Space clones

by Josh Dugan

A brilliant cousin, like his spaceship, is full of himself, but there's room for one more.

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It was a big ship, blazingly beautiful in the powerful white light of the nearby stars. I had docked with it on my way back from business at the far end of the galaxy, just to see my cousin Brad. He had designed the ship while still in high school, using the beautiful machine he had invented, which he jokingly called the brain probe.

Brad was the most gifted of our family, or of anyone's family, for that matter. But he was totally accessible and friendly, modest about his achievements. And here he was, out in space in his beautiful ship. All to myself, I couldn't help thinking. I called Brad up on the screen. I was surprised (and inwardly pleased) to find I had caught him shirtless, his broad shoulders handsome and muscular. “Permission to come aboard?” I smiled. “Sure,” Brad smiled back, his smile beautiful as ever. “I hope you don't mind if I'm naked. Since I'm alone on board, clothes don't make sense.”

“They sure don't,” I said. “Besides, you always looked good naked.” That was an understatement. Brad had a body that would stop traffic. It was beautifully proportioned, lavish and shapely with bulges of muscle everywhere, from his broad, strapping shoulders to his spectacular back and chest muscles, from the awesome male sexual organ that dangled halfway down his musular thighs to the invitingly protuberant globes of his beautiful behind, to his long, muscle-swelled legs and powerful, graceful feet. His body was so beautiful that even Brad would sprout a huge hardon if he caught a glimpse of his body in the mirror. For years, any time I needed to come, I would just picture Brad's beautiful body in my mind. I was lost in reverie, aroused just thinking about his body. And here I was, about to meet him with his wonderful body completely naked! Through the fog of my reverie, I heard his reply to my request to come aboard.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “Permission granted.” The docking port hissed as vapor jets vented, and the walkway opened into Brad's ship. The vapor dissipated, revealing the powerful, handsome naked body of my beautiful cousin Brad at the entry, with someone just behind him, it looked like. I could see the other feet, but couldn't quite tell.

“Who's that with you?” I said, squinting against the glare of the boarding lights as I clambered up the steps, awkwardly manhandling my heavy pieces of luggage.

“No one, just me,” Brad said. “Probably my extra legs you're seeing. Well, they're mine.” He did a little dance step on his four large, handsome bare feet.

“Wow, Brad,” I said, surprised and inwardly aroused. “You are amazing like this!”

“Thanks,” he smiled, blushing. “I just needed the extra limbs for the kind of work I do. I can get a lot more done with them. 'Four hands are better than two!',” he added, holding all four of his big, wonderful hands in front of him, out for me to see. I wanted to hold and kiss them.

They were beautiful.

“Good to see you, Cuz,” he smiled, and before I knew it I was wrapped in the erotic and wonderful muscles of his four arms, holding me in a gentle hug. Our bodies pressed together, his naked penis pressingly affectionately against mine, buried as it was within my clothes. “Let me look at you!” Brad said. He held my shoulders with a pair of his large, gentle male hands, his second pair of hands wandering over me appraisingly, squeezing a muscle here, pushing the hair off my forehead there. “You've been working out!” he smiled.

I was certain he would notice my uncontrollable hardon. I swallowed, flushed with pleasure at the wonderful touch of his four large, virile young hands. “You've been working out, too, Brad!” I managed to say. “You're all muscle!” I hugged him back, getting my arms around all four of his, loving the feeling of trapping all four of them against his beautiful naked torso.

“It's nothin' much,” he said, the hands of his front arms clasping the wrists of his back arms, as his four bare feet shifted; I realized I was reading some shyness in his multi-limbed body language.

“Seems like quite a bit to me,” I said. His muscles were amazingly big, and my hands wanted to caress and feel them. They were so beautiful!

“It's not like I can take credit for working out,” Brad said, modestly stepping away from me to close the massive hatch. He paid attention to positioning his four hands on the hand-holds of the latching mechanism, but I noticed that his frontal penis was hugely aroused, as mine was. He had a second aroused penis, stemming from between his hind legs, and I could tell that he manipulated all four of his muscular legs carefully while it was huge in their midst.

“I just run my bodies through exercise routines while I'm not using them, and then I just rotate into freshly-pumped bodies,” Brad explained, closing the huge port entry seal expertly with his four strong arms. “But it is an advantage that I really like, and it helps me always feel fresh.” His four long, muscular arms easily picked up my luggage and he led me down the brightly lit hallway of the spacecraft.

I couldn't get over the sight of his four beautiful legs, the four feet stepping naturally in tandem, his handsome posteriors doing that little jiggle-left jiggle-right when he walked that he did even when he was two-legged. His four muscular legs moved with an athlete's almost catlike assurance and grace, only with male beauty that was arousingly human. He made no mention of his massive, bobbing erections as they swayed and rebounded, the hind penis constantly stimulated by the contact with the four legs that surrounded it. I was losing my train of thought as I found myself meditating upon his two huge penises, and by his four handsome feet as they cheerfully carried the weight of his sexy, muscular body along.

“You say you have more bodies?” I heard myself saying, almost dully. I guess I was stunned to an extent. “I thought you said you were alone.”

“Yeah, they're right through here,” he said, dropping my luggage to the side for the moment, and leading me through large glass double-doors. “I am alone. I'm the only person on board. I do have clones of my body, as I mentioned, but just my one mind. They're nice to have—very nice,” he said, “But it's not like having another person with you. It's great to have you with me!” he smiled.

