The truck looked smaller when Manny was driving it. Jake took the box with trash and greeted Manny, who just said, “hi”. He got on the truck and drove back home. The sun was high in the sky and he was glad he wore a cap. He eyed the pool but he had been on that cabin so long he first wanted to take some time in the gym. He could relax in the pool later.

“But first—” His stomach growled, guiding his steps towards the kitchen, when he found Andy, in the same guise he had found Manny the day before, sitting on the table with some boxes opened in front of him, with no clothing from waist up (and who knows if from waist down either).

“Hey man, I was eating a snack in the middle of my second workout of the day, how was your first time?”

A snack? Jake glanced over the opened boxes, but judging from the mass Andy was displaying, it should be.

“It was ok, I guess—”

“Haha! No worries, you can be open with me. I bet it was fucking boring. Good thing we have internet access there. I swear, I pass more than half the time jerking off to pass the time.” Then they heard a bumping under the table. “Whoops, sorry man. It gets more difficult to control each day. Just talking about it rouses the beast!” he laughed while Jake understood it was his boner under the table making that sound. That answered his question about the clothing his mate was wearing at that moment.

Jake took two boxes from the fridge and heated them. Then joined Andy, who still felt like talking about it.

“I hope you don’t mind, buddy. I just don’t feel like wearing anything inside the house or in the pool. As it is, I can only stand being constricted while on duty.”

“Well, I don’t mind, we’re both guys here.”

“Haha! I bet you don’t,” he agreed, winking at him, the table trembling from another bump beneath it.

Jake shook his head in amusement, continuing his eating, enjoying the flavors of the magic pasta. Soon, he started the second box and Andy got up, his naked lower body almost making him spit his food. Especially his boner dripping precum.

“I’ll be in the gym, luckily I’ll be finished when you come, so I’ll be assisting your first day there.”

Jake nodded and followed with his eyes the bouncing muscle butt of his coworker until he disappeared in the bathroom. He sighed and squeezed his hard cock. He almost laughed at his situation. Living with two hunks, one a hot tease, and the other a zombie wet dream.

After a while, he cleaned a bit and went to the bathroom, but just when he was going to enter, he frowned and glared at the fridge. It had been full when he took the box and Andy was eating. He wanted to test something, so he opened it again.

He gasped. It was full again!

“What the—”

Shaking his head in amazement, he took a piss and went to the gym, after going to his room and leaving his uniform and boots there. After seeing Andy doing squats in the nude, he didn’t felt so awkward in his briefs but they felt tighter after seeing those legs of his mates bulging and tightening under the great weight it must carry. He couldn’t see how much weight was he lifting in that weird electromagnetic equipment.

“Hey there! I need 10 more minutes to work on my calves and I’ll be done, why don’t you do some cardio on those ecliptics?” he pointed to some machines on one side of the gym.

Jake nodded, readjusting his growing package. While he started on that, he saw him walk towards the calf raise machine, still boned and still with his cock tip bathed in precum. He saw some spots on the floor and chuckled.

And here I thought I was the one too horny lately—

After five minutes, Andy was finished, but before saying anything, he left the room, his boner leading his way. After five more minutes, he came back, his soft cock dangling over his bulging quads. It was a hot sight even soft. At least six inches, which would be the norm as a hard state in most guys.

“If I don’t milk the beast from time to time, it gets out of control and things get messy.” He just said, smiling. Jake just laughed and stretched a bit his legs after the warming.

Just like the day before, Andy showed him how to use the machines and for which muscle was each of them. It was the first time he used them for working out, so he decided to do a bit of everything. It was an exhausting hour and a half. He ended with a roar from his stomach and a precum spot in his undies, which were, tented big time. Andy was the same but without anything covering his monster cock.

“How about some sauna? It feels great after the workout.” suggested Andy.

“Ok, if my stomach lets me. I’m hungry.”

He took out his undies before entering; he just didn’t see the point anymore. They both sat next to the other, letting the heat relax their pumped muscles. Form time to time, Jake glanced over at Andy’s cock, which he bounced from time to time, teasing him.

“I bet you didn’t thought I packed this much, huh?”

“Well, you wore always that baggy clothing… How could I possibly know?”

“I’ll tell you a secret. I was half this size when I arrived,” he told Jake, leaning on his shoulder.

“What? You grew… hum… about six inches since you came here?”

“I know, pretty crazy… but well, I can’t deny the evidence. You’re not half bad either. I wonder how big you’ll get in a few months—”

“Hah, wouldn’t that be great… I wonder if we’ll end like Manny. He’s a monster! I mean, this morning—”

He told him about the incident with Manny.

“Fuck! You grabbed his cock? And I thought I was the bold one here! You’re a lucky guy. I don’t dare to try anything with him.”

“That’s why you’re so happy about me being here?” joked Jake.

“And you can’t deny being interested either. Or where is this coming from?” he grabbed Jake’s eight incher and rubbed it.

Jake moaned and did the same. Andy was really thick. He wondered if he would be able to suck on it. But Andy beat him to it on that, getting quickly on his knees and taking his cock like a pro and not letting a drop of cum go to waste when he came five minutes afterwards of non stopping sucking. Jake took some seconds to get some air and tried the same. First he looked at the biggest cock he’d ever seen (Manny’s didn’t count, so big that it seemed like a fantasy). A foot long boner that seemed to defy him. Of course, being the size queen he was, he wouldn’t back off the challenge. He could only swallow the cockhead and some inches before starting to gag. After a while, he could take a couple of inches more, but that was his limit (for the time being). He would had expected not much cum since Andy had came not long ago, but the flow was such a quantity that it got out form his nose and he could swear from his ears too, it that was possible.

He looked up, coughing. Andy was in heaven.

“I knew a blowjob would be way better than my hand. Thanks buddy. Let’s shower and eat something.”

A suggestion he gladly took. After his fourth box he finally felt good enough to slow down. Afterwards, he felt like swimming, and both went into the pool, naked, to fool around a bit. Later on, he felt his muscles asking for more than laps in the pool so he went back to the gym. He didn’t understand where his tiredness had gone to or where that energy came from. Andy went to his room to take a nap. It was in the middle of his workout, going to the toilet, that he had seen his undies on the floor. He chuckled and left them in his room, visited the toilet and the kitchen and resumed his workout. His watch was the only thing he wore so when it was around 11 p.m., he went to the kitchen one last time, where Andy joined him and he went to sleep.


Part 4

The rest of the days following were quite similar in schedule, with Andy joining in here and there, a pair more or less trucks to open the door to and nothing much going on, except his loads in the gym going up quickly. He felt stronger, healthier and hornier. His sleep time started to alter after some weeks. It seemed he needed less and less sleep each time and he woke up sometimes in the middle of the night to eat a snack (or two). The workouts were paying off. He quickly noticed his muscles gaining mass and even his cock felt bigger. Not only him, but his two coworkers seemed to be growing as well. And he was so fine with it!

