The djinn

by hyperboi

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Part 1

The museum was dark at night. Only the night guard was walking through the corridors from time to time. Of course he should be the only one there.

But was he really?

Two small shadows entering from an opened window would say otherwise. The Sanders bothers, Max and Tom were running, aiming for a certain place inside the museum.

“Maaaax, Can we go home now? This place is very dark,” whined a scared Tommy, who was kinda small and not as bold as his brother despite being only a year younger.

The 16 year old Max rolled eyes and started to regret having forced him to come along. But he had little choice; if his older cousin came back sooner from his job and saw he had left Tommy alone he would be grounded for the next three months, or even worse.

“Will you ever shut up? I swear to God, if you ruin this chance, I’ll never forgive you!” Max was trying to remember the way to the room where the lamp was held. If he could just touch it—

Then Tommy grabbed his sleeve. “Max, there is light there!”

“Shit!” Just in time, Max grabbed his little brother out of that room to the next before the guard entered it and both hided behind an expositor. They held their breath while the guard passed. Max could see him before he left the room. He wasn’t a big guy so he was sure he could outrun him, being in the track team, but his little brother was another story.

“The place should be close, where the hell is it?” swore Max, frustrated, bumping his head into the stone base of the expositor they used to hide, still sitting on the ground behind it.

“What are you looking for?” asked Tommy, hoping he could help find the thing soon and get out as soon as possible.

“You’ve seen Aladdin? A lamp like that,” Max explained.

“Red colored?” Max asked

“Yes! Have you seen it? Where?” Max shook him from the shoulders. Then he stopped when he realized Tommy couldn’t speak that way.

Tommy got up and looked at the pedestal they had been hiding behind. “Right here!”

Max got up as well and couldn’t help the face palm. It was so dark he hadn’t seen it, but that was the real dealThen he saw Tommy was about to grab the lamp and he jumped on him.

“Ouch, Max! I was just going to ask for a little wish, come on!”

“Don’t be stupid! You can’t grab it and leave; it’s not that simple.”

Both got up. Tommy looked at the red lamp with suspicious eyes. “How so? There is not even a glass stopping us.”

“We’re not here to steal it, dummy! We can’t move it from the place or the alarm will activate!” Max wanted to strangle him.

“Oh, so what do we do then?”

“You don’t really think this thing was so easily used, right? You need a magic word to activate it. All magic items need it. Uncle Sven told me just before he and… you know.” Max wasn’t still fine talking about his uncle’s and parents’ death. They were an incredible wizard company, but some months ago, something went wrong with an act. His uncle was the only one who survived the explosion, but he died at the hospital.

“And how come Sam doesn’t know if he does the same job?” Tommy wondered

Sam was just turned 18 and in his last year of high school. He was already working as a showman for wizard tricks in a nightclub as a part time job and was allowed to take care of his li’l cousins, on probation.

“Of course he does, silly.”

Max then spoke such a weird word than Tommy had to bite his hand so he wouldn’t laugh aloud. But he stopped when the lamp started to shine.

“Wooow!” Tommy couldn’t help almost screaming, until Max hit his head to shut up.

Then, Max, very carefully, rubbed the surface slightly, hoping he wouldn’t move it and the alarm wouldn’t activate. He succeeded.

But nothing happened.

“What a fake!” complained Tommy. “Did I miss the Xbox for this?”

But just then, a thick green smoke got out from the side of the lamp. It started forming a shape over their heads. After a while, a giant naked muscle man was floating over them, with a face distorted like a demon’s would be. Max was quick enough to put his hands over his brother’s mouth to stop him from screaming in terror.

Max wasn’t terrified. It’s true that the face was scary, but the body… what a body. He guy was almost musclebound and the cock was so big that it reached past his knees, flaccid.

Then, the monster spoke.

“Behold the might of my power, puny mortals!” he said with such a powerful voice that Max was sure the security guard would come at any second. However, it didn’t happen that way. Even more, his brother was confused.

“What did he say, I couldn’t hear it!”

“Only the mortal summoning me can hear my words,” explained the djinn.

Max was glad—he didn’t want to involve anyone else with the monster in front of them. djinns were tricky creatures. He had to be careful.

“I summoned you, dude. I mean, what should I call you?”

But the djinn roared with laughter. “You dare asking my name? Names make bonds and I won’t allow more bonds anymore!”

“All right, then let’s get to business. I freed you, so you have to make my wishes come true,” he demanded with a trembling voice.

“The rules are stated as such: The summoner gets one wish; however, if you are needing more wishes, that will break the contract, freeing the djinn for good. So please, make sure to ask more than one,” he stated with a devilish smile.

Max thought hard. djinn didn’t lie, although their words can refer to many things to confuse the summoner. He knew somehow that freeing the djinn would bring a chaos the world didn’t need, neither did he. So one wish would have to do.

Tommy was still confused. He saw the huge monster speaking, but nothing he could hear. Then he saw his brother ready to ask his wishes.

“I want to power to make my body bigger in anyway I want to!”

Tommy chuckled. Both brothers had always been small for their age, not as much in height as in the rest of body areas, being both difficult to gain muscle. Something normal for Tommy at his age, but not as much in Max, whose classmates had caught the muscle bug and started working out with a will.

The djinn pondered for a bit. Then his nasty smile came back. “You know about the compensation fee, right?”

Max nodded. He had read in a book that djinns only granted wishes that would give them something in return, mostly joy on suffering from the wish, altering it from the original thought. However, Max was ready to agree. It was a once in a lifetime chance.

“To grant that wish I ask for a change of it,” stated the djinn.

Max nodded, awaiting for what the djinn had in mind.

“I’ll grant you the wish of enlarging any other male except you. At the same time for each change you provoke on any other male, you’ll get that very change… in a random proportion from 0 to 500%, and in a different moment in time no longer than 5 hours.”

“So that means—” Max tried to understand the trick.

“So that means if you make someone to grow his nose 2 inches longer, yours would grow 2 inches or 0 or 4 or 1 or—and also could be on that moment or later… You follow me?”

“I understand, all right, let that be my wish!” he said.

Tommy didn’t know what was happening but he wanted in. “Hey I want a wish too, I was here as well when you appeared, pleaaaaseeeeeee!”

“Shut it, idiot! You don’t know what he can do to you!” Max tried to silence him, horrified.

However, the djinn just laughed. “Hohohoooh, this insect has guts, very well. I’m amused so I’ll add a little bonus.” Then he looked again at Max “Just as you, he’ll suffer a change but, his random % will be always different from yours and so will be his time!”

“What? Wait!” Max tried to change it but the djinn had already made the decision.

“Take it or not, chose.”

“What did he said, what will he give me?” Asked Tommy excited no worrying about being silent anymore.

Max pondered for a bit. He knew djinn’s wishes were almost always creating problems for the person granted and he didn’t want his little brother to be cursed or anything, he didn’t hate him that much. But… this was his only chance at getting the body he wanted after so long waiting—

He sighed. “Deal,” he finally said.

The djinn cackled and then roared with laughter. “GRANTED!”

Then he turned into smoke again and went inside the lamp, still laughing “Let me see, how will you amuse me, hohohoh… FAREWELL!”

And he was gone, the lamp lost its shine and a voice reached the brothers’ ears.

“Who’s there? I heard voices!”

“Shit, the guard couldn’t hear his voice but he could hear ours!” realized Max.

The worst was that the guard was coming from the direction of their exit.

“What do we do, Max?” Tommy looked at him scared, forgetting to ask about the wish.

Then Max had an idea, but would he really dare to try it?

