Summer time busing

by Nuclear Fusion

On a hot summer day, taking the bus may not be the most comfortable way to travel—but it can still be a lot of fun for everybody on board. 

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I’d just finished going for a run myself, so I knew how hot of a summer day it really was out there. The older style bus didn’t have air conditioning and the open windows were barely getting enough of a breeze to make an impact on the oppressive heat inside. It didn’t help that every seat was taken and there wasn’t any standing room left in the place. At the previous stop, somebody had to scream that everybody needed to get out of the way so an elderly woman could hobble her way out the back. Tempers were rising with the temperature and I couldn’t blame anybody on here for being more than a little grouchy about the situation.

“Make room for one more,” the bus driver announced. “Move to the rear of the bus and make room for one more.”

“How are we going to do that?” somebody shouted back up front as extra room was made all the same. More huddling together, more heat, more grumbling.

I considered myself rather fortunate to have a seat in the back corner: I still had somebody sitting next to me, sure, but they were asleep, or at least doing the head bobbing thing people do when they are trying not to fall asleep yet ultimately failing. What a lucky fellow to be able to nod off and get away from the heat for a few minutes in the comfort of a dream, hopefully for his sake one about being somewhere much more comfortable and cool.

Little beads of sweat built up on my forehead that I brushed away with the collar of my t-shirt, ultimately doing nothing more than smearing a salty sheen across my whole face. The fabric was already soaked through, and I might as well have just tried to brush myself off with a warm damp cloth for all the good I’d accomplished. A cool shower to get rid of all the grime, bring down my temperature, and I’d be spending the rest of the day inside my apartment with the lights off and the fans blasting from every corner of the place.

“Keep moving to the back,” shouted the driver over the chorus of people complaining that there was no more room.

The fellow sitting next to me started to snore.

What was he dreaming about, I wondered? If it were me, I’m sure I’d be thinking about somewhere colder, like maybe a walk-in fridge with all the shelving removed. A nice large space that I could cool off in and enjoy some isolation. It did sound rather wonderful.

Perhaps he was thinking of being somewhere just as hot but more open, like the beach. Given the route I was on, the chances of most of the passengers going to the beach right now was quite high. I’d already been out earlier than most of them and even in the earlier hours of the day it had been nearly unbearably warm. Now I too was making my way to the beach with the hope that the ocean breeze might temper the blazing sun.

Mid-afternoon, however, and things were at their absolute worst. Yet here we all were, on a bus, a traveling can of heat packed sardine people.

A waft of something rank caught my nose. Was that my body odor? I hadn’t been able to shower earlier, but I had started my day properly with some deodorant. A quick, hopefully subtle, sniff above my shoulder told me that no, I wasn’t the cause of the smell. Well, it was public transit, on a blazing hot day no less, I couldn’t expect that everybody would have the wherewithal to mask their natural smells.

I listened in on the drone of conversation going on in the bus. A black man and woman sitting in the row in front of me were excitedly talking about meeting up with their friends later. Standing beside that couple, a trio of Latina girls piped up when one of them giggled and then shared her phone with the other two, causing all three to erupt in laughter.

“Hey, buddy, do you smell something?” the man on the other side of the sleeping fellow asked me when I happened to glance over in his direction. He was fully adorned in suit and tie, such that I wondered if he might not be the cause of the stench yet was covering for himself by questioning from where it was coming.

I nodded and shrugged. “It’s a public bus in the summer. It’s bound to be a little rank.”

The man clicked his tongue. “No, this is more intense than usual. I can’t quite place it though.”

Now that he brought it back to my attention, I had to admit he had a point. It was unmistakably the smell of a male, but somehow sweet at the same time. Alluring, even. I wanted to know the source of it, why it was so strong, why I wanted to just have my nose buried in it and think of nothing else.

I shook my head to clear it, then looked to the man who had awakened my senses to the smell. “See?” he said. “It’s not quite right, but it’s also not bad either.”

The sleeping fellow’s snoring grew louder.

He was just there, dozing away, completely oblivious to the odor that was only getting stronger. I had to know. The guy was only wearing a tank top, after all, he was basically exposed already, so it wouldn’t be too obvious what I was doing. I lowered my head towards his shoulder and took a sniff. Yup, that was the source all right. Wow.

The guy on the other side gave me a knowing look as he too came up from having taken a tentative sniff. He was thinking the same thing I was: what if we went back and got another one? He tilted his head toward the sleeper’s shoulder with a raised eyebrow. I held up a finger, trying to let him know to give me another moment, before I dipped back in again to confirm.

