Giant problems

by aquila

 Caught up in a science experiment gone wrong, John finds himself at odds with his former boss and employer, leading to some giant problems.

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John was having another one of those days.

Typing away at his laptop, he looked out the window of the employee lounge, wondering aloud to himself whether he was going to leave early or not. It wasn’t that he hated his job—oh, to the contrary, he loved it—but he simply couldn’t focus. Something was bothering him about the way his boss was acting, and it wasn’t making him feel like he wanted to be around when whenever that was about manifested into some typical boss-style blowup.

Looking at his watch, John shrugged. Three more hours.

“Three more hours until your vacation,” his boss said, right on cue.

“Ah, yeah, three more.”

His boss pulled a chair noisily across the floor and sat next to John. John shuddered slightly, trying to mask his unease, but his boss caught wind of it immediately.

“What? Can’t I sit next to my favorite employee?”

His familiarity was unsettling, and John was quietly praying to himself for a temporary out-of-body experience.

“I don’t know about favorite,” John replied, “but I’m glad you appreciate my contributions.”

His boss let out a bellowing laugh, but quickly clamped down, leaning in close to John.

“Hey, let me show you my appreciation,” his boss said, jarring him.

“Wh-I’m sorry? What do you mean by that?”

John’s boss smiled, leaned back in his chair, and grinned a broad smile.

“I have big news and I would like it if you dropped by my office in a few,” his boss replied.

“Okay, sir.”

“Hey, just call me Mike.”

John pushed the heavy glass door to the plush executive office suite and found it gave easily. No typical jarring thump as the door held fast until the receptionist let him in. In fact, there wasn’t even a receptionist. After he passed through the door, however, he heard the usual clicking noise. His Boss—Mike, rather—must have let him in.

John was unsure of all of this, it felt like a trap, but he crossed through the reception area quickly, afraid of pissing off his boss.

“Hey, come on in,” Mike hollered from his office.

John obliged and entered, finding himself stunned at what he saw. Boxes, piled up. Empty bookshelves. Something was amiss, or, perhaps, this was what was supposed to be.

“Sir, are you—”

“Mike,” Mike corrected him.

“Mike, sorry, Mike, are you leaving,” John asked, his voice drawn low by concern.

“Very astute,” Mike replied, “the superiors know about this, but since this is a government-run lab, they didn’t really want to make a fuss among the employees.”

Mike fussed with a small case, trying to make it fit in the overstuffed banker’s box on his desk.

“Why are you leavin?,” John half-asked, half-wondered aloud.

“Oh, I miss civ life. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t required to debrief just to leave town for the weekend,” Mike replied, sighing.

John wondered why he was brought into the office, especially since he’d never really interacted with Mike before except for some token boss-employee relations. In fact, it’d been months since the two of them talked, a majority of that last conversation taken up by an ecstatic Amir, John’s former supervisor who was now on some assignment for the lab in some other country.

“So, what’s up, why am I here,” John said earnestly.

“Well, a few reasons,” Mike began, “the main one, I guess, is that any computer issues with executive-level equipment are to be dealt with by full staff, and IT, well, there’s a reason they’re so responsive to regular staff like yourself.”

Mike pulled out a chair and beckoned John to it. John, obliging, slid in and immediately felt at ease in the surely expensive seat.

“The second was, well, let me ask you a question: do you remember when I busted you a few months ago?”

John turned bright red. It was April, he remembered, and Mike just happened to barge into the secluded upper floor bathroom in time to find John on his knees, Amir’s cock in his mouth. Mike said nothing, he simply folded his arms and waited for the two to scramble to zip up their pants and flee the restroom.

“Yes,” John replied solemnly.

“I was wondering if I was right about my suspicions about you, so, before I left,” Mike said, trailing off.

John was about to turn and ask his boss to continue, but a heavy thump on his shoulder stopped him. Reaching a hand up, John felt the thick, soft curves of a rather large cock. Not just a large cock, in fact, but a massive one.

“Are you okay with this?” Mike asked, quietly.

Without replying, John turned in his chair and came face-to-face with the nearly footlong cock. Looking up into his boss’s eyes without saying a word, he took the fat head of the cock into his mouth and began slowly sucking, inhaling at least two-thirds of the beast. Two-thirds was all he could manage with each successive stroke of his hungry lips, and John quickly realized that Mike was a grower.

