Brotherly love

by Seth Peterson

 Two brothers get the best weekend they can imagine through the use of some very special, very wonderful powers. Rest assured, the results are BIG.

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Patrick was in a very good mood. Like, abnormally good. He had no reason to be; he just was. He walked into his bedroom and dropped his backpack, stretching his impressive body. Pat was a very good-looking guy, nineteen and tall, probably six foot or so. He had deliciously tan skin, blond hair, decent muscles, with built arms, solid pecs, an ever-so-slight muscle gut, and a fantastic butt with beautiful legs. His best feature, though, was definitely his package. Easily eleven inches hard, Pat’s dick was visible in most all of his pants and drew some lovely stares. There was a trick to it, though, one Pat was not too proud of. He had a certain power, one that would make everyone disgustingly jealous of him. He didn’t need that.

He plopped down on his bed and relaxed. His mind drifted to his school day, how annoying his damn teachers were, how much work he had…and Parker, of course. Every fucking time without fail. His train of thought always ended in some intense fantasy about his good friend who, while not physically amazing, was very attractive and brilliant in ways Pat could only dream about. He wasn’t sure if Parker was gay, but god, he hoped. Aaaaannnnnd, there he went. His cock began to tent his pants and he sighed. So much lust. But! He had been good the past couple of days; he could reward himself now. Making absolutely sure no one was around, he pulled down his pants and let his swelling meat tube raise to his hand. Mm, it was fine. Bloated, thick with veins, and perfectly long, it was a marvel.

Letting his imaginative mind go, Pat began to stroke his twitching dick. Images of Parker and other assorted boys filled his mind, each in different forms of his overactive brain. Bigger muscles, bigger cocks, swelling, growing, all just becoming perfect. Oh, Parker getting massive with height and muscle, oh yes! As his pleasure grew, he felt a familiar tingle in his shaft. He trained himself to crush the feeling, lest it create an unfortunate reaction. He lost himself again to his fantasies and felt the pressure in his cock building higher and higher. Ugh, he had dreadful stamina. It was shameful! Grabbing the paper towels he had prepped (Pat was quite clean; he hated messes like those cum made when not checked), Pat shot his load. The tingle burst through his shaft and, just like always, he made sure to stop the feeling before it reached his cock head. This time, though, something was wrong.

His self-control wasn’t working. The tingle was slowed, but it was still creeping up his cock. That was wrong! It should be going down, not up! Pat bit his lip, his orgasm forgotten as he tried to squash the mounting feeling in his dick. Trembling, Pat bucked his hips as another orgasm rocked his body, the head spewing cum for a second time. The fuck!? The orgasm threw his game off, his mind slipping into pleasure. The tingle shot up his cock, reached his head, and vanished. Pat moaned. Oh god no…not again. He hadn’t had an incident in nearly a year! He’d controlled this shit! His cock twitched and trembled and Pat cursed. May as well just enjoy the show. He watched as his cock began to swell outward slowly, his girth increasing with his length. Another gorgeous vein came into sight as his dick grew to a massive twelve inches. The head bloated out as his cock finished swelling. Pat sighed in annoyance. He liked having a big cock, for sure, but too big was too big. He’d stopped growing it at eleven because that was massive but manageable. He couldn’t have a cock that wouldn’t fit in his underwear!

He’d been six inches when he’d first discovered his power at sixteen, and that had been a wild ride at first. He’d grown it three inches in one day before realizing that too big was indeed too big. He’d stopped it at ten beautiful inches, and had hit eleven after a particularly intense session in which he’d lost himself accidentally. Now this. He didn’t get it. The trick should have worked, but that second orgasm had come out of nowhere. People just didn’t have two orgasms in a row! And now he was a full foot-long horse. Crap.

The sound of his door creaking snapped him out of his anger. He caught the sight of blond hair vanishing past the doorframe. His anger turned to fear and shock. Oh god, no.

“Owen? Get your ass in here!”

Sheepishly, his brother walked into the room. Owen was, embarrassingly, quite attractive. Pat was jealous most about his brother’s height. He only one year younger but two inches taller, at a whopping six foot two. His muscles were not as pumped as Pat’s, but his body was just so sexily graceful, with arched shoulder blades, a beautifully tight butt, and a slight concave stomach that made his pecs and gut seem bigger.

“What the actual fuck?”

“Sorry, Pat. I just…I…I didn’t know you could do it too.”

“Yeah, well, this is freaking…wait, did you say too?”

Owen blushed and nodded.

“But…you don’t have…do you?”

Owen shook his head.

“Not there. I can make myself taller.”

Pat’s eyes widened.

“So that’s why you’re so damn tall.”

He nodded.

