Paul’s drive

by LAComplex

Feeling bored with your partner in an isolated place? Spice up your life and love affairs with a 200-foot growth spurt!

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“Please! Paul! I beg you!” shrieked Abel at the top of his lungs, fearing that his life would soon come to an abrupt end. Abel was hanging upside down from his friend’s finger, the dark and rancid abyss of Paul’s mouth below him. He was fighting the colossus’s grip with all of his strength, but to no avail; he was simply no match for it, each finger holding him almost as long as his body was. In fact, it was a miracle Paul had that much fine control and dexterity: no doubt Abel would have been long crushed otherwise.

“Stop fighting runt, you gonna fall and splash down!” said Paul between two streaks of laughter. “Pleeaaase! Paul!” The 70-foot giant lowered Abel further, his head almost in the giant’s mouth by now. In between two jolts, Abel caught a detailed view of what was awaiting for him in Paul’s cavernous mouth.

Each of his teeth was nearly as large as Abel’s head—no doubt they would crush his bones with ease—and the humid tongue lurking below was larger than his whole upper body. Abel could almost fit entirely in Paul’s mouth; a testament to how much his strapped friend had grown in the past few days, even though things had winded down. But what really got to Abel’s guts was the smell: it was a rich, putrid stink, the aggregation of the tens of thousands of pounds of dead meat that Paul had ingurgitated for lunch the past hour.

Gazing into the abyss, Abel noticed the obscene remnants of the giant’s past feeding: feathers, from the more than seven hundred live chickens he had ground to paste in a few minutes, shells, from the thousands of eggs he had downed along with it, the desiccated blood of helpless animals having stuck to his teeth, as well as full chicken body parts stuck in between them.

It downed on him: his remains, cut and chewed, would soon join the morbid digesting party happening in the jock’s stomach, behind the wall of his eight-pack abs. He would soon become fuel for Paul’s growth, helping his body expand larger and large—the first human victim of a massacre to come.

“I bet you are super tasty with all that working out of yours,” Paul said playfully, lowering him more into his mouth. Abel stopped shouting, as tears started rolling down his eyes. His voice was now weak and resigned; he knew there was nothing he could do to escape. All of his life, he had prided himself in being strong, far better than the average meek man. But here, in the hands of his friend, none of that mattered: he was nothing but a toy, a small snack for Paul.

Paul’s tongue went out of his mouth, soon surrounding Abel’s head and upper body. The tongue felt rough, grating his skin. Every twitch of it was pushing him around like a weightless leaf, the spit on it soaking his tank top and covering his skin. And that smell! Abel felt close to passing out, surround by this stench of blood and meat… He tried to beg for his life one last time, but no word came out of his mouth. Instead, more of Paul’s saliva filled his throat, nearly choking him…

But suddenly, having lost all hope, Abel found himself accelerating upward, free from Paul’s tongue again. There was some noise below, followed by a massive burp; a wave of that awful stench hit him again, nearly as strong as what he had experienced moments ago. Then, there was more disorientation as Paul exploded with laughter and put him down on his quads, sitting down in a clearing in the forest.

“Seriously, you really thought I was gonna eat you?” Abel, exhausted, now faced the indestructible wall of muscles that was Paul’s abs. With every streak of deafening laughter, his eight-pack rippled in mesmerising patterns; Abel did not really pay attention to this performance: instead, he was just happy to be finally on solid ground—even if that ground was Paul’s legs.

The giant’s laughter eventually died down, and his face turned to concern. “Dude, did I hurt you?” Abel felt the giant’s chest towering over him as he inspected him, worried he had harmed his friend. Still out of breath, Abel said, “I—I’m okay, it’s j—just my ego.” Paul laughed again, feeling relaxed nothing too bad had happened. “I’m sorry bro, it was just so much fun. Boy, you really were screaming for your life!”

“Yeah, fuck you dude, of course, I was. A giant bastard was gonna eat me alive!” They both laughed, and Abel finally felt at ease; as he stared up at Paul’s handsome face, he was finally seeing the face of a friend again, not that of a people-eating monster. “To be honest, you were kind of tasty!”

