The house

by Writ Bro

When Harry gets an inheritance he could have never dreamed of, he quickly realises his life is about to change. But the true extent of the changes will truly blow his mind.

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Chapter 1: The Unexpected Inheritance When Harry gets an inheritance he could have never dreamed of, he quickly realises his life is about to change. But the true extent of the changes will truly blow his mind. (added: 21 Jan 2023)
Chapter 2: The Earls’ Room
Chapter 3: Leon Harry has a dream body, a dream cock, and all the wealth and luxury he could want. The only thing better would be sharing it. (added: 22 Jul 2023)
Chapter 4: The House Manager Harry and Leon meet the house manager, Felix, who helps them find out more about the place, what the previous earls have done, and what possibilities they might want to explore for the future. (added: 5 Aug 2023)
Chapter 5: GayGymSquad Harry recuits his gym buddies to fill some vacancies in the estate’s support staff. (added: 2 Sep 2023)
Chapter 6: The Grown Gang Harry’s gym gang grows, with a few surprising consequences. (added: 9 Sep 2023)
Chapter 7: Growing the Staff When Harry decides to let go, he watches anxiously as his best friend Ali arrives at the house. Will he join too? (added: 16 Sep 2023)
Chapter 8: A Growing Estate Interviews begin for the vacant household positions—but will they find someone who’s a good enough fit? (added: 23 Sep 2023)
Chapter 9: The New Starter The new head of housekeeping starts, learning the full truth about the Earl and his muscle manor. Meanwhile, Alistair struggles with his own decision: to grow, or not to grow? (added: 7 Oct 2023)
Chapter 10: Recruitment Ali takes to the gay muscle-stud life, while Harry widens his search for growth-hungry men to add to his new family. (added: 14 Oct 2023)
Chapter 11: The New Beginning As they ready the estate for a new wave of members, the crew discovers more secrets under its stately façade. Are Francois and Hamza, the latest recruits, prepared for big men and big growth? (added: 21 Oct 2023)
Chapter 12: The First RecruitsThe new recruits arrive, shaking things up for the already-transformed men as the novices come to appreciate the possibilities offered on this particular estate. (added: 24 Feb 2024)
Chapter 13: Growing the RecruitsHarry settles into a new power dynamic with Felix as more recruits level up. (added: 2 Mar 2024)
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Chapter 1: The Unexpected Inheritance

Harry shook off the umbrella as he walked through the revolving door into the large lobby. He took a moment to breath as he composed himself, soaked through from the heavy rain.

He wasn’t ready for this. At just 21, being here was just a bit crazy.

As he wiped his glasses he saw he was in a large modern, marble space, with a large staircase at the centre leading up to the first floor. On the lefthand side the surface of the light brown marble wall was rough and water slowly trickled down it into a pool below. On the righthand side was the long desk of receptionists, with behind it in gilded letters *Slayer and June LLP*.

Harry felt somewhat out of his depth. He was just a barman from Leeds. But he had been summoned here by a peculiar letter that he had not expected, nor could make much sense of.

He pulled the letter out again, mostly just to triple check the person he had to ask for.

Dear Mr Williams,

I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to you on the urgent matter of the estate of Lord Strongworth.

We at Slayer and June LLP have been responsible for the management of the Strongworth estate for many years and it is with great urgency that we must speak with you.

Please attend our offices, as per the address above, on 18 September at 11:00 so that we may discuss this matter with you.

Please confirm with my secretary on the number below that you are able to attend this appointment.

Yours sincerely,
Jacob Slayer,
Managing Partner

Harry had confirmed with Jacob’s secretary and there he was, drenched in rain. He had tried to research Lord Strongworth, but had no luck finding out anything about him. He had been able to find out that Slayer and June was London’s most elite law firm, and Mr Slayer was its head. Harry was nervous as he spoke to the receptionist.

“I’m here to see Mr Slayer,” he said politely, his voice trembling slightly.

“Of course. You must be Harry Williams?” the receptionist asked, clearly expecting him.

Harry simple nodded and the lady got up and came round from the desk. “If you follow me, please?”

They walked up the staircase, made of perfect glass, into a luxurious looking lounge. They walked straight through into a corridor of what appeared to be meeting rooms. At the end of the corridor, the receptionist opened a door into what turned out to be an even more decadently furnished room.

“Could I get you a drink?” she asked.

“Just a glass of water would be good,” he said shyly.

“No worries, I’ll be back in just a moment and Mr Slayer will be down shortly. Please do take a seat.”

Harry tried to smile as she walked out and closed the door. He looked around the room, which had two very comfortable-looking leather sofas, as well as a small table that could seat four. On the wall were beautiful paintings and a plush carpet clad the floor. It felt nothing like a corporate meeting room but rather a small, luxurious living room in some upscale apartment block.

He sat down on the sofa and looked out of the window, onto what was unmistakably the Bank of England. Even on the first floor, they had a view.

Harry was very aware he wasn’t dressed for this. He hadn’t been able to afford new trousers so was wearing his black jeans he wore at work, and a jacket he had borrowed off his friend Alistair. It was a bit big on his slender and short frame. At 5’10”, Harry wasn’t short, but he wasn’t very tall either. His shaggy blond hair hung in front of his eyes as he hadn’t had the chance to get it cut. He thought he looked cute in it anyhow, and it often got him some tips, along with his boyish charm.

After a few moments the door opened and a man walked in. Handsome and probably middle aged, clad in a perfectly cut black pinstripe suit and dark blue tie. He was carrying a glass of water and a leather folder. Harry automatically stood up.

“Mr Williams, I assume?” he said with a posh voice.

“Yes, you must be Mr Slayer.”

“Indeed. Please call me Jacob,” he said, putting the water glass down on the coffee table before shaking Harry’ hand.

“Please, have a seat.”

Harry sat down obediently, still feeling very much on edge.

Jacob, in contrast to himself so he realised, looked suave. His suit so trim, not a millimetre too big or too small, his glasses from some designer brand and the cufflinks must have been real silver.

“Mr Williams, let’s get right to it. You must wonder why we asked you to come here today.”

Harry just nodded.

“It has taken us quite a long time to find you. See—” . He pulled out a document from his leather folder. “—according to this will, you are the heir of the estate of Lord Strongworth.”

Harry was baffled. He wasn’t expecting this.

“I know that might seem odd, but it’s true. According to this will, the heir should be the only son, of the first daughter, of the second son of the grandfather of the current Lord.”

As he explained this, Jacob had traced a pen along a family tree in front of him, which put Harry right in that spot.

“This here is Lord Strongworth,” he said. Once again he pointed at the family tree, indicating the sheer distance between Harry and the unknown Lord.

“It may seem odd but this is a longstanding family tradition, and my firm has had the privilege of being the family lawyer for many decades. The late Lord Strongworth was also an only child, and he died having never married, nor having had any children.

“Mind you, you were the first in line, but there was a solution should your mother not have had a son. But I suppose luckily for you, she did.”

Harry didn’t know what to say. It was all a bit weird…

“I know this is a bit much and we should, I suppose, get to the matter at hand.”

He folded his hands. “The inheritance is not unsubstantial. The Lords Strongworth have always worked hard to stay out of the limelight, and indeed you should not be able to find out much about the family online. You can find some information about them in books about old English families but that ends at the start of the 19th Century. From then on, the Strongworths do everything to stay out of the news. You will have to do research in the house to figure out why, because we have never been privy to that information.

“Now—here is the key. The inheritance first of all comes with a title. It’s the rank of Earl, so you would be Earl of Lacert. In the 19th century the family forfeited their position in the House of Lords so you have no claim to that.

“Next comes the estate. The House is called Lacert Hall. You’re unlikely to have heard of this, even though it is one of the greatest country houses still occupied in England. It’s located in the Yorkshire Dales, in beautiful surroundings and far away from everything and everyone.

“There is also a London house—simply known as Strongworth House. It’s located on Pall Mall.

“Lastly, there is the family fortune. And here is the potentially the most overwhelming detail I’m afraid. Unless you want me to pause for a moment?” Jacob finally stopped speaking, realising he was potentially overwhelming Harry with the absolute flood of information.

“Uhm. It’s a lot to take in but just continue, please,” he said, his voice trembling with excitement and fear.

“Very well—the family fortune, besides the house and estate. There is a property company—” He pulled out another document from the folder. “—whose income you get. Their annual profit is currently 300 million pounds. This goes into a trust which you have full control over—worth over £2bn.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. He was suddenly a billionaire. That couldn’t be true.

“You’re kidding right? I’m suddenly a billionaire?”

“That’s correct, I’m afraid.” Harry could see a vague sense of compassion from the lawyer, who seemed to understand that this was a massive change in Harry’s personal circumstances—to say the least.

“I know that might seem mad, but it is true,” Jacob continued. Because the family, and ourselves by extension, have been so diligent in carefully hiding the paper trail, Lord Strongworth was never on any richest lists or any such nonsense. He paid all his taxes and probably more than most of the British upper classes—but he never socialised with them and stayed out of the limelight.

“Even the property company is managed from a distance. The CEO doesn’t know who its major shareholder is and he just thinks it’s held by a trust. And to make sure this somewhat more legitimate, 51% of its operating profits go to charity.”

“Okay. Well I suspect that should maybe go to two-thirds but I suppose I should get a good understanding of the financial situation first.”

“I would say so, before you take such decisions. The system was set up carefully to ensure the trust is protected and secured. That being said, London property prices have risen substantially over the last few years that the overall value of the trust has too, so there may be something to say for that approach. Of course, we are not the accountants—I can give you their details later.”

Harry just smiled. This was insane and too good to be true!

“What do I do next?” he said.

“Well, you don’t have to do anything to claim the title. So you are now the Earl of Lacert—your Lordship.” He added the last bit very seriously. Harry just smiled, not knowing what to say.

“The will indicates that your next step is to go to the house in Yorkshire. The staff have been kept on for your convenience and can keep managing the house. It is also the late Earl’s wish you adopt the family name Strongworth.”

“All right. I guess I will do that, then.”

“Great. I’ll prepare the paperwork for that. Do you want us to arrange your transport up to the Hall?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Great, give me one moment.” He got up and walked to the phone by the door, dialled an extension. “Please arrange travel for his Lordship to the Hall please.” With just that he hung up and walked back to Harry.

“You will need to sign a few documents, which includes transfer of the primary bank accounts etc.”

They sat for a moment and went through the documents, Harry constantly putting down his signature. “Do I have time to buy maybe a few new suits before I go?” he asked Jacob as they were finishing up.

“In theory, yes—but the access to the accounts will take a few days and I suggest you just wait. I know the immediate temptation is to buy things, but I suggest go to the house. You can always ask a tailor to come measure you there in a week or so.”

Harry nodded—yes, that made perfect sense. “I guess I just need to grab some food before the drive back up north.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. The car will have plenty of refreshments.”

At that point the door opened and a lady stuck her head in. “The driver for His Lordship is here.”

“Thank you Stephanie. Shall we go?” he said, standing up.

Harry followed his lead and walked alongside Jacob through the long corridor, down the stairs and into the foyer.

“We’ll reach out to House Manager to set up a meeting in a few weeks’ time to just see how you are settling in and how we can be of assistance. I hope you have a safe trip Your Lordship.” At that point they shook hands and Harry walked out through the revolving doors where a deep navy blue Rolls Royce was waiting for him. The driver opened the passenger door and smiled.

“Your Lordship,” he said, tipping his hat slightly.

The drive up was calm and relaxed. Harry took the opportunity to read through some of the documents. What interested him most at this point in time, was the house.

There was no description, besides a note that it was designed by James Vanburgh, the very unknown brother of great English architect Sir John Vanburgh.

What information he could find was about the staff. There was a House Manager, as he had expected. According to the brief description he was responsible for the management of all the estate—not just the Hall. In fact, by the sounds of it, he did most of the work and the Earl reaped the benefits.

Of course, there was a butler, as well as a chef and kitchen assistant. There were a valet, head housekeeper, two footmen, and two maids. As well as a team of 10 gardeners and a chauffeur. And of course not to forget the maintenance staff responsible for keeping the old Hall in working order.

Harry was shocked—it seemed a big team for just himself. He would have to invite some of his friends to maybe join him. Although who could he trust… ?

Harry never had many close friends, always being a bit of an outsider. The most friends he had made were his gym friends. The guys who had seriously gotten him into lifting.

He was by no means a big guy (yet). He had only been lifting seriously himself for maybe two years. And at 21 there was still plenty of time to grow!

Not to say his work hadn’t paid off. But the guys he knew weren’t his close friends. They didn’t hang out, outside the gym. Although maybe this was a good reason to change that? Certainly there was no one from his high school days. He had just been bullied relentlessly. Of course it wasn’t his fault that he had strawberry blond hair and glasses. He looked like a real nerd (it was why he started lifting) but not a day had gone by where he had not been miserable.

He’d left school at 16 and never looked back. But now working as a barman was pretty crap. Thinking about that, he picked up his phone and texted his boss. “I quit,” he simply texted, with no explanation.

He smiled. He loved his customers in that gay bar, but his boss was a cunt, and so he was quite happy to see the back of him.

The gay bar was an odd place to work. Harry didn’t consider himself gay, but somehow the gay guys appreciated his look—calling him adorable. And it really allowed Harry’s radiant personality to shine through. He had even gone home with a customer once or twice—to test the waters so to speak. And with those rumours going his tips shot through the roof!

In fact, it was there he had managed to get the balls and ask a group of muscled gays if he could work out with them. They had welcomed him with open arms.

Harry thought about it all for a moment. Perhaps those gym buddies were better friends than he gave them credit for… They had been nicer to him than anyone else he had met in his life—besides his mother.

But she was gone now—died when he was just 14. He had been raised by his uncle—who was fine but had done little to support him or neglect him. He’d just done the bare minimum and otherwise left Harry alone. He wouldn’t miss him if he moved away from Leeds—he had moved out of the house a year ago and had barely spoken to his uncle since!

As he sat there in thought he noticed they were now driving along a narrow country lane. The driver was careful yet very apt at manoeuvring along the tight corners. Eventually they turned down another road, with a sign which read “Private”. After a few hundred metres they came to a wrought iron gate, which opened automatically as the car pulled up. Harry looked back just to see it close behind him.

The scene changed, and they were now driving along a long avenue lined with trees on either side. They drove at a good pace for another 10 minutes or so before turned the corner into a large, expansive area. There, they drove straight up to a grand house—what must be Lacert Hall. He tried to see the whole house, but it was so big, and they had turned the corner so last minute, that it was already impossible to see it all.

As they pulled around a grand fountain, a man came out of the front door dressed in a three piece black suit with black tie. The car stopped and before Harry even had a chance to open the door, the driver had done so for him.

Harry was even more speechless now. He stood up outside the Hall. And what a Hall it was…

In front of him were a grand set of steps leading up to a column flanked terras, with a grand wooden door in the middle. The four sandstone columns stood proud, reaching up two stories, with a third story (presumably the servants’ floor) visible above it. On either side of the platform, the Hall continued in similar splendid fashion—perhaps 10 metres in both directions.

On either side of the courtyard stood two additional wings, of similar height and grandeur. Around the roof of the house, and indeed at the centre of that grand fountain, stood a number of statues. Most of them seemed to evoke the Greek or Roman gods—but only the men. Their strong masculine features were somewhat withered by the centuries that had passed but Harry could see the great definition across their bodies—even though they all lacked the traditional, exposed penis.

“Lord Strongworth. Welcome to Lacert Hall,” the man in the suit said with a posh voice.

“Thank you,” Harry said, smiling.

“I am Evans. The butler, Your lordship. I am pleased to welcome you to your new home.”

“Thank you, Evans. That’s very kind and thank you for keeping the place running while they searched for me.”

Evans smiled, clearly pleased that the new Lord of the Hall seemed kind and generous.

“It’s our duty, my lord. Please, may I show you around?” With his right arm, he motioned towards the steps.

“Thank you, Evans, it would be my pleasure.”

Evans walked ahead and Harry smiled. He was a handsome man—perhaps in his early forties but clearly with a great body underneath his suit. His face was stunningly handsome really, a square jawline and high cheekbones—clearly kept clean shaven although Harry suspected he could grow a beard within a day.

Evans pushed the double doors open and they stepped into the entrance hall. Harry’s jaw dropped. It was gorgeous.

“This is the great hall,” Evans said, pleased to see that Harry was impressed.

Harry took a moment to take it all in. The hall took up the whole height of the building, the room filled with elegant paintings and murals. Around the room (if you can even call it that) were a number of chairs and benches that flanked several ornamental fire places made out of marble. Further statues of god-like figures were at the level of the upper floor, and a walk way overlooking the ground floor seemed to indicate a long hallway stretching out above.

On the right side of the hall was a grand staircase, which was made out of a beautiful hardwood, with a red runner covering most of it. Tall marble columns flanked both the left and right side of the hall, leading up to a beautifully domed ceiling.

“This way please, your lordship,” Evans said walking across the hall through the grand double doors at their opposite end.

“This is the garden room,” he said as they walked into another stunning space. It was largely empty, with just some benches on either side. Opposite the double doors was a vast array of windows looking out over the vast formal gardens. Clearly where it got its name from.

“This is typically used for large parties, your Lordship. Although we tend to keep it empty most of the time it is rather splendid when we do use it.”

Harry just looked in awe at the elaborately decorated space and followed the butler through a door in the corner of the room, to the next space, on the right of the garden room. Apparently a drawing room.

“This room is only used before dinner. Guests can then either go into the garden room, or in this direction…”

He opened the next set of doors and revealed a smaller and less elaborate dining room. “This is used on a day-to-day basis.”

Harry had to laugh. It may have been less grand than the garden room, it was still rather stunning. They continued on and Harry discovered two more rooms, a music room and another drawing room. “For after dinner,” the butler explained.

They had now come to the large right-hand wing of the House, which was apparently entirely filled with a great Gallery. “Used really only when balls are held. Which is rather rare at this house.”

All throughout Harry noticed the beautiful paintings, often rather suggestive, showing partially naked men of great stature. He also noticed there were very few women depicted.

They now walked back to the Great Hall.

“Now, on either side of the Great Hall here, are two rather important rooms,” the butler said, now looking a bit serious. He walked to the room to the right of the grand staircase.

“This is the morning room. This is where his lordship would receive visitors who came to see him and he would often spend his mornings enjoying the morning sunlight.

It was a lovely light room, and Harry could see why someone would want to have a nice quiet coffee there in the morning.

“And on this side…” the butler said as they walked back across the hall, “Is the library.”

Harry was delighted to see this. The beautiful wood-panelled room was packed with bookshelves on every wall, with a few paintings and other works of arts adorning the few empty spaces not covered in books. Opposite the windows was a beautiful fireplace, by which stood comfortable looking chairs to read in.

Alongside the wall opposite the doors stood a great oak desk.

“Usually this is where his lordship managed his affairs. His office, really.”

“Yeah, I can see this being a very nice office indeed,” Harry said with a smile.

Evans smiled too. “There are only a few rooms left that you should see right now.”

He followed Evans out and through the garden room they now turned to the left. They once again went through a drawing room—although this one was filled with leather sofas (that made four sitting rooms so far!), a mirror room, tapestry and finally a billiard room. All were just as magnificent as the last and Harry struggled to see how he could choose which room to use when, although he was sure there was etiquette.

“The rest of this corridor,” Evans said, “consists entirely of guest rooms. Feel free to explore when you have time. For now I will show you to your own apartment.”

They went back to the Great Hall and went upstairs. At the top, Harry briefly stopped to admire the view over the magnificent space, the muscled marble statues now more at eye height.

Along the main corridor, at the very centre of the great hall, was another set of large double doors. The butler pushed them open to reveal a large open room, about the same size (although the ceiling was much lower) as the garden room downstairs. It was laid out as both a sitting room and dining room.

“The last Lord remodelled the apartment so that he could generally live here rather than the large dining room downstairs for example. But you’re free to change it as you see fit.”

Harry smiled and nodded. He quite liked it.

On the right side of this living room was the bedroom. A giant four poster bed stood against the wall directly opposite the huge windows. The rest of the room was sparsely furnished, with no wardrobe or anything, just bedside tables and comfortable chairs.

Through the next door was a small bathroom. “For the comforts in the middle of the night,” Evans said, correctly interpreting Harry’s surprised look when he saw how small the space was.

On the other side of the living room was first a large dressing room, which had plenty of space for all the clothes he would probably have to get. And through another door was a huge marble bathroom.

“A relatively new addition, but I hope you find it to your liking,” Evans said with a big smile. Harry suspected he had helped the previous Earl put it in place.

The bathroom was mostly made out of marble, with a huge roll top bath at the very centre of the room. Along one wall was a double sink and on the opposite side a large walk-in shower. The toilet and bidet were near the window.

“I trust you find everything to your liking my lord?” Evans asked proudly.

“I certainly do. I can’t quite believe it, to be honest.”

“I can only imagine, Sir. But I promise you that the Earl had a busy life with plenty of affairs to manage. I am sure you will have to get settled in quite quickly.”

“I am sure of it too. When do I meet the house manager?”

“Well, Sir, I suggest not today. It’s quite late and perhaps you want some dinner?”

“Yes—that would be good.”

“Do you have any dietary requirements, or requests, Sir?”

“Not specifically. If the cook can come up with an idea and I can just okay it. Perhaps we should sit down at some point to discuss my general preferences, though?”

“I think he would greatly appreciate that, Sir. In the meantime, I would say take a few days to settle in, explore the house. If you’re happy for the house manager to keep running things as they have been I suggest we may even wait a week?”

“Yes, why not. In the meantime, maybe you can arrange for some information about what the estate and its business actually entail that would be great.”

“Certainly, Sir.”

And with that the butler bowed and left.

Harry took a moment to breath and looked out through the windows over the huge gardens. He couldn’t fathom that this was all his. And yet the paperwork didn’t lie.

A moment later the butler returned out of a door he had previously not seen. Presumably this was one of the servants’ doors.

“The cook could whip up a quick steak and chips if you would like something simple, or something more…” He took a moment trying to think of the word.

“Posh?” Harry asked.

“I suppose so. He suggested venison, Sir.”

“I will go with the steak tonight I think. Something simple after this rather complicated day would be good.”

With that Evans bowed again and left.

That evening Harry didn’t do much. He let the new house wash over him and spend most of his time in his apartment. He would have a proper rummage around the house tomorrow and would start meeting all the staff. It was all just quite a lot.


Chapter 2: The Earls’ Room

The next morning Harry woke up somewhat disorientated in his large bed. He had slept well, although he had been a bit restless. He pushed a small button next to the bed. The night before, just before turning in, Evans had explained that those buttons, located throughout the house, would summon one of the servants.

A few moments later, Evans appeared.

“I have to admit I didn’t expect you, Evans,” Harry said, surprised.

“I realise that, my lord, but I wanted to introduce the staff before they run to greet you first thing, Sir.”

Harry smiled. “Probably wise. Although I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee and some breakfast first. Perhaps in the morning room?”

“Of course, Sir. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Just some porridge and fresh fruit would suit me fine, if possible?”

“Of course, Sir.”

And with that the butler disappeared and Harry got his day started. He had a quick shower and got dressed, although his old rags now felt, well, old. He would need to get something better sooner if this was to be his house.

He ate breakfast quietly at a small writing desk in the morning room, enjoying the view over the courtyard. After that he rang the bell and Evans came up.

“I would like to meet the staff now, I think,” he said.

“Of course, Sir. I will gather them in the Garden Room.”

A few minutes later Evans signalled they were ready and Harry followed him through, meeting the head housekeeper, his personal valet, the two footmen, the maids and the cook and his assistant, and the chauffeur. Much to Harry’s shock, all were men.

“We realise it’s unconventional, Sir,” the housekeeper, James Watson, said with a smile on his face. “But it suited the late Lord Strongworth well to have an all-male staff.”

“Very well. I certainly won’t dismiss anyone, just keep up the great work. It’s a beautiful house and clearly well looked after.”

“Mr Scott?” Harry asked of the handsome black man who had been introduced as his valet.

“Yes, your Lordship,” Scott asked.

“Could you please arrange for a tailors to help me get some new clothing? I feel rather out of place in these old rags.”

“Of course, Sir, it would be my pleasure.”

And with that the staff left again and went back to their duties.

“Evans, I am going to explore the house a bit better but ideally I would see the cook after lunch?”

“Certainly, Sir.”

And with that Harry went off. He had laid it all out quite well. First he would go through the vast array of rooms at the back, starting at the billiard room in the corner.

It was somewhat as he expected. The vast set of consecutively arranged rooms had relatively little of interest to be found. They were comfortable rooms to be in but were rarely used by his predecessors so their treasures were all visible, in plain sight.

He did enjoy the vast array of paintings, sculptures, and foreign artefacts. But most were not labelled, unlike in a museum, and so meant relatively little without their explanation.

The China room had some beautiful pieces of China in, and the first drawing room had a beautiful painting of an exceptionally handsome man over the fireplace. A number of stunning vases were located throughout the garden room, each depicting various Greek-style scenes with more muscled, almost naked men.

But by the time he had reached the music room he was a bit overwhelmed and decided to skip the Gallery for now. He decided to go and explore the library instead. There he found a number of fascinating documents pertaining to the house, its history, and the business. He would have to read those later.

He started to look at the books on the wall and discovered a section that was surprisingly not dusty. Many books looked as though they hadn’t been touched in quite a while but this one area, in the far corner of the room, furthest away from the window, was somewhat clean.

He started to look through the titles. Homosexuality in Ancient Greece, Male on Male Relationships in the Roman Empire, Muscle and Male Vitality in Mesopotamia. All the books were either about being gay or having muscle or being sporty.

Strange, Harry thought to himself.

He decided to pick up one of the books. It looked old and its spine was almost withered but he thought it read The Secret of Growing Muscle. As he tried to pull it off the shelf it got stuck. Or so he thought.

Because after a short delay, with a heavy creaking sound, the bookshelf started to slide back and then open, revealing a narrow passage and a set of stairs leading down into the darkness.

Now this was the sort of excitement Harry was looking for.

He pulled out his phone and turned on the flash to light his way. He could see the stairs were made out of thick stone—the same sandstone the whole Hall was built out of. As he descended down the stairs he realised it was going deeper under the house than he had expected.

To get to the front door, you would have to go up a set of steps. These stairs seemed to go through that ‘basement’ floor and then underground.

At the end of the staircase was a heavy looking, old-fashioned wooden door, that showed none of the elegance the rest of the house had done. Harry carefully turned the knob and pushed it open.

What he found surprised him. He had expected some sort of underground tunnel network that would enable him to go far into the gardens and perhaps beyond. Instead he found a dark basement room, but to his delight he found a light switch. He pushed it and a row of wall lights turned on, but the room still seemed relatively dark.

He turned the torch mode off and put his phone back into his pocket. The room was lined with more bookshelves along two walls. Along the others were paintings of what he assumed where his ancestors. Strange they’re down here, Harry thought to himself.

He continued to walk through the space, drawn towards the table in the very centre of the room. It was a large wooden table, again not elegant or pretty, but on top of it laid a thick heavy book, currently closed.

The Lords Strongworth and their issue

Intrigued, Harry opened the book. He had to take his phone back out again because the light was not bright enough to read by but as he once again shone the light of his phone he could see it was a beautiful, handwritten book.

He carefully started to read. This may explain more about this strange inheritance.

He learnt a few things from those first few pages. The first Earl Strongworth had been created by James I in 1621 and taken residence in what would have been a small hunting lodge. The third Earl, sometime in the early part of the 18th century, had started to build this Hall, which took almost 80 years to complete.

It talked of previous Earls, and that Harry was in fact the twelfth Earl Strongworth.

It all started to a be bit dull and he started to flick through the remaining pages. He discovered that at least the last half of the book was completely blank. He flicked back towards the front and picked up on a page where the first Earl had simply written his name in curly letters. Below it were a number of names, and Harry had no explanation as to who those people were—maybe his friends? He turned back a page and found a short paragraph outlining some instructions.

To the new Earl:

If you have just become Earl of Lacert, we ask that you write your name in this book. Then on the next morning, you will find its effects will have taken hold. Upon this, you may see this house differently, and enjoy life more. You will even see the art as it should be seen. You may wish to invite some men to join you, and you can include their names in the pages here.

Never move this book from its place so that upon your death, the new Earl can take their place. They will find it, just as you did.

Harry was confused and flicked through the next few pages. From the moment someone had lived in this place, his successors had written their name in this mysterious book.

Henry Strongworth, fifth Earl of Lacert, read one of the pages. Born 1730, Earl since 1752.

Harry turned to the first blank page, and looked around the book to find a pen. Obviously there wasn’t one just lying there. He looked around the room and to his surprise he found a quill, an ink pot, and some scrap paper. But surely the ink would’ve dried out by now?

He dabbed the quill into the pot and to his surprise a small line appeared as he tried to write on the scrap paper. It seemed his ancestors had done the same.

He dabbed the quill in again and started to write.

Harry Strongworth, Twelfth Earl of Lacert he wrote. Born 2001, Earl since 2022.

He felt a strange tingling sensation in his stomach and continued to have a look through the room, but found little evidence of anything else immediately exciting. Although he would have to have a proper look through the books there at some point.

Based on what he could see, they were the diaries of his predecessors, all neatly organised in date order, starting with the first Earl. Most diaries only encompassed a year or two, so there was an extraordinary amount of detail. There was one entire bookcase still empty, plenty for him to fill himself.

With that he looked at his watch. He had been down there for almost an hour and was getting hungry. He opened the door and walked back up the stairs. When he walked back into the library he found Evans waiting.

“I see you found the Earls’ Room, your lordship.”

“If that’s what it’s called, I suppose I have,” he said with a smile.

“Accordingly to the legends told to the butlers of Lacert Hall, it is usually discovered by the new Earl within the first week of residing here. Although—I’m not sure, but doing so this quickly may be a new record.”

“Well, it’s quite interesting and I must spend some time looking through those books. Have you ever been downstairs, Evans?”

“Certainly not, my lord. It’s the only room that we servants never enter—certainly not without permission of His Lordship.”

“And the previous Earl never let you enter?” Harry said, surprised.

“He did not, indeed. But it’s all right, I know what is down there, his Lordship has certainly explained.”

Harry just nodded, still surprised that even the butler hadn’t seen it.

“Lunch is ready when you are, Sir,” Evans added, clearly keen to move on the conversation.

“Oh, very well. I will eat in the dining room, if that’s not too extravagant?”

“Certainly not, Sir. It’s all laid out for you.”

He walked through the hallway, still in awe at its grandeur at every turn. Eating in the large dining room on his own was rather odd, but he did enjoy one of the handsome footmen serving him his three course meal.

After lunch, Harry first met with the cook to talk him through his food preferences. Harry had never had high-end food, but it became clear the cook had quite a range of skills.

“I’m probably happy to try whatever you cook up. I suppose avoid bitter, and I hate aubergines. I do prefer to eat more vegetarian food, though,” he said to the cook, who had joined him the library.

“Certainly, Sir. That should be no problem whatsoever. Do you wish to see a weekly menu or do you want to be surprised?”

“Let’s stick to surprises for now and we’ll see. I suspect you’ll be busier cooking for the staff than for me,” he said laughing.

“Hopefully not, Sir. Once you are settled it would be great to host some dinner parties. I love cooking an extravagant meal!”

“Well, I will have to remember that! I will certainly take you up on it.”

Once the cook had left, Harry decided to explore the rest of the house. He decided to go back to the large Gallery in the east wing, and had a long look through the other bedrooms.

By the time he had finished it was almost dinner time and decided to go back to his own apartment. He sat there for a brief moment until he rang for Evans.

He ended up speaking to the butler for quite a while and the agreed a daily schedule and certain procedures. Not that he expected to need much but he at least wanted to really work. It was odd no longer having to go the bar for work and indeed odd that his life was now taken care of.

When they eventually finished, he ate in the apartment. He had asked the cook for a simple meal tonight—he needed real comfort food.

The cook had happily obliged and made him a leak and blue cheese pie, which was delicious. Satisfied, he moved to the sofa as one of the footmen cleared the dining table.

There he sat for another few hours, reading through a stack of papers, trying to better understand the affairs of the house.

When 10 o’clock came he decided it was time for bed. He suddenly realised he was horny as hell. It was past the time that he agreed with Evans for bed and he knew he would no longer be interrupted that evening.

He undressed and sat on the huge bed and pulled out his phone, but somehow he didn’t automatically go to his usual sites or look at twitter… His cock started to harden as he tried to think of what he wanted to look.

“Oh, fuck it,” he said to himself, unable to think of anything. He put his phone down and looked at his dick, already wet with precum.

He started to jack off, just enjoying the feeling, his mind almost clear of any sexual fantasies. He had always been happy with his dick, at 8” it was one thing about him that was above average.

As he jacked off, he could feel the pleasure flowing through him. He wasn’t sure if it was the new bed, or just the knowledge he was now going to be completely fine but he felt incredibly relaxed and turned on—more than he had in months.

He wanted the feeling to last so he started to edge himself, sometimes speeding up and then slowing down. But after maybe ten minutes he couldn’t resist any more and with a few more forceful tugs he could feel his balls contract as his cock exploded and covered his chest.

Suddenly Harry felt rather odd and he stood up. His stomach grumbled as if he was suddenly starving.

He looked in the mirror, unsure why. But then suddenly it happened. An invisible blow to his stomach almost caused him to collapse but he recovered and stood up, the cum slowly dripping down his stomach. But the stomach was no longer a bit flabby, instead showing signs of a six-pack.

Suddenly, he realised he had an intense muscle ache, as if he had worked his abs too hard. The heat he felt started to radiate, first down to his legs. To his surprise, as he watched, his legs started to grow, first his thighs, immediately followed by his quads. At the same time, he could feel his gluts starting to expand, slowly at first but the growth didn’t seem to stop.

And then the most painful thing happened. It was if someone had put a knee on the middle of his back and pulled his shoulders back, trying to break his shoulder blades. But as the intense pain ebbed away he could see his shoulders started to widen, making space for more and more muscle as they did.

Harry now noticed his pecs had started to swell too, and the same heat he had felt in his legs was now moving to his arms. Within moments he could see and feel his biceps expanding, growing rapidly, as his triceps did the same.

When eventually the mist from his eyes cleared and the pain and heat had gone, Harry had the chance to look at himself in the mirror.

Fuck,” he said out loud, shocked.

His body was completely transformed. He was now huge, of bodybuilder size without a doubt, probably bigger. He started to flex. It felt incredible. He had never realised he wanted this. He had never jacked off to muscle porn, but this, this felt amazing.

And then the penny dropped.

He was able to transform his friends too when they visited.

He smiled and laughed. He was perhaps happier than he had been for a very long time.

In the meantime, his dick had gotten hard again and he eagerly started to jack off again. Within moments he felt himself coming close to the edge, his new body feeling just incredible. And without hesitating he shot his second load of the hour, this time covering the large standing mirror.

He smiled and laid down on the bed. He would clean up in just a moment. But before he had a chance to get up, he fell into a deep asleep.


Chapter 3: Leon

Harry woke up with the light streaming into the room. Someone had opened the curtain.

“Good morning, Your Lordship.” It was Mr Scott. “Mr Evans said to wake you up, Sir.”

Harry was disoriented as he felt a strange weight to his body. Was it real what happened or had it just been a dream?

“I see you signed the book last night, Sir. You’re looking good.”

It must have been real, if Scott was noticing something. “Why don’t you have a look in the mirror, Sir. I promise you it won’t be the last time I see you naked.”

Harry hesitated for a moment but he supposed Scott was right—his servant would probably see him in the most intimate ways… He got out of bed and walked to the mirror (which apparently Scott had already cleaned before he woke Harry up).

To his surprise, his body was even greater than he had remembered the night before. Last night he had grown to the size of a bodybuilder. But now… he was much bigger. He looked unreal. His biceps were the size of bowling balls, and his pecs were getting on for beach balls. His abs looked as though they were cut out of solid rock and his legs were the size of a normal guy’s waist!

“Very good, Sir. You did very well. Quite a bit bigger than the previous Earl.”

Harry looked over his body. He didn’t have the words for it, but god it felt amazing. It was only then that Harry noticed his crotch. His cock was huge! He had always been well-endowed but now… It must have been 12 inches and it was still soft. And his balls were the size of softballs!

“Well, it certainly feels good. Although I suspect I now have no clothes to wear.”

“We are prepared for this. The growth is an inherent part of being the Earl of Lacert.” He stepped out of the room and a moment later came back with a dressing gown.

“This way you can at least cover up, if you want to do so. We will arrange the tailor to come today to measure and make some new clothes for you.”

“Thanks, Mr Scott. That’s much appreciated.”

He put the dressing gown on, which managed to cover most of his body. It was still rather tight. Clearly designed for someone a bit smaller than himself. “I think I will eat breakfast here. Although once I have eaten, I will invite some of my friends over. How quick do you think they can get me some clothing?”

“Probably a day or two for some basic items, Sir.”

“Okay, that sounds good. And I assume we can send the car to pick up any friends?”

“Of course, Sir. Just let us know where and when.”

With that, Harry moved to his private living room and sat down for his breakfast. Everything somehow tasted amazing and smelled incredible. It was like his new body gave him incredibly heightened sensations that made everything feel better than it ever had.

He hadn’t done much at all that morning besides acquainting himself with his new body. He had been in awe with the incredible muscles all over, his huge bubble butt, his thick pecs… And all over his muscles thick veins ran that emphasised their incredible strength.

But that dick… He stroked it a few times and it started to get hard without much effort. And based on the growth, it was both a show-er and a grower. It easily added another 4 or 5 inches—17 inches hard!

He gently stroked it, keen to take his time. He moved to the large lounge chair in the sunlight and massaged it as it grew into its full, immense size. He placed his other hand on it too, and now started to jack off using both hands, the stimulation more intense than he had ever felt jacking off before.

Yet at the same time, it seemed like he could keep going for much longer. As he stroked his cock, it suddenly struck him that the painting hanging over the fireplace of his private living room seemed to have changed. It now showed a large man, completely naked.

That’s what the book had meant. You will even see the art as it should be seen.

He looked at the painting; the big man, with a huge cock to match, looked incredible. As he focused on the painting, he kept wanking, using long, strong strokes to massage the full length of his cock.

After 20 minutes he couldn’t take it anymore and his cock started to erupt. The fountain of cum made a massive mess but he didn’t care in the moment. Based on Scott’s comments, the staff were quite used to it…

Although I must thank him later for the clean up, he thought to himself.