“Fuck, I’m glad I hired you,” Mike replied.

John pulled the gigantic cock out of his mouth. It was now at least as long as his forearm, and rapidly becoming as thick as his wrist. Hungrily suckling at the swollen piss slit, John moaned, cockhungers filling him with lust. This wasn’t an ordinary cock, and with it now standing a stiff, angry 18 inches, it was definitely not going to fit into his mouth anymore.

John continued stroking the shaft and slurping on the head of the monster in front of him.

“Is it too big to suck?” Mike queried mischievously. “I mean, we can do something else.”

John pulled the fat dick from his mouth with a pop.

“Well, I’ve heard my ass is world-class,” John bragged.

Bending over the desk, John pulled his pants down for his boss. His tight hole was visibly quivering, ready for an absolute pounding. Leaning in close, Mike began to lick and moisten the entryway, hungrily lapping away as John bucked and thrusted, too caught up in lust to make anything more than a moan.

Without a word, Mike stood and pressed his fat tool against John’s hole, rubbing it into the copious amounts of spit dripping from it. Reaching over John, he grabbed a small bottle of lube from the nearest box—convenient—and began slicking up his pole. With a wet noise, the enormous dick slid easily into John somehow, yet it still pushed and pressed on his insides.

“Fuck, you’re going to rearrange my guts,” John gasped.

Mike said nothing, slowly beginning his piston-work on John, pressing hard on his prostate which was now quivering with every stroke. Mike wasted no time in getting up to full speed, and his lemon-sized nuts smacked hard against John’s ass. Mike grunted as John’s sphincter and muscles grabbed and massaged his cock, he could feel the precum pouring out of him.

With a loud sigh, Mike began pulling John harder and harder into his hips, his fingers digging in deep. John finally betrayed some sense of pain, but quickly adjusted to it with a loud moan. Within a few minutes, Mike began to roar, his cum blasting into John.

One shot, two, three, five, ten, fifteen, the cum kept coming.

Finally, Mike moaned deeply and collapsed on top of the quivering body of John, whose cum, milked by repeated pressure on his prostate, dripped from the desk and pooled on the floor beneath the two. John was ready to ease into post-coital bliss when Mike leaned in close to his ear while shoving a small box into his hand.

“Don’t open this until you are out of the building. I bought time for us by fucking you, the surveillance team will not be watching for the next few minutes. Take this and keep it safe, but don’t open it until you get home.”

John froze for a second. What was going on? What was this box? He tried to speak, but his confusion and fear kept him silent.

“All right, buddy, I gotta pack,” Mike said, abruptly standing up. “Damn, you’ve got a nice hole. I wish I could fuck it again, but, I mean, I’m taking an assignment elsewhere in the private sector.”

Mike helped John up and with his clothes, making sure he slipped the box into his pocket out of the line of sight of the cameras. When John was fully dressed, he ushered the completely wrecked man through the office suite and to a waiting executive elevator.

“Don’t forget me,” Mike said with a serious smile as the elevator doors closed.

John stared at the box in confusion.

Roughly the size of a toothbrush case but made of a fancy, lacquered wood, the case felt light in his hand except for the obvious weight of the material it was made of. Like a toothbrush case, it opened on one end, the opening ringed in a fairly proper-looking yellow gold.

There was no telling what was inside, but only one way to find out. Pulling at the opening, John began sliding out the lid with little resistance. The cap of the case was small, but inside, it revealed a USB plug. A drive, perhaps? John looked into the case, then tipped it out onto the table. A large injection pen and a pillbox fell out onto the table.

Unsure of what it all meant, John turned the USB drive in his hand, then plugged it into his laptop.

“Hello, John,” Mike’s voice beamed out of the speakers, a video instantly running. “If you’re listening to this, know that I’m gone. I’m discarded by the lab, but at least I’m happy. They wiped me and they’ll wipe you, too, if you don’t listen.”

John froze, unable to engage any of his major muscles.