“Dude, your breath fucking stank! No way I am letting you do that again!”

“Next time I’ll fart on you, and we’ll see who’s laughing!” More laughter followed, before Paul went back to being serious. “But, yeah, I won’t do it again, I promise. I wouldn’t want to hurt my best friend after all.”

As he said so, he brought his hand down and started petting Abel’s back with one of his fingers. With an index finger nearly two feet wide, Paul had to be gentle and careful not to hurt his friend. “It’s just that I get bored out there, two weeks there have driven me mad.”

“Yeah, me too…”

They both wondered silently about their stay here. Following Paul’s staggering growth spurt, he had spent two weeks in the forest, 50 feet high at the time. This was a way to get him away from the cameras’ eyes and from public attention, while the people in charge were thinking of a plan to get the situation under some sort of control. Abel had joined him, and the two had been fooling around the lake for the past two weeks, not doing much of their day. Every morning, a bunch of trucks and helicopters came with food for the day and measured Paul to check on his growth.

Paul had been instructed to try to limit his growth; even so, he had slowly nut steadily added 20 feet to his original height in 15 days, his body an unstoppable machine. Even more impressive, his muscles looked denser and more defined than on his first day here. Working out wasn’t even necessary anymore: he just had to eat and his body was piling up on size like nothing else…

“Hmmm, you are so good at this,” Abel said, Paul’s finger going up and down his back, sending shivers down his spine. Abel was fully hard in his jogging, his cock leaking precum just from Paul’s massage. “You better enjoy it while it last, soon I will be far too big to do that without risking crushing you!” Abel twitched slightly, “you really plan on getting even bigger?”

“Of course, being big is so freakin’ cool. I can’t get enough of it, it’s just the best.”

“Man, you are already like ten times the size of any human alive, you can’t possibly want more.”

“If only you knew…” As Paul wandered into his thoughts for a second, the massage stopped. Abel looked up and noticed his friend was flexing his massive biceps—which surely peaked taller than he was—staring at it with delight.

Not moving his gaze, Paul continued, “I don’t know how to explain it, but being huge just feels natural. Every morning when I get up and realise my body feels heavier, my muscles denser and stronger, I get such a rush… Then I see that everything else seems to have shrunk, you included, and it feels so fucking amazing. I feel free, like a god amongst mortals.”

“But… when will it be enough? When will you stop? There is not much you can outgrow around there…”

“True that, little runt!” He locked gazes with Abel, his intense blue eyes staring his tiny friend down. “I just don’t know. I used to think that I would stop when I got to be 6’7’’, 7 feet, then 10 feet… We all know where that got us!” Paul laughed but Abel was fixated. “I don’t think any size will ever be enough,” Paul admitted. “I want you all to be so fucking small next to me, I want to be taller than the tallest of buildings, heavier than the heaviest of mountains… And I want you by my side, smaller and smaller with every passing day, until I can barely pick you out from a speck on my skin.”

Abel was terrified. It was the first time Paul had talked so openly about his growth. “But what about us? You know there will be consequences. You can’t possibly pay attention all the time. Eventually you will step on a few of us, kill people!”

“I don’t know what to say to you… I just feel like it’s the way it has to be… I don’t really care about others. I do me, they do them. I just want you to be safe by my side.”

Abel was taken aback in a maelstrom of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, he was deeply horrified and alarmed by Paul’s ambition; on the other, he felt love for him like he had never felt for anyone else… It was more than love, it was a pure devotion that transcended everything else. He felt almost unworthy of the attention Paul was offering him, unable to do enough to fulfil his dues to the giant. Wasn’t he just being a prick by not allowing his godly friend not to live his rightful destiny?

“D—Do… Do you want to g—grow now?”

“Fucking hell dude, I thought you would never ask!” His voice was once again deafening, but there was a look of unabashed happiness Abel had never seen on Paul’s face; he felt incredible knowing he had caused that reaction. “Two weeks we have been here boring our asses, I couldn’t wait anymore for you to finally ask it! I have been holding off so much….”

