Rising star #1: Coming out of the growth closet

by LAComplex

Will Adam become the next big thing in Hollywood? As the entertainment industry will soon discover, he will turn out to be a much bigger star than anyone could’ve expected. In every sense of the word “big”.

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It was time for Adam’s and Kevin’s weekly run in Runyon Canyon. Both of them took great care and pride in keeping themselves in shape, and trail running was always a pleasant way to get some cardio done. Besides, the view of Los Angeles from the top of the trail was simply stunning.

Kevin was Adam’s manager, the latter being a debuting actor that had stared in a few B movies. Recently, no thanks to Kevin’s dedication to his job, Adam had landed a few small roles in big blockbusters, using his massive physique as a selling point.

Indeed, at over 280 pounds of raw muscles for 6’7” he was quite a sight to behold. His well-developed physics seemed to come straight out from a comic book, and his Hungarian origins made him quite charismatic. He had everything needed for a breakthrough in Hollywood.

Adam finally passed the humble gate guarding the entry of the trail; it was 9 am and the whole place was already buzzing with hikers, runners and families. His arrival didn’t go unnoticed: the blonde giant was already shirtless, exposing his massive torso and his defined six-pack.

Kevin smiled at the sight. “Show-off!” He shouted at his friend, who in response laughed and flexed his ball of a biceps. Although Kevin worked out and kept in shape too, it was much less impressive on his 5’9” frame. Besides, he clearly didn’t have the same genetic edge as his client… But, again, Adam was an extraordinary man.

“Damn, now I will have to keep my shirt on or I will feel out of place,” laughed his manager as Adam got closer. His presence was always somewhat humbling, especially for someone whose eyes barely reached the top of his chest… He felt dwarfed by his massive friend!

“You really look great Adam, all teasing aside,” Kevin added in a more professional manner. “Yeah, it’s the new workout plan you have put me on! I feel like I am making some crazy gains!”

And to Kevin’s eyes, he had indeed made some serious progress. With every passing week, he had felt ever so slightly smaller next to Adam… A feeling he secretly delighted in. “Way to go big guy. Soon you will be Marvel’s new hero!” They both laughed wholeheartedly, catching the attention of a few passersby.

There was no doubt about it: Adam had everything in him to become the next BIG star of Hollywood.

They lost no time in getting going. In these sweltering hot days the race wasn’t with their previous best, but with the rising sun. Every passing minute the temperature rose higher and higher, making them grow more and more exhausted.

The run would pretty much always unfold the same way: they would start by making some small talk, catching up with each other’s activities. The conversation would slowly fade as their breath would shorten, up until the summit where they would usually pause for a minute before going down.

Adam had always been in a slightly better shape than Kevin, so he would always be the last one to stop talking and would often appear slightly less exhausted; nevertheless, they always kept up together.

This wasn’t an ego race after all. And if it was, the winner would be known from the beginning.

Over the past few weeks, Kevin had felt more and more as if he had been lagging behind Adam. The extra dedication the latter had put in his workouts was really showing, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a purely athletic one.

Today, this feeling was only heightened. It seemed as if the blonde jock was giving everything he had: right from the get go he set a pretty intense pace, that leads to Kevin falling silent early on.

Adam seemed unaffected by this new daunting pace; he went on and on about great he was feeling, how his appetite had increased “twofold” from his increased work load, how he felt bigger by the day, etc.

Although utterly destroyed by the exhaustion, Kevin drank the words straight from the horse’s mouth: he really enjoyed the friendly company of Adam, even more when he was bragging about his achievements—which was rare, for he was usually reserved.

The indefatigable hunk offered on multiple occasions to slow-down, but his manager couldn’t bring himself the utter the words. What he thought was at first not to show weakness, he realized later was actually not wanting to impair his friend.

The talking died down three quarters of the way to the summit. They were both drenched in sweat, Adam’s hard muscles glistening under the sun. At first, Kevin guessed his friend was finally growing tired. Not at all. He actually accelerated the pace, forcing Kevin to stay slightly behind, unable to keep up with his long strides.

