The Book of Ra’malek

by Joshua

The Book of Ra’malek tells the story of the founding of a sacred Brotherhood by the warrior king and mystic, Ra’malek. The book is also the sacred text of this Brotherhood, an elite and little-known group of warrior-mystic men. They herald from a time when men had many husbands and wives. Sex is woven into the tapestry of their rites. Is this just another erotic fiction? Or might you, dear reader, be about to embark upon a life changing journey and find yourself amongst the ranks of this ancient organisation, still shrouded in mystery?

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The Beginning The Book of Ra’malek tells the story of the founding of a sacred Brotherhood by the warrior king and mystic, Ra’malek. The book is also the sacred text of this Brotherhood, an elite and little-known group of warrior-mystic men. They herald from a time when men had many husbands and wives. Sex is woven into the tapestry of their rites. Is this just another erotic fiction? Or might you, dear reader, be about to embark upon a life changing journey and find yourself amongst the ranks of this ancient organisation, still shrouded in mystery? (added: 30 May 2020)
The Great Debacle
The Origin of the Cloth
The Way
The Requirements of Initiation
The Ritual
No Signs
Membership of the Brotherhood
The Gift
The Weary Traveller
The Thin Man
The Thief
Initiation in the Time of Ra’malek
The Old Man
The Prophecy of Intolerance
The Prophecy of the Brief
The Wild Power
The Priest
The Tattooist
The Prophesy of the Prophet
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The Beginning

At the time of the beginning, before the World, there was nothing.

The great question arose from this nothing. The question was God. The answer was God.

Having nothing to do, God began making eternal mischief.


The Great Debacle

In the time of the war kings, deception and greed are common. Fear is the underlying character of the people. Even when religion is rampant, few understand reality as does the mystic. False knowledge is a shroud upon the divine, through which few minds will penetrate. So that even the devout are lost, hypocrites are everywhere and many are ignorant of the conflict and distress they sew in themselves.

Unbounded in mercy and wisdom, the divine will moves inexorably to maintain an inner harmony. The mind of men is guided toward freedom, towards truth. Seeing the rampant chaos of civilisation God draws his mortal instruments ever inward, toward the divine heart.

In the time of the war kings, a great political strife did befall a once great people. The army did revolt. Seven years of brutal civil war followed before order was restored to their society.


The Origin of the Cloth

Resolving that The Great Debacle would not soon repeat, the great and wise leader Ra’malek the warrior king did lay the foundation for the Brotherhood. It was to be an institution quite unlike any other. He proclaimed a sacred brotherhood that would teach the way of the mystic to only those who were ready, and that would resonate particularly with his warrior brothers and those possessed of courageous heart, and it should please the Gods to witness that humanity should not always fall victim to ignorance and fear.

In the dawn, just before sunrise, on the day of his initiation, the great Ra’malek proclaimed his blood stained loin cloth as the eternal identifier of the sacred warrior mystic brotherhood. This cloth, he said, surrounds the seat of my male power. So then, this cloth, shall be not only the badge of the warrior mystic, but also the seat of the power of the brotherhood. To consecrate this power, I shall abstain from ejaculation until sundown and then unleash my seed upon the garment, imbued with my intention and in the knowledge of my divinity.

Ra’malek arranged an elaborate ceremony with incense and fragrant oils, and only the most genuinely pious sages and mystics of his city. Together they blessed the cloth and imbued the cloth with divine magick. Spells of enhancement were woven into the fabric. Forevermore, the pious wearer would have the strength, courage, size, stamina, agility, patience, presence, grace and wisdom of ten-thousand warrior men. He would become the archetypal male, tempered only by the omniscience and omnipresence of God. Ra’malek had his scribe record the sacred rite so that it may be performed for successive cloth, and thus for initiates of the brotherhood.


The Way

A fellow warrior asked of Ra’malek, “Sir, please may I know the way of the brotherhood?”

Ra’malek replied, “The way of the brotherhood is simple; you must find out what you are.”

“I fear I do not know where to begin,” replied the warrior.