And so there he was, three months since he started, watching the truck going inside and closing the gate pressing another button. He watched the cords of muscle in his forearms bulging until the sleeve hided the rest, although not very well. The sleeve was almost skin-tight. He flexed his arm and heard the fabric seams groan against the 22-inched gun. He was so close… And his gains in three months had been so incredible that he wondered if that magic pasta or the fact he was next to a genetic institution was the cause. But seriously… 70 pounds in three months! At 280 pounds he was huge! The tent his cock was making made him forget the book and looked for a porn site to jack off for the fifth time since his shift started six hours ago. He opened his zipper and his 10-inch cock saluted him. He had no idea how at 25 his cock was still growing (and at half an inch a month rate!), but he was too happy to complain.

Two hours later, he heard a truck from behind the cabin. It was Manny. His mere sight made his tent attempt to rip his pants, but at the same time, he was a bit scared of him. What was a bit awkward at first was totally creepy now. Manny was constantly shifting from horny beast who almost didn’t see anyone else, to conspiracy lunatic. There were some moments of zombie behavior, but those peaceful moments were rare around him.

Jake took the empty boxes of his snacks with him and opened the door just in time to see the brute jumping off the truck; he could swear the ground shaking. As Manny had been growing, he had no choice but to change his uniform a bit. The upper part was like an open vest without sleeves. Well, more like three pieces of clothing joined by the collar, one that barely covered the upper middle part of his wide back and two that each managed to cover most of his pecs, each. But it was like he was shirtless, really. Jake didn’t see the point, but he didn’t complain, as he could see him well that way. Those spherical delt muscles bigger than his own head on his shoulders, the boulder like Pecs, creating a shadow and whose cleavage could fit a hand. The ripped abs, the mighty arms that were as thick as bodybuilder’s legs… And his legs were unreal. And as easy to see as his arms, since his pants were now reduced to a loincloth that was barely able to cover his huge buttocks but not his massive member. With such huge quads and cantaloupes sized balls (each), Manny’s cock (soft) bended over them all and still reached his knee level. Soft! No wonder half of it was at sight whenever he walked. Jake thought Andy was right. There was no point in clothing him now. Manny was the most muscular man Jake had ever seen. He probably was the biggest ever, since he was also very tall.

“Lights changing, us changing, what are they doing to us? We have to escape—” he was talking aloud to himself while he passed next to Jake.

Jake feared talking to him so he just got in the electric truck to get away as soon as possible, but then he couldn’t find the keys, which they always left on.

Jake cursed and looked at the cabin. He could oversee the huge shadow of Manny. He sighed and entered again.

“Hey Manny, you kept the keys?” and Jake got stuck there watching.

Manny was jerking off furiously. First time he had seen him boned in a long time and fuck was he huge. More than huge, that cock was gargantuan. Probably over two feet long and about 15 inches around. Jake couldn’t be sure. It was like a two-liter coke bottle full of veins. Jake was hypnotized. Manny was stroking that pole, making all his muscles bulging like out of control, all that movement made something clink inside his pocket. They keys were there. Jake got closer and his hand even closer to the pocket… and the most massive cock he’d ever seen. Even Manny’s huge paws couldn’t stroke all his length. He couldn’t help it and grabbed the base of the cock with one hand. He couldn’t even encircle it at all so he joined his left hand. Manny didn’t even notice, as he seemed to be in a trance. Jake was in one too until a tingling sound made him notice the keys falling to the floor. Then he realized he was grabbing the cock of the beast and the fear made him to take the keys and run for the truck.

He didn’t look back and even ran when he was entering the mansion. He noticed there the light coloring had changed to a light green. He liked it better than the yellowish one. The he recalled what Manny had said before entering the cabin, but he shook his head.

He went to the kitchen to throw away the empty boxes and there he found Andy. He was naked as they all were inside the mansion and greeted him behind a bunch of boxes.

“Welcome home!”

“Ha, ha! You pass half the time here, man!” Jake laughed.

“Doesn’t it show?” Andy asked without stopping his lunch, flexing an arm that made Jake bone in an instant.

“Damn… 26—27?” he tried to guess

“26 and a half.” He clarified licking some scrubs from his pecs. Yeah, he reached them with his tongue. They were his best body part and really huge, even for a guy who would win any bodybuilding contest. Jake was bigger than when they met three months ago, but Andy had continued growing as well. “Reached the 320 mark.” He seemed proud of his body and no wonder, by the 13 incher he had pressing his abs.

Jake smiled at him and went to his room to leave there the uniform. He stretched himself and made some poses in the mirror. He gave some rubs to his cock before he went to the kitchen to fill his demanding stomach. Andy wasn’t there so he ate without distractions. He found him in the gym where he joined him in a deadly workout. He had never worked out so intensely.

“Might be the new lights… When you arrived they changed too and I felt different as well—” Andy pondered.

“Maybe they are using different types of radiation to make us grow?” Jake joked but Andy didn’t laugh. In fact he got really thoughtful and declined the invitation to shower together. Jake just shrugged and relieved himself alone. Then he went to the kitchen again.

It was 11 p.m. and Jake was chatting in his room with a friend back home. Then his friend logged off and he switched off the computer. At that time he normally felt like going to sleep for some hours, but that day was different. He felt an excess of energy and a rumbling of his stomach. He would think his muscles would feel sore after the two killing workouts he had had that day, but surprisingly, they were asking for more. As his boner was.

He ate so much that he felt his abs distending a bit when he entered the gym. He didn’t know what had happened, it was the first time he got a gut from eating so much so quickly. He quickly forgot about it as he started a new chest and back workout. He had already worked out arms and legs that day and even if they felt fine (which was odd) he didn’t want to overtrain (even if he worked out his whole body everyday)

He was benching his max of 300 pounds when he felt the ground shaking a bit. He finished his series to see Manny start doing squats. Jake’s boner started leaking pre at the sight. Each rep, Manny’s huge body bent and his boned monster reached his neck. Then, when he was at the fifth rep, Manny lowered his head and when he lowered his body, his tongue licked half his cockhead. The scene was so hot that Jake had to grab his boner before he shot all over himself. Manny was really into himself, to the point of once he finished the set he kept that sucking position till he came in his mouth. Jake cleaned himself with a towel and when he was deciding which machine to use next, he noticed Manny starting another set, already sucking himself from the very first rep.


He tried ignoring the behemoth training close to him but that was near impossible, especially when he seemed to cum at the ending of each set. Jake himself couldn’t help cumming twice more with such hot sight.

The best part was when they both ended and went to the showers. Manny tried to soap his back, but due to his size, it was no use. So Jake offered to help him, which ended in worshipping session, which ended in more cum down the drain. Manny had been the whole time in a haze so he wasn’t as menacing then, but soon after they finished, Jake ran to the kitchen to grab a snack or two and went to bed.

Two hours later he woke up from hunger and noticed he had cum in his sleep.

“The hell is going on… and this fucker is still up?” His boner nodded at him and his balls seemed as full as ever. He grabbed a snack and worked out as much as his boner let him until he was tired enough to sleep again, although next time he woke up it was only minutes before the alarm. And he wasn’t sleepy at all. But he felt pumped, or fuller or he didn’t know what.

The proof was when he put his tight uniform on, it tore under the sleeve and when he flexed his arm by the surprise, both guns ripped it.

“Holy shit!”