“Wait, you have really been holding off your growth?” Abel was unsettled. 20 feet of growth was Paul holding back?!

“Yeah, dude, every time I flex, cum, lift something, heck with every breath I feel my body wanting more. I’ve been wanting to let it all off for a while now, it’s gonna be something!”

A mix of excitement and anxiety filled up Abel’s mind; every one of Paul’s spurt had been impressive, but this one promised to be the grandest yet. For a second he wondered if he had not made a mistake… But looking up at his friend ecstatic face, he felt nothing but happiness for him. He was finally ready to see Paul become a true god.

“What don’t you start by getting me off?”

“Again?! You jacked just before eating, not even two hours ago!”

“Being a giant makes me horny, what can I say!” Paul carefully removed the only piece of clothes he was wearing, tight custom-made boxers that had gotten far too small over the past week, being careful to let Abel step over them as he did so.

Doing so revealed his monster of a cock, still flaccid, but already looking monstrous. Despite seeing it multiple times per day, it was still a shock to Abel: it was nearly longer than he was tall, and larger than he was. There was no doubt Paul’s python weighed more than he did… And that virile smell… Abel immediately felt enslaved by it; it was irresistible, packed with testosterone.

Before leaving the floor to Abel, Paul groped it once, struggling to fit both his cock and balls in one of his long hands. “God, even for me that thing is huge!” Abel knew the drill: he jumped from Paul’s ballooning quads to his dick, sitting on it, his legs dangling on each side. This immediately made Paul’s dick twitch and rise, as it rapidly engorged itself with blood. Veins started snaking around, and Abel could feel the skin stretching under his legs…

He had barely started working it, licking its base and massaging it with devotion that it already was longer than he was tall; two weeks ago, that would have taken a nearly full-mast erection. As Abel dedicated himself to his duty as Paul’s cock-slave, his worries dimmed, until they had soon entirely disappeared from his mind.

Paul started groaning as Abel went fully at work on his cock. The little shrimp was really giving all he had; he was working his entire body, serving that cock like it was his only purpose in life. Paul laid his head back, leaving his cock in the expert hands of his friend for a bit… He knew this was surely the last time Abel would be able to do so, for soon his cock would completely outgrow him…

By now, the monster cock had grown beyond 8 feet in height; it towered over Abel, who had already blown his load once, maybe twice—he was so engrossed by the task of getting Paul off that he had barely noticed his own orgasms. There was no word for how it felt to be in such close quarters with Paul’s monumental dick. It radiated warmth, and its skin felt like silk to the touch. Abel could feel every vein mapping the massive cock below pushing against his own body, bringing more blood in and raising the beast to higher heights.

As its mushroom head started fully appearing, Paul’s cock was now a full-blown erection, passing 10 feet in length. Using one of his fingers carefully, he started pushing Abel against his cock. The work he was doing down there was wonderful… That feeling of having a fully grown man—and not any at that, a man who was a physique model and who could have had any girl squirming at his feet—struggling with his cock, a cock nearly twice as large as that man… Abel’s muscley arms didn’t even feel like twigs to him; they were flimsy toothpicks, attached to an insignificant body. Paul felt all powerful, almighty.

An all too common feeling started possessing his body and invading his mind; it was the drive to grow, the power to become even larger. A sensation he had pushed back so many times recently… This time, there was no holding back. He would let the dam fully open, unleash that wave of energy into his body… He could already feel himself inching higher, his muscles packing on pound after pound…

He released his friend from the push of his finger, and lowered his ball of a biceps next to him, flexing. “You seeing that runt? You seeing that massive arm?” In between two licks, struggling, “Y-yeah… It’s b—beautiful…” Paul was flexing it again and again, letting it bulge with the pump larger and larger. “This is real power!” Every flex seemed to bring more size to the oversized arm. “Heck, that biceps is more than you’ll ever be!” And indeed they were, rising more than 8 from peak to peak.