“Damn, Owen, that’s something else. But why the fuck were you watching me?”

Owen lowered his head.

“I…um…I dunno. I heard you mutter something, I thought you were talking to me…I opened the door slightly and realized what you were doing…”

Pat closed his eyes.

“God. Shit.”

Owen blushed even deeper.

“You…you’re gay?”

Mother fucker had heard him? Could this get any worse?!

“I mean, I am too…”


“Can you do it again?”

“Can I do what?”

“Can you do it again…? Grow, I mean?”


“I could. But I’m not going to.”

“Why not?”

“Because I think a twelve-inch dick is a little too big, don’t you?”


God damnit, Owen!

“If it were me, I’d never stop growing it.”

“Well, that’s messed up.”

“Maybe…but I don’t think there’s such a thing as too big.”

“So why aren’t you, like, seven foot nine right now?”

“Because of society. I can’t be enormous because of other people, which I hate. I want to be gigantic, but I have to limit myself.”

Whoa. Owen had hit Pat’s feelings right on the money. Stupid outside world!

“You said you increased in height?”


“Show me that…then maybe I’ll do it again.”



No. But he had to see this. Owen smiled and closed his eyes eagerly. He bit his lip as a slight creaking filled the room. Pat’s eyes widened as Owen stretched another inch upward, his shirt pulling off of his cute waist. He shook his hair out of his eyes and grinned.

“Cool, huh?”

Hoo. He was really tall. Pat found himself getting very turned on. No, stop that! This is your brother, for God’s sake! And yet, his cock twitched as Owen’s tan skin poked out from beneath his shirt.

“Your turn.”

“Why are you so adamant on seeing my cock?”

Owen turned away and Pat’s eyes widened.

“Whoa…no way.”

Owen bit his lip.

“You’re so hot, Pat. I can’t help it.”

What the…? No. No! That was wrong! And yet…and yet…why was his chest fluttering? Something about his own brother was making him very horny and he was actually tempted to give in to it. Pat sighed and shook his head in mock disappointment.

“Incest is frowned upon, Owen.”

“I thought you liked Game of Thrones.”

Pat smiled forcedly. His patience was being tried. He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped as his cock began to tingle again. What the…?! He only grew when he jerked off! He contained the tingle, and found it worming its way down his shaft. He sighed in relief, but knit his eyebrows as he realized it was traveling past the point it usually stopped. Owen was watching with fascination, clearly thinking Pat was going to make the huge bulge in his shorts swell further. Pat was struggling, and decided to loosen up, lest it make things worse. Bad choice.

As soon as Pat let up, the tingle shot straight to his balls and vanished. Pat began to tremble and Owen lifted an eyebrow.

“You okay?”

Pat felt his balls begin to grow. Already ping-pong ball sized, Pat’s nuts began to bloat and swell, the sack stretching to accommodate the new girth. That created another beautiful bulge underneath his first bulge, and Owen’s mouth dropped. Pat grunted in shock as another tingle quickly spiked through his cock. No way! What was happening?! His balls expanded again, growing bigger and fatter in their swelling case. Pat’s body began to sweat with the effort as yet another tingle coursed into his balls. He threw his head back involuntarily as the bulge in his shorts erupted outward, his nuts swelling to the size of plums. A tingle far stronger than the others hit Pat’s balls and he moaned as his sack stretched to the size of an apple.

Owen watched in pure fascination as Pat pulled out his gigantic nuts, exposing his bloated, perfect cock in the process. On seeing the vessel of his dreams, Owen’s own cock began to stiffen in his pants. Oblivious to his brother for the moment, Pat hefted his giant balls. As he dropped them, a light sloshing sound caught his ears. No…fucking…way. Then the horniness hit. Pat’s face grew red and his cock began to bone solid without any stimulation as his new material pumped hormones through his body. Exhaling with effort, Pat turned to look at Owen and his eyes widened. His cock began to harden as Pat took in every inch of his brother’s body. Owen noticed the hardening meat tube and smiled.

“Interested now, Pat?”

“Want to take off your shirt for me?”

Owen grinned and stripped down, exposing his nice pecs, made all the more sexy by his sunken abdomen. Pat purred and dropped his pants, letting his cock bone all the way. Owen whistled.

“You are massive.”

Pat slowly rose, his cock rising like a tower toward Owen. He pushed his cock into Owen’s stomach as his fingers lightly played with Owen’s nips.

“Jesus, they’re so perky.”

