My son home on leave

by Peterbilt

A story of sex between a man and his adult Marine son when he is home on leave.

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This is a work of fiction; a story of sex between a man and his adult Marine son. All legal disclaimers apply. If this topic offends you, do not read any further; and ask yourself why you are at this site. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is not legal to read such material then please leave immediately and come back when it is legal for you to do so. We’ll be glad to have you back.

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Hunter came into the room in his briefs, drying his hair, just as I was dialing Jim to cancel out on our monthly gathering. He had seen it marked on the calendar and asked about it but I told him I wouldn’t be going.

“Dad, you don’t have to cancel any plans on my account. I’m home two days early,” he said.

Yeah, and how was I going to get through it, I wondered, eyeing his mostly naked, muscular frame. “It’s no big deal. I’m glad you’re home, we’re not going to waste that precious time with me going off to play cards and drink beer with a bunch of guys.”

“I can find something to do,” he said.

By that time Jim had picked up. I explained to him about Hunter being home on leave.

“Bring him along,” he said.

It was a novel idea that sent chills down my spine.

“I doubt he would fit in with that bunch,” I joked.

“We’ll make him feel welcome,” Jim said with an evil chuckle.

“I don’t think so,” I said, but all the while I was trying to picture my son’s reaction to my circle of casual friends. It would be a way to let him know about his old man, but I couldn’t bring myself to take the risk of destroying our relationship.

“I’ll warn the guys to be on their best behavior,” Jim was saying. “They ought to be able to do that this one time. We’ll play cards and drink beer like we tell everybody we’re doing. I don’t think anybody would mind forgoing the usual activities to get to meet a Marine hunk. At least ask him if he would like to come.”

I hesitated, almost in a fearful panic. I would like very much for them to meet Hunter but I was afraid it would be impossible for them to refrain from their usual remarks and antics, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to forgo the sex.

“Ask him,” Tim said again.

I turned around to Hunter. “Tim says for you to come along.”

“I don’t want to intrude,” he said.

Tim heard him. “It wouldn’t be an intrusion,” he said.

I repeated his message.

“No, you go ahead, I’ll be okay,” Hunter insisted.

“Tell him we will be expecting him, and that’s final. I’m sure as a Marine, he knows how to take orders.”

“Tim just ordered you to be there,” I told him.

Hunter laughed, shaking his head. “Well, I can’t disobey an order. Okay, I’ll come.”

“Great! I’ll alert everyone to be on their best behavior,” Tim said.

It was settled and now I was nervous. I wanted desperately for my son to know about my sexual leanings but I’d never figured out a way to tell him. Now I was fearful that he might make the discovery by accident because once the guys got a look at Hunter, I didn’t trust them to be on their best behavior. But it was too late. I couldn’t cancel now without Hunter thinking I didn’t want him to meet my friends, or my friends to meet him.

Saturday morning when he came down for breakfast he asked me what time we were supposed to be there.

“Any time around noon, there’ll be food,” I said.

“That gives me plenty of time to shower and shave.”

He took his time while I stewed about how the afternoon might go. I stewed more whether I should tell him in advance what might be in store for him; and thus, expose myself, for that would surely come up. I should at least warn him about some of the guys he would meet. I was sure there would be no one absent once word got around that I was bringing my Marine son. I wondered if Jim would tell everybody to stay dressed; I forgot to mention that. I was surprised and disappointed when Hunter came down in civvies.

“They’re expecting to meet a Marine, you should wear your uniform,” I said.

“You can tell ‘em I’m a Marine, in case they can’t tell,” he said, rubbing his hand over his high and tight haircut.

“I really would like for you to wear it,” I said. “I’m proud to have a Marine son.”

He shrugged. “Okay. No problem. Not my dress blues, though.”

“No, your regular dress uniform with the short-sleeved shirt. You don’t even have to wear a tie.”

He went back up and changed. On the drive to the little town where we always met, I was still in a turmoil. I was sorely tempted to make up some excuse to turn around and go back home. If not that, then at the very least, I had to be truthful to Hunter about the group so he would know what to expect.

“Look, Hunter, before we get there, you need to know something about these guys,” I began, my heart in my throat. I wished I hadn’t said anything, but I’d opened my mouth and I couldn’t back out and now I didn’t have any idea what I was going to say.

“What, have some of them got three heads or something?” he asked with a curious look.

“Well, not quite that, but…well, depending on who shows up, it’s sometimes a weird bunch of guys, and we…..”

“Don’t apologize for your friends, Dad,” he said.

“They’re not exactly friends. More like acquaintances. I don’t see them except at our monthly gatherings. I was going to say, we, uh….well, we sometimes do more than just play poker and stuff.” What a line of bull! I’d never even seen a deck of cards at the gatherings. We got together for sex, pure and simple. I just hoped Jim would think to lay out some decks of cards.

A smile came across his face. “Are you telling me you have strippers, Dad?” he asked.

“Sometimes, yes,” I said, quickly grabbing hold of his remark as a safety net. It wasn’t exactly a lie, we did have a young male stripper one time and I wished at that moment that strippers, female, were on the program. “And we sometimes watch porn videos and shit like that.”

“You think I’ve never seen a porn video? Or are you nervous that I’ll be watching it with you?”

“Naw, that won’t bother me. But you never know what’s going to happen, you know, with a bunch of guys watching porn and drinking. One time I walked in and two guys were drunk as hell, stark naked.”

“Well, I am in the Marines, Dad, I’ve seen my share of naked guys,” he said.

“Another time this younger guy showed up, turned out he was gay; he more or less set up shop in the bedroom.”

“Well, we never had that in the barracks,” he said, laughing.

“Well, I just wanted you to know that it’s not your run of the mill, Saturday afternoon poker game,” I said. By that time I was pulling up at the house. I hoped Tim had clued everybody in on their behavior, and I needed to get to him quickly about the strippers.

We walked around to the back door and let ourselves in. I plunked down the ten bucks we all kicked in to cover the cost of food and drink, in a basket sitting on the washer, and we went on into the kitchen.

I was relieved to see Colton and Ted acting like they had some upbringing for a change. At least they weren’t having sex on the butcher block, and they were mostly dressed; Colton in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, no shirt, and Ted in a pair of cutoff jeans, also shirtless. Colton was a tall, lean, muscular guy about thirty with a huge cock, usually the favorite of the bunch unless somebody showed up with a younger kid. Ted was about his same age, soft around the edges, who never let Colton out of his sight or reach. He usually spent the entire afternoon hogging Colton’s cock. Everybody greeted us warmly, more so, I was sure, because I had my Marine son with me. I introduced him to Tim and Colton and Ted and a couple more guys who wandered in the kitchen who heard us come in. They too were dressed for comfort.

“This is my son, Hunter. Or, they call him Gunner,” I told everyone.

“I wonder why that would be?” someone said in his best masculine tone.

I quickly cornered Tim. “He asked if we have strippers and I told him sometimes. So if you could make up a story that the strippers couldn’t make it?”

“Sure, I’ll cover your ass,” Tim said with a grin.

“And you warned everyone.”

“Yes but I wouldn’t count it being too effective after getting a look at your boy,” Tim said.

“We’ll wish for the best,” I said.

Needless to say, Hunter went over big, and for good reason. He was a stud. Six-foot-three, two hundred thirty pounds of hard muscle, drop dead good looking, with an easy smile and a mischievous gleam always in his eyes. In uniform, he was drop dead deadly. His thick-muscled neck stuck up out of his shirt, set on broad, thick shoulders. A little flurry of hair bristled over the neckband of his white T-shirt. The front of his shirt, with his medals on one side, strained against his massive chest, and his arms fairly bulged inside the snug sleeves. His upper body taped down to a lean waist tucked inside a pair of dress pants.

Tim offered him something to drink.

“Beer would be great,” he said.

“Beer it is. And don’t run out; if I forget my manners, just help yourself,” Tim said. “You can introduce yourself to the other guys as you go along, in the living room and wherever else you might find them.”

I wished he hadn’t said wherever else. Wherever could only mean one of the bedrooms and I was hoping to hell there wasn’t anybody in wherever-land, doing what they usually did.

“The air conditioning is on the blink, so as you can see we’re making do with fans, so feel free to get as comfortable as you like,” Tim said as he showed us into the living room.

I wondered if the air conditioning was really not working or if it was turned down so it would be uncomfortably warm in the house so there would be an excuse for everybody to still shed some or most of their clothes even though I’d brought Hunter.

In the living room I got the shocker I half expected. Everybody was partially to scantily clad except Ernie. There sat big Ernie, clad in a jockstrap. It looked like a Band-Aid on his huge body. Hunter didn’t seem the least bit taken aback. Tim introduced Hunter as my son and left everyone to introduce themselves. Hunter politely acknowledged them all with a salute with his beer then turned his attention to the porn video that was playing, as if Ernie wasn’t even there. I was relieved that it was at least a bi-video, with two guys and a girl. I was sure he could handle that. We moved out of the way, to stand behind the couch.

“Here, come sit down,” Douglas said as he moved over against another guy to try to make room for Hunter beside him. It wasn’t nearly enough room for his big frame which I knew was the reason he’d invited him to sit there.

“Thanks, it looks pretty crowded. I’m okay,” Hunter said.

I noticed then that greedy Ted had suddenly abandoned Colton, probably for the first time ever. He was standing in the doorway, ogling Hunter. I didn’t fuckin’ fault him for it, but this wasn’t the time, and he had been warned about his behavior. Not that a warning would make any difference; Ted was more than greedy, he was a cock hungry predator.

Just then Tim came in with two clothes hangers.

“I know you need to keep everything neat, so here’s a couple of hangers if you want to shed your shirt or whatever,” he said.