Also, his back seemed fuller too and his back broader, since the shirt didn’t button either. He felt exhilarated from outgrowing what once was a big and baggy uniform. Also, when he sat down to eat, his butt tore the pants and two more rips were added to the collection in the inner seams of his pantlegs. He ate a generous breakfast and took four boxes with him to his shift. Half way he thought it better and grabbed another one, heated it too and went out.

In the cabin, he noticed Andy bigger somehow and he whistled at his hulking out figure.

“Hey, don’t smash me!” he joked. “Fuck, I’m so hungry I could eat Manny whole. I might try that massive meat he’s toting around—”

“Heh, I already did yesterday—” Jake bragged.

“You fucker! How could you get in there faster than me when you’re more scared of him?” He complained, jumping on the truck.

Jake made himself at home in the cabin and firstly took care of his almost never-ending boner. He thought it felt thicker too.

That day something was off with Manny. More than usual. Jake was really hungry, even eating more than usually. He had been jerking off more than usual too, almost all the time. At least his own cum was a good food supply. He was really looking forward to the end of his shift when he heard the truck coming.

Relieved, he grabbed his stuff and opened the cabin door. Then he saw Manny. First, he was breaking the rule of uniform while on duty, but on his defense, he was looking particularly massive that day and he might have tore it completely. Second, he didn’t saw Jake and was talking to himself the whole time but in such a low voice that Jake couldn’t hear him. But what was really odd was his face. He had his eyes wide opened and looked terrified. And when someone the size of the truck he drives looks about to piss his pants, you know shit is happening.

Next thing he saw was Manny opening the main gate and as soon as he had done that, he ran outside the giant wall.

“Manny, what the hell are you doing? You gone crazy?”

Then Manny stopped for a second and for the first time in his life, Jake saw him sane. He was looking at him as if Jake was the idiot.

“I’m not gonna let them do it to me! I’ll be free! I’m gonna get out of here!!! And you should do the same!!!!” And he resumed running. It was a weird run since his legs were so thick with muscle he normally waddled big time when walking. But they were strong legs since soon he was out of sight.

Jake cursed. What he could do? For the time being, he closed the door and drove as fast as he could back to the mansion. There he found Andy about to get out of his room, rubbing his mighty boner.

“Hey buddy… Wait, isn’t it your shift? What’s happening, Jake?” he realized mid greeting something was wrong in the face of his mate.

“Manny has run away!” He replied before going to the office.

“What? You serious?” Andy followed him, letting go of his demanding boner.

“We have to report this. He’s in the middle of a dessert, he’ll die!” Jake said while sitting in front of the computer. The seams of his pants tore more but he could care less at the moment.

Soon the chatting window appeared and he quickly typed what happened. The window remained silent for a bit. Then, there was some reply.

“We’ll take care of Dr. Sheden. Now until a replacement for him arrives in a couple days, you two will have to add four hours to your shifts. Mr. Daniels, now you resume for four more hours if you’re so kind.”

And the window went blank.

“What? Like that?” complained Andy

“Shit, I should have known, he looked weirder than usual—” Jake seemed sad.

“This time we weren’t asked to find another guy—” commented Andy.

“Maybe they already knew it was coming… although I would have liked to tell some people I know,” Jake added, “since this is such a well paid job—”

“Like a family member?”

“Fuck no! Can’t you imagine how uncomfortable would be if my brother came here? This place is too horned up—” Jake laughed.

“You don’t say.” Joked Andy, grabbing Jake’s cock.

“Hey, I have to get something to eat to carry with me or I won’t hold four more hours.”


Part 5

Two days after, Jake was eagerly waiting for Andy to change seats. He cursed on the long shift and on the tightness of his uniform. He had just decided to tear both seams completely from his legs to give his tights and calves some more room, like he did when he removed the sleeves and left the shirt opened. In just two days his growth had accelerated without a reason and so did Andy, whose huge cock seemed out of control. Jake’s own prick was already 11 inches when boned (and that was most of the time).

15 minutes before his shift was over, Andy took the truck to the cabin and Jake greeted him with curiosity.

“Hey man, good news! The boss emailed me. He had found a new mate and he will be coming a little later today.”

“Finally! Did he say anything about Manny?”

“Nope, when I asked on chat, he closed the chat window.”

Jake remained silent, but Andy just patted his butt “Hey cheer up, now our shift will be back to normal! This will be my last 12 hour turn!”

“Great, now I can finally go to the kitchen and—”

“Nope, you have to get the new coworker.”

“Aw, can’t he wait?”

“Remember when I picked you up? Would you have liked waiting in the middle of nowhere?”

“Point taken. I’ll give him the tour and all that like you did three months ago. By the way. What’s his name?”

That question took Andy a bit aback. “Hum… well He didn’t say… damn, I should have asked!”

“Oh well, there won’t be many people out there—” Jake reasoned.

Andy gave him a GPS with a location. “Follow this, can you do it?”

Jake nodded and jumped on the truck. He went to greet their newest member of the overpaid guards society.

After 30 minutes under the sun, he found the place and a guy waiting there. He had no luggage, no belongings, no nothing. Jake got the sweat off his forehead with his tanned muscled forearm and readjusted his cap. He was glad there were some sunglasses in the truck since the sun was really hitting hard in that desert.

As he got closer he realized the guy seemed familiar. He never thought he would be SO familiar.

He stopped the truck next to the shorter guy, his face showed surprise.

They guy was younger than him. Thin but good looking. He seemed a bit scared of his size.

“Hi! Are you my pick up? From the genetic place?”

“Bradley! What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Excuse me? Wait, that voice… oh my god… Jacob?” Exclaimed Jake’s younger brother without believing his eyes.

Well, it was no wonder, since he last saw him three months ago, Jake was a hot 210 stud and now he looked like a bodybuilder entering the morph realm with almost 100 pounds more muscle.

“What have you been working on? Your own body, 24/7?” He asked looking him all over “Fuck you’re the hulk, bro! Holy shit even your cock is bigger than before!”

Jake ignored the boldness of his brother “Did you apply for the same job I did? No, wait, weren’t you going to the uni?”

“I was, but… Well, duh. 6K per month and you bragging it’s an easy job, why not? Fuck… are your coworkers that hot as well?”

“Well, hum… ok, welcome brother, I guess—”

“Jeez, good to see you too—” Bradley sarcastically replied, jumping on the truck.

“I’m glad to see you, I’m just surprised—” Jake drove him back to the wall.

“So, what’s the job about? I’m eager to know, you were so secret about it—”

“It’s an easy job. I kept the secret cause we’re not allow to say a word about it.”

“And it’s—?” Bradley prompted.

Jake sighed, a bit embarrassed “Guarding a gate.”

“Hahahahahaa, no seriously.”

“I’m serious.”

Brad looked at him not believing a word. “Six thou a month for opening and closing a gate in the desert? I’m not stupid.”

“Well, that’s debatable.” Jake joked “Anyway, you’ll have the afternoon shift, after me.”

“I’m not buying it.” Brad looked at his brother’s arm on the wheel and at his bulge. “Fuck I’m about to forget we’re brothers, wooohooo… check out those guns! You’re huge!” he said, admiring the nearer of Jake’s arms and rubbing it.