He watched his brother’s nipples begin to harden slightly as he rubbed his cock on Owen’s gut. Owen was so taken aback by his brother’s sudden change he found himself nearly paralyzed. But the feeling of his brother’s horse cock rubbing on his stomach was enough to force his dick into overdrive, hardening past anything he’d felt before. His stomach tingled in its familiar manner when he was turned on and he let it spread through his body. He wasn’t very shy about his ability. His body began to stretch upward as Pat slipped his lips over Owen’s nipple.

Pat watched Owen’s pec slide slowly upward and remembered his promise to his brother. He pumped his cock twice and was rewarded by the tingle arch through his cock. He let it burst through his shaft and felt his dick grow outward, sliding across Owen’s stomach. The tingle arched through his balls and he felt them explode outward, growing to the size of an orange. He began to lose all of his previous morales, his mind clouding with lust. His brother began to look less like a brother and more like a tall, blond, fuck toy. And as Pat reached around to cup his brother’s muscular ass, he realized maybe he should make things exciting for his eager lover-to-be. He let his cock enter Owen’s belly button and began to pump lightly, allowing the tingle to begin anew.

He let his cock expand, the head quickly popping out of Owen’s belly button and burgeoning outward. His shaft lengthened and widened, veins and muscle supporting the massive weight of his growing dick. It pushed upward, swelling to fourteen gigantic inches. Owen felt it growing and moaned, his ecstasy causing his body to grow even taller, his muscle streamlining further. Pat felt Owen growing taller and that caused his cock to grow even further. Owen felt Pat’s cock growing and that made him grow taller. Both stopped only when Owen grew tall enough that his nipple naturally popped out of Pat’s mouth. Pat stood up and grunted. He had new weight in his nether region; a lot of weight. His dick was enormous, sixteen inches and bloated with muscle. Owen, in turn, was easily six foot six, Pat’s eyes meeting Owen’s powerful neck. Pat looked up, Owen looked down, both smiled, and then they kissed.

Owen has nice lips, thought Pat, as he molded them with his own powerful ones. His hand lightly massaged Owen’s slightly bulging stomach as his other hand crept around to slide through his brother’s hair. Owen’s tongue slid into Pat’s mouth and the tingle ripped though Pat’s cock, causing it to swell another inch while his balls grew even bigger, sending more hormones blasting through Pat’s body. Pat slid his tongue across Owen’s until Owen pulled off and slid down Pat’s body. Pat pulled off his shirt and Owen kissed Pat’s meaty pecs, bulging muscle gut, and then his enormous shaft. Pat grunted in pleasure as his shaft grew another meaty inch, pushing into Owen’s face.

Owen grinned and shoved it into his mouth. It didn’t fit, to say the least. Regardless, Owen tried to gag down as much as he could while Pat tried to fit it all in. The result was not pretty. Owen choked heavily, which turned both of them on. Owen let himself grow in a desperate attempt to fit more of his brother’s dick in his mouth. He barely felt his shoes rip open as his giant feet burst past his normally-size 14. His pants were beginning to constrict around his ass and junk, but he was too focused on the massive tube in his mouth to pay much attention to it. Pat’s newly swollen balls churned out hormones so quickly that Pat found himself reaching a climax in a little under a minute. That was disgustingly unfortunate, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Owen. Owen…Owen!”

The first orgasm sent a rope of cum into Owen’s throat, which he swallowed greedily. The second spewed cum into Owen’s mouth, causing him to choke slightly. The third shot so much cum that Owen gagged and pulled off, cum erupting from his mouth in fountains. Pat’s dick oozed cum in rivets, sliding down his shaft in copious amounts. The feeling caused Pat to lose any control he may have had, and his balls inflated massively while his dick began to plump outward, another vein outlining heavily. Owen coughed and spit a glob out.

“Whoa. That was a lot of cum.”

“I’ve never had three orgasms before. What is going on?”

“I don’t know, but that was hot.”

Pat’s cock throbbed again, not decreasing in size at all. Pat’s testosterone level spiked as he caught a whiff of Owen’s pheromones drifting from his brother’s armpits.

“Drop your shorts, hot stuff.”

Owen grinned and complied, his tight shorts dropping to the ground. Pat lifted an eyebrow. Owen was stacked! Easily eight or nine inches! But…Pat was currently seventeen, so…

“Want to bend over for me?”

Owen’s eyes widened and he blushed.

“Don’t be a pussy. Bend.”

Owen bit his lip, but did as he was told. Pat let out a breath upon seeing his brother’s perfect ass, each cheek swollen with muscle and the hole perfectly tight. Owen whimpered slightly.

“Be gentle. You could seriously hurt me.”

Pat chuckled.

“No way would I hurt my blond boy. Relax.”