“Thanks,” Hunter said, taking the hangers.

We stood for a few more minutes watching the video and me wondering what Hunter was thinking and what he was going to do about removing his shirt. I hadn’t told him we could leave anytime he wanted to, but I would do that at the earliest moment. In the video, one guy was fucking the girl while he got pounded in the ass by his buddy; I wished I knew what Hunter thought of that. I wondered if he thought it strange that nobody was playing poker, there wasn’t a table or a deck of cards anywhere in sight. And he had to be wondering about big Ernie, sitting over there in his Band-Aid jock strap. Colton got up from the couch.

“So, where are you stationed, Gunner?” he asked as he came up around to stand beside us. “Is it all right if I call you Gunner, or is that reserved for your studly Marine buddies?”

“It’s fine. I’m heading for San Diego from here,” Hunter said, looking away from the video.

“I’ve been there. Great town. Wonderful scenery everywhere you look,” Colton said. “Listen, we could probably find something more to your liking,” he said then, motioning to the video playing.

“No, it’s okay. Porn’s porn,” Hunter said with a sexy smile.

“Oh, really? I like your attitude,” Colton said, laughing. “Well, there’s plenty to choose from there in the cabinet. And if we get tired of those, well, we can just make our own.”

Ted didn’t look happy about Colton taking such a shine to Hunter. Ted scared me. Like I said, he was a cock predator and he was known to push in to get hold of a big, hard cock.

“It’s terribly warm in here, why don’t you give me your shirt,” Colton said, picking up one of the hangers.

“Good idea, thanks,” Hunter said, much to my surprise. While he was unbuttoning it, Colton boldly pulled it out of his trousers for him. Hunter looked a little surprised but he didn’t say anything, not even when Colton helped take it off his shoulders. Rubbing salt in the wound, when he’d put the shirt on the hanger, he handed the hanger to Ted and asked him to hang it up. Then he turned his attention back to Hunter, his eyes raking over his massive upper body. Hunter was fairly bulging out of his T-shirt.

“Did the Marines do that?” Colton asked him.

Hunter looked around at him. “Do what?” he asked.

“That. All those muscles.”

“Oh,” Hunter said, laughing. “I got most of it from my Dad, but the Marines added the finishing touches.”

“Yes, I can see how you resemble your father. Nice finishing touches by the Marines, though,” Colton said.

I didn’t know whether to be worried or not. Colton was definitely coming onto him, but it was in such a way that Hunter didn’t seem to be at all offended, if he even realized it. I could see Ted seething. Just then Tim came out with a fresh beer.

“Your beer gets warm pretty fast in here, here’s a fresh one,” he said.

“This is okay,” Hunter said.

“No, let’s keep it cool,” Tim said, taking the remainder of his warm beer and handing him a fresh one. I could tell by his tone that he was giving a warning.

“Yes, let’s keep you cool,” Colton said. “Why don’t you give me your T-shirt.”

Hunter blinked with surprise.

“And I’ve got another hanger for your pants when you need it,” Tim added.

Hunter looked at me. It was a mix of a “what-the-hell-is-going-on” and “what-do-I-do-now” look. I decided to help Colton out.

“It is getting pretty warm in here,” I said as I pulled my pullover shirt out of my jeans.

Hunter reluctantly followed my lead. He crossed his arms and skinned his shirt off over his head. Colton’s eyes popped, as did everyone else’s in the room as his torso exploded out of the waist of his pants. He handed the shirt to Colton and lowered his arms, his thick pecs settling powerfully on his chest above the armored-plate wash-board abs.

“Damn!” Colton swore, his eye raking over his naked upper body.

“Holy Shit! The Marines sure do build men,” someone else said.

“Your boy is built like a brick hothouse,” Ernie said.

Hunter looked embarrassed, although he had to be eating it up. And the guys thought I was built. Colton held the empty pants hanger to him, the one Tim had left for his pants.

“I’m okay this way,” Hunter said.

“Well, I’ll lay it right here in case you change your mind, or in case someone convinces you otherwise,” Colton said with a smile.

Tim kept the beer coming. I couldn’t be sure how many beers Hunter had because Tim kept replacing the warm ones with cold ones. And I didn’t know how much beer Hunter could handle. When the bi video was over, someone slipped in a new video, one that was totally gay. I wished they hadn’t, and I braced myself for Hunter’s reaction.

“Are you sure we came to the right place?” Hunter asked me under his breath. “I haven’t seen a deck of cards since we got here.”

Douglas, sitting in front of us on the couch, heard him and looked around with a wide grin. “I’ll bet he wants to get a poker game started,” he said to me.

“I told him that’s what we do,” I said.

Colton picked up on it. He left and came back with a deck of cards. “All right, everyone, Hunter wants to play strip poker.”

“Hey, I didn’t say strip poker,” Hunter said, laughing.

“There is only one kind of poker in this house.” Colton declared with authority.

“I don’t know how to play poker,” Ernie said.

“Obviously, you don’t need to, you’re already down to your jockstrap,” Colton said with some disdain.

“Neither do I,” Ted chimed in.

Several others chimed in that they didn’t know how to play poker and I felt myself sinking. Fuck, they were throwing me under the bus. It pretty much blew my cover; I’d told Hunter that we were a bunch of poker players and almost none of them even knew how to play. Or had I told him just that we played cards? I couldn’t remember.

“That’s all right, we don’t have to play,” Hunter said as he fumbled with the deck of cards someone had handed him. “Anyway, this isn’t a poker deck,” he said.

Shit! Another nail in my coffin.

Tim came in just then with another beer for him.

“We’ll make it simple for everyone; we’ll play one-card draw,” Colton said.

“No, really, it’s okay,” Hunter said again.

But Tim went on, ignoring him. “Everyone draws a card, low card loses and that person has to take something off. Aces are high.” The question of whether it would be strip poker was settled. I was a little surprised but pleased that Hunter was such a good sport and was apparently going along with it. I wondered if that was partly because of the beer he’d consumed.

“Is this where it starts to get weird?” he whispered to me.

Colton shuffled the cards and held the deck up for Hunter to draw a card. Then he went around the room, letting each man draw a card, including two more guys who came into the room. The luck of the draw; Big Ernie had a two of hearts. The room exploded with laughter, since all he had on was a jockstrap. He laughed along with them as he wriggled off the couch and managed to pull the tiny garment off. Tiny it was, but it needn’t have been any bigger to hold his manhood that look grossly undersized for his size.

Douglas got the low card on the next hand and took off his shirt. Then Ted lost a sock. Colton lost a sock. On the next hand, I drew a four. I took off one shoe. Next hand, Hunter drew a three and everyone applauded as he took off one shoe. The game went fast and Tim kept bringing in cold beer to keep the temperature down; or to bring it up, I couldn’t be sure. At one point, when I went to the bathroom, I stopped and checked the thermostat and clicked the air button but nothing happened. Tim saw me.

“It really is broken,” he said. “The repairman was supposed to be here this morning.”

I felt rather foolish. I went back to the living room to find more clothes in the pile in the middle of the room, and Hunter down to his trousers, no shoes or socks. The game was moving fast.

“Are we going to play till everyone loses all their clothes?” someone asked.

“No, only till he loses all of his clothes,” Colton said, pointing to Hunter, laughing.

“Only till the strippers get here,” Colton added.

“Yeah, where the hell are the strippers?” I asked, glancing at my watch, but I was ignored. It did sound pretty lame; everyone knew we never had strippers at our gatherings.

Douglas was the next to lose the last of his clothes. Everyone applauded as he stood up and shoved his shorts down and kicked them into the pile. Tim handed him a beer as a reward. I knew now that all bets were off. The gathering was going to revert to its original intent and activities despite Tim’s best efforts to have everyone on their best behavior. But Hunter seemed to be okay with it; in fact, he seemed to be having a good time. I suspected part of it was the beers he’d downed, making him feel relaxed. And being the best built guy in the room didn’t hurt his ego any. I just hoped he drowned his inhibitions. He didn’t seem to mind at all when he lost the next hand and had to take off his trousers, leaving him in nothing but a pair of tiny, green and tan camo briefs. Godd, the way he filled them out was almost criminal and I could see guys craning to see. I knew there was no way of holding back the tide now that they’d seen him like this. All I could do was let whatever happened, happen, and try to explain my way out of it later if I had to.

“My Godd, do you wear those around the barracks?” Colton asked him as he helped him place his pants on the hanger

“Sure, a lot of guys wear them,” Hunter said.

“Man, that wasn’t regulation when I was in the Marines,” one guy said.

“I’m going to see my friendly recruiter first thing in the morning,” said someone else.

I went into the kitchen to get myself another beer. I was embarrassed, and sweating. The conversation was going to get out of hand, I just knew it.

“Your son is a stud,” Tim said quietly.

“Yeah, he is. Thanks,” I said.

“I’m glad you brought him. So is everybody else, obviously.”

“Well, I’m not sure it was such a good idea. Things are going to get out of hand,” I said.

I did my best,” Tim said. “The only other thing I can do is declare the gathering over and send everyone home.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“He doesn’t have a clue about you, then.”

“I’m sure he will have some suspicions in very short order,” I said, rubbing the cold beer across my forehead.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tim said. “Colton has sure warmed up to him. And he’s a good sport; he seems to be taking everything in stride. Here, you take him a fresh beer.”

“Are you trying to get him drunk?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” Tim said, laughing.

“You were supposed to keep everything under control,” I said.

“I tried. I told everyone to be on his best behavior. But I’m afraid this is their best behavior.”

“At some point, make an announcement that the strippers aren’t going to show up. That’ll lend some legitimacy to the situation.”

