The curse

by muscl4life

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The guy pretends he hasn’t noticed me from the moment I entered this joint—like anyone could miss this body walking in or out any place. As usual, I like to play their games, so I just sit at the back of the bar where I’m positive he can’t miss my green eyes nor my orange-brown hair. As I ask for my beer, I make sure he gets a full view of my huge muscles while I casually stretch these marvelous pecs of mine. It’s just a matter of time now until he makes his move.

Twinks are easier to get. They always have a thing for guys like me, and I have no story to tell them. Just easy to come by no-strings-attached sex. This guy isn’t tall but not that short either, probably 5’9” but so fuckin’ skinny—he must have weighed under 140 pounds. He really shouted “fag” with those tight women jeans, pointy cowboy boots, that tight pink shirt with a big red heart adorned in glitter, and his spiked bleached blond hair and blue contacts. Who did he think was he kidding? What a loser… but I can’t take my eyes of him— DAMNThe fag orders a girly drink, perches his mouth around that straw in a way even a slut would be ashamed of doing and looks at me with those fluttering big fake blue eyes of his. I smile, mostly because that idiot is making me horny, so horny like I have never been in ages! Oh fuck, my cock is growing harder, and those pants are new—I can’t ruin them now—

He changes the music on the jukebox, approaches me and looks at me with a phony smile.

“Do you have the time?”

God, lamest, pick-up, line, ever. I hate when they do that especially when there’s a big honking clock at the bar, but just the sound of his forced girly voice makes my cock pulsate inside my pants.

“Too late for you to be alone—” I answer with the poorest comeback I can remember because I know they love it. The fag giggles, pretending to be embarrassed by my flirting.

“I can take care of myself—”

“Can you take care of me, then?” I say at once, spreading my arms and opening my legs so he can take a view of my enormous package. After all, a 6’8”, 597 pounds man with 27” guns, 76” chest, size 26 feet and a 15” cock is a fucking hot sight. The poor guy drops his drink at the floor. I stand up and hold his chin. “So, are you in or are you out?”

“I-I don’t have enough money. I can’t p-pay you—” he mumbles anticipating the obvious. No alpha male muscle god like me would even notice a squeaky queer like him, no one but this alpha male muscle god–because I am hot for him.

“Who said I need your money, all I want is your love,” I whisper into his ear, as I slow-dance with him. All the other guys can’t believe their eyes, a massively hulking muscle man dancing with such a lucky twink.

It doesn’t take much talk to convince him to take us to a more comfortable place where we can be more… intimate. He drives a small Korean car, so small my shoulders are almost tearing apart the walls of that cardboard box vehicle. When he’s not looking at the road, he keeps on gawking at me and repeating, “You’re too big to be true!”, and I laugh.

“You can help me with that!” I say, lying through my teeth. I just want get this over with it, before it’s too late—

We arrive at his place, the Magic Queendom, the faggiest place on Earth. Thick pink carpets, Care Bears plushes, Hello Kitty pictures, fortune gnomes everywhere. I just couldn’t believe how queer this guy is, but I couldn’t care less. I just grab his small frame and toss him onto the bed. He looks at me with lustful, hungry eyes and quickly reaches for my pants to unzip them.

“Careful honey, I don’t want to ruin another pair,” I warn him and start peeling off my skin-tight black tank top. I couldn’t wear anything with sleeves, and even tank tops were always too tight around my chest and hung too loosely around my waist. Slowly, I reveal my super-huge abdominal muscles, 8 massive stones sculpted on my rock-hard body. His fingers bump up and down the cervices of my muscles. He just couldn’t get enough of them; the incredible feeling of that body was too good to be real.

“What’s your name anyway, big guy?” he asks, already stripping to his—oh man, don’t tell me he’s wearing panties. Fuck, what a girly loser, but that just made me want him even more.

“You can call me Dylan.”

“You’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen, Dylan! Those muscles of yours are just surreal!” he exclaims, taking his hands to his mouth.

I chuckle. “Nice to see you care about a huge man. Now, come here and worship these guns, sweetie!” I flex my mind-blowing monstrous arms, which the twink hugs with all his might. I gotta tell you, this was the best part of being so huge: having those fags all fascinated by my unearthly physique.

As I feel his embrace around my biceps, the thrill of his worship makes my cock so hard I don’t have the time to take off my jockstrap. “Oh shit!” I cry aloud as we both hear the ripping sound of my alabaster cock tearing my last piece of underwear.

The fag boy’s jaw drops. “That is insane!

I roll my eyes. “I guess I’m just big down there too, huh?”

The blond twink grins, attacks my lips and kisses me like the sissy he is. I feel the pressure building on my limbs and know what has to be done.

Quickly, I grab the sissy boy and rip off his clothing. I put him on his fours on the bed. “I’ll need to stretch you a little. Hope you can handle my monster cock, dude!” I say, grinning at him who just nods anticipating the pain.

“Oh Dylan, please be careful!”

Oh, I had to be careful. One of the rules said I couldn’t rape them nor could I hurt them on purpose. I grab the lube, grease my fingers and insert one into his tiny butt. He’s a neat fag; his anus is shaved. His lean firm legs are almost feminine, even his cock is small. What a complete loser this fag is, but pretty soon, it won’t matter anyway.

The fag moans like a girl as I work his hole. I keep teasing him inserting my second and then third fingers, but I just can’t hold much longer. My cock has already reached 15” long. If I don’t speed things up, it’ll be too late.

