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Orc night at the Eagle

by spacevlad

Scott gets a gag gift from his roommate—orc tusks—and enjoys them more than he ever could have expected, as he turns into a massive, sex-crazed orc on a night at the bar.

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Scott opened up the present his roommate Blaine gave him.

“What is this, some kind of gag gift?” Scott said with an arched eyebrow. Blaine, delighting in his more stoic roommate being thrown off balance, grinned.

“You told me that one time you liked looking at furry art of big hulking orc guys, right? You showed me that Tumblr page? Well, I figured I’d give you a chance to live the fan-tas-yyy,” Blaine said while moving his hands up to frame his face in a vogue pose.

Scott sighed, embarrassed. “Aww come on I was super drunk, I didn’t think you were gonna remember that,” Scott said, scratching the back of his high-and-tight haircut, his bulky bicep bulging into a solid 18” peak.

“I don’t care what you’re into, I think it’s kinda hot too actually,” Blaine said. Imitating a dumb-sounding orc, he continued, “Urrf, me big dumb orc, me flex muscles and fuck puny human, grr!”

“Haha, fuck you,” Scott said, pushing Blaine away.

“Well I want you to wear these out tonight when we go to the Eagle for your birthday! You only turn 40 once,” Blaine said. He moved in for a hug and Scott hugged him back, giving the skinny twink an extra squeeze.

“Guys are gonna think it’s stupid,” Scott protested as he looked at the box again. It was like part of a Halloween costume but looked like a step up from the usual costume store stuff. The packaging was weird, like it was from another country or something. They were a set of jagged incisors and huge, prominent-looking tusks that would jut up from the bottom row of teeth. They were ivory-colored and looked kind of uncomfortable to wear.

“Just have fun with it! You’ll be even more the center of attention than usual, you big lug,” Blaine said as he turned to leave. “So, speaking of going out, I need to get ready and I suggest you do the same!”

Scott went back to his room and got ready to go out. Sifting through his kink gear that painted him firmly as a dom top, he put on jeans, black leather suspenders, a black leather vest, black leather arm straps that hugged his big biceps, and a frayed trucker hat. He was serving up blue-collar muscle daddy realness.

He went to the bathroom and put in the orc teeth. It fit in sort of like a mouthguard, fitting over the bottom row of his teeth and hugging into place around his molars. Scott moved his jaw around to find a comfortable position, as they felt weird at first, bulky and jutting out awkwardly, but after a moment they fit into place surprisingly well.

He looked up at himself in the mirror and guffawed. He looked funny, but he also loved it. His jaw and lower lip stuck out, framing a wild set of new teeth and huge thick canines that rose up and beyond his upper lips and almost up to his nose. They bristled against his brown and salt and pepper beard. He spoke a few words and they came out weird, grunting and guttural because he couldn’t properly move his lips to make the words. He laughed and realized he sort of loved them. They were silly but undeniably hot; he really did feel like one of the Dsharp’s drawings from Tumblr, a big orc daddy ready to find a little guy to fuck.

He sighed though as he realized he wasn’t nearly the same size as the hulks in the art he jerked off to online. He aspired to be massive, the kind of size and bulk of powerlifters and strongmen, but he had been stuck at about 240 pounds for years. He had sort of resigned himself to the fact that this was as big as was going to get without getting on gear.

Scott felt a tingle on his lower lip and gums as he thought about fucking, and he got more excited to go out. A thought passed through his mind: “Heh, Big Grog have fun with little human fuck toys tonight!” With a tusky grin and a laugh, Scott turned away from the mirror and left his apartment with Blaine.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The SF Eagle was packed. Not surprising for a warm weekend evening in San Francisco, but the line was long to get in at all. Scott arrived and immediately saw several familiar faces.

“Hey, whoa, big orc daddy!” Scott’s friend Jake said, hugging the 240-pound bear as others gathered around him in line.

“Heh, yeah dat’s right!” Scott growled then jutted his teeth out to show the prominent tusks. “They felt weird at first, but they’re kind of growing on me now!” Scott said with a chuckle. He lifted his arms up to flex and growled, and his friends growled back at him.

They took selfies and posted stuff on social media as they waited in line. Scott changed his profile pic on Scruff and Growlr with his new orc persona, and immediately started getting messages, all the while getting hugs, muscle squeezes, gropes and kisses from friends and strangers alike. The line grew shorter, but Scott seemed to grow bigger, though no one seemed to notice or realize it other than Blaine, who gave him an impressed look as they got to the door—maybe he had been working out harder than Blaine remembered lately. Scott just kept posing with friends and strangers alike, one asking him to pretend like he was choking him from behind, another like Scott was whipping him, like he was a burly orc task master. Scott swelled up to 255 pounds by the time they reached the door. All he felt was a stronger buzz, a tingle from his lower jaw.