I didn’t know what had happened with the so-called poker game but Hunter was still in his briefs and all eyes were on him. No wonder. He was magnificent with his incredibly muscular body amplified by the tiny garment that strained and bulged to contain his sizeable manhood.

Tim chose that moment to make the announcement.

“Guys, I regret to inform you that the strippers won’t be able to make it. Sorry, I know how much you look forward to them.”

It was good but I didn’t know if it was good enough.

“That’s okay, we’ve got a stripper her straight form the U.S. Marine Corps,” somebody said.

“What happens when we’ve all lost our clothes? Which is going to be very soon,” someone said to Colton.

“We keep on playing,” he said.

“What’re the stakes?”

“Low man has to give the high draw a blowjob,” Colton said.

There was a roar of laughter and applause, which included Hunter’s own easy laughter. I suspected the beer was having its effect on him, and I think he really did think there were strippers coming and that this was all just interim fun and games. But he didn’t look disappointed that they weren’t coming. I replaced his beer and took the partly empty one to the kitchen. I stood at the door to watch, purposely putting myself out of the game.

My heart leapt in my throat when Hunter lost the next hand with a five of spades. More applause, then silence. I waited, nearly breathless, as was most everyone else.

“I think you lost the draw, Marine,” somebody told him.

He nodded, with a tight grin as everyone waited. He was still standing behind the couch. Finally, he handed his beer off and with a shrug, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. Heads turned and necks craned as he pulled them down. He bent over to pull them off. He straightened and tossed them over the couch into the pile in the middle of the living room. The couch struck him across his upper thighs so his manhood was fully exposed over the back of the couch.

“My Godd!” someone gasped.

“Holy Shit! Would you look at that cock!”

“If the Marines did that, I’m joining first thing Monday morning,” said someone else. Everyone laughed.

“Well, hell, we know where he gets it,” someone else.

I cringed, breathless. Fuck, don’t say that, I thought. But Hunter didn’t seem to hear it over the laughter. Or maybe he’d had enough to drink that he wasn’t focusing on what was being said.

Hunter continued to take the merriment all in stride, laughing with pride. I tried to take it in stride but I was as aghast as everyone else when I saw him naked. His cock was huge. It hung down in a slight arch, thick and meaty and heavy, draped over a pair of balls that belonged on the same stallion his cock did. I hadn’t seen his manhood for a long time. I felt my heartbeat kick up and sweat breaking out on my forehead. I drew the cold beer bottle across my forehead.

Attention was drawn back to the game as Colton shuffled the cards and held out the deck to the few men who still had something on. Finally, everyone was naked except Tim and me. Nobody said anything about us still having our clothes on.

“Oh, shit, here comes the coup-de-grace,” someone said.

“Yeah, this is the blowjob draw,” said someone else with eagerness in his tone.

My breath began to come hard as I felt a tightness in my chest. The next draw of cards was going to be crucial. Godd, what if Hunter drew the low card? No way was he going to give anybody a blowjob. And if he drew the high card, would he let the loser give him head? I wondered if he even grasped the meaning of this final draw. At this point, with the atmosphere in the room and Hunter’s consumption of beer, I wouldn’t bet either way on the latter, but I was sure it would all be over if he drew the low card.

I’m sure everyone in the room thought Colton rigged the hand where Hunter drew an ace and he, Colton, ended up with a two of clubs. Again, the room erupted with laughter and applause as everyone hooted and shouted that he had to give Hunter a blowjob. Hunter was laughing, too, but when Colton came toward him, his shoulders slumped and his head down in defeat, Hunter stopped him.

“No, that’s okay, you don’t have to,” he told him.

“It’s the rules!” someone shouted and everyone chimed in.

Colton started to go to his knees but Hunter held him up and reached down and put one hand in front of his manhood. Colton tried to act relieved.

“Ah, the victor shows mercy to the vanquished; thank you, sire,” he said, laughing.

Everyone booed.

“Where did Ted go?” I asked Tim.

He nodded to the bedroom down the hall from the kitchen. “Randy showed up. He’s down there with him.”

Tim saw my look of dismay. “They’ve got the door shut,” he said quietly. Then he smiled and added, “Actually, I’m not so sure your son would be all that upset. He seems to be going along with everything. Personally, I think he would be okay learning about you.”

“But I don’t want to take the chance,” I said.

Tim got two beers out of the fridge. “Here, take him another beer.”

“You are trying to get him drunk,” I said.

“I said I was, to lower his inhibitions,” he said.

I took the fresh beer in to him but saw that the one he had was barely touched.

“I don’t think you need this, but Tim sent it,” I told him as we exchanged the beers. Then I went back into the kitchen, leaving Hunter still standing behind the couch, naked, now watching the new porn flick someone had put in. I wondered if he would get hard. I wondered so many things……

I went down the hall to the back bedroom and eased the door open to find Randy stretched out across the bed, his legs slung over the edge of the mattress, and Ted crouched down between his legs, sucking his cock. Randy saw me and waved me in. I went in and closed the door.

“Why didn’t you bring your son in with you?” Ted asked, as he rose up with Randy’s cock in his fist.

“I’m not here for that. I just wanted to ask you not to let things get out of hand with him here,” I said.

“You need to be telling Colton that,” Ted said, sounding a bit perturbed. “He’s practically raping him with his eyes.”

“With his eyes,” I said.

“I won’t try anything your son doesn’t want me to do. That’s the best I can promise,” Ted said.

Randy had his hand on Ted’s head, urging him back down on his cock.

“I got a good look at him,” Randy said. “Man, if he unwinds and lets loose, I think I could even turn gay for the day, for him.”

I watched for a few minutes—Randy was a muscular little hottie, barely twenty—then I left the room, closing the door behind me. I stood for a moment trying to gather my thoughts. There was little doubt in my mind that things were going to get out of hand, and very soon. What should I do? My choices were limited. I could suggest to Hunter that we leave before things got entirely out of hand, and make my apologies for exposing him to it. Or I could see how things played out, and possibly even use it to come out to my son. The latter terrified me.

Back in the living room, I found Hunter sitting sideways on the back of the couch and the TV had been turned on to a football game. He was wearing his camo-briefs again. I was so relieved. I went over to him.

“I see you recovered your shorts,” I said.

“Yeah, I had Colton get them for me. I wasn’t about to go in the middle of the room and find them.”

“How’s your beer?” I asked.

“I’m okay. I just don’t know how much I’ve really had, I never get one down before somebody’s handing me another one.”

I didn’t see Colton or a couple of other guys. I looked around to see the other bedroom door just off the living room was closed. I was thankful that they had at least closed the door; it was usually left wide open. I sat on the arm of the couch. I wondered when they’d turned on the game in place of the videos and whose idea it was. I guessed that it was at Hunter’s request, or perhaps someone had thought he was uncomfortable with the situation and turned it to a football game.

Just then there was a hard knock at the back door and Tim went to answer it. I stood and stepped in the kitchen doorway to see who it was.

“I’m here to fix the air conditioner,” I heard the voice say. “I’ve checked your unit and it needs Freon, but I need to check the connection at your furnace before I add any, to see if there’s a leak.”

“Certainly,” Tim said. “But first I should ask if you’re broad minded, because if you’re not—if you are easily offended—we might want to reschedule this call.”

He gave a confused frown. “Yeah I guess I am. Not much bothers me,” he said

“Good. Just don’t mind what you see; things are pretty much out of control around here,” Tim said as he opened the door for him.

“I was in the Navy, I’ve seen about everything,” the young man said as he came out of the entryway into the kitchen.

He was cute enough to make my heart go pitter-patter. Mid to late twenties, sandy-blonde buzz cut that set off his thick, muscular neck, which accented his powerful, broad shoulders. He filled out his uniform shirt nicely, with a flurry of hair at the open collar, and a glimpse of deep cleavage. The name Kevin was on one pocket. He filled out his pants very well too; good thighs and butt, from what I could tell from the side.

“This way,” Tim said to the repairman, then to everyone else, “Everyone on their best behavior! Kevin, the air conditioner man is here!” he announced as he took him into the living room.

Everyone applauded and whooped Kevin’s name. The kid stopped at the door, visibly surprised. “Well, I’ve seen almost everything,” he joked to Tim. Everyone laughed. The guy didn’t seem bothered by what he saw.

Tim showed him to the closet beside the refrigerator where the furnace and water heater were located. I stood at the end of the couch where I could see in the kitchen and ogled the guy’s butt as he knelt to check whatever it was he had to check at the furnace. There was just a hint of butt crack where his shirt had pulled out of his pants. A delicious hint. I was almost wishing I hadn’t brought Hunter with me. I made a mental note to have Tim sabotage the air conditioning next month so we could have the guy back. I would even pay for the call.

“Okay, everything checks out here. I’ll go add some Freon and you’ll be set,” Kevin said as he straightened.

He went back outside and in a few minutes we began to feel wafts of cool air coming through the vents. I went back to the kitchen to catch another glimpse of the kid when he would surely have to come back in to have his work order signed.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get him and your son together,” Tim whispered.

“Yes! But how to make that happen!” I lamented.

Kevin came back in with his clipboard. “I just need you to sign the work order and I can be on my way,” he told Tim.

Tim took the clipboard and the pen. “I just happened to think, you’re working past your normal work hours,” he said as he scrawled his name on the work order.

“Yes, sir, we work till all the calls are answered. But this was my last call so I’m done for the day.”

“In that case, do you have time for a cold beer before you call it a day?” Tim asked.

He thought about it for a moment, obviously wanting to take him up on it. “All right, then, a cold beer sounds great,” he said. Tim turned to get him a cold beer out of the fridge. I had the bottle opener handy.