Ra’malek said, “Always you must begin where you appear to be. This is the beginning, the middle and the end.”

The warrior shook his head and seemed more frustrated.

Ra’malek said, “Whatever it is you think you are, you are not. Let it go now. It will serve you no longer. Hold all thoughts, feelings and appearances like eggs. If you hold them too tightly, they break and you have a sticky mess on your fingers. Do not concern yourself with failure.”

The great warrior paused and then continued, “You must let all that is false wither and die. Embrace your death without fear, and you will understand the way of the brotherhood.”

The warrior gazed at Ra’malek for a moment, bowed his head in thoughtful repose and moved slowly away.


The Requirements of Initiation

Ra’malek has said, “The garment should be of the best quality the initiate can procure. After blessing, it is a sacred object. Thus is should be treated with respect. It should be kept as clean as practical and washed regularly if possible. It should be of a material befitting the magickal energy to which it will become bonded. Ejaculatory emissions are, within reason, an exception. Being of the origin of that from which the power of the sacred cloth is derived, they are not unclean. Though the initiate should avoid trampling carelessly upon, or using the cloth, as if an ordinary rag without due consideration of the sanctity of the object.”

The initiate must have attained an adequate degree of realisation, prior to the blessing. On this, Ra’malek says, “That which is impure cannot purify. You cannot clean your hands with mud. The mind which has not seen through the illusion of the existence of mind, cannot sufficiently sanctify the sacred cloth. The initiate must, of his own volition, and through his own direct experience, during the course of his ordinary life, be unshakeable from the conviction that he is God.”

Ra’malek stresses a point, “The man who believes he is God is not realised, he is deluded. He is worse still than those who are merely ignorant. Belief is not faith. When this is understood, the initiate is ready.”


The Ritual

This is the sacred ritual of blessing and initiation of a garment. Ra’malek explains, “The ritual as demonstrated will begin shortly before sunrise. The sunrise is symbolic of the potency of divine manifestation, and the archetypal male.”

“If the weather permits, the initiate will perform the ritual wearing only the cloth to be blessed. He will rest upon his knees, with his buttocks upon his heels, like so.” Ra’malek sits as such, “You kneel in prayer to yourself. You should, if possible, also face the east whereupon the sun will shortly arise.”

Ra’malek continues, “Look in the direction of the horizon, straight ahead. Place your palms together pointing upward and just in front of your chin, in the prayer pose, like so,” Ra’malek demonstrates. “In your native tongue you will speak, or in your mind you will hold the intent:”

Ra’malek summons, “I call upon the sacred brotherhood of red cloth. Let the spirit of all brothers, past and future, witness and sanctify this sacred ritual.”

Ra’malek moves his prayer hands down to his upper chest, and says, “I accept and invite the wisdom of the brotherhood, and of the divine, into my heart.”

Ra’malek inverts his prayer hands and moves them down to the front of the cloth, and says, “Bless this garb with the power of the sacred brotherhood, the divine male archetype, and by the potency of my masculinity. I accept and invite the power of the brotherhood into this garb.”

“Wearing this sacred cloth, my wisdom and power are magnified ten-thousand fold.”

Ra’malek says, “Now you rise and meet the sun,” and moves to his feet as he does so. He stands straight and tall, hands on hips and awaits the sunrise. Then he continues, “Let the brotherhood welcome this man and bless this garb. This man is a brother of the sacred brotherhood.”

Ra’malek says, “The ritual is now complete. Throughout the day, one should abstain from sex or masturbation, if possible. In the evening, after sunset, you may celebrate in whatever way you choose. Abstinence is an offering of your sacred masculine energy to the brotherhood.”


No Signs

The scribe once asked the great warrior, “Are there any signs of realisation?”

Ra’malek replied, “My friend, there are no signs of realisation. If I say, it will be like so, or it will be like such, there will always be an exception. Do not concern yourself with signs. Only concern yourself with seeing clearly, the nature of the self, and the nature of that which appears to pose the question.”