“Hey! I’m driving, cut it out” Jake complained, feeling the extra attention awakening his big cock.

“Fine,” said his brother, still rubbing Jake’s thick biceps, “but when we arrive I want to see your body and posing too!”

“Argh, okay, just stop it before we crash!”

They arrived at the wall and Jake waved his arm at the cabin, where a big shadow moved as well.

“Wow, that’s a huge wall, and who the fuck is the titan in that cabin and where I can get his number?”

“Andy. I bet you’ll like him,” Jake said smiling. They entered and Jake stopped the truck next to the cabin. “Here we work, see if a truck approaches, check the codes they send and open the gate if it’s correct.”

“And you get 6000 a month for something a robot could do—” mocked Brad, but he got silent when Andy went out to greet him. “Holy—”

“Andy, this is my brother Bradley, the new guard. Brad, this is Andy, he gets the night shift.”

“Your brother? What a coincidence! Hey there! Wow, Jake your bro is cute. You two look alike!”

“I-I’m not as big—” He then saw the snake on Andy’s pants and he had to fight his jaw from falling.

“You will be, right Jake?” Andy winked at Jake and he smiled in return.

Jake grabbed Brad by the arm, since he wasn’t responding even after the door had closed. Only his boner was a sign he was still there.

“Earth to Brad! Yup, he’s huge, not as huge as Manny, but at the pace he grows, he’ll reach that size soon. And almost as bold as you, as you can see.”

“Wow, How big must Manny be then—”

“Remember the morphs by N that you showed me some time ago?”

“You kidding, right? Where is he?” Brad asked, readjusting his boner

“He” quit.” Jake just said. He didn’t want to say anything else and scare him. But right then he remembered what Andy had said about Peter, whose position Jake took back then. He had also “quit”.

He took Brad for a tour like he was given when he arrived and he was marveled by the installations. They past a lot of time in the kitchen. Jake was ravenous and Brad understood how he could get a body like that, eating like this. No wonder he agreed to anything the chat window said. Jake showed him his room and then he went to his own to get more comfortable. That meant, naked.

However, now that his brother was there he should cut out the sex stuff a bit, Jake thought. He looked for his old briefs and tried them on. And indeed he tried. His quads didn’t let it pass to reach his groin and when he finally did, his package just didn’t fit. Only his huge balls fit the crotch. Nor did his bubble butt. He sighed, He had no choice but going naked. His brother could get a stroke or try to rape him, given Brad’s bottomless horniness—that at least nothing he wasn’t used to already. He guessed he was really hot with his almost 300 pounds of muscle and his 11 incher (six inches soft now).

Somebody knocked on his door. It could only be Brad. He tried to get out of his small underwear but he couldn’t. He would need to cut it. He opened his door, only leaving his head out. “Anything you need?” his brother was only wearing his baggy boxers. He had a nice build, for a guy just out of high school, almost about the same build Jake had when arriving there. He wanted to hit himself when he felt his cock swelling a bit for his own brother.

“You promised you would pose for me. NOW.”

“Come on, how old are you? Five?”

“18, now open the door!”

“I’m not presentable right now.”

“I don’t mind seeing you naked. I have seen you before.”

“I’m not the same as back then—”

“That’s why I want the posing, idiot. Stop acting like a girl and let me in.”

Jake sighed; he was going to see him naked anyway. And Andy. Heh, Andy’s body would make Brad forget about him instantly… probably. He let him in and Brad’s jaw hit the floor.

“My god, what do they feed you and where can I get some… And fuck! Check that cock out! Can you encircle it all when hard with just one hand? Fuck… Wow, don’t tell me you outgrew your underwear! How hot is that?”

“Shut up before you give me a boner, silly.”

“Ha ha ha! Yeah you give me good reasons to shut up. Eh, you weren’t that horny before, but I like it.”

“I need to cut this off.” Jake said pointing to his undies

“Let me try… woah, fuck your balls are massive and check out your cock! It’s as big soft as some people hard—” Brad grabbed Jake balls and squeezed them and then took his growing manhood. “Check it out! This is huge and getting huger—”

“Bro? This is kinda weird… And I thought you wanted to see me pose,” Jake said, a bit embarrassed.

“Come on, I just wanted to see this up close. Shut up and enjoy. I can see you already like it. Fuck, you’re the biggest I’ve ever seen! I bet you’re close to a foot long.”

“11 inches,” Jake said.

“Fuck! How the hell have you grown like this?” he asked, marveled at the size he was stroking.

“Might be the food… oh god, where have you learn to do that in high school?” Jake moaned when half his cock was swallowed by Brad’s hungry mouth.

“Lots of practice with mine, but shit, check out your muscles… hard as rocks, ripped with veins—”

“You can self-suck yourself? I didn’t thought you were that elastic.”

“Check it out!” he let go of the huge cock about to burst, sat on Jake’s bed and bending his back started licking his cock. He had just taken off his boxers and Jake nodded at the nice piece of meat he had. “See?” he asked, getting into the self-sucking.

Jake keep or rubbing his own, watching the hot scene. “Wow, you must be bigger than I was back then. How big? nine?”

“And a half.”

“An inch bigger than I was when I arrived.”

Both stopped talking when the moment of release came.

Then horniness took Jake over and he decided he didn’t care anymore. He would show him how “things… were done around here.


Part 6

Two months passed. To the guards’ amazement, the growth kept on happening and each time it seemed stronger and faster. If Jake had grown almost 90 pounds the first three months, he had grown more than 100 in the last two. Others were affected a bit differently. Andy seemed to be swelling at a faster rate. It was a good thing he had gotten taller too or he would be musclebound by then. He looked quite musclebound to Jake, but he could surprisingly still move easily, even if he had ended up with an even wider frame than Manny. He was now about seven feet but even at that height he looked so wide at 520 pounds (he gained 200 pounds, yeah). His cock wasn’t unaffected and reached his knee when soft (and being seven feet tall his legs were longer than normal). When erect, it reached higher than his head. Neither Jake nor Brad could unlock their jaw enough to accommodate that, and their asses had given up a month ago. Surprisingly, Andy’s Jaw has gotten more elastic and he could self-suck himself somehow (the head only), when the mass of his pecs allowed his mammoth shaft to get close to his head. Of course, being almost six feet wide with arms as thick as common men torsos, his uniform was useless by then. So even at job he was naked. Which was something he was glad, since he could take care of his needs more often. By more often, it means almost all the time. The poundage at the gym kept up with him, to Jake and Brad’s amazement. But his upsized lust made him less talkative and he could barely do one thing at a time, and that was mostly sex. Like a sex crazed robot who could feed himself and open a gate.

Jake was also quite the muscle monster himself, but not to Andy’s extent. He was only 435 pounds (yeah “only”) adding 145 pounds, and his uniform fitted him as well as it did to Manny and he soon would need to follow Andy’s example. His 11 incher was now the size of his soft cock, which reached two feet when hard and he has grown two inches taller to keep up with his muscles.