As they reached the top, Kevin let out a deep sigh of relief, unable to carry on any further. His breathing was chaotic and he felt as if he was going to collapse on the ground. His friend, on the other hand…

“Whooo, that felt good!” His breathing was surprisingly regular and normal—it was if he had not run a mile! “I feel like I could’ve kept going for hours!” And indeed, it was the case. To Adam, this had merely been a warm-up…

“Man… I… I don’t know … how … y—,” he could barely put two words together. Adam’s large hand landed on his shoulder, almost making him fall: “Hey, catch your breath little guy!”

The towering presence of his friend felt comforting; under his gaze, he could almost accept today’s poor performance. He stood there for a second, looking at the almighty body that filled his view.

Sweat was pouring from Adam’s two slab-like pecs—each bigger than a man’s head—and then flowing down his six-pack like water in a network of canyons. With every breath he took, his chest heaved bigger and closer to Kevin, the morning brisk carrying Adam’s sweaty and virile scent with it.

Somehow, he felt overpowered and overwhelmed more than ever before. He couldn’t quite say what, but something deep had changed in his beast of a friend.

As Kevin caught his breath, Adam went around the overlook, taking in the amazing view. However, a small group of Chinese tourists soon approached him, eager to take pictures with the blonde giant. With the tallest one in the group being a foot smaller than him, he was indeed a giant to them.

He obliged all of their requests, even the silliest ones. He flexed his biceps, did a stunning most muscular, lifted the smallest of them with a single hand and compared hand as well as feet size. To him, they looked like little children buzzing around a comic hero that had come to life.

Perhaps the most striking comparison was with an athletic teenager of the group, who underwent a flexing contest with Adam. The small guy barely came up to his nipples, and they had great fun in comparing every part of their body.

They started with a gun show-off. While the young Chinese had certainly spent time in the gym, his biceps was simply dwarfed by Adam’s ball of muscles. In fact, the latter highlighted that his arm was bigger than the other guy’s thigh! His white Nike sneakers were nearly twice the size of the boy’s feet, and they eventually found out that Adam could completely hide him if he stood in front!

The Chinese boys and girls giggled while Adam secretly delighted in his domination of the group. Kevin, now feeling better, eventually joined the party.

“You made some new friends?” Adam’s laughed, still swarmed by the tourists. Today, the attraction of Runyon Canyon wasn’t the astonishing view, but him. Soon, Kevin was, too, swarmed. He explained—as much as communication was possible—to them that he was Adam’s manager.

While talking and taking pictures with them, he noticed a large bulge in Adam’s running shorts. Was he getting off with the scene? Before he thought of a definite answer, the nice tourists offered to take a picture of the two friends.

“Sure!” they both said; Kevin had an idea in mind. He walked to the ledge and stepped up a rock, asking for Adam to join him by his side. The latter quickly understood the maneuver.

“It’s the only way for me to look taller than you!” And indeed, from his little boulder, he “towered” over the blonde Adonis by an inch or two—surprisingly less than he had thought. Had Adam grown taller too?! The whole setup made the two friends and the tourist group laugh.

Kevin even peeled off his shirt. Although years of consistent training had left him with a rock-hard body, it wasn’t much next to the level of definition Adam had—and the recent progress of his client had only highlighted the gap between the two men.

The tourists eventually left and the two friends were left more or less alone. “I want to show you something…” Said Adam. “What?” Kevin promptly answered, slightly puzzled as Adam walked away for a bit. “Don’t move! Just… Gimme a sec!” He sounded somewhat playful, to the amusement of his manager. “But for what Adam?”

“To show you that I am still the biggest guy around here!”

A few strides later, Adam got to the ground and started doing push-ups at a hectic pace, each repetition a carbon copy of the previous one. The form was perfect too, his nose barely an inch away from the ground at the lowest position. Kevin grinned, unsure of what to think of the scene that was unfolding. He wanted to tease his friend a bit for his sudden weirdness, and yet, he felt compelled to follow his instructions.

“Forty-three, forty-four…” He was hammering them at such a speed! Was he trying to prove a point? To prove he was stronger? Nah, he would have held somewhat of a competition for that. It was something else.

Passing the hundred reps effortlessly, Kevin noticed just how pumped Adam was getting. His triceps and biceps were filling with blood, and his knotty back felt fuller than ever. The young actor had such a capacity to get pumped when working out… It was like his whole body inflated with overwhelming size!