“At the risk of seeming bold and forward, you are also welcome to get comfortable, and go in and watch the game,” Tim said. “Or they might have porn back on by now.”

“Is this, uh… some kind of a club?” Kevin asked with a sly grin.

“You could say that,” Tim said. “We get together once a month to play cards, drink beer, watch porn, or football, do whatever.”

“Looks like a real laid-back fun time,” Kevin said.

“Some times are more fun and laid back than others,” I put in jokingly.

“Seriously, you are more than welcome to get comfortable and join us,” Tim said.

He walked over and stood in the doorway of the living room to look at the game for a moment. I could see he was taking in the scenery of naked guys as well; quite a natural thing to do. I saw the way Hunter looked at him, and how Kevin noticed Hunter. That was natural too, them being the two youngest and best built guys present, except for Randy….and Hunter clad only in his camo briefs. I glanced at Tim and he was looking at me. We both nodded, smiling. I wondered if part of my smile was to cover my nervousness.

“What’s the score?” Kevin asked Hunter.

“Thirteen-six,” Hunter said.

I was pleased that they two had connected like that so quickly, but it wasn’t surprising.

Kevin turned away from the door. “Hey, if you’re sure you don’t mind…if I wouldn’t be intruding,” he said to Tim, motioning toward the living room with his beer.

“Not at all, it would not be an intrusion. I don’t think anyone here knows the meaning of the word. Feel free to get comfortable. Everyone else played strip poker and tossed their clothes in a pile. I’ll take yours if you want, and hang them up for you,” Tim offered. “Or not; you decide,” he added.

He hesitated, looking back at Hunter, then smiled and said, “Okay, I guess if it’s part of the rules.” He came back in the kitchen and set his beer on the counter and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tim got a hanger out of the bathroom and I took his shirt when he took it off and hung it on the hanger for him. My heart was thudding as I watched him undress, more so that he was being so casual about it, like he stripped off his clothes every call he made. Maybe he did. He was certainly built for service, of any kind. Tim and I watched as he bent to unlace his work boots and take them off, both of us eyeing the delicious butt crack exposed above the waist of his jeans. Then he straightened and reached for his beer, but saw Tim holding another hanger.

“For your pants,” Tim said.

It was funny, how Kevin glanced at Hunter first, then reached for his belt.

Tim was at the ready to take his pants for him when he took them off.

“Is this okay?” Kevin asked with a shrug as he handed off his pants and stood in his socks, briefs and T-shirt.

“If that’s the way you’re comfortable,” Tim said.

“If you don’t mind I think I’ll slip my work boots back on, I feel naked without them,” Kevin said, laughing.

“Those briefs look terribly uncomfortable to me,” Douglas said as he walked into the kitchen. “Off with them,” he said, and snapped the waistband in the back. It brought a laugh but Kevin made no move to take off his shorts. “Well at least lose the T-shirt,” Douglas said.

Kevin complied. He had just handed me his T-shirt when Colton came into the kitchen. He had apparently just finished up with whoever he’d taken into the bedroom. His cock was hanging heavy and thick after its workout, and still glistening with spit and semen.

“Whoa! Who is this?!” he exclaimed, stopping short, when he saw Kevin standing there in tight boxer briefs and work boots with his work socks hugging his calves.

“This is Kevin, the air conditioning man,” Tim said.

“We felt cool air coming in, but all of a sudden, it’s warming up again,” Colton said, putting a hand on Kevin’s shoulder. “Be right back.”

When Colton was in the bathroom, Kevin looked warily at Tim with a grin on his face. “Can I ask, is this, uhhh….I mean is this what it looks like? Is this some kind of club, where….I mean, are some of these guys….sort of gay?”

I laughed.

“Sort of grossly understates the situation,” Tim said, laughing too. “Let me count the ways.”

“No shit! You mean, I…I could…they would…uhhh…hell, I don’t know what I’m trying to say.”

“Let me help you,” Tim said. “You’re trying to say, would one of these guys be kind enough to give you a blowjob, and the answer would be a resounding yes. And not just one of them, but all of them. Well, except one. The big stud in on the back of the couch; he’s a straight Marine. All you’re going to do with him, I’m afraid, is watch football.”

“Whew! I thought I’d seen everything. Now I guess I have.”

“Well, I’m glad you got it cooled off for us,” I said.

Kevin picked up his beer and went into the living room and stood beside Hunter behind the couch. I heard him and Hunter start talking, heard the words Navy and Marines and then they were shaking hands. Colton came out of the bathroom and asked where he was. Tim nodded to the living room.

“He might be ripe for the picking, but be discreet, Colton,” Tim told him.

“You’re telling me,” Colton gushed. “He’s a ripe plum and a peach and a cherry all rolled into one.” He went into the living room and stood beside Kevin. I stood in the kitchen doorway to watch and wait and see what would happen. Tim stood at my shoulder. I wondered again why Tim set this up for us at his home each month but never took part.

Colton didn’t waste any time. He sipped his beer with one hand and let his other hand drop down between him and Kevin. I saw him brush his hand against Kevin’s hip a couple of times and when he didn’t move away, Colton rubbed his hand along his thigh. Without looking down, he deftly moved his hand over the young repairman’s butt and I saw Kevin clench his hard muscles into his hand.

“Damn!” Colton whispered as he felt the man’s ass. No one seemed to hear him, or they didn’t look around. I wondered if they even knew the young repairman was among them. He was standing behind the couch and they were all glued to the television. Colton squeezed the guy’s butt, then shoved his hand down inside his shorts to get a feel of his bare ass. All of this was out of Hunter’s sight.

It went on for several minutes before Colton leaned in and whispered something in Kevin’s ear, nodding to the bedroom door behind them. Kevin glanced over his shoulder at the door but didn’t move from the spot. Hunter glanced to the side then and I was sure he could see Colton’s arm behind Kevin but there was no reaction. He looked a little bleary-eyed.

“Does Hunter need another beer?” Tim asked me.

“No,” I said. “I think he’s had enough. I think the back of the couch is holding him up.” He confirmed it when he moved away from the couch and staggered to the kitchen.

“Hey, I haven’t been able to keep track of how much beer I’ve downed but it’s obviously too much. I hate to be a bore, but is it okay if I slip into the bedroom and lie down for a little bit?” he asked Tim. He was indeed bleary-eyed. He looked at me with a blank look, even a split second who-the-hell-are-you look. Then he said, “Sorry if I embarrass you, Dad.”

“You don’t embarrass me,” I said. “Why don’t you go lie down.”

He shoved himself out of the doorway. He was unsteady on his feet, holding onto things and the wall as he made his way into the bedroom. He reached for the door behind him but barely touched it and it closed only a couple of inches.

“Are Randy and Ted still in the other bedroom?” I asked Tim.

“Last I looked in, Randy was fucking his eyeballs out,” Tim said.

“Damn, they’ve been in there for a long time.”

“You know Ted, when he gets hold of a cock, or gets one shoved in his ass, he’s good for the day.”

“Yeah, but it’s usually when he’s got hold of Colton’s cock,” I said.

“He would shit if he knew what Colton had hold of right now,” Tim said, nodding to Colton with his hand down the back of Kevin’s shorts.

I went into the living room and stood at the back of the couch with Kevin and Colton, at the end closest to the door leading into the bedroom. There was a lamp on, casting the room in a soft light. I could see Hunter was sprawled across the bed on his back, his arms flung over his head, his eyes closed. I wanted so bad to go in but I didn’t dare. Kevin looked around and saw him; so did Colton.

“He just went in to lie down,” I said to Colton.

Just then Douglas was beside me, looking into the bedroom.

“My Godd, he’s gorgeous!” Douglas said.

“Yes. Thank you,” I said.

“But straight,” someone else said.

I looked around to see Lenny standing with us, also looking in on Hunter.

“How do you stand it, having him in the same house with you?” Douglas asked in a whisper.

“I don’t think I could if he lived at home, but he’s home only on leave,” I said.

“I want to bury my face in his beautiful butt,” Douglas said.

“I want to bury my tongue,” Lenny put in.

“I just want to get my hands on him. Anywhere. Everywhere,” said Douglas.

“I would be very careful if I were you,” I warned. “He is a Marine, and I don’t know what he might do if he felt somebody touch him.”

“What a wonderful way to die, though,” said Lenny.

“Well, right now he’s recovering from a little too much to drink,” I said.

“Yeah, I would be very careful about touching a sleeping Marine,” Kevin put in.

I stepped back and pulled the bedroom door closed as I went back into the kitchen.

“He’s out,” I said to Tim.

“Well, keep an eye out, so he doesn’t get raped while he’s out,” Tim said, only half joking.

Douglas had followed me into the kitchen. He came up to me and put his arm across my shoulder. “I know we’re supposed to be on our best behavior, and you’re cautiously nervous with your son here, but he’s out like a light, so…….” He reached down and squeezed the front of my jeans. “Godd, I still can’t believe that thing,” he added hoarsely as he began unbuttoning my jeans.

I put my hand down to stop him. “Not here,” I said. “I don’t want to take the chance of him waking up and coming out.”

Douglas kept his grip on my crotch. “Things are pretty much getting out of hand, getting back to normal,” he said, nodding to the living room.

I glanced around and saw somebody standing in front of Big Ernie, getting his cock sucked, and someone else was bent in half over one end of the couch with someone else on his knees, rimming his ass.

I could see the top of Colton’s head moving back and forth, sucking Kevin standing behind the couch. I was so horny I was hot in my clothes.

“Are Ted and Randy still in the bedroom?” I asked, nodding toward the bedroom.

“Doesn’t matter,” Douglas said. He took hold of my belt and pulled me toward the bedroom.

“I’ll run interference if he wakes up,” Tim told me.