Mike’s image stepped back from the camera and he was naked—except, maybe this wasn’t Mike? He was smaller than Mike was just a few hours ago. His cock was almost pathetic, and it was certainly small in comparison to the giant meat Mike had pummeled into John’s hole.

“I am at the end of my usefulness, but I want my project to live on,” the smaller Mike began. “I want the world to see how the future isn’t gene editing, but rather, brute force transformation of the body.”

Stabbing a large pen like the one that fell out of the case into his arm, Mike winced.

“I could give up, admit that they own my ideas, my work, all of it,” Mike continued, “but this is too important. I know this craven administration will just sell bits and pieces of research to outside labs. For what? Profit? Nobody profits, truly profits, from a discovery like this being withheld.”

As Mike spoke, John noticed something curious. The small frame holding this voice began to steadily deform, grow, maybe even pack on muscle. The micro-penis that confused Mike so much began to stir, too, along with the grape-sized balls hanging below it. Within seconds, Mike had gone from schlub to stud, and he wasn’t done growing.

“The secret was in front of us the whole time,” said Mike, “the formulae, the course of administration, the expected progression, which, my god, clearly it was all correct. Look at me! I expected to grow to 6’8” and a properly titrated hypergonadism serum would provide me with not only virility, but a penis that was a foot long when flaccid. It seems, perhaps, I was precise. My instinct for these things is correct, and for that reason, I’m following my instinct in selecting you to carry on these secrets.”

Stepping to a wall marked with a ruler, Mike smiled and put a heavy pencil mark on precisely 6’8”.

“An increase of nine inches,” Mike smirked, “and this cock, wow. Oh, I hope I get to use this before I’m thrown out into the wilderness.”

The screen abruptly split into two, one half showing Mike and the other listing a series of instructions:

1.Administer the prepared dosing

2.Print the attached 3D plans for distillation

3.Distill further serum

4.Administer two (2) more doses

5.Demonstrate efficacy for the public

6.Deliver plans and serum samples to five (5) labs listed in text file on drive

“So, I’m going to take three doses of what made him grow nearly ten inches in height and a massive cock?”

John’s mind swam in its confusion. Would he dare, knowing he’d change and would have so much to explain to family, friends, neighbors, everyone? Would he become a guinea pig? He was conflicted. What should he do?

Laying in bed, John stared at the ceiling in deep contemplation of the situation, but his mind nagged at him. A gnawing sense of something pulled at him. Was it fear? No, it was something else, something different.

“Am I horny?” John asked the ceiling.

As if an answer, John’s nearly-hard cock twitched under the blanket.

“Oh, well, I guess so.”

Grabbing his throbbing erection, John began stroking himself. His hardon was angry, pulsing, hungering for something. Was it Mike? Was it a longing for the growing man who pounded him hours ago, his cock still pulsing inside of him as a ghost?

John sat bolt upright.

“Fine, fine,” he said, pulling himself out of bed.

The injection pen felt heavy in his hand like it weighed a ton. Not knowing what was actually inside and trusting his boss who harbored deep lust for him but lied about his intentions for so long, he wondered what he’d really be putting into his body. Nevertheless, he jabbed the pen into his arm and pressed the plunger in a resolute manner.

Nothing happened.

John sighed, he was surely poisoned or filled with bio-tracking serum. Maybe it was a placebo? Maybe it was a test of his loyalty to the lab? Whatever the case, it didn’t seem to work. He waited several minutes until he finally waited for at least twice as long as it took for Mike to grow.

“Nothing. What a joke,” John said, his eyes rolling dramatically.

Suddenly, he noticed the case and the pillbox that fell out of it. Two more doses, he thought to himself, might as well. Opening the pillbox, he carefully took two of the five pills and popped them into his mouth. Rather large, the pills took some work to swallow, but he managed to make it work.

Minutes passed, still nothing.

In frustration, John sat at his computer and started clicking around the drive and its copious list of files. Curious, he clicked a file marked “dissolution_ratios.txt” and his heart nearly exploded.

Dissolution ratios must be uniform. One 500mg tablet is to be dissolved in one liter of purified water. When reconstituted, each liter will be drawn into equal doses of one milliliter each and then shall be mixed with 5ml of saline. Rule of thumb: 1 tablet is 1,000 doses, no more, no less.