“Man, that’s too fucking easy!” There was no sign of shortness of breath as he shouted. It was a walk in the park for him. “Let’s spice it up…” To the astonishment of Kevin, and of the few passersby who had been enthralled by the show, Adam started using only his left arm! There was no slowing down of the pace or degradation of the form either: with mechanical precision, he was doing rep after rep of one-arm push-ups.

Rather than counting them—for it wasn’t practical anymore—Adam groaned in ecstasy, enjoying his renowned strength. “God, I am feeling a SUPER-pump coming!” It was almost freaky to Kevin’s eyes; it wasn’t the Adam he was used to know, but rather the kind of barbarian character he would play on-screen.

After what seemed like countless push-ups, he changed of arm in a single swift motion, not even a pinch of exhaustion in his movements. Kevin had to wonder if he would ever stop—the whole act looked almost Kafkaesque to him.

The super-pump he had mentioned was now clearly visible. To further his point, he flexed his unused arm, his biceps growing to proportions it had never reached before. It looked like a perfect ball of impenetrable muscles, the fibers under his tight skin so dense a network of veins mapped its entire surface.

He flexed it again and again until, at last, he decided to stand up. Even from his distant view-point, Kevin couldn’t help but be shocked by the striking pump Adam had achieved in a few minutes. His body looked almost entirely new, his lats flaring to incommensurable size on his 6’7” frame.

He spread them ever so slightly, only highlighting how broad his back had gotten from the pump. Sweat was dripping of his godly upper body, and Kevin had difficulties keeping his raging boner to acceptable levels. He stood there, speechless, taking in the view of the approaching god.

As he got closer he appeared bigger, bigger and … bigger? As a potent whisk of Adam’s sweat overwhelmed Kevin’s nostrils, he noticed that, even standing on his boulder, he was eye-to-eye with the giant.

“Boulder isn’t big enough, eh?” enquired Adam. Kevin was flabbergasted. He looked around for a trick—was Adam standing on his toes, on a small rock?—but there was none. He was indeed taller than five minutes ago, by an inch or two. “H … Hoo… Hoow?” he eventually enquired. Adam simply smiled.

“I’m still the tallest, aren’t I?” He flexed his biceps, Kevin unable to unlock his gaze from it. Even his muscles looked noticeably bigger! His frame had really exploded with raw mass and power. All that from … some push-ups?! A thought that made Kevin dizzy. “Ye… Yeah… I guess…” he finally mustered, a bit in shock.

“Get down,” enquired Adam. His friend executed his order immediately, in such a reckless manner than he almost fell. His eyes didn’t reach the top of Adam’s pecs anymore. Although his friend was still sporting his signature smile, Kevin couldn’t help but feel anxious. The whole situation was so improbable it felt eerie.

“Now, observe,” he instructed, “I have something to show you.” Adam promptly puffed up his chest, the two massive slab of rock-hard muscles inching toward Kevin’s face; they heaved bigger and bigger, right up until Kevin’s nose was only an inch or two from Adam’s defined cleavage.

From such a distance, Adam’s body felt incredibly hot; it was radiating incredible amounts of heat, so much it almost seemed as if there was an aura of warmth around him. It wasn’t the only thing overwhelming Kevin: Adam’s recked of virile sweat, a smell so pungent it made Kevin dizzy. Oddly, he felt stripped of any virility he had left; he felt as if he was all but a toy for the giant.

“How is the view down there?” Kevin had to look up, and up and up to lock gaze with the stunning colossus. He felt lost in the abyss of his deep-blue gaze, the muscle-bounded frame they belonged to only highlighting his sharp features.

Adam lifted his right bicep up and flexed; the dense ball of muscle fibers grew larger and larger, up until it was almost the size of Adam’s head—he had to look up to actually see it! The gratuitous flex also revealed the Adonis’s stinky pits, a forest of thick blonde hair that exulted power and manliness.