Harry ended up wandering through the Hall, seeing it with new eyes. Somehow the place felt more like he belonged. Every statue and painting now showed off huge muscles as if they had been created in the image of the Earls.

Several statues and paintings really got Harry’s fantasy going and as he walked through the house he couldn’t help but repeatedly masturbate, although he made sure that the servants didn’t have to clean up after him each time.

But by the early afternoon the tailor had arrived with a large number of suitcases and Harry had to stop his marathon jack off session.

“Would you like the tailor in here, My Lord?” Evans asked. “Or would you prefer to do it downstairs?”

Harry had gone back to his bed for another wank, having lost track of time.

“Where downstairs?” Harry asked, uncertainly, a bit flustered.

“Well—the mirror room is well-suited for this, Sir.”

“Oh, sure, that will be great. I will be down in just a moment.”

He went down in just the dressing gown and made his way to the mirror room. He had been somewhat surprised at the room but now it made sense.

The tailor was already set up, with a stool in the middle.

“Good day, My Lord. Our company have provided for the Earls of Lacert for many decades, so we know your bodies well.”

“Good to hear. I assume clothing these bodies is quite the challenge.” He said that as he dropped the robe, revealing his huge body in all its glory.

“You look great, Sir. We may need to use some specific tricks to help you accommodate some specific areas,” he said with a knowing smile.

Harry stepped onto the stool, and the tailor started to measure. 6’7”. He hadn’t realised he had grown so tall. His thighs were 36”, but his waist was still only 32. His biceps were 25”, as was his neck. His chest was a staggering 70”. And to accommodate all that muscle, his back had grown to a hulking behemoth size.

“Bigger than any previous Earl, I reckon, My Lord,” the tailor said. “Although each Earl has progressively gotten bigger, so it makes sense.” He looked Harry over consideringly. “Just for interest, it might be fun to weigh you as well, Sir?” he added, clearly very curious.

Harry happily obliged as the tailor guided him to the scales he had already set up. Harry could barely see the display over his bulging pecs.

“490 pounds, Sir!” the tailor said, clearly impressed.

Now that meant something to Harry. That was very heavy. And by the looks of it, it was all muscle.

Harry smiled. He spent some time with the tailor choosing fabrics and outfits. He even had some special outfits made that really showed off his huge body, including some posing trunks.

“Good choices,” the tailor said eventually when they had agreed everything. “I will get some initial pieces to you by tomorrow, Sir, and we’ll have you fully dressed in no time.”

“Thank you, it’s much appreciated. Do you dress other big men as well?” he asked, trying to get some better idea of what was customary.

“Sure, we have often done the other large-muscled members of the Hall.”

“Excellent, good to know.”

And with that the tailor departed. Harry now had to consider his next steps. Maybe it was time to invite some friends over.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hey, Harry! What’s up?”

It was Leon as he picked up the phone, Harry’s best friend—perhaps. He had met Leon after he dropped out of school and he had always supported him. And he knew Leon was gym obsessed—even if they weren’t workout buddies. They had always gotten along well.

“Well, Leon, it’s a bit odd to be honest.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound good.”

“I wouldn’t say that, it’s just…” He hesitated for a moment. “Look, would you just be able to come and see me tomorrow? I will ensure you have a ride.”

“Uhm, sure? I don’t mind just getting an Uber though.”

“No no, it’s fine. A car will be outside your house tomorrow. Say 10 a.m.?” Hopefully he would have at least one or two items of clothing by then.

“Sounds mysterious, but sure. Whatever you need, man.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you then.”

Harry rung the bell and moments later Evans appeared. “Your Lordship?”

“Evans, can you make sure Mr Sato picks up my friend Leon tomorrow at 10 a.m.? This is the address.” He passed a piece of paper over to Evans.

“Of course, Sir.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day, Harry got up early. He was excited for Leon to visit although he had no idea what he would say. He had known Leon for years, and they had spent many a night at a gay bar together dancing the night away. And although Harry had always known Leon was rather handsome, he had never thought anything more of it—and Leon hadn’t made any attempts to flirt with Harry either. He was nervous to see his friend. And to explain all of this.

At about 11 a.m., Harry was stood in the study looking out over courtyard as a car pulled in.

Thankfully, the tailor had dropped off the first two outfits. Harry had picked a more conservative one, but the jeans and woollen jumper couldn’t help but hug his immense frame. With every move his huge biceps bulged, stretching the fabric to its limits. And with every step he could feel the seams of his jeans being stretched, although the tailor had assured him it could handle the pressure.

As he heard the car door shut, Harry stepped into the Great Hall and Leon looked at him with confused eyes.

“Leon!” Harry said excitedly.

“What? Is that you, Harry?”

“Haha yes, can you believe it!”

“You look insane, man. What the fuck happened? I only saw you last week.”

“Well, yeah—that’s why I asked you to come here. Why don’t you come through?”

He guided Leon into the library, glad to see his friend again. Somehow his newly grown body made him look at Leon with different eyes. He had always been handsome, but now he lusted for him.

Leon was a bit taller than Harry had been, an even 6 feet. But now Harry was towering over him. It felt odd to be taller all of a sudden.

Leon hadn’t known his father, but according to his mother, he had been a very handsome Indian man. His mixed-race heritage had somehow picked up the most distinct features of his mother and his father. He had his father’s jet black hair (his mother was a brunette) and yet his mother’s deep blue eyes.

“You’ve got to tell me what this is all about, Harry,” Leon said impatiently as they sat down in the two armchairs in front of the fireplace.

“I will, don’t worry. Evans—will you bring us some tea and maybe some scones?”

“Certainly, my Lord.”

“‘My Lord’?” Leon repeated as Evans walked out of the room.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t believe it.” And so Harry told the story of his visit to the lawyers, and his first few days in the house. Of his title and his apparent wealth (although he didn’t disclose full extent).

But then he paused. He had no idea how to address the matter of his new body.

“Man, that’s insane. And I guess incredibly lucky. Such a shame your mum isn’t around anymore to benefit from it.”

“I know, she could really have used it.”

“I guess it’s finally some good news, though?” Leon said optimistically, seeing Harry go sad.

“Yeah that’s true. And then…” He hesitated.

“And then, what?”

“Well—there’s the matter of this,” he said as he flexed his right arm.

“I was going to ask about that—but I assumed you were getting to it.”

“Yeah, I guess I don’t think you’ll believe me.”

“I mean—you’re bigger than any bodybuilder in the world. I assume you’ve not been hiding your growth from me for years.”

“Well, that’s true enough. It kinda just happened. Although I know exactly why.”

“Really? How come?” Harry could hear Leon was giddy, keen to find out what happened.

“Why don’t I show you?” Harry said. He pulled out the book again that opened the secret door and guided Leon down the stairs.

“Seemingly this is the room where it happens,” he quipped and Leon laughed and rolled his eyes.

“No, seriously. All the books are the diaries kept by my predecessors. I want to take some time to read some of them. But the book here in the middle is logically the cause of all this,” he said, pointing at his massive body.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, there is some strange text in here.” He showed his friend the paragraph telling him to write his name in the book.

“But wait—that seems to suggest you can let others grow by writing their names in here too.”

“That is indeed what it suggests,” Harry said matter-of-factly.

“Can… can… can I try?” stammered Leon with a trembling excitement.

“I thought you might say that.” Harry had a hunch. Leon practically lived in the gym, though they didn’t work out together. But sadly his genetics played against him and he didn’t have the resources to really eat the diet of someone who is trying to ‘grow’.

“It’s partly why I asked you here. But you have to realise it changes everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I think it’s fair to say that with a body like this you can’t just go gallivanting around as you may have previously.”

“I could be famous!” Leon said excitedly. “People would worship me!”

“They might, but they shouldn’t. It’s the rule of this family that we stay hidden. I didn’t quite understand the secrecy but I now believe we must stick to it. I do not want to attract attention to this house. You must come and live here.”

“What? You’re not serious?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“That’s… that’s just impossible.”

“Why?” Harry said, a bit disappointed.

“I couldn’t do that to you! You have this new life, you should enjoy it!”

Harry now smiled.

“Leon, this house has four sitting rooms. Four! Don’t you think I can entertain myself here? There are more servants than residents here! And although they’re lovely they will always treat me as the Lord of the Hall. You’re an old friend. We’d have fun together. We don’t have to spend every waking hour together but we could just be company.” He gestured around himself. “There are massive gardens for you to enjoy, and I am sure we can put in a gym and a tonne of other things. And we can of course go to obscure gay hot spots and get worshipped.”

Leon smiled at that idea.

“But we have to stay anonymous. Though we can invite more people to join us. I’ve got a few other friends in mind. But I wanted you first and foremost.”

Leon looked at Harry as if had never seen him before. Suddenly he walked up the muscle stud and kissed him.

“You’re right—it changes everything.”

He passionately kissed Harry again, letting his hands run over the hugely muscled body.

What Harry didn’t realise was that Leon had always loved Harry. They had a deep emotional connection. But sexually, Harry had just never done it for him. But now that was all changed. Harry was like a god! And hopefully soon Leon would join him.

“All right. I’ll do it. I’ll be your partner in crime.”

“Well, let’s see how things go,” Harry said with a smile. He grabbed the quill and ink pot and turned to the page he had written his own name on.

“Follow the example from the previous page,” Harry said, seeing Leon doubt.

And that’s what Leon did. He put the quill to paper. Leon John Davies, born 1999. First visit to Lacert Hall 2022.

“Oh—I feel something.”

“Don’t get too excited,” Harry laughed. “It won’t happen until the night. But I had a strange feeling myself so it’s probably been set in motion.”

They went back upstairs and Harry rang the bell.

“What can I do for you, My Lord?” Evans asked.

“I am going to give Leon here a tour. He is going to be staying here for… probably the foreseeable future. Could you ask Mr Sato to collect some of his possessions tomorrow? Leon will write a list of instructions. No need to get his clothes though.” He said that last bit with a meaningful look.

“Of course, Sir. I will also inform the cook so he can adjust plans for dinner.”

“Yes, please. And I would now really like to see the House Manager. I think it’s time I get a better understanding of my business affairs and indeed the management of the estate. And I am thinking of putting in a swimming pool.”

“Oh, very well, Sir!” Evans said, sounding rather gleeful. “Although you will not have to worry about that last bit. I realise we haven’t yet done a tour of the gardens and the rest of the estate but there is a pool building close by in a Victorian Folly.”

“Oh, that is excellent indeed!” Harry said happily. “Perhaps you can show us tomorrow?”

“I could do, Sir, but might I suggest the House Manager gives you a tour while you discuss your business affairs with him? He can show you all of the estate.”

“Very well. Tell him I want to see him at 10 a.m. Leon will be joining us.”

“Very well, Sir.” And with that he bowed and left.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Leon was in awe of the complex, completely shocked by its insane size.

“We’ve got to have a party in here at some point!” he said excitedly.

“I agree, we’ve just got to think carefully of the guest list,” he said with a smile.

At the end of the tour, after exploring Harry’s own apartment, he showed Leon one of the bedrooms on the other side of the corridor, located right above morning room.

“I think this is yours, should you want it. It’s nice and central.”

“You want me to have a separate room?” Leon asked, a bit surprised.

“Well—I assume it’s helpful if we do have them. We don’t often have to use it.”

And with that they kissed. Harry hadn’t expected the question, but the butterflies in his stomach betrayed his emotions. He couldn’t have hoped for a better result.

The rest of the day went slowly for Harry. He was waiting for insatiable horniness to overpower Leon, as it had overpowered him two days earlier.

After dinner they sat a while in the living room of Harry’s apartment. Harry got the sense that Leon wanted to make a move but was too scared to do so. They sat chatting for a bit, about the house, the estate, and the business dealings.

After a cup of tea, at about 9 p.m., Harry could see Leon’s posture change. Previously he had been sitting back on the sofa but now he was leaning forward, and somewhat fidgety.

“Are you okay, Leon?” Harry asked, quite sure he knew what was going on.

“Not quite. I… I…”

“Desperately want to have a wank?” Harry finished his sentence.

“How did you know?”

“It’s time,” Harry said a bit mysteriously, as he took Leon by the hand into his bedroom. He pushed him onto the four-poster bed and pulled down his jeans before looking at his face.

“Go on,” Leon said, clearly uncontrollably horny.

Harry pulled down his friend’s boxers, revealing a rock hard 5-inch cock. Harry smiled. This would be much bigger in the morning.

He eagerly took it into his mouth, feeling the intense horniness radiating from Leon’s crotch. He eagerly deepthroated it, using his tongue to lick the nice, firm balls at the end of the shaft.

“Fuck man, that feels good. And your huge frame…” Leon didn’t finish the sentence but let out a low moan instead.

But Harry knew what he meant. His new body must be towering over the still small guy, and quite frankly, he could imagine it being very hot.

But he didn’t have to suck his friend for long. Within a few minutes he felt a torrent of cum building up. And indeed the balls exploded violently, shooting rope after rope of cum into his mouth and down his throat.

Harry swallowed it eagerly, even though it tasted somewhat bitter.

“Satisfied?” he asked, looking up at Leon.

“Fuck, man, that felt so good. But man, I am shattered.”

“Oh really?” Harry said, somewhat surprised but also amused. If it followed the same pattern he would soon be wide awake again.

“Wait—what is that?” he said not a moment later.

Harry smiled.

“Come here.” He guided his friend to the mirror. “It’s beginning.”

And as he said that Leon collapsed in the same way Harry had done, like a blow to his stomach. Immediately abs became visible and as Leon recovered his eyes grew wide. He looked in awe as his legs started to rapidly grow in size, followed by his back widening and his chest pushing forward.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it!” Harry said excitedly, undressing himself and revealing his huge cock to Leon.

Fuck man! You didn’t say that was part of the growth too.”

He started to jack off as Leon continued to grow, his ass pushing out and his arms growing. Everything was in perfect proportion without being an inch too big.

Leon didn’t seem to grow to the same size as Harry had done but he didn’t care. He was growing into his dream body, right in front of his eyes.

His cock got hard again, throbbing and leaking precum. He couldn’t wait for that to growth too!

But then the feeling dissipated from his body and the growth stopped.

“Wait, what?”

Harry smiled. He didn’t want to give the next day’s surprise away. “Fuck, man, you’re so hot,” he said, to take Leon’s mind off his lack of growth.

“But… but…”

“But what? You are fucking perfect.”

And he meant it too. Even if Leon didn’t grow another inch anywhere, he would be the most gorgeous, perfect man he could wish for.

With that he once again pushed Leon onto the bed and Leon moaned. Harry grabbed his thick ankles and pushed them further into the air, over Leon’s head, revealing his tight hole.

“Fuck, Leon. I am going to fuck you so hard.”

Leon gulped but didn’t resist. He wanted to feel the huge stud inside him. He was bigger than any man he had dared to dream of and his own cock was throbbing in anticipation.

But he knew he had to be gentle. And so he bent down and put his mouth against Leon’s tight-looking hole and gently licked it. Leon immediately moaned and Harry knew to go on. He pushed his tongue in further, licking it and stretching his hole at the same time, pushing in and out as he felt Leon relax.

“Fuck yeah,” Leon moaned. “Get that tongue in there.”

Harry eagerly obliged, happily eating Leon’s loosening hole.

“Fuck yeah!” He exclaimed excitedly as he spanked the big, muscled bubble butt.

“Fuck me, Harry. Fuck me,” Leon suddenly said.

Harry didn’t hesitate. He had thankfully prepared for this situation and so reached into the drawer by the bedside and took out a bottle of lube. He first generously lubed up Leon’s twitching hole, fingering him—first slowly and then more vigorously.

Then he covered his long shaft in lube. Now standing a proud 17”, he was unsure how Leon would cope but he was damn well going to try.

“You ready for this?” he said, smacking his cock against Leon’s ass.

Leon just nodded. “I guess I will try,” he said with a big smirk on his face.

Harry lined up his cock, pushing the bulging mushroom head against Leon’s hole. He felt some resistance but to his surprise it slid in relatively easily. Leon gasped as he felt the head enter with an audible pop.

“Oh fuck man! That’s so big.”

Harry laughed. He knew the head itself was as thicker than a beer can so the fact that his friend had already taken it was impressive.

“You’re doing really well,” he said, leaning in to kiss his new lover.

As they kissed, Harry slowly pushed forwards and could feel millimetre after millimetre slide in as Leon moaned.

When the kiss eventually broke and Harry sat back up, he noticed that only about a quarter of his dick had gone in so far.

“Let me know if it gets too much okay?” he asked, not wanting to hurt the newly grown stud.

Leon just nodded as Harry started to withdraw part of his cock and gently pushed it back in. Leon moaned again but showed no sign of pain so Harry pushed forward. He now started to fuck with just the top few inches of his humongous shaft but with every stroke, he could see it slide in deeper and deeper.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it. It feels so good!” Leon moaned. Clearly Harry had hit the good spot.

But he was now only half way in. With still well over 8 inches to go, he wasn’t sure if he would make it—although he didn’t care if he didn’t.

But he fucked on, alternating the pace but constantly checking on signs from Leon that he was all right. And he was handling it like an absolute champion. He moaned louder and louder, and of what they were up to, but he didn’t care.

As he fucked, he took in the glory of Leon’s incredible body, his pecs, with rock-hard nipples gently bouncing as his hole was pounded, his strong thighs perfectly visible and held up by his incredible arms.

The sensations and the incredible view almost became too much for Harry but he managed to hold it in. He was now almost in, with just a few inches to go to the base. To his surprise he noticed the outline of his shaft under Leon’s well-defined abs, moving up and down as he fucked.

“Fuck, man, that’s so hot,” he moaned, getting increasingly close.

“Fuck yeah, man, drill me with that cock.”

Harry decided to go in for the home stretch. He grabbed Leon’s tiny waist with his hands, getting a firm grip on the huge muscle stud’s body. And with that he started to slam his cock in and out.

Slam, slam, slam

The sound of his balls slamming against Leon’s ass was incredible and with every rough stroke the last few inches of his dick moved forwards.

Fuuuuuuck!” Leon suddenly screamed as if he had reached the limit. And to Harry’s surprise he was now all the way in.

“Fuck, man! You’ve taken all of it,” he said with deep admiration in his voice.

“It feels so fucking big,” Leon said, breathing heavily.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. “Now it feels big?” he said.

“I mean—it’s like you’ve hit an invisible wall. I’m glad you’re not a millimetre longer.”

Harry laughed again. “That’s fair. And indeed luckily for you, I am not.”

He now took Leon’s throbbing cock in his hand and started to jack him off as he continued to fuck. He used long strokes, fucking with the full length of his shaft as Leon moaned louder and louder underneath him.

“You ready for this?” he said after another minute or so.

“Fuck yeah, man, breed me!” Leon said excitedly.

And with that Harry’s balls started to contract and he could feel the orgasm rise through his whole shaft, slowly moving up until eventually it erupted as a geyser, flooding Leon’s insides with torrents of cum.

At the same time, Harry could feel Leon’s cock start to shoot an even bigger load than he had earlier, covering his hard eight pack in thick, white liquid.

Harry collapsed, slowly withdrawing his enormous shaft and kissed the handsome stud still underneath him.

“Fuck man. That felt incredible,” Leon said eventually.

“Best fuck of my life, without a doubt,” Harry said in agreement. So far, anyway, he thought with a smile.


Chapter 4: The House Manager

The next morning Harry woke up with Leon in his arms. He immediately knew that Leon had grown further during the night and he couldn’t wait to see the result.

He gently nibbled on Leon’s ear, and the muscle stud slowly murmured as he woke up.

Then he moaned, clearly enjoying the sensation.

“Morning, handsome,” Harry whispered.

“Oh, good morning.” He blinked for a moment and just laid there.

“Last night was real, wasn’t it?” he suddenly asked.

“Haha, yes it was. I couldn’t quite believe it myself when I had grown either. But I suspect you grew a bit more during the night.”

“Wait, what?” Leon said, confused.

“Yes, I had as well. Go look in the mirror,” he said and immediately Leon was wide awake and jumped out of bed, and Harry followed his lead.

It was quickly revealed that Leon had indeed grown a fair amount. He wasn’t as big as Harry, and if he had to guess he was maybe 100 pounds lighter. But he was still bigger than any bodybuilder he had ever seen.

“Fuck, I can’t believe it,” Leon said, in awe at his own body.

“Indeed. You look incredible,” he said, looking over Leon’s shoulders.

“Why didn’t you tell me you grew during the night?” Leon suddenly asked, somewhat upset.

“Because I didn’t know if that was just for me, as the Earl, or for anyone whose name is in the book. I didn’t want to disappoint you if you didn’t grow.”

Leon smiled. “That’s actually very sweet. But god look at this,” he said as he grabbed his newly grown cock.

Harry thought it was about 10 inches, still soft. And underneath them was a set of balls the size of oranges.

“I think I need to get measured by the tailor today!” Leon said excitedly. “Although perhaps we should introduce a more clothing optional rule around the house?”

“Haha.” This had crossed Harry’s mind. “Maybe, I’m not sure. Let’s at least slowly build it down because I really don’t know what the staff are used to.”

“I reckon you should just ask Evans. If he served the previous Earl, I would be shocked if he hasn’t seen it all before.”

“You might be right. But I think we’ll speak to the house manager first. He might be able to divulge some details.”

“When is he coming here did you say?” Leon asked.

“Oh not till 10. We’ve got a few hours.”

“All right, come on then!” Leon said excitedly, pulling Harry by the hand.

He dragged him through in to the large master bathroom. “I definitely think we should try shower sex,” he said with a giddy smile.

Harry wasn’t about to deny his newly grown lover shower sex and so he happily obliged and turned on the shower. The many heads started to spray water immediately and Leon stepped in, once again pulling Harry along.

Inside the shower, Leon took control. He gently pushed Harry against the tiled wall (which to his delight was not freezing cold but actually quite nice and warm) and started to kiss him. Harry eagerly reciprocated, feeling their tongues intertwine as they passionately made out as the steam from the hot water rose around them.

But clearly, Leon had other goals. He broke the kiss and grabbed Harry’s big shoulders and guided him to turn around.

Harry didn’t resist, but instead let Leon guide him and explore his muscled body.

A moment later, he felt a tongue at his hole as Leon spread the two huge gluts apart. Harry moaned, not expecting it. But Leon eagerly worked his tongue around and into Harry’s now twitching hole.

To Harry’s surprise, he wanted cock. He wanted Leon to fuck him, and fuck him hard.

But Leon couldn’t resist that huge muscled ass and kept stretching it and wetting it further and further, getting his tongue in real deep.

“Oh fuck yeah, your tongue feels so good,” Harry whimpered. The sensations of the hot water flowing over his huge body, combined with Leon’s tongue invading his hole, were almost too intense.

After what seemed like forever, Leon stood up and rummaged around in a cupboard.

To Harry’s surprise, Leon came back with some baby oil. “The best lube for shower sex there is!” he said with a big smile on his face.

Fuck, that smile. It made Harry melt.

Leon used the oil to lube his now hard cock, although Harry couldn’t see how big it had gotten. He then poured some down Harry’s back and he could feel it run down his spine and into the crack of his muscular butt.

Leon rubbed it in and briefly inserted a few fingers, but clearly decided Harry was loose enough.

He placed his head at Harry’s twitching hole and pushed.

Harry let out a small gasp as the head went in with just a little resistance.

“That’s it you big muscle stud. Take that fat cock,” Leon whispered in his ear.

Harry couldn’t do much more than oblige and as he stood there with the water running down his back, Leon grabbed a hold of his waist and started to push forward.

To both their surprises, it went a lot easier than it had been to fuck Leon the night before. Harry had a theory that it was because Leon hadn’t quite finished growing but that was something to test at a later stage.

Instead, Leon just focussed on the sheer pleasure he was getting from Harry’s incredible ass. It was neither too tight nor too loose and he eagerly pushed forward.

Within a few minutes, Harry could already feel Leon’s balls slam against his own and he knew Leon was almost all the way in. It took only a few more strokes before he felt Leon push his full body up against the wall, letting Harry know he had succeeded.

Leon put his hands on Harry’s muscled shoulders and pulled almost all the way out before slamming all the way back in. And from that point onwards, Leon didn’t hold back. He used the full length of his cock with every stroke, fucking harder than he had ever fucked anyone.

Harry could feel his own cock throbbing, dripping precum all over the shower floor. With each stroke, he felt Leon hit his prostate—and then move straight past it. It was a better fuck than he could have dreamed of and as Leon’s cock slammed in and out of him he felt himself get closer to the edge.

But Leon wasn’t close yet. Somehow the ease of access had given him a stamina boost, and so he fucked hard, loving the sensations his huge new body provided him with.

How long they fucked for, neither of them knew, but eventually Harry felt that Leon was getting close. And just as he thought Leon was about to cum, he felt his own dick explode, covering the wall and floor with spurt after spurt of thick white cum.

Leon could feel Harry cum, as his ass twitched heavily around the base of his dick.

“Fuck yeah, man! Shoot that load,” he said excitedly.

It was enough to make him cum himself, and with just a few more strokes his balls exploded, flooding Harry’s ass. But as Leon pulled out, his huge cock was still shooting, covering Harry’s ass and back.

Harry turned around and embraced Leon tightly—he was a bit spent. They stood there for a moment, the warm water hitting their big muscular bodies.

After a short while, Leon made sure the cum was washed off Harry’s lower back and eventually turned the water off.

Once dry, Harry walked into the dressing room and choose his outfit for his meeting with the house manager. He didn’t have a lot of choice yet but found that a clean white button-up shirt had been delivered, so he combined that with one of the lycra posing trunks and a pair of jeans.

For Leon, he managed to find something. “Wear this for today. We’ll get the tailor here this afternoon once we’ve met with the house manager.”

Leon obliged—it wasn’t anything crazy. A pair of brown chinos, combined with a simple tee and a cardigan. It was actually a bit too big for Leon, but at least he was decent. Thankfully he had no problems fitting into one of the other posing trunks that had been delivered.

They had breakfast downstairs and just as they finished eating, Evans came in.

“Your Lordship, the House Manager is waiting in the morning room.”

“Thank you, Evans. I think we’ll meet him in the library.”

And so the two hunks went to the library as Evans went to the morning room.

They waited for only a moment as Evans opened the door.

To both their surprises, the house manager was a hulk of a man. He was just about the size of Leon, perhaps a bit smaller, but there was no doubt in Harry’s mind that his name was in the book downstairs. He could see why he hadn’t met him earlier.

“Good morning, Your Lordship. I am the House Manager, Felix. Felix Roth, sir.” He shook Harry’s hand.

Felix was a very handsome man. He had pale blond hair and icy blue eyes, and although they were easily rivalled by Leon’s, they nevertheless complemented his features well. He was wearing a simple plaid shirt with jeans and a bomber jacket.

Felix was also a bit older, perhaps in his early forties. He looked a bit like the stereotypical daddy (besides his size) and he spoke with a soft German accent. “I have served the previous Lord for about 20 years, sir, until his passing a few months ago.”

“Well, Felix, I hope you do stay on for a bit longer. We’ll be glad to have your expertise.”

“Certainly, sir. I assume you want a full briefing of the estate?”

“Indeed. I think that would be good.”

And so Felix spoke at length about the estate. First he covered the charitable trust that provided the estate with its income.

“Do you think we could increase the portion going to charity?” Harry asked as Felix took a break from talking.

“I think it’s worth considering. The income has been substantial and the estate now has reserves for up to 10 years—that is to run the house and land here without any outside income. And the trust isn’t the only source. But we should investigate with the accountants.”

“Very well. Could you set that up?” Harry asked, keen to move this along.

“Of course, sir,” Felix said. “Next up is the land here. We’ll go on a tour in a moment but first I want to highlight the land you have here.”

And Felix pulled out a map and pointed to a number of large plots of land.

“These are tenant farm lands. They would have once been the foundation of the income for this land—nowadays they are not sufficient to cover the running of the estate but they are a good portion—about half. The tenant farmers don’t know who they rent the land from directly but know the association with the land.”

“Okay—I guess that’s all part of the 19th century efforts to become more private?” He asked.

“That’s right. They pay their dues and they are generally successful farmers. The house tends to buy a significant amount of produce from them so that is locally sourced.”

“Excellent, I’m glad to hear that.”

“Now—would you like to go and have a look around the estate?”

Harry and Leon were quite ready to go, having sat in the library for quite a while now. Felix guided them into the garden room and opened the grand double doors at its centre.

They stepped out onto the grand steps overlooking the formal gardens.

First, they walked through the expansive formal gardens, with a great lake immediately at the back lined with trees and neatly trimmed hedges, flower beds and with plenty of places to sit and relax.

Further away from the Hall, on the lefthand side, was a parkland, with a more natural landscape that nevertheless was clearly well looked after. At the very bottom of the formal garden was a wooded area—surprisingly large Harry realised—that stretched all the way to the back of adjacent farms.

“There is no access to the estate from this direction. There is quite a large fence in forest that we do monitor. Our grounds keepers tend to check up on it every few days but it’s never been damaged. But I suggest you explore that by yourself later.”

They continued on to an area located on the right side of the Hall and they encountered a smaller, private garden. It hadn’t been visible from the formal gardens but it now became clear that a long wall ran along one side of the gardens, made up of stone hidden behind trees and bushes.

Inside the walled garden was a large, old orangery, still housing a vast array of citrus trees. There was also a greenhouse and access to the Victorian folly Evans had mentioned.

“That was built in 1853 by the Seventh Earl.”

The folly was designed to look like a medieval castle and was larger than Harry had expected.

“That’s rather big!” Leon said, voicing Harry’s thoughts.

“It is. And as is the case for follies, really served no purpose. So the late Lord Strongworth—your immediate predecessor, sir—decided to make better use of it. It’s completely refurbished as a luxury fitness and relaxation space.”

It turned out that Felix wasn’t kidding. The building was large enough to fit two normal houses—although it was dwarfed in the distance by Lacert Hall.

Inside, there were an array of amenities. The previous Lord had obviously enjoyed his comforts and they encountered a massive gym (far too big for one person, Harry realised with a smirk), a spa, including hot tub, steam room and sauna, as well as a massage space, and lastly a proper 25 metre long, six lane swimming pool.

“Fuck!” Harry exclaimed. “This is huge!”

“Yes indeed. And very much designed for the big muscular studs this Hall has seen for many decades, centuries even.

“And really, thats the full estate. Throughout the woodlands there are some other follies and buildings and I really do suggest you go and discover them at some point. From here, there is an underground passage that the leads directly to the house. It can either go into the ‘after dinner’ drawing room, which isn’t used that often, or into the kitchens downstairs.”

“And where do you stay?” Leon asked, somewhat curious.

“There is a cottage in the woods I have tended to use. I am not a big fan of living in the house. It’s not quite my style.”

“I dunno if you guys are done chatting, but I want a swim!” Leon said with a big smile on his face.

Without hesitating Harry pulled off the white shirt and jeans he was wearing—revealing the tight fitting posing strap he had been wearing underneath. The V-shape at the back perfectly highlighted his large glutes.

He could hear Felix let out a low whistle, clearly approving of his huge body.

“Why don’t you join us, handsome?” he said with a cheeky smile on his face.

Felix didn’t have to be told twice. To Harry and Leon’s delight, Felix quickly ripped off his shirt and jeans, to reveal an amazing body—especially for a man his age. He was still as cut and in perfect shape as he would have been 10 or 20 years earlier, ripped to shreds and with huge bulging muscles, popping veins and lightly tanned skin.

He had also been wearing a posing strap, somewhat to Harry’s surprise.

“Is the posing strap a Lacert Hall favourite?” He asked somewhat curiously.

“Well—when you’re as hung as the men here, you have to go with something custom and I always found that the tailors made great posing trunks, which just fitted better than anything else. So I use them as underwear. And I’ve definitely not been the only one.

And with that he jumped into the pool.

They horsed around for a while, enjoying the warm water, swimming laps and chasing after each other. Harry remembered his childhood again as they laughed and giggled.

After a while, they realised they were hungry and rang for some food. A feast was delivered to the lounging area of the spa, and they eagerly ate.

“So Felix,” Harry said as they ate. “How many big men were living here under the previous Lord?”

“Not that many by the end. I think at its peak about 30, maybe 40. But that went down. Most tend to stay for just a year or two, with the odd one staying more. His best friend—I suppose the equivalent of yourself-” He nodded to Leon, “passed away two years ago. That’s when he asked me to become House Manager. I had been here for 16 years by that point and had never wanted to leave so it was perfect for me.”

They ate and talked more, until eventually Leon asked a question he appeared to be dying to ask.

“So—does writing your name in the book turn you gay?”

To their surprise Felix laughed. “I have never thought of it that way. It attracts men who want to get huge. They don’t really care about the consequences. And the truth of the matter is, no one who hasn’t gone through the transformation is able to accommodate us very well,” he said the last sentence as he wrapped both his hands around his massive bulge, which seemed to pop even more under their pressure.

“So, you’re saying that when Harry—sorry, Lord Strongworth—”

Harry laughed. “You can call me Harry, both of you!”

“—very well. When Harry fucked me the other night when I had mostly changed, he could do so fairly reasonably, but when I fucked him the next day, it was the easiest thing ever, because he had grown a few days earlier?”

“Well observed,” Felix answered. “When you write your name in the book, you grow in the evening before bed—from that point onwards you can consider getting fucked, although as you say—it wasn’t all that easy.

“When you fucked him the next day, it was easy. Your cock was much bigger, and he was totally capable as he had gone through the full growth process.”

“So that should mean it would be much easier for me by now?” Leon said excitedly.

Felix laughed—a loud, booming laugh. “I suppose so. Why? Do you want to try?”

Leon didn’t miss a beat and walked up to Harry, straddling his chair and kissing him.

Leon couldn’t see but from the corner of his eyes, Harry saw that Felix got up and walked up to the two.

“You can probably handle him, but can you handle both of us?” Felix said as he leaned over and whispered in Leon’s ear, just loud enough for Harry to also hear it.

All Leon could do was whimper. He got up and removed his own posing trunks and walked over to a lounge chair. Harry and Felix took the hint and immediately joined him, Harry lying down in the chair as Leon again straddled him, exposing his hole to the German stud.

Felix eagerly took his place behind him. He had been alone for the last few weeks and he was horny.

He got on his knees and immediately eagerly started to rim the hot muscled ass. He gently licked it at first, exploring it carefully. But he noticed that Leon’s hole was already twitching, hungry to be filled. He put his hands on Leon’s hips and pushed his face in, roughly licking and probing the tight hole, causing Leon to moan loudly.

At the same time, Harry lowered his posing strap and took out his huge, still soft cock. Leon eagerly opened his mouth and started to suck, the thick shaft quickly hardening in his throat.

Harry was amazed to see Leon’s new cocksucking skills. Within minutes, his best friend had managed to swallow over two thirds of the beer can thick cock and although Harry got a sense that he was starting to struggle, Leon pushed forward.

Felix stood up, and Harry could see that Leon was disappointed and excited at the same time—he knew what was coming.

Indeed Felix placed his bulging cock head at Leon’s increasingly twitchy hole. Harry got a sense that it was huge but Leon had only seen Felix’s big bulge so had no idea what he was in for.

As Felix pushed in, there was a loud pop and Leon gasped. Harry used the opportunity to forcefully grab his hair and push him further onto his cock.

Leon gagged, not expecting the forceful invasion, but his dick twitched. And as Harry started to fuck his throat, Leon felt his ass being split open by Felix’s big cock.

It felt a bit thicker than Harry’s cock and although Harry admittedly had never managed to quite get balls deep, Leon thought it would be a bit more of a challenge.

But Felix didn’t really care, his cock throbbed inside the Asian stud as he whimpered as he tried to get used to the thick girth.

Eventually Felix wanted more. He still had a few inches left to go but instead of pushing forward he pulled out most of the way before aggressively slamming back in.

Harry couldn’t resist and started to aggressively assault Leon’s mouth and throat. The poor stud tried to protest but couldn’t say anything and soon was moaning and whimpering louder than he had before.

As two cocks pounded in and out of him, he could feel his own cock starting to drip, with an almost constant stream of precum dripping onto the chair below him.

Harry sat up, no longer lying down, keen to take a proper look at the stud sucking him, but especially at the muscle daddy fucking his best friend.

He couldn’t help but be incredibly turned on by the huge bodies of the two studs, and although they were both somewhat smaller than he was, they were beautiful.

Leon’s beautiful brown skin was slowly getting covered in sweat, glistening under the soft lighting. His traps were huge and wide, with his back muscles bulging as his head bobbed up and down on Harry’s cock.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, you big muscle bottom,” Harry said with a smile.

Leon looked up, the way a cocksucker looks up while they have a big cock in their mouth. His beautiful eyes twinkled as they met Harry’s and a cheeky smile appeared on his face.

When Harry looked up again, he looked at Felix. The blonde stud smiled.

“He’s got a lovely hole, this one. Though I am afraid it may be a bit sloppy when I am done with it.”

“The sloppier the better,” Harry said smirking.

Felix smiled at Harry as his cock slammed into Leon, and Harry kind of blushed. He noticed Felix’s big, muscled chest, dusted with a thick covering hair that also covered his well-defined abs.

To Harry’s surprise, Felix started to pose as he kept pounding Leon. First a double bicep, then a front lat spread. Harry felt his cock throb inside Leon’s throat as Felix somehow managed to do a most muscular.

Harry was now on the edge and he could feel it. But he wanted to try and return the favour. He lifted up both his arms and he sensed that Leon’s eyes moved upwards, looking at him. He struck a double bicep pose first, as Felix had and he could hear Leon moan loudly underneath him, his eyes wide open with excitement.

Next, Harry moved to do the front lat spread, imitating Felix as best as he could. As he did so, his chest pushed out and he felt the strength of his body flowing through every vein, even as they popped to highlight his powerful arms.

Suddenly, Felix aggressively grabbed Leon’s waist and fucked him with a few long, hard strokes.

Fuuuck yeah!” he moaned loudly. “Take that load!”

And with that Leon felt the German’s cock explode deep inside him. To his own amazement, at the same time his own balls contracted and his cock erupted underneath him, covering the lounge chair in a big load of thick white liquid.

Harry was close but he wasn’t done yet. He grabbed Leon tightly by his hair with one hand and put his other forcefully underneath his chin, around his throat. He first started to fuck slowly, but determined, before picking up the pace.

Leon squirmed, not expecting the sudden aggressive, heavy handed move. But he didn’t seem to mind as his eyes lit up, a new hunger visible in them.

