The exam


Steve visits the doctor for help dealing with his constantly increasing height, though his physician seems more interested in the side effects relating to Steve’s sensitivity and sexual arousal.

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Good afternoon, Steve.

Hi, Doc.

Well, I see you’ve grown another six inches in the past month.

Doc, it’s really killing me.

Still having the muscle spasms and joint pains?

GOD! I wake up in the middle of the night screaming sometimes.

Do the muscle relaxants help?

Yeah, but it’s just so painful and it strikes when I’m least expecting it.

Seven feet, eleven inches. Well, why stop shy of eight feet?

God, I feel like a freak, Doctor.

Well, what would you prefer? Eight feet tall or a runt like me at five feet?

I would rather have stopped at six feet.

Alright, Steve, let’s get you undressed, see how everything’s coming along.

I tell ya, Doc, the worst is my feet.

Here, let me help you with those shoes. You must pay a fortune for shoes.

It’s a nightmare! OUCH!

I’m sorry. Tender?

God, my feet are killing me!

A gentle foot massage makes all the difference in the world. Do you have someone who can do this for you?

No. God, that’s feeling good.

Here, let’s take off your pants. Let me get this other shoe.


I’ll take your shirt.

Want me to take off the underwear.

Yeah, I need to do a full physical on you.


I’ll take them. Put them over here.


Now, let’s lay you back on the table as best we can. Are you cold?

Kinda. Why, my nipples?

Uh huh. Like marbles.

Oh man, they get hard over the slightest thing.


Hell yes.

I see. Feel that?

Damn, doc! Stop! I’ve never reacted like that to a man before.

Just relax. Testing your reflexes. Your nipples seem to be extremely sensitive, but that’s not all that responded to the touch.

I am so embarrassed.


WHY? I’ve got a hard on from you touching me! That’s why!

And quite an impressive one, at that. How often do you masturbate?

I don’t know. Once, twice a day.

How do you do it?

With my hand! What kind of question is that?

What I mean: do you stroke it gently like this?

Oh fuck! Oh god, doc, this is cruel of you. No man has ever done this to me before.

Now Steve, I hope you don’t think I’m doing this for any reason other than a professional physical examination.

No, no, of course not. I mean, I’m not, I don’t, I—

Nice steady flow of seminal fluid. That’s good. Loose testicular suspension. Very good. I would like to see how far they contract at orgasm, however.

Well, you keep doing that, and it won’t take long to see, doc.

I’m going to show you a method of foot massage which you may try yourself if you have no one who will do it for you.

Oh god, doc, I was about to cum. Why did you stop?

What size shoe are you wearing now, Steve?

Special ordered a size thirty one yesterday.

My god, what a foot. I have never seen such feet in my life. Now Steve, I’m going to press into the soles of your feet with my thumbs. This may hurt at first, but the relaxation you will eventually experience with it is remarkable. I’m just telling you in advance this may—


—hurt a little. Ah, yes, now doesn’t that feel much better, Steve?

It feels about as good as if I were to kick you in the nuts with these feet, doc! SHIT, that hurt! Oh, man—no—well—wow, doc, where did you learn to do that? Fuck, I’m getting hard again, man! How can you do that with a foot massage, excite my dick?

You know there is an alternative medical treatment which uses tiger sperm as a balm for sore joints. Perhaps you could rub some on your feet.

Where am I going to get tiger jism, doc?

Well, I’m sure I don’t know. But perhaps any sperm will do.

What about yours, doc? What if I rub this big foot on your dick and let you cum all over it. You think that would make my feet feel better?

Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t know, Steve, but I’m always willing to experiment with any type of treatment for my patients.

Well, why don’t you unzip your pants, doc. Take out your cock and slide it under my foot.

Purely for experimental purposes, you understand.

Whatever you say, doc. You’ve got me hotter than Georgia asphalt, and I’m gonna cum one way or another. But I can’t help but notice a bulge in your pants that’s gotten bigger since you came in this room, so let’s see what you have stuck in there, doc. And if some of your jism helps my aching feet, well, three cheers for alternative medicine. Hey, you’ve got a nice prick for a little guy, doc.

Rub it with that monster foot, Steve.

Yeah, doc. You like my foot on your dick? You like that feeling?

Oh yeah, that big foot feels so damn good rubbing my dick.

You slipped out of that clinical role real easy, doc.

I’ve been wanting you since you first came to me, Steve. I’ve been fantasizing about this for months. Jerk me off with those feet.

Oh yeah, that dick feels so good between these two feet, sliding around between these arches. Fuck my feet, doc. Fuck ’em good, man.

Steve, yes! Oh god, I’m gonna cum!

Not yet, doc! You stopped short on me, you think I’m letting you off the hook that easy? Strip out of those clothes. Goddamn, doc, you are one sexy little man. I never looked at a man like this before, but you’ve got me so fucking turned on, I can’t stand it.

Stick your big toe up my ass, Steve.

This toe’s as big as your dick, doc. You sure you want it up your ass?

I have to have it in me, Steve. Give it to me, let me jerk off on your other foot while you fuck me with your toe. Let me grease it up with some KY.

Alright, little man, here it is. Take it up that ass.

Oh, yes! Oh fuck me, Steve! It feels to good! Yes!

Take that foot up that hot ass.

Fuck me!

Oh yeah, doc, shoot that jism on my foot. Let me see you shoot your hot cum all over this massive foot of mine.

Fuck me harder, Steve. Deeper. Get in me!

I’m fucking you, doc. Ramming it all the way up there. Take it!


Wow! Shit-fire, doc. I’ve never seen a man cum before. That’s hot! That’s so fucking hot, I’m gonna cum all over your face, man! Here it is, take it! I’m shooting! FUCK!

Oh, Steve—

Doc, that was awesome. Tell me something: did my balls draw up right?

Perfect. Just perfect, Steve.

Damn, doc, I feel better than I’ve felt in the past month.

Well, I’m ordering physical therapy for you once a day, Steve. After clinic hours, you are to report here each night. We’ll keep you from hurting.

Oh doctor, I can’t tell you how happy you have made me. The pain is completely gone.

I intend to keep it that way, Steve.

Oh, yes sir, whatever you say. Doctor knows best.

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