Kevin was transfixed, so much that he didn’t notice how Adam seemed absorbed by his own biceps too. He couldn’t help but stare at it, repeatedly flexing it, appreciating the subtle differences every time. With every single flex the veins grew more defined, the muscle fibers more ripped and engorged, his skin stretching thinner and thinner… This was beyond the effect of a common pump, though Kevin…

And indeed, as he gathered back his thought, he realized Adam’s biceps had actually grown to be larger than his head! As he looked back at the humongous pecs before him, he realized those were stretching too, his nipples rising higher and higher…

“You… Yo… You are growing!” he finally mustered, aghast with shock. There was no doubt about what he was seeing. Adam’s broad back stretched larger by the second, his boulder-like shoulder inflating like two hot-air balloons. As he dared to gaze below him, he noticed his abs were growing more defined, beads of sweat dripping down the ledges of the stunning relief of his abdominals.

Noticing the renowned attention below his pecs, Adam interlocked his hands behind his head and tensed his abs with all of his might. They popped out like bricks on a paved road, and Kevin gawked as he witnessed the behemoth’s six-pack morph into an all-out eight-pack, a new row of abs slowly growing more defined from under his chest.

“Like what you see, eh?” Adam’s voice sounded surprisingly deeper, yet relaxed. He sounded in full control of the situation and the whole growing bigger thing appeared natural to him.

Kevin, on the other hand, felt frightened. It seemed as if he was condemned to watch his client grow bigger and bigger, further stripping him of any virility he had. He had always felt somewhat out-of-place next to Adam, but this whole act was taking it a step further. His mind should be buzzing with the implications of what he was witnessing; but he was far too shocked to even begin to think about it.

He was trapped here, gazing at Adam’s becoming a living he-man. Behind him was the ledge of the canyon and a 100-feet fall; in front of him was a wall of impassable muscle. He had no choice but to stay planted here, the ever-growing muscles of his friend merely inches away from him.

There was now a steady sound of fabric stretching coming from down below; Kevin gazed lower and saw that Adam’s white sneakers were being stretched out by his growing feet. His toes visibly pushing hard against one end of the shoe, and his sole so large that the sneakers were visibly distorted. The laces were starting to unfold, giving away to the daunting pressure exerted by Adam’s growth.

His sneakers weren’t the only piece of clothing that would soon encounter serious issues. His previously baggy shorts were now tight around his quads and not even reaching above his knees. What were before perfectly fine baseball shorts were now looking more and more like skinny shorts…

Perhaps the most imminent threat to Adam’s shorts weren’t his ballooning diamond-like quads; rather, it was the obscene outline of his python cock. The words “hung like a horse” didn’t even come close to describe his endowment. It appeared to stretch down more than half of his thigh, and it looked thicker than Kevin’s forearms! The man had really grown from everywhere—and he was getting off from it!

Kevin’s mind had stopped working in any meaningful way. His thought train had come to a grinding halt—it might even have derailed a few minutes ago—and the only thing he had in mind was the surreal vision of his friend inching up taller and taller, his muscles growing accordingly…

He was feeling a sudden need to accept his status of inferior runt, to fully submit to the will of his godly client and friend. He wanted to feel the impenetrable muscles of Adam, to lick every square-inch of his sweaty body. God, if it came to it, he would’ve even dove deep into his pits, drinking up his salty sweat before taking up his ass this impossible rod of a dick.

“Phew, let’s stop here.” Without further ado, his growth came to a stop. His muscles seemed to rest again, Adam contempt with his size. “I wouldn’t want to blow out of my shoes for the end of the run!” The abrupt stop allowed Kevin’s mind to rest and get back into gear…

“Did… D… Di-you…. ju-jus … just gro—?” The gentle giant simply grinned and grabbed Kevin’s shoulder with one of his massive hands. It completely dwarfed it! He exerted the slightest pressure and Kevin almost felt pain—for sure, he couldn’t work his way out of such grip.

Adam’s hand wasn’t the only part of his body dwarfing Kevin—all of it was. The beaten manager was now eye-to-eye with his client’s hard nipples. Adam had grown to be at least 7’3”—perhaps slightly more. His frame had changed too: he was packing more muscles than ever, and would dwarf even the classic division men he had always envied for their proportions. What’s more, his weight had to have skyrocketed in the 400 pounds range!

“We have a trail to finish, haven’t we?” The killer smile grew wider. They both knew what had happened; they both knew they had just witnessed history. In Adam’s mind, this was just the beginning—the coming out of the growth closet, if you will. There was much more to come, far more than Kevin, or anyone for that instance, could even begin to imagine…

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