“Yes, do. Thanks,” I said as I grabbed up my beer to take with me.

I was anxious. I’d been with Douglas several times before. He could throw a mean fuck, and I was anxious to have him fuck me. I didn’t care if I got off, I just wanted to feel his big, hot cock reaming my ass.

In the bedroom Ted and Randy were lying across the bed, making out like two lovers. They had obviously finished having sex, evidenced by streaks of thick cum all over Randy’s chest and stomach, and now they were embraced and kissing passionately.

“Company. You guys will have to move over,” Douglas said as we entered the bedroom.

Neither of the lovers said a word, they just moved down to the foot of the bed, with barely a notice of who had come in, and kept on making out. Douglas started undressing me. I let him. He kissed everywhere he bared and by the time I was down to my shorts they were tented.

“I wanta fuck you, okay?” he said as he pulled my shorts down. I hissed, “Yess!” as my cock smacked against my stomach then fell outward and bobbed up and down. “After I do this,” he added and he took my cock in his mouth.

“Ohh, Godd, you’re good,” I moaned as I clasped my hands around his head and began fucking his mouth. After a few minutes of giving me wonderful head, I was fucking deep into his throat. Meanwhile, he was playing with my butt and fingering my ass, getting me ready. I was riding his hand like it was a saddle, and his finger the saddle horn.

He said, “I think you’re ready,” and I told him I was, more than ready.

Douglas pushed me back across the bed beside the other two guys and stood with my legs on his shoulders, my butt upturned. “Fuck, man, I’ve missed this ass,” he said as he rubbed the head of his cock against my asshole that was twitching for his cock.

“Fuck me, then.”

I loved being fucked by Douglas, but I was thinking how I wanted to hold off from cumming. I always delayed cumming as long as possible, to work in as much sex as possible. Even now, with the situation with Hunter, I was entertaining thoughts in the back of my head—unwise, perhaps dangerous thoughts—that just maybe something could come of all of this with my son.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for Douglas’s eight thick inches of man meat pressing hard against my hole. I pushed my asshole out and he pushed through it.

“Awwwh, fuck!” I groaned softly as he pushed in. I held my breath as he impaled me. “Godd, you’re big,” I gasped.

“No bigger than last time, or all the other times before that,” he said.

He was all the way in, his balls resting against my butt and I let the air out of my lungs. He began fucking me. I was barely aware of Ted and Randy on the bed till I glanced over and saw them lying spooned together, watching us.

“Wish I had my camera,” Ted said. “But I’ll settle for this,” he added as he rose up and bent over to take my cock in his mouth.

“Guess I’m done here,” Randy said, and got up from the bed.

I let myself up to the wonderful sex that Ted and Douglas were giving me. Randy was back a few minutes later, wide-eyed and excited.

“Holy Fuck! I just checked the other bedroom and saw your son! Fuck, he is hot! He’s a stud! But they said we can’t do anything with him. He’s straight?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Oh, Mann, this is cruel and unusual punishment, bringing him here but we can’t touch him,” Randy said.

“Hey, I thought you were a top,” Ted said, laughing, from down in my crotch.

“Suddenly I’m a curious top,” Randy said. He left again.

Douglas and Ted fucked and sucked me every way but loose. I was sweating profusely by the time they were finished with me. I managed to hold off. They didn’t. I left them cuddled on the bed and went to see if I could shower.

Back in door of the living room I looked all around for Hunter. I felt a twinge of panic when I didn’t see him anywhere but the bedroom door was still closed. But then I didn’t see Colton, or Kevin. I turned back into the kitchen to have a look in the bathroom, and ran into Tim. He must have noticed the look on my face.

Tim was still being the gracious host. He laughed at my sweating body and handed me a cold beer when I came into the kitchen.

“Where’s Kevin and Colton? Did Colton leave?” I asked.

“Colton spirited Kevin away into the bedroom,” Tim said.

“With Hunter?”


“Oh, shit!”

“Why’re you looking so pale?” He took a frosted mug out of the freezer and pressed it to my forehead. “Hold this. I’ll get you a beer.”

“I don’t need another beer,” I said, but the cold on my forehead felt good.

“Let me be the judge of that,” Tim said.

“What I really need is a shower,” I said, rubbing one hand across my sweaty chest. “And something to calm my nerves. Fuck, those two in there with him……”

Tim poured a cold beer into the colder mug and I drank most of it whether I needed it or not. Actually, I did. I glanced toward the bedroom.

“Go shower,” Tim said. “He’s a big boy; I think he can handle the situation.”

I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I was awash with emotions; fear, panic, anger, jealousy, all rolled into one. My imagination ran wild, imagining Kevin and Hunter together, and with Colton. Not that anything was happening—they were both straight—but if it was…..

Jealousy and lust overrode all the other emotions swirling around in my head. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be in there. I grabbed the cold beer and guzzled it while I waited for the shower to warm up. I was drinking courage, something I desperately needed to face the dangerous thing I was about to do.

I finished my shower in short order and quickly dried off then borrowed a few squirts of Tim’s Old Spice body spray. I exited the bathroom with the towel around my waist and went down to the back bedroom to retrieve my shorts. I pulled them on and went back to the kitchen. Tim was coming out of the bathroom with the empty beer bottle.

He grabbed another beer out of the fridge and thrust it at me. “The look on your face tells me you’re going to need this,” he said.

“What look?” I asked with a scowl, but took another big drink of beer.

“Let it out. Be who you are. At least be honest with him,” Tim said.

“Godd, I want to so bad,” I said.

“I don’t know what’s going on in there, if anything,” he said, nodding toward the bedroom off the living room. “They’re probably both just asleep. But if they’re not…..what then?”

“I don’t know. I wish I did. I wish I knew what to do…. what to say.”

“He’s a big boy, and you’re lying to him. Finish your beer then go on in and run the other two out and lock the door. You’ll know what to do…..what to say,” Tim said.

“But what if it’s too late? What if they’ve already got something started with him?”

“Well then you’ll have the answer to a question you never asked. He’s your son, dude, claim him,” Tim said.

I chugged the rest of the beer, feeling my courage soar, and he took the bottle. “If you’re wrong…….”

“There is no right or wrong…..just truth,” he said.

“Damn you, Tim,” I muttered as I moved toward the living room. I heard him laugh.

I stood behind the couch for a long moment, observing all the rampant sex going on in the living room, on both couches and the chair and on the floor. Far from being on their best behavior, it was an orgy. If Hunter came out and saw it…..

I glanced around at the closed bedroom door and saw Tim looking at me from the kitchen. It was a questioning, disgusted look.

I went back in the kitchen. “What if the door’s locked,” I said. “If it is then I know something’s going on. If it isn’t……”

“You don’t know if the door’s locked,” Tim cut in. “If it is, well I know how to unlock it.”

“I would never intrude like that,” I said.

“Then don’t intrude. Just go see if the doors locked.” He opened the refrigerator and jerked out another beer. “Need more courage?” he asked.

I pushed it aside. No, I didn’t need more courage. I needed what was on the other side of the bedroom door. I needed the truth, more than any other time in my life, and so did my son.

“Geezers, what if he…….?

“Your son is a Marine. Colton isn’t going to do anything he doesn’t want him to do,” Tim said.

“That’s not the point. It’s the questions I’ll face if he…..”

“If you think he really needs protection, why don’t you go on in?”

“Colton probably locked the door,” I said.

“Probably, greedy slut that he is, but I have keys.”

I pondered it for a moment. I wasn’t at all sure of my motivation, whether it was an instinctive need to protect my son—ludicrous if you think about it—or something more dark and sinister, but I gulped down the rest of the icy beer and moved toward the bedroom.

“God, please don’t let me regret this,” I prayed silently as I put my hand around the doorknob. It turned without a sound and I gently pushed on the door. I opened it a crack. I could see Colton in the dim light of a small dresser lamp, on his knees between a pair of muscular thighs, his head moving up and down and I could hear the soft slurping noises and moans. It struck me that he was making very long strokes up and down. His left arm was reached out across another muscular thigh. My heart went to my throat, threatening to choke me. Was he sucking Hunter, or was his left hand……?

I pushed the door open a little further and I could make out Hunter laid back across the bed, one arm flung out over his head, the other one laid across his eyes. Colton had his hand around his cock, stroking it up and down but he was sucking Kevin.

I heard Hunter mumble, “Are you going to get back over here?” and my blood ran cold.

It was a moment before anyone was aware that there was a fourth person in the room.

“MMmnnnnn,” Colton murmured around Kevin’s cock as he kept stroking Hunter. He gave it a few more slurps then moved over between Hunter’s legs. He saw me but it was as if he didn’t. He just looked at me as he bent over and took Hunter’s cock in his mouth.

“Ohh, fuck yeah,” he moaned as Colton began sucking him. He reached down with one hand to Colton’s head but let it drop to his side, as if he didn’t have the strength to hold it there.

My heart was thudding so fast and hard as I watched the erotic scene playing out before me, and I moved to the foot of the bed, closer to Hunter.

Colton sucked him for a moment then stopped.

“Why’d you stop?” Hunter asked sleepily with a grin. “I asked, why’d you stop,” Hunter said again. “It was just starting to feel good.”

“Your Dad’s here,” Colton said in a quiet, hoarse voice.

Hunter seemed to have an awareness of another presence and he removed his arm from across his eyes but it took a moment for him to focus. I didn’t know if he was groggy from the beer, but suddenly he was looking at me. It was a blank look, like a deer in the headlights, and I wondered if he even knew it was me standing there. But then he spoke.

“I hope I’m not disappointing you too much, Dad.”

His expression didn’t change; it was still a blank look, and I couldn’t have been sure he knew it was me if he hadn’t called me Dad. He brought his arm up, the muscle bulging, but it wavered and I took hold of his hand.

