Our experiment

by Ils14F

A bunch of guys move into a university dormitory completely unaware that just a few weeks ago they signed an agreement that will change their lives. Each chapter in this story will be manipulated by the readers who have the opportunity to submit the changes they want to see.

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Hi all,

Thank you so much for your support via our Kickstarter. Thanks to the money we received, we are finally able to go ahead with our project. We booked the house on university grounds and had the participants sign the required documents. As discussed earlier on the page, all the participants are paid at the end of the experiment and will be returned to normal. They are all of age. Nothing is going to go wrong here. My partner and I have taken great care with the filter systems and the chemicals we are using. Stress less.

We don’t have too much recorded on the participants yet, but I have put together the following short descriptions of the guys moving into the dorm. These are the people you can request changes for—everyone else involved has not signed up for the program, so we can’t touch them.

Keep in mind, these guys have also been...let’s say encouraged to forget what they signed up for. So, as per the original design draft, none of them will have any clue what is happening to them.

I’ve included the link to the survey at the bottom of the bios. As always, thank you for your support...and have fun.

Ben really wants to be good at physics. He really wants to make his dad proud. Sadly, Ben has always been shit at maths. He’s good at most parts of physics. He gets the theories and the formulae, but the numbers just escape him. He’d given up on being good at anything, until he got to college and discovered his real talent: most guys who stick their dick in him don’t last very long. Big or small, thin or thick, Ben has an ass that just won’t quit. His tangle of blonde hair and ocean blue eyes go well with his lithe, Twink form. A form only broken by an ass that sticks out further than it ought to. An ass that demands attention and fucking. Lucky for Ben, if physics does not work out, he’ll make a great porn star.

Dominique is done with life. He sits in his room, day after day, and plays video games. The outside world has become too painful for the young guy to bear. As a child he loved ballet. He loved the grace and serenity that came with the movement. He won completions and was top of the class... and then puberty hit. Dominique started to grow. He retained his petite waistline, but his body stretched upwards to new heights. As he got taller his grace and control faded away. His feet started to tangle and his limbs felt large and alien. He prayed for it to stop, prayed to be shorter, but his body was set on pushing him to 6’7. His parents refused to buy him any more ballet shoes after his 11s split. His teacher said goodbye to him after his dick practically split open his outfit during rehearsal one night. Sure, being tall with size 16 feet and an eight inch cock sounds like a dream to most, yet for poor Dominique it’s his reality and nightmare.

Martyn has always hated most things. In fact, there have only ever been two things that he liked: bass guitar and his dick. His parents wanted him to be more classical. For a while, they pushed for the double bass. Martyn went with it. Hated it. Refused it. He had a real talent with bass guitar and often pushed his mind, and his fingers, to the limit. It was the only thing he ever wanted to improve. His chewed, black nails and messy platinum hair were a direct contrast to the sheen of his instrument. He always kept it in the best condition. He wanted to be a good musician, but lately his dick gets more and more in the way. The way his massive balls churn when he gets excited. The feeling of fabric pushing back as his monstrous dick climbs to full mast. 12 inches has always been hard to hide and harder still to control. Martyn’s parents always thought he was lazy, truth was he only ever had enough brainpower for his guitar, because his dick was stealing the rest of his blood.

Casey was what you would call a geek. He was a small, blond wisp of a thing with absolutely nothing fantastic to show in the realms of athletics or genetics. His face was plain and framed by his glasses. He had a few freckles across his nose. His skin was, in general, pale and lacking body hair. He stood at 5’7’’ on a good day and he was overly polite. There wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t small or shrimp-ish... except for his feet. Some unknown part of Casey’s genes clearly hadn’t gotten the memo. He stopped growing at 5’7, but his feet decided they wanted to stretch themselves to a healthy size 14. Casey found it embarrassing. He hated how large they were. He hated how they were, for some reason, the only spot on his body that decided to actually get hairy. He hated the smell they created. At least, that’s what he told himself. In truth, he loved his massive, veiny, hairy, man feet. He encouraged them to sweat by not wearing socks. He left his shoes all around his room so that the smell was everywhere. He even took up yoga just so he could be closer to them. When strangers point them out, Casey goes red and pretends that they’re an issue and he hates them. But, behind closed doors, he deep down wishes they were even bigger.