Pat positioned his enormous cock at Owen’s entrance and pushed slightly, the head popping into Owen’s hole. Owen gasped and grunted, and Pat took it as a full-blown invitation. He began to slide his shaft into Owen’s ass and Owen nearly screamed. That felt amazing, but it hurt! Seventeen inches did not fit naturally into a teen’s ass! Pat groaned and Owen whimpered loudly as Pat continued to shove his huge cock into Owen. Pat hit Owen’s prostate and Owen couldn’t help but scream in pain and pleasure. Holy god!! Pat knew he shouldn’t go any further, even though he had another nine plus inches left to go, so he settled for pumping lightly into Owen. Owen gasped and grunted, his body stretching taller in an effort to take Pat’s cock. It helped…in the fact that Pat was able to slip another inch into Owen’s butt.

Once again, Pat’s new nuts made it extremely hard to hold in his load, but in his defense, he lasted three minutes longer than with his blowjob. But, inevitably, Pat exploded into Owen. Owen whimpered at the first climax…grunted twice at the second…moaned at the third…and screamed at Pat’s volcanic fourth orgasm. Pat groaned himself as his balls expanded further, becoming almost comically large. Owen pulled himself away and grunted.

“Oh god…so good.”

He turned and Pat’s eyes bugged out. Owen’s gut had bloated outward with all the cum in it. It looked so much bigger, the skin pulled tight like a balloon around the burgeoning organ. Owen looked down and smiled.

“Oh yes.”

Pat went to feel it, but stopped as he felt his balls churn more cum into his swollen cock. Owen noticed and grinned.

“Never satisfied…I love it.”

Pat opened his mouth, but stopped as Owen’s closed on his dick. Owen went at it with so much gusto that Pat didn’t last thirty seconds. This time, Owen swallowed the first three sprays of cum. The fourth caused him to gag heavily, and the fifth titanic load leaked out of his nose and mouth there was so much. Owen groaned heavily and sat back, his gut straining. It had grown to a huge blimp of a belly, tight and fantastically giant. Pat sat back as well, his cock finally softening. Owen moaned and rubbed his cum-inflated belly.


Pat grinned.

“Props for taking three rounds.”

“You have so much cum!”

Pat smirked and patted Owen’s giant gut.

“I love this new look.”

He had to look up quite a ways to find Owen’s soft lips. Owen was probably six foot eight at this point, and Pat was eye level with Owen’s perky nips. He loved it. Owen struggled to rise, his balance offset by his bloated belly.

“I need to relax. I feel really weird right now…”

Pat smiled.

“Take your time, hon. It’s not like I don’t know where you live.”

Owen grinned and ducked under the door frame.

“See you later, Pat.”

“Later, Owen.”

About ten minutes later, a lovely phone call occurred. The boys’ parents were both working late tonight, so the two boys were left to their own devices. Which worked out perfectly. No telling how they would take one son being six eight and the other with a cock the size of an arm. Either way, Owen and Pat were very happy. Owen, though, needed a shower quite badly. He felt gross. Pat stayed in his room, fully content to fantasize about the experience. He stroked his flaccid eight inches, wondering if he should make it any bigger. Logical Pat wasn’t completely gone, and a leg-sized cock would make problems.

Owen stripped down completely and stepped into the shower, wincing as his hugely bloated belly cramped and stiffened with his movements. So sore. That would take forever to get rid of…still, it was pretty hot. As he went to turn on the water, he felt a churning in his stomach. He grunted and pushed a hand against it. For a horrifying second he thought Pat had somehow impregnated him, but pushed that aside instantly. That was impossible. He groaned as a sliding feeling pushed through his swollen gut into his dick. He watched his soft five inches begin to slide outward. The skin slid off of his cock head, exposing the glistening purplish head.

Owen gasped as the feeling intensified. Owen watched as his belly began to deflate…and his cock began to grow. With every inch that shrank from Owen’s stomach, three inches were added to his shaft. In but a few seconds, Owen’s cock had grown to match his brother’s luscious length…but with a great deal longer to go. Owen’s face flushed as his cock head touched the floor, its tremendous length continuing to grow with no signs of stopping. His belly was still quite large, and his dick kept swelling as his belly deflated. Owen was forced to support himself against the wall as the feeling swept through his body. He noticed his balls were also swelling, a great deal slower but still growing. He closed his eyes and put his hand on his belly, feeling it shrink. It finally reached its regular size and Owen took a hesitant step forward off the wall.

He stepped on his own cock and nearly slipped off. He whimpered in shock and pain and looked down quickly. His cock lay inside the shower in coils, his shaft as long as he was tall. He lifted its length, wondering why it was still so thin. It wasn’t thick at all, nor was the head as large as Pat’s had been. But it was so much longer, and Owen stroked his length, hoping to find out its full length. He envisioned his brother getting even bigger, stepping into the shower with him to fondle and rub his new cock. He felt his new balls churn hormones through him, and he let himself grow another inch. But as horny as he was, his cock didn’t budge.