“Awwh, he’s good,” he moaned as he squeezed my hand.

I almost said, I know, but I didn’t say anything. I was in a bottomless moment of indecision. I found my gaze focused on Colton’s hand slowly stroking Kevin’s cock as he had done Hunter. I noticed his fingers didn’t reach all the way around it. They didn’t reach around Hunter’s cock either. I was mesmerized by the size of the two men. I realized my mouth was watering, and also that it wasn’t indecision at all, but cold, numbing fear. Fear of facing the decision already subconsciously made.

“Oh, Man, this is too weird,” Kevin said, raising up on his elbows. “Look, man—Dad—we were both asleep, we didn’t do anything, except till Colton came in…..”

I thought it odd that Kevin felt the need to defend the two of them.

“I think I’ve got this all figured out,” Hunter said. “Why you were so reluctant to bring me along.”

“Tim said he would have everyone on their best behavior,” I said.

Kevin laughed. “I think Colton is on his behavior.”

Colton was oblivious to everything except my son’s cock in his mouth and Kevin’s cock in his hand. My mind was in a turmoil. I was here, but to what end? I knew my desires but common sense and decency got in the way. The battle raged. Go for it, something told me….there are no secrets anymore, and Kevin is not your son, so why not? I tried to think clearly but I’d had too much beer; Tim had seen to that. Hunter was still feeling the effects of the beer, too, and I thought Kevin was as well. There were several empty bottles on the dresser, no doubt brought in by Colton to ply the boys.

I didn’t know what to do. The options were limited, I could leave—and I should—or I could stay and watch, or stay and join in. I wasn’t fully aware the precise moment when my mind was made up, probably before I even came into the room, but I found myself moving around the bed, around Colton on his knees, to Kevin, still listening to the little voice that kept reminding me he was not my son. There was no voice telling me that the man beside him was my son.

Kevin lay there propped up on his elbows, watching my every move with a funny look of bewilderment and expectation. I stood there for a moment between his legs and drank in the sight of him, letting my own expectations build up. I swallowed to be able to speak as I looked over at Hunter.

“I hope you’re not too disappointed in me,” I said as I went to my knees between Kevin’s muscular legs. I was barely able to get the words out, and I felt my entire life passing before me as I knelt down. I knew it would never be the same again, but I shrugged off how it would surely change. That was something to be dealt with later. The only thing that mattered at the moment was the hot, handsome, muscular young man stretched out before me…..and the hot, young marine beside him….and the truth.

I took Kevin’s thick cock in my hand and pulled it upright. My fingers barely touched around it. It throbbed in my grip, standing at least four inches out of my fist. I wet my lips and swallowed the excess spit while the final battle of conscience raged within me. Don’t do it! Back out! It’s not too late. But it was. I glanced out of the corner of my eyes in Hunter’s direction and he was watching me. How do you back away from being on your knees holding a big stiff cock in your fist? How do you erase that vision from your son’s mind and make it right?

It was too late. I leaned down and took Kevin’s cock in my mouth and instinctively slurped up his precum.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” he moaned softly, laying a hand on my head.

“Holy fuck!” I heard Hunter say.

I began sucking the young repairman with no thought of any consequences. After a few minutes, as the lust rose, the panic subsided and I stopped worrying about what Hunter thought of me. I wondered, but I didn’t worry about it. I loved what I was doing; I was in my element, and it felt good for him to finally know the truth.

I felt Colton groping for my cock and I moved my left leg to give him access. He stroked me and fondled my balls then he took my hand and pulled it over to Hunter’s balls. I resisted for a second but then let him press my hand against my son’s balls. He let go and I cupped them gently and felt Hunter spread his legs a little wider. It was a wonderful feeling and I wondered how my hand felt to Hunter.

“Fuck, man, he is good!” Kevin murmured.

And moments passed. Till Colton lifted his head and looked over at me.

“Do you want to trade off; me do you, you do him?” he asked.

I froze inside and paused midstroke down Kevin’s cock. I held him there, his cock throbbing for attention then I looked over at Colton. He was smiling—it was almost an evil smile as he stroked Hunter’s cock. My eyes fixed on his hand around the thick tower of meat. God, I thought, he’s even bigger than Kevin. My hesitation was my downfall; the decision was made for me.. Colton was getting up from his knees! Oh, Godd, he’s going to make me……it’s going to happen! He let go of Hunter’s cock and it fell heavily onto his stomach then bobbed up at a sharp angle, throbbing violently.

My gaze was fixed on the beautiful hunk of meat and I swallowed hard to clear my throat. I was afraid to look up at Hunter but I finally did. He was looking right at me, still a little bleary eyed from the beer, but it was a frightfully steady gaze. And one I couldn’t read. Hopefulness? Doubt? Curiosity? Or was there disappointment there? I couldn’t tell. I rose up to move over and take Colton’s place between my son’s legs. A cloud of disbelief swept over me. Merely touching him—rubbing my hands across his muscular thighs—excited me beyond description, and I felt dizzy, in a fog.

“He had me really close,” Hunter said huskily.

He sounded as if he were warning me. His words and his tone gave me comfort and courage. They told me he was okay with this. I watched Colton lean over Kevin and lick his cock.

“I thought you were going to do him—his Dad,” Kevin said.

“I thought I would leave that up to you,” Colton told him as he stroked his cock.

Kevin laughed. “Fuck, man, I’m straight.”

Colton laughed. “Putting your mouth on a cock isn’t going to change that. It’s only sex. You’ll be just as straight when you walk out the door,” he said.

I turned my attention back to Hunter and in that moment he was more than my son. He was a magnificent god-like male, made more so because he was my son. I leaned in and nuzzled my face in his crotch, drinking the clean aroma as I kissed and licked his balls. I heard the soft gush of a moan which grew louder as I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and mauled it gently with my tongue.

“Ohm, yeeaaahhh!” he whispered and I felt his hand on my head.

I spent a moment on his balls then kissed up to the hard root of his cock. It swelled and bucked against my chin. I started to reach for it but changed my mind and moved back down to his balls. I lifted them up and kissed beneath them. Lashing my tongue back and forth, I found the separation of his solid butt muscles.

“Ohh, yeah, like that, like he did,” Hunter moaned.

His words spurred me on, to do what Colton had apparently done for him. Anything he wanted. I licked up and down the crack of his ass and was pleased and encouraged when he slowly lifted his legs and brought them up to his chest. I wanted to weep from the beautiful sight before me; my son’s incredible butt spread apart, totally exposed, inviting me. In the dim light I could see his beautiful asshole clenching anxiously. I paused in my gaze too long and he started to let his legs back down.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to……”

I quickly put my hands on the back of his thighs to press his legs back to his chest. Godd yes, I wanted to! He was anxious so I didn’t spend any more time admiring his ass. I followed my nose and when it touched his slightly hairy hole I pressed my face against his taut butt muscles. He moaned and squeezed them against my face then quickly relaxed them. I moved my closed lips against his clenching hole, undulating them in a kiss. I heard him moan with anticipation. Gradually, I pushed my tongue through my lips till I found his hole then I opened my mouth wide to form a lip lock over his ass, and began licking like a puppy in warm milk.

“OOOohhhhhh,” he moaned softly.

He was relaxed and despite the constant clenching I was able to enter the tip of my tongue into his hole and it drew me in deeper with each relaxing and tightening of the muscle. I felt myself tear up as I rimmed my son’s ass. What had I done to deserve such an earthly reward as this, that we could actually be drawn together in such intimacy?

He was liking what I was doing and I clasped my hand on his butt muscles and pulled them apart.

“Awwwh, yeeaaahhh,” he groaned as I dug my fingers into the pliable muscle surrounding his asshole to stretch his hole wide open. “Oh, fuck! Fuck!” he cried out as I drove my tongue deep inside him. “Oh, My Godd!”

I went wild, fluttering my tongue all around, and it drove him wild. At one point he whimpered, “Oh Shit, Dad, slow down, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Yes, I thought, I’m going to do that. The thrill of hearing him say Dad was almost overwhelming, and I wondered if he felt the impact of it as I did, or if he even realized he’d said it.

I didn’t let up. I kept my face buried in his ass till I thought he might scream, then I began licking up from there, lashing my tongue across the couple of inches of sensitivity just under his balls. His balls draped heavily over my face. All the while I kept rubbing his asshole gently with my fingertips. I sucked his balls one at a time, eyeing the tower of man flesh looming just ahead. I had to raise up a little to lick and kiss the underside of his throbbing cock. When I got to the end I lashed around the underside of the head, causing it to bob up and down and quiver violently. As I took it in my hand and brought it upright I caught a glimpse of him looking down at me. It sent chills through me and I wondered what was going on in his handsome head.

I have wondered what the anticipation might have been like for him, watching his own Dad’s face descending toward his cock. His eyelids fluttered and he closed his eyes just as I took the head of his cock in my mouth. And oddly, he never made a sound, but I saw his stomach muscles tighten and dance; he was choking down silent sobs.

I used my tongue at first, lapping up the delicious precum, but then slowly devoured his cock. I went all the way down, forcing the thick, warm meat deep in my throat. I was uncomfortable with his size and the angle, but I would do it no matter what. It was an ultimate thrill to have my face buried in his pubes, his huge cock throbbing and bucking inside my neck.

“My Godd!” he gasped softly. “I don’t believe this is happening.”

I didn’t either, but it was. I was glad he was having the same emotions. My fingers were still titillating his asshole, rather absently on their own. I should have stopped because they had the ultimate, desired effect too soon. I had begun to suck him, barely twenty strokes or so when I felt his hand come to rest gently on my head.