Inside the bar, the party was already picking up. Remixes of gay bar staples boomed, and Scott saw more familiar faces as he ordered his first drinks of the night. Big guys, skinny guys, hairy guys, everybody held some appeal to Scott as he laughed and bullshitted as flexed, soaking in the attention from the orc tusks, flexing and grunting for effect. He felt a surge of energy and a tingling buzz from his jaw, but didn’t think much of it as he downed his first beer of the night and immediately started working on the second.

Blaine separated from him and went off with his group for a while, leaving Scott behind.

Scott went to the bathroom, waddling with newly thicker thighs as he stretched his lower jaw back and forth. He went to touch and adjust the teeth, but found they were bonded firmly to his teeth, not budging even a little when Scott tried to lift them out to give his mouth a break. Speaking through the tusks was tough. At first Scott was alarmed, but his thoughts were washed away in a buzzing wave of euphoria through his brain; who gave a fuck? He would figure it out later. In the meantime, he needed to drink more and find a little guy to play with!

Leaning up against the wall above the urinal, Scott relieved himself just as a lean, furry otter in a leather harness and a jock strap came out of the nearest stall. The little guy stopped in his tracks when he saw the wide, muscular back of Scott blocking his way, lats and traps hard with muscle, his flimsy leather vest clinging to his torso and looking a size or two too small.

“Whoa,” the little guy said as Scott finished pissing and straightened to his full height and turned to the furry little guy.

Scott grinned, showing his thick tusks, and growled. “Like what you see, little runt?” Scott growled as he stepped closer. Scott was, unbeknownst to him, a couple inches taller than when he arrived, and he loomed over the shorter, younger guy in the harness and jock strap. The smaller guy backed up, back into the stall, and Scott followed.

“Woof, big orc daddy, just how big are you anyway?” he breathed as Scott pushed him against the wall. Scott pinned him there and reached down to grope the bulging jock strap, growling and grunting.

“6 foot and 280 pounds last I checked, and growing all the time—that’s what orcs do!” Scott said, his words a bit garbled as he stuck his tongue past the bottom row of teeth and leaned down to aggressively make out with the little guy. Did 6 foot and 280 sound right, Scott wondered suddenly? Hadn’t been stuck at 240 for years and was definitely under 6 feet tall? But something about this felt so right, so powerful, to pin a stranger to the wall and take what he wanted, to effortlessly body the smaller guy around. He hummed and ground his bulge against the smaller guy’s furry stomach as he pushed him harder against the wall.

The smaller guy pulled away and came up for air and Scott let him go, chuckling and giving the otter’s bulge one last satisfying squeeze.

“I’ll be around later, little man. I’ll be hard to miss,” Scott said as he turned around with a toothy smirk and sauntered out of the bathroom.

Back out in the crowd, Scott’s larger stature stood out among even the bigger guys at the bar. He slammed down another few drinks as he gossiped with friends about who was fucking who, who had gotten wasted last weekend, what had happened on Drag Race that week, all the usual gay bar bullshit. His friends groped his muscular arms, showering him with compliments about his size and how much bigger he looked, knowing Scott was clearly bigger than they had ever seen him but also for some reason not alarmed that he was 50 pounds or more bigger than last time they’d seen him.

All the while, Scott swelled up bigger, thicker, taller, his muscles bulging out thicker and harder. His chest was stretching the limits of his leather vest. He had already adjusted the leather straps around his biceps, moving them to the loosest setting but even still they were digging into his enormous upper arms uncomfortably. His jeans were getting skin-tight against his thick thighs, and his bulge had gone from prominent to obscene in the last half an hour.

Scott, meanwhile, was oblivious. He was having too much fun in his orc persona, showing off his tusks, flirting and drinking and laughing as the number of men around him grew, talking in an affected (but increasingly natural-sounding) dumb orc voice. More of them started touching him, reaching out to squeeze a bicep or grope his bulge or tweak a nipple. Scott loved all the attention, and responded by grunting, giving a playful push or shoulder check back, or running his lips over the gleaming jagged teeth. He looked around and realized he was definitely the biggest guy in the bar now. Somewhere along the way he had discarded his shirt, leaving him wearing just his increasingly-tight leather vest. And he was horny as fuck.