He had no choice; the guard was in the next room. If he managed to stop and distract him, he could sneak towards the other room and towards the exit, without him following them.

Max looked at him from behind the pedestal, coming their way. The guard wasn’t really big, but the uniform he was wearing wasn’t baggy either. He made some calculations in his head.

Grow 20 pounds of muscle,” he said in a low voice, but just loud enough for Tommy to hear.

And suddenly, the guard stopped running with a shiver. Both kids looked in amazement as his pecs filled his shirt and his arms filled his sleeves with new muscle mass. Even his legs were filling his pants.

“Wow—” said Tommy fascinated.

His brother’s voice made him remember that this was their chance for escaping that he had created, so he grabbed him by an arm and started running as quietly as they could. They jumped out the window and started running as fast as they could until they found their bikes. They didn’t stop until they reached their house, out of breath.

Max was thinking how lucky he was for Sam not having arrived yet and was turning to his brother to tell him to go to bed, when the door opened with a slam, and his cousin Sam entered, still dressed as a magician, with a cape and everything, and enraged.


Part 2

“What the fuck were you doing outside this late? Where had you been?” He grabbed Max by the collar and lifted him from the ground. Uncle Sven’s side of the family wasn’t as thin as Max’s, and just turned 18, Sam had the build of the typical jock.

“Sam!” Tommy called out, but Sam ignored him.

“Now start talking, cousin, and before you make up a story, I saw you coming with your bikes.”

“Max!” Tommy tried to grab his brother’s attention as well, but Max was busy with his cousin’s yelling. Something that, deep inside, he knew he deserved.

“I’m sorry, I thought it would be better than leaving him home all alone,” Max told his cousin.

Sam was going to ask what was so important he had to do outside, when Tommy gave a little scream. Both turned to him, to find him unable to move.

“Tommy?” Both had started to approach him but stopped 4 feet away from him. Then Max belatedly remembered his wish and the side effects, well, one of the two side effects.

There was no doubt, he was growing in front of them, and from the smile he was starting to show, he was enjoying it.

He was wearing a tee shirt and shorts that were baggy in his scrawny limbs. He was short so the sleeves and legs reached under the elbows and knees, but even so, the clothing was filling up. His calves swelled until they had doubled the previous size, getting that diamond shape with nice definition due to lack of fat (both were thin) and his quads filled his shorts a lot. Now those legs were thicker than any kids his age, even bigger than Max (although that wasn’t that much in general, it was quite a lot for his height). His forearms showed the same growth, looking like thick roped were crawling under the skin and his arms filled his sleeves as well, followed by his shoulders and back, making him wider. Lastly his pecs pushed his t-shirt forward until it was clearly seen he had them even with clothes on, and his neck swelled too.

Tommy looked at himself in awe. Max was horrified. He looked at Sam. What would he say? He also felt envious, and lustful, and stupid. When he had grown the guard he didn’t remembered that he and his brother would both grow as well. He was pondering what to do when his buff kid brother hugged him with a strength he couldn’t rival.

“Is this what you asked for for me? Thanks, big bro!” He seemed happy.

Max chuckled thinking about the “big bro” part and wondered when his turn to grow would come. He looked at his muscle brother up and down. Luckily, he seemed to had put just about 30 pounds of muscle. As far as he knew, he could have put 100 and then he would look like a mini hulk. He realized he was wondering how his brother looked underneath that now tight clothing.

Then, Sam had to bring him back to reality.

“What YOU asked for him? Max… Explain this. NOW.”

Max looked at Tommy, looking for help, but the boy was too busy flexing parts of his body he didn’t know that could be flexed. He’d had very little in the way of muscle… before.

Max sighed and told Sam everything. When he finished, he could tell Sam was containing the urge to punch him in the face.

“You asked a djinn a wish? How could you be so stupid?”

Sam let him go for a bit and started walking right and left. Then, after five minutes he stopped in front of him again.

“And what do we do now? Tomorrow when he goes to school, he will look like a hulk or a freak next to his puny classmates, and we can’t explain his body even if he stays home for a month! The school will start making questions, doctors will come, and maybe even the government… shiiiiit—”

“Oh, then there will be no problem.” Said Max smiling. He just had a great idea.

“What do you mean?”

“I just need to do this: I wish the whole school’s students will grow as much as Tommy.”

“NO!” Sam shouted, but it was too late. He became frozen. Max realized that the wish had affected him too, as the students from elementary to high school attended classes in the same building. Luckily, it was an all-boy’s school. Musclegirls would be a little weird to explain. He looked at his older cousin growth, not understanding why he looked horrified.

“Oh shit, this feels good.” Sam’s body seemed to inflate all at the same time, his magician suit stretching to contain the swelling mass. He was athletic with 6 feet and about 185 pounds, but his weight was increasing. He estimated he would weight about 220 when he was finished. He didn’t know if his magician’s suit would last, but a ripping sound in the swelling back said NO. Sam looked at his right arm and flexed it. A tennis ball formed. He relaxed his arm and flexed it again. It was now a baseball. He flexed it again and the sleeve ripped under the pit.

A button from the shirt came flying from his chest towards Tommy and then Tommy looked up from his own bod to realize Sam was growing. “Cool!”

The pants didn’t rip, but were so skintight (and what a tight!) that he didn’t thought they would survive a flex.

“Fuck! This suit wasn’t cheap, oh shit!” Sam groaned as his expanding butt forced his crotch to tighten around his package. It seemed to stimulate him too as in the tight clothing his boner wasn’t able to be hidden.

Of course when Sam finished growing, Max was boned as well. But he wasn’t worried about that at the moment. Sam looked enraged.

“You little prick! What have you done?”

“You don’t like it?” he asked, smiling innocently.

“Oh, I love it, 30 pounds of muscle feels great. However, I’m not sure I’ll like when I grow a ton, you big idiot!”


“Remember! Each time you grow someone, you and Tommy will grow. If you make a wish about someone growing along with Tommy, you’ll start a never ending cycle of growth!!!“Oh shit—” Max realized then.

“Ok, I’ll go change clothes, sneak into the museum and ask the genie a wish so I can reverse your wishes. It’s the only way. You two go to bed, it’s almost 2 a.m.!”

“Sam has a boner!” Tommy sang, laughing and pointed at Sam tented tight pants.

“Shut up!” Sam went to his room, with his face red.

Then Tommy pointed at Max. “Max has a boooneeeer!”

Max just grabbed his arm and carried him to the room they shared. It wasn’t easy, Tommy weighed now more than him. He wondered again why he hadn’t grow yet, the 5 hour span were almost done.

Tommy started to undress and Max had to look away not to cum right there. Through the window, he saw Sam walking away. He then had an idea.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” he said.

Tommy just yawned and went to sleep. Max decided to go after Sam from far away so he didn’t notice. It didn’t matter if he had left enough ahead that he couldn’t follow him. He knew his destination was the museum.

But he lost him right before reaching the place. He had just to turn the corner and… run to hide behind some bushes.

The museum was surrounded by three police cars with the lights on and about 5 policemen were walking around. He feared his brother had been caught, but before he could turn away, someone from behind grabbed him with a muscled arm around his chest and arms and another hand for his mouth so he didn’t scream.

“Don’t say a word,” a familiar voice commanded him.

He relaxed a bit, it was Sam.

Shit! The policemen were using big flashlights around.

Both stayed still, not moving an inch.

“What happened here?” Max asked in a low voice.

“I’d like to know that too. Why did you follow me?” he replied just as quietly.

A light passed really close to their hiding spot and Sam pressed into him more, so both were less noticeable. Max’s groin started to swell due to the feeling of muscles pressed against his back, even Sam’s crotch was pressing his butt. He checked his cousin out without moving his head, with his hands he touched a pair of stretchable cycling shorts and a tank top that must be really tight.