Owen shrugged in annoyance and went to turn on the shower. However, he found his hand sliding to grab the head of his enormous dick. Instincts moved his hand upward, stretching his giant shaft above his head. Images of Pat filled his mind and he groaned as the same tingle that filled his chest recently shot through his cock. He expected his dick to keep growing, but instead felt a warm pulsing fill his shaft. His head began to leak pre, but something was very wrong. One, it didn’t so much ooze pre-cum as it did continuously pour. The liquid spilled out of Owen’s cock like a hose. Two, the liquid in question looked and felt more like oil than a sex fluid. On contact with Owen’s body, it shone and glistened and dripped like an oil. Owen closed his eyes as some leaked onto his face. A continuous flow pulsed up and out of his hose-like cock, soaking his body in a little over a minute and drenching every tan inch of him. He felt the oil coat him and grunted in pleasure. It seemed to sink into his skin, making him feel lithe and flexible.

A sudden change in the pressure made Owen gasp. His balls were throbbing with effort, and Owen watched a huge bulge travel up his shaft. His eyes widened and he licked his lips hungrily. The bulge reached his head, and cum glopped out onto Owen’s long, blond hair. Owen’s other hand went to wipe the cum off…but he found himself rubbing the stuff in. It wasn’t sticky or gross like regular cum, but seemed to froth as he continued to rub it in. Another huge glob dropped onto his hair and he massaged his blond locks eagerly. After one final surge, Owen collapsed against the shower wall, tired but very satisfied. He felt a slight tightening all around, and attributed it to his sore muscles. God, his ass was especially rough after that pounding Pat had given him. He got out of the shower and reached for a towel, but found his body miraculously dry. Shrugging, he turned, caught his reflection in the mirror, and froze. Holy…shit.

He was beautiful. His face had hardened slightly, his jawline firming. His eyes had lightened to a sea blue, flecked with specks of green. His eyelashes were long and his teeth were absurdly white. All in all, he had gotten so attractive he almost looked feminine, but it looked divine on him. His muscles had swelled slightly, but had tightened so intensely that they looked enormous against his skin. His pecs had bloated outward slightly, but had maintained their sideways perkiness, resembling…boobs, of sorts. They were firm as always, but the position of his nipples and the overall plushness of them just made them look slightly like breasts. Owen didn’t mind in the slightest. They looked fantastic. His stomach had hardened, his six-pack fully visible, even through his slight muscle gut. A beautiful Apollo’s belt outlined his toned abdomen. His arms were tighter than the rest, allowing veins and muscle to pop to the surface. They looked hugely muscular, but yet still lean and massively defined. His legs were solid, thighs and calves protruding from his legs without the slightest ounce of fat to cover anything. His ass was the only thing that had really grown, and it had grown. Not a comical amount, but enough to form a definite curve from his back. And his ass cheeks were so muscular Owen wondered how Pat was ever going to fit his monster in them again. His tubular shaft lay at his feet, but as Owen watched, it shrank back to its regular size and hardened like normal, its new tightness making it look bulky and strong.

Owen’s skin, though, had tanned to a color that made Owen swoon. Too dark to be tan but too light to be Mexican or Asian, the color was like bronze, but lacking the metallic tinge. It was a fantastic color, and Owen bit his lip as he realized not a single inch of skin wasn’t that color. He was tan all over. His skin also looked shiny, like it was covered in a light layer of oil. It made all his muscles and his skin look slick and magnificent. The best part, though, was Owen’s hair. It was longer, and when he flicked his head down, it fell into his eyes. It was so silky it seemed almost translucent, and its blondness was stunning. It was so soft it almost didn’t seem like hair; more like the perfect blanket in a dirty-blond color formed to look like hair. Owen stared at himself for at least five minutes, examining and feeling his new, perfect body. Grinning like a loon with his amazing teeth, he turned to leave. Pat was going to love this.

Pat, at the same time Owen had discovered how big his cock could get, was imagining his brother’s body. Just picturing his brother’s enormous height and nice muscles was enough to make him horny again. The disappointing ache crept into his giant cock and he grunted. Damn it…how long before he could manage again? He had pumped out three rounds of up to five orgasms in less than five minutes; how long before his cum would regenerate? He let himself get hard, wincing as his sore dick sent pain up his shaft. Pat forced himself to stop thinking about Owen, lest the comfort level sink even further. He felt a tingle spark through his cock. Smiling, he let it sink into his balls. Instantly the pain went away as his nuts swelled, beginning to force his legs apart with their huge girth. He found himself horny again. Good thing; there was something he needed to try. He let his cock bone fully, its fat length reaching his meaty pec. Bending down, he was easily able to slip his mouth over his bulbous head and down his shaft a few inches.