John tried desperately to flush his system of the additional doses, hoping the serum would not survive his stomach acid. Chugging water as if he was dehydrated, he hoped the combined mass of fluids would push the now-inert substance from his body before whatever unknown reaction began.

Hustling into the bathroom, he began to fish his cock from his pants. He pulled, then, pulled, then there it was, a ten-inch snake hanging from his groin. His body flushed and he began to feel faint. Holding his penis in his hand, he noticed that ten inches was suddenly at least twelve. Or perhaps it wasn’t? Looking up at the mirror, he realized that he was now much closer to the ceiling.

He could feel the surrounding air warm as it pulled matter toward him, making him grow. He panicked.

Running through his house, his pants splitting, his shirt ripping, John tried desperately to find his way out. He wanted to run into the massive national forest behind his secluded home, deep into the woods where he could figure out exactly what was going on.

Swinging his door open, his warming body caught the cool air.


The first tranquilizer had hit with a sharp sting to his thigh, but the second one, cruelly, that one hit his penis. Whoever that was wherever he learned to shoot, they were suddenly on John’s shitlist.

Groggy, John sat up and noticed the room was much smaller—but also much darker. Still rubbing the tranquilizer wounds from his capture, he tried to get his bearings. All he could remember was the darts and the rather large group of serious-looking men who rushed him as he succumbed to the effects of the sedative.

“This must be a prison cell or something,” John moaned, his head aching.

He noticed he was much larger than he had been before, certainly larger than Mike was. His penis, now much larger, was somehow proportionate to his body—but still constituted a rather large dick. His balls were each the size of peaches and his nutsack hung heavily between his legs. He was also much more muscular, and he ran his hand up and down his newly-formed abs.

“The fuck happened?” he groaned.

As he tried to ascertain his location, a door swung open and two guards with those same tranquilizer rifles forced their way in, followed by a stern-looking doctor.

“The subject is awake, and, as I surmised, he seems to have ceased growing.”

The doctor looked at his watch and smiled.

“The growth arrester will be fully out of his system in four hours. Full effect takes thirty minutes. In three and a half hours, please administer his next dose.”

John swung his large hand forward, but a rifle muzzle quickly jabbed itself into his palm.

“Do you want to be knocked out for another five days, Jonathan,” the Doctor began, “no, I think not. Please see that he is guarded at all times.”

The doctor turned abruptly and left the room with one of the guards. The second, a wrestler-sized man, wedged himself against the door in a mixture of fear and disdain. John was stuck, and if it was truly five days that he was out, then he would need to keep himself on his best behavior.

Time crawled as John sat quietly and stared at the guard.

“Would you really shoot me?” John asked.

“Yes sir,” the guard replied.


John slumped back into his corner and stared at the ceiling.

“One hour, then I can leave,” the guard muttered to himself.

“And one hour until my dose of whatever the fuck an arrester is,” John replied.

The guard laughed quietly to himself, affirming John’s guess. He tapped his tranquilizer gun thoughtfully, as if counting the seconds. He was the best in the corps, and he was happy he had such easy assignments.

Bored, John leaned back and lazily began touching his newly enlarged body. His hands slowly made their way to his biceps, now massive and peaked. His triceps were also larger, giving his unflexed arm the look of a solid competition pose at some bodybuilding contest. Flexed they were even more intimidating.

His hand slid down his stomach, against his tight, rippling abs, fuzzy with hair. Finally, he reached his cock.

Oh, that cock. A masterpiece of size and power, a jumbo prick with nuts to match. This wasn’t a porn cock, it wasn’t even a fantasy cock, it was god-like. John began stroking himself.

“Wh-what are you doing?” the guard stammered.

“Oh, come on. I’ve got nothing else to do except wait to be stabbed by you with some medicine I don’t even understand and can’t name.”

The guard stared in awe at the swelling member in front of him. Its veins were probably as big as his middle finger, and it was probably something like two feet long. He wasn’t really a dick man, he preferred to fuck a hot ass, but this cock was something he couldn’t even begin to understand.

Grunting, the guard purposely righted himself and began to stare blankly ahead.

“Oh, sorry about that,” John suddenly said.