Scott suddenly felt someone press against his right side. It was the otter from the bathroom. Scott growled down at him and smiled and flexed his right arm. “There’s my little guy, back from the bathroom to see big Grog! Like what you see?” Scott grunted as he squeezed the little guy and pressed his face against Scott’s meaty nipple and into his sweaty right armpit.

The little guy breathed in, sampling the musky stink and squeezing Scott’s thick bicep. “Fuck, you’re so big, daddy,” the otter moaned. He reached down and rubbed Scott’s bulge, which swelled to the touch and felt dangerously thick. “Why don’t you show me what you can do with that,” he purred.

Scott grunted and slammed down the last of his beer. He had lost track of how many he had drank that night. “Grog want to smash!” he growled and then belched right in the otter’s face. He surged taller by an inch or two, and his shoulders and chest ballooned thicker with more muscle, his belly swelling out fatter and rounder. He roughly grabbed another guy he had been flirting with, a twink in a pup mask who only came up to his nipple, and he led them towards the back of the bar.

Blaine came back from the other part of the bar where he was catching up with a friend when he saw a huge, burly guy leading two other guys away. Was that Scott? There was no way… that guy had to be 6’4” and well over 350 pounds.

In the back room, Scott… or was it Grog?… pushed both guys down on their knees. “Ready for Grog’s big orc dick?” he grunted before fishing his massive, bulging cock out of his too-tight jeans. It was leaking pre and was thick as a beer can, with a ripe, plump head pulsing and bobbing up and down. The otter managed to wrap his lips around the huge fuck pole and he sucked vigorously, and the pup set about rubbing Scott’s thick muscles and teasing his meaty nips.

Mmmm yeah that’s what daddy Grog likes from his little humans!” Scott purred, his voice lower than he remembered, thrusting in rhythm with the little guys’ efforts. He stretched his arms back and flexed, but accidentally knocked the dim light off its moorings and the room became even darker. No matter. All that mattered was the feeling of his little guys working their big orc daddy, the euphoria of growth that Scott wasn’t fully aware of but knew felt good. He flexed and sniffed as his ripe BO filled the small room.

His cock swelled bigger and the rest of his body followed suit as pleasure washed over Grog’s body in waves. He felt a connection between his big sharp tusks and his throbbing dick as he unknowingly grew bigger and bigger. Grog swelled taller until his head scraped the 7-foot ceiling, he expanded wider with more muscle packing on to his arms, lats, and shoulders until his leather arm bands creaked, snapped, and fell to the floor, he ballooned fatter as his belly rounded out. He adjusted his stance as his thighs packed on more muscle, growing thicker until they ripped at the seams, and he grunted contentedly. He breathed in deep, smelling the increasingly heady funk of his own musk, and flexed his chest, feeling the heavy pecs pulse up and down. His arms bulged out thicker, past 24” around of muscle, and his traps swelled higher, his neck disappearing. He adjusted his stance again as his legs took on tree trunk proportions, his thick waist popping the buttons on his fraying jeans. Grog had no idea how big he was growing, all he felt was euphoria radiating through his body.

He felt his tusks scratch against the mustache of his thickening beard and reached up to adjust them, but found there wasn’t anything to adjust. He moved his jaw around, feeling with his thick fingers, but nothing felt weird; the tusks and heavy jaw had always been part of him. They wouldn’t move or come out, but why would he ever want that?

His attention was brought back when he heard the little otter on his knees choking on his increasingly huge cock. The sounds of the weak little human choking only turned him on more. “Yeah, choke on that thick orc dick, puny human!” he rumbled, his voice deeper than before.

The other twink had turned to rubbing his enormous, powerful muscles and tweaking his pierced nipples; they sent electrical fire down his spine and straight to his cock, which bucked harder as the otter choked on it again. Grog was filling up more and more of room, swollen with bulging orc muscle, his skin starting to turn from human olive pink to orc pale green when he finally erupted.

“UUUurrrrhnnggggg fuuuuuck yeah!” he groaned as the otter tried to gulp down some of the cum in vain before detaching from it and getting a face full of orc spunk. The room immediately started stinking with orc sweat and cum as Grog came, splashing seed around the dark room.