Grunting in pleasure, Pat slid even further, his body super flexible from doing ten years of swimming. He went so far he choked on his own dick, and then began to pump back and forth. His muscular neck shoved his lips down his shaft with incredible speed, his mouth slipping over his sensitive head with gusto. The mere thought of sucking himself off was nice, but the actual action was another thing entirely. For one, he found he could actually enjoy himself instead of trying not to cum in two minutes. Flipping onto his back, he threw his legs over his head and rammed his dick into his waiting mouth and began to pump both head and hips. Pat could only get halfway down his giant shaft, but that was okay. The feeling was still indescribable. Such as it was, Pat lasted seven whole minutes before he shot his gigantic load into his own mouth. Relishing the slightly salty taste of his own cum, Pat managed to swallow his first three orgasms. The fourth and fifth caused him to choke slightly, and the sixth was a lost cause.

He coughed violently, cum still gushing from his head as he pulled it out. He felt his heavy gut, its weight increased and its size bulked from the massive load(s). Mmm, that felt so good. He rubbed his swollen belly, but stopped as a pleasant warmth spread outward from it. His confusion only magnified when he felt the warmth travel through his body. Grunting in shock, he felt his pecs begin to grow. His arms quickly followed suit, followed by his legs, ass, and back. As the cum in his belly was converted into pure muscle, Pat felt his cock throb heavily. He quickly shoved his cock back into his mouth, cum blasting into his mouth even as his muscles expanded. He swallowed everything with an instinctual greed, his throat contracting rapidly to accommodate his own giant shots. His pecs ballooned outward as the seed passed them, his arms rapidly bulked and grew while his legs thickened tremendously and his neck packed on muscle. His back bloated outward, his ass spread hugely as muscle packed into it, and his gut began to push out, despite the lack of cum in it. In the end, Pat sat back, panting heavily for air. He turned to his mirror and couldn’t help but laugh.

His face had muscled up, his chin and jaw hard. His neck was bull-sized, thick and muscular. Those led to hugely bloated traps, which in turn led to broad shoulders. His biceps were the size of dodgeballs, and his forearms were massively thick. Veins were prominent in his arms, and made the biceps look truly monstrous. His pecs were bloated and massive, resembling tan watermelons with fat nipples and huge areola. His muscle gut was huge yet firm, its top rubbing the bottom of his huge man tits. His legs were massively thick, like twin trees filled with corded muscle. His calves were equally juicy, bulky and fat in his legs. His back was inflated outward, his delts spread outward and his waist thick. His ass was enormous, swollen with the mass of his body and thighs along with its own impressive bulge. His cock had muscled up too, its girth much thicker and veins bloated and prominent. Pat shook his head in wonder. Owen was going to love this, and he was going to love showing it to him. In every way. Grinning, Pat strutted out of his room, his new muscles flexing and bouncing with every step. Both boys had changed tremendously, and both couldn’t wait to show the other. Little did they realize that their most bizarre…and most wonderful change was still to come.

Both boys ran into each other in the hallway. Each froze, their eyes taking in every inch of the other. Silence ensued for an easy two minutes, and then Pat opened his mouth slowly.

“You…you’re beautiful.”

“You’re huge.”

Pat’s giant forearm moved upward to touch Owen’s plump pec gently.

“Your skin…this isn’t oil?”

“It’s natural.”


Owen bent to feel Pat’s enormous neck.

“You’re so big.”

“You’re so hot.”

He popped a pec into his mouth and sucked hard. Owen moaned and used his tremendously long arms to squeeze Pat’s giant ass before slipping a long finger inside Pat’s hole. Pat groaned sharply as Owen probed Pat’s crack with his enormous digit. Pat’s ass was so muscular Owen couldn’t manage for long, but he still made his brother groan with pleasure for a good minute. Pat’s cock throbbed to its full length and Owen massaged it while his other hand slipped another finger into Pat’s ass to support his struggling index. Pat groaned louder as Owen slid in and out, his pencil-sized fingers brushing Pat’s prostate with every thrust.