Then he felt Sam’s arms hugging him with more strength. And more.

“Stop pressing me, you’re hurting me,” he complained.

“I’m not moving, it’s you who… oh shit.”

Max felt it now. He was growing his chest, back and arms were swelling outwards, pushing Sam’s arms further away from him. His butt pressed on his cousin’s crotch and he had to rearrange his standing as his legs filled the space between them and out. He touched his right pec and felt the muscle (he had muscle!!!!) form and expand. In that arm he was using he felt his biceps and forearms inflating with mass, soon touching each other.

It was such a turn on, especially feeling his cousin’s arms around him.

Next to him, Sam was feeling quite flustered. It was hot enough to happen to himself, but feeling his cousin expanding muscles rubbing his own was too much for him. The swelling butt was pressing his boner more and more. It was the middle of the night and quite dark (thus the flashlights of the police) but he could hear the ripping sounds of Max’s clothing.

Max’s growth continued for a bit more. It was such a hot feeling that he couldn’t help rubbing his hand on his cock. He wasn’t noticing his growth lasted more than his brother or cousin. In fact, in his own lusty mind he just realized his cock would look smaller in his more muscled frame. He felt his cousin’s boner pressing his own expanding muscle butt and grinned.

Grow three inches,” he said in a groan.

Sam’s body froze. He had heard him say that and couldn’t believe it. What the hell has he” Sam moaned. His boner enlarged from the 7 incher it had been to an incredible 10 incher.

The feeling was too intense, and suddenly he came in his overstretched boxers.

Max chuckled. His growth was halting and his body was now able to move more than a hand or his neck.

“Max, you’d better run, cause when I get my hands on you—” Sam growled in his ear.

Max didn’t wait for Sam to finish, he just ran away, as silently and fast as he could.

He checked his legs as he run.

“Fuck!” he couldn’t help it. His legs were double or three times the thickness of before, way bigger than a normal teenager from his school, almost to the point of looking freaky, if you compared it to how he was before… the muscles rippled and bulged with each step. His arms and chest had suffered a similar fate. He was bigger than a regular gymnast. He slowed down a bit to see himself in the dim light of the street. His clothes were in tatters. Shirt torn and pant legs too, he must have grown about 80 pounds, all muscle! He wondered if those were the side effects of just his first wish or the combined effect of the two wishes. His dream was now a reality.

And soon with a bigger cock to match.

He resumed his run enjoying the new weight and the new mass of muscle bouncing as he run.

At home he went directly to the bathroom and took of the remains of his clothing, including undies. He looked like a beginner bodybuilder in just a frame of 5’5. He jerked off again and just when he was about to shoot, his cock grew 6 more inches so quick that his mind went a bit dizzy from the blood leaving his head. He shoot with his 11 incher a small load, like always.

He checked his deflating monster. His nuts were so small compared to his huge member—

“No, I can’t… I shouldn’t… right?”

He cleaned himself a bit and with his soft 6 incher slapping his muscle tights he entered his room. Next to his brother’s bed, he saw some ripped pajamas. Tommy, it seemed, had tried to put pjs on but they were too small for him. He was soundly asleep, with the covers far away from him, apparently being thrown in his sleep, in just his undies.

Max couldn’t help pondering: “Will he have a side effect too if I wish on him?”


Part 3

On his way home, Sam felt a bit humiliated, cumming in front of his little cousin and revealing how turned on he was by the whole issue. Well, not really in front of him—

He was in front of the door, ready to use his key to open it when he froze.

“Oh shit—” he knew the feeling. It was the same a bit ago. He looked at the package held by the stretchable shorts, a bigger package of his now 5-inch softie and the feeling was more intense, although too quick to give time to bone. In seconds, his soft cock grew 4 more inches, his new 9-inch softie pressing outwards obscenely and he felt something else. His nuts doubled in size. Making his package even more noticeable.

“Shit, everyone at school is growing like this?” He wondered

And he entered his house.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Max stared at the over-filled undies of his little brother. Or should he say, younger brother instead? It had been so hot seeing the previous wish’s side-effect adding to the new wish of double nut size at the same time. He laughed at the wish he’d almost made, for “double” nuts. That would have made him have instead of a size double, another pair of nuts. Lucky him for realizing in time. He went to bed, eager to see what more changes would the morning bring.

Sam opened his cousins’ room. He saw them asleep and all muscled and hung and decided to wait till morning to yell at Max again. It was too late for recriminations. He went to the bathroom, took a leak with his monster cock and watched it rose to hard state in awe. He didn’t have a ruler but he didn’t need it to estimate the length of the monster before him. It should be over a foot long by much! Maybe 15 or 16 inches. He felt himself lucky of his added strength because jerking of such a tool needed a lot of effort, specially with nuts the size of tennis balls bouncing up and down. The cum explosion was a sight to behold. He needed 15 minutes to clean the mess.

The alarm woke him up the next day at 7. He looked down and saw his morning wood tenting the sheets in a way it wasn’t possible. Also, the shape his body had under the covers was bigger than when he went to bed about 5 hours ago.

“Oh yeah,” he mused to himself in awe. “In five hours, tops, Tommy would grow cause the whole school, including me, grew, and that made us grow again. Maybe a few minutes ago, or maybe a couple hours ago. And in 5 hours, more or less, he would grow again (and Max as well) from the wish side effect, ‘cause we just grew, causing us all to grow… and so on. Not to mention our cock and nuts. School is gonna be a chaos today, if the parents let their kids to go. I wonder if doctors will have an avalanche of worried parents with their buffed up and hung kids—”

He kept on pondering those kind of things while his massive cock bounced with each heartbeat. Not knowing what to expect, he threw away the covers.

He gasped.

He had grown of course, but his muscles not that much from last time, probably just 15 pounds (235p). Now he looked like he had been hitting the gym forever and ready to compete. His beefy pecs didn’t help his morning wood at all, slaping his tight abs an inch or 2 below his big chest. His nuts weren’t that much bigger either, but they were big enough already. He tried to encircle the veiny monster but needed 2 hands. He wondered if he could suck himself.

Max was awoke too and a similar body greeted him. The percentage was different from his brother, so Sam and Tommy had a similar growth, but different from him. Their last growth had been more impressive for Tommy in the cock department. Tommy’s sleepy form showed such a bulge that if he would get hard, he would rip his overstretched undies for sure.

In Max’s case, his cock had grown but just an inch, reaching the footlong mark, but it was his muscles which were more than impressive. He looked like a bodybuilder compressed into his height. With a more dramatic effect. He was about 4 feet wide at the shoulders and his waist remained as narrow as a wasp, although it seemed full of abs and intercostals, and his lats pushed his arms a lot so he couldn’t carry them straight down like before. His pecs formed a great sight and shadowed most of his body. He had to bend to check his impressive wide legs, although not his huge cock.

He left Tommy in his bed, sleeping like a buffed hung angel and went to the bathroom, where he found Sam posing and flexing his muscles with the biggest boner he had ever seen in his life. Sam had already measured it at 21 inches.

“Whoa,” both exclaimed as they checked each other.

Sam narrowed his eyes. “Mind explaining why I have a baseball bat for a boner?”

Max was hypnotized. “Horniness?” then he did something Sam didn’t expect. He kneeled down and started licking the massive rod.

“Max? What the… oh my god—” Sam felt weak in the knees and fell down on his muscled bubble but. Making it easier for Max to worship the huge member, with was throbbing in synch with his own huge tool.