The guard felt a warmth dripping down his face. Reaching up, he touched the sticky drop and then sniffed his finger. Precum. A lot of it. He looked up at John who was still playing with his cock, flicking precum around the room as he jerked himself absentmindedly.

“You can touch it, if you want,” John said with a smirk.

The guard stammered and looked around. Surveillance in this facility was limited due to it being built in less than two days for this particular purpose. He swallowed hard and walked slowly forward, his hand outstretched.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” John offered.

The guard’s hand felt warm, and it quivered, but it was a firm touch. John raised his big toe and used it to stroke the leg of the guard who was now mesmerized by the giant’s drooling tool. Looking over his shoulder briefly, the guard leaned in and began licking the shaft, precum dripping onto his face, getting in his hair.

John’s massive legs stretched and flexed, and the guard, driven wild by lust, dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking on the massive foot in front of him. Each twitch of the toe, each drip-drop of precum on to his back, every sensation was amplified. It was as if he was trapped in a fog.

“I want to see your ass,” John barked.

The guard hurriedly complied, his hole now waving in the air as he continued to play with John’s feet. John pressed his meat downward, holding up the guard’s back half. Sliding the tip of his giant cock into the guard’s hole, he felt him bury his face into the giant ankle in front of him.

His cock was the size of two large balled-up fists now, so John knew he’d have to be careful—but he was horny, so horny.

Pulling the guard into him with each gentle push, he felt the tiny man wrap around his tool. Precum oozed constantly, keeping the head slick and easy to push. The tiny grunted as his hole was stretched to its near-limit, his only saving grace a love of being fisted.

“I want to cum on your face,” John said with a devious sneer.

The guard complied once again, John’s giant piece now pulled free from his aching hole. Kneeling, he looked at the giant, the room feeling so small as he worshiped the man before him. No, not man, this was a god. If he knew the newfound capacities his body had, he wouldn’t dare allow himself to be kept here—but as long as his growth was arrested, his body wouldn’t be able to manifest further enhancements.

Suddenly, the guard felt a tinge of realization: the arrester!

His train of thought was abruptly derailed as a gush of cum blasted him in the face, nearly knocking him down. Shot after shot began coating him in semen, its potent smell drowning him in agonizing lust. Large globs of cum ran down his face and chest, pools of cum gathered at his feet. Within seconds, and with John still cumming, the guard groaned in ecstasy and began to shoot a massive load.

John grinned.

“You look like you had fun down there, little guy,” John said with a smile.

“…and this room’s getting smaller,” he added.

The guard froze and looked up at John, realizing at the same time as the giant that he had begun growing again. He fumbled in his pocket for the injector pen and deftly removed the cap. Before John had time to react, the guard slammed it hard into his leg.

“The fuck, man,” John exclaimed.

The guard huddled close to the wall, still covered in cum. John’s body continued to expand slowly-but-noticeably. Each second brought new size, and the warmth of the room suggested that it was only air that he needed to accomplish the task.

The guard, sensing that the door was no longer a possible exit for John, hustled out, yelling about the failure of the growth arresting formula that was now just an annoyance to the large beast of a man. Within seconds, a doctor appeared at the door, only to vanish from the entry, yelling loudly “The threshold has been breached! The growth is unstoppable!

John’s shoulders pressed hard into the small box of a room, but somehow it didn’t hurt him. Nothing about the predicament he was in actually hurt, but he wanted out of it. Pressing his shoulders up and his legs out, John could hear the cement all around him beginning to crack and shudder.

With one mighty push, John found the building falling down all around him and a sudden blast of sunlight filling the air. He was outside now, sitting on the rubble of a surprisingly small concrete building in the middle of nowhere. Several guards stood anxiously a hundred yards away, but none made an effort to shoot or attack him.

A large van pulled up toward the scene, lights glaring.

“Jonathan, we mean you no harm,” a voice said over the loudspeaker, “we only want to protect you from becoming far too large. We do not know when you will stop growing, we only want to help you.”

Help me? You want to help me how?”

John’s booming voice gave everyone in the immediate area pause.

“We don’t want you to be hurt by your size, we don’t want you to kill anyone accidentally,” the loudspeaker replied.