It only took Harry a minute or two before he could feel the load cumming. He shoved his cock deep into Leon’s throat and could feel the cum shooting straight into his friend’s stomach.

The three studs collapsed, exhausted.

“Hot tub?” Felix suggested after a moment, smiling.

“Oh, hell yes!” they both answered enthusiastically.

They had a quick rinse-off before jumping into the warm jacuzzi.

“Oh, that was needed,” Felix said after a moment.

“You can say that again!” Harry laughed.

They sat quietly for a moment, until Harry remembered the question he had wanted to ask for a while now.

“Felix—I wanted to ask. What’s the deal with the staff?”

“In what way?”

“Well, they’re obviously aware of the growth. They help with the logistics, et cetera. But they’re not grown themselves.”

“That was the late Earl’s choice, and I think his predecessor. I think the eleventh Earl actually inherited an ungrown staff from the tenth. And so he never asked his to grow. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them would want to grow and there is nothing really stopping it, I suppose.”

“Oh really? I thought there was some unwritten—or indeed written—rule that the staff wouldn’t put their name in the book.”

“Nope—certainly never been mentioned to me. And they see everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, on most days Francis—I mean your predecessor, sir—would not really get dressed by conventional standards. He opted for lycra, sometimes rubber or leather, that really showed off his body. He didn’t care how people saw him—it was very rare he would get unannounced visitors. And if he did, he would tell the staff to get the person to wait so he could get changed.”

“Oh, wow, that’s not what I expected. But that sounds like a lot of fun!”

“Well, you’re right, of course. And with at its peak 30 or 40 other men in the house, the sex was more regular than any other activity.”

Harry and Leon looked at each other and smiled. Now that sounded a good time!

Eventually they dried off and got dressed again. Felix showed them the tunnel back to the house. It indeed came out into a small cupboard in one of the drawing rooms. Harry immediately rang the bell and Scott walked in.

“Where is Evans?” Harry said surprised.

“Sorry, sir, he is dealing with a matter in the wine cellar. I can call him if you like?”

“No no, it’s quite all right. Can you let him know that I want to see the tailor again tomorrow.” At that Felix smirked, glad to see he had told them about the previous Lord’s preferences.

“And can you please ensure that Leon and Felix have everything they need. I want to do some reading and do not want to be disturbed.”

That surprised Leon and Felix but they obliged and went off. Harry himself went to the library and locked the door, opened the secret passageway downstairs and looked through the bookshelf.

This wasn’t hard to find. He wanted to read the first Lord’s story—and maybe it would explain how this strange title and—it wasn’t a curse, maybe a blessing?—had happened in the first place.


Chapter 5: GayGymSquad

When Harry joined Leon and Felix a few hours later they were just sitting down for dinner.

“I hope you’ve had a fun afternoon,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Oh, absolutely,” Felix said, giving Leon a knowing look.

“And did you find what you were looking for?” Leon asked.

“I did actually. I have a bit of a better sense as to how this all came to be.”

He explained how he had found the very first diary, which told the story of the first Earl—before he was made a Earl—and how he had done some witch-hunting for King James I. He had managed to help the source of the magic and as a thanks he gave him the book. And when he told the King, he had thanked him by giving him a large estate near the place the magic had come from.

He suspected the book still drew magic from the area—somehow.

Felix nodded. “I’ve heard something similar before, it seems the various Lords over the years have kept a good record of what has gone on here.”

They talked more as they ate. But there was one thing Harry really wanted to know.

“Felix where did my predecessor find the men who wanted to come here?”

“Now that’s a good question. As the manager I’ve had some say over that in the last few years but as I mentioned, it has considerably slowed down. It used to be by word of mouth in bodybuilding communities and the likes. And that was fine, it drew in big guys who just wanted to get bigger. But that wasn’t really what Francis wanted. He wanted small men—like he had been—who wanted to get big.

“And really, the internet was the best vehicle for that. He used muscle growth forums and such to attract men. Sometimes he did it himself and sometimes he let others do it. The key was that they were relatively young—mostly in their 20s or 30s—and that they were not huge. Maybe they had tried really hard to grow in the gym or maybe they just had a deep fantasy.

“And then they would be offered to come here for a month, showing some pictures of the men who were here. They wouldn’t have to pay, wouldn’t have to worry about anything. And in that time they would put their names in the book and then stay.”

“That makes sense,” Harry said, thinking for a moment. “I would be keen to do the same. Though first I want to invite a few people over from my previous life. And some may be a bit more muscular than you may have been referring to…”

“I think that’s fair. You want some positive people around you. At the end of the day, they are likely to help you run the estate.”

Leon nodded. “Makes sense. Harry—” He turned to face his handsome lover, who looked at him and his deep blue eyes.

“Do you reckon I could perhaps… shadow Felix?”

“Shadow?” he said, taking a moment to drink some of the wine that had been served before finishing his response.

“I have been thinking about this. Felix, are you happy to stay on as manager?”

“I think for now, yes. Though I do think I would prefer to go off in a few years’ time and explore the world as a muscled man, finally.”

“Very well. In which case, Leon—yes, please. You would make an excellent manager I think and Felix can teach you the ropes. I’d also like to bring the others in to help. I assume you have some sort of deputy, Felix?”

The German daddy nodded. “I did. One deputy and three assistants in fact—each with their own specialisation: finance, maintenance, and grounds. But they all left, so the positions are vacant.”

“Okay, great, glad to hear it. I have a few people in mind. And do we pay them—and you I guess—a salary?”

“Yes, everyone is paid and lodging is free. Either here in the house or one of the cottages. Mine isn’t the only one, in case someone prefers to be away from the house.”

“Very well. Then, this is my plan.

“I will invite my gym group up to join. There are five of them, so three will be your assistants and Leon will be your deputy. I am sure we can find other roles for the rest? Perhaps one can look after the staff and one… can be in charge of recruitment?”

Felix smiled. “That sounds like a great set up.”

“And once they have joined us, I want the staff to grow. It seems nuts to me they aren’t of a similar size! If they want to of course, and no one should feel obliged to grow. But I suspect very few work here, and stay here, if they didn’t want to grow themselves.

“And once they have grown, there should be plenty of muscled stud for a fun evening with all of us,” he said with a smile.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After dinner they sat in the drawing room for a while and Leon and Felix spoke further, getting a head start on understanding the running of the estate. Harry spent the evening on his phone. He had largely ignored it for a few days, having barely touched it since he had arrived at the Hall, but now he was on a mission.

He skipped passed the dozens of missed messages in his GayGymSquad group chat and saw that there was no ongoing conversation.

Hey guys, I have a random request He sent.

As was common in this group, there were almost instant replies.

Oh you’re alive! One said. We were getting worried bitch! came another.

Yeah sorry, I’ve been a bit busy. But that’s why I’m messaging.

What do you need? came another immediate reply.

Would you all be able to come over to my new place tomorrow?

New place? We didn’t know you were moving. And tomorrow is a bit short notice

I know, hence I’ve been a bit busy. It’s a lot to explain better just come over. I can send a car

Who are you and what have you done to Harry!

He ignored that one.

Call in sick if you have to. A guy in need here!

Quickly everyone seemed to agree to help out.

Just let us know when and where.

If you can all meet at the gym I will send a car. Tomorrow at 1pm?

You will send a car? Honestly man what is going on!

Just trust me please. It’s really important

All right. 1 p.m. at the gym tomorrow. Everyone agreed.

Oh take a change of clothes or two. I hope you’ll stay the night.

“Hey guys, I need to speak to Evans so I’m going to go to my room. Hope you’ll join me when you’re done chatting.” He directed the last sentence to Leon and leant over to kiss him, and Leon eagerly reciprocated.

Once he got upstairs he rang the bell and Scott appeared.

“Oh, Scott. I was expecting Evans, but no matter.”

“What can I do, your Lordship?”

“Can you let Sato know to take whatever vehicle can hold five passengers to this address for tomorrow at 1 p.m.? He should expect everyone on that list.” He handed his valet the address of the gym and the list of names of his gym buddies.

“Certainly, sir. Anything else I can do for you?”

“I assume Sato can wait half an hour or so, so please sit,” he said, in a tone that didn’t allow Scott to disagree. “I have an important question. I assume all the staff know how the Lords Strongworth are this size and why they get friends and people over that also become the same size?”

“Of course Sir. It’s explained early on in the job.”

“And what happens to those when they find out? What’s their reaction?”

“Well—quite honestly some quit. They’re the ones who are freaked out or the ones who just can’t stomach seeing quite so much sex. It’s… unusual in this line of work.”

“Haha, I can only imagine. And what about those who stay?”

“There are probably two kinds. The ones who find it exciting and enjoy serving the men. And the others who are indifferent—who see this as the job it is and get on doing that job. The pay is very good after all and the work isn’t strenuous considering there are rarely massive gatherings with people from outside.”

“You say they may enjoy serving the men. Do you think they would want to be those men? Please be honest.”

Scott hesitated for a moment. “I obviously can’t speak for everyone but…” He paused for a moment again, clearly thinking about the answer he was about to give. “…but yes. I know I would love to be part of the muscled men of this house. I am sure others would too. Why are you asking my Lord?”

“Because I think it’s mad that this estate is run for huge, muscled guys like myself and Leon and Felix—but that the people doing the hard work are not allowed the same privilege.”

“May I be honest, Sir?”

“Of course, please do.”

“Well—I have thought that myself. I suspect your predecessor was more traditionally minded and wanted to keep the staff and the residents quite separate.”

“I reckon so too but I disagree. I don’t think it’s something of this age. Please do not tell your colleagues about this conversation but I am making plans. First, our five friends here—” He gestured to the piece of paper Scott was still holding. “—will grow, but I will make arrangements. But please, keep it a secret. I want it to be a surprise.”

Just as Scott had stood up, knowing the conversation was over, the door opened and Leon came in.

“Good night, my Lord,” Scott said as Harry kissed Leon.

“Good night Scott. And again—mum’s the word.”

“Yes my Lord.”

Harry smiled and turned to Leon. “Well—that’s that set in motion. Now… what have we here…” He dragged Leon through to the bedroom and threw him on the bed.

They kissed, lost in a frenzy of lust as piece after piece of clothing landed on the floor. Within moments they were completely naked and Harry straddled Leon’s strong waist. Harry placed his hands on Leon’s firm, bulging chest, and he gently massaged the muscles, feeling the strength underneath his fingers.

“Fuck man, your body feels so good,” Harry moaned as Leon flexed his muscles for his friend.

He eagerly bent down and went to work, worshipping every inch of Leon’s magnificent chest as the stud flexed underneath him. He could hear Leon moan under him as he ran his tongue from his bellybutton to the bottom of his pecs, around the bottom of the huge mounts and to his thick nipples. As he reached the right nipple he gently licked it, causing a shiver to run down Leon’s spine and a soft moan escaped his lips.

That excited Harry and he put his mouth back around Leon’s hardening nipple, gently licking it and nibbling it. Leon squirmed underneath him and Harry could feel their hard cocks touching each other, sending a wave of electricity through them.

“Fuuuuck. Worship those pecs,” Leon moaned as Harry enthusiastically continued. After dedicating some time to the right he moved to the left, immediately diving in on Leon’s sensitive nipple.

He had no idea how long he worshipped the muscle stud for, but he didn’t care. He licked and felt every inch of those huge pecs before moving on to his powerful arms and well-defined abs.

When he eventually reached Leon’s cock, it was throbbing, the head covered in precum. Without missing a beat, he eagerly swallowed the first few inches. They disappeared down his throat without any resistance and as he looked up he could see Leon smile.

And then he could feel Leon’s hands on his head, pushing. Harry tried to relax as Leon forced his cock deeper down his throat, inch after inch disappearing with surprisingly little effort.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it—take my cock,” Leon growled, clearly excited to see his thick shaft disappear down Harry’s throat.

Harry breathed carefully through his nose as more and more of the thick dick slid into him, and he could feel it pulsing with excitement.

“Hold on, Harry!” Leon said excitedly, as he pushed the stud up, throwing him onto the bed on his back with his head over the edge of the mattress.

Harry eagerly opened his mouth and Leon didn’t wait a moment to shove his cock back in. With one forceful thrust it was three quarters of the way in and Harry gagged. Clearly he had some limit. Leon smiled a somewhat wicked smile.

“Just let me know if it gets too much.”

And with that he leant forward and start to fuck Harry’s hungry throat. He started slowly but after every stroke, the next one came a bit quicker than the last. And so quickly Leon’s shaft was going in deeper and deeper, with every stroke a bit more of it disappeared down Harry’s throat.

When the pace was so fast that Harry could barely comprehend it, Leon placed one hand on his throat as leverage and somehow managed to go even faster. Harry had never been fucked like this before—he didn’t even think this was the normal pace for anal—let alone a throat fuck. But somehow he loved the aggressive assault on his mouth and his own cock was rock hard and dribbling precum.

“Fuck yeah! I can’t believe you’re taking a throat fucking like this! This growth is amazing!”

He kept at it for another minute or two but Harry eventually felt him slow down as he approached climax.

“You ready for this, Harry?” Leon asked excitedly.

Harry couldn’t reply but just gave a thumbs up and with another few forceful thrusts he could feel Leon’s dick contract and twitch as he huge load of cum flowed first into his stomach and then into his throat and mouth as he slowly pulled out.

“Fuck man that was amazing! I can’t believe you took a throat fuck like that,” Leon said excitedly has he collapsed on the bed.

Harry took a moment to recover and swallow the excessive saliva.

“Me neither!” he said eventually, trying to breathe slowly. He moved onto the bed into Leon’s arms.

“Looks like you enjoyed it,” the stud said with a smile, pointing at a large puddle of cum on Harry’s abs.

“Yeah, I did, but believe it or not, that’s just precum.”

“You mean you haven’t cum yet?”


To his surprise, Leon got up and walked to the window overlooking the gardens and leant over one of the chairs. With one of his knees up, his hole exposed, he wiggled his ass.

Harry jumped up at the invitation and immediately buried his face deep into Leon’s twitching hole. It was still slightly gaping from Felix’ pounding earlier and he eagerly pushed his tongue inside, causing Leon to moan loudly.

“Fuck yeah, get that hole ready for a pounding.”

Harry didn’t linger long. It was still ready from earlier and so he stood up and placed his head at the twitching hole.

He leant over, keeping his cock steady as he whispered in Leon’s ear.

“You ready for this pounding.”

The soft whisper raised the hairs on Leon’s necks and he squirmed. “Fuck me hard.”

That’s exactly what Harry wanted to hear. He grabbed Leon’s hips with both hands and pushed—hard. With one forceful stroke he shoved the full length deep into his friend. Leon moaned loudly—almost screaming.

“That’s revenge for the brutal facefuck,” Harry said with the same wicked smile Leon had earlier. He wasn’t serious of course, but the facefuck had inspired him and so he fucked aggressively, and with each stroke his balls bounced off Leon’s thick bubble butt.

Leon moaned loudly as Harry pounded the living daylights out of his ass. Once in a while, Harry would slap his ass or aggressively shove his face into the chair.

And Leon seemed to love it. Occasionally, Harry would reach down and he could feel Leon’s cock had gotten hard once again. It spurred him on to fuck even harder and with all the previous stimulation it didn’t take much for him to get close to the edge.

“You want that load in me?” he asked, pulling Leon’s head back by his hair.

“Please.” He squirmed as he strained under the strength of Harry’s arm. “Fill me up!”

The smirk reappeared on Harry’s face. With just a few more strokes he could feel his balls tighten and a huge load shoot out of the length of his shaft, deep into Leon’s ass.

“Fuck yeah take that load!” Harry grunted as he shot rope after rope of cum deep into the hot stud.

When he eventually pulled out, it seemed as though Leon had shot a huge load of his own, clearly enjoying the rough pounding. They kissed passionately and laid back down on the bed, quickly falling asleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning they were woken up by Scott. “Breakfast is ready. Would you like it downstairs or up here?” he asked.

“We’ll take it up here today, thanks Scott.”

“Of course. Please don’t forget the tailors will be here at 10 to measure Mr Davies and take any additional orders you may want to place.”

“Thanks Scott.”

The two studs ate breakfast. No longer just porridge and fresh fruit but a breakfast made for muscle studs: six egg whites each with lean bacon and some tomatoes and mushrooms. They both eagerly ate it, starting to get used to the demands of their huge bodies.

At 10, they made their way to the mirror room. As the tailor’s apprentice measured Leon, Harry chatted with the tailor himself—obviously he was the only one who would serve the Earl.

“I have certainly done stranger requests for the previous Earl and the men he… entertained? I have a range of options, you’ve already seen I do lycra,” he said, pointing at the poser Harry was wearing. He had decided to come in as little as necessary in case they needed to re-measure. “And we can do much more than that. If you’re happy with it, I can do a few pieces I think you’ll enjoy and then if you want anything specific you can order those later?”

“Sure—though make sure it includes a wrestling singlet,” Harry said, having always wanted one.

“Of course. We also do rubber or leather.”

“Do a few pieces of each. Just make sure they have the necessary zips,” he said with a knowing smile. The tailor just smiled back, knowing exactly what Harry was after.

“Before you go,” Harry said, “I suspect there may be another five guys. Perhaps you could come back tomorrow afternoon? Speak to Evans and decide on a time.”

“Of course, your Lordship. And is there anything specific you will want for these other guys?”

“I think a few items of normal clothing and we may decide together on a bit of a look. I don’t anticipate having to wear clothes often. Oh and perhaps you can show us some of the styles my predecessor preferred?” He smiled as he said that and the tailor smiled too.

As he looked at the handsome tailor, he suddenly had a thought. “Sir—you know the story of this house, I assume. Or certainly you know more than most. And I assume we pay you for discretion?”

“Yes, indeed. Though discretion is vital for a high-end tailor anyways.”

“Certainly. But have you ever considered joining…?” he said, with a certain implication in his tone.

“Joining? What? No—I couldn’t do it myself. It’s not for me. Though I suspect the lad—” He motioned at the apprentice. “—wouldn’t mind. I saw how excited he was when he found out he was allowed to measure.”

“Perhaps he could become our in-house tailor. He could join us here, do the measurements, and so on, and then liaise with you. He could stay as your employee and help you on the day-to-day as well.”

“Well, perhaps not a bad idea. I have to admit almost 90% of my business comes from the Hall, so the 10% I can always do myself.”

“If you want to suggest it to him he can do it whenever he wants. He seems like a hard worker.”

“That he certainly is. I think you would find him a real asset. Let me speak to him. He can always let you know tomorrow if he was willing.”

“Sounds good. Just remind him he would need to stay here the night he wants to go through with it. And you will need to measure him the next day.”

The tailor smiled. “I think I can do that. I will get him to speak to you tomorrow if he has any questions.”

And with that, the tailor went to pack up their stuff and Harry and Leon went for a short walk around the house, showing him round a bit more.

“You know what I think this house needs?” Leon said as they walked through the huge empty gallery.

“What’s that?” Harry said.

“A sex room. Imagine the seven of us and then the staff and any further visitors. It just seems like something obviously missing!”

“Well, you may well be right. We can ask Evans at some point to set something up. That reminds me…”

They went back to the apartment for lunch, and Harry rang the ball. Within moments, Scott appeared.

“How can I help, My Lord?”

“Scott—does this house perhaps have an excess number of spare mattresses?”

“I am certain we can pull some together, My Lord.”

“Excellent. Can you make sure that seven are fully made in the garden room for tonight?”

“Of course, My Lord. Though would the garden room not be a bit big?”

“Perhaps, but I think it has the style I want,” he said with a smile. “And if you can, please make sure they’re all Super King Size!”

“Yes, My Lord. Would you also like to have lunch now?” he asked before Harry even had a chance to raise it himself.

“Yes, please.” He knew the gym buddies would be on their way soon.

As lunch arrived they sat talking. To his annoyance, Leon asked a somewhat unwelcome question.

“Hey Harry—I’ve been meaning to ask about Alistair?”

“What about him?” Harry said, his throat suddenly dry.

“I’m surprised you haven’t invited him yet.”

Harry had to admit he had been surprised as well. For some reason Leon had been the first choice between his two close friends. Even though Alistair had been the one to lend him the jacket for his visit to the lawyer’s office.

“Honestly, I am not entirely sure why I haven’t.”

He sort of knew, of course. Between Alistair and Leon, Leon had been the one to share his passion for the gym, even if they didn’t go together. But Alistair had kind of scoffed when Harry had started going a lot. How would he react to all this… ?

He had actually messaged Alistair a few times. Not as often as they would’ve done if it had been normal times but he just said he was busy after the trip to London and that he would have to explain soon but just wasn’t ready yet.

“Maybe I should invite him over… Maybe the day after tomorrow. And maybe he doesn’t want to ever see me again…”

“Why would you say that?” Leon said surprised.

“Because he hated it when I started to go to the gym so much.”

“Have you ever considered he may have been jealous?”

Harry hadn’t. It hadn’t even crossed his mind for a second. It was possible but Alistair had always made jokes about big muscular guys and avoided them like the plague.

But Alistair was straight—as far as Harry knew. And struggled with the girls. While the bigger guys around him always seemed to be getting laid.

Hell, he had even joked he would make a great gay guy because so many guys were into him. He was super cute after all—adorkable is what Harry’s gym buddies called him. He perfectly fitted the geek type—he was a software engineer after all.

“I think you might be right,” Harry said eventually, having thought it through. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

He grabbed his phone and called Alistair, the adorable twink with thick rimmed black glasses, thick black hair and a killer smile.

“Hey Ali,” he said, somewhat nervously when his friend picked up the phone.

“Hey Harry—what’s up! You ready to tell me what’s going on?”

“Uhm… sort of. Would you mind coming over to my new place?” he said as he felt his heart pounding in his chest.

“New place? Wow, a lot has happened. Sure, when?”

“Day after tomorrow? I will make all the time in the world that day.”

“Sure. Text me the address?”

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll send a car.”

“Oh shit, man. You got into some money, didn’t you?”

“Well, that’s just the start of it. I’d rather just show you if that’s all right.”

“Yeah, no worries, man. What time should I expect the ride?”

“Shall we say 10?”

“Sounds good! I’ll see you soon Harry!”

“See you Ali.”

He had a smile on his face. Alistair had always been able to read him like an open book. He was excited to see his good friend again. He just hoped he would stick around…

“Harry,” Leon said, coming out into the hallway, “Evans said they’re here.”

Harry immediately put his phone away excitedly and the two studs stripped off to their posing trunks. What would be a better way to entice five gay muscle sluts than their huge bulges and muscles on display.

Before Evans opened the door the two studs posed, one a front double bicep and the other a most muscular. With the double doors behind them open they would appear as two huge muscled silhouettes as Harry’s gym buddies adjusted to the light.

And so they stood there as Evans opened the door.

“Oh my god what is this!” said the familiar, camp voice of Jack.

“What. The actual. Fuck!” said Ollie’s deep baritone voice.

“Is that you, Harry?” Duong said—as always the intelligent one.

“And I think that’s… that has to be Leon?” Thiago added.

“This is fucking wild!” Darius said excitedly.

Harry and Leon broke their poses and Harry’s friends came running up to them, giving them big hugs and excited kisses.

“This can’t be real. How are you real?” Ollie said.

Harry smiled at the cute black twink. At 5’9”, he was the shortest of his friends. But his tight-fitting clothes hinted a strong, toned body.

“Slow down Ollie, we’ll explain,” Harry said with a big smile. “Just come through here.”

He stepped onto the bottom of the stairs and looked at his friends.

“You may believe it or not, but yes this really is me,” he said proudly.

“And this here—” He gestured towards Leon. “—really is Leon.”

“You must wonder what happened but more importantly you may want to join!”

Some positive murmurs arose. Harry could feel the excitement in the room.

And so he explained the story once again. He was getting a feeling he would have to do this quite a few more times. But he didn’t care and his friends listened in disbelief.

“How do we know this is true?” Jack said. Jack was a stunningly handsome blonde who was about the most effeminate guy Harry knew. But he was also the most muscular of the group, almost gymnast sized.

“Well, you can write your name in the book and if nothing happens you know I’m full of shit. What else have you got to lose writing your name on a piece of paper?”

Some muttered in agreement.

“But what do we do once we have grown?” Thiago asked. As always, he was standing at the back of the group, towering over everyone. His handsome Latino face looked excited—Harry knew he had always been jealous of some of their more muscular friends.

“Well—I would hope you stay with us. This house has plenty of space for all of you to have your own room. Leon here is going to be the Deputy House Manager—the previous manager is still here and will continue to do his work. But he needs assistants to look after all aspects of the operations, from maintenance to finance. And you’ll of course be paid.”

“That sounds a bit like work?” Darius said jokingly. His handsome Iranian features somehow continued to surprise Harry every time he saw him. His striking black eyes and black hair perfectly accentuating his square jaw and his broad shoulders. Such a perfect frame to pack loads of muscle onto. Harry thought to himself.

“Well, true. But think of the benefits! Tonnes of muscled guys to have sex with all day long!”

“Sounds like a dream to me!” Jack said with a giddy smile on his face.

“But what if there are not enough jobs for all of us!” Duong said more critically. The Vietnamese twunk’s dark hair covered his eyes somewhat, but Harry could still see the twinkle that always seemed to be present in them. Harry could see his pecs bulge underneath the tight tee he was wearing. God—Duong has incredible pecs. Harry couldn’t help but think.

“All right—I promise there are plenty,” Harry said, returning his focus to the conversation. “We need someone to look after the grounds. And I am keen to get someone responsible for all the staff management and recruitment.

“Recruitment?” Thiago asked curiously.

“Yes—recruitment. I am hoping to get a whole bunch of guys here who want to get huge! They come here and grow, and stay a few months or years before moving on. We’ll need a steady supply of guys that meet our strict standards!”

“Oh, fuck!” Thiago said. “Now that sounds like a job I could do!”

Harry wanted to laugh, though he didn’t show it. He had indeed had Thiago in mind. He was incredibly charismatic but also a good salesman. And as far as Harry knew, a good judge of character. But he wasn’t ready to assign jobs quite yet.

“Well—maybe! But I think we should at some point all sit down to discuss it and see what people want to do.”

The avalanche of questions seemed to be over and Harry smiled. “Any more for anyone or do you want to see if this thing is real?”

“Oh, let’s try it at least!” Duong said, though he still sounded sceptical.

“Yes, let’s get this going!” Ollie said, sounding far more convinced.

“Just to warn you though guys. You put your name in the book and nothing will happen until later this evening so don’t be surprised that there is a bit of delay. And I have no idea how it works if multiple guys write their names in the book at the same time. It may be that only one person grows per evening!”

“Let’s just go, we’ll find out!” Darius said, clearly eager to try.

And so he took them down to the dark basement room and gave them each the quill and showed them the format to use. One by one the ink strokes covered the page. And it seemed that each of the guys got the same weird feeling Harry and Leon had when they had written their names down.

Once they were done, Harry decided to give them the tour, leaving off the garden room for now. Everyone seemed amazingly impressed with the space, as Harry had figured. He even took them down to the swimming pool and spa so they knew it was there. By the time they got there, it was dinner time and so he took them back to the dining room.

The cook served an amazing three course meal. Packed full of protein, all the guys seemed impressed and he could see them relaxing more into the idea of staying at the Hall.

After dinner there was maybe an hour left until Harry figured the first few would grow and so he took them through to the drawing room to the left of the garden room—the one with the leather chairs. He figured this would be a good place for the guys to grow.

As they sat and talked, he noticed the conversation was steering towards jobs.

“All right, all right!” he said. “I can tell you want to decide who can do what already even though you’ve not grown yet. Who wants to do what?”

Thiago jumped in. “Recruitment for me please!”

Duong immediately raised his voice. “I would like to do that too. Though I can see the appeal in the maintenance role, too…” That made more sense to Harry—Duong had remodelled his entire house on his own, and the work he did was amazing!

“All right,” Harry said, having grabbed a paper and pen from a writing desk in the corner. “Jack—any thoughts?” He had already had Jack in mind for the role of staff management—he was such a people person. But hopefully Jack would suggest it himself.

“Well—managing staff sounds all right. Or finances?” As he said that, Harry remembered he had an accountancy degree. It could make sense but not sure if he would enjoy doing it.

“What about you Darius?”

“Well—I think I’m the obvious one to look after the grounds—considering my gardening expertise.”

Some laughed. Darius never stopped talking about his allotment where he grew fresh fruit and vegetables. And although a garden of this size would be completely different, he could see it work.

“Great—and you, Ollie?”

Harry knew Ollie was a builder. He would be a logical fit for maintenance—he even owned his own construction business!

“Well—I guess maintenance is my best skill but… I dunno…” It seemed as though he wanted to say something but for some reason wouldn’t.

“What is it, Ollie?”

“I… I guess I actually just quite enjoy doing the finances for my business. I’m sure there’s a lot more money involved here but I think I’d enjoy it more.”

That was a surprise. Harry looked down at the little table he had created on his piece of paper.

“So Darius is the only one who mentioned grounds and Jack was the only one who said staff management… So I think we can go with those? That would put Ollie on Finance and Duong in maintenance. Meaning Thiago would do recruitment. Agreed?”

Everyone nodded. That was surprisingly easier than expected and is some ways had followed what he had hoped. Just Ollie in finances and Duong in maintenance was a bit unexpected—but it suited them.

They sat for longer and Harry promised they would all meet with Felix in the next few days.

“But focus on the growth, first. It may take a few days!” he said, hoping they would be patient.

In reality, he wasn’t even patient himself. He was hoping for an explosion of muscle in the room any moment now. He had realised he and Leon grew at different times so maybe they would all grow tonight but one by one?

Jack had been the first to write his name in the book so he was keeping an eye on him more than the others when he suddenly got up and tried to excuse himself. It was just after 9pm.

“Where are you going, Jack?” Leon asked, clearly thinking along the same lines as Harry was.

“Just. Uhm… Need the loo?”

“I don’t think that’s it,” Harry said, looking at Jack critically. “You’re really horny aren’t you?” He could see a slight tent in Jack’s skinny jeans, although he was trying to conceal his boner with his hands.

Jack blushed, which was highlighted by his blonde hair. “Uhm. Yes. Maybe?” he said nervously.

“That’s the first sign,” Harry said with a big smile. “Come to the middle of the room.”

“Wank for us, Jack,” Leon said in a seductive tone. He walked up to Jack and took his hand, guiding him to the coffee table in the middle of the room—from where everyone could see them.

Leon gently kissed Jack and Harry could almost see the shiver run down his spine as he finally dropped his hands and stopped his attempts to conceal his hard-on.

Instead, he allowed Leon to grab it through the tight fabric. With his other hand, Leon undid the zip and unleashed Jack’s cock. Harry had always suspected Jack was hung but this big… the 11 inch cock stood proud and its head was already covered in precum.

Without waiting, Leon started to stroke it, first gently as Jack squirmed under his influence. The rest of the guys were watching in awe, stroking their own hard-ons, still tightly tucked away in their jeans.

It didn’t take Jack long to get close to climax and Leon picked up the pace. After only a few minutes, Jack’s cock started to erupt, thick cum covering Leon’s clothing.

Harry looked around as the others moaned and stared at Jack intently. They all wanted to know what was next.

Jack’s face changed. The odd feeling. And next…

He collapsed on the floor. The blow to the stomach. Leon pulled Jack’s tee off, over his head. Although it revealed an already toned body, Harry immediately knew it had changed, and so did everyone else. His sixpack was much more defined than it had ever been.

Within another moment, the seams started to rip on his jeans as his thighs, calves and glutes expanded.

Another invisible blow to the stomach and Jack was almost on his knees as the pain became too intense. With that, his back widened and his pecs started to swell, immediately followed by his biceps and triceps.

“Fuuuuuck,” Darius whispered. He had been the second one to write his name in the book.

And just as Jack seemed to be done growing, Darius’s cock erupted, covering his tee in thick, white liquid. He stood up, taking it as his cue and as Jack sat down, Darius took off his top. It became immediately clear that he, too, now had an incredible sixpack. Within moments his legs had quickly developed too, ripping his chinos off his legs.

Harry let out a low whistle. Darius’s ass just looked amazing now that he had grown.

As Darius continued to grow, Thiago shot his own load. He had already taken off his top and as he stood up, he got the same familiar blow to the stomach. Within moments he had a beautiful eight pack and his body just kept growing.

It all now seemed to happen at once. As Thiago’s thighs expanded, Duong shot his load. And as Duong’s pecs grew even bigger than they already were, Ollie covered himself in perhaps the biggest load Harry had ever seen. As the studs grew at the same time, the visual overload became too much for Harry and Leon. Before Ollie’s back had even widened, Leon was shooting a load that covered not only himself, but also Jack—who had sat down right beside him.

Harry had stopped wanking altogether, so taken with the incredible sights of his friend’s muscles growing and expanding like nothing he had ever seen.

And as Ollie grew a few inches taller, Harry felt his cock explode. A fountain of cum erupted, shooting straight in the air and hitting the tall ceiling.

Fuuuuck,” he screamed as his balls kept churning out cum.

Ollie leant in and kissed him.

“I guess it worked,” he said with a big smile.


Chapter 6: The Grown Gang

After the dust had settled and people had cleaned up, Harry decided it was time to show them the garden room. To his relief—though not to his surprise—everyone seemed excited about the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies deep into the night.

Harry took Leon to one side as everyone found their place. “We should leave them until tomorrow morning. Once they’re fully grown. Leave them in each other’s capable hands for now.”

Leon looked a bit disappointed, but he understood Harry’s logic. Their cocks were still a bit too big to handle for these newly grown studs, at least until their final growth had settled in during the night. They quietly disappeared upstairs and went to Harry’s comfy suite.

They could hear slight moans and other noises from the room below them as they got ready for bed. Leon seductively walked up to Harry.

“Do you not think we should join in, in spirit at least?” he said with a cheeky smile on his face.

Harry was unable to resist Leon, that smile making him weak in the knees. Leon used the moment of vulnerability to take control of him and pushed Harry onto the bed, raising his legs high into the air.

Harry didn’t want to struggle, but instead let Leon take the lead. He felt his legs being lifted and pushed down onto his thick chest as Leon spread his cheeks wide and gently wetted his hole. He could feel it twitch as his muscled hunk started to push his tongue into him, opening it up, ready for his thick cock.

He rimmed for what seemed hours, and Harry happily let him lick his hole and tongue fuck him hard. His own cock was already rock hard, leaking precum over his hard abs and pecs.

“You ready for this?” Leon asked eventually, as he briefly came up for air.

Harry just nodded, his hole hungry for Leon’s thick cock. Leon moved into position, and Harry could feel the thick cockhead trying to push its way in.

When it entered him with a clearly audible *pop*, Harry moaned out loudly, almost screamed. The sensation sent shockwaves of pleasure through his hugely muscled body as inch after inch invaded his ass.

It seemed easier to take Leon’s cock than it had previously, and it would probably be easier every time he took one of these huge dicks. He breathed calmly as Leon pushed forward, more and more of the huge shaft filling his lover.

When Leon was well over half-way in, Harry suddenly noticed his abs bulging, the outline of Leon’s cock clearly visible underneath them. Somehow, it made him even hornier and as Leon leant forward to start fucking him, his own cock started to leak like a tap, cum flowing generously and freely.

As he was slowly getting covered in a puddle of cum, leaking down onto the bed, Leon started to fuck harder and harder, clearly turned on by the sight of Harry’s muscled body getting covered in copious amounts of cum.

It didn’t take the two muscle studs much longer to finally reach the climax. With just a few more thrusts, Harry could feel Leon’s cock explode, filling him with streams of cum, and he could see his own belly expand under the sheer weight of it.

That was enough to send himself over the edge, and his own huge cock exploded. Rope after rope of cum shot out, the first few shots going straight over his face, and the final few giving himself a facial. Exhausted, Leon collapsed on top of him, his cock still pulsating inside Harry.

Harry pulled Leon’s face towards his own, picking up some cum and kissing him gently as they snowballed.

“That felt amazing,” he said, contentedly.

“Fuck—your ass is so fucking amazing to fuck! I could do it every day.”

“Well—maybe I’ll let you,” Harry said with a big smile.

“Oh really?” Leon said, a huge smile now visible from ear to ear.

“Really. But I think they’re done downstairs. I think we should join them. I want to see their reactions when they wake up.”

“Why don’t we shower first—gives us a bit more time to make sure they’re all asleep.”

They had a nice long, warm shower together, during which Leon carefully washed Harry’s broad chest and abs, washing all the cum away. When they were done, they walked downstairs naked and found two empty mattresses.

The room smelled of sex and men and Harry could feel himself getting hard again. He tried to push away the sensation and laid down on the mattress. It appeared everyone was asleep with big, muscular chests heaving underneath the covers. With the moonlight shining through the window, it appeared as though someone had a very substantial chest doing the heaving…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day, Harry woke up dazed. It was clear the room was bathing in light, even through his still-closed eyes.

It took Harry a moment to remember where he was. His big chest was heaving up and down under the thick duvet. When he opened his eyes he remembered he was in the Garden Room and the morning light was making its way through the huge array of windows.

Around him lay half a dozen guys, the big mounts under their blankets letting him know they had grown further during the night. He was excited to see them and turned to his side. It turned out he was lying next to Duong, who looked him straight into the eyes.

“Morning, handsome,” Duong said with a smile. “I guess it worked then, eh?”

“I told you so!” Harry said, unable to keep the excitement hidden from his voice.

“I am glad you called us, man, this body feels amazing.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” another voice said. It was Jack, whose handsome face popped up on the mattress behind Duong.

One by one the guys started to wake up, and soon everybody was excitedly talking about their new bodies and what they would do with them.

It was Ollie who stepped out of bed first and immediately got a response from one of his friends.

“You’ve grown more!” Duong said excitedly.

“Oh my god, he has!” Darius added. “Have I as well?” He jumped out of bed and he too had grown further. It was fun to see them all realise they had gotten even bigger.

It was Thiago who first realised his dick had grown too. It seemed to be semi-hard but was already 11 inches.

Harry just laid there, looking contently as the guys admired their new growth.

“Fuck, man,” Duong said. Harry looked over at him and he immediately knew what the Asian stud was talking about.

His pecs had ballooned.

“My pecs have always been my strong suit but this… This is ridiculous! They look like tits!”

“Fuck, man!” Harry said excitedly, feeling his own dick twitch. He got up and walked over to Duong who looked up at him.

“Harry—have you grown as well?” he said, sounding confused.

“What, no, why?” he said, not even looking at his own body.