Brad had gained the least muscle of the three, just 120 new pounds of hard muscle flesh, reaching 320. He was by then the same size Andy had when he met him two months ago. What had grown differently on him and proportionally more than the others was his cock. He was still the smallest of the three down there, but he was only five inches shy of what Jake had grown over five months, with a 19-inch boner. He still loved it, though.

It was seven a.m. and the alarm sounded on Jake’s empty room. He was in Brad’s room, filling him with his two feet long hot meat, making him scream in agony and lust (the way Brad liked it most, even if it ended giving Jake a headache). He was filling him with his hot seed when they heard a beeping sound from the office.

Jake went to check it out while Brad complained he hadn’t cum the third time yet. Rolling eyes with a sarcastic smile, Jake ignored him and went to check what their boss’s news might be. The chat window was opening by the time Brad appeared in the office and peeked over his brother’s massive right delt.

“Mr. and Mr. Daniels, a new coworker had arrived at the meeting spot, please go greet him using the GPS device on the table.”

“A new coworker? What happens with Andy?” typed Jake.

“Mr. Kennedy has been promoted to join us in our main I+R dept. You should drive him to the main entrance of the factory, but only he can pass the gate. I hope I made myself clear.”

And the chat window closed.

“Aw shit, Andy’s going away,” sighed Brad. “Now we won’t be seeing that monster cock again—”

“We will if we end getting promoted too. That lucky bastard—” complained Jake smiling.

“Let’s eat something before I drive you to the cabin to give him the good news,” suggested Brad.

“Ok, once I’m there, go with the GPS and carry the new mate here and give him the tour I gave you months ago.”

“Why should I?”

“Bro, I think I’d scare the poor guy.”

“Ha, ha, point taken… Anyway, it will be good having fresh meat.”

A bit after, they drove to the cabin, where they gave Andy the good news. He opened the gate so the truck could go in the search of the new guy and in the meanwhile, Andy and Jake had their goodbyes. By the time the floor had two inches of cum on it, the truck came back and went direct to the mansion so they had enough time for another “dance” and to clean themselves a bit before both came back to check on the cabin. Jake had put on some of his torn clothes but that was enough to almost give the new guy a heart attack. He seemed like a nice guy. Brown skin, handsome features, and not a bad build (considering what they had been used to in the last months). He trembled when shaking Jake’s hands and he almost got a seizure when seeing Andy appearing in all his handsome godly titanic appearance. At the very least, he had his trouble talking for some time afterwards. He couldn’t know for sure if the guy was gay or not since he was boned. But who couldn’t bone at such sights. And he confirmed Jake’s beliefs in black guys being generously endowed. He almost salivated how would he end after some months. Andy and Jake let them in the cabin until Jake was back to start his turn and they drove for the first time to the real genetic labs. Or at least to the entrance. Jake couldn’t know where those trucks they opened the door entered since the entrance opened was a small one. And he was a bit fed up with their secrecy. He almost dared to enter with Andy, but he was suddenly scared, so he left him there and went back to the cabin after taking some food boxes from the house. While on his shifts he kept on thinking about his missed chance and about Manny’s warnings before he went nuts.

He was still thinking about it afterwards while going towards the gym. He found there Dan, the new guy, and he could see that Brad had initiated him in the clothing code. He was glad too, since he could see they guy was in very good shape (a bit better than his own before starting there) and that his notion of the day before based on Dan’s bulge was right, as he was showing a huge brown sausage reaching six soft fat inches that would be the envy of any lockerroom, until Jake entered with his 11 pendulous piece of man meat.

Dan lost the track of what he was doing while he stared at a guy that rivaled morphed pictures. Jake smiled in appreciation at the almost foot-long boner that now greeted him.

“Glad to met you too,” he winked at him, making him blush and muttering apologies about his arousal. Jake just dismissed them. “I wouldn’t worry too much, since hard is the most common state we’re in around here,” he explained while all the mirrors showed him what could be considered a musclegod with a mythical cock attached. Of course his own sight made his manhood to grow until its head reached his pecs. Dan almost lost the balance.

“Look, things here get pretty intense and we are hypersexual. It won’t be weird us cumming just by working out, especially when your cock grows to rub into your flexing muscles… Jake explained while flexing his pecs, rubbing them against his cockhead and provoking precum to flow from it. “This is the norm here, so you’d better get used to it.”

Dan nodded and watched him start the leg press machine with such a load it seemed impossible for a human. Adding that to the posture where the knees get closer to the chest and moved up and down, Jake’s hyper cock started massaging in between his pecs, so not only was he pumping is legs, but also his massive appendage. He came in his last rep, but he didn’t seem displeased, to Dan’s surprise, on the contrary, he cleaned all he could reach of his body with his tongue and used a towel for the rest. And then he started another similar set, with the same result. After the fifth set his legs were so pumped he had to waddle to reach the next workout spot, but before that, he approached Dan’s in his hypnotic trance, snapped him out of it by grabbing his big cock, and with a “I need another dose of protein, will you help me?” he squeezed a bit and Dan shoot a load so intense it made him feel like floating. Jake didn’t let any of it to waste and licked him clean.

“Now go back to workout,” he advised him with some pats in the back.

Dan just nodded, still on cloud nine.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It only took him a couple of weeks for the new addition to adjust himself to the sexual hyper lifestyle his two coworkers had. In fact, in two weeks he had gained almost 20 pounds and a couple inches in his cock. It seemed he was growing down there even faster than in muscles, but Brad being the size queen he was (and Jake too) no one minded.

After some more weeks, Jake realized that they were growing at an alarming rate, even more than before. However, while Brad and Dan were delighted, Jake was suspicious. He had surpassed the size Manny was before he “quit” and was close to Andy’s. One day looking at himself in the mirror, he realized that, apart from all the hotness he had, he wasn’t looking human anymore. Some people could say he was more than that or an advanced form of it, but the truth is, there was something weird going on and Jake’s curious nature won over his horniness or any other of his personality traits.

He knew he shouldn’t. He had been working there for a long time already and probably soon he’d get a seat in the inner side of the company. He didn’t really want to risk it. But after he reached Andy’s size and then more, and his cock was too big to fit any of the other males around, he had more time alone and in the lucid non-horny brief moments, there was only one thing in his mind.

He had to know.

He finally got his resolve one day, just after he had finished his turn and Dan was in the cabin. He entered the mansion and the indigo-bluish lights greeted him as always.

“Wait… always? Were there always—?”

No. They weren’t. Thinking about it carefully, they had been blue for only five weeks.

When Dan arrived.

When their growth accelerated.

He frowned as his stomach rumbled and went to the kitchen. However his trail of thoughts was far from food. As he started heating boxes of magic pasta, he tried remembering the lights.

They had been green from the moment his brother arrived, before that, since he arrived they were yellowish and Andy had said they were red just before he came.

Was there a point to that change?

Color of light means wavelength, intensity of energy. From infrared, to red, the rest of the rainbow and ending with violet and ultraviolet… That’s how the light intensity grew.