John kicked his legs out and concrete chunks showered the guards, denting the van and striking several guards in the body and head. Within seconds, numerous heavily-armored men were laying motionless on the ground around the van.

“Accident,” John intoned grimly.

Climbing to his feet, John towered over the small army arrayed against him. The small men looked pitiful below his feet and he almost wanted to stamp them all out so they wouldn’t have to worry about him accidentally hurting them.

Crossing a nearby stream, John headed into the large expanse of forest behind him. Out of an abundance of caution, the security team stayed back, easily tracking John as his form towered over the low canopy of the forest.

John was no more than a hundred steps into the forest when he heard a bellowing sob below him. Louder than even the loudspeaker, he bent forward to peer below the leafy tops of the trees. Stunned, he saw the guard from before, except not exactly as before.

“What did you do to me, why, why, why,” the guard sobbed.

Now almost the precise size as John had been during their tryst, the guard was sprawled naked in a small clearing. Multiple vials of arrester were laid out around him, all empty.

“I didn’t want this, man, I’ve got a family, I can’t return to them like this,” the guard yelled up at the giant looming above him.

John frowned. Who wouldn’t want to be an enormous man like he was now? Or even as big as the guard was? He grabbed the guard and looked at him curiously in his palm. Did he do this? Was it his cum? Well, as cruel as it would be to this man, John had to find out if his hunch was correct.

John seated himself in the clearing, holding the guard against his thickening, throbbing shaft. It would never be able to fuck this guy, but he could easily jerk off on him. Stroking himself, he watched as the guard, full of lust but tempered by fear and anguish, recoiled at the clear path of things before him.

Within a minute, John bellowed. Getting on his knees, he positioned himself and began unloading shot after shot on the guard, who flailed helplessly. He couldn’t control his massive eruption, and spewed enough to flood the tiny depression that the meadow rested in. Within time, however, the semen seemingly vanished, into the ground, the air, the guard, who knew.

The guard, meanwhile, began to feel that curious tug again. Before, it was mild, and the growth was quick but eventually stopped. Although it was beyond the threshold at which the arrester would work, the prior growth was still somehow manageable, albeit making him something of a freak. This time, though, the growth was rapid and unforgiving. First his right arm began to grow, and then his leg, both appearing malformed and out of size. His other limbs shortly followed suit, and within a minute, he had gained several feet.

Growing quickly still, the guard hunched over and remained motionless until, quivering, he raised his head.

“It’s over, I think it… it stopped,” he said.

He looked up at John who was still much taller than he, but somehow less so. He looked at his hands, at his giant cock, at his body. He was now at least 100 feet tall. Looking up at John, he said nothing.

“Interesting—it seems to manifest as a growth to the proportions that the donor had when he ejaculated,” John said thoughtfully.

John looked around and was startled by the thrumming noise coming for him.

Mike was livid. Rather than making him forget everything, erasing his mind, they simply locked him up. They tested his body, and they found what John had—growth that was shared only caused the recipient of the “gift” to grow to that size that the donor had when they ejaculated. Mike was now surrounded by at least twenty participants, all fucking out of a mixture of lust and scientific curiosity.

Although they were all covered in semen, none grew beyond their final Mike-sized growth spurt.

Every so often, however, a guard, a scientist, maybe a cleaner, came across the giant fuckfest and was himself covered in semen. Growing rapidly, the accidental recipient shot up in size and joined the curious tangle of limbs or sat in the corner stunned. Many of the men in the room were shy scientists, and they thought nothing of the risk to their family, their friends, who might come into contact with their growth serum-laden cum.

Mike sighed and began to sit again in the corner but was suddenly grasped on the arm by an agent and a guard. Hustled quickly into a large room, Mike found himself shoved into the rear of a large military helicopter. Taking off quickly, the helicopter hurried away from the base.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Mike bellowed.

“We need you to make your friend calm down,” the lead agent replied calmly.

“My friend,” Mike replied.

“Your friend,” the agent said, pointing to the looming mass ahead of them.

“Shit, it’s John!”

“He must have taken the remainder of the serum you stole from us. I hope you know that we’ll need that serum in order to create an arrester for any future victims of his growth abilities.”