Membership of the Brotherhood

Such is the way of the mystic that the brotherhood would be open to all. Ra’malek decreed that membership of the brotherhood would be subject to only two conditions:

1. That the initiate had discovered his divinity and verified the depth of his realisation by way of his own experience in mundane human affairs – only the realized would have the wisdom and grace to wield the power of their affiliation with the brotherhood,

2. That the initiate take up the sacred garment of the brotherhood of his own volition, and consecrated by his own hand and seed, and by way of the sacred ritual – energetically bonding his incarnation with that of his brothers and enabling himself to wield the full power of the brotherhood.

The initiate, having consecrated his first garment would henceforth and until his death be a member of the brotherhood. The heart alone has sole authority in respect of membership. No institution or social body can revoke the membership of a brother. Membership once established is irrevocable and eternal.


The Gift

One day Ra’malek sat atop the mount, gazing into the cool morning air and watching the warriors training a short distance below. Motionless he took in all. One young warrior in particular caught his eye. He was not nearly as solid as his peers but Ra’malek later spoke of him as having been possessed a certain quality he once noted in himself – an inner stillness, a quiet observance.

The great warrior continued his observation of the training until it ended. Then at once, the great warrior descended and approached the young warrior he had noticed earlier. He said, “Young sir, I have a gift for you.”

Ra’malek reached into his rucksack and withdrew a sacred cloth. It was one of his own. He handed the cloth to the young man, who seemed a little taken by shock and awe at the sudden appearance of the great warrior and his gift.

“Thankyou, sir,” he replied.

Before he could finish, Ra’malek continued, “You are most welcome. You will wear it now.”

Not wanting to argue or irritate the great warrior whose presence stood before him, the young warrior swiftly removed his own cloth and donned the sacred garment offered to him by his new mentor. The change was swift with this one.

The musculature of the young warrior writhed and inflated considerably, much to the astonished gasps of a few of his peers. He stood a little taller too.

Ra’malek looked pleased, “Your change is swift young warrior – a testament to the stillness of your mind and the courage of your heart. You will come to know your own grace this year. On that day, you will join the brotherhood.”

Ra’malek turned and withdrew from the throng of students just as quickly as he had entered.


The Weary Traveller

A brother once travelled far in search of work. As the day grew old, he stumbled upon a village. Near the periphery he stopped by a large old tree to gather himself for the night ahead. As he gazed calmly into the twilight, a man called out to him, “You look weary from your travels my friend. Can I offer you a bed and a warm meal?” Graciously, the brother accepted.

Having casually glimpsed the attire of his host, the traveller asked, “Are you a brother friend?”

To which his host replied, “Of the great Ra’malek himself.”

They ate, drunk and laughed heartily that evening.


The Thin Man

A very thin man once approached Ra’malek and asked of him, “Brother, I am a scholar and I am physically quite thin. Does this prevent me from joining the sacred brotherhood?”

To which Ra’malek replied, “No sir, the brotherhood is open to all.”

Satisfied, the thin man went away and studied himself diligently.

After one year, the thin man returned to the tavern. Ra’malek – himself a stocky and physically imposing figure – drew the young man near and would not allow him to leave his side. At one time, Ra’malek remarked, “The brotherhood is without hierarchy. Would it be otherwise, this thin man would be our leader. The courage of the thin man is pure. He doth not depend on his muscles.”

It is said that later that evening an innkeeper witnessed Ra’malek performing fellatio upon the thin man. It is also said, that the thin man was hung like a horse.


The Thief

A jealous, insecure man, misunderstanding the way of the Brotherhood thought to make the power of the Brotherhood his own. Having heard of the power of the sacred cloth, one evening he waited patiently behind a shrub along the roadside. As a lone brother was returning home from the tavern on foot, the insecure man leaped at the brother from the side and knocked the brother to the ground.

The brother had not time to right himself before he was unceremoniously unclothed. His assailant could hardly contain his enthusiasm as he dove behind the shrub to remove his own undergarment and affix to himself the sacred cloth.