“Because you did not have pecs like that last night.”

Now Harry was forced to look down. To his surprise, Duong was right. His pecs had grown, insanely so. It was as if they had tried to catch up with Duong’s because they seemed to be about the same size, if not a bit bigger. He bounced them up and down, feeling their heavy weight as they moved.

“Fuck guys. You look amazing,” Leon said with deep admiration in his voice—and maybe a bit of jealousy.

“No way, man. This is a bit too much for me!” Duong said.

“Are you kidding me?” Harry said. “They look fucking hot on you.”

And with that, he pulled Duong towards him and kissed him passionately. For a moment Duong hesitated, before eagerly returning the kiss. The pressure of pecs pushing onto pecs was incredible and oddly arousing. Harry could feel his dick twitch.

When they eventually broke, Duong had to take a moment to catch his breath but eventually managed to speak again. “Well—I guess they look amazing on you, so they must look good on me as well.”

Harry smiled. “You are going to be a big favourite with those huge pec tits,” he said with a broad grin on his face.

At that point a deep moan came from across the room, and Harry, Duong and Leon all looked over and saw that Darius had gotten on his knees and started to suck Jack. But where Jack had already been insanely hung, the overnight growth had pushed that to a new extreme.

Although part of the shaft was hidden in Darius’s throat, it was clear that at least 18 inches were yet to go in.

Jack looked up and winked at them. “I mean—I’ve always been hung but I didn’t think it would get this big,” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

“You can do some serious damage with that!” Thiago said, laughing. Though Harry could see he had a lustful look in his eyes.

“Ha—not as much as Harry can do with his though, I suspect,” Jack quipped back.

“What?” Harry said confused. His dick had only been about 17 inches after he had grown. He looked down, but only saw his pecs, his still-soft cock out of view.

“Hold on, let me show you what he means,” Ollie said, as though he understood Harry’s issue.

He got on his knees and took at thick head into his mouth and started to suck. Harry moaned as his cock started to harden. As Ollie passionately sucked, Harry felt a shiver run down his spine, the intense pleasure flowing through him. Within moments he felt as though it was rock hard and Ollie must have thought the same; the black stud pulled off Harry’s cock and now it was rock hard and pointing upwards.

Immediately, Harry understood. There was no doubt it had grown overnight.

“I think you must be at least 22 inches…” Ollie said, with deep admiration in his voice.

That was weird…

“Leon—can you get someone to get Felix here as soon as he can? This needs some explanation.”

Leon smiled and nodded and disappeared through one of the doors. After a few moments he came back in but Harry had already started to make out with Duong once again, feeling their thick pecs pushing against each other, as Ollie started to worship their cocks.

Duong was significantly smaller—compared to Harry. But he was easily over 15 inches long and it appeared as though Ollie was using Duong’s slightly more manageable shaft to push through before trying his best to take Harry’s cock.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see Thiago standing and looking at them. He was about to pull him into the group when Leon passionately pulled the Latino towards him and started to make out.

Although he wanted to keep looking, Duong managed to get his attention back as the beautiful Asian stud started to massage his left pec.

Harry moaned, surprised by the amount of pleasure he got by just rubbing one of his pecs. He looked Duong in the eyes and saw they were filled with lust. He couldn’t resist and so placed one of his own hands on Duong’s beautiful tits and started to massage them, all the while feeling his cock get worshipped by Ollie.

As Harry continued to massage those huge mounts under his hands, Ollie moved his attention back to Duong. Immediately, he saw a shiver of pleasure in Duong, his large, thick nipples now rock hard from the gentle attention.

Harry smiled and leant forward. He had to try those nipples. He gently licked them, feeling their hardness as his tongue rolled around the edge and over the top.

Duong shivered even more, the sensations clearly becoming very intense. As he let out a soft moan, Harry gently nibbled on his nipples. He could feel the Vietnamese stud squirm as he worked his thick tit pecs.

At that moment, just as Harry was bent over, he could feel a sudden wetness at his hole. He let out a moan of his own as he could feel Ollie refocus on his shaft.

“Leon said you probably wouldn’t mind,” whispered Darius, who had joined Ollie on the floor to worship their dicks, as a wet tongue made its way around his now twitching hole.

He didn’t object indeed but was confused who was rimming him. He couldn’t see behind him without stopping his deep worship of Duong’s huge pecs—and he had no intention of doing so!

So he decided to enjoy the overwhelming sensations as he stayed focused on those big pecs. With every lick and nibble he did, Ollie and the unknown rimmer provided him with an intense pleasure he hadn’t known before.

“You want that dick?” Darius asked him, while Harry was still getting rimmed.

He only nodded but that seemed to be enough because a moment later the rimming stopped, and a forceful hand pushed his head onto Duong’s tits, making sure he was unable to look behind him.

Harry’s cock twitched at the rough treatment as he felt an unknown cock being placed at his hole. As its owner started to push in, Harry screamed in pain. It was huge!

It took a fair amount of force until finally Harry’s hole gave in and opened itself up for the huge cock.

Harry had not anticipated the intensity of the feeling of the huge cock inside him. It was much bigger than Leon had been and it started to dawn on him.

It must be Jack, he thought.

As he continued to lick and worship Duong’s huge pecs, Jack pushed his cock in deeper and deeper. It took much more force and strength from Jack to push his cock in than it had ever taken Leon. It seemed that even these huge bodies struggled with some cocks…

But Jack didn’t care and instead kept pushing. Inch after inch slid in until he seemed to get bored. So instead, he pulled most of the shaft out and slammed it back in—with such an intensity that Harry let out a loud yelp.

But that seemed to encourage Jack more than it deterred him. He grabbed Harry by the waist and started to thrust in and out, soon finding a rhythm that allowed him to get his dick in deeper and deeper with every move.

The pleasure for Harry was intense, but for the first time, the pain persisted for much longer. He moaned and writhed with pain and ecstasy as Jack started to fuck harder and harder, slowly sliding deeper into Harry’s hungry hole.

Because hungry he definitely was. Although the pain seemed to be getting more intense the longer Jack fucked him, he also knew this would be the dick to conquer. Maybe he should’ve had someone fuck him first before going quite this big but it wasn’t like he had a choice in the matter… He had been too hungry for cock to care about its potential size.

As Jack pounded him, Harry felt fuller than he had ever been. In the heat of the moment he didn’t even feel the tear running down his face as the huge shaft inched forward.

And then there was a loud cheer in the room, and for the first time since the fuck had began, the pressure from his head was removed and Harry was able to look up. It seemed as though most of the other action had stopped as everyone was focused on the view in front of them. Everyone still cheering with excitement, while stroking their own huge cocks.

Because at that moment, Jack had basically managed to get in balls deep. With one more aggressive move he pulled most of the shaft out and slammed it back in. At that moment, Harry could feel Jack’s big balls slap against his own low-hanging package, which was once again being nursed by Ollie.

And with that, Harry braced because he could sense Jack was about to hammer his huge cock into him—and he wasn’t wrong. Now that he had managed to get the full shaft inside him, he started to fuck ferociously, using the full length of his big cock to rearrange Harry’s insides.

As he fucked, the pain started to ebb away and the pleasure took over. He could almost feel his own cock leaking precum into Ollie’s throat—and if he was still a normal person it would definitely have been mistaken for a full load!

Duong put his hand on Harry’s head again and gently pushed him towards his tits. Harry eagerly went back to nursing those big slabs of meat.

Harry didn’t know how long it went on for but eventually Jack grabbed an extra tight hold of his hips. With a few more forceful thrusts he could feel his balls tighten and start to shoot a huge load deep into his stomach.

At that point, to Harry’s complete shock, the nipple he was sucking on also seemed to explode and flood his mouth with a thick, sweet liquid. Was it muscle milk?

Although he didn’t understand in that moment, he didn’t care. It was enough to send him over the edge and in that cum-filled frenzy his own balls violently started to unload in Ollie’s hungry stomach and throat.

When eventually he came up from Duong’s chest he looked at him in awe.

“What was that, man?”

“I have no fucking idea but it felt fucking amazing. As if…” it was as though he was unsure whether he should finish the sentence.

“As though you were cumming from your pec?” Harry asked.

Yes!” he replied eagerly. “I can’t believe you actually got something out of them! What did it taste like?”

“So sweet and so good! Honestly—incredible! I wonder if your other one has it too…” he said seductively, walking up to Duong.

“Hold on!” Darius said excitedly. “You’re saying you drank some sort of milk out of Duong’s pec? And you’re wondering if his other pec has some? Dude—I want to know if you have any!”

Harry had to laugh. He had forgotten his own pecs had taken the size of Duong’s. It could well be possible—nothing was off the table in this house.

Just then the door opened and Felix came in.

“Looks like I came too late!” he said laughing, with his German accent clearly audible.

“Oh no, don’t worry. Just made sure there were plenty of guys to keep us entertained,” Harry said with a wink.

“Oh and look at you!” Felix said looking at Harry. “Didn’t think you would find someone to do that to you quite so quickly. And the pecs are… quite intense.”

“What do you mean?” Harry said, confused.

“Well, the previous Earl… he would grow sometimes if some guy came along with a particularly ‘natural’ asset that grew. Sure, the growth was proportional to how the other areas of that person’s body and usually it just meant they ended up… just really well hung.” He glanced at Duong. “And so His Lordship would also grow so that he remained the largest in the house. I think I typically only saw his cock and balls grow though, not so much his chest.”

“Oh fuck. Well, you have just answered the question I was going to ask you, in that case. Guess we need to be careful who we recruit! And we certainly don’t need someone with naturally huge pecs,” he said that last bit as he placed his hands back on Duong—clearly incredibly turned on by them.

“Or maybe you should,” Duong whispered, adding a wink only Harry saw.

With that, Darius grabbed a hold of Harry and guided him to one of the mattresses and started to worship his left pec. At the same time, Ollie started to worship the right one, both studs passionately making out with his huge tits.

Harry moaned. “Fuuuuck guys, that feels so good.”

Next thing he knew, Leon was once again behind him and aggressively shoved his cock into Harry’s loose hole.

“Hehe, I knew you could take that easily after the pounding you just had.”

He fucked Harry hard and together with the intense stimulation on each of his huge nipples, he moaned louder than he ever had. Around him, the guys had paired off again, fucking and worshipping each other’s newly grown bodies. Felix had joined in too, unable to resist to primal urge of muscled studs fucking.

As Leon fucked, Harry felt himself get closer to the brink of climax. But it seemed as though he was indeed like Duong. The pressure wasn’t building in his crotch but in his chest. In his tits. With every hit of his prostate he moaned loudly as he felt his chest get tighter and tighter.

With another lick from Ollie, another nibble from Darius he exploded. The feeling of his breasts shooting muscle milk was more intense than he had been able to imagine. It was like having two of the most amazing orgasms in your life—at the same time. Harry’s vision blurred as the two studs eagerly drank up his muscle milk.

“Fuuuucking hell!” Leon moaned as he was still dumping his load deep inside his lover. “You guys better not waste a drop of that tit milk!”

Darius and Ollie didn’t dare. The taste was too good to spill and they eagerly lapped up every drop.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided and the four of them collapsed into a heap of giant muscle. Slowly, the action around them died down too, and Harry managed to catch his breath.

“Well, guys, if you’re all done fucking, I think it’s time for some breakfast. And getting to know Felix—you’ll be his assistants after all.”

He rang the bell and one of the footmen came in, smiling.

“I will arrange a quick clean up, My Lord,” he said with a gracious smile. “And will you all have breakfast together?”

“Yes, please. In the dining room. And the tailor is coming this afternoon so please make sure the mirror room is ready.”

“Yes, My Lord.” The handsome footman smiled and left the room.

“There are seven bedrooms upstairs. Does everyone want to stay in the house, or is anyone keen to stay elsewhere?” he asked.

“I may stay in a cottage,” Darius said, eyeing up Felix. “Makes sense if I am looking after the grounds anyways. But I’d prefer to stay in the house for a few days—just to find my bearings.”

Harry nodded. “Very well. Come upstairs then, I will show you each a room.

The room directly next to him had already been allocated to Leon and he was keen Leon keep his own space. So the room on the other side of the great hall went to Darius—he would be most likely to move out in a few days time so the room could be used for visitors. *Or Alistair maybe?* He thought to himself, hopefully.

There were a further five rooms on the same side as Leon’s. Because of the connecting doors they had (usually used by the staff), they would suit well for the group, giving them both privacy and the access they might want.

After everyone picked a room, Harry told them to shower. “And no lingering, breakfast is in 30 minutes!” He shouted after them.

He pulled Leon along and closed the door to his own apartment.

“Well, that was a success don’t you think?” he said with a huge smile on his face.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The rest of the morning went by in relative peace. After breakfast, Scott stopped by the apartment to hand over some additional pieces he had ordered from the tailors. “They sent these ahead but I understand they will bring more this afternoon, Sir.”

To Harry’s frustration, most of the items no longer fitted. Only a few pairs of trousers had just enough room at the front to handle his even more gargantuan cock.

“Let’s see if anyone else fits in these,” he said to Leon, throwing them aside. Thankfully none of the items had been the ones he was truly after but it was still frustrating.

“You know, Harry?” Leon said, sitting on the sofa as he watched Harry sort through the new piles of clothes.

“What?” Harry asked.

“Well—I think you should get something for those tits of yours.”

“What? Like a bra?”

“Haha, no not necessarily. Though I am sure you could fill a G cup,” he said, laughing. “No! I mean a sexy bit of lycra or rubber that really shows them off. What about a top that actually doesn’t cover your pecs?” he added, showing him a picture on his phone.

“Oh shit. That does look fun! Maybe Duong and I should get a matching set.”

“Oh shit, yes!” Leon said excitedly.

“Are you jealous?” he asked Leon, suddenly worried. “I guess I get all the extra growth!”

“Not jealous, no. Have you seen me? I could never dream of being this big if I just worked out in the gym. But you bet I am not going anywhere you are not. That body is made for worshipping!”

Harry pulled off another new posing pouch that didn’t fit and threw it aside.

“Well, I am glad. I dunno how I would’ve coped with all of this without you here.”

“Oh, I am sure your staff would have been more than happy to help,” he said with a wink.

“Oh no doubt. But it makes a big difference having a good friend here.”

He tried on another posing pouch, the last item in the stack of clothes that tailor had sent.

“Hey Leon—this one seems to fit!” he said excitedly as he managed to pull the tight fabric all the way up to his hips.

“I guess the tailor anticipated your growing need.”

Harry groaned at Leon’s dad joke but laughed all the same. At least he was vaguely decent.

“When is Ali arriving again?” Leon asked.

“Tomorrow—probably around 11.”

“Do you want me to take the guys on a long tour of the grounds?” he said. He had a kind smile on his face.

“Oh, that would make sense. Thanks Leon.”

Leon just smiled. “No worries.”

“Oh and Leon—what are your thoughts on the household staff growing?”

“Well, if they’re willing, why not?” Leon said with a smile.

“I thought the same. I want Alistair to have his own evening growing but maybe we can do them the next day?”

“You thinking of growing them all at once or…?”

“Yeah, I think so. Although I have to remember the tailor’s apprentice may want to grow as well. I guess he could join them?”

“Just give him the option I guess. I assume you’re not just going to spend a one-on-one night with him after he grows as you did with me—or want to with Alistair?”

“Oh, yeah, sure. Makes sense to get him to grow together with some others.”

He ignored the voice in his head that reminded him Alistair may not want to grow in the first place. He didn’t want to plan for that scenario.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Scott let them all know lunch was served. As Leon and Harry walked down the main stairs they were joined by Darius, who came out of his own room. They turned down the long hallway and and in the distance saw a door open and the other four muscle studs appeared, wearing very little.

I forgotten there was a staircase there, Harry thought to himself. He had seen it briefly on one of his walks around the Hall but it had barely registered.

“So what’s the plan this afternoon, then?” Duong asked with a big smile on his face as they walked into the dining room, using opposite doors.

“Well, I think you should also meet Felix properly. I think we’ll lounge around the pool and talk business. After we measure you all for some new clothes.”

“Clothes? Do we have to wear those?” Jack said begrudgingly. He had been the only one to appear completely naked besides a pair of trainers. Harry suspected he had struggled to find any pair of underwear that was able to contain his dick. And he clearly wanted to freeball.

“I guess not necessarily. But a bit of decency is good once in a while. Besides, you may have a major fetish look you’ve always wanted to try. I’ve ordered rubber, lycra and leather from this guy. So don’t hold back. I may implement a Fetish Fridays rule in the Hall and the grounds.” He had only just thought about that last part but it sounded fun.

“All right, now that does sound fun!”

Lunch appeared in huge quantities, the cook having clearly scaled up the amount of food the kitchens were churning out, knowing that these big men needed a lot of food.

When they finished eating, everyone went to get measured and Harry got remeasured.

“That’s not a problem,” the tailor said as he was measuring him. “Quite used to doing this for the Lord, though I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” he said as he gave his pecs a gentle poke.

“Me neither. They feel pretty good though.”

“Good! They actually look it too,” the tailor said. For the first time, Harry thought he saw lust in his eyes.

“Well—if you reckon so… maybe you could come up with a few designs to really accentuate them? Myself and Duong want to have somewhat matching outfits.”

“God, I would love to do that!”

“Excellent, do surprise me,” Harry said, unable to resist a bit of a smirk as he saw that tailor’s bulge grow a bit. “What about your young apprentice?”

“Oh yes! He said he is keen actually. He’s got a few weeks of his college course left but after that, I think he’s good to go.”

“Excellent. He can join in a few weeks then!”

As each of the guys got measured, Harry decided to go and have a quiet moment to himself. He sat down in the library and picked up another copy of one of the diaries he had picked up to read.

Before he really started to read, there was a knock on the door. It was Darius.

“Hey man, how are you doing?” Harry said.

“Yeah, good—you don’t mind if I join you for a bit? It’s a bit busy with everyone around.”

“No of course not—grab a seat and a book—if you want?”

“Thanks!” He walked over to the wall of books and began to look.

Harry smiled to himself. Darius had always been a bit of an introvert. He would join them on some of their nights out but often would leave early. Oftentimes that was partly because he’d managed to pull and took someone home, but Harry knew he tried to do so early in the evening so he could have an excuse to leave the crowded club.

“How are you feeling about all this?” the handsome Persian boy asked as he sat down with a book.

“Honestly? It’s a bit much… Look at me! I thought the initial growth was a lot but more keeps happening and it’s getting hard to just get used to everything because more happens.”

“Yeah, I was wondering that. You seemed very surprised when you had grown this morning.”

“That’s an understatement… I guess it’s good to know for the future?”

“I guess. You can get Thiago to recruit guys just to make you grow!”

“Haha I guess I could. Or to stop me from growing any further!”

“I guess so too, but that’s no fun!” He thought for a second. “It must be crazy to suddenly be so wealthy as well,” he continued.

“Yeah it’s honestly insane. I haven’t spoken to the accountants yet, properly. But I guess Ollie and I should do so sooner rather than later. See—it’s just one thing after the other.”

“I guess you’ve got to trust people to make it happen for you.”

“Yeah, and that’s okay, I know I haven’t got the skills certainly. And I hope you guys enjoy it!”

“Honestly—you’ve listened to all of us about what we want to do. I think we’re pretty psyched. And you invited us here, knowing we wanted these bodies!” he said, flexing his biceps.

Harry smiled. “Well—that’s true. I honestly can’t believe each and every one one of us is bigger than a bodybuilder!”

“Fuck, man, it’s insane. And with these dicks…”

Darius took his thick cock out of the posing strap he was wearing and draped it over his left thigh.

“I reckon you’re going to be stuck fucking muscled guys from here for the rest of your life though—most guys won’t be able to take that,” Harry said.

“What do I care! Each and every one one of the guys here is hot as fuck! Although…”

“Although what?”

“Well, I dunno if you know this, but uhm…”

Harry didn’t interrupt and just waited for Darius to finish his sentence.

“…I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you.”

“Really?” Harry said, somewhat surprised.

“Yeah, I dunno why. I have such a thing for the strawberry blond and you’ve always been super handsome. Though now… Now you’re just insane. I honestly feel so lucky you asked me to join.”

“Wow—I didn’t realise. But thanks.” He couldn’t help smiling—he was very flattered.

“I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for you.” He got up and walked over to Darius, leant over and kissed him softly on his lips.

“Really?” Darius said with a raspy voice, as though his throat had gone dry.

“Well, you’ve always been very good looking,” he said as he kissed him again.

This time, Darius put a hand on the back of Harry’s head and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. Harry gladly obliged and as they kissed he straddled across Darius’ thick thighs. He could just feel the power of muscles underneath his ass.

“Fuck…” Darius moaned as their lips pulled apart. Harry looked down and noticed his big cock was slowly hardening, blood rushing to its head.

He moved off Darius’s lap and pushed his legs apart. The blond stud got on his knees and took the thick head into his mouth. Darius let out a slight moan as Harry tasted the first drop of pre.

The cock already felt pretty hard in his mouth and so he eagerly pushed forward. His throat seemed to hesitate for a moment, as Harry felt an oncoming gag. But he took a slow, deep breath and once again pushed forward.

The cock slid further forward, his throat expanding to make space for the thick shaft. Darius moaned as over two-thirds of his cock had already disappeared down the stud’s hungry throat.

“Fuck, man, that’s it,” the Iranian stud said as he pushed Harry further onto his cock.

“You ready for this?” he said, looking into Harry’s eyes.

Harry wasn’t quite sure what he meant but he had a hunch. He did a slight nod and Darius grabbed his face and started to fuck it. Harry felt his throat protest, but Darius either didn’t notice, or he didn’t care. He kept pushing, with long strokes, as more and more of the thick cock disappeared down his throat.

Harry’s body kept trying to fight back but he managed to push through as Darius violently assaulted his throat. Harry couldn’t help but feel his cock twitch, Darius’ dominating attitude turning him on immensely.

“Fuck, that’s such a good throat. You’re taking that like a champ.”

Within another few moments, Harry could feel Darius’s thick balls hit his chin and with another few strokes, Darius’ cocks tensed up and he started to shoot his cum down his throat.

“Fuck yeah! Take that load!” Darius said excitedly, still continuing to shoot stream after stream of cum.

Harry eagerly swallowed it all, desiring to satisfy the Persian muscle stud sat right in front of him.

“And now, Harry. You’re going to fuck me.”

He said it with such authority in his voice Harry knew he couldn’t resist. And he knew he didn’t want to.

“Sit down,” Darius said as he stood up, the commanding tone still in his voice.

Harry pulled off his trousers and sat down, his thick cock was rock hard. Harry handed Darius a bottle of lube and within moments he had lubed up the thick shaft. Harry pushed it forward and Darius eagerly straddled his legs, positioning Harry’s thick cockhead at his twitching hole.

He lowered his thick muscled ass down slowly, and used the force of gravity to slowly push the dick into him. Darius gasped as the thick head popped into him, spreading his hole wide.

Harry couldn’t help but moan too, as the tightness of Darius’s hole took him by surprise. He may have been the first of the squad to fuck him, he realised. His hole had never seen a ‘grown’ cock, let alone one this big.

Darius started to gently ride the Earl’s cock, clearly eager to take it all. Although he seemed to struggle at first, he breathed calmly and put hands on Harry’s thick lats, wanting to feel the thick muscle under his strong fingers.

Harry let him take charge, happy to sit on the chair and let Darius set his own pace. He moaned harder as more and more of his thick shaft disappeared inside his friend, who seemed to be riding him more and more enthusiastically.

It took longer than it had with Leon, or Duong, but he didn’t care. Somehow, Darius felt different, more intense. And as he kept plunging his ass up and down, Harry could feel his cock leaking.

His cock lubed up Darius’s ass more and more, and so he could see more of the shaft slowly disappear, a clear and thick bulge forming underneath his abs that shifted up and down with each stroke.

“Fuck me, that’s hot,” he whispered as he saw his own cock move up and down deep inside Darius’ hungry ass.

“That’s it, bitch,” Darius suddenly said, wrapping his strong hands around Harry’s throat. “You like that tight cunt, don’t you?”

Harry was completely taken aback but the sudden intensity of the dominance by the stud riding his cock. It turned him on even more.

And so he just nodded, barely able to speak under the tight control of the muscled stud.

“Fuck yeah that’s it. I fucking love taking that fat cock of yours. You’re just my fuck stick, here to pleasure me.”

Harry nodded again, almost gasping for air but not wanting Darius to stop.

“Come on, let me fuck that cum out of you. Dump your load inside me.”

Whether it was Darius talking, or just his own lust overpowering him, he couldn’t take it anymore. He felt his balls pull tight towards his cock, and then suddenly, it erupted.

“Fuck yeah! Flood my guts you fucking fuck boy,” Darius said, as his own cock started to shoot thick ropes of cum all over Harry’s face and pecs.

With cum still on Harry’s lips, Darius leaned in and kissed him. He could taste his own cum as they passionately made out.


Chapter 7: Growing the Staff

The next morning, Leon stayed true to his word and took the guys off for a long tour of the grounds, together with Felix. Just as they had left through the French doors in the garden room, Scott approached him.

“Your friend Alistair has arrived, My Lord.”

“Thanks, Scott. I assume Evans is welcoming him?”

“He is indeed, Your Lordship.”

For the occasion, Harry had managed to get some decent clothing. A loose fitting hoodie and baggy trousers didn’t disguise his huge body very well but at least he looked vaguely presentable. He stood nervously in the Great Hall and he could feel his heart beat in his chest.

The door opened and Evans appeared first, as was to be expected. A moment later, Alistair appeared. His slim frame was clad in a blue sweatshirt and black jeans. His thick black hair covered one of his eyes, perhaps in a bit of an emo way. His thick-rimmed glasses emphasised his geeky features and complemented his handsome square jaw and strong cheekbones.

He was looking up as he walked into the Great Hall, clearly in awe of the huge Hall he had just walked into.

“Ali?” Harry said, his voice trembling slightly.

“Harry?” Alistair replied, his eyes bulging as he saw his friend. “Is that really you?”

“Uhm yeah. I… I… guess it is,” Harry said, stumbling over his words.

“Surely you know who you are?” Alistair said, laughing. His friend always had a way of dealing with things.

“I guess you’re right. I’ve just been nervous for your arrival.”

“Why? I mean—I guess you have some explaining to do.”

“Come on, then. Evans—could you bring us some tea. Earl grey for Alistair, please. We’ll be in the morning room.”

“Certainly, Your Lordship,” Evans said as he walked off.

“Come on, let’s go through here,” Harry said, directing Alistair to the morning room.

“So what is all this about?” Alistair said as he sat down in one of the many chairs in the room.

Harry explained about the inheritance—that was the easy part. His title, his wealth, this hall.

As the tea was served, Alistair listened carefully to every word and asked questions at the right time. It reminded Harry why Alistair was his best friend.

But then Harry stopped talking and they sat for a moment, using the opportunity to drink some of his tea.

Alistair eventually broke the silence. “It’s quite incredible. I can’t believe it really. But it’s clearly not the full story, is it…?”

“I suppose it’s not,” Harry said, his nerves coming back immediately. “On one of my first nights in this Hall, I discovered an ancient family secret that has been around since the first Earl of Lacert, centuries ago.

“It turns out that it took just the writing of my name in a book… to grow to an insane size. This size,” he said, gesturing to his own body.

“So I guess your gym ambitions came true?”

Harry laughed. “Came true? Are you mad? I could never have dreamed of being this big from working out. Even with the best steroids in the world.”

“How big are you then?” Alistair said, clearly curious. “Your clothing is not suggesting you would be quite that big.”

Harry stood up. “Let me show you,” he said, as he removed the big hoodie. Underneath it, he was just wearing a stringer vest that did nothing to conceal his enormous size.

Alistair’s jaw dropped. “That… is… insane!”

“It’s much more than I could ever have expected. It’s kind of mad, but… I love it.”

“So why did you ask me here?” Alistair asked, somewhat critically.

“Well—first of all, you’re my best friend and I miss you. Regardless of the new life and the new body, I want you as part of it.

“And I want you to have the same option the gang did as well. But I want you to be properly informed. If you decide to join, you are of course fully welcome. And otherwise I hope you’ll stay my friend, and hopefully visit once in a while..?” he said the last question with a real sense of worry. What if it would be even less than that?

“So what is the option to join?” Alistair asked.

“You can write your name in the book as well. And you will grow into immense proportions just like the others. Not as big as I am—apparently I will always stay the biggest. But huge nevertheless.

“But—and here is the crux. From what I can tell from my reading, writing your name in the book will also make you gay. And that is a choice you should be able to make and not have forced on you.”

Now Alistair smiled. “I see why you were nervous. You are first of all worried about whether I even want a body like—that.” He gestured up and down, pointing at Harry. “And secondly, you don’t know if I want to be gay?”

“Uhm—yeah that’s pretty much it. But you are my best friend and I want you in my life in some way. And for you to have the option to have it in the way other friends have chosen to be.”

Alistair smiled. “You’re an amazing friend Harry. I am lucky to have you. But I will be honest.”

He paused for a moment and Harry held his breath.

“I don’t know. I think I want to see the life you lead and your other friends—how big they’ve gotten so I know what to prepare for.” He shrugged and looked around. “And what would you have me do here? I don’t want to just sit on my arse all day.”

Harry laughed. Typical Alistair response. “Well—there are some options. I have been thinking about this. I think to me there are two things that need doing. We need to become more digital and your skills can help with that. Or you can be my chief of staff. Coordinate everything under my leadership with the House Manager and the butler.”

Alistair seemed to light up. “Both of those sound fun. If I decide not to grow could I perhaps still do those jobs?”

“Well—I guess so? Though I wouldn’t ask you to do both.”

“Oh no, but both jobs sound interesting…”

“Well—let’s get you settled then and at least stay here for a few days so you can make a decision. There’s scope to help pretty much anywhere, as everyone is still finding their feet.”

“All right—deal.”

They walked up the grand staircase and stopped at the first doors. “So this here is my suite. All the guys are down this corridor.” He pointed towards the East Wing corridor, leading to the Gallery.

“Leon has this room, right next to mine. Though I am not sure if he has used it yet,” he said with a knowing smile. He had always been quite open about his attraction to Leon.

“And currently Darius is in this room. He is going to look after the grounds though and has decided to move into a cottage on the estate. So you can take this if you stay—whether you grow or not.

“But for now, I hope you don’t mind one of these rooms. They’re perfectly nice rooms but the East rooms seem a bit grander,” he said, as he opened the door.

He forgot that despite not being as grand, the room was still immense and beautiful and he saw Alistair gawk.

“I guess this will do?” he said with a slight smile.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. Harry reintroduced Alistair to the guys (they had met many times before) and paid careful attention when Alistair saw each of them. He seemed kind of excited by their size, although perhaps was not a huge fan of Duong’s huge pecs. Maybe he was worried about that when he saw me… Harry thought to himself.

But despite not being grown, Alistair seemed to be quite happy. They talked strategy, the immediate needs and laughed as they ate and drank.

“So guys. I think the staff have gone to bed,” Harry said, late in the evening after Evans had asked for his leave, which Harry had eagerly granted.

“So I want to offer them the choice tomorrow,” he continued. “I think it’s about time.”

He had been thinking about it. If Alistair didn’t want to grow now, he could do the staff earlier and give Ali the opportunity to see it all happening.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Felix said excitedly.

“All in the same evening?” Thiago said, somewhat hesitant.

“Well sort of. All the household staff. I have already asked the tailor to design them a second uniform for when they’ve grown. And I guess not everyone will, but I want them to have the option.

“The grounds crew and maintenance staff will get different evenings—otherwise we’d have more than 20 people in one evening and that may be a bit messy? Duong and Darius can coordinate the growth of their teams perhaps another evening?”

“And I guess I can watch the process?” Alistair said, leaning in towards Harry.

“Yeah, of course. Don’t be surprised though, it will get highly sexual.”

Alistair nodded, a bit hesitant.

“You can leave whenever you like, of course,” Harry added, seeing the look on his best friend’s face. “And you have to know the growth happens in two stages—once in the evening and another overnight that you will notice in the morning.”

“Oh right. Okay,” Alistair said, unsure what else to say.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning Harry summoned all of the staff into the garden room. He was accompanied only by Leon and Felix—he figured having everyone there would be a bit odd.

“Good morning gents. Glad you could all join. I know my predecessor wasn’t that keen to let you in on all the success of this Hall and this family. But to me, the more I have thought about it and spoken about it with my friends here, I have decided I think that’s ridiculous.

“I want you to be a real part of this household, as its staff. You will of course still get paid, the same benefits—nothing like that will change.”

He paused for a moment. He could see some nervous shuffling around.

“But I want to give you the option—and it’s just that, an option. A choice for you to make yourself. But I want to give you the option… to get huge.”

He paused, and immediately chatter and excitement arose from the group.

“Any immediate thoughts everyone?” he asked, first looking at Evans.

“I thank you, My Lord, for the opportunity. But it has never been my intention. Though I would encourage all my staff to do it if they want.” He was genuine and smiled kindly.

“Oh,” Harry said, somewhat taken aback. “Very well. I do hope you continue your excellent work.”

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving the Hall, My Lord.”

Harry smiled. “What about you, Scott?” he asked his handsome valet.

“It would be my honour, My Lord,” he said graciously.

And so they went round the room. Touma Sato, the driver, seemed ecstatic about the opportunity, as did the two footmen. The cook was more reserved but his assistant Riley had to sit down, the excitement becoming too much. The two ‘maids’ (Harry didn’t like calling them that but he supposed that was what they were) seemed to hesitate.

Eventually they came to Mr Watson—the head housekeeper.

“My Lord—it’s a privilege to serve you, but I don’t know if I could. I stayed in this house knowing the staff didn’t grow. I have to admit though, that I don’t think this route is for me. I fully appreciate the offer and respect your choices, My Lord, but I think I would have to leave your service.”

That surprised Harry. “Oh, Watson, I am so sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to convince you to stay?”

“No, My Lord. If you retracted the offer it would be unfair to the guys who do want it. I would just greatly appreciate a good reference.”

“Will you stay until we find a replacement? I believe the two maids may not be sure so if they want some time to decide, they can grow once you have left?”

Watson looked at the two guys he was responsible for. “Hunter, Jesse—are you happy with that.”

Harry could almost see a sigh of relief. He wondered if their hesitation was because they knew Watson wouldn’t want to accept the offer in the first place. Hunter just nodded but Jesse spoke. “Sure. That works for us. Though I don’t want his job,” he said, smiling. “Quite content with the work I do now.”

Harry smiled. “Well, that’s agreed then. You two can wait but we will aim to have someone in place as soon as possible. How long would you be happy to wait Hunter and Jesse?”

“We don’t mind,” Hunter said, Harry somewhat taken aback by his deep voice as he realised he hadn’t heard him talk before. Hunter was very cute—definitely a twink, with beautiful, full lips and high cheekbones. His voice stood in a bit of a contrast to his his cute looks.

“Very well. The two of you will wait. The rest can grow tonight. Is anyone else not going to join?”

Mason, the cook spoke. “I wasn’t sure but I think I’ll join too.”

“Excellent, glad to hear it /,Mason!” Harry said excitedly. “I suggest we set up this room once again for you to sleep in? And the tailor will come tomorrow to measure you all. We’ll sign the book in about an hour.”

With that, everyone got to work. Harry went to find Alistair and told him what happened, and about Watson.

“It’s a real choice for you too, you know. If you want.”

“No, I don’t think I want to leave. The guys are lovely and I can see myself fitting in. I just don’t want to fully commit to growing quite yet…”

“If you’re sure. I don’t want you to feel forced.”

An hour later he took Alistair and the staff down to basement where the book lay. Alistair watched attentively as everyone signed their name.

Harry didn’t look at his own staff as they used the quill and ink to drastically change their own lives. Instead he was watching Alistair, and the dark expression on his face suggested he was internally conflicted. Did he want to do it now, perhaps?

But he wasn’t going to ask. This was Alistair’s decision to make.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After dinner that evening, they all went into the drawing room—both the ungrown staff and the gang.

The excitement in the room was palpable and Harry was almost trembling. The second night with a high number of growing men.

This time, the men were dressed simply, but dressed nevertheless. Each of them wore a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Harry was looking forward to seeing the clothing go.

It started perhaps earlier than he had expected. The cook’s assistant Riley, who had been the most eager to grow, was first. He had been the first to write his name in the book.

He collapsed with the punch to the gut and within moments his body started to expand. His back began widening, and his arms started growing. Within just a minute or two, the tee started to rip at the shoulders, before ripping straight down the middle as his pecs started to swell.

Another moment and his jeans split, right on the crotch, before his thighs and calves become too powerful to be contained.

Harry noticed that some people were already jacking off, while Alistair was quietly watching in the corner.

While Riley’s jeans were being ripped off by his growing muscles, Scott started to grow. He was immediately followed by Touma and the two footmen. As everyone grew, Harry was incredibly turned on but somehow resisted getting his own huge cock out.

Last was Mason. The cook was quite overweight, a typical chef—the first of that type of person Harry would see grow and he was intrigued to see what would happen.

First, he took the blow to the stomach. As he collapsed onto his knees, the fat didn’t disappear but instead he could see the fat moving up towards his shoulders, immediately causing his t-shirt to rip. As if made of clay, an invisible hand shaped the meat into muscle, creating wide lats and bulging shoulders and arms. When the fat ran out, Mason’s body started to expand, with pecs starting to grow.

Next were his legs where the process repeated itself. The clay was sculpted and more muscle was added as the jeans ripped off.

When Harry looked away, Alistair had slipped out of the room and Harry followed him to go and find him. He ran up the stairs and found Alistair just going into his room.

“Ali!” he called out and his geeky friend turned around.

“Oh sorry, Harry. I hope you don’t mind…” He had a smile on his face. As if he hadn’t minded seeing what he had seen but wanted to slip out before he saw any more.

“Not at all, of course not. I did say you could leave whenever you wanted to.”

Alistair didn’t reply but just smiled.

“Do you want to talk about it further?” Harry asked.

“Not tonight but I feel vaguely better having seen it. It looks like the guys are having fun anyways.”

Harry simply nodded and smiled. He couldn’t deny that, for sure.

“Good night Harry,” Alistair said with another smile. He went into the room and Harry turned around and walked back towards the stairs. Suddenly he heard, footsteps, a run and then—Alistair’s skinny arms wrapped around him.

Although he couldn’t fully embrace Harry’s huge body, it felt good.

“Thanks Harry. I needed a better future,” he said as a he hugged his best friend.