Owen slid down, his tongue sliding down Pat’s bloated stomach before tracing his incredible shaft. He slipped his mouth over Pat’s huge head while adding another finger to his hole plunger. It was getting harder to continue, as Pat’s globulous ass seemed to clench tighter with every second. Pat, in the prime position, began to push himself forward and back, his giant shaft sliding down Owen’s throat while his behemoth butt slid down Owen’s triple-digit probe. Pat quickly climaxed, spewing another fountain of cum down Owen’s throat. Owen swallowed as much as he could, but there was simply too much. He choked and pulled off, gasping for air. Pat took the opportunity to ram his mouth over his own cock to swallow the rest of his orgasms. Satisfied, Pat pulled off, smiling. Owen caught his breath and shook his head.

“You didn’t even have to flex.”

“It’s pretty massive, huh?”

Both boys felt a bubbling in their stomachs and smiled. They knew what was coming, but the other didn’t. Owen felt it all channel into his cock while Pat felt his already-huge muscles begin to swell again. Owen watched in glee as his brother’s muscles expanded rapidly, his pecs taking the heaviest hit this time. Pat, in turn, watched in mute fascination as Owen’s cock seemed to unravel like a hose, it’s length dramatically growing until it hit the floor and began to coil up slightly.


Owen looked down.

“Yeah. I showered with it earlier.”

“Showered with…?”

Then it dawned on him.

“Oh. Oh.”

“Yeah. Jesus, your melons are huge!”

Pat bounced slightly, causing his bulbous pecs to slap against his muscle gut. Owen swooned, his cock unreeling another half foot. Pat picked Owen’s cock up lightly, not having to bend much at all. Owen was enormously tall. He massaged it, his hands taking forever to slide down its tubular girth. Owen shook his head.

“Naw, it won’t get hard. I’ve tried. It has to go back to normal first.”

“Mm, I do really like this length, though. It’s easily twice as long as mine!”

“But yours is three times as thick!”

“That’s true.”

As if on impulse, Pat compared their two cocks. Owen’s was indeed far longer, but Pat’s was definitely the more attractive one. He took his finger and slid it over Owen’s head, causing Owen to bite his lip in pleasure. Owen wished he could show Pat how he had showered, but it must have been a one-time deal. No tingling pressure was stored in his dick. Pat continued to massage Owen’s enormous dick, matching up heads. He took his own foreskin and began to pull it over Owen’s head. Owen giggled.

“That’s so weird. Feels good, though.”

Pat slid as much as he could onto Owen’s dick before sliding it off. Owen pushed his cock further into Pat’s as he did it again. An odd pulsing feeling surged through his dick and Owen’s cock pushed even further into Pat’s foreskin. Pat felt another surge as Owen’s dick seemed to vanish into Pat’s skin. Confused, Pat pulled his foreskin off only to find the most bizarre sight. Pat’s cock hole had widened enormously and was swallowing Owen’s hose-like dick. Another surge as Owen’s dick slid further into Pat’s waiting horse cock. Pat looked at Owen in shock, but Owen seemed oblivious, his eyes closed tight in pleasure. Pat watched Owen get pulled toward Pat as his dick went taught. There was still a huge amount left, but Pat was slowly absorbing Owen’s dick.

As soon as Owen’s pelvis reached Pat’s, it stuck. Pat tried hard to pull away, but it was no good. The skin seemed fused. Owen pitched forward, still oblivious to what was happening. His plump breast-pecs stuck to Pat’s shoulders and began to sink in while his concave cavity matched up perfectly with Pat’s bloated muscle gut. Owen sank into Pat, his arms curving around to wrap around Pat’s shoulders and back before sinking in as well. His head lay down on top of Pat’s and melded with the rest of him. In but a minute, Owen had disappeared into his brother. Pat gasped in shock and horror. That had been psycho! What the fuck?! Then he felt a searing warmth blast through his body. He clutched his stomach and stumbled into the bathroom, feeling like he might vomit at any second.

He clutched the sink, his head reeling. The sink seemed to be shrinking…no, it was shrinking. He was growing taller! He looked at the mirror to watch his six foot frame stretch upward until the top of his blond hair hit the top of the mirror. He must be at least six foot six! Incredible! His muscles grew again, but streamlined outward, making any bulk look like pure, enormous muscle. His veins popped outward while his bulges hardened, and his curves finalized beautifully. His pecs plumped outward and sideways slightly, his nipples swelling out and beefing heavily while his tit flesh softened considerably, making his huge pecs jiggle precariously with the slightest movement.

His ass exploded outward, each cheek bulking considerably, making his butt look like something out of an anime porno. He watched his face jerk and shift, his features becoming unmistakably feminine like Owen’s had been. Long eyelashes, beautiful green eyes, and the cutest lips. His hair lost all its bounce, falling into his eyes and growing down to his nose. It became so silky and plush he could see through it, even with it covering his eyes completely. His skin darkened to that gorgeous tan Owen had been, and his body began to shine as his pores began to leak oil. He went to rub it in, but found it was a permanent part of his skin. Not that he minded at all.