Max was thankful for having a big mouth, which was just able to swallow the fist sized cockhead and only left Sam asking for more, until he cum with such force that Max was thrown a foot away, from the cum hose.

“I-I’ll take 2 of those, please,” an exhausted Sam managed to say before letting all his members to rest on the floor (his head too).

Max didn’t know what to say or what had possessed him to throw away all his shyness. He stood in silence, waiting for his cousin to say something.

Sam stayed lying on the floor for some more seconds and Max reclined and sat, using his thick arms for support behind him.

“You know, cousin, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I should call you ‘Vacuum’ instead of Max.”

Max grinned “Wanna try too?” he said pointing to his raging hard on.

Sam arched a brow. “Sure, join me in the shower and let me see what can I do.”

30 minutes later, Tommy woke up with a pain in his undies, so he took them off, laughing at his huge package. Of course normally a kid his age didn’t have a 9 and a half inch soft cock. Well, no adult would either, but that didn’t concern him. He was so hungry he just followed the smell from the kitchen.

A naked almost 15 year old, with a horse cock bouncing right and left and muscles to shame a gymnast compressed into his 5 feet frame would be something else in that kitchen if it wasn’t for the 16 year old with the 8-inch soft cock and 200 pounds in a 5’5 frame, eating a toast, and the 18 year-old with the foot long soft cock reaching past half way his knees and 235 bodybuilder body frying eggs in a pan. Both teens looked at the hyper kid with bug wide eyes at the youngest teen having the biggest, thickest soft cock of them all—of anyone they’d ever seen, for that matter, none of them unable to avoid getting a semi.

And those were huge semis.

Not to mention all of them with huge nuts to top it off.

Tommy sat on an empty chair and grabbed the cereal and Sam set the rest of the food and sat too.

Everyone ate in silence until Sam spoke.

“Listen, I know things went out of control, but I’ll fix them tonight. Until then, two basic rules. First, no one talks about why this is happening. If they ask at school, be as surprised as them. And yes, you are going to school.”

Max nodded, he wasn’t going to say anything anyway. Tommy shrugged, making his traps to rise till they reached his ears. Max stopped looking at either of them to keep his semi just a semi.

“And second,” Sam continued, “no more wishes, Max. Just hope that we don’t get musclebound before I can fix this”

Max nodded. He already had as much as he wanted. In fact, he was starting to get the meaning to that saying, be careful what you wish for.

“Go get some clothes, and baggy ones, as you’ll grow more at school. You have 15 minutes before the bus comes.”

The three finished breakfast (they needed more food than normal so they also needed more time) and went to their rooms to dress, which was a real challenge, specially for Tommy. Both he and Max had to wear Sam’s old clothes which weren’t especially baggy but would do, but they were too long for Tommy (although not baggy at all). The underwear was a real problem. Only Max could wear underwear that fit (from Sam) and even so, the bulge it made was obvious. Tommy didn’t go commando, as an old overused jockstrap was able to hold his huge cock and balls without being too tight due to big butt. However, the cup only fit his balls and part of his cock was out. Sam couldn’t fit anything and his no longer baggy jeans were making such a bulge he felt more obscene than going naked. He didn’t want to think what could happen if he got a boner. Luckily for them, Sam had thought it well and made them all to wear some extra clothing in their bags, just in case.


Part 4

The three hyper studs arrived to the empty bus stop just in time for the bus to pick them on. Normally high schoolers over 16 get a license and drove to school, but Sam didn’t have the money to maintain a car. Though now that he was 18 the paperwork had started on giving him access to all his inheritance, as would be the case for the other two in a few years.

They entered the bus and only eight other students were there. The scene was quite comical, cause when they all reached their own friends, they had to fake surprise of their change. As Sam suspected not even half the students appeared that day, especially from among the younger ones. Only five other kids showed up that day from Tommy’s class. But it seems older kids didn’t get the same reaction from the parents (or they hid their changes from them) so only eight kids missed school from Max’s class and none from Sam’s.

One of Max’s best friends, Alex, was absent too and he was sorry that he had had to go to doctors because of him. But at least his other two friends, Jude and Stu, were there. They rode the same school bus and were twins. They were jocks and particularly good-looking, but never acted like it. Maybe because they had some kind of weird “twin link” that made them kind of… into each other, like not really interested in other people. In fact, only Alex and Max hung out with them.

And as they had nice bodies to begin with, the changes on them worked incredibly well. They had red hair and green eyes and their skin was always pale, but not sick looking. They were both 5’10” tall and had about 220 pounds on them now, carved in the form of ripped muscles without an ounce of fat. Max had the feeling his school will be filled with bodybuilders.

Max couldn’t look at them too much or his boner would be impossible to conceal.

“Wow, Max! you got huge!” Jude greeted him.

“Everyone got huge!” added Stu.

“But you look way bigger cause you’re so short,” said Jude.

“Not short where it counts anymore,” joked Stu, checking his ample package.

Yeah, they are the kind of people who didn’t care if they said inappropriate stuff. They weren’t exactly gay. But they didn’t seem interested in girls or talk about them, same as Max and Alex. Max suspected they were interested in each other in that way too.

And with a glimpse, Max realized they must both have a footlong hidden in their crotches, same as his cousin. He distracted himself with the bus ceiling so he didn’t show in his pants even more than he was already.

Sam joined Al in the back of the half empty bus. His friend looked more than happy with his changes. He was a wrestler but that was a façade to be able to train all he wanted, to get the bodybuilder look he had always craved. And now he looked like one, big time. Sam had always had a crush on him, since he was a 210 pound ripped teen to begin with. Now at 260 he looked like a pro bodybuilder, his arms must be 21 inches, estimated Sam, and his chest stretched the tank top he wore big time. Looking at the thickness his legs showed on those overstretched cargo shorts and the huge diamond shaped calves, Sam wondered if his friend waddled when walking already and the tube running down his leg looked bigger than his own.

And I’m already a foot long soft! How big must he be hard? Sam thought.

That thought made his own monster to swell with blood enough to be uncomfortable (more uncomfortable), so he sat next to him without checking him more. Unfortunately they were both so big that their bodies couldn’t help pressing together in the seat.

“This is incredible, Sam! Everyone has gotten huge! Look there, Jeremy the computer nerd!” Al pointed to two seats before theirs and Sam checked the teen sitting there. There was no nerd there, or at least, no nerd had such wide shoulders barely contained by a shirt. “Even kids grew! You should see my lil bro! Well, my mother freaked out a bit. I guess it’s normal when the kid wakes up with a 10 incher slapping his muscled legs and damn, hard he’s, well—” he stopped himself from saying more, looking away.

Sam shrugged, but inside he was astonished! What he mean—wasn’t he Tommy’s age? He looked the bus front rows of seats where Tommy and Al’s brother, Freddy, were sitting, not knowing what to say. “Must be some allergic reaction from the school food, don’t you think? I mean, only students grew after all.”

Al seemed to ponder it for a while. “Maybe, well, I’d have said it was you using your magic, you’re the magician here after all,” he joked

“Right, as if my magic tricks could cause this!” Sam faked a laugh.

“Well, if it was you, I’d punch you.” He said seriously.


“I mean, why wait so long to grow me? That’s mean!” he joked, smiling. “What I am sure is that today I’ll test your theory and stuff myself with the cafeteria food.”

“You wanna get bigger? You look impressive already!” Sam praised him.

“I know, and you too, Mr. Shy Guy, but if everyone grows as well, what’s the point? Not that I mind seeing buff hot guys everywhere,” he said winking at him.

Sam blushed. Is it possible—

“What I mean is, I’d like to be bigger than the rest, to be admired and well, you know.”