And with that he ran back to his room. There was clearly more on his mind than he had realised, Harry thought.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning, Harry got up early. He had gone to sleep alone for the first night since Leon had arrived and although it felt odd, he had a lot to think about.

But his morning wood the next day had somewhat other intentions. And he remembered the staff gathered in the garden room below.

When he opened the door he noticed everyone was already awake and exploring their growth. The staff had known about the growth on the second day and so were anticipating it.

And they looked fucking amazing. Scott looked incredible, a huge soft dick hanging almost to his knees over a big set of balls. The enthusiastic cook’s assistant had swollen dramatically, his back looking incredible with rippling muscles.

Aidh, the handsome first footman of Pakistani descent, noticed Harry come in and smiled, then struck a double bicep.

“This is fucking incredible,” he said, his cock getting hard.

Harry couldn’t resist the muscle stud, got on his knees and took the head into his mouth and pushing it straight down his throat. Aidh moaned loudly as his cock immediately started to harden further.

Harry pushed the 15 inch shaft deeper into his throat as Ollie appeared behind him.

“Mind if I fuck that ass, while you suck that cock?” he said, excitedly.

Harry didn’t want to take Aidh’s huge shaft out of his mouth so simply nodded. Ollie immediately pushed his wet tongue deep into Harry’s hole. It seemed to always be hungry, begging to be filled.

And so within minutes, it had loosened up and Ollie knew it was ready. He felt the cockhead pushing in, spreading him open and then…

He moaned, the feeling of being filled up once again sending waves of pleasure through his body. As Ollie started to fuck him, he heard the groaning and moaning of the others, clearly eagerly fucking and sucking as they enjoyed their new grown bodies.

Ollie and Aidh came at almost the same time, but immediately both cocks were replaced. Scott, his valet, shoved his now 18” cock into his mouth and as Harry looked up, he was very impressed to see the handsome man’s newly grown body. He looked amazing.

Who started to fuck him, he wasn’t sure. His cock was about the same size as Ollie’s, but he fucked a bit more ferociously, and Harry could feel his own cock heavily leaking.

And so as the smell of sex filled the room more and more, Harry kept getting pounded. Everyone wanted to have a go at his mouth and ass, and this morning, he was happily letting them.

Eventually though, people got hungry, and the chef and his assistant had to get to work on breakfast. The rest went on for another little bit but Harry excused himself to go have a shower before eating. He wanted to be at least somewhat decent, especially as he still didn’t want to scare off Alistair.

Leon followed him upstairs and put his hand on Harry’s shoulders.

“A success, you reckon?” he asked.

“It certainly seems so. I hope Alistair will now join us too though…”

“Still worried about him?”

“Not so much. I think he’s fairly happy he’s here but I just hope he joins us… fully.”

They had arrived in the bathroom and Harry turned on the shower, and soon the hot water was running. He stepped into it, and he felt a bit of cum running down his inner thigh. He had been fucked very thoroughly.

They quickly showered and Harry found some clothes to wear. A posing strap, a pair of gym shorts and a stringer vest.

“I’ll see you at breakfast Leon,” Harry said, leaving the room.

He knocked on Alistair’s door.

“Come in?” Alistair said, sounding unsure.

Harry pushed the door open. “It’s only me,” he said.

“Oh, hey, Harry.”

Alistair was just out of the shower. His hair still wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. His skinny body seemingly only half dried.

“How are you doing?” Harry asked.

“Okay? I think. It’s taking me some getting used to but it’s okay. Evans brought me some food in here this morning saying the cook was occupied and wanted to make sure I had something.”

“That’s good he remembered. I guess it was his cooking as well…”

“Yeah, it was,” Alistair laughed, “And it wasn’t half bad you know?”

“Haha good! So how are you feeling about your own decision after last night?” Harry said, not wanting to push but also wanting to know.

“I… I dunno. On the one hand—I’ve never understood why you wanted to be so muscular, why you were so obsessed with it. Or indeed your other friends seemingly. But here you are and it makes you happy it seems. And not just that, but you are apparently living the life of the Earls of Lacert.

“That’s kind of amazing isn’t it. The fact this is the whole package, for this house, for the title?”

Harry thought for a moment. He hadn’t thought about it that way but it was kind of bizarre. This was what his life was meant to be? It certainly had been for every Earl before him.

“You hadn’t considered that, had you?” Alistair said, smiling.

“No, I had not…”

“It makes me… more inclined to join. But I still want to find out more about the business that goes on here before I say yes.”


Chapter 8: A Growing Estate

And so the house got into the new swing of things. A new Earl, a new team managing the house and affairs of the estate and a newly grown team of staff to keep the whole thing running.

Everyone settled in well and the gang had dived into the running of the estate under the strong guidance and expertise of Felix. Alistair had joined them too, and he was showing a real passion for the work.

Together with Evans—the butler, and the two maids, he was the only ungrown in the house. The maids were waiting for the replacement of the Head housekeeper, and it was one of the first things Harry asked Alistair to do with Jack. Although Jack would be involved, Harry figured it would be useful to have an ungrown in the interview.

A number of interviews had been arranged with men (all men, of course) and Harry made sure he was adequately dressed. He wanted men who wanted this life—he hoped they would want to change, even if they wouldn’t know the reality of it until they started.

Because both Evans and Alistair were ungrown, they would probably put the candidates at ease. Harry and Jack, on the other hand, would be able to gauge their interest in muscle and whether they would be a good fit with the rest of the team.

So he had asked Evans and Ali to conduct the majority of the conversation, after which they would be asked to meet with Harry and Jack, if they thought they were suitable.

And so when the day arrived, he sat in his study, chatting with Jack and reading. The rest of the house was empty, with everyone else busy getting to grips with their new jobs. But he had made sure the candidates would see plenty of the grown servants downstairs, as Harry was keen to hear what they thought of the other muscled studs around the place.

Harry himself used the opportunity to read more about the affairs of the estate. He realised that the land he owned was far vaster than he could’ve thought, both here, in the village and surrounding it, as well as vast real estate in London and elsewhere. It explained why the income was so insanely huge…

As he started to understand it better, the phone rang.

“We’ve got one we’d like you to meet,” the voice of Alistair said. “Evans will bring him up, if you’re ready for it?”

“Sounds good. I’m in my study. Ready for this Jack?” The pretty blond nodded.

Harry stood up, nervously. He had never had to interview someone before. He looked in the window, in which he could just see his reflection. He looked good—that was a given nowadays—and at least vaguely respectable.

Harry had really ummed and ahhed that morning when he got dressed. He wanted something that was both presentable but also showed off his size. The last bit was vital. He had to get the guys to realise what this house was, at least to a small extent.

In the end, he opted for a tight-fitting pair of chinos, and a burgundy turtle neck. The long sleeves bulged over his biceps, and his pecs were clearly visible, without looking quite as obscene as they did out of clothes.

Jack had followed his lead, wearing a dress shirt that had the same perfect v-shape he had himself, accentuating his wide figure at the same time as slightly hiding it. But his jeans did little to hide the substantial bulge. But then—that was true for Harry too. It was the most dressed he’d seen Jack the whole time, and he still looked incredible.

A knock on the door, and Evans walked in.

“Your Lordship, this is David Wojcik. David, this is the Earl of Lacert.”

“Your Lordship,” David said, greeting Harry precisely to protocol. Harry detected a faint accent.

“David, welcome. And please sit down,” he said, as he bounced one pec just ever so slightly. He was sure he saw David’s eyes bulge.

And so they sat and chatted for a while. About his previous experience, why he wanted this job. Harry had a good sense about this guy.

“What do you think about the estate?” Jack asked eventually.

“Sir?” David said, sounding surprised.

“The estate—what do you think of it?”

“Uhm. I suppose it’s very nice, Sir. It’s certainly a beautiful home and the staff seem very friendly.”

“I’m glad you think so. Have you worked in a home quite like this one before?” Harry asked. He was trying to get them to talk about the artwork, the muscle, just a small hint of an obsession other than the occasional glances he saw at his pecs and biceps.

“Well.” He clearly hesitated, as if he wanted to say something but wasn’t quite sure how. “No, Sir, I suppose not.” But he left it at that.

It took some time before the phone rang again. “Not suitable unfortunately,” Ali said after Harry had picked up the receiver. “You have at least an hour before there’s another candidate.”

Harry looked at Jack and he knew they had heard Ali too. They both smiled.

They didn’t waste a moment, both jumping up and Harry passionately pushed Jack against the wall as they made out.

As they did so, Harry started to unbutton Jack’s shirt—careful not to rip it in the process. They would need these clothes later.

As they kissed, Harry felt his own cock start to harden and soon Jack was working to release it from Harry’s tightening chinos. When he finally managed to undo the buttons and zip, and pulled the trousers and posing strap down, it jumped to life. Blood rushed as it grew to its full 22 inches.

“Fuuuuck,” Jack moaned as he started to jack his friend off. “I love your huge cock.”

“Yeah?” Harry said, “You wanna take it?”

“Fuck yeah! Fuck me Harry!”

Harry didn’t need to be told twice.

Without even letting Jack take his jeans fully off, he pulled them down just enough to reveal his huge muscled ass. Jack was one of the studs that had taken a liking to wear a jockstrap and so Harry just lubed up his cock and fingers.

“Just be a bit gently. I’ve not taken one this big before.”

Harry laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said as he started to finger Jack’s hole. “I’ll be kind. Though you feel pretty loose to me.”

Soon he had four fingers in Jack’s hole, as he gently fucked him open. But he also knew four fingers were a lot less than his huge cock.

He positioned his well-lubed head at the fuck hole in front of him. “Ready for this?”

“Yes!” Jack said as a he let out a small gasp.

And with that he pushed in. Jack’s hole gently spreading open as he slowly pushed.

“Fuuuuuuck! That’s it, take it real good Jack,” Harry said.

His cock inched forward. He had expected Jack to struggle more but he was halfway in within seconds and kept pushing. All the way, Jack moaned loudly.

“You like that big cock?”

“Fuck yeah it feels so good!”

“You fucking love, you dirty fucking cock slut,” Harry said to his own surprise.

And with that, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He pulled out and slammed it back in. Although it still wasn’t balls deep, he started to fuck—hard.

Oooooh fuck!” Jack screamed as Harry started to assault his ass. “Fuck fuck fuuuuuck.”

After a few minutes, Harry felt his big, orange-sized balls slap against Jack’s own. The blond stud had taken his own huge cock out of his jock and was jacking off as Harry’s huge cock pistoned in and out of him.

“Fucking take that Jack! Now you know what your cock does to all of us!” Harry said, smirking.

“Oh it feels so fucking good! Fuuuuuuck!”

Suddenly, Jack’s hole clenched tightly around Harry’s cock and Harry knew the stud was coming, covering the mahogany panelling of the study.

It was enough to send Harry over the edge and soon he felt his own balls drain, dumping a huge load inside Jack’s now ruined hole.

As he pulled out, Harry looked at the time. It had been almost forty minutes since Ali rang. He picked up the phone and called him.

“Are we likely to have one in five minutes?” he asked.

“No, the next one wasn’t great either. At least another hour I’m afraid.”

“No worries. We’ll keep ourselves entertained. He hung up and turned to Jack. “Let’s get cleaned up for the next one shall we?”

They walked upstairs, Jack’s hole leaking cum down his huge thighs. “Let’s go shower. And maybe you can show me what your cock can do. It’s been a while since I felt it.”

Jack smirked. “That’s a deal.”

Soon they were stood in the shower. Their clothes on a beautiful chair in the corner. Hot water flowing over their massively muscled bodies.

As the stream of cum continued to drip out of Jack’s hole, he positioned Harry with his back against the wall.

“I wanna try something different. I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough though.”

Harry immediately knew what he had in mind. “Lube up first then, and we’ll find out.”

Jack grabbed the water-proof silicone lube and lathered up his cock (and Harry’s hole) generously. He pushed Harry back agains the wall and Harry practically jumped in his arms.

“Oh fuck!” Jack said, slightly surprised by his weight, but even more surprised by his own strength.

“You okay?” Harry asked, a bit worried.

“You’re heavier than I thought, but somehow I’m also stronger than I thought.”

Harry smirked. Exactly what he wanted to hear.

And so Jack pushed Harry’s back against the wall, holding his friend’s muscled legs in his own huge arms. He positioned his huge cock at Harry’s hungry hole and slowly lowered the stud onto it, managing to somehow lift him up and down.

“Fucking hell!” Harry moaned as the combination of Jack’s incredible strength and his huge cock turned him on to an insane level.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it. You like being a fuck toy for my huge cock?” Jack moaned as he started to pound Harry by lifting him up and down on his cock.

“It feels so fucking goooood,” Harry moaned as he felt that cock impaling him over and over.

Jack had incredible stamina but they also knew they didn’t have a lot of time. And so he pounded as furiously as he could, moaning in pleasure as the water ran over their bodies.

“Fucking hell” Jack moaned. “Those tits bouncing in my face is hypnotic,” he said, almost transfixed by their movement.

Harry couldn’t help himself and started to bounce them himself. Making his big muscle breasts bounce each time Jack’s cock slammed into him.

Suddenly Jack almost screamed. “Oh fuck fuck fuuuuuuuck!” And with that Harry felt that big cock erupt deep inside him.

“That’s it, you fucking stud!” Harry moaned, as he felt his own cock explode again, covering them both.

“Seems you really like my pecs, don’t you?” he said, smirking, as Jack lowered him back to the ground. “Why don’t you wash the cum off them for me?”

He clearly didn’t need to ask Jack twice, as he grabbed the soap and got to work. Sadly, they didn’t have time do a full worship session and so once they were clean they quickly dried off and got dressed.

The phone was ringing when they walked back into Harry’s study. “Oh good, you’ve come back. We’ll bring the next candidate up,” Ali said. Harry could sense amusement in his voice.

Harry quickly looked at the wall. Thankfully one of the staff had clearly come in and cleaned Jack’s load off the wall.

When the door reopened with the next candidate Harry was surprised. “Matheus Teixeira, your Lordship.”

The guy was huge. Not as big as Harry or Jack were of course but you could see that under his suit he looked immense.

“Nice to meet you Matheus. Please have a seat,” Harry said, as the Brazilian stud that just walked in greeted them both.

It was clear that the stud was muscle obsessed. More so than any of the gang had been—or at least he had been more successful.

They chatted for a bit, but Matheus also couldn’t quite seem to grasp what Harry was trying to get him to say. In fact, he seemed less than impressed by their size. Where David had at least glanced at his pec bounces and bicep flexes, Matheus seemed to get more distant as the conversation progressed.

It was another hour before Harry heard anything from Alistair. In that time, Jack and Harry spent talking about the estate. Although they wanted to fuck, they weren’t confident they would finish in time. They had come twice and their stamina now would mean they could fuck for quite a while.

When Evans eventually knocked on the door, he brought in a lanky looking guy, maybe 6’4” and extremely geeky looking. Harry immediately knew he would be perfect for growth.

“This is Kieran O’Donoghue, My Lord.”

Harry smiled at the ginger guy, as he flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs up and down slightly. He could see the green eyes light up, although remaining professional.

“Nice to meet you Kieran, this is my friend Jack. He runs the staffing for me here. Please sit down,” Harry said, as Kieran did so eagerly, unable to take his eyes off Harry and Jack as Evans exited the room. He was clearly captivated.

They went through the normal stuff where he had been before and all that. Harry didn’t really care. He wanted to see what he thought of the house, of the two of them perhaps even.

What Harry did enjoy was Kieran’s strong but smooth Irish accent. It was so incredibly sexy.

“So, what do you think of the estate?” he asked as he approached the subject he really cared about.

“The estate, Sir? It’s magnificent. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s masculine and strong, while balanced with such fine, elegant architecture and detailing.”

Masculine and strong eh? That was an interesting choice of words.

“Masculine and strong?” Jack asked. Harry smiled—exactly what he had been wondering.

“Well yes, Sir, the statue at the front of the Hall says it all really, but it’s emphasised so much throughout the house. And it seems like Your Lordship and Jack here are an embodiment of the ideals of the original Earls and the artists that worked on this house.”

“You’re closer than you may realise, you know?” Harry said cryptically.

“I can’t say I am too surprised, though it would be a privilege to discover what you mean. But although the two interviewing me were not your…” He hesitated as he searched for his words for a moment. “…Stature. The remaining men I’ve seen on this estate are all big men.”

“And we expect there will be many more to come in the future too. Do you think you can handle it?” Harry said, becoming a bit more direct.

“Handle it, Sir? It would be my privilege to be part of it. Perhaps I can even get some fitness tips from my colleagues.”

“How about this Kieran? You won’t need to get them from your colleagues, you can get them from me.”

“Really? It would be my honour, Sir!” Kieran said enthusiastically.

“When can you start?” Harry asked.

“Well—I do have a short notice period, but… Shall I confirm with Evans?”

“Yes, please do. Glad to have you on board Kieran.”

He rang the bell and within moments Evans entered the room.

“Evans—I have offered Kieran the job, he will discuss details with you and arrange a start date.”

“Yes your Lordship, that’s excellent news.”

With that the two ungrowns left the room. Moments later Alistair appeared.

“I thought you might like that last one. He commented on the art work when he came in.”

“Yeah I think he’ll be a great fit. I told him I’d give him some fitness advice.”

The two friends laughed and to Harry’s pleasant surprise, Alistair had a big smile on his face.

“I can really see how this house will make a lot of people more content with themselves. I know bodydysmorphia is a problem and spending every hour of every day worrying is maybe not the most healthy thing—this sure as hell seems like a better solution to get these guys huge.”

Was that another step for Alistair to coming round to the idea?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kieran’s start date was arranged for only a fortnight after the interview, and Harry made sure he informed the outgoing Head Housekeeper as soon as he could.

“Would your Lordship like me to stay on another week or two to teach him the job.”

“I don’t think that will be needed Watson, thank you. If you want to go, then please do. But if you prefer to stay…?”

“No my Lord, I have found another job, so will be moving on. I will let them know when I finish here.”

“Can you send Hunter and Jesse in?” Harry asked. He wanted to make sure the maids knew.

The two twinks emerged from the same door Watson had left through moments earlier.

“Your Lordship,” They said, sounding nervous.

“We’ve arranged a date for your boss to leave, and your new boss—O’Donoghue—will start in a fortnight. I hope he will grow on his first night in the Hall. Would you like to join him?”

“Yes, Sir!” Hunter said excitedly. Jesse immediately jumped.


“Fantastic, that’s that sorted. Can you tell Scott he needs to ensure the tailor is around the day after… Actually no—get Scott to check with the tailor whether the young apprentice is ready to join too.”

“Yes, My Lord!” Hunter said in his deep voice, sounding excited.

As the two lads left, Harry figured it was a good day to explore his estate a bit further. He wanted to see beyond the formal gardens but hadn’t had much of a chance. He arranged for Duong to show him round. He had started to get to know all the nooks and crannies that would require regular maintenance and so would be a good guide.

When Duong appeared, Harry was shocked. The stud—whose pecs were the only ones to come close in size to his own tits—was impressive regardless of what he was wearing. But the outfit he had chosen as his uniform was extremely impressive.

It was a dark, shiny lycra—or maybe rubber. Its long sleeves covered his big biceps and broad shoulders before the fabric crossed over at the back and looped back around the front. Under his pecs. The huge muscle breasts were hanging straight out, proud, round and firm, extremely on display.

The ‘shirt’ stopped there, leaving his ripped abs clearly visible. He wore leggings made of the same materials, tightly hugging his tree-trunk legs. On his feet were a pair of knee-high rubber boots.

“Fucking hell Duong, you look incredible,” Harry said as the Vietnamese stud walked into the study.

“Thank you Harry. After you, and everyone else to be honest, complimented my breasts so much, I decided to embrace them. I found this in the outfits made by the tailor so thought I would make it my uniform. I’ve requested several more so I’ll always have a clean pair.”

Harry smiled. He liked the idea of Duong always strutting around in this.

“It really fucking suits you.”

“I suspect he made one for you too, you know?”

Harry immediately jumped up. He would have done. He had requested matching outfits after all!

“Come on!” Harry said, as he opened the door and ran upstairs, taking Duong into his private apartment.

“Oh nice digs,” Duong said as he saw the room.

“Yeah it’s good isn’t?” Harry said smiling. “Though I don’t expect to use this room much, other than sleeping. Let’s see what we’ve got…”

He rummaged through the big walk-in wardrobe, finding Scott had sorted it by colour and style. Boring, normal clothes were on one end, and the rest was sorted by type. There was a specific section that he had labelled ‘muscle breasts’. Guess Scott appreciated his tits too…

Harry looked through and found the top Duong was wearing. “Help me put this on will you?” Harry said as he ripped off the tanktop he was wearing.

Duong happily obliged, pulling the top off, before helping Harry push his thick arms through the tight lycra.

It took some effort, but after a minute or so, Duong pulled the final strap of fabric to go underneath Harry’s big tits and Harry felt them push up ever so slightly.

“Fuck me!” Duong said smiling. He walked up to Harry and started kissing him.

Harry eagerly obliged, feeling his tits push against Duong, rubbing and pushing in erotically.

“Not right now, Duong,” Harry said after a moment. He was keen to find a spot elsewhere.

Duong looked disappointed, but Harry assured him they would find a place to explore each other’s breasts further. But he wanted to do it in style—and matching. He swiftly pulled on the matching leggings and boots and they walked downstairs.

On the way out through the house, they came across Callum—one of the young footmen. The hulking twunk was taken aback by the overt sexuality of the two hunks and almost had to run out of the room, his big cock probably already rock solid and dripping precum.

Harry and Duong laughed. It was fun to show off their huge bodies. But Harry had a serious goal in mind. They wandered across the great estate, their boots getting muddy and their bodies sweaty. But Harry was loving the feeling of the outdoors under his feet and the fresh air in his nose.

Duong showed there were many more buildings on the immediate estate than he had expected. He showed them the selection of cottages that he and Felix had chosen to be their homes. They were quite luxurious and the word ‘cottage’ really didn’t do them justice. And there was another six similar buildings in that location alone.

There was the folly, which housed the pool, of course. But there was also a large orangery and walled garden, an old banquetting house—used just to serve elaborate feasts to friends—as well as numerous farm buildings—some still in use and others looking worse for wear.

“It’s a lot more extensive than I had anticipated,” Harry said as they climbed to the top of another strange Victorian addition—a viewing tower. It was just over three stories tall and located on a small hill about 2 miles from the Hall. As they reached the top, Harry could see why they built it here.

From the roof, they had a stunning view over the vast estate, directly able to see the house in the distance. He had never noticed the small building popping out above the trees.

It showed the formal gardens in the foreground, and the more wooded areas they had just walked through. All carefully maintained by an incredible effort of a lot of people, Harry realised.

“It’s quite something, isn’t it?” Duong said as he stood next to Harry, looking out into the distance.

“You’re telling me. You know what’s even weirder… I own all this now apparently?”

“Haha, yeah, that’s crossed my mind as well. I’ve even wondered whether you should give some of it up to be honest…”

“Why do you say that?” Harry asked curiously.

“This house and this estate… it’s a lot for one person don’t you think? No one needs this much stuff in their life. You’ve got to use it for good if you keep something like this.”

Harry thought for a moment. It had crossed his mind as well. But how could they continue to live in this place and also use it for good.

“I wonder…” He began, before pausing.

“Wonder what?” Duong asked.

“I just… I wonder if writing your name in that book actually… makes people healthier? Maybe we can use this place to cure people, to give people who otherwise have no chance, a new lease of life. That would be a way to do good, don’t you think?

“I mean—Felix already told me that people who write their name in book have an unnaturally long life. The last Earl was old from what I understand—very old…”

“It’s not a bad idea. But I think if you use this to help people achieve their dreams, you’re already doing a tonne of good. I think you should put your money where your mouth is and really start recruitment. No hanging around and waiting.”

Harry nodded in agreement. “I suppose you’re right. We’ll have to get a few people on it to kickstart it. Thiago can’t be expected to do it all on his own?”

“Yeah, agreed. And think of the fun when there’s a tonne of muscled guys here,” Duong said, suddenly sounding a lot more cheerful.

“Oh fuck yeah. I wonder if I’ll grow further if we find certain types of guys…”

“Oh I don’t doubt it. Though I hope you don’t grow bigger tits. I like being close in size to yours,” he said, grinning.

“And there was me thinking you didn’t like them. I’m glad to see you’ve embraced them. Maybe we should make sure everyone has a uniform that shows off their best assets.”

“Hmmm, I think everyone has an item that can be that… just need to make it standard that they wear it,” Duong said with a somewhat wicked smile on his face.

“And what should I be wearing…?” Harry said Duong, getting more and more aroused by the conversation.

“Well—you’ve obviously got a number of substantial assets. I think it needs to be something that shows off both your huge package and your huge breasts.”

“Is that so…” Harry said, starting to feel his dick harden.

“You certainly don’t seem to have space for that huge monster in those tights,” Duong said as he walked up to him and started to rub Harry’s growing bulge.

“Best to get it out in that case,” Harry said, feeling the pressure building—he may actually split these tights if he got fully hard.

“Well I suppose…”

Duong got on his knees and eagerly pulled Harry’s semi-hard cock out of the tight fabric. It immediately jumped to life, hardening to its full, almost two feet-long length.

“I can’t believe how huge this is,” Duong whispered as he took it into his mouth. He eagerly started to suck and all Harry could do was moan.

“Fuck that’s it,” he said quietly as Duong managed to swallow more and more of the huge shaft. “Suck that big cock.”

Soon Duong had reached the base, somehow only slightly gagging as he swallowed the whole length. Harry was impressed and incredibly turned on. He could almost see his cock pushing Duong’s throat further open.

And at that point, Duong really got to work, eagerly sucking the entire length of the shaft. Harry had never had a blowjob like it before in his life. Duong would pull almost all the way off Harry’s cock before slamming his throat back onto it, without seemingly struggling. It was as if he was fucking his own throat, aggressively destroying and pushing through his own gag reflex.

As Harry felt the pressure built, he noticed Duong was going faster and faster until he was almost ready to blow.

And then suddenly he stopped.

“Hey! What was that for!” Harry said, extremely surprised.

“I… I kind of want to try something.”

“Okay… what’s that?” Harry said, sounding intrigued.

“I want to tit fuck you.”


“I want to fuck your tits. I want to slide my big cock between your cleavage and fuck those huge mounds of muscle until I shoot cum out of my cock and cover your face.”

It was clear he didn’t hold back. He had been wanting this for a while and now they were alone, just the two of them.

“I tried it with Ollie. He fucked my tits the first night after we’d grown. And it was so hot. And I want to know what it feels like to fuck someone else’s tits.”

“It sounds fucking hot. Wanna do it right here?” Harry said, super eager to try it.

“Fuck yeah!” Duong said eagerly. “Lay down!”

“Hold on—that’s a little cold,” Harry said, as he grabbed a blanket they had picked up along the way and then eagerly laid down.

Duong climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. He pulled out his own hard cock—so far the tights had managed to keep it to only semi erect but as soon as it was released from the fabric it grew to its powerful 15 inches.

“Ready for this, tit slut?” Duong said, smiling.

Harry just nodded. From seemingly nowhere, Duong grabbed some lube and gently started to massage it into Harry’s huge cleavage, which was so perfectly on display because of their matching outfits. Harry moaned, the stimulation of his muscle breasts already felt quite amazing. Duong generously lubed up his own thick shaft and placed the cock head at the bottom of deep valley.

Harry almost held his breath, he wanted to savour this feeling. As Duong pushed, Harry felt the muscles in his breasts being squeezed and pushed as they formed around Duong’s rock hard cock.

Duong gently pushed, clearly feeling an intense stimulation from the slow fuck. Harry loved seeing the ecstasy in the Vietnamese stud’s eyes as he could feel the big head poke out at the top again.

“Fuck, that feels incredible!” Harry whispered. The pleasure took him by surprise, somehow his big breasts feeling just as intense as getting his ass fucked.

“Fuck yeah take that cock. It felt so good when Ollie fucked me like this I had to know what it felt like from the other side. And make sure you felt it too.”

He slowly picked up the pace. Every few strokes he went a bit faster and Harry felt his breasts being massaged by the thick shaft. All the while, Duong massaged Harry’s tits with his hands, rubbing and pinching his nipples.

Harry’s own cock was rock hard, dripping precum as he moaned. But he couldn’t reach his own cock with Duong straddled across his torso. So instead he savoured the feelings, humping gently as Duong fucked him.

“Oh fucking take that. Those tits feel so fucking good!” Duong moaned as he fucked at what must have been top speed.

“Fuck yeah fuck me Duong—fuck me hard!”

As the two studs moaned their muscles moved in sync, tits heaving up and down and both their cocks dripping precum. Harry felt Duong’s cock seemingly adding more lubricant with each stroke as his own cock oozed cum harder than it ever had before.

“Oooh, fuck Harry, I’m gonna cum.”

“Fuck yeah, Duong, cover my tits!”

The sensation became overwhelming and suddenly Harry felt that same sensation he had felt the morning Duong had grown his big tits. His big nipples suddenly exploded, thick milk shooting out of them as Duong kept fucking those huge mounds of muscle.

A few more strokes and Duong’s cock erupted, thick ropes of white cum shooting straight onto Harry’s face and tits. He lost count how many shots of cum there were but Harry loved the feeling. Together with his own pec milk, the two studs were covered in sweet thick white liquid.

“Fuck, that was so good!” Harry said as Duong climbed off of him.

“Fuck yeah!” Duong said as he wrapped his mouth around Harry’s shaft, pushing over half the length down in just a single thrust.

Harry moaned, Duong’s move taking him somewhat by surprise. He was close already but Duong’s eager mouth pushed him to the edge within seconds.

Harry eagerly grabbed the back of Duong’s head and pushed his mouth deeper onto his fat cock as squirts of cum erupted out of his dick.

“Fuck yeah, take that load!”

As Harry continued to cum, Duong started to choke and eventually Harry had to let go.

“Fuck my life, Harry! You cum fucking buckets!” Duong said with a big smile on his face after he had slightly recovered.

“Coming from you!” Harry laughed as he wiped the cum off his face.

“I don’t mind in the slightest though,” Duong said as he licked some more cum off Harry’s face and kissed him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Harry and Duong cleaned themselves up and continued to explore the vast estate until, at dinner time, they ended up by the pool. To their surprise (and delight), most of the gang was there, alongside Alistair. Because of his presence, Harry suspected, the atmosphere was chilled but very much not sexual, and he was relieved to see the guys were being considerate.

As Harry and Duong walked in, Alistair came up to him.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked, sounding a bit nervous.

“Yeah, of course. Everything okay?” Harry was immediately concerned.

They found a quiet spot away from the gang to talk, and only when they were out of earshot, Alistair answered.

“Yeah, I suppose so. I just…”

“What is it. I kinda thought the guys were being good to you?”

“Honestly? They’ve been incredible. I couldn’t wish for anything better from them. Nothing sexual—besides the clothing of course—when I’m around. And no pressure or push to get me to put my name down.”

“Okay, that’s good, right?”

“Yeah, I suppose so. Well—definitely. It’s given me a lot of time to think.”

“In a good way, I hope?”

“Haha, that may depend on your view. No, it’s not bad I promise you,” he quickly added when he saw Harry’s face.

“Look, it’s just been great hanging out and working with some of the guys today. I can see they believe this place can make a real difference to people’s lives. And the more I see and the more I hear about their ambitions, I can believe it.

“And at the very least, I want to be a part of it.”

Harry smiled broadly. “That’s amazing!” he said excitedly.

“I definitely want to stay. This place will be awesome. With your leadership and these guys’ ideas.”

“But you’re not yet sure you want to grow?”

“I think I do to be honest. But I want to have a few more days before I tell anyone else. I kinda want to see if they start to try to convince. If they want me.”

Harry smiled. “All right. I know they do but we just need to show.”

“You can’t say to them that they need to push me!” Alistair said, laughing. “I want it to come from them.”

“What made you change your mind?” Harry asked curiously.

“The whole thing. Just seeing these guys happy—but also seeing that it hasn’t changed them. I didn’t know them very well but I don’t think they’re different to before. They’ve just found their calling. And so have you.”

Harry smiled. It did feel sort of like that.

“I’m sure the guys want you, you know. But they don’t want pressure you. You’re somehow going to have show you don’t mind being pressured.”

“Hmmm, I guess you’re right. I guess I’ll leave it up to you. Just don’t make it too obvious.”


Chapter 9: The New Starter

At dinner that evening everyone sat around the table in their sluttiest clothes. It seemed as though the rest of the gang had taken some inspiration from Harry and Duong and many were wearing items showing off their best assets. Jack had somehow managed to find the most bulging shorts possible, Ollie was wearing an ass-less surf suit that made his ass look huge (which in fairness, it was), and Thiago was wearing leather bicep straps that really made his arms pop.

“Guys!” Harry said when there was a moment of silence. “What do you guys reckon will be Alistair’s best asset if he grows?”

There was silence for a moment, as if no one wanted to discuss the idea of Alistair growing. Harry was about to say something when Alistair chimed in himself.

“I wonder if it would be my legs.”

He had a fair point. His legs had always been great—the benefits of cycling everywhere in a hilly city.

Suddenly everyone chimed in. “I reckon so, but that could also be your butt in that case,” Darius said.

“True—but have you seen his thighs—on someone so skinny otherwise!” Ollie responded.

“Yeah, he would be able to miss leg day for a few weeks if he started out at the gym now!” Jack agreed.

Alistair smiled. He hadn’t necessarily been expecting that they would support him so he was happy to see they had thought about it.

“So when are you growing then Alistair?” Leon asked, smiling.

Harry realised Leon probably knew what was going on. “Yeah! You better do it soon,” he seconded. “You’ll regret not having done it earlier if you’re not careful.”

Everyone piled in to voice their own opinions, whilst Harry kept his mouth shut. He wanted to show Alistair that he was wanted.

“Guys. Guys!” Alistair said eventually, smiling. “I haven’t quite made my mind up yet, but it’s nice to know I’m wanted.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Harry and Leon were getting undressed that evening, Leon was oddly quiet.

“You okay, Leon?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry, just thinking.”

“Must be something serious, you’ve been very quiet.”

“It’s just the conversation with Alistair earlier. I think he’s going to do it, you know?”

Harry smiled. “Why do you say that?”

“It’s more as if he was fishing for compliments, for the guys to just seal the deal, rather than getting agitated by the pressure. A few days ago he would’ve hated that conversation.”

“Yeah, he’s definitely been thinking about it. And I agree he seems to be going in that direction. But surely there’s no reason to be concerned?”

“I guess so—though I am concerned about something.”

“Which is?”

“I wonder if you’d replace me.”

“Replace you! Leon, you can’t be serious. We’ve always been great for each other—but were just so far apart sexually that it never worked before. And here we are and we’re each other’s dream guy.” He smiled. “I couldn’t wish for anyone better. Alistair is a great friend but he’s not you.”

With that, Harry grabbed Leon’s hands and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

When the kiss broke, Leon finally spoke. “I hope you’re right. Either way, you’ll get to have sex. Because if it was just one person satisfying this huge body, I think your balls would explode.” He laughed as he tried to push Harry onto the bed.

Of course, Harry was stronger than Leon, but he let the stud push him over and his lover’s muscled body collapsed on top of his, gently crushing him. Harry felt his pecs push into Leon’s and it made him moan. He couldn’t believe how sensitive they had become.

“You know what Duong did to me today?” he asked.

“What?” Leon said curiously.

“He fucked my breasts.”

“Oh shit! That sounds fun. How was it?”

“Very hot. I don’t know what it is about these pecs but they’ve become sex organs of their own. I even shot milk just from the fucking. Honestly, just feeling you squeeze them and lay on top makes me fucking horny!”

“Oh, does it? Maybe we should explore that a bit further.”

Without waiting for a reply, Leon dived onto Harry’s pecs, first gently licking each nipple as Harry moaned immediately. “Fuuuck,” Harry growled as the licking turned into gentle nibbling.

With his hands, Leon now moved to massage the huge mounds of muscle. Squeezing them, feeling every inch as Harry couldn’t help but bounce them under Leon’s strong hands.

“Fuck, these tits feel so good,” Leon said as he took a moment to breathe. “I wanna fuck these myself!”

Harry didn’t have to be asked twice and within moments Leon had straddled him and Harry had managed to find the lube.

Leon placed the thick cockhead at the base of his lover’s breasts and pushed.

With some effort, Harry felt the second shaft of the day start to fuck his tits. He moaned again, the sensation as good as the first time he had felt it.

“Fuck that’s surprisingly tight. Feels fucking good, man,” Leon moaned.

“Fuck yeah, come on Leon! Pound those tits!”

Leon didn’t wait another second and started to fuck hard. With his hands he grabbed Harry’s huge shoulders and used them to get a better grip as his cock beat hard against the rock solid muscle.

The two studs moaned, making each other hornier and hornier by the minute.

“Fucking hell, Harry. These aren’t just a sex organ for you—they’re clearly here for all of us to enjoy,” Leon said as he fucked enthusiastically. It was clear from his facial expression that he loved fucking those huge tits. He was heaving and moaning and Harry couldn’t help but admire his handsome face and deep eyes as his lover’s cock thrusted between his breasts.

It took Leon another few minutes before he came close to the end.

“Fuck pump that load into my tits,” Harry moaned, his own precum flowing heavily.

“Fuck that’s it, here it comes!” Leon moaned as his cock erupted, covering Harry’s handsome face and huge muscled mounds in thick, heavy cum.

At the same time, Harry felt his own cock and tits erupt. The pounding had not only pushed his tits themselves over the edge, but even his balls were drained.

“We need to do that more often,” Leon said as he laid down next to Harry, their huge bodies almost crashing into each other.

“We definitely do…”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next few days seemed to go fairly similar to the previous few. Harry would join one of the guys who would show them some of the things they had learned about the estate. He started to get to grips with the finances, the endless grounds and the maintenance the buildings required.

Jack made sure he had gotten well acquainted with the staff and started to support on the recruitment process for any new roles, and Thiago had already identified a number of channels to find muscle-hungry ungrowns.

Inevitably, each session with one of the guys would result in some sort of sex. Harry was finding his new sex drive almost exhausting. His cock needed draining at least four or five times a day. Thankfully the other guys had the same experience and so they were always happy to help each other out.

It was still a bit odd for Alistair, who tended to slip out of the room when it became clear sex was on the menu. But Harry was almost sure he had seen him get hard a few times when around himself and the gang.

