Night mirror

by Sean Innicioni

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I wake up, tired as all hell. Man, what did I eat last night? It’s too early to be awake, too dark outside to see anything. Shit, what time is it? Doesn’t matter, gotta piss.

The bathroom light is too damn bright. God, my head is killing me! Standing before the sink, I look up. My reflection smiles back at me. So sexy. So perfect.

“Too bad that you’re stuck there and I’m here,” we say together. “If only you could join me.”

DAMN! That headache again. I turn on the faucet, splash some water on my face. It subsides, slightly.

Ugh, my eye itches now. Scratch it, still itchy. Scratch the other one. No, that’s the wrong one. Scratch them both. Hold on, how come I can still see if I’m rubbing both eyes at once?

Again I look up. My reflection smiles, but I’m not smiling. I’ve got both hands to my eyes, while a third in the middle looks on! HOLY SHIT! Move my hands, what the hell is happening? Argh, I’m being pulled. My headache is killing me! Oh no, I’ve got a splitting headache. Haha, how funny. *Splitting*.

Argh, itchy again. Headaches back. Grab both sides of my head, but I can’t feel it on my right. Look up again.

I have two heads! No wonder I can’t feel my right side, I’m holding the other head’s right side!

“Hello,” I hear in my own voice. But I’m not saying it. Weird. I’m still in control of the body, but not this head.


“Well, how’s this for a compromise? Now we’re on both sides at once.” Hearing myself talk is a bit odd. Still, am I really THAT gorgeous in person?

“Oh I think it’ll do.” Doesn’t take much getting used to. It’s still my body, my life, just with a new partner permanently stuck next to me. Couldn’t have asked for a better looking guy either.

I wonder how well I kiss?

“I think it’s all you’ll need?” Not so freaky anymore. Kinda hot. Ooh, my breath smells nice. His breath? Still me, but not. Now I’m getting turned on. I smile at myself. I’m thinking what I’m thinking, for sure.

I lean in, slowly. My lips barely touch myself. I taste good. Closer, harder. Mmmm, my lips are delicious, but how about my tongue? Nice and long, no wonder my boyfriends always loved making out so much more than just cuddling.

Oh yes, wrap my tongue around yours. No, yours around mine. I don’t even know anymore. All I know is this bliss, this hot, wonderful love. My mouth locked on itself, my hands running through my own hair, holding my other face. I’ll be sure to make my guest comfortable here as long as he stays. I don’t think I want to break away from this kiss though.

I break away, lean as back as I can. “I should’ve joined you years ago,” my other me says.

“If only.” I smile. Back to bed, back to kissing. I don’t want this to end, but I’m getting tired again. I’ll just fall asleep with myself. Maybe when I wake up it won’t just be my head that’s found its perfect match.

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