“You might be already bigger than the rest—” Sam whispered, his gaze running along the shaft of his friend.

“You’re not so much behind me in the size there!” He punched his shoulder, playfully.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the second row of the bus, Tommy was listening to his friend Freddy talk, although he didn’t understand everything he was saying.

“I really tell you, it was incredible, I’ve never felt like that before! But Al says I shouldn’t do it in public, so I can’t wait to go to the toilet.”

“So you want to jack off in the bathroom at school?” Tommy asked amazed.

“This is what bigger boys do. I’ve caught Al doing it a lot of times, but yesterday he was so much bigger—”

“We’re bigger everywhere! Isn’t it cool!” exclaimed Tommy, carefully not mentioning any djinn or wish.

Freddy nodded in agreement, flexing his arms, straining his sleeves even more.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A bit more in the back of the bus, Max and the twins were making bets.

“Marcus Brand,” said Stu.

“That guy doesn’t count, he’s in another class and he’s older. I agree he must be the most massive, but in the cock department it has to be Rod,” said Jude.

“Everyone says he has a foot long boner. Have you ever asked Sam? He’s in his class,” Stu added.

Max grinned devilishly. “I did, but he said he hadn’t seen him hard yet, but in the showers, he has seen him soft and he thinks the rumors must be true.”

“Shit, his boner must reach his chin now—” The teens were getting to excited talking about it and their cocks were dangerously bigger than a soft state.

“How about Alex?” suggested Max “He was already big to begin with.”

“He hasn’t come so I guess we can’t check it, besides, he’ll probably be at the doctor, you know his mom. She’s probably contacted an exorcist by now or something,” Stu joked.

“I feel a bit bad for him,” Max said with a little regret.

“Hey, it’s not as if it was your fault,” replied Jude.

“Ha, ha, yeah—”


Part 5

When the bus arrived to the school building. Sam watched the smaller kids run to the entrance, their huge horse-sized bulges bouncing with each step, the shorter the kid, the buffer he seemed. Some even waddled“If your mom freaked out, why is your brother here instead to the doctor?” he asked Al.

“She wanted to talk with my dad first, but he didn’t come yesterday after the call from the museum. It seems there was a robbery,” he answered while they went to first class of the morning.

“Oh—” Sam realized that was the reason of the policemen there. Then the thought occurred to him and he stopped walking. “Al… what was stolen?”

“I dunno yet. He just mentioned old crap.”

Old… oh my god… please, not the lamp…

The bell rang and Max and the twins ran towards their class. The town they lived in wasn’t very big, that’s why not only there was only one building for all the kids up through high school age, but also, there was only one class per grade. So all 16 year old teens were in the same class. Normally there were just 20 other guys in Max’s class, but with the change, only 14 including him were present that day. Max supposed the hospital and doctor’s offices would be busy that day. Even if it were fewer students than usual, it was just as crowded, as the remaining students occupied more space.

Max looked around. For a gay guy lusting for muscle and cock, he was in paradise. No matter who he looked at, everyone was muscled and hung. None was prepared for the sudden growth spurt, so most clothing was really tight. Recalling the vicious circle wish he had provoked, soon the students would be less clothed than now.

He checked the time. 8:30. In less than 2 hours, his brother and himself will grow again, provoking a wave of growth. It could be anytime. It was kind of exciting.

The teacher, Mr Brown, entered the class without even looking and sat down, making a roll call. It was when he reached the first missing student when he looked at them and did a double take.

Max joined the laughs.

The class was more or less the same boring routine. It was history after all. Nothing interesting happened until the door opened and a hulking teen appeared, making Max’s heart to jump.

It was Alex Masters, his best friend and his crush since he met him two years ago. And no wonder, he was too cute to watch. He had a squarish face with a dimple in his chin, straight nose and round puppy dark blue eyes. Every time Max looked at him, he felt like losing himself in the deep blue sea. Both were in the swim team, and till that day, it had been a sort of embarrassment for Max due to his small size. He had only stayed on the team because of the extra time he could hang out with Alex. And because he could check him and the rest of the team in the showers. That’s why he suggested before to the twins that Alex could be the biggest kid in his class. He was kind of athletic too with a toned body.

What entered the classroom couldn’t be called toned. He looked like a buff model and he wore—

Cyclist shortsMax guessed that bulge couldn’t fit anything else. That bulge had to be bigger than Sam’s.

Max waved his hand at him and stopped watching him cause the swelling of his cock was too uncomfortable. Alex sat next to him, like always. Being careful not to crush his massive bulge.

“Sorry for being late, Mr Brown. My parents brought me to the doctor. They think something weird happened to my body, can you believe it?” he joked

The rest of the class laughed as well.

Later on, he passed Max a paper with a message.

“The doctors were going crazy,” it read. “It was full of hysterical parents and buffed out kids and all of us so hung!!! I can’t believe what’s happening! And I can’t wait for swim practice. Btw, you look great ;)”

Max blushed and looked at him smiling, then it hit him.

Swim practiceIn his school there were only two sports you could join, although, of course, you could play anything you wanted in the recesses. Swimming and wrestling.

Maybe they’ll add a third one, body building… if there are posers big enough. He thought with an inner laugh.

Then a strange feeling hit him. Well, not so strange. His package was growing again. Balls and cock. He tried not to make a face, but Alex noticed something. Then he saw movement below Max’s waist and his eyes opened wide when he saw his bulge growing. It swelled and swelled and swelled still.

Then a ripping sound broke the silence in the class. All the heads turned to him and he went red.

“Sorry, I move my arm and I ripped a seam. Can I go to the toilet for a second, Mr. Brown?”

There was some whispering, but they stopped staring. Only Alex didn’t buy it. He was still looking at the massive bulge on his friend’s pants.

The teacher let him go and Max walked with a poker face and not daring to run until he went outside the classroom. The sudden growth down there was giving him a boner he couldn’t stop. He reached the bathroom and entered a stall silently; he didn’t want to be caught. Just when he was lowering his pants to let the swelling monster out he heard some whispering from the stall next to his.

“Did you hear someone coming?” said a voice.

“No.” answered a familiar one.


“Anyway, take it out, I think yours is bigger,” said the first voice.

“Ok, but then you take out yours and show me,” Tommy replied

What the hell???

Max was flipping. Without making a sound, he went up the toilet seat and peeked over the partition. There were Tommy and his friend Freddy with their monster cocks out. Freddy seemed to have 9 inches floppy donkey dick, just half an inch shorter than Tommy. Of course Tommy had to state it proudly.

“Ok, now you grab it and squeeze it softly and rub it up and down” Freddy showed him with his own tool.

Holy shit! He’s showing Tommy how he masturbatesThen he felt his own monster hitting the partition. Holding a grunt, he separated a bit to let his huge cock to go up all the way till it reached under his pecs. He felt so much pleasure he had to bit his lip.

Shit, it’s even more sensitive—

“Think of hot stuff to help it grow,” Freddy continued. “I asked my brother and he told me other people’s bodies worked.”

“Okay,” Tommy replied, suddenly very focused on his own member.

Max watched in awe as both kids rubbed their horsecocks and they started to inflate longer and thicker.

“It feels weird—” Tommy said .

Max was admiring the view, both cocks were so big that he felt like they needed help, but he rather watch. He noticed a wet spot on his tee shirt. His cockhead leaking pre.

Both Freddy’s and Tommy’s cocks were as hard as they would get and even if they were smaller than him (he was a bit smaller than 2 feet long now after all) they looked freaky in their short muscled bodies. Tommy was still bigger at 19 inches (he’s a grower) inches while Freddy was just 16 (yeah, JUST 16 few inches of cock at almost 15 years old lol). Their moans made him join them in their cock-rubbing from his hiding spot.