I returned his smile, feeling a rush of love for him in spite of my efforts to conceal my passion for his multiple-liimbed body's irresistable sexuality.

“This is the gym,” he said proudly, two of his right hands indicating the expanse of room with a grand sweep. Sure enough, several copies of him and his handsome body were thoroughly pumped, sweating as their awesome muscles pulsed and swelled, working the exercise machines. Each one was to die for, looking very nice as they sweated and pumped, muscles sleek and shiny. Monitor units fitted about their necks showed glowing indicator lights glowing.

It was amazing to see so many Brads. Brad explained that his mind could be instantly transplanted via the monitor units into any of the clones.

Without his mind, the other Brads were essentially just bodies, with minimal self-care skills, although their care and feeding was automated. I was amazed at their beauty of multiple-limbed motion as the bodies worked the massive exercise machines, the bodies' powerful muscles gleaming. Rather than weights, the machines appeared to be geared to generators of some kind.

“There's some wonderful payback to all my bodies having four arms and four legs,” Brad smiled, resting his four hands on the powerful double shoulders of one of his handsome body-clones. “All these muscular bodies contribute quite a lot of energy, which the generators convert to power which keeps many of the ship's batteries charged from my workouts. Plus all my bodies stay in top shape. It's a win-win!”

“Whoa, man, this is awesome,” I said, aroused and dumbfounded. The spare Brad-bodies were so good-looking. I couldn't help notice that the muscular cloned bodies on the machines were very complete in their replication of Brad's beautiful extra limbs, right down to the large genitalia between the hind legs, just like the genitalia between the front legs. I guess I had never before realized Brad was so hung.

They all had Brad's beautiful face, but while Brad's face was animated with a boy's joy, the faces of his body-copies wore an expression of serene, meditative repose, even as they shone with perspiration from their workouts. “I'm sure you must have guessed this,” Brad smiled at me, nudging me with two of his shoulders, but when my mind is not occupying one of my clones, my clones' thoughts tend to dwell endlessly on sex. When my bodies aren't working out or sleeping, they are usually having incredible sex with one another. I guess they have more of my personality than I would have guessed. The only time one of my bodies has more sex is when I am in it, and if my front hardon isn't aching to come, my back hardon is. I'd be a billionaire if I had a dollar for every time I ejaculate! As you can see, my bodies swallow endless ejaculations of each others' come—it's actually a nutrient for them, except of course when they rump-feed each other!”

“Don't you or your bodies ever get tired?” I asked, feeling at a loss for something to say besides “wow.”

“Sure,” Brad said. “We sleep in shifts.” He caught himself with a laugh.

“I say we; I mean me and my bodies. By the way, it's time for this body to wander off to find another body to sleep with. Do you mind if I change bodies?”

“No,” I said, not wanting to faint.

“Hey, don't worry,” Brad said, noticing my near-swoon. “It's not that bad. Here.”

He held me in that wonderful four-armed embrace. I rested my cheekbone on his shoulder, letting my body weigh upon him. His four legs braced enough to keep his balance, and the fact of Brad having four beautiful legs did something to me. I guess it was a bit much to take all at once; but being with Brad was worth it, I told myself. I felt Brad doing something. One of the handsome, sweating naked bodies had dismounted from an exercise machine and walked its four handsome legs over to Brad; I could see its four bare feet next to Brad's. The other body put a couple arms around Brad and a couple around me, since I was (luckily) sandwiched inbetween Brad and his clone. I could feel their hearts pounding, and my own heart pounded and my hardon became huge as Brad and his clone kissed. First Brad moaned, then his clone, as Brad's mind left the body whose arms held me and entered the sweating body of the clone that had just walked over.

There was some activity of multiple hands to unhook the monitor unit from the sweating clone's body and reconnected it around the neck of what had up to now been Brad.

“I gotcha, Cuz,” Brad's voice came from my right, and I felt myself being passed to the this new, sweating body, its four muscular arms taking me to him as the first four gently let me go.

I looked up. The sweating clone was now Brad. Brad's beautiful boyish smile now lit up what had been a pleasant, relaxed clone-face.

“You're all sweaty,” I said to Brad in this new multi-limbed body, noticing how wonderfully warm and fragrant it body was, shiny with the fresh tang of sweat. Brad laughed, holding me in his wonderful muscular four-armed hug, and I gratefully buried my face in the warmth and sweat of his multiple shoulders and the nape of his muscular neck. “This body's just off the exercise circuit, pumped and primed,” he said proudly.

The body that Brad had just left had taken on a relaxed stance, yet its huge frontal and rear penises were fully aroused; its handsome Brad-face wearing a pleasant look of erotic anticipation. The beautiful body walked itself, the huge, aroused penises swaying slowly, into what looked like a heavily cushioned, dimly lit sleeping room, where dozens of Brad's handsome body-clones slumbered together or made slow, multiple-limbed, double-genital love.

“The monitor units provide rudimentary navigation and self-care skills to my body-clones,” Brad explained, still holding me in his four arms as we watched the handsome bodies make gentle male love to each other. I was in heaven.

“They're all just as horny as I am! And you can imagine what it's like to have two complete sets of male genitalia, both always in urgent need of coming.”

“But what about you, Brad? Doesn't your mind get tired?” I smiled. I wanted to kiss him.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I make sure I get regular sleep, even if my body's fresh. I've never found a body yet that wasn't glad to get some extra sleep,” he added with a smile.

He gave me a look that made me feel like I, too, had double hardons. “You ever thought of marrying me?” he asked. I almost swooned, but my lips found his. “I do,” I said.

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