Paul drew his biceps closer. “Lick that bad boy now,” he grunted, and Abel executed his commands like a stunt dog, moving his head so that he could lick Paul’s biceps, still working on his cock with his legs. As his tongue made contact with the tense skin, feeling the all-powerful muscle fibers underneath pushing hard, Abel came again, his senses in full overload.

Feeling that tiny tongue against the skin of his biceps, Paul flexed with renowned strength, more size pouring into his arm… Abel could feel the skin of Paul’s dick extending underneath him, even though it was already fully erect. He turned, and abashed, said, “I—I th—think you a—re g—growing!”

Paul boomed with laughter. “You call that growing?! I will show you what a real growth spurt looks like!”

In that moment, Paul let the flood gate open. In a split second, all of the muscles in his body flexed in unison, pumped to the max, pushing against his stretching skin with all their might. Size started pouring into his frame at an incredible rate, his muscle-bound back widening, his pecs ballooning, his cock extending longer by the very second.

There was no mistaking it for the slight growth he had experienced before; this was the true mother of all growth spurts, his height skyrocketing at more than a foot per second. Perhaps most impressive was the rate of his weight gain: weighing in at 160 metric tons moments before, he was packing on muscle at an impossible rate in the double, if not triple digits of tons per second! Ten seconds in and having added 10 feet of size, his weight would already almost have doubled! And what was added was pure, raw, manly muscle, as could attest his super cut body—not an ounce of fat to be seen here.

What Paul experienced was a climax of bliss and jubilation, his brain flooded with endorphins, riding on a high that knew no limit. His mind was clouded in pleasure, in ecstasy, the thrill of the growth having completely overtaken him. He let out a deep roar as he felt invaded by this euphoria, and suddenly came.

His dick twitched back against his rock-hard abs violently, constraining Abel and pushing him against Paul’s sweat-imbibed happy trail. Gallons after gallons of cum started pouring from the top of his dick, some projected higher than his own head, and Abel was soon drenched in the virile mixture, his nostrils overwhelmed by the stank.

Every time his dick pulsated it sent spasms down his body, squeezing Abel between his thickening monster cock and wall of abs, each of them accompanied with more growth. His legs had grown so long that his feet were now pushing against trees at the other hand of the clearing, bulldozing some as they expanded. In fact, some of the trees were now smaller than his 15-foot soles!

In a rare moment of clarity, Abel looked upward and saw Paul’s monolithic dick looming above, three time his height and far thicker, hundreds of gallons of cum erupting from its top as it expanded larger by the second. Abel’s head did not even reach Paul’s navel anymore, and there he was, out of breath and energy, completely spent, covered in his giant friend’s sperm, slowly getting crushed and ground against his blocky abs.

Abel thought he was going to die down here, a forgettable tiny human against a backdrop of virility and perfectly cut muscle. The truth was, he was more than fine with it. He felt at peace, bathing in the warmth of the god surrounding him, ready to leave this world… Bliss inundated his body too, as he came for what he thought was his last time…

A jarring, too common, sensation of disorientation came back; the one that accompanied being picked up by Paul. Disconcerted, Abel looked around, realising he was in his friend’s palm, at the level of his pectorals.

The view was stunning. Before him, Paul’s two meaty pecs expanded, each the size of two parking spots. His nipples and areola were these 2-foot diameter circles, protruding atop a small hill of muscle. Abel wanted nothing more but to play with them, to touch this glorious chest, to worship it. He stumbled around Paul’s palm, slowly making his way toward his chest, drunk from his cum…

“Dude, you got so freakin’ small!” By now, his giant friend had probably broken the 100-foot mark, having easily more than tripled his weight. “I couldn’t feel you down there anymore, I thought you had passed out!” Abel remained silent, starting to massage Paul’s pecs with his hands. They felt firm yet somewhat soft, and his hands could sink slightly in them; his skin felt almost velvety to the touch; it was dreamlike.

Paul flexed his chest, and it suddenly became hard as a rock, as it inflated larger and larger, looming before him. Abel realised he could still hear the branch of trees snapping below, and feel Paul’s skin stretching under him… He realised this was not just a hallucination, but that, indeed, Paul was still growing, and in fact had not slowed down at all, even after his prolonged orgasm. “Y—You a—a—are st…ill gro—growing…”

“You bet I am little runt! Just as I told you, I am gonna make you all worthless ants! Just watch!”