“Dad….I’m gonna cum,” he announced in a tremoring whisper.

His voice, the words it formed, made shivers go down my spine, and I was so happy to feel his hand on my head when he spoke them. He was making it clear he wanted to cum in my mouth.

No stranger to sucking cock and being the willing receptacle of so many billions of the life giving seed, I was still overwhelmed to feel the powerful surge up through his cock then the incredible pulsations of warm, thick semen spurting into my mouth. I was taken aback by his power and the volume that erupted from his belching cock. The first two or three surprised me, the rest astounded me….the next five or six or seven, I lost count in my delirium. The volume of man meat in my mouth left little room for such a voluminous load of cum and I found my mouth fuller than any other time in recent memory. I had to swallow. I wanted to, but I also wanted to savor it. I held him there, lashing my tongue around through the warm, thick man-seed, swirling the stuff around the head of his cock, till I felt him press something against my arm. His T-shirt; he was giving it to me to spit in. How could he think that I would waste such precious nectar? I didn’t take it of course; I pushed his hand away and he drew it back, and I began gulping down his load. It was another mind blowing moment as I was able to comprehend that I was in a way swallowing my own seed through my son.

When I had sucked him dry I swallowed his cock again and held it lovingly in my throat for a long moment. He squirmed a little, I felt his butt muscles tighten several times, and I lifted my head. His cock fell heavily across his hip. I kept my face there, kissing it. When he squirmed again, I rose up, got to my feet and stumbled back to lean against the dresser. Hunter shoved himself up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I glanced down at Colton and Kevin; I’d forgotten all about them right beside us.

“Fuck, that was the hottest thing I ever saw,” Kevin said.

I was staring at the bathroom, the door slightly ajar. I felt a twinge of nausea, not from what I had done, but from the sheer volume of the cum I’d swallowed. And I didn’t know what Hunter was thinking at that moment. Finally I decided to go in. I slipped through the door and closed it behind me and leaned back against it. He glanced at me in the mirror where he was hunched over the sink, his hand gripping the sides.

“Are you…..all right?” I managed to ask.

He glanced away from me, nodding. I wasn’t satisfied with that.

“Tell me you are,” I said.

“I’m all right.” He glanced back around at me. “Very all right,” he said with a tight smile. “Godd, Dad…….”

“Yes. What?”

“I never expected anything like that.” Then he asked, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, if you are,” I replied.

“Yeah, I think I am.” He leaned down and splashed water on his face and buried his face in the towel that I quickly handed him. When he was done drying his face he motioned toward the door. We went back into the bedroom where Kevin was blowing his load in Colton’s mouth. Hunter stood and watched, and I with him, till Kevin was finished and had relaxed back in the bed. He looked up and saw us standing there and reached up a muscular arm to high five Hunter. They high-fived and Hunter headed for the door. I followed him. The looks we got when we walked out were priceless. Looks and knowing smiles.

Hunter went through the kitchen to retrieve his clothes that had been hung up while I searched for mine.

“My Godd!....You did!” someone said.

I glanced up to see who had said it, and smiled a little.

“Oh, Godd, you did!”

“Ohh, that is so hot!”

“Huge congratulations!”

“You’re not leaving!”

“Please don’t leave. Please don’t take that gorgeous hunk away from us.”

I smiled and laughed and got dressed. Hunter came into the living room as I was pulling my shirt on, looking magnificent in his uniform. Breathlessly so. He smiled and waved and told everyone goodbye and added that if he was missing anyone who wasn’t in the room, busy elsewhere, to tell them goodbye for him. He thanked our host on the way out.

“Thank you. You were definitely the icing on the cake today.” Then to me, “Bring him back anytime.”

“I will.”

Driving home we were quiet for the first couple of miles. It was getting uncomfortable; silent emotions filling the truck cab. I was ashamed that Hunter was the one to break the silence.

“Well, I hope I didn’t embarrass you, or disappoint you,” he said finally, without looking at me.

“You didn’t embarrass or disappoint me,” I said.

“When I first realized what was going on, I was being cool at first, for you….’cause I didn’t want to embarrass you that I’d figured it out,” he said.

“For the record, I was doing the same thing…..being cool, for you, and hoping you wouldn’t figure it out. I guess we almost pulled it off, except we had too much to drink.”

“Well,” he said.

“I think down deep I wanted you to figure it out; maybe the reason I took you, cause I didn’t have the balls to tell you the truth about myself. Then Tim plied me with beer to bolster my courage; and I let him. He said I was lying to you, said I needed to be truthful with you.”

“I don’t consider it lying,” he said.

“But you didn’t know the real truth about your old man.”

“Well, now I do.”

“I’m afraid of how this might change things,” I said.

“Well, it’s been an eye opener, to say the least. But you were my Dad before I knew you were gay. Nothing can ever change that, or that I love you.”

“I didn’t mean you finding out….I meant….what we did.”

“For God’s sake, Dad, trust me to be your son,” he scoffed.

Tears began to well up. I was so relieved that he was okay with it, but I had to wonder what the rest of his time home would be like. And I was afraid of how his attitude might change when he got back to being a Marine, lying in his bunk at night thinking about what we’d done.

I drove slow going home; I was dreading being in the house with him. It was late when we left the gathering and I decided to take us out to eat, to delay the inevitable. We lingered over supper, both doing our best to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. When we got home Hunter talked about going to see friends. I wondered if it was an excuse to be away from me. I was half afraid he might cut his leave short.

When I pulled in the driveway Hunter asked me if he could borrow the truck.

“Of course, you don’t have to ask,” I said.

“Thanks, I’ll see you later then. I won’t be too late.”

I laughed. “You don’t have a curfew anymore.”

I went to bed. It was early but I had a lot to think about. I showered, scrubbed myself, and even flushed out good; the reason, I wanted to wash out all traces of being fucked. It was the first time, really, that I felt regret over attending one of the gatherings. I lay on the bed with the lamp turned on the lowest setting and gazed up at the ceiling fan. I played games with it, trying to follow the fan blades with my eyes and count the revolutions. It was silly and I realized I was avoiding even thinking about what had happened.

“I sucked my own son’s cock,” I said to myself, not out loud. “I’ve got his sperm swimming around in my stomach.” I still had the taste of him in my mouth. I started to get up and go brush my teeth but decided against it. I wanted the taste of him; it spurred my thoughts. What would this do to us? How long would it be before he came home on leave again? There was no compelling need to come home much, he had a life of his own as a Marine; he didn’t need me anymore. I tried to block it out, what had happened, but it was too soon, the memory of it too fresh in my mind’s eye, and too wonderful. I think I was trying to work up remorse but that wouldn’t come either. I tried to sleep, but to no avail.

I dozed off enough that I didn’t hear Hunter come in. I didn’t know he was home till I heard the floorboard on the top step creak, then he was standing in my doorway. He had been home for a while for he was in his briefs. I quickly turned on my side, away from him, but he came in. I felt his hand on my bare hip; the sheet had pulled down.

“Turn over,” he said with an authority I’d never heard from him before; no doubt from his Marine training.

I hesitated and he gripped my hip tighter and I turned back over onto my back. My arm came across my chest. He put his big hand over mine on my chest.

“I can tell this is eating you up, Dad. Don’t let it. Trust me to be your son. Please.”

I started to pull my hand back but then left it under his. His big, strong, marine hand massaged mine roughly and I could feel his eyes on me, penetrating, even in the dim light.

“I love you so much…..I’m sorry I kept this from you for so long, when you had a right to know,” I said finally.

“I had no right to know unless you wanted to tell me,” he said.

“I’ve wanted to for so long.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I couldn’t. You were too young to handle it at first. I’m not sure how you’ll handle it now, once it really soaks in, when you get back to base and have time to think about it. Just know that I love you, Son, more than anything in the world.”

“I know that. And the feeling is mutual, now and always will be. Like I said, you were my Dad before I knew; you’re still my Dad.” Smiling, he set his knee in the mattress, then the other one, and then he was kneeling in bed beside me. “You don’t know it, do you? That you’re my hero. The man I most respect and admire in the world.”

I fought to keep from choking up. “You don’t need a hero, Son, least of all me” I said. “Maybe when you were a little boy, but not anymore. You’re a Marine for chrissakes.”

He had brought my hand up to squeeze it. “Once a hero, always a hero,” he said and when he let go of my hand it fell against the front of is briefs.

I didn’t pull away. “Did you see your friends?” I asked hoarsely.

“Yeah, for a little bit. There wasn’t much to say. It’s different somehow, now that I’m in the Marines.”

“Yes, I suppose they wouldn’t know what to say to you, what to talk about.”

We didn’t either. It was small talk between us and we both knew it. My hand was still resting lightly against the bulge of his shorts. It was my move, but I was afraid to make it.

Suddenly Hunter leaned down and planted a kiss on my forehead. “I love you, Dad.”

My hand fell away but in that instant I found my courage and reached boldly up between his legs to cup the weight of manhood. He stopped halfway from raising up and leaned over me with his hands on either side of my shoulders.

“I meant to tell you, for my part it, was great, what we did,” he said.

I squeezed his manhood and felt it coming to life. “For my part, too,” I said. “But I’ve been terrified of what you might think afterwards.

“I just told you,” he said.

“Tell me, does don’t-ask-don’t-tell apply to father and son?” I asked.

“It never came up. But even if it did……..” He reached down and took my hand in his and pushed it harder into the bulge of his shorts.

I leaned up and kissed his chest. I broke away finally, but continued kissing his muscular neck, and down his chest to the top of his abs. His stomach was tight as a drum.

“Godd, Dad,” he whispered.