Lights changing, us changing. That’s what Manny muttered once, Jake remembered as he munched his fourth box of pasta. Did he think it was a connection already? At one point, Jake had joked with Andy about radiation making them grow and Andy hadn’t taking it as a joke then, although his hyper sexed mind didn’t let him think much longer about it. It made sense somehow but there was no technology on earth that should use it that way. Well, not that Jake knew about of course. It was easier thinking about his ignorance in government secret projects, than in aliens growing people. He even laughed aloud, but at the same time, the suspicion didn’t leave his mind.

So he decided to do it. Right then. His mind was already developing a plan, but he would need Dan’s help.


Part 7

Dan was definitely his next stop. His brother was too sex crazy at that point (not that he hadn’t always been pretty damn sex-crazy) and Dan was the one at the gate then.

“Speaking of the devil—” Jake muttered when he saw his brother coming from the bathroom. He couldn’t believe he had such a body now. He must be about 400 pounds of muscle and his cock never deflated. It was like a constant hard-on, but Brad didn’t mind. He said it felt good against his swollen pecs.

“Hey bro! Looking huge,” Brad greeted him while he went to the fridge. He opened it, finding it full and laughed “You have just taken 10 boxes out already and… wait 10? Hahaha!”

Jake was surprised as well, he had left the autopilot on while he was thinking and he just ate and ate and… ate. He shrugged. “Don’t think too much about the fridge.”

He then went to his room, he couldn’t tell his brother about his plan. He’d do something stupid and it was already a bad plan to begin with. He went straight to bed and took the grayish sheets. He folded them to occupy the smallest space he could. He then passed next to the kitchen where his brother was still eating and told him he was going to the pool for a bit. He knew he would be eating for a while so he wouldn’t follow him anyway even if he told him where he went.

He went out and started running towards the gate. He realized he had never run after he started growing. He didn’t need the cardio but it felt amazing feeling his weight and muscles bouncing up and down. Add that to his cock slapping his quads. It was so erotic he grew a semi that was almost 20 inches, reaching several inches below the knee. He then remembered his plan and calmed down a bit. His cock didn’t calm though. He opened the cabin’s door and peeked inside. The huge black guy inside was playing with his cock. It was enormous. For some reason it had grown even faster than his muscles and it had already been huge to begin with. Dan was inserting it into his own asshole with his knees over his head. It gave Jake the final swell to his cock, which slapped his pecs.

The plan… you have things to do! Jake shouted to himself.

“Hey Dan, I have a message from the boss, he told me to check something in the next truck, so could you open the gate now so I can do it when it comes and then when it arrives, wait a minute before opening the gate so I can do it? Don’t worry afterwards, I’ll get closer to the mansion if I hop inside, so you won’t be seeing me until the switch shift.”

Jake had to thank the lad’s horniness as he just nodded and groaned, making Jake feel so very tempted to join him. But he had to stick to the plan.

The gate opened and Jake went out, he kept himself just next to the outside face of the wall so he couldn’t be seen from the cabin and without looking more, he covered himself with the sheet of grayish clothing. He was confident it would look like a rock on the outside, so if it happened that the truck was really driven by a person, he wouldn’t be spotted. He always had the feeling a robot drove those trucks, but just in case—

In any case he shouldn’t be found before the truck stopped.

And then someone lifted the sheet over him, exposing him to the daylight.

Brad was looking at him with curiosity, holding the sheet. “What are you doing here?”

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Jake wanted to scream, but he managed to say it in a low voice.

“I could ask you the same question,” he replied. “I’m not the one trying to imitate a rock for no reason, besides I was bored and horny so I wanted to play with my brother in the pool but he was sprinting towards the gate so I followed him. You. Dan didn’t even see me, dunno what he was doing, probably self-sucking himself—”

“If you were horny you could have joined him instead of ruining my plan—” Jake complained.

But that piqued Brad’s interest. “Oh! Plan? Tell me!” But Jake felt a tremor in the ground.

A truck was coming.

He thought he would have to wait hours before one could come, but he was lucky. He really got good timing! His plan could be put in action already.

And his brother was there to spoil it.

Cursing, he tackled his brother into the ground, pasted to the wall and put the sheet over them. Brad didn’t struggle, he just thought it was a sexual game and decided to play along under the sheets, taking his brother’s monster and poking a finger in the slit.

Jake groaned and griped him from the wrist. “Stop it, they must not see us!!! Don’t move!”

He couldn’t see Brad’s grin. “Fine, I won’t move. But you’ll have to let me blow your cock or I’ll blow this cover operation. Moreover, you have to tell me what it is about.”

“Fuck! Fine, I’ll tell you later, just stay still.” Jake gave up, feeling his brother’s finger being replaced by his tongue. He had to do an effort not moaning louder.

Through the sheet, Jake could check the truck approaching the gate and stopping. It was his chance. He didn’t know how much Dan would wait before opening and his brother was there, but he couldn’t miss the chance.

“You’ll have to stick to me like a koala, or you’re not touching me ever again. Understood?”

Brad let go of his cock and nodded. Then both under the sheet got close to the truck, opened the back doors and got inside.

After closing the door, Jake felt a bit relieved but soon all went down the toilet when his brother started talking aloud and looking everywhere.

“Look all the stuff in here! They look like coffins! And these packages look like containing weird colored dust—”

This time it was Jake who jumped over him to shut him up. Brad looked happy enough to have so much muscle on top of him and didn’t move as the truck got on march again.

But after 10 minutes he got bored, so he stood up and started checking the contents of the boxes. Then, he stared at the coffin like cases.

“These coffins have a frosty crystal cover, I wonder what—” then he wide opened his eyes and his mouth hung down.

Jake was going to grab him down when he noticed his horrified expression and joined him. His expression matched his brother’s when he saw the insides.

It was a body. A naked human body. It had very pale skin, almost bluish from the cold. He couldn’t tell if the frozen body was alive or not.

Both brothers glanced at one another and before they could say anything, they felt the truck stopping.

They quickly hide behind some boxes and stared at the door. Then a metallic handle opened the door and a machine started taking the boxes slowly out. Jake realized the boxes were big enough for him to fit inside, so he did that, sprawling some bluish dust outside. Brad did the same with one that had some reddish one. The waited until they felt being lifted and carried.

Jake waited at least 15 minutes after his box stopped moving and peeked outside it. He was in a big storeroom full of boxes. He checked the other boxes looking for Brad, but only bluish and purplish dust was inside. He was horrified when he realized Brad’s box must be in another storeroom. He quietly cursed and got out of the storeroom. He was in a grey hallway. He had no idea where to go, so he let chance guide him, praying he would find his brother before something less friendly did.

Brad had waited 30 seconds before he thought the path was clear and once he realized his brother wasn’t with him, he decided to check the place out on his own, thinking he would meet with him sooner or later.

He saw some humanoid figures working around, and a closer look told him there were robots. Real robots. The he reached a strange room full of giant tubes full of greenish liquid. Seeing no one around except busy robots, he approached as much as he could, until some heavy footsteps made him hide behind some weird electronic post. He looked up and up and up. There was a grey giant monster there!

Maybe monster wasn’t the word. He had the shape of an adult man, no hair and no genitals. They were lean with not much muscle definition to speak of, but they were at least 20 feet tall. Their heads were round with big black eyes and a little hole under them that should be the mouth.