After loosening him up, I pull out and position my cock on his sphincter. Upon contact, his eyes widen, and he shoves the pillow over his mouth. I grin and slowly insert the first 6 inches, then the other 6, and finally I thrust the whole 15-inch rod up his butt. A good thing about twinks was that they were used to having big cocks up their chutes, so they are looser and more, I would say, accommodating.

I smile as I feel myself fully inside that fag, and it feels so good, so warm and cozy. I hold his tiny body and kiss his neck. I lean forward and engulf his petite frame with my hulking mass of muscles, push my cock deeper inside him, pound his butt slowly but steadily and hear his moans grow louder but incredibly deeper.

That was it! Right on time again! I think as the feeling seemed to run along my huge cock and spread away from the head. I keep pounding my poor fag harder and harder and feel the power of my thrusts fading away. The relief feels good, but fucking him feels even better. I feel so alive, so powerful. I grab him under the belly and lay him down on my back, sustaining his tiny little body on my prick. He has a hot bottom. As soon as he realizes my intentions, he plays along. Soon, we are both watching me fuck him on the mirrored ceiling, my huge massive muscular body spread all over his tiny bed, and his tiny lean body impaled on my gargantuan manhood. He uses his legs to go up and down my cock, but he doesn’t realize what’s happening to him as I continue to fuck his tiny body.

I watch as his body starts to grow on my prick, his once lean girly physique quickly engorging, augmenting and becoming manlier, stronger, better. I always enjoy this part, maybe because deep inside I’m a believer—

His muscles expanding, his ride on my dick feels even better, his legs getting more muscular every time he pumps them up and down to slide his body on my cock. His abs has been already nice, but now they have simply ballooned. His chest is filling up with more and more muscle, his biceps are thickening, and his shoulders are widening. Even the muscles on his neck are growing bigger and thicker. His jaw has gotten flatter; his features have grown more virile. I can even see the hair on his chest and groin growing thicker and darker as I keep on fucking his not-so little muscle bubble butt.

Meanwhile, my rider never has a clue of what’s happening to him. Even his behavior is changing. From girly sissy squeaks, he starts howling and growling like the man he’s becoming. His muscles only make his ride more delightful to me. I relax and let him work my monster cock on his own now since he’s has gotten so much stronger.

He has completely changed. No longer the girly fag boy I met in the bar, he is now a real man. His muscles are nothing compared to mine, of course, but he’s still growing, maybe he’ll even be a little taller than me. Sometimes that happened so they could pack more muscle, but his frame has surely transformed from a twink’s to muscle god’s, and it’s all because of me.

“Oh shit, oh fuck!” he blurts out in a voice I don’t recognize.

I look up and discover my newly transformed twink has just seen himself in the mirror, all the while never letting up on pleasuring my monster cock. He just can’t believe it at first, like they always do, but as soon as he flexes a couple of times and laughs, he goes back with even more energy to my cock. His growth is almost done now, and to me that only means one thing… it’s about time“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!” I groan as I hold his waist and start jerking off his thick dick and thrusting in him a few times more. When I fully impale his muscular body on my cock, I reach my long-denied orgasm. The river of cum floods his guts, and the spillover gushes back out of his hole as his own cock is spraying his new thick man juices everywhere around the room. I bet he’s cumming more this one time than all the times he’s shot off in the past combined. I keep pumping him up and down for a few more minutes until his cock goes limp again.

“Fuuuuccck,” he rumbles before passing out and collapsing on top of me. I roll our bodies over on the bed and when he’s on his back, I easily pull out my spent cock from his cream-filled ass. I stand up and take a good look at my latest victim. I take a deep breath. Even asleep, he looks so manly, so powerful with his huge hairy chest heaving slowly. His ruggedly handsome face now sports a five o’clock shadow. He completely looks out of place in his pretty-in-pink room.

I’m still much taller than him though he is a little over six feet tall, a good height for his new mass. He is definitely over 250 pounds; I can tell precisely he is 258 pounds. Practice makes perfect. I have to admit this guy is one of the hottest I’ve ever had, but now I’ve completely lost any interest in him, not to mention that he isn’t the right guy for me.

After cleaning up after myself, I leave his place and leave behind a hot muscle man, massively muscular and incredibly hung with huge balls, who’s going to have one hell of a morning when he wakes up. Poor boy probably doesn’t have anything in his wardrobe that will fit him, but in the end, he’ll be OK, which is more than I can say for me.

As expected, he wasn’t the one I’ve been looking for. A night like this makes me wonder if I’m ever going to find him. Still, I should count my blessings. I managed to get through this night under 600 pounds, and that’s a reliefI walk down the street on the way back to my place, or better, back to what’s left of my place, because I’ve pretty much destroyed everything there. Being as strong as you look has its downsides, believe me. I have to be aware of my surroundings all the time; otherwise, I’ll just break everything around me. One of the many aspects of this so-called life of mine—

I had everything! I was on the road to success. Heck, I used to be just 190 pounds of ripped lean muscles distributed on my tall 6’4” frame, very appealing for modeling, but thanks to one mistake of crossing the wrong man, I’m cursed to keep growing bigger and bigger until I find the one who can save me from all this.

Oh, if could I only go back in time, I’d make sure I never would’ve met the man who made me this way. This is entirely his fault, that bastard!

Myles, you miserable wizard!

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