Then he felt another guy was next to him, peeking as well with his own huge cock in his hand. It was—

“ALEX!” he said, too loud from the surprise. Alex, grinning, put his finger in front of his mouth and hissed.

Luckily, it was the same very moment the kids came and they didn’t realize they were being watched.

Max looked at his crush and the huge pole on him. If he must had a 14 soft cock (from the huge bulge he made before), he had to be over 2 feet long now. He made an effort not to throw himself on him there and then.

He looked again at the 2 kids that thought they were alone. Just then Tommy froze. Max knew well what was going to happen. He and Alex watched as Tommy’s massive boner started inching higher and higher while he moaned until a 25” long boner with the thickness of his arm.

“Wow!” both kids exclaimed at once.

Then Alex went rigid, he opened his mouth and Max, looking how they were going to be heard when Alex cried out, had a though hit his mind and he just acted on it. Alex’s mouth had to be shut and his hands were on his mighty boner. There was only one other way to block it.

With his own mouth.

That wasn’t how he imagined his first kiss would be, but it did the trick. The moans of the swelling cock teen were muffled. Both teens didn’t realize a cock was growing freakier or that the kids were gone (after Freddy’s growth, of course).

“Wow,” Alex managed to say, regaining his breath.

“Sorry,” Max said, blushing furiously.

“Don’t be.” Alex replied, winking. Then something blocked the way between both teens eyes.

It was Alex’s boner. Standing like a power tower. Just a minute ago it looked like the twin of Tommy’s tower. Now it was like an older bro tower. Later on, he would measure it at 30 inches. But right then, Alex stuck out his tongue, and without even bending down his neck, he licked it. Just that touch make it cum like a fountain.

Max’s own tool shot as well. Max was lost between his own lust, his first kiss with the guy he liked (or loved?) and the thought of Alex not being the only one to grow after Tommy.


Part 6

And indeed, 9:25 am was the first wave of genital growth among students that day. Nobody thought it was weird, all of them growing at the same time. And all of them grew the same amount soft (hard would vary, depending the degree of grower/shower of each person).

Sam had a really painful boner running down his leg, like most of his class. None of the 18 youngsters were missing that day and almost all of them were boned by the sight of one among them. Rodney Stars, Nicknamed THE ROD for even more obvious reasons now.

Rod was a gifted young stud. He was a bit cocky but not really a bad guy. He had been hitting the weights for a long time, and gained a lot of mass for his age, and he had competed in bodybuilding once and almost won. Besides, it was his huge package what gave him his nickname. The rumors were true. The teen was, the day before, just 250 pounds and had a soft cock of 8 inches and a boner of a foot. His testosterone levels had caused him problems but he managed to behave.

Sam held his breath when he saw him enter the classroom. A 300 pound freak wearing a tanktop that barely held his pecs. His legs so thick he had to walk funny and he was wearing some shorts that had once seemed extra-baggy in a past life. His 16 inch soft cock strained the fabric of his cargo shorts even more than his muscle, the tip almost showing down his leg. It reached his knee. THAT was how big it was.

None of the class was thinking about the equations the teacher was scrawling in the blackboard—and even less when the growth wave hit them all.

The class filled with moans. Sam’s boner swelled inside the left pantleg, thicker and longer, at least 5 or 6 inches. It stopped growing at 27 inches of fat cock when it reached half his ankle (his left leg was unable to bend) and it ripped the inner seam of his left pantleg, hiting under his desk and almost the chair of the student in front of him. It wasn’t the only one with rips in his pants. Rod was putting on a real show, his almost 20 inch soft cock would show the whole head under the pantleg of his cargo shorts. It would show just that if the added girth hadn’t ripped his way out. Now his elephantine cock was resting on his chair and 4 or 5 inches of it were hanging off the edge of the chair.

Some minutes afterwards, the bell rang and the teacher stormed out, not feeling well and going home for the rest of the day. Most of the teachers did the same.

(That recess had the bathrooms overflowed with horny students with boners that looked taken out from some gay comic book. With balls to match. Not many pants were intact at school when the second class started. And none of them from the oldest teens’ classroom.)

His eyes fixed on Rod, Sam wiped the cum from his desk with some Kleenex with the help of Al. After all, half the mess was his. Al’s soft 17 incher was still dripping same as his own 15”. Seeing Rod jerking off his 35++ incher made the whole class into a whole circle jerk. The growth was really stimulating. The most surprising thing was that no guy looked unhappy about their change. Sam wondered if it was all part of the magic.

“Dude, I’m still amazed, we’re still growing, I wonder how big we’ll get. But damn. Fucking Rod, he’s still bigger. If only—” Al complained.

Sam pondered it; maybe he can talk with Max and grow Al bigger before Sam reversed the wish. Just the thought of Al bigger made his pendulous cock grow past his knee. He was turning into such a size queen'then he recalled the lamp might be stolen and felt a shiver run down his spine. He was in the swim team like his cousin so maybe during practice… then he wondered if he would fit into a Speedo by then. The thought sent more blood to his already engorged member.

“Careful, man. The teacher might come in at any moment, don’t provoke another orgy,” teased a smiling Al, looking at Sam’s 20 inch semihard cock as it kept slowly growing.

Sam smiled. He wondered if his friend had been gay all that time or if it was the magic playing tricks on them.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At 12 o’clock, there was a recess of 2 hours to eat at the cafeteria. Max walked with his three friends knowing it wouldn’t be long before the new muscle growth started to hit him and Tommy (and the rest).

He went to the line to get his food. He waited a bit and glanced over the cafeteria. It wasn’t really big, but enough for all the students to gather at the same time to eat. And normally most students didn’t eat at the very same time. He saw Tommy with his small group of classmates. All of them were so short and at the same time so massive… Tommy was the average at 160 and all were bulging everywhere, especially on their crotches. More than one were sporting a boner that even at that distance was visible tenting their shirts. Yup most of them could reach over 2 feet when boned so it was not weird those boners reached over their pecs, which already strained the clothing. Adding that to the massive cock joining the fight for space, he wouldn’t be surprised if most of them ended tearing their shirts before the recess was over. It was more impressive the older they were as they were hornier and bigger. Thus clothes were ending up more torn.

Them Alex patted his shoulder behind him. He couldn’t help glancing down and watch the huge cockhead covered by foreskin peeking under the knee, since his cyclist shorts only reached half thigh (or even less since his tree trunk legs used so much space they made the clothing to stretch and cover less leg.

Then he realized that Alex was asking him to move since the line had moved before him. He smiled at him and turned, but he didn’t have time to give a step when he felt a sudden rush of energy. Way stronger that the ones he had been feeling till then. Alex’s hand was still on his shoulder and he felt his delts swelling, pushing the hand open. Max gasped and inhaled and his chest expanded. And expanded. And then some more. His shirt was killing him. Not his sleeves, not anymore, since they ripped from the muscle his arms were getting. His legs weren’t left out of the fun and they thickened with new cords of muscle. He was glad of the seam ripped from his pantleg, otherwise his cock would be crushed. But at the same time, there was no space for his cock down the leg and was hanging all 14 inches down to his knee, which was surrounded by the lower part of his engorged quads. Well, it should be 14 but the feeling had made him get a semi and his now 20 incher hanging was such a nice view.