When I lay my head back to look up at him his face hovered over mine. I could smell his mint-sweet breath. It was a crucial moment, not to be wasted, but I still couldn’t make the move. I don’t think either of us did; it was more like a magnetic force that drew us together. His face came down closer to mine and I think I leaned up, but our lips never touched.

“Godd, Dad, what’s happening to us? I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life,” he whispered.

“I’ve felt it for a long time,” I said.

His words gave me courage and I leaned up the rest of the way to brush my lips against his. Then it was he who drew his courage from me as he pressed his lips to mine. It was a kiss like no other I’d ever experienced. I trembled inside as he ground his mouth hard against mine. Our tongues found each other and I felt a jolt of lust/passion go through me.

“Are we supposed to be doing this?” he asked softly.

“I don’t know, you need to decide that for yourself. But I was just about to ask you if you….never mind.”

“No, what?”

“It’s not a good idea,” I said.

“You said I need to decide things for myself. Let me,” he said.

“I was going to ask if you want to take it to the next level.”

“The next level…..I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Fuck me,” I finished for him.

He hesitated before he replied. “That’s….taking things over the top, wouldn’t you say?”

“Is that your answer?” I asked.

“No. No, it isn’t,” he said, and paused again. “Yes. My answer is yes,” he said as he was moving between my legs.

He shoved the front of his shorts down and his cock swung up in a heavy arch. By the time I drew my legs up it was pointing to my ass. He drooled some spit in the crack of my ass.

“Wait.” I twisted over and got a small bottle of lube out of the top drawer of the night stand. “Use this,” I said, uncapping the bottle and handing it to him.

It shouldn’t have surprised him that I was so prepared but he seemed so. He drizzled some lube in the crack of my ass, and some on his cock then capped the bottle and tossed it side. His head was down, his focus on his cock and where it would meet my ass.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked as he rubbed the head of his cock over my hole.

“I’ve wanted this for so long….I’ve never been so sure of anything.”

“I meant my size. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s nothing to worry about. Have you ever had sex with another man before today?” I asked.

“Only a couple lf blowjobs in the barracks, but I never considered that sex. It was more a matter of relief.”

He was pushing against my hole, testing.

“Don’t be afraid to push.”

With his cock set firmly on target he clasped his hands around the back of my thighs and put more pressure behind his cock. Suddenly he pushed through.

It was more than I expected in the way of pain and I couldn’t help the gush of surprise and the wince when he entered me.

“Sorry. I can stop any time you say,” he said in a hoarse voice.

I shook my head. “Don’t stop. I want you all the way in me,” I managed.

“Are sure you want…..” Before he could finish I humped my butt at him and took him all the way. “AAwwhh! Ohh, Fuck!” he cried out, closing his eyes tightly.

“I’m sure,” I said as I pressed my ass hard against his loins. His cock throbbed deep inside me and I could even feel his heartbeat in his cock.

I think the moment of being still was for Hunter to grasp what was happening; that he had his cock buried inside his dad’s ass, and the physical feeling must have been a shock to his system as well.

“Holy shit, Dad,” he said as he opened his eyes with a weak smile. “When you said fuck you, you weren’t kidding.”

I smiled back and leaned up to kiss his left bicep. He eased his hips back and his cock withdrew back through my insides with much more pleasure than going in. When my asshole was clenching frantically around the rim of his cockhead he reversed and pushed back in.

“Ohh, Godd, it’s not a dream after all,” he said as he filled me up again.

“It is, a very real dream come true,” I said.

He began fucking me, slowly, yet with determined thrusts. The pain faded and I felt my asshole adjusting around the girth of his cock, and my insides parting to accommodate his size. The slickness increased, as if the warming of the lube turned it into a fine, silicone glaze that coated his man meat.

“This is not happening,” he said.

I laughed softly. “Tell my ass that.”

“You are incredible, Dad,” he said.

“I’m lying under incredible,” I said.

He leaned down to kiss me again. “I love you so much.”

“I can tell,” I said with a smile.

He gave me a few more gentle thrusts.

“Can I cum in you? I pride myself in my staying power but I’m afraid this isn’t going to take long.”

“Yes, put your seed back inside me,” I told him.

“That’s a wonderful way of putting it, giving you back the seed that made me in the first place.”

“You don’t have to be so gentle either. You’re dying to let loose.”

“Can I?”

“Give me everything you’ve got.”

It might have been different, more like making love, but it wasn’t about that. It didn’t need to be; we both knew our love for each other and whatever came of this raw man sex between dad and son would manifest that love no matter what.

“Oh, Dad,” he whispered as he began fucking me, now with a new passion that made his eyes dance with the harder thrusts of his cock.

“Ohhhh…..Ohhhh…..Ohhh, fuck, Son!” I moaned under the wonderful onslaught.

“I guess that means it’s okay.”

“If you only knew…..ohhhh, yeah… that….hard as you want. Drill me a new asshole. Awwwhh….Awww, fuck me…..fuck me hard…..UUUhhnnnn……!”

“If you keep talking like that, you’re going to make me go off quicker.”

I didn’t talk anymore but I couldn’t help the gasping moans and whimpers of pleasure he elicited with his thrusting cock. He was pounding me now, like a pile driver going through wet sand. His concern about going off too quickly became mine. I gripped and clung to his massive arms as I tried to give back as good as I was getting, but his youthful energy and power far overpowered mine and I was turned into a mass of trembling muscle being willingly used for his pleasure.

He was soon helpless but to succumb to the buildup of his own pleasure, and I welcomed it’s coming, for my breath was coming hard. I knew it before he announced that he was cumming. His cock telegraphed it before he put it into words, but the sound of his voice, so edged in lust and passion, made me shiver with excitement.

“Dad…..I’m cumming, Dad!”

You cannot know or even imagine the mind altering impact of those words if you have never heard them uttered to you. I think I was off in a state of limbo of lust when I heard them so perhaps I didn’t feel the full impact of them myself. But in the next moments my son drove home their fullest meaning with his physical being. He didn’t just cum. His powerful body, his awesome cock, his very physical being itself fairly exploded with his cock. I imagined it was like a new star being born, there was so much raw lust and passion.

His cock bolted hard inside me and I felt my insides being scalded with his spurting cum. It bathed me and filled me and salved the nerve endings made raw by the incessant thrusting and pounding. I soon felt it gushing gently out of my asshole as he continued to make the final delivery thrusts. I think even before he was completely finished, a pleasurable weakness overtook him and he collapsed easily on top of me.

I welcomed his muscular weight pressing against me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and lifted my aching legs to wrap them around his lean hips. His cock continued to throb inside me. His nipples, taut from the excitement of sex, burned into my chest and his tight abs rippled and danced against me. His slightly whiskered face nestled in the crook of my neck, bathing me with his sweet, hot breath.

“Holy shit!.....I’m sorry,” he gasped.

“Sorry…..for what?”

“I should’ve lasted longer than that.”

“If you had, neither of us would live to tell about it,” I said.

It was a long time before he lifted his head. “Dad, you know from experience, being in the Marines, I’ve had more sex than most guys. But I’ve never, ever experienced anything like this.”

“And you know why,” I said, rubbing his massive shoulders.

“Yes…..” He seemed about to go on and say why, but he didn’t. Neither did I. It didn’t have to be said. We both knew it was because what we had just experienced was undeniably the ultimate expression of the love between a father and son.

“I’m getting heavy,” he said as his muscles tightened to push up.

“You’re not. Stay like this,” I said.

He eased his weight back down on me and I kept my grip on him with my arms and legs.

“Why in God’s name is this forbidden?” he asked in a hoarse, emotion filled voice.

“I’m not all that sure it is forbidden in God’s name,” I said. “It’s man’s own created society that thinks it’s better for a man to beat his son than to love him.”

He pushed up then at arm’s length and looked down at me. “You know I’ve always loved you, Dad. But I never truly understood how much, how deep that love goes, till now.”

I nodded, tight lipped, unable to speak.

“I know,” he said quietly. Then he smiled. “I also know, if we stay like this you’re going to get fucked again.”

“You notice I’m not moving,” I said.

He laughed, his stomach rippling as he gave me a nudge with his hips and I felt his cock hard again inside me. “Are you up for it again, really?”

I nodded again. And he fucked me again.

Lying there beside him in the afterglow, I was no longer worried about the aftermath of our sexual encounters. Hunter was okay. The weight of his muscular body felt good across my chest, and the bulk of his manhood pressed against my thigh. Hunter would always be okay. He knew now the full meaning of a father’s love for his son, and he had experienced giving back that love in kind; something that most boys—sons—would never know was even inside them. And I was more okay than I’d ever been in my life.

When the phone rang he asked if we should let it go. I told him no, to answer it. He reached back and picked up the phone and handed it to me.


“Hello, is this Mr. Gordon? Hunter’s dad?”


“This is Kevin….from the, uh….party…..the gathering. Would Hunter happen to be there?”

“He’s right here,” I said, handing the phone back to Hunter.

“Yeah….Yeah, hi, Kevin…..sure, why not………sure, that’d be great, I’ll answer what I can. Call me with a time.”

He reached across and hung up the phone, smiling.

“A time?” I asked.

“He wants to get together.”

“For a beer, no doubt.”

“He wants to talk about the Marines.”

I smiled. “Yeah, right,” I scoffed. “He wants to talk about this Marine.

“Well, maybe, I don’t know. But it won’t hurt to meet with him.”

“Just realize, Hunter, this could be the clash of the titans. You’re both straight. He’s going to expect you to do what you expect him to do.”

“Well, it could be a bust, then,” he said. “But…..” He paused and smiled. “What if I, uh….invited him here, like overnight? I mean, he knows about you….us…..”

“I don’t know if I can handle both of you.”

“But you’re gonna try.”

“I’m gonna try.”

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