The second hit was better than the first. Whoever this sleeping fellow was, he had a scent that was like a perfume I just couldn’t resist, some sort of honey trap for my senses. Even though the musk never changed, I felt my understanding of it shift: no longer was it rank and off putting. It was becoming something I craved and needed to have myself absolutely coated in until I too smelled like it.

I grabbed the sleeper’s arm and lifted it, exposing the hair in his pit, fine strands of brown that tangled together into a respectable brush. The little crevice under his shoulder looked like it was made for my nose and so I did what was expected of me. In went my face, out went any other thoughts. This was where I was supposed to be, this was what I was made to do. I moaned, all together unashamed if anybody should catch me in the act.

From the other side I heard a response, a sound like my own. Reluctantly I removed myself from the slumberer’s armpit to see my accomplice do the same, sheepishly smiling at me.

“When I saw you go for it, I had to try too. I’m sure I’m not gay but damn if I don’t have the biggest boner I’ve ever had.” He pointed to his crotch where the bulge in his slacks was not just noticeable but looked downright painful being trapped in such a confining material.

“Hey, me too,” I indicated my own erection that was snaked along my hip, though I was wearing a more comfortable pair of running shorts that gave my member room to throb, the fabric rising and falling with my pulse. “I don’t think anybody else minds, though.”

I’m not sure how I knew that, but as I looked around the bus, I saw the confirmation: the couple was still chatting away, the women were still sharing memes on their phones, and overall the noise of too many people trapped in a bus on a hot summer day had only become louder. Too many things didn’t seem to be adding up correctly. For one, I had never been interested in men, and yet I found myself not only eagerly wishing I could go back to snarfing down this sleeping guy’s pits, I was openly admiring the dick of the guy one seat over. The complete lack of inhibition I displayed also should have surprised me, for I could not imagine a crowded bus would be unaware of my actions in the back, and yet I had the certainty that no matter how far I took things, nobody would so much as bat an eye my way. Most of all, I felt no panic. Something was guiding me, telling me what I was supposed to do and how to enjoy myself, and I was simply a drifter who would be carried along wherever I was taken.

Thus I put my nose back into the sanctuary of musk and sweat, my tongue lapping up moisture that dribbled down the mess of matted down hair stuck between his arm and chest. The taste was even better than the smell. I drank everything he had to offer until there was no more; but there would be. It was too hot for him not to start sweating again.

The other guy’s buttoned down shirt and jacket looked too tight for him. My t-shirt felt entirely too small as well as it stretched across my shoulders and chest. Always a runner, I was well acquainted with my own body, and what I now had was a body that was more muscular than it should be. And it was growing. As I watched my companion in debauchery, he watched me, and we stared at one another as our bodies swelled pound by pound, gaining mass by the moment.

I craved to touch him. Before my clothing split, I shuffled out of my seat, gingerly stepping over the sleeper so I could sit in the other man’s lap. His skin went from a pale white to a brilliant bronze, as if he too were out in the sun as much as I was on my runs.

“You read my mind,” he said, then pushed my head down to his to force our lips together, making me nearly swoon in his grasp. This felt beyond right, like something I always did with this fellow, yet I knew with certainty this was our first meeting. Did it matter? His tongue in my mouth tasted like the dreamer’s armpits. No, it didn’t matter, but I wasn’t sure if I had decided that or if the decision had already been made for me. We kissed, we marveled at our slowly strengthening forms, and we let ourselves become lost in the heat of our foreplay and the smell of manliness that permeated our beings.

When I finally came to, dazed and harder than ever, I had the wits to take note of the couple in the seats in front of us. They too were now making out, a man with a thick beard taking full control of his partner, a clean shaven and beautifully square jawed fellow. And in the aisle, the three Latino men were taking turns rubbing one another’s chests, their phones forgotten in their pockets. Breathtakingly handsome, every one of them, and I needed to experience them for myself.

But my companion would not so easily let me go, nor did I truly want him to release me. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and yanked it up as best he could manage. I helped him along, struggling and wriggling as the shirt was nearly plastered to my broadened frame thanks to an increased size and my own sweat. Together, we managed to bare my torso to the other patrons of the bus. I couldn’t leave him in a similar miserable fate, so while he massaged my chest, I got his jacket and shirt off of him. His tan was full, it seemed, which made sense. We both went running shirtless every morning when the weather permitted. Being so close together I could see I was just a shade darker than he was.