Mike cursed himself, and watched as the giant ahead of them continued to grow and grow as they got closer. Much of it was an appearance of growth due to their rapid speed toward him, but some of it was surely his actual growth.

“Take this,” the agent said, handing Mike a large handle, “you’ll need it in a second.”

Climbing as high as possible, the helicopter hovered hundreds of feet over John, just out of reach of his giant arms. With an unceremonious shove, Mike found himself in the air abruptly. Pulling the large handle, a parachute opened up above him and his descent slowed quickly.

Before John could notice him, a loudspeaker bellowed at the giant from the helicopter above.

“John, we have sent Mike to see you, to talk to you, please listen to what he has to say,” the agent intoned over the loudspeaker, “we will not interfere, we only want you to be safe.”

Mike sailed closer to John who immediately spotted him. Like a speck, Mike drifted down, down, down. John swept him up in his giant hand, and carried him to his shoulder, letting him step gently onto it. Speaking as quietly as he could, John tried to communicate carefully.

“Why are you here, Mike?” John asked.

“They thought I could talk some sense into you, but also, maybe convince you to leave this area and go somewhere more isolated. They don’t know how big you’ll get but they don’t want you to be a danger.”

“A danger,” John replied, “a danger? I’m not a danger, they are! They want to kill me, but they can’t. Now they send you after me, the one who put me in this state, and think you’ll convince me that I shouldn’t just wipe out the nearest city in revenge?”

Mike gulped.

“Listen, there’s a reason I stole the serum, the plans, all of it. I didn’t want anyone to be troubled by this growth like I was,” Mike explained.

“It’s too late,” John replied deeply.

“And besides… I think I’m done growing.”

Mike sighed in relief as the giant carefully sat down, sure to not drop the tiny man from his shoulder. John didn’t seem to be growing anymore, it’s true. His ear alone was at least 15 feet tall, and Mike was amazed that John could hear him. At this height and size, though, it’s unlikely other sounds are too distinct, and he was certainly far above any other noises.

“What do we do now?” Mike sighed.

John, hardly able to hear Mike, just groaned.

“I’m going to be a freak, alone, a danger to everyone,” he moaned to himself.

Mike frowned. “It’s okay, man! I’m here!”

John froze for a second, ideas coursing through his head.

“I can be sure of that, we both can,” John said as he furiously grabbed his giant cock. Mike looked down in worry.

“What are you doing? Why are you doing that?” Mike yelled, but John didn’t hear him. A giant hand swept up and seized Mike carefully but resolutely, then carried him down far far below toward where the other hand was furiously jerking a massive cock.

Mike gazed in horror as he looked up to see the giant head of John’s dick turn dark red before a cascade of semen poured forth, coating him. He swam in the mass, unable to breathe, unable to see, before finally reaching the top.

“Drink, drink as much as you can before it’s all absorbed,” John commanded.

Mike didn’t have to think about drinking it, his gagging and floundering had caused him to inhale a large amount of cum. The salty flavor was now in every part of his mouth, his throat, his tongue, everywhere. He reeked of it, and as the cum began to evaporate quickly, he felt his body throbbing and humming in that way it had weeks ago when he first administered the serum.

In minutes, he found himself larger and larger in John’s hand.

John chuckled loudly as he lowered the new giant to the ground. He watched from high above as the 6’8” man hit sixteen feet, then thirty, then eighty, then one hundred and fifty. Soon he neared five hundred feet, and within an hour he topped out at 750 feet, perfectly level with John’s height.

Mike, his mind swimming with conflicted thoughts, also found himself incredibly horny as he gazed into the eyes of the man who just a while ago had nearly drowned him in cum.

“I can’t control myself, John,” Mike said, a curious smile crawling across his face.

With a shove, he knocked his fellow giant clear backward, causing him to land on his ass with a loud bang. Mike quickly followed suit, dropping to his knees and positioning himself between John’s legs.

“P-people will see,” John replied, “I don’t know if—”

“You just jerked off for everyone,” Mike replied coolly. Dipping his head into John’s lap he began to nuzzle the giant cock.

“Oh god, Mike, oh god,” John moaned.