Alejandro’s mother always told him not to worry about it. “You’ll get bigger,” she said. To a certain degree, she was right. He did stop being the shortest kid in his class at some point. He became damn near the tallest. Then, he was worried about how thin he was, but a little gym work filled him out. Most guys who end up 6’3 and are in good shape have little to complain about. But, there was one thing for Alejandro that never really grew. Most people would look at him and expect that he gets it on the regular. Truth is, Alejandro was a virgin. Never partook in sex. Because, the one thing that never grew was his dick. At only three inches long, when rock hard, it was the bane of his existence. The very thought of people finding out about his little problem did two things to him: one, it filled him with dread that his social life would be over forever. Two, it made him rock hard from the shame of the world knowing that, despite his looks and size, his only purpose is to be used as a sweet piece of ass.

Chance has been a jock for as long as he can remember. He was drawn to sports from a young age and, thanks to weekly practice and a touch of gym, he blossomed into a muscle filled teenager and young adult. The only issue was that Chance was only interested in sport. Nothing else. He was, as his sister liked to say, as dumb as a brick. But, fate was on his side. His sapphire blue eyes and naturally windswept shock of blond hair meant that people were drawn to him. He started off his sex life as a straight male, but decided that straight sex was boring. A chance encounter in the high school bathrooms changed his mind and broke a lot of hearts. Chance didn’t even care about the social ramifications. In his brain only one thing mattered: which kind of sex felt better. Besides, some distant part of his fog laden brain actually liked the fact that people who wanted to be him wanted to be fucked by him.

David has always been the little guy. During puberty his body didn’t change much, and now life as an adult is coming up short. He’s 5”4 and the butt of many people’s jokes. He’s nerdy, pale, and has a shock of ginger curls that would put a duchess to shame. Still, all is not lost for him. There is a cuteness to his dimples, and a suppleness to his pale, freckled flesh. His greatest secret, and the one he could never reveal to a soul, is that he likes women’s clothes. He buys skirts, dresses, and underwear and takes photos in his dorm room. As long as his face is out of the image, people are unlikely to recognize that its him in the image...right?

Hunter hates everyone. His dark scowling eyes and bone white countenance has been a common topic of conversation since he moved into the dorm. Despite the storm that travels with him, nobody is scared of him. Hunter may be 6’2, but he was rail thin—if the wind blew too strongly it could carry him away. His torn jeans and baggy tees created an aura of messiness about his person. However, if anybody had been allowed into his room, they would have been taken aback by how neat it was. Everything has a place. Everything is dusted. Everything is neat. Now, a normal person might presume that Hunter hates the world and everyone in it because he can’t keep them neat. You’d be wrong. Hunter hates that world because he’s addicted to masturbating and it’s all he can think about. The longer he goes without release the crankier he gets. It’s as simple as that.

Travis had never been a big guy. Sure, he wanted to be. He laid awake at night and dreamed of being taller than his friends. But, each morning he was the same. Then, he had a crazy idea. If he couldn’t be taller than them, he’d be stronger than them. So, Travis started working out and all was well. Except, working out was hard work. After a while, Travis began to lose motivation. Sure, he was built, but he still wasn’t as big as he hoped. He stopped working out and started eating junk to fill the void in his life. As his gut swelled he suddenly realized what he was missing. Travis didn’t want muscle. Travis wanted mass. As he hit university, he started lifting again whilst consuming ridiculous amounts of food. The mix of muscle and fat of his frame rapidly ballooned him outwards and, for the first time in his life, he was happy with his size.

Tom is an ordinary guy. Literally plain, white bread. A cute face, but not remarkably so. He was relatively fit, but not remarkably so. He was average in the penis department. In fact, the average was how most people explained Tom. There was really no other word for it. Painfully average. That’s not to say that Tom didn’t want to be something more...oh, wait, no. That’s incorrect. Tom the painfully average man was perfectly content with being painfully average.

And that’s our cast. Please use the following form to suggest the changes you want to see happen to our friends and my partner and I will, through the magic of science, make it happen.

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