Then he could move again. He felt huge. He sensed the new weight and knew he had grown way more than the previous times. He knew the most he could grow each time was 5 times 20 pounds but he still didn’t think he had gained 100 pounds. Maybe 80 or so. All in all, growing 80 pounds so quick made an incredible difference. He estimated he should weigh 300 pounds. At 5’5 feet tall! No wonder his clothes were mostly in tatters on the floor. He was so entranced by his growth that he hadn’t realized most of the ripping. He looked down at himself while readjusting his stance. After all, his wider legs needed more space and he had to separate them. He was topless of course and after bending his back forward a bit, he could see past his pecs. His muscled legs were on display, the same as his arms. In fact, only the waistband of his pants still held, with some torn clothing hanging from it. It hid some of his genials, but at least half his cock was visible. Well, that would be if he was soft, but nobody could blame him on being hard, his 22 proud inches not reaching under his chin due to the gravity of his cock, that made it to hang an angle of 45 degrees—and his pecs would let it not reach his chin in any case.

So that was how things were. He was in a public place, the cafeteria of the school no less, while almost all the school there and watching him. And he had just hulked out of his clothes and hyperboned in front of everyone.

I want to die…

But before he could puke from embarrassment, he realized half the student body were cheering on him while boning and the other half were boned and jerking off. Nobody cared, or was scared or angry. They were too horny for that. The cocks that weren’t free due to holes they had made or ripping their pants from previous growth, did get free then, to enjoy the feeling. Students weren’t just jerking off, some were blowing the next guy over. Jude and Stu were making out while stroking each other’s cock and Alex had trouble with his 30 incher trapped in the elastic fabric. It extended past his mid-shin and forced him to lift his left leg, the huge cockhead pointing to Max’s pecs. He couldn’t help it, kneeled before him, opened wide and, not knowing how he did it, swallowed the cantaloupe sized cockhead. Of course there was no way the rest of the shaft would follow him, just getting the cockhead inside was an inhuman feat. Max thanked his big mouth and the accident years ago that fractured his jaw and allowed to unlock it whenever he wanted. Not that he had needed to before, but—

His own cock tip reached one of his friend’s hands and he started rubbing it too. Soon it became a cumfest and Max made an effort not to let a drop to waste and shut his mouth tightly around Alex’s cock. He then heard a moan higher than the rest and from the corner of his eye, he saw his brother Tommy bumping his hips while he jerked off his own beast, moaning as he had never seen him. Then he saw his brother’s cock expanding as he came. His hands had to open more to accommodate the added girth while the cockhead shoved up further an inch, then 2, 3” The growth halted at 32 inches long, bigger than the massive tool Max had in his mouth. Then he felt his jaw opening more as the cockhead inside his mouth expanded. Groans of ecstasy were everywhere. After some pleasurable seconds and several dozen loads, all their boners, which reached over the 30 inch mark (some even over the 40), started to deflate. That was a relief for Max, who had reached the max width of his jaw and it was starting to hurt.

It was a good thing some students were helping at the cafeteria or else there would be no one left to serve the food, since the adults in charge there had run away some time ago. After calming a bit, things went back to normal at the cafeteria. Of course normal in terms of a teen bodybuilding contest mixed with elephant genitalia, but at least the sexual tension was a bit under control after the massive cumming session that took hold there.

Sam entered the cafeteria followed by Al. In fact, Al was pasted to the 18 year old because his boner inserted in his Sam’s hole refused to get soft and after the growth had started while they were fucking in an empty toilet stall. It had been difficult finding an empty one. Seems most people in his class had the same idea, but not many had grown to 37 inches while fucking. (Alex is big for his age). The stimulation in his ass did little to deflate Sam’s 34 inch monster, although none of them compared to the titanic tool Rod had been jerking in the bathroom. That thing was about 4 inches under 4 feet.

Sam knew things were getting out of control quickly. He saw his cousin eating at a table with his friends, way more muscled than in the morning, and he couldn’t help leaking pre at the sight. With Al groping to his rear, he grabbed some food for the both of them and had no other choice that sitting on Al’s lap. He couldn’t believe 37 inches were inside of him. He hoped his internal organs were intact but he didn’t feel any pain, so he didn’t worry. There was magic involved so he didn’t try to think it out too much. Instead, once he finished eating, he moved his butt as fast as he could until he felt a new cum explosion inside him and took that chance and that force to get off of the intruding tool. He felt sadly empty, but he knew it was surely better for his health.

He pondered what to do. He was in a hurry to change things so he should skip class and go directly to the museum. However, it was open and full of police too, and in daylight. It would be impossible to check the lamp, even if it was still there. On the other hand, he wasn’t allowed to skip his swimming practice. Their coach was huge and intimidating like a Spartan. He was a good guy (and young and hot) but just too competitive to let his team to be lazy. He guessed he would have to wait after practice, when the daylight was almost none.

Most of the teachers had gone home (or to the psychologist) so they all had study time, but almost no one did any studying, since they were too distracted with their own and other’s bodies and, also, by the muscle growth that happened some minutes before they entered class. Of course it all started with Tommy growing more muscle on him, but as soon as he had added 50 pounds of muscle, the whole school gained that amount, except Max, who had grown before. Obviously, it had the same effect as when Max had grown, devolving into a massive orgy. Nobody wondered where were their inhibitions had gone, since most of the school was straight, but nobody cared at the moment. Max enjoyed being the biggest in his class in muscle at 300 pounds and it was even more dramatic due to his short frame. He enjoyed it as much as pounding Alex perfect muscled bubble butt. That time, the twins weren’t horsing around with each other, but found Max and Alex’s mouths quite empty and shoved their huge dongs inside. Max was able to accommodate the massive cockhead, which was bigger than Alex was before his last growth spurt, but he managed. Alex on the other part, tried, but he was unable to and could only lick and rub the big anaconda offered by Stu.

They got their release some minutes before the final bell rang, giving them some time to clean things.


Part 7

Al, Sam, Rod and some others went to the locker room where they would change for wrestling and swimming practice, teens from other ages joined them till the lockerroom was full of titans of muscle and cock. Age 16 was the youngest allowed to join a team so Alex and the rest of guys from his class in the locker room were the youngest there. Tommy was in the library doing homework while he waited for them to finish so they could all go home together.

Max was a bit nervous while undressing what remained of his clothes. It couldn’t take much longer until Tommy’s muscles grew again and right after him, the rest of the school. He took out his Speedos and arched a brow. He looked around and he checked everyone on the swim team had the same trouble. How do you fit a cock into Speedos, when said cock was 14 inches soft. And that’s because he hadn’t grown yet there, the rest of the team was over 20 inches. And he was the most muscled of them all, he was thankful the Speedo was stretchy and his quads barely slipped through the gaps, but after stuffing his balls, at least 3 inches of man meat was visible. The rest wasn’t “technically” visible, but it stretched him so much that it was like painted on him. Even the veins were carved on the fabric. He managed putting them without getting a semi, which he considered to be a success, with his horniness over the roof. He was thankful that minutes earlier he had shot a good load over Alex’s tight muscle ass. He didn’t look at the rest having problems with their own sizes. Alex himself was one of the most hung from the team and had no choice but putting his cock under the waistband, but it didn’t conceal much, especially when you had almost a 2 feet long soft monster that curved round your hip and part of your left glute and with his balls using part of the space and his muscle butt even more, half his cock was visible from root to tip. He wasn’t the only one looking ridiculous in his Speedo. The singlets for the wrestling team were easier to hide their soft monster cocks, although since Rod was so muscled the straps that normally would reach his pecs, reached his mid abs, so his cock going up like the rest was half visible. In fact he should be careful not to make it escape. It made a huge omega shaped bulge in front of his abs, since if it were straight positioned, half would get out in front of his exposed pecs.