Having righted himself and standing straight and tall, the now naked brother looked silently in the direction of the shrub.

“Do not try to stop me brother, I have your power now!” exclaimed the misinformed thief.

“You are mistaken sir. You wear my sacred cloth. Though your actions betray you.”

The thief thought he knew better. Arrogantly strutting toward the brother who still stood motionless, he thrust out his arm as if to send the brother hurtling backwards some significant distance. His palm impacted and slid from the chest of the brother. The thief was suddenly confused and disheartened.

“Your phony garment is useless! You can keep it!” The thief threw down the cloth, affixed his former attire and stormed off.

The brother calmly brushed off his cloth and affixed it to his waist. As he donned the sacred cloth, his muscles rippled considerably beneath his skin, for just a moment. Without the slightest strain, the brother began to levitate and took flight silently and at considerable speed toward the river.


Initiation in the Time of Ra’malek

Newly initiated members of the Brotherhood often spontaneously introduce their own rites of passage. Though they are not necessary for membership, many brothers seem moved by the heart to perform these rites. These additional rites have become a custom in the time of Ra’malek.

It is common that the young initiate will often remove of their own volition their sacred enchanted cloth and invite a veteran brother to penetrate him from behind, whilst the veteran is still wearing around his testes and thus imbued with the full power of the brotherhood. A common variation of this theme is for the initiate to perform fellatio upon the veteran brother, under the same conditions. The ejaculation of the veteran is symbolic of the creation of a new brother. Sometimes the roles reverse. The ejaculation of the initiate is controlled by the veteran, and taken by the veteran as the divine, as a sacred offering to give thanks for the gift of brotherhood.

During the time of Ra’malek, men of the brotherhood took both wives and husbands, and partners both male and female. It was a glorious time of uninhibited celebration. There was much drink and merriment.


The Old Man

One day an old brother was cleaning himself by the river. As he removed his sacred cloth, his belly hung lower and the scant definition in his arms did diminish. For a lay man the transition would have seemed undignified.

Alas, the brother was in his sixtieth decade and he had relied too heavily upon the endowments of the sacred cloth. His muscles no longer fortified by the considerable magick of the cloth, wading into the water his heart gave out. He stumbled forwards into the water and died.

At the moment of his death, the sacred cloth promptly disintegrated like ash into the wind.


The Prophecy of Intolerance

During his lifetime, Ra’malek had many dreams and visions. One day, he said:

“There will come a time of great intolerance. Men of the brotherhood are seldom understood. Though in this time to come, they will be mocked for their faith and ostracised for their practices. In this time to come, our brothers will be tortured and their bodies mutilated. They will be castrated. They will be exiled. They will be stoned to death.”

His scribe is said to have shed but a single silent tear upon hearing these words. Ra’malek continued:

“Fear not, for the time of intolerance will pass and those that would persecute will themselves witness swift retribution. The bond of brotherhood is stronger than any bond of intolerance. With this sacred bond, with our sacred rites, we honour the courage and forbearance of the fallen and support them with the same spirit that moves our prayers.”

The scribe and Ra’malek clasped hands, held each other close and without words, thoughts or movement, visited all corners of the World, past, present and future to deliver their strength.


The Prophecy of the Brief

During his lifetime, Ra’malek had many dreams and visions. One day, he said:

“There will come a time when men will fly through the air in metal tubes and access the knowledge of humanity through a great planetary network of lightning.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “During this time, the technology of humanity will enable men of the brotherhood to wear cloth that hugs the body. It will flatter and compliment the natural beauty of the archetypal male form.”

A fellow brother asked, “Tell me more about this garb, sir! It sounds wonderful.”

Ra’malek continued, “The garb is indeed wonderful. It is soft to the touch. It is quite stretchy and sensual I think. It has a certain sheen when light falls upon it. They describe their garb as ‘brief’ for like our own cloth, they do not conceal much skin, and hang in much the same shape. Most of our brothers wear red, though some occasionally experiment with other hues, including black.”