And the guys kept up the encouragements. About a week after they had spoken, Alistair came into Harry’s study.

“Sorry, I hope you don’t mind,” he said somewhat nervously.

“Not at all. What’s up?” Harry got excited. He wondered whether Alistair had finally decided.

“Oh, just wanted to chat after our talk last week.”

“Oh?” Harry tried to hide his excitement.

“I just—I just still don’t really know…”

Harry’s heart sank. Not what he had hoped for. “What’s your hesitation?” he asked, trying to hide his disappointment.

“I just…” Alistair hesitated. “I never wanted this life. I don’t mean the security and the friendship—I love all that of course. Just not the sex life or the body. Or indeed the sexuality.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t blame Alistair for not wanting the change—to do something so radically different from what life had been to date.

“I can appreciate that. I guess my argument is that you wouldn’t be doing it because of those things but maybe in spite of them. Growing would allow you to become a truly, deeply embedded part of the community we’re building. I suspect you know as well as I do that you might just seem to be on the sidelines if you don’t grow.

“I’ll never think of you that way. I will always love you as a friend. But I can’t tell others not to feel that way.”

Alistair smiled. “Yeah that’s fair. I still don’t know, but I do think I appreciate what we’re building here. A safe place at least for people who maybe have fallen through the cracks.”

It was true. The gang had been having long conversations over dinner about this exact issue. They had decided they would try and find the kind of guys that had had it rough. That would not just benefit from the muscle but also from the stability of being in this community. And they certainly weren’t going to be taking money from anyone—entry couldn’t be bought.

“It’s up to you, and I truly will never force you. But we’d love you to join us. You’re already making great friends with everyone, it seems to me. You’re not going to lose who you are in the process. You even said it yourself about the others.”

“I suppose not,” he said and left Harry to look over his accounts.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few days later, Kieran was due to start in his new role. Everything had been set up and Evans and Jack were due to meet him on his first day. One of the first things on the agenda was hopefully the signing of the book, but Harry knew he had to be somewhat careful.

For starters, he wasn’t sure Kieran was gay, and he wanted to be open and honest about all the effects of signing the book. But he also wanted to make sure he really did want it. And so after Jack and Evans had spoken to him, he was going to come for an ‘induction’ chat with himself.

Harry was waiting in his study when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he replied.

“The new starter is here, My Lord. His name is O’Donoghue.”

Ah, yes. The protocol. As a more senior member of staff he would go by his last name…

“Send him in, Evans, thank you.”

Evans departed and a moment later the handsome Irish lad stepped in. Harry noticed the same sparkling green eyes he had seen during his interview under his thick ginger hair.

“Welcome, O’Donoghue, great to have you onboard.”

“Thank you, My Lord, great to be here. I don’t see much has changed since my interview?”

“You mean in terms of our size?” Harry asked, kind of enjoying his forwardness.

“Yes, indeed. I wasn’t sure if you’d be bigger by now.”

“Haha, no this is kind of our maximum size, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I was kind of relieved. I was a bit apprehensive on what this kind of place would be.”

“Well—it’s a place led by muscle. You saw some of the guys and what they wear around here during your interview, I assume?”

“Oh, sure. But I suppose I wasn’t sure if it had been toned down for the interview.”

“Not hugely, I suppose you didn’t see me in any of those outfits but other than that we don’t try to hide anything. We want people to be comfortable. And I suppose you wouldn’t have accepted the job if you hadn’t been comfortable?”

“Sure, of course. But at the same time you never know what will truly happen when you start.”

Harry was somewhat surprised by the direction of the conversation. It was as though Kieran had to be put at ease that he had indeed known what he had signed up to.

“I assumed you wanted to be like us, in some way, to be honest,” Harry said, trying to steer the conversation.

“I suppose I do,” Kieran replied, sounding more hesitant than Harry had hoped.

“You suppose so?”

“Yeah, I just don’t have an interest in steroids.”

Ah. Of course, that made sense. How else would everyone be so big to an outsider.” He smiled. “We don’t use steroids. Everyone here is 100 percent ‘natural’.”

What?” Kieran said shocked.

“Well, that’s maybe not quite true. We’re all drugs free though.”

The other man shook his head. “That’s impossible.”

“I promise you it isn’t.”


Harry took a deep breath. It was going to sound highly unlikely. “I think you might not believe me.”

“Try me,” Kieran said, almost daring Harry.

Harry shrugged. “This isn’t a normal house. My ancestors built this manor centuries back for this lineage, and for the people of that lineage to grow big and for their friends to join them.

“It’s a simple process. When the new Earl arrives they tend to explore the house, and find a book. The book is the key to the size of our muscles. I wrote my name in the book and the same evening I grew huge. The next morning I was even bigger.

“And it turns out that I can invite anyone to also write in that book. And they too grow. Not as big as I do, but… big. And it changes them, in various ways.”

“Like what?”

Harry smiled. “First of all, they can see the art for what it really is. Lots of naked, big muscled men everywhere around the house. And they become total horn dogs. And the only ones that can satisfy them, is other big muscled men.”

“So they’re all gay?” Kieran asked, sounding a bit surprised, and miffed.

“Yeah, I suppose so. I think maybe bi—but women couldn’t keep up with all this.”

Harry paused and Kieran said nothing. “What attracted you to come here, honestly?” Harry said, starting worry he had lost the handsome Irish lad.

“Honestly? It was the muscle. I’ve always wanted to be huge. Big bulging muscles everywhere on my body for as long as I remember. But whatever I tried in the gym, never quite worked. Although I have still been trying. Not that I’m not in shape but I could never get huge—maybe because I didn’t want to take steroids.”

“Yeah me and my friends were the same. Had been trying for years. Now they’re all here and love it.”

“Hmm. It’s tough, for sure. If what you say is true—and it is quite hard to believe—it would be a difficult choice to make.”

“You don’t want to be gay?”

“I guess so. Not that I’m homophobic but it’s just not me.”

“That’s fair, and I won’t force you. Take a few days to think it over.”

“Thank you, My Lord.” O’Donoghue knew the conversation was over and stood up. “Thanks for talking so open and honestly.” He turned around and left the room.

And Harry had no idea where it was going.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Harry went to get changed, selecting a bright red and yellow spandex bodysuit with long sleeves and a thonged back. His arms and ass really popped in it, and inevitably, so did his tits and bulge. He added a pair of red leather boots and went for a wander around the estate.

He was quickly joined by Jack, his fellow overly hung stud. The blond himbo was wearing a crop top and jeans shorts. Somehow the shorts were the skimpiest he had ever seen and the bulge underneath it popped out. He looked incredible.

“Hey Jack. How’s it hanging?” He grinned.

“Very good, same for you I see.” He smirked back.

“Very much so! Where are you off to?”

“Just the gym. Wanna join?”

“Sure why not.”

They walked over the pool house together, chatting as they went along. Harry realised he hadn’t actually used a gym since he got here.

To his surprise, it was quite busy when they got there. It seemed as though most of the studs were there, although he could see most of them were already relaxing by the spa.

Ultimately, it was just himself, Jack and Thiago using the gym. The two studs decided they’d help Harry recalibrate his muscles. Previously he’d benched maybe 120 pounds, but now it was well over 500 pounds! Fuck that was insane.

And so they continued on all the major exercises, busting PB after PB. It felt incredible to feel his big body be so pumped.

“I think you should pump those tits up further though,” Thiago said with an eager look on his face.

“Oh fuck, that’s an amazing idea!” Jack responded.

Harry had to admit his bench press had felt good but he had been so focussed on personal records, that he hadn’t really been focussed on pumping up his muscled body. And so he jumped back on the bench press and pushed the bar up without much effort.

“I reckon we can go higher guys,” he said, and both guys added another 25 pounds on each side.

As he pushed the 550 pounds up, he noticed it was difficult but he could manage. He pumped out a rep, and soon another and three more. He started to struggle at six, when slowly guided the bar down with Thiago’s help.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” Jack said, deeply admiring Harry’s chest strength.

“Oh I don’t think that’s all yet.” He quickly grabbed two dumbbells, each weighing 150 pounds, and started to do dumbbell flies, and quickly followed 10 reps of those with another 8 reps on the incline bench press.

After a minute or two break he did the circuit again, each time failure seemed to happen a bit earlier, but he kept pushing himself.

His breasts were on fire, but it felt amazing and he didn’t want the burn to stop. “Fuuuuuck!” he screamed as he dropped the last rep of the third circuit. He groaned loudly, his chest burning with a desire and rage he hadn’t felt before. He jumped in front of the mirror and even his yellow lycra suit seemed to struggle to contain his pumped tits.

He could see both Jack and Thiago were rock hard. Jack had already dropped the shorts, just wearing a thong now—his huge bulge happily bouncing as he walked. Thiago had been wearing a pair of speedos but dropped those too.

“Fuck, man, that body of yours is incredible,” Jack moaned as he started to jack off his hardening cock.

“Fuck yeah, guys, come on then,” Harry said as he did a most muscular pose. He could almost feel the fabric wanting to tear but somehow resisting.

Harry didn’t strike another pose, as he was pushed on his back, onto a bench with Jack at the back and Thiago at the front. He was still wearing the bodysuit and moaned as he felt Jack’s hand push the string of his suit aside and shoved his tongue into his hungry hole.

Thiago grabbed Harry’s head with his strong hands and Harry reflexively opened his mouth. Immediately, a thick, hard cock was shoved deep inside him and he eagerly started to suck.

As Thiago’s 17-inch cock throbbed inside his throat, the Latino stud grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs up, giving Jack more space to get his tongue deeper inside his hungry cunt. He was getting more eager to get fucked, as his thick tits strained under the pump he had built up. He realised even his nipples seemed bigger, poking through the lycra like bullets.

“Fuck you’ve got such a good arse,” Jack said as he briefly came up for air.

“And a very good throat too!” Thiago said as he let Harry worship his cock.

“Fucking hell—you ready for this huge cock then!” Jack said after another few moments, and Harry could feel the wetness of Jack’s saliva at his hole.

“Fuck yeah—breed me you stud!” Harry said eagerly as Thiago briefly pulled back. He was keen to have that huge beast inside him again.

Thiago shoved his cock back in and Harry focussed on the cock in his mouth, as Jack placed his thick head at Harry’s hungry cunt. It pulsed as Jack started to push and Harry immediately moaned, the size of it even more intense than he remembered.

Jack pushed forward as Harry moaned loudly into Thiago’s hard cock. He loved the feeling of being filled both ends.

As Jack invaded his cunt deeper and deeper, he could feel his own cock leak heavily. “Fuuuuck, that’s it studs,” he moaned through Thiago’s cock.

“Fuck yeah take that Harry!” Leon said loudly. Apparently they had an audience now.

Soon the room descended into a lust-fuelled orgy and Harry wasn’t just sucking Thiago’s cock, but there were several huge cocks pushed in his face. He eagerly alternated between them, all the while loving the sensation of Jack’s immense cock deep inside him.

He wasn’t sure how long the pounding lasted, but he knew he loved it—he loved this life! When eventually the orgy ended he was coated in layers of cum—some his own and plenty coming from others.

The studs eventually collapsed with exhaustion—just in time for dinner.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At dinner that evening the conversation was fairly standard. Until someone turned to the subject of the new Head Housekeeper.

“Did he start in the end?” Ollie asked.

“Well—yes,” Harry said almost hesitating.

“Why, what’s up?” Jack asked.

“Well, I got good vibes off him at the interview. That he wanted to big and all that. So when he came in today I was excited. I had to explain to him that we don’t use any drugs—though convincing him it was magic was a bit tough. But he was worried about the whole… gay thing.”

“Really?” To Harry’s surprise it was Ali that spoke.

“Yeah, it surprised me.”

“I would’ve thought he was so into the muscle thing that he wouldn’t really mind the rest,” Ali said, recalling the interview.

“Yeah I guess I thought the same. But clearly not.”

Ali looked a bit confused, and to his surprise, Harry didn’t see him after dinner. In fairness, it did descend into another fuck fest but usually Ali stayed for tea.

It wasn’t until the next day, when Harry was sat down the next day in the office with Ollie, discussing finances with the accountants, he saw Ali next.

“Oh sorry, Harry, I didn’t realise you were busy. I’ll come back later.”

But Harry was a bit worried and so instead got up. “No, it’s okay, let’s step into the hallway. I’ll be a moment, guys.”

“You’re looking surprisingly decent today,” Ali said. Did Harry detect a hint of disappointment?

Because of the accountants’ visit, he had been quite conservatively dressed. “Only when there are externals,” he said with a kind smile.

“Anyways. I wanted to talk about Kieran—the new head housekeeper.”

“What about him?”

“I went to talk to him after dinner last night—I was just so shocked when you said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to grow.”

“You… you went to talk to him?” Harry said, completely taken aback.

“Yeah, it just seemed such a logical fit. He loved his visit here. Anyways—I spoke to him for a bit—about his hesitation. And I think he realised it was probably what he wanted, so hopefully, he will let you know he’s changed his mind.”

“Oh, wow, okay. I did not expect that. Coming from you out of all people!”

“Well, yeah, that’s the thing. He also made me realise what I wanted.”

“What do you mean?” Harry got more nervous.

“Well—I don’t want muscle or fuckbuddies. But recently… life has been tough. I feel like I’ve lost community, lost touch with what’s important to me. Until I came here.”

“Go on,” Harry prompted, not sure where Ali was going with this.

“Since coming here, I’ve found friendship, the kind of love friends have for each other—actual deep affection, that’s not even gay per se. Who cares if you also fuck that person or what you look like. You’ve got something real here, with real people that really look out for each other.” He bit his lip. “So I think I’m gonna grow.” He still sounded a smidge hesitant.

Harry could almost jump with relief. “Are you sure?” he said, before getting too excited.

“Yes. Yes, I am,” he answered, now sounding more confident.

“So… so let me get this straight. You thought it was odd that Kieran didn’t want to grow. Because he loved the muscle so much, he would give up the thing he always wanted because he’d be gay? And you realised that growing would give you the community and friendship you wanted, and considered giving it up because of the muscle and becoming gay thing? By reminding him of the thing he wanted most, you realised what you wanted most…?”

“I guess, yeah, basically.”

Harry leapt to his feet and gave his friend a big hug. “I can’t believe you changed your own mind.” Harry laughed when they eventually broke the hug.

“Haha, I know right? But I would like it to be a surprise for the others. I’m not sure what the plan with Kieran was but I think it would be quite fun to grow when no one expects it.”

“All right, that sounds good. We’ll have to pretend you haven’t decided yet until then.”

“I think I can keep doing that till tomorrow evening.”

“Why wait ‘til tomorrow though? You could do it tonight?”

“I thought—if Kieran would want to grow—it would be tomorrow?”

“Yeah, but I kinda had thought you’d grow on your own. Just you and the gang rather than all the staff present too.”

“Well, I hadn’t thought about that. Could I do it even smaller—just you and I—maybe with Leon?”

“Of course, and then really surprise everyone when you arrive at breakfast looking like a tank.”

“Haha yes! Let’s do that. I’m quite happy to do that tonight, if that doesn’t scupper any plans.”

“Scupper any plans! How could it? We’ll just retreat to my apartment at around 9. Or earlier if you want.”

“How about this? You tell the guys you’ve got to discuss some business with Leon and myself after dinner and then go upstairs. We won’t even tell Leon.”

“Perfect. Well—I guess I will ask you once again. Are you sure?”

“Yes. Yes, I’m sure.”

“We’ll need to wait till the accountants are gone but we’ll write your name in later?”

“Sounds good.”

The meeting now seemed to take forever. Harry really cared, but he was so eager to get Ali’s name in the book. At lunch time, they were still not done, but Harry used the break to get them out of the room and sent Evans to find Ali.

When he came in, he looked a bit nervous.

“Still sure?” Harry asked.

“Let’s do it!” He said, sounding actually quite excited.

Harry walked towards the bookcase and opened the secret door to the basement. He grabbed a torch that had now been placed to light the way and showed Ali the book.

“This is it. Follow the same format, and you should feel a strange sensation.”

“Okay—here we go,” Ali said grabbing the quill and starting to write his name. It took them a moment to remember when Ali had first visited the house, but after he finished writing Ali smiled.

“You had that strange feeling didn’t you?”

He just nodded.

The day went by far too slowly for Harry’s liking. He ended up being somewhat restless and at some point his valet noticed.

“Are you okay, my Lord?” he asked, sounding concerned. He had been sat alone in his study when the handsome, hulking black man walked in.

“I am, yeah. Why?”

“Mr Evans asked me to check in on you. Said you seemed agitated, Sir.”

“He is very observant. I am a bit frustrated, you could say.”

“Let me try and relax you.” He walked up behind Harry’s seat and started to firmly massage his shoulders. Harry had changed into a lycra suit after his meeting so could feel Scott’s strong hands pushing against his tense shoulders. He couldn’t help but moan.

“Feels good, Sir?”

“Very much so, Scott. It would feel even better if you moved a bit lower.”

And so Scott moved his hands lower, down the front of Harry’s huge, hulking chest. His strong hands gripped his breasts firmly, massaging the massive mounds with a somehow gently ferocity.

“That’s it, Scott—massage my tits,” Harry moaned involuntarily.

“They feel incredible, Sir.”

“Why don’t you get a bit closer to them,” Harry suggested.

Scott didn’t need to be told twice. He walked to the front of Harry’s chair and as he did so, Harry stood up and removed the lycra suit covering them, allowing them to pop out and be displayed in their perfect natural glory.

“They’re just so incredible,” Scott whispered as he saw them. On display for him alone, for the first time.

Without needing any further encouragement, he eagerly pushed his face into his Lordship’s pecs. Harry moaned as he felt his valet’s tongue explore each crevice, vein and bulging muscle of his huge pecs.

His tongue was initially focussed on the muscles itself, and the big crack between them, before eventually making its way to Harry’s engorged nipples. The big, almost inch long udders were pointing downwards, pushed far forward by the huge mounds they were sat on.

And Scott worshipped them like no other. Fairly quickly, Harry laid down on the sofa, as Scott straddled his waist and continued his worshipping. Passionately licking, sucking and massaging the huge tits of his boss.

“Fuck, you love these tits, don’t you, Scott?” Harry said in between his moans.

“They are magnificent, Sir,” he answered, very briefly stopping his intense worshipping session.

Harry enjoyed each and every moment of it, purely focussed on the intense pleasure provided by his breasts.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only 30 minutes, he felt a now familiar pressure build up in his tits.

“Fuck, Scott—you’re gonna make them cum.”

Scott looked confused—apparently he hadn’t seen this yet. “You… you don’t mean—?”

“I… I thought… I thought you knew!” Harry said moaning as his muscled breasts exploded, milk shooting out like cum, covering Scott and himself in an enormous load.

Scott had still been in his uniform, but he immediately stripped it off and showed his mountain of a body. Harry was in awe. Maybe we should get more sexy uniforms made… Scott eagerly grabbed his dick, wiped some of Harry’s tit cum on it and started to jack off, standing, towering over the sofa.

Harry was in lust with the sight and couldn’t stop himself from getting on his knees in front of the huge stud. Scott hesitated for a moment, unsure about the sudden shift in power dynamics. But when Harry just looked at him with those begging blue eyes and open mouth, he succumbed.

He grabbed his thick, 19-inch cock and shoved into Harry’s open mouth.

It didn’t take much to send him over the edge, and within moments, Harry was doing his best to swallow the huge load.

When Scott pulled out moments later, he was breathing heavily.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said. “I hope I helped you relax a bit.”

“You have, thank you Scott. I very much needed that.”

“I hope you’ll let me do it again some time.”

“I don’t doubt that I will,” he said, smiling.

With that, the hulking stud picked up his drenched uniform and walked out through the servants’ door and Harry collapsed on the sofa.


Chapter 10: Recruitment

When Harry woke up a little while later, he saw Leon sat in a chair opposite.

“Hello, sleepyhead,” he said, when he noticed Harry was awake.

“Oh hey handsome,” Harry said, pleased to see him. “What time is it?”

“Almost dinner time. You hungry?”

“Oh fuck. Yeah very much so!” he realised, hearing his stomach rumble.

“Well—dinner is served whenever you’re ready.”

Harry jumped up, suddenly wide awake.

“Sounds good!” he said, walking out of the room. “Though Leon—we need to have a chat with Ali tonight. He said he spotted something in the finances that worried him.” He came up with the lie on the spot, knowing full well that everything was extremely healthy from his conversation with the accountants.

“Oh shit, okay. Yeah, let’s meet in your study after dinner?”

“Let’s just do it upstairs.”

He quickly walked upstairs, into his closet to find a nice, sexy and slutty suit for him to wear to dinner. He grabbed a black, full body skintight suit, with thick blue lines across the body. It bulged in all the right places, hugging his huge frame tightly. The lines seemed to emphasise his size even more, if that was even possible.

He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He loved being this big.

Before going downstairs he rang the bell and within a few moments, Scott appeared.

“Your Lordship?” he said.

“Thanks Scott—can you make sure dinner takes extra long this evening? Ideally we wouldn’t be finished until about eight thirty.” That should buy them enough time to go upstairs quite late to ‘discuss the urgent matter.’

“Certainly, Sir. I will let the cook and Mr Evans know.”


He made his way to the dining room. It was relatively early and dinner would need to take almost two hours to pull this off.

As he walked down the stairs he heard footsteps behind him and saw Ali appear.

“Oh hey, Harry!” he said, sounding quite excited.

“How are you feeling?” Harry said, waiting for his friend.

“Yeah, great! Very excited to be honest.”

“Good! I told Scott to make sure dinner took a good while this evening so that we would retreat to my apartment by about eight thirty. Means we don’t have to pretend for long that there is a financial issue.”

“A financial issue?” Ali said, confused.

“Yeah, that’s the excuse I used to convince Leon we needed to have some private time with you this evening. He seemed to buy it.”

“All right, that works. Let’s hope I don’t have to find a real financial issue to talk about and that the growth kicks in quickly.”

Harry laughed and nodded. “Let’s hope so!”

They had reached the dining room and went in. Everyone was waiting, and Harry was happy they had drawn things out already.

Dinner was indeed long—and Harry was very impressed with the chef. On short notice he had pulled out a four course dinner, with Evans saying that he had wanted to treat the group and try and prepare for an instance they wanted something more extravagant.

He had been successful, given the very short notice he had. The starter was a luxurious, thinly sliced salmon with grilled vegetables and a great sauce. And it just got better and better as dinner progressed.

Harry noticed there was quite a chunky break between courses—because the chef was still preparing dishes he knew—but it worked and no one was complaining.

Harry occasionally looked at the clock. As it got closer to eight thirty, he realised he kept glancing at Ali. But he gave no signed of anything having started.

But the last course took a bit longer than expected. First 5 minutes late, then 10. They had only just finished it by eight forty when Ali looked Harry with a slight panic.

“I’m really sorry guys. Ali, Leon and I need to discuss an urgent matter. Didn’t think dinner would take quite such a long time this evening and we’ve got a lot to discuss I’m afraid. But please do stay and enjoy some more drinks—and each other.”

The last comment got a knowing smile from the group and Leon and Ali quickly followed Harry up the stairs.

Ali almost ran up the stairs and Harry looked at Leon with a confused look and followed him up.

“What’s going o—” Leon said as they entered Harry’s private chambers. But he immediately knew.

“Holy shit!” he shouted excitedly. Ali was stood in front of them jacking off, something that could only mean that he was so horned up, getting ready to grow.

“That’s what this is about?” Leon said, as he took it all in. “You cheeky sod!” he laughed, jokingly punching Harry in the arm.

“Well we wanted it to be a surprise. And an even better surprise for the guys in the morning.”

“They’re not going to believe it!”

As they were talking, Ali bent over, feeling the recognisable punch in the gut. “Fuck,” he screamed.

Harry smiled, he knew what was coming.

Within moments, he could see the handsome twink starting to grow. First his lower body started to swell, rapidly expanding in size and pushing his trousers to their limits within moments, practically turning his jeans into leggings. His torso followed, forcing his tight fitting tee to stretch and quickly reach breaking point.

Harry smiled. The guys had already said his legs were his strong suit and this was rapidly being proven by his growth.

He was approaching the size of a small bodybuilder when the seams finally gave in. First his jeans tore at the butt and then along the quads and calves. They practically fell off him, leaving Ali to stand there in his bulging tighty-whities.

Another moment and his tight-fitting tee gave up and also tore off, revealing a now ripped body. But he was clearly not yet done growing. He continued to swell, growing to proper bodybuilder size—Harry guessed he was up to 300pounds now. But of course he kept growing.

As his legs went from small tree-trunks to full, adult sized trees, his arms became the size of bowling balls. His nipples were arching downwards and his lats spread wide open.

The growth eventually stopped. Leon and Harry stood there, looking at their friend in awe.

Somehow, Ali had become a better, more perfect version of the thing they had all become. More handsome, more ripped, more built. And it was only the night before. In the morning, when he was revealed to everyone else, they would practically be on their knees, worshipping him.

Maybe it was an articulation of the attractiveness Ali had always carried with him—both his personality and his physical features. Somehow they had all externalised.

“Fuck,” Leon said, looking at Ali and then at Harry. Harry knew what he meant—would the same transformation happen to him overnight?

“Fuck—I feel incredible!” Ali said as he flexed his biceps. “How the hell does it feel so good to be this big!” he said, sounding surprised. Harry guided them through to the dressing room where he stood in front of the full-sized mirror.

Ali’s jaw dropped. “Holy crap!” His excitement was palpable, his eyes bulging in disbelief as he sized himself up.

“I didn’t think this was on the cards!” he said, processing his new body.

“I know—you… you’re out of this world,” Leon said, with both awe and envy in his voice.

“Fuck, guys. If I knew this would happen, I would’ve done it earlier.”

The other two studs smiled. It seems like any concerns over his new body had washed away. To Harry that was the biggest relief. He wanted his friend to be happy in his new body, and that seemed to be the case.

After he flexed for another moment, Ali turned around to Harry and Leon.

“Thanks, guys. I didn’t expect this in the slightest, but somehow this actually seems infinitely better. I have a body to love and… and I just feel such gratitude. You guys mean the world to me.”

Ali was actually getting a bit emotional, and Harry and Leon couldn’t help but smile.

“So—do you want to see what the rest of this body brings?” Harry asked.

“I mean—I know you guys said it would turn me gay… but I dunno.”

Harry was stunned.

“Oh shit. Well, fair man,” Leon said, sounding a bit defeated.

“I’ll come and see you guys in the morning?” Ali said, as he made his way to his room.

“He can’t be serious?” Harry said, after Ali had closed the door.

“Do you think he’s too ashamed?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s lying…”

“Well that’s a bit of a shock…”

With that, the two studs went to bed. After that, they didn’t feel like doing much of anything. But Harry secretly hoped…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The sun was just coming through the curtains as Harry felt something strange. He opened his eyes and looked down.

To his shock, it was Ali.

Sucking his dick.

Ali!” Harry screamed out, immediately waking Leon up.

“Oh, morning, handsome,” he said, with a cheeky smile, before going back to sucking Harry’s enormous cock.

“What the hell?” a sleepy Leon said.

“Morning handsome? I think you owe us a bit more of an explanation than ‘morning handsome’!”

Ali laughed as he came up for air again.

“Yeah, I thought you might say that. Last night I honestly felt much like myself, but in a new body. This morning, I feel reborn! When I got up, something felt different and so I got up and looked in the mirror. My body was huge, even bigger than last night. And suddenly it somehow all clicked. I saw my huge cock, my thick legs and I just knew I wanted to feel it. I needed to have it. So I may have sneaked in here and saw you had some very big morning wood and I… I just couldn’t resist.”

“Fuck, am I glad!” Harry said excitedly.

“And you know what? I remember being straight, but I don’t remember why. I feel incredible now. Like I’m more myself than I have ever been!”

Ali went back to sucking Harry’s big cock as Leon jumped up and went up behind him.

“Do you mind?” he said. Without checking exactly what he had in mind, Ali just shook his head. “Go ahead!”

Leon took it as a blank cheque to dive in, tongue first. With those strong legs, Ali had grown an incredible ass and Leon wanted to do nothing more but than eat it out.

Ali moaned as he felt a tongue on his hole for the first time. But he didn’t lose focus on Harry’s cock, eagerly swallowing more and more of it.

“Fuck, look at how cock hungry our friend here has become,” Leon said, with deep admiration in his voice.

“Yeah, it’s so hot to see him loving it!”

Harry could see Ali smirk with a sense of pride. He couldn’t believe how much he had changed overnight.

“Just fuck me already!” Ali suddenly moaned, as he briefly pulled off Harry’s dick. “I didn’t know an ass could be hungry but apparently it’s what I am!”

With that, Leon smirked and stopped tonging Ali’s big, muscled bubble butt and placed his thick head at the twitching hole in front of him. “You asked for it…” he said, teasingly.

He lubed up and pushed forwards. He immediately started to slide in, Ali’s hole eagerly giving way to the thick, long shaft.

Harry let out a low whistle. “Fucking hell Ali, you are hungry indeed!” It encouraged him to take charge of the newly grown stud underneath him, grabbing his thick hair and pushing his own cock in further, eagerly fucking his face.

Ali moaned, and Harry was sure that, if he wasn’t getting railed doggy style, he would see Ali’s rock hard cock dripping.

“Fucking hell, Ali, your hole feel so good!” Leon moaned. “I fucking love newly grown studs.”

As they fucked, it was though everyone’s climax was building in tandem. With every stroke, every thrust, everyone seemed to moan louder, the sensations intensified and the smell of sex growing stronger and stronger.

Eventually, it was Ali who was overwhelmed by the sensations first.

As both Harry and Leon were balls deep inside him, Harry suddenly felt his good friend convulse. His body started to shake and a spray of cum hit his legs. Fuck, this guy was a far shooter!

It was all Harry needed to shove Ali’s mouth and throat deep onto his cock and within moments rope after rope of cum was shooting deep into the newly grown’s throat.

Almost simultaneously, Leon aggressively grabbed Ali’s hips and thrusted deep into him as, moaning loudly as he dumped his load deep inside his friend.

The three studs collapsed onto one another, a big pile of muscled mountainous men.

“You all right, Ali?” Harry said, as he pulled his softening cock out of Ali’s throat.

“All right? I should have done this weeks ago!”

They laughed as they cleaned up.

“But Harry… we need to talk about you,” Leon said as they walked towards the bathroom.

“Why?” Harry said, a bit confused.

Leon pulled him in front of the full-length mirror in Harry’s dressing room.

Harry immediately knew what his lover meant. When Ali had become the most perfect version of a muscled stud, the ancient magic of the house had kicked in. And although Ali had grown overnight, he hadn’t grown bigger than Harry was the day before.

But the magic couldn’t let Ali be the most handsome stud in the house. And so somehow all those qualities that Ali had externalised, Harry had gained too—but even better.

If he was a beautiful, muscled stud previously, he was now indescribable. His jaw more perfectly square, his cheekbones more perfectly high, his forehead the perfect proportion to the length of his face, his nose the perfect size. Everything about him was unimaginably perfect.

“Holy shit,” Harry said, unable to take his eyes off of himself.

“You’re a fucking god,” Ali said, in awe.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a shower, they went downstairs to breakfast, Leon and Harry first. Everyone was already gathered for breakfast around the large dining table, not suspecting anything.

“Good morning,” Jack said with a shock on his face. “What happened to you?”

The other guys looked up. “Holy shit!” Duong said, the same shock appearing on his and the other’s faces.

“Great morning. I do think you’ll agree,” Harry said standing by the door as he motioned for Ali to come in.

As he entered, the level of shock seemed to get even stronger.

“Fucking hell!” Thiago said, excitedly.

“Holy shit man!” Ollie added.

Then, they all got up to greet the studs.

“I can’t believe how good you look!”

“How does it feel?”

“When did you decide!”

“Why didn’t we get to see you grow?”

“All right all right, settle down guys,” Harry eventually said, as the guys slowly went back to their seats.

“I can’t believe it changed you so much Harry!”

“You’re even more stunning than I thought was physically possible!”

No one could take their eyes off of Ali and Harry.

“I grew in private with Leon and Harry last night,” Ali said eventually, trying to calm them down. “But honestly, it wasn’t till this morning that I realised how amazing this body was. How amazing everyone’s body here is. And that’s when I knew I wanted in on the action.”

They talked for a while, or really—the guys interrogated Ali on his thought process, his new body and what he wanted to do next. But Harry had other things on his mind.

“Guys—now that Ali has grown I think it’s time we start the recruitment in earnest. I want some fresh meat here soon!”

“All right, I’ve actually already identified a few. Maybe you wanna speak to them? We should try it first with a small number I think anyways,” Thiago immediately said.

“Agreed. Okay, sure, let’s speak to them later today! Oh and Duong and Darius—I want to find a place in the house or grounds to do something… different. Can we have a chat later as well?”

“Sure, sounds good!” The two studs said, looking intrigued by what Harry had in mind.

They finished breakfast in relative peace and quiet—the guys still eagerly interrogating Ali and catching glimpses of Harry’s handsome face when they thought he wasn’t looking. Afterwards, Harry followed Thiago to the large library that laid beyond his office. It turned out that he had set himself up there and had begun extensively searching for websites, blogs, discord servers and more, looking for guys who wanted to get huge.

“God, you’ve been busy, haven’t you!” Harry said as Thiago talked him through his approach and his plans.

He had identified about two dozen guys so far, who all wanted to get big, had been willing to jump on a call to prove they were real (and to see that Thiago was real) and could possibly be good candidates. Two of those were really special.

“So this is Francois—from France, of course. He grew up in a pretty rough area of Paris and his parents can’t support him to go to school for any longer despite being a very bright young man. He wants a way out and has been chatting to me almost every day.”

“Interesting—and interesting too that you’ve not even mentioned his desire for muscle.”

“Yeah that’s the other thing. He’s super skinny and long been bullied for his size. He went onto this forum where we started talking because he wanted to get tips on how to grow bigger, but he’s got such a high metabolism, and not enough money to buy enough food. In fact, it sounds like he’s a bit malnourished really…”

“Oh right. Definitely want to have a chat with him. What does he want for his parents if he leaves them?”

“Honestly, not much. It’s the last thing that convinced me that he should maybe be one of the first. His father is abusive, especially after his mum passed away. He’s an only child too, so doesn’t feel like anything is keeping him there.”

“All right, let’s have a chat. And who is the other one?”

“Other one is 18 year old Hamza, a Turkish immigrant to Sweden. He got kicked out of the house on his 18th birthday, nine months ago. He’s been living on the streets since, barely managing to keep an existence. We only talk on and off, when he can get his phone charged. He usually does this by going home with strange men and selling his body.

“He, honestly, feels like he’s in real immediate danger. But he talks so much more of his hopes for a better life and his desire to be huge, than of his fear of being on the street. He sounds incredibly strong and resilient, and someone just needs to give him a helping hand.

“Do we know where in Sweden he is?”

“Yeah, I think in Gothenburg?”

“Does he have a passport?”

“Yeah, he managed to take that when he got kicked out thankfully.”

“Okay—make sure there’s a car on standby, I don’t care how much it costs. Next time he’s available we’ll call him together and see if we can get him over here. Try and see if we can speak to both this afternoon?”

“If you don’t go too far, I’ll grab you as soon as I get hold of either.”

“Okay, sounds good!”

With that, Harry left the library feeling both nervous and excited. They could really help those guys!

When he got to his own study, he rang for Evans.

“Could you find Duong and Darius? And make sure Thiago knows where to find me.”

“Yes My Lord.”

He sat waiting for a bit. His mind was racing. These two guys could be so impressive and yet… what would it be like admitting people he had never met before. It would certainly be quite the change…

Eventually, there was a knock on the door and Duong and Darius came in.

“So are you going to explain to us what your cryptic comment this morning was all about?” Darius said cheekily.

“Maybe,” Harry said, smiling. The two studs looked amazing. Duong was wearing a crop top that just about stretched to the thickest point of his huge pec tits. It meant the bottom of those big, round mounds was perfectly visible, as were the thick nipples pointing down. It all came together paired with a pair of slutty cargo shorts, on which he had included a tool belt for some of his grounds tools

Darius was the first stud Harry had seen embrace rubber on a near day-to-day basis. Today, he was clad in a simple black surf suit, which emphasised both his bulge, legs and thick biceps. It also had a polo-neck, which emphasised his big chest (though not as big as Duong’s of course). It was equipped with a big, removable cod-piece. And, Harry was fairly sure, an ass zip.

“Well guys—thanks for coming. And looking so fucking good doing so,” Harry said appreciatively. He wasn’t looking badly himself by any stretch of the imagination. After breakfast, he had changed into a white lycra outfit—almost so sheer you could see exactly what was underneath it. It simply consisted of a long sleeve compression top and leggings.

But it showed every single muscle.

Harry wasn’t even sure how the tailor had managed to get it to fit so perfectly over his huge tits, while still fitting tightly around his abs. And you could count every single one of them through the semi-sheer fabric.

Harry snapped out of his lust. He did actually have a reason he wanted to talk to them.

“Sit down guys, I promise it’s a fun reason.”

“I mean—we can make it fun if needed,” Darius said with a cheeky smile.

“Hehe, well let’s see if we need it, shall we? I wanted you guys to both join me here because I suspect you know the estate best and have the right ideas.

“I’m looking for a place where we can build a BDSM dungeon.”

It was silent for a moment. It was Duong who opened his mouth first—which slightly surprised Harry after Darius’ dominating performance previously.

“Not what I was expecting, but fuck that sounds fun!”

That immediately encouraged Darius.

“Hell yeah! It would be so cool to design a space like that!”

“I had hoped you’d say that, though if not I really just initially wanted you two to help find a space.”

“Did you want it in the house or away from here?” Darius asked.

“Probably in the grounds rather than here—hence asking for your input, as you are getting to know them well—better than I am at least. Even if we have to build something.”

“I think there’s enough structures we could use and convert, rather than building something new,” Duong said.

“Did you have anything specific in mind?”

“I guess there’s a few options. Have you still got a grounds map here Harry?”

Harry rummaged through a stack of papers and found the map.

“If you look here…” Duong said, pointing at an area east of the kitchens, near a small lake, “there is a small building underground, that would once have been used to store ice—a sort of freezer before electricity.

“Over here…” He moved his hand to the other side of the map, “Is an old kiln built underground that would’ve been used to make bricks ages ago. A very different structure, further from the house and really quite old.