Blaine heard the grunting from across the room and decided to finally come in and investigate. He was met by the sight of Grog, his head and upper back pressing against the ceiling, the biggest, thickest guy he’d ever seen by a mile, his whole body packed with thick muscle and rounded out with a bulging ball gut and extra padding. His skin was pale green all over, his cock swollen and angry-looking, with a dusting of dark fur on his gut, chest, arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Blaine gasped and took a step back as Grog spotted him and grinned gleefully.

Blaine! Get in here, little guy!” the huge orc daddy boomed, grabbing Blaine roughly and pulling him until he slammed into the orc’s solid body. “My little roommate, you should come in and have some fun!”

Grog pushed the pup and otter away and pulled Blaine in front of him and against his huge body, rubbing the twink’s face against his massive pecs. Sweat smeared against Blaine’s face and chest as Grog played with him, tearing his pants down and revealing Blaine’s tight ass and swelling hard on.

“Hehe, you’re so small now, Blaine, what happened?” Grog rumbled, his cock already bulging and bobbing up into hardness again, ready for more fucking. “Grog is a big orc now, huh? You like?” Grog said, his voice increasingly deep and guttural.

Blaine looked up to see Scott—no, Scott was gone—Grog’s face staring down at him, his big tusks almost up to his nostrils now, a maniacal grin smirking back. Grog’s chest swelled out thicker and fuller, his pecs growing more; the big orc was not done growing!

“Grog you’re, you’re getting too big! We need to stop th—!” Blaine pleaded until he was interrupted by his face slamming against Grog’s round, hard belly.

“What was that? Grog no hear puny human! hHah!” Grog rumbled. “No such thing as “too big”, little Blaine! Here, let Grog show you!” he said and then lifted Blaine up and away from his gut.

“Wait, no, Grog, you, you’ve lost control, I shouldn’t have eve—uuunnggggg,” Blaine groaned as the huge, slick, fist-thick cock rammed into his waiting hole. Blaine moaned as the big orc dick invaded him, filling him past the brim. Grog just grinned back and growled, his eyes bulging with wild lust.

Yeah feels good, tight hole for Grog to fuck!” the orc rumbled and bounced Blaine up and down on his swelling dick. Grog had to bend down a little now to fit into the increasingly small room, his giant body continuing to swell bigger, packing on more muscle, more thickness, more power. “Blaine so light now!” Grog growled as he dandled the little twink up and down.

Grog used Blaine like a fleshlight, gripping him hard on the sides and bouncing him up and down on his cock, the little twink riding him. Blaine couldn’t think straight or speak, he just moaned and grunted in time with Grog’s rhythmic fucking.

Haha mmmph, rrruuuffff, grraaahhh, hunnnnphhh, yeah, pathetic weak human, Grog fuck you good!” Grog grunted as he used Blaine, reveling in the strength and power of his enormous muscles, pushing past 8 feet tall and several times heavier than he was when he had walked in, thick, hard muscles bulging out of every inch of his growing body.

Meanwhile, other guys packed into the small sex room, heeding the call of the moans and the promise of getting to touch the giant, growing orc. Grog’s heady musk grew stronger, the orc pheromones driving the other bar patrons into a sex-crazed stupor, all of them wanting to worship Grog’s size and power and heavy balls and thick cock. By the time Grog was done fucking Blaine, filling his roommate with thick gushes of creamy orc cum, Grog had a small army of thirsty men grabbing his powerful muscles, tweaking his meaty nipples, rubbing his swollen balls.

Grog lifted Blaine off his wet dick with a slick, slimy pop, and set him aside. He leaned back to fit more of his growing body in the small room, propped his still-hard dick up, grabbed a muscle-bound leather pup, and grunted “Next!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At closing time, the crowd staggered out of the SF Eagle and onto 12th street in the wee hours of the morning. They all made way as the ground rumbled and shook and the doors suddenly, explosively gave way. A massive figured emerged, crunching through the entryway of the bar, glass shattering onto the sideway as Grog emerged. He bent down and cleared the double doors, finally standing to his full 10’ stature as he towered over his entourage. Most of them barely came up to his round, bouncing muscle gut.

Mmm Grog had fun tonight!” the giant orc boomed, his voice a guttural growl. Only his leather vest somehow still clung to his massive body; his cock still dripped cum onto the sidewalk as he looked down at all the little guys around him. His green skin seemed to glow under the street lamp, and his enormous, strongman-thick muscles shook and tensed with every little movement. He held Blaine under one arm and a half-naked leather pup in his other. “Now we go home to fuck more! Zug zug!” Grog boomed and he started making his way home.

3,710 words Added Mar 2019 15k views 4.3 stars (16 votes)

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