The Wild Power

At the eve of a great battle, Ra’malek said to his fellow warriors, “Save your strength. Abstain from self-pleasure for the coming week. The brotherhood needs your creative power to pacify those who would attack our village.”

A warrior said, “Does it weaken us to masturbate?”

To which Ra’malek replied, “A little, yes. If you do so often enough, you will not be as strong as you could be. Take your time and follow your heart, you will enjoy yourself more.”

Privately in the company of only members of the brotherhood, a warrior asked, “I do not think it should concern the brothers so, Ra’malek. We are endowed with great strength by our cloth.”

Ra’malek replied, “The body is mortal and grows tired. It is not in the order of things for it to behave tirelessly in the same way as does the divine spirit which moves it. Even a brother will be weakened for a time by the expulsion of his seed. Enjoy it, but do not do so recklessly.”

The warrior nodded his agreement and moved away peacefully.

Ra’malek continued to speak with those warriors who were still present, “The power of the brotherhood and of the sacred cloth is drawn not only from the immortal spirit but from the mortal instrument. The power is as a wild horse. Allow the heart move the body freely. Only the heart has the strength to ride with good grace the divine force of masculinity.”


The Priest

A priest once spoke to Ra’malek, “Your brotherhood is a sham. You claim to be followers of a path to Enlightenment, yet your practices and rituals deal in crude sexuality. Why do you deceive others in this way?”

To which Ra’malek replied, “It is not I who deceives. The man who represses his sexuality represses a function of himself which is divine in nature. He is tortured and prone to acting out in ways that do violence toward others. He who cannot be honest with himself is the deceiver. The dishonest mind cannot subside. The dishonest man cannot know God.”


The Tattooist

A tattooist once asked Ra’malek, “Sir, might one utilise a tattoo in place of the sacred cloth? What happens if you should loose the cloth? Are you not vulnerable?”

To which Ra’malek replied, “If I tattoo my arm, I may loose my arm. In any case, the one who has nothing to loose is not humble, cannot relate to his fellow man. I am as a man wearing a sacred cloth who might be felled quite easily without it, thus I do not loose touch with my humanity.”

Ra’malek added, “In any case, it has much practical utility against the elements and for those of an athletic inclination. You rarely see men without a cloth of some kind.”


The Prophesy of the Prophet

During his lifetime, Ra’malek had many dreams and visions. One day, he said:

“There will come a time when a man will live who will come to know the brotherhood through his dreams and his creative spirit.”

Pointing to his body, Ra’malek continued, “Eons after this body has died, a man wearing a far superior red cloth to my own, a philosopher, a mystic and a writer, will channel my words and the story of the brotherhood. Through his silence, and through his thoughts, words and actions, he will rekindle the flame of the brotherhood.”

A fellow brother asked, “What is the name of this man?”

To which Ra’malek continued, “He will be called Joshua. He will live in the time of flying metal tubes and the great planetary lightning network. He will be born in spring, the son of a librarian and an artist. He will bear the mark of the serpent. He will have a thin body, blonde hair and deep blue-grey eyes. He will have a quiet nature and a keen wit, and a penetrating intellect.”

Ra’malek pauses for a moment and continues, “He will live in a time when man has become so spiritually and psychologically conceited as to scoff at and frequently misunderstand the ways of the brotherhood. People will generally think of him as a quirky author, an author of erotic fiction.”

“Nevertheless, Joshua will be recognised by a few of his peers and will touch the hearts of many. A select few in his time will ponder the tale of the Brotherhood carefully enough to see the truth at which these tales are pointing. They may yet come to recognise that the story is not only true, but that it points at the one who is reading as if a mirror and begs the question ‘Who or what are you?’”

Ra’malek said, “Any would be friend of mine is a friend of Joshua.”

A brother asked, “Will he become a brother of the sacred brotherhood?”

Ra’malek replied, “The wisdom and power of the brotherhood runs strong within him. He has long dreamed of us and he is one of us. Blessed will be those who know the man throughout the life of his full realisation.”

20 parts 3,918 words Added May 2020 4,498 views No votes yet

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