His boner throbbed under me, begging to be released from his sparkling blue poser as much as my ass wanted out of the red speedos I sported. I reached down to help slide it off, him shuffling in the seat and lifting his bubble butt to assist in my divesting him of the last of his clothing. The eight inch dick that popped out was already leaking sweet, pearlescent nectar before I even got my hands on it. I smeared the lubricant along his head, driving out a moan that should have been heard from the front of the bus. It wouldn’t matter, I knew. If anybody saw us at this point, they would either be into it or joining us soon. There was no stopping the orgy that was going to take place, that I knew was building up, and that I was ready to take part of until we were all forced off the bus at the end of our trip.

As if I had been taking dick since I hit college, he slid into me without resistance. One clench and we both were groaning. One thrust and we were both howling. One kiss and we were shut up, focused on the fucking. My cock slid up and down his abs, smearing his skin with my own juices, giving me a nice wall to hump, doubling my pleasure. The bus hit a bump, forcing him in even deeper, making me gasp into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how well I handled him, but of course, I knew this was far from the first time I’d enjoyed such intimacy.

We established a rhythm, giving me the ability to detach my attention and see what else was going on around us. The couple in front were still making out, but they had their hands on the other’s cock, stroking with a gentleness born of a long loving relationship. Beside them the trio were still groping their chests, each tending to their own poles. I estimated them to be in the range of five to seven inches, but their balls were the real winners, hanging low in their sacs, swaying with the motions of the bus.

Beyond them, there was a Korean man, shorter than his companion, but easily an equal in weight. His incredible musculature looked so much bigger on him. I made a note to come back to him later for some fun.

Farther up the bus, an elderly woman rested on her walker. She turned her nose up, making a face, and yet when I next blinked I saw there was an older gentleman who had not let the years prevent him from keeping up with his fitness. Though he did not possess quite the level of mass the rest of us did, his silver hair and beard made him so visually stunning that I was not surprised to see the younger folk swarm him, rubbing his shoulders as they filled out, getting their noses into his armpits and crotch.

“I’m cumming,” breathed the man under me. The splashes of heat inside me coupled with his throbbing erection had me shuddering. I squeezed and put my effort into riding him, allowing him to lean back in his seat and experience his first climax in another man’s ass. My first time being fucked by a man.

Only once I was sure he was finished did I pull off of him, carefully turning as best as possible to present my ass for a proper cleaning. While he licked me into a state of readiness for another fuck, I nuzzled my way between the couple, smiling at them.

“You’re both so hot,” I said, giving each of them a kiss, then moaning as I felt my fucker’s tongue press into my hole.

“Thank you,” said the man on the left, whose gravelly voice reverberated in my ears and heart. How lucky was his partner to have such a bass to wake up to every morning. They let me inhale their musk, pincering my face between their pits.

“Don’t forget about me now,” said the man who had been eating my ass out. He got up from his seat, but never made it around to join us. One of the Latino men pulled him into a make out session while the other two watched, using the spunk from their previous load to mat down the thick swirls of body hair that covered their torsos.

Would that I had the time to indulge in every single man on this bus. Everywhere I looked there was somebody who took my breath away, no two men alike, and yet all of us were the same in a way. We were dedicated bodybuilders, men who lived for the size we put on and the hours of grueling work in the gym. Years of lifting and training had brought us together, made us a community of men. When it had become known we were all gay, there were no more barriers. We were lustful, horny, and insatiable. Wherever we could indulge one another, we did so without limits.

And with us we carried a smell, so strong and manly, that it enticed others to join us in our hedonistic appreciation of all the male body could achieve and do.

“Last stop, Muscle Beach” called the bus driver in a profoundly low baritone. Alas, as that announcement meant we had to put a hold on our orgy. I slapped the fuzzy ass of a fellow who I had just been fucking as I pulled out, apologizing to him for having to cut our session short, but rules were rules.

“Find me when the sun sets,” he said in a thick Turkish accent as he pulled up a pair of golden posing trunks. I nodded, already thinking about how enjoyable the night would be following an afternoon spent sweating in the sun, laboring in the cage to push my muscles to their hardest and fullest.

The entourage of beef exited the bus with me being the last one on board. When I looked back, I noticed the man in the back, still asleep, the only one of us left unchanged. I went back to give him a shake, watching with a smile as his eyes fluttered open, then grew wider upon seeing me standing over him.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered, his boner evident in his khakis. “Not again.”

“Welcome back to reality,” I said, offering him a hand. “The rest of us are already on the beach. I don’t know how you did this, but I know you did.” He looked fearful, so I shook my head and smiled brighter. “I’m not upset. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

“So thank you for letting us be part of your dream.”

He took my hand, allowing me to help him into a standing position. Then I shoved his head into my pecs, put my hand on his ass, and dragged him off the bus with me.

I, for one, couldn’t wait to see everybody show their appreciation for this man as much as I intended to do.

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