Paul approached Abel from his biceps, and flexed it. It bulged to over twice the height of Abel, the size of a small bungalow. Aghast, Abel watched as it grew larger and larger, visibly piling up with tremendous amount of muscle. As he went in to lick it, he caught a whiff from the giant’s armpits, the hard smell of virility inundating his nostrils. “Fuck yeah, you see that shit? I am a fucking god!” His devotion to Paul was total, and he overcame his aching muscles to start worshipping that ever-growing biceps. Abel could not get a hold of all of his buddy’s massive body at all anymore; for now, there was only his hulking arm in his mind, and it was the subject of all of his adoration.

“You can’t get enough of me, can you?” Paul laughed, his erection throbbing back to full mast as he felt his puny friend worshipping his Herculean body. “Well, I am gonna give you more! A lot more!”

Impossibly, Paul’s spurt kicked into a higher gear; forget about growing of a few feet per second, his height was now climbing up at close to 10 feet per second, a rate so astonishing that there was now a rumbling from all of the mass that was being added into his frame!

Abel fell back as the world around him swelled larger; he could see Paul’s fingers elongating, his shoulders widening and inflating, his triceps swelling with renewed size. What he was the witness of simply defied human comprehension.

Forget about a small bungalow: his biceps had ballooned to the size of a house, and then more! Paul lowered Abel, taking him on a hastened tour of his upper body, from his spreading lats, to his thickening eight-pack. Even a single row of his abs was taller than a grown man! There was no telling what it would take to penetrate this impossible wall of muscle; Paul had not only grown a giant, he had grown invincible.

Abel turned and was surprised to see Paul’s massive cock, as it proudly stood tall enough to reach the row of abs just under his looming pecs. The obscene tool was nearing the size of a bus, mapped by hundreds of thick veins, its giant mushroom head clouded in precum.

“Dude, I have to say, even for a giant like me, this cock is getting pretty fucking huge!” Abel looked up to his idol, his full upper body in view, a glorious display that would remain in history books forever. At 150 feet and counting, there was nothing, no machine, and certainly no human, that packed that much strength and power!

Paul put his other hand behind his neck, hitting a classic bodybuilding pose, his biceps swelling again. There was no end in sight; as Abel looked up all he saw was an expanding titan, and he felt increasingly insignificant himself. He felt as if he was shrinking by the second, surrounded by this expanding landscape of pure muscle and virility; he was just a bug, a teeny ant Paul could step on to get rid of. He felt lost in his surroundings, disoriented by the sheer speed at which his friend was growing.

As Paul relaxed the pose, he brought Abel higher again. On the way up, he realised the mushroom head of the giant’s dick was simply taller than Abel now, a testament to how small all humans were next to their new god. Abel felt as if Paul’s growth was subsiding, the rumbling ceasing. Even Paul’s areolas were now larger than he was tall, his nipples bigger than his head.

Without warning, Paul rose up, the shear g-forces forcing Abel to lie flat on the palm of his friend. With great care, for now Paul’s finger outsized his friend by a factor of five or six, with his nails able to cut through Abel’s skin with ease, he deposited him under his left trap, in a safe harbour, close to his head.

Paul’s bull neck towered above like a gigantic building, and his traps were far taller than Abel was, the size of a small hill. Paul lowered his voice, trying to get a look at his tiny friend. “This is your place now.” His voice was calm and loving, yet authoritative. “I will make sure you stay safe. I love you little ant.”

Abel sat on his ass, far too drained, physically as well as emotionally, to even stand up. Here, he felt at home, safe from any outside threat; he was surrounded by his lover’s giant body, standing more than 265 feet, and for the first time in his life, he felt no concern for the future. Everything would be well.

As he dozed off in a dreamy haze of worship for his new god, Paul’s voice boomed, in its full-baritone tone, addressed to everyone that could hear it for miles.


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