New heavy footsteps behind him made his hair crawl as he looked for another hiding place. There was none to be seen.

For the first time, he thought that following Jake might have been a bad idea.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jake was having his own problems hiding himself from the swarm of robots that ruled the place. He had found the hangar with helicopters like the one that had carried him to the desert area and other transportation machines so advanced he had no idea what were they for.

Then he saw him. He had shaved his head but the handsome face remained and he had no remain of craziness in it, just a calm serious face a doctor should have.

He had found Manny.

And he was a giant.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brad looked at the two gray gigantic monsters approach and after some head movements, one of them spoke.

“Yirt, you should be using human language. You know you are next in line for transferring and you need the practice.”

“I am aware of that, Hojk. However, I do not see the point. Once I get in a body and I take over their knowledge and skills, I will be able to talk better than they once did.”

“You are a lazy blakart, you knew that, Yirt?”

“Jealous I see… You cannot wait to be transferred, Hojk.”


“Then elaborate on the reasons of your presence here.”

“I came to see the transferring process. I would say your host is not big enough.”

“He will stretch, just like the others.”

Brad was confused and slightly scared and he feared things were gonna get worse.

And he was right.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Unaware of his brother’s discovery, Jake walked toward the giant man he used to know.

He had been over seven feet last time he saw him and adding that to his immense bulk (that he himself had surpassed), he couldn’t explain how could he look tiny in comparison with the towering man before him.

He was at least 15 feet tall and even wider proportionally if possible. He was still wearing no clothing and he was surprised he had no body hair when he was quite hairy the last time he saw him. Probably the most impressive change was seeing his cock soft, although it looked now bigger soft than before hard and it had reached over his head last time he saw him. Now it was almost all the way to the floor and when that was owned by a 15 tall giant, it meant it had to be at least as long as Jake was tall (and he was over seven feet tall). If he wasn’t so freaked out by his change, he would be cumming right on the spot, fueled by the size queen part of his brain.

“Manny?” He managed to say as his boner bounced onto his chin

The giant looked down at him, surprised “Jacob?”

At some subconscious level, Jake registered the oddity of Manny calling him Jacob, as the few times he had been addressed from him was always by Jake. It was a tiny thing to be properly registered and he felt mostly relief by finding him.

Many didn’t look happy, though.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brad had managed to hide well from the giants as some big robots handled the massive tube. The brackish liquid hided whatever was inside.

“The newest subject had increased to level 12 feet. It is a record so far.”

“I agree. We have increased the speed of the process with greater success than expected.”

“The subject is ready and so am I,” one of the giants announced, looking at some screens

Then he started typing some commands in the touch screen. Brad heard a rumble and the liquid level of the tube started descending, being evacuated probably from a valve underneath. When a figure seemed to emerge from the descending liquid, Brad cocked his head and muffled a chuckle. It was a cockhead. But a massive one. As liquid receded lower, it exposed it all, as big as two basketballs put together, followed by a shaft so thick it made it looks small. Then something behind it appeared. He needed to move to the side a bit to realize what it was, or more like, who it was. He had to cover his mouth with his hand to hide a scream.

Inside the tube was…. ANDY!

And he was a giant!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“What are you doing here Jacob? I have not been informed of your arrival.” Manny looked at him seriously, a bit of a scowl in his face.

“Well, you see. I was worried so—”

“You came even here though you were told not to?” Manny showed no comprehension.

“I needed to ask our boss stuff. So many weird things happening… our growth… YOUR growth!” Jake couldn’t believe how big Manny looked.

Finally Manny smiled. “I see. We did not expect you until next week, but it matters not now. Follow me. You will join us sooner than expected, but I am sure you will… fit.”

Jake followed him, filled with relief. His plan was a success so far. Not only had he found some lost mates and checked they were doing great and big, after being spotted he wasn’t going to be punished or anything. He was even going to join their ranks at last!

There was nothing to worry about.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brad was worried shitless. Those gigantic aliens had managed to grow Andy to monster size with even bigger proportions if that was possible, but apparently, against his will and they were going to usurp their body or something!

One of the giants cocked his head. “I will never understand their sexual needs. What an odd species!”

“Is there a way to make that appendage go down? It looks uncomfortable.”

“You said there would be no space for me to fit, but it seems I found an extra space.”

“Apparently so. Subject is ready.” They both watched the whole magnitude of Andy’s massive body.

“Very well.” The last alien to speak got close to the body and inserted his fingers inside Andy’s mouth. Brad watched in revulsion how the alien body undulated and started getting inside the body as if it was made of jello. As more of the giant entered, Brad saw Andy’s gut expanding. Soon he looked to having proportionally eaten a medicine ball and still only a quarter of the alien had go in. then the expansion of the gut slowed down a bit and Andy’s cock stretched up and outwards until it had reached double it’s original titanic size and looked so purple that Brad feared it would burst, but it stopped, then his nutsack followed, expanding till it reached the floor. Next were the muscles that expanded alongside with the height, although to a slower degree.

Finally the alien was completely inside, the gut receded a bit and so did the cock, but not much, as the rest of him grew.

On another circumstances, Brad would be jerking off to such instant growth, but the implications behind it were too harrowing.

The other alien looked at the bigger, yet still shorter than him Andy. “I told you he was not ready yet. You almost broke it.”

Then, without opening his eyes, Andy replied “But I did not, did I?”

That was too much. As quiet as he could, Brad backed away until he was out of the massive room, then started running as far as he could and just as fast.


Part 8

A bit far away from there, but getting closer, Jake was following Manny. The giant was telling him how he would need to undergo a process to grow as big as him so he can handle the equipment necessary to work there.

Jake’s enthusiasm was growing with each word and was leaving a trail of precum that fell endlessly from his hard cock. He couldn’t help eyeing Manny’s big log that bounced with each thundering step.

“Damn, Manny. Your cock is massive, man. Sex must be awesome at your size. I can’t wait to grow so I can play with it. The size it must reach when hard might be enough to swallow me whole at my current size. I wonder if I’ll be able to grow big enough to accommodate that monster.”

“I think you will grow to fit just perfect. Everyone does eventually.”

Jake looked at him funny. Manny had been speaking oddly since he found him. If ha had to put a name, he could call it, talking inhumanly. But he was big enough not to be considered human anymore. Right?

They entered a big room full of massive tubes. Some were full of a greenish liquid and next to an empty tube was Andy.

He was a bit smaller than Manny, but that was an understatement, at his around 13 feet tall massive frame. His hard cock reached way over his head.

“Holy crap, Andy! You’re massive! Glad to see you, buddy!” Jake looked up at him in awe, especially at his titanic pole.

That didn’t make him notice the huge grey puddle on the ground.

Andy looked down at him “Hello Daniels. I mean, Jacob.” He replied coldly and robotically.

“Did you make the transfer already?” Manny asked Andy.

“Yes sir.” Andy replied.

Jake was startled to see Andy’s body suddenly undulate and change his size for a moment. “What the?” He rubbed his eyes, not knowing if he was seeing things.

The giants didn’t notice him.

“And what about your appendage? Why is it like that?” Manny gave a disapproval pat to the massive rod attached to Andy’s groin.