“Now the third one is over here…” He once again moved his hand across the map, to the far corner of estate, possibly closest to any sort of general population. “It may look close to adjoining houses but it’s a good mile away at least.

“This one is a bit unconventional, as it’s an old church. I understand from Felix that it was actually used until the 1920s by the people from the village, but ultimately a new church was built and access to the land closed off.”

“Oh wow, okay. Not sure how I feel about an old church…” Harry said, thinking about it.

“Well—I know what you mean. But it’s the only site that actually already has electrics. But the other sites would be quite straightforward to reach I think.”

“I guess what we’re really after is a vibe,” Darius said. “When we’ve got the right space we can convert it.”

“Why don’t we go have a look?” Harry said, excited to see how eager the guys were.

“Yes!” Duong said, immediately heading for the door.

But just as he opened it, there was Thiago.

“They’re about to be on. Can I borrow you for ten?”

Harry looked at the time. “Guys—go have some lunch and I’ll join you as soon as I can. In the library Thiago?”

As Duong and Darius headed for the dining room, Harry’s head switched gears. He quickly followed Thiago back to the library where his laptop was set up with a video call app open.

He hit call.

Within moments, Francois’s face came into view. He was a cute, young frenchman, with a dark tanned skin and a square jaw. His high cheekbones were very visible in his skinny face.

“Nice to meet you Francois,” Harry said, smiling at the camera.

“Holy shit!” Francois said, seeing Harry for the first time. “When Thiago said there were more people like him I didn’t believe him. But you’re even bigger!”

His accent was cute, and he looked adorable as he excitedly admired Harry’s muscles.

Harry decided to step back a bit so his full upper body came into view, and struck a double bicep.

“You wanna be just as big?” he said, trying not to sound too cocky.

“Hell yeah! I can’t believe it’s even possible. You’re much bigger than any bodybuilder I’ve ever seen!”

“Yeah we don’t like to put a label on it here but the guys here certainly aren’t small.”

“Fuck that’s incredible. And to be able to get away from my dad…”

“Yeah Thiago mentioned it didn’t sound good at home. What would you want to know before coming over here?”

“How would I afford to come over, for starters. And secondly, what do you want from me?”

“Honestly—we want you to be safe, to be comfortable. The one thing we ask is that you can’t go around the world flaunting your huge body. You have to be discreet about it.”

“Merde. To get away from this stuff, I don’t think I want to flaunt my body to the world. I just want a good place to be for a while.”

“We understand. Look we can get you a flight out here, and transport to the airport. We’ll pick you up at this end. Would that be okay? Have you got a passport?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Okay, if you don’t mind sending us the details, we’ll book you a flight. Tomorrow okay?”

“Yeah just let me know where and when.”

“Thiago will sort the details with you, and we’ll see you tomorrow evening, okay?”

“Okay, thank you so much!”

They hung up and Thiago looked at Harry.

“I take that as a yes then?” he said, smiling.

“Yes. Let’s see how it goes. Let’s agree to give him a few days before asking him to grow. I want to see how he fits in with everyone.”

“That’s fine—but you’ve got to make sure the others are on board with that too.”

“Don’t worry, I will. Maybe he could even watch O’Donoghue grow before deciding anything. And that way he can see it’s real.”

“Not a bad idea. You ready to call Hamza too?”

“He is free?” Harry said, kind of annoyed Thiago hadn’t mentioned it earlier. The guy was lucky to have a charged phone.

“Yeah he’s been at some guy’s house all morning. He sounded like he was safe-ish.”

“Let’s call him straight away though,” Harry said, not wanting to lose another moment.

Less than a minute later, Hamza’ friendly face appeared on screen. He was a bit rougher looking, probably because he hadn’t been in a safe home for several weeks—maybe even months.

“Hey Hamza, nice to meet you,” Harry said, smiling kindly.

“Oh, hey,” he said, a bit more coldly than Francois had done.

“So I understand you’re not in a good place?” Harry said.

“Yeah, and I guess you want to be the saviour and all that.”

His English was flawless. Maybe even better than Harry’s own, he realised.

“Not at all. We want you to be safe. Nothing else.”

“And how can you provide safety?”

“We can provide you food, and a bed, friendship and a life. If you want it.”

Harry was quickly realising this guy was very different from Francois. He would need to build trust.

“Why should I trust you?”

“I guess you’ve got no reason to. What would make you trust me?”

He could see Hamza think for a moment.

“What if… what if we just agreed to call again. At a set time. Then I know that at least I can depend on you a bit.”

“I can do that. When works for you.”

“Just after dinner. 8 o’clock my time?”

“You’ve got a deal. Thiago and I will call you then. Can we do anything on that call that would help you trust us?”

“How about… how about showing me where I would be able to sleep?”

“Oh, you’re on!” Harry said excitedly. They could definitely do that. “We’ll call you at 8.”

“Thank you. I really hope you do. I need something positive.”

With that, Hamza hung up the phone.

“God, he seems poorly. Make sure we call him at 7 all right?” Harry said, more worried now than he had ever been.

“7? He said 8.”

“It’s an hour time difference, handsome. Come on, let’s go for lunch.”


Chapter 11: The New Beginning

At lunch Harry told the guys about the arrival of Francois. He was hoping he wouldn’t be the only one to arrive, but they would need to wait and see until his call with Hamza later that day. Still, he felt positive about the move, and the guys bought into the idea of not letting them grow until a few days after their arrival, to make sure they really fit in.

After lunch, Harry, Duong and Darius left the house through the kitchen’s entrance and found their way to the old ice house, as it was apparently called. The building could be accessed through a short underground passage, before opening up into a large, cavernous space.

“Apparently they had tall ceilings to let the heat rise. Meant the ice lasted longer,” Duong explained.

The space was… well, cold. Not that it wasn’t obvious that it would be, but it just wasn’t pleasant.

“It would need some heating,” Darius said. “But the vibe is quite cool.”

Harry looked around again. He guessed it was all right. Tall, brick walls with a vaulted ceiling at the top. But the height of the space was a bit daunting and it didn’t have much character beyond it. Though, maybe he was overthinking it.

“Let’s see the other places before we decide,” he said.

For the next part, the walk would have been decidedly longer. So Duong brought them to the old stables where they managed to find three quad bikes.

“These get used more than you know. It’s a good hour’s walk across the estate to the kilns, so this will be a lot quicker.

With the wind blowing through their hair, Harry felt a surge of excitement and thrill he realised he hadn’t felt since arriving at the Hall. It was nice to blow away the cobwebs and do something different.

When they arrived at the kiln, it was completely different from what Harry had expected. The entrance was at a low level, at the back of a hill and led into a small set of corridors. This wasn’t so much a single space, but a number of connected ones. It had a real strong vibe.

“It definitely needs some work to seal it off from the elements,” Duong said. At the centre of the system, nine chimneys, each one surrounded by corridors, led to the surface of the hill above them.

“But it looks amazing!” Darius said excitedly. “We could put so much in here!”

Harry nodded in agreement. To him it was a stronger contended than the ice house. And a church…?

“Guess we ought to see the last one at least,” Duong said, sensing the mood of the group.

So they jumped back on their quad bikes. It wasn’t very far this time, and after a brief ride they came out of the forest, finding themselves in a clearing occupied by a small church.

Duong rummaged around his key chain and walked up to the large, old oaken front door.

“Felix said the key was on here. He’s not been inside for about a decade so who knows what we’ll find.”

What they did find, astounded them.

The church was in an incredibly good condition for the fact it hadn’t been looked after. But the inside was almost entirely stripped bare. Across the floor there were some scattered remnants of a distant past. What did remain, was a similar style of paintings found in the house, but… biblical?

Harry wasn’t raised religiously and so he didn’t really recognise the scenes—apart from the obvious ones. But he did see the huge, muscled studs gracing each of the pictures. This church was clearly not without its strong influence from the house.

As they looked around Harry searched through some of the things left behind. Seemingly mostly items of clothing, as if they had been ripped.

“You know…” Darius said, as he picked up a small piece of paper. “I weirdly wonder if this was used…”

“To grow people?” Duong added, sounding hesitant, holding a pair of ripped open trousers.

“Yeah. This is a list of guys, in order. Each with a number, followed by a tick mark. As if they were checked off the list. Quite a long list too…”

He showed it to Harry, and indeed a list of 30 names suggested a number of studs had been grown right there. And literally grown out of their clothes.

“So it’s not like we would be deconsecrating the space…” Duong said.

“No indeed,” Darius said, nodding in agreement.

They wandered through the space. It wasn’t huge and its vaulted wooden ceilings added real drama. Harry opened a door at the back of the church, and they found themselves in another sizeable space, that was a bit more intimate, without the same tall ceilings as the main space.

At the back was a small spiral staircase going up. Small—but clearly big enough for the men of the estate. There, they found an old bed, as though someone had lived there. Maybe a priest at some point?

A further ladder led up to a space above. Darius went first.

“Wow, guys, this is cool!” he said as he reached the top.

When Harry followed, he had to agree. They found themselves in the void between the ceiling and the roof. Big wooden beams held up the arched space beneath them, while big cross pieces held up the heavy tin roof above them.

“I don’t think this bit is very usable,” Duong said. The three of them were standing on a small platform that already seemed to creak under their weight. There were no further floorboards across the beams and Harry was fairly sure that if they took another step forward, they would fall straight through the ceiling, into the church itself.

When they got back down, Duong opened another door they hadn’t spotted earlier. Behind it was a dark, stone looking staircase leading down.

Harry grabbed his phone, turned on the torch and went down the stairs. He tried to light the way but there wasn’t much visibility.

“Catacombs,” Duong said tentatively, also with his phone out to try and light the way.

“Now this is cool!” Darius said, joining them.

They tried to look around the space but struggled to get a clear idea of their vastness. It seemed as though they were actually bigger than the church itself, and Harry was in awe.

“This has to be it guys?” he said as he walked into another darkened corner.

“Yup. Totally agree. So incredibly versatile,” Duong answered, though he sounded distant, like he was far away.

Harry looked at the time. 6.30 p.m.

“Shit, guys, I need to get back to the house, but let’s discuss later, okay?”

He didn’t really wait for a reply, but instead sprinted up the stairs and grabbed one of the quad bikes and raced back to the house.

He walked up to the steps to the garden room just before the hour and ran into the library.

“Thank fuck! I was worried you weren’t going to make it but Duong said you were on your way,” Thiago said, looking a bit stressed.

“Yeah, sorry—we were far away but glad we had quad bikes.”

“Ready to call?”

Harry took a deep breath and then nodded. Bang on 7, Thiago pressed the call button.

Hamza picked up almost immediately.

“Holy shit, you did call. I didn’t think you were going to!” He sounded a lot more positive this time, excited even.

“No way we were going to let you down!” Harry said, still slightly catching his breath.

“Thanks—it means a lot to me.”

“Shall we show you were you would be staying?” Harry asked.

“If you’re still sure?” he asked, sounding more nervous.

“You fucking bet!”

Thiago grabbed the computer and they walked into the corridor. Instead of turning right, towards the entrance hall and garden room, they turned left. Harry opened the first door at the end, knowing it was a reasonable sized room (which room wasn’t?) with a good view.

“I can’t get over how big you guys are,” he heard Hamza say as they walked into the room.

“Is it the size you were hoping for?” Harry asked, jumping behind Thiago to see the screen.

“Hoping for? You kidding me? I couldn’t have dreamed of being that huge. You guys are incredible. I want to see more!”

“Well—let’s show you this first,” Harry said as he guided Thiago to turn the laptop around.

“Oh shit! That would be my room?” Hamza said in shock.

In the video call app, Harry could now see not only himself but also the room behind him. There was a large, emperor-sized four poster bed facing out towards the rest of the house. Two comfortable lounge chairs were placed in front of the window.

“And this would be your bathroom!” Harry said, opening the door leading into the luxurious marble bathroom.

“And does it come with the artwork…?” Hamza said, curiously.

“Yeah it does, do you like it?” Harry said. He wasn’t really sure what Hamza could see, but he himself saw a large sculpture of a naked, hugely muscled stud in an arched alcove in the bathroom.

“He’s a bit small compared to you guys, but hell yes!”

Harry smiled. The statue was pretty close to his size, so the artwork even reduced that. He honestly couldn’t remember what he had seen before he had grown.

“Does that all look okay?” Harry asked, now a bit nervous.

“You fucking kidding me. I think you guys have shown me… yeah I wanna come.”

“All right! That’s great to hear!”

“Can I be cheeky though? Can I see you both on camera?”

“You want to see us, or speak to us?”

“Uhm… see you I guess?” Hamza was clearly a bit shy to ask.

“We can do that.”

Thiago put the laptop down on the bed and angled the camera up. They both stood in front of it, their huge bodies barely fitting into the frame of the cam.

“Holy fucking shit!”

At that point, Harry couldn’t help but start to pose, and Thiago quickly followed suit. They could see Hamza’s eyes grow as he watched their huge muscles pop in their tight fitting outfits.

“Okay, I’m going to have to resist cumming, guys!” he said as they just kept going.

Harry stopped. “Don’t resist for our sake. But thank you for taking the time. When do you think you want to come over?”

“When can I?”

“Well, we can have you on a flight tomorrow. Send your passport details to Thiago and we’ll get it booked. You’ll be here by the evening.”

“All right, deal!”

“And Hamza, are you safe this evening?”

“Uhm, I don’t have a place to sleep, if that’s what you mean.”

“How about this. Thiago will get you a lift to the airport tonight, and we’ll put you up in a hotel there and get you on the first flight in the morning.”

“Oh fuck, thank you!”

“No Hamza, not at all. You deserve this. I’ll leave you with Thiago to sort the details okay, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, thank you. See you tomorrow.”

With that Harry and Thiago walked back towards the library, Thiago still talking to Hamza about the details.

“I’ll get someone to bring some food okay, so you can sort those flights out? Thanks so much Thiago.”

“No, thank you Harry. This job is amazing.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

That evening after dinner, Harry and the guys were sitting in the drawing room. Thiago had joined them by then too, looking happy.

“So tomorrow things are going to change guys,” Harry said eventually, after a silence had fallen over the group.

“Yeah but this life is the biggest change we never expected. Tomorrow will be easy. We know what we’re working towards,” Jack said, surprisingly serious.

“True,” Thiago said, “these two guys can really use a better life. We need to work on their trust but I think they can love it here.”

“But I suspect we’ll have to be a bit less sexual, until they’ve grown?” Ollie chimed in.

“Don’t change what you wear for these guys, please,” Harry said. “They saw what both Thiago and I were wearing today.”

“How about this though,” Leon said, “Let’s refrain from fucking in the public spaces of the house. For now, we’ll fuck only in our rooms and in the gym and pool. We can agree to let them in the house and grounds for now, but not the gym yet.”

“I think that’s fair,” Ollie said, sounding relieved. “But we need to look after them together. Thiago can’t do it all on his own.”

“No indeed. Thiago will come up with a schedule and share it round when they arrive. I will see if O’Donoghue and maybe the apprentice will grow the day after—show them what it’s like.

“Although… O’Donoghue hasn’t told me he wants to grow yet…”

“Really?” Ali said, sounding surprised. “Let me speak to him.”

“Don’t forget the two maids still need to grow too!” Jack added.

“Good point. In fact, maybe I should let you do that as my HR person Jack?”

“No problem. I know Jesse and Hunter are super stocked to grow!”

With the business settled Harry stood up.

“You know what today has really lacked?” he said, with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, I can sort of imagine…” Ali said, getting up too. “Other than our brief interaction this morning…”

Ali gently kissed Harry on the lips, and he couldn’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach.

“Wait—you’ve not had sex since breakfast?” Jack said in shock, seemingly talking to Ali more than Harry.

“Oh no, I have,” Ali quickly said. “Thiago, Felix and Ollie reintroduced me to the pool house earlier. But Harry, I think, has been too busy running round.”

“Oh shit, we better help you blow that load. Who knows what happens when you’re so pent up.”

With that, Jack positioned himself behind Ali as Ollie stood behind Harry. As Harry and Ali made out, the two studs behind them start to kiss their necks and nibble on their ears.

Harry let out a moan as he passionately kissed the hot stud in front of him. All the while, he could feel Ollie’s hands running down his back, to his shorts.

With a few simple moves, they were undone and pulled over his massive thighs. Ollie eagerly got on his knees and spread Harry’s big muscular cheeks as he pushed his tongue into his hungry hole.

“Oh fuck yeah, get that tongue in there!” Thiago encouraged him. At the same time, Darius and Leon were making out in the corner, while Duong was on his knees, licking both Harry and Ali’s big cocks from the side.

Harry moaned. The stimulation from every side becoming more and more intense.

“Guys,” Ali said, with a smirk on his face, “I think it’s time to gangbang His Lordship.” He said the last two words with a strong undercurrent of jest.

“Oh shit!” Jack said excitedly. “That sounds perfect. He’s such a good bottom.”

Harry smirked proudly. He didn’t mind if all these studs wanted to have a go on him. He climbed on the coffee table in the middle of the room, bringing him to a good height to fuck on.

“Who’s first?” he said with a slutty look on his face.

“Fuck yeah!” He felt a dick at his hole and a firm push.

Within just a few seconds, Ali was balls deep inside him. He loved how much the newly grown stud had embraced the sexuality of his new body.

A beat later and Thiago had placed his cock at Harry’s lips. He eagerly opened them and after a firm push in, he was quickly getting aggressively pounded on both ends.

The other guys in the room cheered them on, wanking their huge cocks as they did so. Thiago didn’t take too long to cum—he clearly had been busy all day and was just as pent up as Harry was. But Ali had cum a number of times already and the sensation of his huge cock pounding into him felt amazing.

Thiago’s cock was quickly replaced by Ollie. As the two muscled hunks pounded his hole, Harry moaned loudly. It felt so good to be filled from both ends!

Ali eventually did cum, dumping a huge load deep into Harry’s bowels. Moments later, Jack couldn’t resist and immediately pushed his huge member deep into Harry’s now gaping hole.

Harry moaned even louder as the assault on his senses (and his holes) continued. Eventually it became a blur, with cock after cock slamming into his throat and ass, and load after load being dumped at both ends. Occasionally, Harry felt his own cock shoot out a load, as the sensations became too intense, pushing him over the edge.

Quite how long he had been gang fucked for, he didn’t know. But when they all eventually were almost spent, Harry was laid on his back on the coffee table.

“Oh fuck” Ali moaned, still somewhat horny. He was jacking off, using two hands to stimulate his massive dick.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck!” Ali moaned, suddenly getting close again. With that, his cock erupted, covering Harry in a huge load.

That was enough to get the others close to the edge as well, and soon they also started to dump their loads, covering Harry (and the table) in a thick layer of muscle cum.

“Fucking hell!” Jack laughed. “Who knew our Earl was such a hungry cum slut!”

“Looks fucking hot though!” Ollie said, clearly still turned on. “I wouldn’t mind being in his position at some point.”

“Oh I’m sure we can arrange that,” Harry said, as the tried to get up.

Someone found him a towel, so he wouldn’t drip cum all through the house and eventually they all went their separate ways and headed to bed. Tomorrow would be a big day and they needed to be well-rested.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The following morning after breakfast, O’Donoghue found him as he was about to head over to the pool.

“Excuse My Lord, do you have a minute?”

“Certainly O’Donoghue, what can I do for you?”

“I just… I wanted to let you know I’ve decided I want to grow.”

“Oh excellent!” Harry said, feigning surprise. “Can I suggest maybe tomorrow? We’ve got two new guys arriving who want to maybe join us as well, and I think they would enjoy seeing you grow.”

“If… if that’s okay with you My Lord, it would be a pleasure.”

“Thank you, that’s very kind. I’m going to ask Hunter and Jesse to join you. I hope you’re happy with that.”

“Yes Sir, more than happy.”

“Good! I must warn you though. These two guys may not be ready to see growth tomorrow. We’re going to play it by ear and make a decision at lunch time tomorrow. Otherwise, it will be the day after, latest the day after that.”

“Oh,” he said, sounding a bit gutted.

Harry took the handsome Irishman’s hands. “I promise you will grow. But your growth may well be formative for these two young guys, so I really hope you’ll be patient. You’ll be a huge help if you can be.”

“I will My Lord, I promise.”

Harry smiled. “Thanks O’Donoghue, I know I can count on you.”

He continued his route to the pool. He had decided it would be good for all the guys to come together and chill by the pool for a while before the new arrivals came along.

When he arrived, Ali was already sitting there.

“Just spoke to O’Donoghue. Told me he wanted to grow, so I told him the plan for hopefully tomorrow night.”

“How did he take it?”

“Very well. I think he was pleased he could be of further help, rather than the growth just being about him.”

“Yeah, I kinda gave him a heads up about that. I thought it would persuade him to come and talk to you.”

At that point, Thiago walked in. He had brought his laptop and was outlining a schedule of the guys and their roles over the next few days. They each agreed to spend some time with the newcomers, showing them part of their role at the house.

The first would of course be Thiago and Harry, but more for a tour and some company. They would then join Duong and Darius, who would show their role in maintaining the buildings and the grounds. That would keep them entertained for a full day. Maybe by that evening, they could even have O’Donoghue grow already to get the guys excited?

If not, Jack and Thiago would spend the next day with them, as well as Leon, and tell them more about the house, it’s history and how it functions.

If they still hadn’t seen growth by day 3, they’d have to think of something else, but hopefully this would allow them to get on with it.

Once everyone agreed on the plan of action, Harry laid back on the sun lounger. He was already incredibly horny, and he was sure the others were too.

He once again took the initiative. As he was laid on a sun lounger, he took his huge cock out of his skimpy but bulging posing pouch. It didn’t take much effort to get hard, and soon Ollie and Darius were on their knees, worshipping its length.

Together they licked the long shaft, massaging it and stroking it.

Soon, others followed suit. Ali straddled the lounger and fed his beautiful cock to Harry, who eagerly started to lick. At the same time, an unknown mouth started to lick Harry’s sensitive nipples, worshipping his huge muscle tits.

Harry felt incredible. So many sensations, so much pleasure flowing through his body.

They switched places. Someone else laid down in the lounger, Harry was sucking someone else’s dick. It all became a blur. An ecstatic orgy of the biggest muscled studs in the world. Huge cocks sucked and soon, huge cocks fucking hungry holes.

One moment Harry was getting pounded ferociously and getting a huge load dumped inside him. The next, he was fucking a hungry hole wide open.

It all came to a head when Ali dragged him and Jack over to a lounger, telling Jack to lay down. The blond stud eagerly complied and Ali quickly jumped on, and lowered himself onto Jack’s massive dick.

“Now you join him Harry,” Ali said eagerly.

“Oh fuck, are you sure?” Harry asked, a bit nervous about the idea.

“Fuck yeah! I have seen DP porn before, but I want to feel it—with your massive dicks!”

Harry was still hesitant, but clearly the others were keen to see this. They had stopped and gathered around the lounger, and one of them handed Harry a bottle of lube.

Harry took it eagerly, wanting to make this as easy as possible. He pretty much emptied the bottle over the length of his cock and placed himself behind Ali.

“Still sure?” he asked, whispering in Ali’s ear.

“Fuck yeah! Pound that hole wide open.”

That’s all Harry needed to hear. He positioned his cock next to Jack’s and started to push.

To his amazement, Ali’s hole immediately started to open wide.

Oooh fuck!” he shouted, surprised by his own hole. “Fuck!”

Harry paused for a moment, worried he’d hurt his good friend.

“You okay?”

“Oh fuck yeah! Yeah I am, that’s intense!”

“Should I keep going?”

“Just slowly please…”

And so Harry pushed forward, slowly. It took a lot of strength, but with every forceful push, he inched in deeper and deeper. At the same time, Jack managed to slowly start fucking and Harry could feel the huge cock slide alongside his.

Somehow, Jack’s fucking made it easier for Harry to push in deeper, and within another minute or two, he was almost balls deep inside the stud.

“Fuuuck that feels insane!” Ali moaned. He had been moaning louder and louder and realised Harry was now in as deep as he could.

“It looks insane too!” Darius said, jacking off his cock as he watched the show in front of him.

“Fuck yeah!” Duong added. “I wanna try that myself.”

“Well—we can arrange for that one day. But let’s finish off this stud here first,” Jack said as he moved Ali’s hips up a bit and started to hammer his hole. Harry followed Jack’s lead and soon it seemed as though they were both close to the edge.

But Ali somehow beat them to it. Without touching his own cock, it suddenly erupted like a geyser, spraying cum all over Jack, and even all over Ollie who was watching from behind the lounger.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuck!” Ali shouted.

It became too much for Harry and soon he was shooting his huge load deep into Ali. At almost the exact same time, Jack reached his climax too and their thick heavy cum was dripping down the ends of their cocks as they carefully withdrew.

“Now finish him guys!” Harry said with a smirk, and soon Ali became a bukkake slut for the whole group.

At that point Harry saw the time. Almost 4pm.

“I guess it’s time to get ready. Francois and Hamza will be here in an hour.”

With that, he headed back to the house to quickly get changed.

Thiago joined him on the walk back. They had agreed it would just be the two of them welcoming the two guys, so the rest could easily stay behind.

“I’m just going to shower, okay?” Harry said to Thiago when they reached the top of the stairs.

“Mind if I join?”

Harry smiled and thought for a moment. They had about 45 minutes before the two arrived.

“Sure, why not.”

Thiago hadn’t seen Harry’s apartment in full before and was a bit taken aback by them.

“I didn’t realise you had so much space for yourself!” he said, impressed.

“Yeah I guess I can always go somewhere to get away from things. Not sure if it’s fair I have all this space, but I am grateful.”

They walked into the shower and Thiago immediately knew he had made the right choice.

“This is a great shower for fucking.”

“Oh you can say that again. You want to top or bottom?”

“I… I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that,” he said, pointing at Harry’s huge cock.

“Well—it will be my pleasure to take that,” Harry joked as he pointed at Thiago’s cock.

He turned on the shower and soon the hot water was running over their bulging muscles. Harry couldn’t help but run his hands over Thiago’s thick biceps and strong back. He could never get enough of these huge muscular studs.

Within moments, they were both hard.

“You going to fuck me then?” Harry asked.

Thiago didn’t immediately reply, but Harry felt his cock twitch.

“There’s a waterproof lube over there,” he said, pointing towards a bottle of silicone lube.

Thiago eagerly lubed up his cock and Harry turned around, his hands and pecs pressed against the shower wall. Thiago pushed in, gently at first.

“I can take it, you know?”

It was the encouragement the Latino stud needed, and he swiftly pushed forwards. Harry was amazed at the speed Thiago’s big balls slapped against his own.

“Oh fuck, that feels good!” he said as Thiago started to fuck him.

But they both knew they didn’t have much time and so Thiago started to fuck hard and fast. As Harry moaned, Thiago just seemed to fuck faster and faster.

“Oh that feels so good! Pound that hole!”

“Yeah you like that don’t you? You like having the hole wrecked by big muscle cock.”

“Oh fuck yeah, wreck my hole.”

It didn’t take much dirty talk to send them over the edge. Just as he was about to cum, Thiago pulled out, and shoved Harry on his knees, covering his face in his thick load.

When he finished cumming, he leaned over and licked a bit off his face that the shower hadn’t yet washed away.

“Thanks, cum slut,” he said, with a wink.

They finished cleaning up and quickly helped each other select an outfit. Harry picked one that showed off his whole body—a big leather harness stretching from his shoulders with straps down to a pair of small neoprene shorts—equipped with a big cod piece and ass zip. The outfit was finished with a thick pair of leather boots.

Once Harry was dressed they went to Thiago’s room and found an outfit for him. Thiago was also leather inclined, and found a chest harness and bicep straps. But instead of shorts he opted for leather jeans and boots. Ultimately, their looks really complemented one another.

“I hope this doesn’t scare them off,” Harry said, somewhat worried.

“I don’t think you need to be concerned. I’ve made sure to do all my calls in something like this, or at least vaguely sexual. I wanted them to be prepared for what they would see.”

They went downstairs and sat on a bench in the hallway. Harry wasn’t sure who would be more nervous—the two of them or the two young guys about to arrive, searching for a better life.

“My Lord.” Evans appeared out of a servant’s door. “Mr Sato has phoned ahead to let you know he’s on the driveway. They’ll be here any moment.”

“Thank you Evans. We’ll wait for them here.”

Harry felt his heart beat in his throat. He was sure Thiago was just as nervous. They exchanged a look, as if they were wishing each other good luck.

This was the true beginning of the new Lacert Hall.


Chapter 12: The First Recruits

The door opened, and Harry almost felt himself shake. Evans was in front as two figures appeared. He wasn’t sure who was who yet, unable to see their faces. But one was tall and lanky—skinny looking. The other was shorter, but a similar build. 

As they approached, it became clear that Francois was the taller of the two. Both appeared nervous, but their eyes lit up as they saw the hulking figures of Harry and Thiago.

“Merde! They are real,” Francois said.

“Holy fuck, I know.”

“Hey guys, welcome to Lacert Hall,” Harry said.

“I can’t believe this place. Or indeed you guys.”

“Yeah, I know it’s quite overwhelming. I certainly thought so when I first arrived here. Why don’t you guys come through in here and we can have a drink and get to know one another. What would you like?” Thiago said, as he guided them towards the morning room.

“Uhm—Coke for me please,” Hamza said.

“Orange juice for me?” Francois said.

“Would you guys like some food as well?” 

They both didn’t speak but nodded heavily.

“Evans—can you see to the drinks, and make sure they prepare some food too. Make it a full meal please.”

Evans nodded and disappeared.

“So did you have a good trip?” Harry asked, to both guys.

Francois spoke first. “Yeah, it was good—never flown before so it was quite exciting. Thank you again, I can’t quite believe it.”

“That’s all right. I hope you feel safe here.”

“What is here, exactly?” Hamza asked, a bit more critically.

“This is Lacert Hall. My ancestral home. I am the twelfth Earl Strongworth of Lacert. I didn’t know my ancestors, they were quite a distance removed from me. But when I arrived here a number of weeks ago…”

“A number of weeks ago?” Francois interrupted, shocked.

“Yeah, that’s when the previous Earl died and I inherited this house. That’s when I invited my friends and decided I wanted to build a community of like-minded men here.”

“You mean muscled men?” Hamza interrupted.

“Yes. I do. Thiago and I are but two of the guys here, and there are others. We hope you settle in, get to know people, before maybe properly joining us.”

“I’ve always wanted to be huge,” Hamza said, gaining in confidence. “I never knew your size was possible, but now that I know, I want it even more!”

Francois nodded eagerly. “It’s really amazing. I can’t believe you people exist and that you kind of manage to keep it hidden from the world.”

“Yeah, this house is really intended as a sort of commune for people. We don’t want to share the muscle far and wide but instead make sure we have people who really appreciate it for what it is.”

“Sexy as hell,” Francois said, also gaining in confidence as well.

Thiago smiled, this seemed to be going quite well. A moment later, Evans popped in with drinks. “Food will be just a few more moments, My Lord.” With that, he disappeared again.

“So, what is the expectation while we’re here?” Francois asked.

Harry almost started to speak, but to his surprise, Hamza came in instead. 

“They told me it was to be safe. To be in a comfortable place. No demands.”

“That’s right. You can stay here as long as you want, and hopefully you’ll fully join. If you do, there are jobs available, and we’ll pay you for those. We’ve got quite the grounds and buildings to maintain, guys to recruit, an estate to run.”

“Do we have to work?” Francois asked.

“Not initially, I would say. But if you want to stay here for a really long time, we’d ask you to help out. You’ll see it’s a real community effort here. Even if it’s a very new community we’re building.”

That seemed to satisfy them both, and with that the door opened and food was brought in and placed on the table.

“Eat as much as you want, we can make more if needed,” Evans said. Harry’s heart almost melted. The butler did have a very kind heart.

And so they ate and talked a bit more. Somehow they managed to stay off the topic of growth, although he caught many a glance and look when he or Thiago moved, a bicep flexed, a pec bounced—accidentally.

When they had finally had enough, he figured they must be tired, despite it not being very late yet. “Have you guys got any more questions before going to bed?”

“When do we get to meet the rest?” 

“Oh shit, of course. The rest of the guys are expecting you, if you like?”

The two nodded enthusiastically, clearly wanting to see more muscled hunks.

He got up and guided them towards the drawing room. The same room where he had been gangfucked before, was now an oasis of calm. The guys all sitting there, chilling, chatting, and reading.

“Guys,” Harry said as they came in. “This is Francois, and Hamza. Do you want to introduce yourselves?” 

They went around the room and each of the guys said their name and told them about the job they were responsible for. Francois and Hamza told them a bit about their background, and within moments they had sat down and were getting comfortable.

Harry could see they were shocked by the amount of muscle in the room. But also by the variety. The bulkiness of Thiago, the large-titted Harry and Duong, the drop-dead gorgeous Ali, the huge but still twink-like Ollie, the effeminate but massive Jack, the masculine Darius. It was too much for them to take in.

Where Harry had expected to put them to bed shortly, they instead got talking. The gang asking the two guys questions about their lives, the guys asking the gang questions about their roles, their jobs, their daily routines. When they found out they were going to accompany Darius and Duong the following day to explore the estate, they were very excited.

Eventually, Harry could see Hamza yawning heavily, and Francois quickly joined in.

“I know there’s lot to talk about here, but you’re both tired. What you need first and foremost, is a hot shower and comfy bed. Let us show you to your room.”

So he and Thiago walked to the far corridor of the ground floor, just beyond the library. They took them into the first room—the same room they had shown Hamza on camera just a day earlier.

“Wow!” Francois said, in awe of the beauty of the room.

“Hell yes!” Hamza said excitedly. “Just as you showed me!”

“There are two rooms just like this next to each other, and they are all yours,” Thiago said, giving each a key. 

“We want you to feel space, so we got these keys made. These are the only copies; the rest are in a time-locked safe for the next thirty days. That means no one can come in, in the middle of the night and disturb you.”

With that, Hamza walked up to Thiago and gave him a huge hug. “Thank you,” he said as he started to cry.

“Oh god, no!” Harry said, taken aback a bit. “Thank you. Thank you for trusting us, and thank you for coming here. I have every confidence you will fit in here.”

With that, they left the two young guys and walked back towards the main hallway.

“That went better than I thought,” Harry said with a smile. 

“Yeah, much better. I really think they’re going to fit in.”

“I think we should be prepared to grow O’Donoghue, and the two maids. Maybe even the tailor’s apprentice?”

“That’ll be quite the spectacle for them.”

“Yeah—we need to make a decision by lunch time. Better brief Duong and Darius.”

Thankfully, they were both still living in the house, despite their intention to eventually move into one of the cottages. Harry knocked on Darius’ door and Thiago fetched Duong. They all gathered in Harry’s sitting room where Leon was waiting for Harry.

“What’s this all about?” he asked, a bit confused.

“Discussing tactics for tomorrow,” Thiago explained.

“Basically, today went much better than I thought, and I actually don’t have many doubts that we’ll go ahead. But we’ve got to take a decision by tomorrow lunch time, so that O’Donoghue and the rest can write their name in the book on time.”

“That seems reasonable,” Leon said. “So how do we do it?”

“I think we go ahead as planned and get them to spend the morning with these guys. But they join all of us for breakfast, and we make sure they also join everyone for lunch. After lunch, I want everyone’s firm opinion on whether we think they’re ready to be inducted to the group.”

“Surely we or they can still back out after witnessing the growth?” Duong said, a bit confused.

“Of course, but if anything, I think it will seal the deal.”

“I agree,” Thiago added. “But I also think we need to have a process for kicking people out. Whether it’s before they’ve grown or after. Conflict is inevitably going to come up at some point.”

“Yeah I was thinking something similar,” Leon added.

“Why does that matter now?” Darius asked, confused.

“Because if they join us and something goes wrong, we want to make sure they can still be removed. That means we lower the risk if we make a mistake tomorrow.”

“Okay, makes sense.”

“How about this Thiago—you speak to Felix tomorrow and see how they used to do it under the previous Earl? That way we can see if we think that still makes sense. We don’t want anyone leaving angry and telling people all about this place and making a fuck tonne on only-fans with their insanely huge bodies.”

Thiago nodded in agreement.

“All happy with the plan?” Harry said, looking around the table.

Everyone nodded. 

“Fuck you’re sexy when you take charge,” Leon said with a smile on his face.

“Is that so?” Harry said, now smirking.

“I’d be inclined to agree,” Duong added.

“See—I think it’s more fun when he’s submissive,” Darius said.

“How about this Darius—why don’t we take these sluts on together,” Harry said, feeling incredibly confident in his harness.

“Okay—we can do that. But they better be on their knees quickly if they expect to get anything.”

Leon, Duong and Thiago all dropped to their knees. A beautiful buffet of muscle sluts. 

Despite both being in charge—Darius led the way.

“So, which you bitches wants our cocks first?” 

“Me, please!” Leon said submissively.

Harry slapped him hard.

“Clearly not you,” he said.

“Me, Sir?” Duong said, unsure and scared of receiving a slap himself.

“Now there’s a good boy,” Darius said, mockingly impressed.

Harry was eager to get his cock sucked and so opened his cod piece.

“Why don’t you get to it then, you tit slut?” 

Duong didn’t need to be told twice and eagerly took Harry’s cock in his mouth.

Darius focussed on Thiago instead. The Persian stud was clad in his usual rubber, and had a similar codpiece to Harry’s.

“Why don’t you find out what treat I have in store for you?” he said.

Thiago was clearly also eager and immediately got to work. But when he reached up with his hands he too got a slap across the face.

“No hands, boy.” 

Thiago complied immediately, using his teeth gently to remove the codpiece, trying not to tear the rubber.

Within moments, Darius’ huge cock was unleashed, and Thiago got to work. Leon looked a bit left out and Harry looked at him.

“Get that tongue between my cheeks slut.” Leon eagerly complied. But when he went to stand up, his lover dealt him a harsh slap.

“Slaves don’t get up. Crawl if you need to move somewhere.” 

Darius smiled at him. “Very nice!” he said, admiring Harry’s style.

And so Leon crawled over and positioned himself behind Harry, using his hands to spread his huge glutes and push his tongue in. 

Harry moaned, the pleasure the two studs providing him sent shivers down his spine.

“Oh fuck that’s really good boys. Keep it up.” 

They let themselves get pleasured for a bit, but soon, Darius wanted more. 

“I think it’s time to rail these sluts. Anyone in particular we think we should start with?” he asked Harry.

“I think you should start on Duong’s tits,” Harry said, eager to see that for himself, rather than just experience it.