Without using his hands, Mike deftly slurped the monster of a cock into his mouth. He slowly slid it into his mouth, his tongue massaging its underside, tickling it and making it twitch in his throat. His new giant size was somehow accommodating to far more cock before, and the 130-foot-long dick slid easily in.

John pumped his hips and ground his fingers into the back of Mike’s head. Bucking, he felt his cock head’s every move in the silky throat of his boss-turned-friend. He was the boss now, and he was going to make sure he treated him like he deserved to be treated.

Pulling Mike off his cock, he pulled his new lover to his chest, their giant erections rubbing against each other between them. Positioning Mike above his cock, he began to finger the other’s tight hole, opening it with firm probing, making it ready. Mike hungrily sucked at the massive dick sticking up toward him, stretching forward in a strange contortion that kept the two of them attached.

With a gasp, John slide into Mike, precum pouring from his slit and into the tight hole waiting for him. Lowering Mike onto his cock, he raised and lowered him, doing all the work while Mike sucked himself off. Somehow Mike got all the luck, his cock was nearly 170 feet long and a fairly easy reach for his mouth. John was turned on immensely by this sight, and within seconds was plunging deep into Mike.

“Fuck, man, you’re so huge,” Mike moaned as he pulled his own cock from his mouth.

John pumped away, his hips smacking into Mike’s ass and pressing hard on his prostate. Mike’s moans were doubly pleasurable for himself, vibrating his cock as he sucked himself off.

“Oh god, oh god,” Mike mumbled before more rapidly slurping down his cock.

John pushed Mike’s head back and began sucking his cock himself. Sucking the stud in his lap while he fucked him, John felt both his and Mike’s dicks swell in anticipation of an onrushing orgasm. With a final rapid jackhammering, John brought them both to climax.

“Oh fuck, fuck me, fuck,” Mike boomed.

His enormous tool began shooting load after load into John, who moaned as his own seed flooded into Mike. John pulled his mouth off the now-pulsing cock and stroked it, letting several more shots hit his face, coating his chest and making the two bodies sticky.

Mike groaned as the last drops spilled forth from his slit and John happily began licking it. Tickling the super sensitive head, he twitched himself as his own cock rubbed against the inside of Mike.

After a minute or two of bathing in post-orgasmic bliss, John collapsed with Mike on top of him, both falling asleep as the sun fell far over the distant horizon.

“Operation Snatch and Grab is almost ready,” the grim-looking agent announced.

“Good, we just need to get the mobile lab from here over to the helicopter,” Dr. Acres replied.

The operation was simple: they would drop in, get a full chemical analysis when either giant ejaculated again, and then they’d escape as quick as possible. A woman would be sent, one of their top agents, in order to avoid the effects of the growth factor in the semen.

“This is the only mobile lab capable of making this analysis, and I’m the only one able to do this,” Dr. Acres said, pressing the elevator button. The elevator raced toward the 58th floor corporate suite of the lab’s well-appointed tower. Government contracts buy a lot of nice things.

Dr. Acres paused for a moment and remembered something.

“I need to get my camera equipment.”

Turning, the last thing he saw clearly was a massive fist arcing into the building and a shower of glass and steel.

Dr. Acres tumbled into the wall, his face bruised and bleeding. Standing, he stumbled through the haze and made his way toward the light of the giant hole in the building. Peering down, his heart sank and his knees gave out.

John raised his fist again, but this time turned it so that he could use a pulling motion instead of pushing in order to gain enough leverage to tear through more of the building. The massive fist struck the observatory deck and plowed through eighteen floors, leaving the 40th floor mostly intact.

Every floor above that was destroyed as the top quarter of the building began to collapse.

Another swift punch, this time a low one, bored through the building and struck numerous support structures. Within seconds, the building was groaning and began to fall.

“I think that takes care of that,” John said with a devious smile, kicking the building once more for good measure.

Mike smiled.

“Now we’re the only ones in control of this,” he said, hooking his arm around John.

“I think it’s time to make some more giants,” John said, “a brand-new society of unstoppable titans.”

“And I’ll help,” Mike said with a chuckle.

The two giants began marching away from the ruins of the lab’s now-ruined headquarters and toward the nearest military base. They both always had a thing for men in uniform…


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