“I do not know. I cannot make it go down!”

“Which is why you should have waited before transferring. You can barely fit.” Many spoke as if he was scolding Andy although Jake was lost.

Then he saw something he couldn’t believe. A grey goo was spilling from Andy’s ears and nose and suddenly, Jake saw Andy’s eyes go totally black, even the whites.

“What the fuck is this?” Jake took a couple steps backwards, suddenly scared shitless. Both behemoths watching him as if nothing was strange.

Manny looked at Andy. “You are spilling.”

“My apologies.” The goo went back into his body, which spasmed and grew half a foot instantly. “Much better.”

“No matter if he suspects, he is going to undergo the process now.” Manny told Andy.

“I don’t think so… who the hell are you?” Jake kept backing off.

“Don’t be scared, Jacob.” Manny got closer, followed by Andy. Both of them calm, which scared Jake more than anything else.

They had managed to corner him onto a wall, when suddenly; the grey goo on the floor expanded and tried to subdue him.

“MINEEEE!” A growl came from the grey goo.

Mike fought it as much as it could, but it was like fighting jello. He was almost completely enveloped when suddenly, the wall he had been cornered into collapsed on them.

The goo covering him absorbed the debris’ impact and receded enough for Jake to manage escaping and see what had made a massive hole on the ground. It was the same type of helicopter (or whatever it was that had been used to transport him to the desert the first day). He saw the door opening and heard a scream he knew.

“Get the hell inside, Jake!”

He didn’t need to be told twice, as he got inside and the machine sped out of the room. Luckily the hallways were very broad.

“Brad, since when can you pilot these things?” Jake asked from his seat, not really able to see his brother as the pilot cabin was separated from the passengers.

“It’s voice commanded,” he heard him saying.

Jake looked at the grey hallways and the robots and grey giants below them and sometimes, a giant human body looking up with a calm face.

Finally, the ship managed to get them out and Jake saw it went direct towards the mansion, then past it and towards the guard cabin, when they stopped.

Jake jumped out and got into the cabin, where Dan was still busy feeding his massive cock into his hungry hole. Without a word and not even untangling him, he carried him into the ship and bumped his fist into the wall separating the cabin twice. “Get us out of here!”

“Roger, brother!”

“What? Jake, what is this?” Dan managed to get his cock out of his hole and looked at him confused.

Jake passed a trembling hand over his face and hair. Not knowing where to start.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

An hour later, the three freaked out, freakishly huge men landed on the nearest big airport where they called the police. It didn’t help their story that the ship they had used disappeared suddenly right off the tarmac. Thanks to his good memory, Jake recalled the GPS position he had used to find his brother, and after the army had been alerted (after all, their size was nothing that could be called human, specially Jake) they all went there, just to find an empty mansion; there was no trace of anything apart from the walls of the place. No technology was to be found and the place where the genetic lab had been was completely empty, as if more than half of it had just vanished.

Jake thought it might have been their mothership inside that place, but of course, there was no proof of that. The “Alien conspiracy theory” was quickly dismissed and after a couple months, the three men were released to build a new life. Since no proof was found and no rest of the aliens, the three men (well, Dan wasn’t really sure, he had never seen the grey giant aliens) assumed they had gone off their planet for good.

They were too big down there to do bodybuilding but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take advantage of their size.

Dan was the easiest. He was almost 300 pounds. A big guy, even for bodybuilding standards. He got a scholarship to play football for a university and that he did, gladly.

Bradley was supposedly going to university to study and he could well pay it with what he had earned the last months (the money was real, even if the bank couldn’t begin to track back where it came from), yet he didn’t want to. Plus his over 350 pounds of muscle and his elephantine 21 incher that was almost all the time hard would have created him more problems that he could count. He decided to stay with his older brother Jake, as he had created a company that offered him a way better and more suited job for his assets and needs.

Jake only saw one option for him (and glad that his brother joined for the ride). The only industry a 500-pound muscular freak with a 27-inch boner almost constantly that way could go to, was of course, porn.

With the money he had racked up from his job, he was able to open his own porn company, with himself as the big star, so to speak. Due to being a size queen and the only one that could accommodate his monstercock, Brad started living with him and co-starred most of his movies.

And so, they were mostly happy with their lives. Also, whichever radiation had been used on them had some long lasting effects of energy that had somehow accumulated in them, as they slowly but progressively grew even bigger with the passage of time.

One day, a year after their growing adventure in the desert had ended, Jake woke up in his XXXL king sized bed to find his brother gone. He felt the special-made mattress groan under his 615 pounds of muscle as he got up, noticing the ceiling closer than ever. He frowned, not really feeling like thinking about remodeling the house again, and looked for his huge younger brother until he found him in the studio, typing something in the computer.

“So soon on the net?”

“I was bored, and we don’t need that much sleep anymore, do we? Plus I wanted to chat with some friends. I haven’t seen them since we graduated.”

“I bet they find you changed if you ever met them. Are you using the cam?” he joked

“I don’t want them suffering a heart attack, thanks. Hey! There is Will!”

Jake watched him type.

>Long time, bro! Where the hell have you been?

>Brad! OMG! We haven’t gotten in contact since graduation, right? Lol well, you know. I’ve been busy and stuff, working and stuff. You?

>Same, working on big things. How about you?

Jake chuckled.

>Oh Brad, if I could tell… It’s amazing, bro!

>You can’t tell? What, you work for the government or something?

>Haha. Nah. I just can’t talk about it. It was in the contract.

>Fiiiine. Be mysterious. And how’s that hawt body? Don’t tell me your new SHIELD agent work doesn’t let you time for the gym, huh?

“You were kinda open in High school, huh?” Jake laughed. Brad elbowed him, smiling.

>Nerd. You wouldn’t believe how big I’ve gotten. Surreal. Now we would see who worships who.

“You had a worshipper?” Jake taunted him, but Brad ignored him and continued typing.

>Oh, you never know, I’ve gotten quite big myself. You’d be surprised.

“But you’re such a tiny guy—” Jake massaged his wide shoulders

“Only a giant like you could call me tiny.” Brad complained, followed by a moan.

Brad’s friend continued typing.

>I wish I could see you, man, but I’m not allowed to get out of the mansion.

Both siblings stopped what they were doing instantly and stared at the screen. Jake gave a nervous laugh. Brad followed and kept on chatting.

>So now you’re rich enough to call your place a mansion, huh?

>From the amount they are paying me a month, I’d say, haha. What would you call six big ones per month? And no, I’m not kidding

Jake held his breath. Brad held his trembling hands over the keypad for a moment. Then, typed again

>Might be a big job, nothing like, I dunno, security guard, or—

>Haha! Dude, you’re good. How did you guess?

>>OMG you’re not working on the middle of the desert opening and closing a gate and living in a mansion with two other guards growing insanely muscular or hung, do you?

Brad paused his frenetic typing and took a deep breath, waiting for a reply.

Jake looked at the screen, eager to see the reply. So wanting to see a LOL or a NAH, KIDDING.

No reply appeared.

And then:

>>User Waldo34 has logged out

Jake and Brad looked at each other.


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