“Fuck his tits?” Darius asked, confused.

“Oh hell yes, please Sir!” Duong said, getting immediately excited.

“Yeah, you fuck his cleavage. And trust me—it will feel incredible.”

So as Darius lubed up his cock, Harry lubed up Thiago’s twitching hole. 

“And while you get fucked, you better get Leon ready for my cock too.”

He put Thiago on all fours, with his face straight into Leon’s big, muscled bubble butt.

As he aggressively plunged his cock into Thiago, he watched with anticipation as Darius straddled Duong. 

“Fuck my tits Sir,” Duong moaned, horny for the prospect of introducing another stud to the joys of tit fucking.

Darius was still not sure it would do much, but he placed his cock at the base of Duong’s tits and pushed forwards. 

Duong gasped as the thick cock spread the huge mounds of muscle.

“Oooh fuck!” he moaned as Darius put his hands on his shoulders to gain more leverage.

“Holy fuck!” Darius shouted as his cock was almost balls deep. “This feels fucking amazing.”

“I told you,” Harry said, smirking. He was glad the stud agreed. He needed more guys to fuck his tits too.

So the two studs together found a pace, one fucking a hot ass, the other a hot cleavage. They were vibing off one another, encouraging the other to go faster, to be more aggressive.

Underneath them, their muscle studs-turned sluts moaned and groaned loudly, squealing with pleasure. While Darius was still fucking Duong’s tits, Harry switched and put Leon next to Thiago, also on all fours. 

He now started to switch between the two studs, alternating as he fucked them hard. 

It meant that neither quite got the pleasure they wanted from getting fucked, while Harry could feel the load in his cock build.

After 5 or 10 minutes going back and forth between the hot Latino and his sexy lover, it was becoming too much. He looked at Darius, who was moaning louder and louder by the minute too.

“Shall we…” he said, gesturing at them all.

“Big fountain? Bukake?” The last word Darius mouthed so that the others couldn’t hear it.

Harry nodded in agreement. He pulled out immediately.

“On your knees in front of us, now,” he said, with clear authority in his voice.

The muscle sluts didn’t hesitate, and soon Darius and Harry were stood next to each other, with Duong, Thiago and Leon on the floor in front of them.

With a few quick jerk of their cocks, their cocks exploded, covering the three guys in a torrent of cum. It clearly was all the three of them needed because with that, they too blasted a huge load all over themselves.

Harry looked at Darius and smiled. 

“Better get on with that church renovation,” Darius said, smirking.

“We better do indeed,” Harry laughed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning, they all came down for breakfast. The studs had all chosen various outfits that accentuated their best assets. Harry himself had chosen a rubber suit that had the chest cut out, making his pecs protrude even further forwards than usual.

They were all sat round the table when Francois and Hamza emerged with Thiago.

“How did you both sleep?” Harry asked, smiling kindly.

“Amazing!” Francois said as he stretched out.

“Not bad!” Hamza said, sounding more upbeat.

They sat and ate, and Harry was conscious that the two ungrowns were in awe at the amount of food the studs needed to consume to fuel their huge bodies. They themselves ate maybe a fifth of what the studs ate, and patiently stared in admiration as the others ate.

But they chatted, and to Harry and Thiago’s delight, they kept up the good conversation. They really did seem to be fitting well into the group.

When Duong and Darius eventually took them on a big house and grounds tour, Harry retired to his study. He was reading another one of the diaries, when Thiago appeared with Felix.

“Hey—you remember you asked me to speak to Felix about how the previous Earl dealt with conflict. Felix has something interesting I think you need to hear.”

Harry looked intrigued. “Sit down and tell me all.”

“So” Felix began in his deep voice with that interesting Germany accent. “I realise this hasn’t come up yet, but there is a London house.”

“A London house? How does that help with conflict?”

“I promise it does, just hear me out.

“There is a London house in central London, called Strongworth House. While most British aristocracy sold their London houses, the Strongworth’s managed to hold on to it. The house also has a source of magic that helps manage the house’s… privacy matters.”

“The house is unique. It has three doors in and out of the building, used by its residents and guests, and of course a door used by the servants. 

“When people leave, they choose one of the three doors, depending on the desired effect. The first door either does nothing, or restores their bodies as they are as we are sitting here today.

Harry looked confused. Restores…?

“The second door reduces the size of the body to a more… shall we say reasonable, size? Let’s say like a normal bodybuilder rather than these ‘overgrown’ bodies. And it also comes with a cock to match. Still hung, but not as insanely hung as we are here.

“The third door, is the punishment door. It reduces the body almost back to the body people arrived here with.”

“Oh shit,” Harry said. Thiago just nodded. He looked relieved he had brought this to Harry.

“Yes, though I will say I don’t think the last Lord used the third door much. He made people aware it was an option, and when conflict arose, they would usually depart the Hall here for London, go through the second door, and that would be that. It was more self regulating than anything else.”

“Interesting—very interesting. I guess we should immediately implement that, and make clear no one is above the rules.”

Felix nodded in agreement.

“Ya. But we should also think about how we say goodbye to people we’ve loved having here but who are ready to move on. We can’t flood the world with muscle studs who weigh 450 pounds, or have 18-inch cocks.”

“Even though that would be fun…” Thiago said, somewhat day dreaming.

Harry laughed.

“Yes, indeed it would. But it would risk people asking questions. Especially with social media. But even before that, the previous Earl had a system that I would highly recommend.”

“What’s that?” Harry said, curious.

“Everyone goes through the second door before they leave.”

Harry thought about that for a second. It would mean they would still be bodybuilders—and still be huge for most guys without having to put too much effort into maintaining their physique. But at the same time, it took away the distractions.

“That would make sense,” he said, eventually.

“Yes. But we would have to make some requirements. They couldn’t compete as actual bodybuilders, that would give them an unfair advantage. And they would have to make up a story about how they became so muscular. They can’t ever mention this place.”

Harry agreed.

“Could we do some sort of holiday thing as well? Where they are always welcome back, via the first door?” Thiago asked.

“I think that would be good!” Harry said, excitedly.

Felix thought for a moment. “I guess that would mean we could enable them to stay in touch with their huge bodies without being that huge all the same. It would probably work.”

“And we must have the same arrangement for the staff. In fact—anyone who does want it, should have the option to return to their previous body.”

“Yeah agreed. Though I don’t see many doing that.” 

“No, but I think having the option would help. Felix—if everyone knows they have to leave through the second door, do you think people would still leave?”

“Well, they knew under the previous Earl, and people left all the time. Some stayed months, others years, but eventually they all moved on. Except for me, I guess.

“I think they all just leave when they are ready. And maybe they would leave earlier if they didn’t have to be slightly smaller in the real world, but it just means they know they’re definitely ready to leave.”

“Why haven’t you left?” Harry said, realised they hadn’t really spoken about it.

“Honestly? It’s more to do with you. The previous Earl, when he was at the end, asked me to look after you. He had someone very similar to myself when he inherited the house. But otherwise, I think I would’ve left a little while back. One day the hall will not need me though, I’m confident of that.”

Harry was quiet now. He was kind of honoured that Felix had committed to staying around to help him find his feet. He hoped he’d still stay a while.

“Excuse me My Lord, I hope you don’t mind me interrupting.” It was Evans.

“No, that’s okay. What’s up?” 

“Everyone is gathered in the dining room for lunch, My Lord, if you care to join.”

“I will—thanks Evans. Felix, Thiago, are you joining?”

“Sure!” Felix said. He didn’t dine with them often, so it was always nice to have him round.

“In case you don’t know, we’ve got our first two possible recruits—freshly arrived yesterday. They’re spending some time with the team before we make a call on showing them some growth tonight or not.”

“All right—well, I’ll give you my thoughts after lunch in that case,” he said with a smile as they got up and walked across the main hall.

Everyone was already gathered for lunch, and the large dining table was looking increasingly crowded. Francois and Hamza were excited to meet yet another huge, muscled stud—especially such a beautiful silver fox as Felix.

They ate and chatted a lot. Darius and Duong had been busy, showing them the far reaches of the estate. From the viewing tower where Duong fucked his pecs the first time, to the forest and even the church that was due for renovation.

“Yeah—the church was cool. Shame it’s unused,” Francois said.

“Yeah, we might change that someday,” Harry said with a mysterious smile.

“Can I ask a forward question though?” Hamza said. 

He had a habit of asking those, Harry thought to himself. But he nodded.

“Where do you guys fuck?”

Harry almost choked on his food.

“Sorry?” he said, laughing as he coughed, completely taken aback.

“Well—you guys are all huge. And hot. And you all wear… well this stuff!” he said, pointing at Harry’s huge tits, Thiago’s bicep straps and at Jack… Jack must have been wearing something very bulgy that day.

“You can’t tell me you guys aren’t sexual. And attracted to one another. And your outfits don’t lie-” A look at Jack again. “-You guys are hung as hell.”

“What’s your point?” Leon asked, knowing exactly where the Turkish cutie was going, but wanting to hear it.

“You guys must fuck all the time. You can’t tell me that this place is just a nice little muscle commune without some real fucking going on.”

Harry couldn’t keep it together any longer and started to laugh loudly. 

“I… I… I guess you’re right,” he said, as he tried to talk through his choking laughter.

“We do indeed fuck. A lot. With everyone here. You’ve seen even the staff are in on it, or at least most of them.

“But for the purposes of you guys being here we’ve agreed to keep the sex to our private spaces—our bedrooms—and the pool house.”

“Oh the pool house!” Francois said, for the first time joining the conversation. “I thought I heard it mentioned, but Darius said there was a part that we would be shown later. I guess it was that, wasn’t it?” he said, looking at Darius.

Darius just nodded, with a big smile on his face. He was clearly enjoying the conversation.

“Well. In that case,” Hamza said, clearly coming to the big climax—the reason he had raised this point in the first place.

“In that case, I want to get as big as you guys. As soon as I can.”

“Me too!” Francois immediately added.

“Well-” Harry started. “That’s fine, but also on our terms. And the first thing to know is this. Once you’ve grown, you cannot go out into the real world with your huge bodies. You must either stay here, or we have a way in which we reduce your body to the size of a normal bodybuilder.”

This surprised even some of the gang, who hadn’t heard this yet.

“So you’re always allowed to leave once you’ve grown. But you have to go via London to degrow.

“And, if you ever have an all-out conflict with anyone in this house. If you cause such a scene, or such hurt to anyone, including the staff, you will leave immediately. And we will ensure you leave with your old body, without your gains at all.”

That caused a silence in the room. And Harry took a moment to be serious.

“And that applies to everyone here. I know we’ll disagree at times, and argue and even fight. But I want conflict resolved and not escalated. If it does, you can leave. And you can have your old body back alongside it.”

As he spoke those words, he looked at the gang. He wanted to know that it applied to them too. He loved them all, but he also knew they had to all be on the same level.

“All right,” Hamza said eventually, breaking the silence.

“Yes. Yes, of course!” Francois said excitedly.

“Good. I thought as much. But this is my plan for you too. There’s something we want to show you this evening, about how people gain their size here. Once you’ve seen that, we can get you on that path too.”

“All right! Sounds good to me,” Francois said, still incredibly excited.

With that, lunch ended and Duong and Darius took the two guys back under their wings. Harry and Felix walked to back to his study.

“So, what’s your verdict,” he asked Felix as they sat down, even though he’d basically made his decision already.

“Those guys seem amazing. I’m impressed you found two so nice and excitable. I think they’ll fit in great. And from what I can tell, the rest of the gang agrees.”

“Really?” Harry said, relieved.

“Absolutely! Duong said how great their morning had been with the two. But just be prepared that they’re not all going to be that easy.”

Harry smiled. As always the sensible advice from Felix.

“And my little speech. What did you think of that?” 

“I think you made your point. And people will respect you for that. Can I make one recommendation though?”

“Of course.”

“Get Thiago and Jack to work together on a code of conduct that enshrine these things into ‘law’. And have everyone sign it before they write their name in the book. It will formalise it. And you can sign that code of conduct too. It shows you’re not above it either, even though inevitably you sort of are.”

Harry thought hard and nodded. “Okay, I can do that. That makes sense. Should I do it for these guys already?”

“No, don’t rush it. In fact—get them involved as one of their first things they can contribute to. It means you actually get lots of people bought into it, and make them feel as though they have ownership.”

“Very well. I better get the ungrowns in here for the name writing. Do you want to stay or…?”

“Depends on what’s on offer afterwards?” he answered with a cheeky smile.

“Please, do stay,” Harry said, returning the smile and ringing the bell.

Within moments, Evans appeared. 

“Can you firstly call the tailor, and confirm if he can spare his apprentice until tomorrow afternoon? I believe he confirmed with Thiago last night but double check. If he’s still free, let me know his ETA and wait till he arrives to send in O’Donoghue, Hunter and Jesse through please. If he isn’t free today, do get a date and send the others in immediately.”

“Yes My Lord.”

Harry waited for a moment, chatting to Felix about one thing or another, when Evans appeared. “My Lord. The apprentice is on his way, but had a job to finish My Lord. He will at least an hour. Shall I get the others to come in?”

“No, that’s quite all right Evans. Felix and I can entertain ourselves for a little while. Make sure no one comes into the morning room though, and should we not be back in here by the time they arrive, just have them wait please.”

Felix smiled that cheeky smile again.

“Very well My Lord. You can always lock the morning room door from the inside, meaning you won’t have any unexpected visitors.”

“Ah yes, of course. Thanks Evans.”

Immediately the two muscle studs jumped up and almost ran across the hallway to the morning room, desperate to get their hands on one another.

Harry flung the door to the room open, locked it behind them and started to kiss Felix passionately.

“An hour should be plenty,” the German stud said as they briefly broke the kiss.

Harry got on his knees. Felix was clad in a fairly standard version of his house manager’s attire. Working trousers and a lumberjack shirt. He was far more practical in his clothing choices than Harry and the gang had been.

But of course, they weren’t unsexy. The trousers were tiny shorts, and the shirt was sleeveless, showing off his immense arms.

“Oh fuck Harry,” Felix whispered, as Harry unzipped the German daddy’s shorts and pulled out his huge cock.

Harry awed at these huge cocks every time, as he eagerly took it in his mouth and started to suck. Immediately it started to harden as the length pushed down his throat.

Felix moaned loudly as Harry pushed forward, quickly taking every inch. When Felix’s big balls rested on his chin he looked up at the handsome face above him, with begging eyes.

Felix knew what Harry wanted, and so grabbed Harry by the back of his head and started to fuck. First slowly, seeing how Harry was able to take it. But as he realised Harry wasn’t even remotely struggling, he started to fuck harder and harder.

Harry tried to breathe through his nose, calmly. Occasionally, Felix would hit an invisible wall and cause Harry to gag, but he would pull back out and push back in.

“Fuuuuuck,” Felix moaned as he got closer and closer to the edge.

But Harry wanted more. No—he needed more—and so put his hands on Felix’s strong thighs, encouraging him to stop.

When Felix had eventually retrieved the length of his cock out of Harry’s throat, Harry tried to speak but coughed instead.

Felix looked concerned.

“Ugh, ugh. Sorry Felix. All, ugh, I wanted to say was fuck me.” 

Felix’s eyes lit up. “Well, that I can definitely do!” he said excitedly.

Harry rummaged around and found some lube. Thankfully every room in this house was usually well equipped.

So Felix generously lubed up his cock and Harry made sure his hole was lubed up too. He got on all fours on one of the old arm chairs in the room, his ass pointed high up, inviting Felix in.

Felix, by now, knew that Harry could take his cock without much resistance. He placed the bulging head at Harry’s hungry hole and aggressively pushed forwards.

Harry yelped a little, but it took him more by surprise than it caused him pain. He moaned loudly as the cock inched forward, seemingly reaching balls deep in record time. 

“Fuck that feels good!” Felix moaned as he started to really fuck, thrusting in and out of his Lord’s hole.

“Oh fuck Felix, pound that cunt!” Harry said, suddenly getting a bit kinky. 

Felix didn’t need to be told twice. He wrapped his big hands around Harry’s muscular neck for leverage and started to fuck—hard.

He pounded as Harry choked, with those strong hands wrapped around his neck. His own cock was rock hard, dripping precum.

“Fuuuuuck!” Felix moaned as he kept the pace up for an incredible amount of time, fucking the living day lights out of Harry.

To Harry’s surprise, his own cock got overstimulated and soon he was shooting his own load all over the chair. As his cock erupted, his ass clenched, pushing Felix over the edge and soon his cock was erupting too, dumping a huge load deep inside Harry’s hungry cunt.

When they eventually stopped cumming, they collapsed together on one of the sofas. Harry groaned as Felix pulled out slowly.

“Fucking hell, you can take one heck of a pounding,” Felix said, with deep admiration in his voice.

“Well—you can really dole one out.”

“You encouraged me in just the right way.”

At that point, they heard the front door open and realised it must be the tailor’s apprentice arriving. They better hurried up and tidied.

They found a towel in a drawer in the room. The staff really made sure every room was prepared to be a fuck pad. They wiped themselves clean—although Harry suspected they both still smelled of sex—and made sure they were reasonably presentable.

He unlocked the door and saw the apprentice waiting, just as O’Donoghue, Hunter and Jesse appeared from one of the servants’ doors.

“Perfect timing,” he said as he brought them into the study. “I hope you’re all ready for quite a change in your life.”


Chapter 13: Growing the Recruits

“First of all, I realise we’ve spoken a lot, but what’s your name?” Harry asked the twinkish apprentice. 

“Ted, My Lord. Ted Coleraine. But they call me Teddy.”

“Great—welcome, Teddy. Good to have you onboard.”

He looked at Teddy again. He couldn’t say he had looked at Teddy all that much, he was just keen for him to feel included. Usually, he had light brown hair, but he had swapped it out for a vibrant blue. The long-ish curly hair came to the bottom of his jawline, accentuating and yet somehow masking his slightly feminine face—with full lips and high cheek bones. He was very cute.

“Now, for those who don’t know: we’ll go downstairs into the basement and you’ll all be asked to sign your name into the book according to the format you’ll see others have used before you. Once you’ve done so, you should feel a strange feeling and you can resume your duties.” He turned to the newest addition. “Teddy, I suggest you speak to Mr Evans and see if there’s any mending that may need to be done? I know I’ve seen a few pieces that in my wardrobe that could do with a fix, and I would really appreciate it if you can help.”

Addressing the group again, he added, “I expect you all to join us in the west drawing room from 8pm onwards. Any questions?”

They shook their heads, clearly eager to get going. Even O’Donoghue now that he had decided to go ahead, seemed almost desperate.

Harry guided them down the stairs and showed them each the book. One by one they wrote their names in, and Harry could see their faces light up as they got that feeling he warned them for. O’Donoghue’s hand seemed to shake a bit as he wrote his name, but he didn’t hesitate.

And just like that it was done, and they went their separate ways.

As they left, Harry felt a drop of cum leak out of his hole. “Fucking hell Felix—you dumped quite a load in me.”

“Hehe. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not in the slightest. Maybe we should find someone to add some to it.”

“Now there’s a fun idea.”

Suddenly, Felix reached into a pocket and grabbed something leathery from it. A collar.

He snapped it around Harry’s neck and attached a leash to it. “Why don’t I whore you out?” 

Fuck. Harry immediately felt his cock getting hard. That was a new dynamic.

Felix led him upstairs and pulled out his phone. He took him into Harry’s own apartment and ordered him to sit, eyes shut, on the floor.

Harry heard him walk off but didn’t dare open his eyes. Within moments, the footsteps reappeared and a thick rubber hood was slipped over his head, covering his eyes.

“You can open your eyes now. It just won’t be much use. Now—don’t move.”

Harry obeyed again, his cock throbbing with anticipation. The footsteps disappeared and after a few minutes, reappeared. 

This time he felt heavy leather shackles being wrapped around his wrists and ankles, which were soon tied together using rope, immobilising him. Lastly, he felt his leash being attached to something in the room.

“Now—you can still speak. The plan is to invite anyone and everyone to come and pound your cunt. By the time those four studs grow this evening, I want your hole dripping with load upon load of cum. If you accept this challenge, consent now by saying ‘Yes Master Felix.’ Of course you can withdraw consent at any time.”

“Yes, Master Felix, I consent.”

“Good boy. Now let me go rally the troops.”

The footsteps disappeared again and this time Harry heard a door shut. The lack of vision was disorienting and he wasn’t sure where sounds were coming from. So when a door reopened moments later, and footsteps came closer he was thrown off—it didn’t seem to come from the same place where Felix had left…

Suddenly he felt a pair of hands pull his shorts down and then something push against his hole followed by an audible pop, causing him to let out a loud gasp. It wasn’t a cock though and before he could say anything the door closed again. 

Now he was tied down, unable to see, with what seemed to be a sizeable buttplug inside him. And he had no idea how long he would have to wait.

He sat there for ages. Every time he thought he heard someone approach, his heart started to beat faster, only to realise it was just the house creaking, a servant walking past or one of the gang maybe going to their rooms.

He should’ve tried to count up, just to see how long he was there for. He should’ve focussed on his breathing and maybe tried to meditate?

Eventually, a door opened. If Harry wasn’t mistaken it was just a single pair of footsteps. It walked up to him.

Felix spoke. Master Felix. “So—here’s the deal. I’m going to put these noise cancelling headphones over your head and you’re going to listen to white noise. Guys will come and fuck you and then leave, and you won’t know who they are. I will be here throughout but remember—you won’t be able to hear me.

“If you want it to end, please just say stop. Understood?”

“Uhm. Sir… I mean Master Felix! What if I don’t want to be able to say stop?”

“What do you mean?” 

“What if I want to be able to moan and beg for it to stop but for people to ignore me?” 

“I never play without people being able to stop Slave.”

“Of course Master Felix, but I more meant what if we agreed a different safe word.”

“That I can agree with. And I’ll instruct all guys to ignore your begging and moaning for it to stop, unless the safe word is used?”

“Please, yes Master Felix.”

“Very well. How about the safe word is… Watch tower.”

“Okay, Master Felix. Watch tower it is.”

“Okay. Right, one more opportunity to remove your consent while you can still hear. Once your headphones are on, just use the safe word.”

“Please, Master Felix. Use me as your cum dump,” Harry said, hornier then ever before.

With that, he felt Master Felix’s hands place the big heavy headphones over his head, engulfing his ears.

Immediately, all other sounds disappeared. No more apparent footsteps in the hallway. No more creaking of the floorboards of the old Hall.

Instead, there was just white noise. The strange sensation of a rushing in his ears.

When a hand suddenly groped his big, muscled ass he flinched—not expecting a hand on him all of a sudden. A moment later, another hand was placed on his head and guided towards a crotch. Soon, it became apparent that there were many hands in the room.

One hand roughly pulled the plug out of his hole, which he could immediately feel gaping wide open. With rough force, a hand landed on his left ass cheek, spanking him. He flinched again, but this body was designed for high pain tolerance. The hand struck again—the other cheek this time. And then, a moment of nothing and then suddenly.


A cock, balls deep straight into him.

He wasn’t sure who it belonged to. It was big, of course, but it wasn’t the insane size of Jack. It didn’t wait and as Harry started to moan loudly, the cock started to fuck him hard. 

As he moaned, someone unzipped the hood. Apparently, it had a hole at his mouth. And so another cock entered him and Harry eagerly started to swallow it. It was easier to focus on two cocks at once, rather than having to endure the increasingly heavy-handed hands smacking and spanking him.

It some ways it felt like torture—unable to see the hot studs abusing him. In others, it felt just incredible. Getting used and abused, a fuck toy for their pleasure alone.

He wasn’t sure how long either cock fucked him for, but once they dumped their loads, they were quickly replaced by another. And another. His mouth was constantly occupied he didn’t even get a chance to beg for it to stop.

When a load was dumped in him, he could feel a strange wet sensation on his shoulders. They were keeping count, using sharpies to keep a tally. And he should try to do so too.

At some point he stopped having quite as many hands on him, but the fucking continued, Relentlessly. Some guys were more aggressive, others were more sensual and erotic. 

By now, there must have been 10 lines drawn on his shoulders. But he could feel that the buttplug was being replaced and there were no more hands on him. One last cock dumped a load down his throat, drew a line on his shoulders, and (presumably) disappeared.

Harry was still horny as fuck. The overwhelming sensations having subsided, he now noticed his throbbing hard cock. He wanted to jack off. Better yet, he wanted to fuck some hole. 

But he was a hole. That’s all he was now.

His cunt throbbed around the big plug. It wanted to be used more. He needed more. He needed the release that came with a 15-inch cock sliding deep inside him. 

He didn’t hear the door reopen. Or maybe they had all been there, laughing and watching him squirm. God—that thought turned him on even more.

But at some point, a hand once again yanked out the plug and soon it was replaced with another cock. And so the fucking started again.

This time, it was only the one cock and less aggressive. It pounded him relentlessly until it dumped a load, replaced the plug, and disappeared.

Until another took its place. Then another. But Harry was starting to lose count. How many had it been? Was it 13 or 14? 

At one point, there was a sudden onslaught of cock, as two guys started to spit roast him. At one point they swapped places. Or did a third get involved?

Load after load was getting dumped and Harry was in fucktoy heaven. In the quiet periods in between loads he breathed and moaned, desperate for cock. In the busy periods, he kept craving more.

And he kept getting it. 

Just when he thought a quiet period meant the end, more guys turned up. He started to realise Felix must have gotten the whole house involved—from the gang to Ali to the staff.

It must have been close to dinner time, Harry thought. At that moment—another hand, this time wrapped tightly around his throat. Another hand pulled the plug out and someone slammed their cock in. 

The hand around his throat forced his mouth open and a cock was shoved in. The onslaught he had endured when this all began, started once more. Cock after cock rammed down his throat, slammed into his gaping cunt. He moaned and groaned, desperate for the abuse he was receiving.

Load after load dumped in his throat and hole. Line after line drawn on his back. He had definitely lost count now. But his cock was harder than ever. Somehow the intense stimulation had driven him to the brink, but hadn’t pushed him over it. He needed the release. He couldn’t wait any longer.

But he couldn’t beg for it. Not with a cock down his throat. He couldn’t touch his cock. He just had to endure the sensations, the pounding, the abuse.

Eventually, the fucking stopped. A moment later, the buttplug was replaced. Next, his restraints were undone and he felt someone pick him up. Was it more than one person?

They placed him in bed, still in his hood, and reattached his wrists so he was unable to take the hood off. Then, they lifted off the headphones and he could hear a voice.

“Just rest now. Just sleep really well,” purred Felix’s deep voice.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Harry woke up a while later, the hood had come off, and the restraints had too. The plug was still deep inside him and he squirmed. The collar was still attached.

“Finally awake, are we?” Felix said, sitting the chair by the window. The sun was setting. 

“How… how long have I been asleep?” Harry said, dazed and confused.

“Only about half an hour. You clearly needed it after all that cock you took. According to the count, you took 24 loads.”

“Fucking hell!” Harry said with a bit more energy as he slowly woke up.

“I was very impressed. You took it all without protest, without hesitation. It was very hot to watch.”

“Thanks for organising it, Master Felix,” Harry said as he rubbed the buttplug still in his hole.

“You fucking bet. I think we should make it at a regular event. But rather than being in here we find a public place in the house so that anyone who passes by can have a go on you. You can think of it as your way of showing your commitment to the House and its residents.”

Harry couldn’t help but feel his cock twitch at the idea.

“I see you like that. There’s just one thing I think we should do for the days you’re a cumdump…”

He got onto the bed next to Harry and cupped his bulge.

“We should make sure this can’t even get hard.” 

Harry’s cock twitched even more. What did Master Felix have in mind?

“We’ll have to get you measured for chastity. As I think we’ll need a custom one for a cock quite this big…” He said, with a wicked smirk.

“Yes… yes, Master Felix,” Harry said, getting a bit scared.

“Remember—if you don’t want to, you can say so,” Master Felix suddenly said very seriously.

Harry just nodded. It was making him incredibly horny.

“As long as it’s just for the day on which I am a cum… cumdump. Then sure.”

“Good boy.”

With that, Master Felix pulled out the buttplug one last time, pushed Harry on his back and lifted his big muscular legs in the air. Harry could feel his hole gape and with one big push Felix was balls deep inside him.

“Fucking hell, that cunt feels so nice and loose now.” Felix moaned as he started to plow Harry, with his knees pushed against his big muscle tits.

“Oooh fuck fuck fuck,” Harry moaned, hornier than ever. He wanted that 25th load. He wanted to be bred by the muscle daddy pounding him deep.

“That’s it you fucking muscle slut. Take that big daddy cock.” 

He felt Felix’s balls slap against his ass as he fucked faster and faster. As Felix held his ankles with one hand, he grabbed Harry’s cock with his other and started to jack him off.

“Come on you big cum slut, cum for me!” 

It was all the encouragement it took to finally push Harry over the edge. As if all day he had known he had to wait for permission from Master Felix. His cock erupted.

Like a spectacular fountain.

The first shot hit Felix in the face. He leant back just enough to let the next few shoot past and with each jet of cum, they were both getting covered in more and more cum.

Harry moaned loudly and suddenly Felix sped up in that way guys do when they’re just about to cum. And with just another few strokes, his balls too started to erupted, dumping a 25th, huge load inside Harry.

With them both covered in cum and satisfied, Felix crashed on top of Harry. His strong muscles pushing him down into the bed. Harry felt so good as Felix laid on top of him. 

“You were a very good cumdump today. I’m going to take the collar off now, and you have your own mind back. But anytime you want a repeat, just let me know.” With that he gently kissed Harry’s cheek as he undid the leather collar.

“Thanks Master Felix,” Harry said, very careful about his word choice. He wanted to show Felix that he was keen to repeat it. “That was incredibly hot. Next time we should aim to double it to 50.”

And he kissed the hunk back on his cheek.

They got up and showered. Harry was quite sore after having been in the same position most of the day. It was just before 7 and he was running a bit late for dinner so there was no time for further fun in the shower.

Harry pushed a buttplug back inside himself. The cum would otherwise be running down his legs all night. 

He dug out another outfit. He wanted to continue to show a degree of submissiveness—he had really enjoyed the headspace. Away from the dominance and being in charge of the house to being used and abused by anyone who wanted to. He didn’t even know who fucked him.

So he found the sluttiest rubber suit he had. A long, turtleneck surfsuit with a large cut out that let his tits hang out. It had a well-placed ass zip, but this one didn’t have a cock zip. As if his didn’t matter. Which of course—as a cumdump—it hadn’t. 

But that wasn’t the only thing he was looking for. He dug around further in his wardrobe and eventually found it. A rubber collar.

This one was a bit taller than the one Felix had placed on him and so felt a bit more constricting. But it blended it with the black turtleneck of the surf suit and so it looked well-balanced, and clearly slutty.

Felix had disappeared, not joining them for dinner that evening, so when Harry walked into the dining room he was alone. Everyone was already sat down and immediately it went quiet. He got funny looks but no one said anything. He suspected Hamza and Francois hadn’t been told about what had been going on in the house that day.

And so he sat down and the conversation quickly went as it normally would. To the business of the day, to the news, to the impending growth of four of their staff.

Harry was sat next to Jack and Ali, away from the two ungrowns. So when the conversation was eventually free-flowing they both turned to him.

“Had a fun day?” Jack asked him, cheekily.

“I mean—we certainly did,” Ali added, not waiting for a response.

“I hope some of you did at least. I have no idea who fucked me at all. And it was so fucking hot.”

“Hehe, we thought you were enjoying it. You were squirming and moaning so much when I had my dick in you,” Jack said, smirking.

“Oh yeah, you fucking did. It was incredible to see you take so many cocks.”

“How many were in the room at the same time?”

“Well, I was there the entire time,” Ali said. “As were a few others.”

“Yeah, I just came and went a few times as I dealt with some other things,” Jack said casually, as if he had been to a cafe.

“Bloody hell. I didn’t realise there were people who were there the whole time. Though it doesn’t surprise me.”

“Oh yeah. It was just great fun to chat and drink and do some work even, while you were not getting fucked. And you had no idea if you were alone or not.”

“Holy shit. That’s insane.”

“Well if you think that’s insane, you should hear what Felix had in mind for next time.”

“Though really—we shouldn’t tell you that.”

“Yeah, he did ask us not to share his plans.”

Harry was stumped. He wanted to know. Yet the knowledge that it was being kept a secret from just him was also incredibly hot!

“Pent up already?” Jack smirked as he could read the frustration on Harry’s face.

“It was the single hottest thing I’ve ever done—okay?” Harry said, defensively. 

“It was on the hottest thing I’ve ever participated in. I would expect a few others here to want to take your place at some point. We may well be able to have a weekly cumdump on our hands.” 

They kept talking over dinner, and Harry tried to get clues of Felix’s plan out of Jack and Ali, but they kept their cards close to their chest.

When Harry eventually realised it was no use, he changed topics. 

“All good with Hamza and François today?” he asked, quietly at first.

“Yeah Duong and Darius have said they were extremely happy. I think they may even want to get involved. Apparently Francois has a bit of a thing for flowers and plants, so Darius thought he could get him specifically involved in the formal gardens,” Ali explained.

“Oh he told me he was interested in architecture as well,” Jack continued. “And Hamza was a bit less sure. He mentioned recruitment, he mentioned something about art… or restoration?”

Harry smiled. Sounds like they both had some ideas—they didn’t need to decide yet. 

“Restoration sounds like a very specific skillset, though?” Harry said.

“Yeah, that’s what we said too,” Jack said as he nodded. “We want to speak to Thiago and see if he can find a recruit that has a specialism in that area.”

“Good idea!” 

“What Duong is worried about though, is how you would even create new art for this house,” Ali said. “We have no idea why it’s one way before you grow and how it then changes afterwards.”

“Oh shit, I hadn’t even thought about that.”

“I bet there’s something in those diaries though,” Jack said, intrigued. 

“You’re probably right! Maybe something between the third and fifth Lord? The Third Earl started to build the house, and it was finally completed under the fifth.”

“Guess you’ve got some reading work to do,” Jack said, smirking.

“I may have to get someone to help me with this one…”

Just at that point, Evans came in. 

“Excuse me all, I am aware you haven’t quite finished dinner yet but somehow O’Donoghue, Jesse, Hunter, and Teddy are ready for you. I think the growth is imminent My Lord.”

“Thank you, Evans. I guess we will pause dinner and go into the drawing room?” 

Everyone stood up, the excitement palpable. Harry noticed that Francois and Hamza especially were trembling.

When they got into the room, Hunter had just received the blow to the stomach and Hamza and Francois flinched, clearly not expecting that. Jesse was already rubbing his cock, clearly very horny. The blow followed soon thereafter and as the growth kicked in for the two young maids, their bodies started to swell. 

Harry noticed they had all come prepared—somewhat to his dismay. They were all wearing loose fitting lycra.

Hunter’s growth started with his shoulders, widening at the top as his traps swelled up. His arms were next, growing to the size of bowling balls before his pecs really kicked into overdrive. 

Within moments any sign of body fat was gone as a perfectly carved sixpack appeared. His ass swelled as his legs started to thicken—growing into strong tree trunks in perfect proportion with his wide upper body.

Jesse was next. His growth started with his ass, growing into two big half-globes, perfect and round as the growth spread both up and down. His legs widened and his abs quickly appeared. His nipples started to point down as his pecs swelled up. Last were his lats, making space for his pecs to grow further and his arms to finally pop.

As both of the now-studs grew, they filled out their lycra suits perfectly, showing every crevice and curve of every muscle. But they didn’t burst out of their clothes, in the way Harry loved to see.

Around them, guys were jacking off through their outfits. Because of Francois and Hamza, it was more subdued than normal and everyone wanted to be considerate and not showing off too much in front of them, but the horniness was palpable.

Next was the young apprentice. Teddy was pretty, with those deep green eyes complementing cute face, accentuated by that vibrant blue hair.

His growth took Harry by surprise. He realised at that point that Teddy had quite wide hips and they actually shrunk down. Then is shoulders widened and his chest seemed to hold its breath for a moment. On the others the pecs had started to grow quite quickly but on Teddy it was as if they were holding back. 

And then suddenly the rest of his body exploded. As if it had somehow been unsure what to do, and then suddenly it was everywhere. Huge arms, huge legs, thick ass, wide neck. He somehow filled out a bit more than the others had, but it suited him well, without looking more insanely muscled than any of the others.

Harry looked at the two ungrowns. There was no fear visible on their face. Just excitement. In that moment, looking at their faces, Harry knew. They were ready for this—he would have to offer them to grow tomorrow because they so clearly wanted to join in.

Last was O’Donoghue. The Irish Housekeeper looked a bit apprehensive. Somehow he was longing for both the huge muscle and worried about the gay bit. But when the growth started the worry seemed to fade away. He was growing the body he always wanted—and it was growing fast.

His growth started at his calves. It was difficult to see in that still baggy lycra but Harry suddenly spotted it. His calves swelled up, followed by his thighs and slowly the growth crept up and up through his body. His ass next, followed by his abs, pecs and back, before finally his arms and neck swelled up too.

Eventually the growth stopped. All the guys looked incredible and Harry let out a low whistle.

“Well fuck, guys. You look amazing!” He said enthusiastically.

“Fuck, that was hot!” Hamza said, before any of the other guys could speak.

“The hottest thing I’ve seen, ever,” Francois added. 

Their enthusiasm was infectious and it was great to hear them speak with so much excitement.

“Guess you guys will have to join us soon!” Teddy said, flexing his newly grown biceps.

“Fucking hell—your growth was amazing!” Jack said. “It was like your body was holding back and holding back and then suddenly—boom!”

“Holy shit, it was so hot to watch!” Thiago chimed in.

Right!” Harry said, suddenly conscious of time—and the need for the staff to grow overnight.

“I want to see you all in here tomorrow morning—and you better still be wearing those outfits!” Harry said. He wanted the ungrowns to know there was more to this. They didn’t need the surprise.

And so they all headed to bed, Leon grabbing Harry’s hand as they walked together upstairs.

“Happy?” he asked Harry.

“Yeah—very much so. It’s been a good day.”

“Hehehe, I thought you might say that. You seem to have had a very fun day.”

“Can you blame me?” 

“Oh, not at all—it was incredible to watch! And participate in…”

“Oh, so you did join in did you?” 

“Of course—I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” 

They had come into their bedroom and they both undressed.

“Want another round?” Leon asked him, seductively.

“No. It’s your turn.” And with a simple push he shoved Leon onto the bed and fucked the living daylights out of him.

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