Both teams went different directions from the locker room. Max, Sam and the swimmers went to the swimming pool, while the rest went to the gym.

Both coaches almost had a heart attack when they saw each team. The wrestling coach fainted so they past the time working out their big muscles with dummies and stuff. The swimming coach almost fainted too, but he had heard stories that day from other teachers and almost knew what to expect.

However, reality was more of a shock. He saw Max and he got a bit ashamed of his own magnificent (compared to normal bodies) muscle tone. Then he glanced at Alex and his mighty bulge, his pride and joy wasn’t so much to be proud anymore. He was hung on regular standards, but there were teens not finished puberty yet in front of him with almost 2 feet of soft meat stuffing their speedos to the limit and then some.

“Ok, team. I have no idea of what is going on here and I don’t want to know, but don’t think you’re going to pass off this training session just because. So move those asses and dive already. I wanna see 20 laps in 15 minutes and I don’t wanna hear excuses of feeling slower or whatever. We’re not gonna lose the championship, do you hear me?”

“Yes coach!”

“Then move!”

Just when the last one had dived and joined the rest of swimmers, the coach sat on a bench and gave himself some hair with a folder he was always carrying. He felt a little light headed although he had done his best to hide it.

Max felt full of energy and so did the rest, who swam faster than ever. The strength from their limbs was much more powerful than the drag in aerodynamics from their huge obscene bulges. He reached one of the sides of the pool and was turning to make another lap when he saw his cousin Sam waving at him. He glanced at the coach but he seemed like he needed fresh air, so he approached Sam.

“What’s up?”

“Listen, I need a favor. After practice I’ll go to the museum to get the lamp and stop this growth cycle, but before I do that I want you to make one last wish to grow someone.”

Max smiled and arced a brow, intrigued. Sam went on.

“I’ll stop all of this at exactly 8 p.m. Two minutes before that time, I want you to wish for Al to grow 150 pounds of muscle, a foot in height and half a foot soft cock. Oh and also, make me able to accommodate his size, ok?”

“Holy shit!”

“You see, he wants to be bigger than the rest and—”

“Heh, you guys are such size queens—”

“Shut up! You’re like that too! Are you going to do it or not?”

“Sure, sure.” Max winked and resumed his laps, like the rest of the team. He remembered Al, Sam’s best friend, he giggled when he remember how they entered the cafeteria some hours earlier. Then he sped up, but some moments later, when he was heading for the stairs to get out, he froze in place. He moaned in pain and pleasure as his Speedo got tighter and tighter. It was as if he was getting hard, but without any rigidness, like a water balloon inflating. Inch after inch got out from his Speedo until there was a snap sound, and his Speedo fell on the floor, split in half.

He wondered why the growth spurts were more potent each time. They were supposed to be random. He looked intently and with a shit eating grin the monster his cock had become. 22 inches of soft meat that couldn’t remain soft for long. The coach fainted, which was the same as ordering to go shower. Or so they thought. They all went together to the shower area and by the time Max reached the place, his cock was over his head, reaching an astonishing size of 38 impossible inches. He had a cock over 3 feet long! Longer than half he was tall! It was like a thinner second torso protruding from his waist, same as Alex, whose erection had snapped the Speedo too. Each member of the team reached the showers in time for their erections to snap every Speedo and soon they were all naked, boned and massive, and Max the biggest of them all.

At least, until Tommy got his muscle growth. It could be at any moment now. But Max wasn’t thinking about that with the orgy that took place in the showerroom, only increased in numbers when the pumped wrestlers joined them, ripping their singles ala hulk Hogan style.

Tommy was wondering why they were taking so long when he felt a tingling on his arms, then his chest and finally his legs and back. He smiled and enjoyed the moment as his body expanded and what remained of his clothes failed to contain the muscle mass inflating him.

The muscle growth added to the passion flames already going on in the shower area everyone got lost in the pleasure and pecs went past watermelons and delts bigger than cannonballs while legs got so thick with muscle some would have to learn how to walk again. Again, Max was the one with the smallest muscle mass, but that was at 5’5, making him as massively proportionate as any of them. Besides, having one of the biggest cocks was a nice consolation price.

After they took a proper shower and laughed at the amount of cum that couldn’t pass through the water drain, they tried putting on the remaining of their clothing, but it was impossible. Only their socks and shoes fit well. The most they could do was fabricate some loincloths to cover their groins and ever those weren’t doing a good job, since most of their cocks reached the knee when soft. Rod was the one with more problems since his soft cock was almost 2 feet long and reached mid ankle with a width of a regular leg (not his current leg width which would put a pro bodybuilder to shame). As long as his arm and moving right and left with each waddle he made while walking. Max went to get Tommy so they could go home together and Sam reminded him about his last wish. They even synchronized watches.


Part 8

By the time they reached their home, it was already dark. Max posed in his room and jerked off, waiting for the time to make his wish, while Sam got inside the museum.

For a place just being robbed, the security sucked. It helped that he knew some tricks from his magic stuff. He checked his watch again. He loved his new muscles, more than he wanted to admit. However they weren’t good for sneaking in or trying to pass without being seen.

He knew the place where the lamp was, aaaaand…. Yes, there it was.

Sam got a great relief from seeing it. He approached, and with a whisper, unlocked the magic item so it could be used. A mere touch was all it needed for the giant djinn to appear.

“Behold the might of my power, puny mortal! Hum… maybe not so puny… Oho, I see you must be a result of the wish from the last summoner. I recall what has been happening. Truly entertaining.”

Sam watched his wristwatch and smiled, it was almost the time.

At home, Max was cleaning the mirror of his third load when he realized the time. He thought it a bit and expressed his last wish.

I wish, my cousin’s best friend Al to grow 200 pounds of muscle, a foot taller and 10 inches of soft cock and also to make Sam able to accommodate his meat in his ass.”

He had added more pounds and inches to the wish, but hey! He was a size queen tooSam felt something inside of him moving, it was so weird it scared him like nothing before. But soon it ended and he sighed. He looked at the magic creature.

“Djinn, I wish you to nullify the wish power you gave to my cousin last time.”

The djinn stared at him.

“Hum…. I’m not sure about that… I’d get no more fun…. And I bet you know about the compensation fee. I’m a very nice djinn. I could change the wish to end deadly without you knowing and instead, I decide to make deals. You won’t refuse the fee, right?”

Sam felt a cold sweat running down his spine. “Understood. What do you propose?”

“I’ll stop the cycle of growth from all his previous wishes, and also futures cycles of growth will stop automatically 48 hours after this wish is made; however, he’ll keep his powers with all restrictions still on him and his brother. And I’ll make sure none of the affected dies due to ‘too much size’. ”

“Ugh… ok, deal. It’s not like I have much of a choice.”

Later, when he was walking home, he remembered the wish his cousin was supposed to make to Al. Then he connected that wish to the fact that Max and Tommy will grow in a % of the growth made to another one—

And his powers were still active—

150 pounds and half a foot of cock added to them to a max of 5x. That would make 750 pounds added and 2 feet and a half added to their cocks at max—


He started running home.

At home, in the kitchen, Tommy complained about Max’s power being no longer active, but Max agreed it was for the best.

“We already look inhuman enough, but it’s a pity, since I have a fantasy I won’t be able to make true anymore.”

“Which is it? What would you wish?” asked Tommy

Sam entered the house in time to hear Max.

“The whole male population of the world to grow as big as us. That way, they wouldn’t be scared of us.”

Then they saw Sam, petrified staring at them.



But Sam didn’t reply to them. He just opened his mouth a bit “Oh, crap!”

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