He grunted as the warmth churned into his dick. He watched his monster spurt pre as it surged outward, his head bulging wider and his shaft shooting out like a rocket. Pat groaned as its massive length slammed into the sink. He backed away quickly and watched it curl downward, looking more and more like a horse’s dick with every second. He kept expecting it to grow a sheath or turn black, but thankfully his mammoth cock remained human, even as it stopped growing at nearly two and a half feet. It’s massive head slapped against Pat’s collarbone and he let his tongue probe the opening slightly. He grunted as the feeling inflated his balls until they nearly touched the ground. They sloshed and wobbled with all the cum in it, and Pat wondered how his legs could hold up their weight with a preposterously large cock and a swollen muscled body to boot. Speaking of boot, Pat’s butt was arching even further. Not so much growing as curving his back to make itself look truly gigantic. Pat loved it.

Suddenly, Pat felt something inside him. He didn’t know how he knew, but he felt Owen in him. Not so much in him as inhabiting him, though. And Owen was growing. Pat felt himself stretch taller, more muscular, more hung. Owen was going hard at it, and Pat was not going to be beaten by his little brother. He stroked his enormous shaft and was rewarded by the tingle burst through him again. His cock burst outward, his balls dropped, and he felt himself bulk up. Owen was streamlining his body, but Pat was adding the extra pounds to streamline. His muscle gut was taking the hardest hit, almost softening due to all the weight being pumped into it. But Owen was a competitive boy. Pat’s gut hardened again, and Pat even saw six blocks of muscle push their way to the surface of his taught belly. The two competed for dominance, Pat’s body swelling all the way. Four things happened simultaneously. Pat’s ass pushed against the wall, his cock slapped onto the floor under the sink, its top pushing the cold porcelain, his head bumped the ceiling, and Owen’s consciousness came into full emergence. Pat could feel Owen’s thoughts and memories in his own, and he liked what he saw.

-Hey babe. Like the new bod?

-I love it. We’re absolutely huge. We must be six foot ten at least!

-And we’re probably topping four or five hundred pounds. Jesus.

-Our cock is definitely three and a half feet.

-Our balls are the same size as watermelons.

-I think we can make it bigger.

Both boys massaged Pat’s gargantuan dick, forcing his tingle into his balls. They swelled and expanded until they hit the floor. Pat moaned and Owen grunted in pleasure.

-There it is.

-That’s nice. We’re so horny.

-Let’s change that, huh?

Pat let his cock up from its confines under the sink and let the head slap his chin.

-We’re hung like a fucking horse.

Pat felt Owen pump his dick fuller, bigger, heavier. He watched it grow until it reached his plump lips, the hole oozing pre centimeters from his waiting mouth.

-Now we’re hung like a fucking horse. Let’s go, sexy.

Pat slipped his mouth over the giant head, his lips barely squeezing around the bloated mushroom. Owen forced his head down until the top popped under Pat’s lips. Both boys moaned as the sensitive head slid across their tongue. Pat began to choke on the enormous shaft. Owen pumped muscle into Pat’s neck, allowing him to deep throat a disgustingly sexy amount of shaft. Owen grabbed a massive amount of tit-pec, the flesh spilling over their fingers. He massaged the heavy nipple, sending bolts of pleasure through his body. Pat came dangerously close to climaxing with the feeling, but forced himself to hold on a little longer. A little longer turned out to be about five seconds, though, as Owen squished the sensitive flesh of their near pumpkin-sized pec-boobs. Cum exploded in such a torrent Owen was forced to open Pat’s neck as wide as it could in an effort to swallow the first monstrous orgasm.

Such as it was, neither boy could manage the second orgasm, let alone the eight that followed. Cum erupted everywhere, soaking Pat, the sink, the toilet, the shower, everything. Pat sat back on his couch of an ass, gasping for air. No growth accompanied his self-suck this time, but he still felt heavy and bloated. Owen hummed.

-That tasted great. You’re so sweet.

-I thought I was salty.

-Naw. Definitely sweet, Pat.

-Oh man, that was phenomenal.

-No kidding…

-This will be hard to explain to Mom and Dad.

-We’ll manage, babe. Hey, we need a new name. One we both like.

-How about Prowen?

Pat chuckled.

-I love it. I love you, too.

Owen felt his tongue slide over Pat’s lips. Pat felt Owen’s tongue slide over his lips. It was glorious for both of them.

-I love you. I love us.

-I do, too. We’re going to have a very different relationship from now on for sure.

-Oh, for sure. But that’s okay. I like what we have now.

Pat slid a giant finger into Owen’s giant ass.

-Me too.


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