The feeding

by HouseForMonsters

A sudden visit from a fellow fetish gainer you've met online leads to massive growth and the destruction of a city.

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You’ve been chatting online with this guy for a little while. You know, those size fetish forums. You’ve even done a few cybersex, fetish, chat sessions sharing your love of size and growth. The one thing different with this guy is he seems to get into it in a way not even you do. Where it’s real to him and you get so turned on when you’re reading his posts, but especially when you’re chatting with him.

One day you see a message from your mystery man and he says that he’d like to meet you for lunch, that day. You’re a little taken aback. How does he even know where you live? You’ve never had that type of conversation before. Are you actually even in the same State? Country? A second message pops up, “Hey Bear. Trust me, we should meet and it will be in public so no funny stuff.”

You think to yourself and your dick begins to get hard just thinking about your fetish fantasy chats with him. Why not meet him? Suddenly there’s a knock at your apartment door. You get a weird feeling in your gut but check it out. You crack open the door and this massive burly giant of a bull is standing before you. His muscles, which are obviously gigantic are covered in the most beautiful and masculine and thick layer of fat. He’s wearing a t-shirt that’s so tight it clearly shows off his pure size and you can see his thick dark pelt on his arms and poking up from the neck of his t-shirt. You can even see the bottom of his huge belly that the bottom of the 4XL shirt cannot contain or keep covered. His legs are so thick you can’t believe it. The thick construction work pants he’s wearing leave nothing to be imagination so the the size and power of those thighs… then you notice the massive bulge at his crotch.

“Yes?” you ask.

His voice is so deep and thick, it resonates through you, and there’s a hint of a Texas accent there, “Hey man! I’m so glad you accepted my lunch invite!”

You just stare, a bit dumbfounded. “Uh… BigTex1955, I assume?” stumbles out of your mouth.

He just erupts with a deep belly laugh and takes a step back. “That’s me, bud. I’m starvin’. Let’s get some lunch.”

“Uh, right. Give me a minute to change.”

He looks you up and down and sees your baggy shirt and sweat pants and says, “Naw, man. Just get some shoes on. What you’re wearing is perfect!”

You’re a little hesitant, but there’s such power in his voice you just can’t not comply. You head out as you’re walking with him to this all-you-can-eat buffet. You feel so small walking next to him. Like a child in comparison. Suddenly he stops, looks over (and down) at you and there’s this look on his face. Love and compassion. “Don’t worry, man. I know you’re a grower. You won’t feel that way forever.”

Yet again, he’s shocked you. What did he mean by that? Why did he just say that? Is he some mind reader?! Without another word he continues walking towards the restaurant and you keep up.

You get there get a table (he’s too big to fit into a booth) and start going down the buffet line. He’s juggling two trays and he’s cramming three or four plates on each. Then he’s filling those plates with everything he can. Ribs, pasta, potatoes, pizza, bread, stir-fry something he had some guy toss together at one of the stations, shrimp, just everything but the kitchen sink.

As he’s doing this you’ve got your single tray and single plate. You’ve got it pretty full and wonder just how you’re going to eat this much this early in the day. You get back to your table and he looks at your plate, “Seriously, man. You need to eat more if you want what you desire.” He begins stuffing his face, easily shoveling all that food down. By the time he finishes the first four plates you’ve almost finished your one.

You look and realize that either he’s gotten bigger or he scooted closer to the table, but it cannot be the later because you’ve been so transfixed on how much food he’s putting away.

He sees you finish your plate and instead of getting to work on his second tray overfilled with plates he gets up comes over to your side of the table and sits down with a slight huff. “I know this is what you want,” he says. “Try and stop me and I’ll stop.” Without another word he’s taking what’s on his second tray and begins to feed you.

Your eyes go wide as he starts doing this. You’re thinking, “What the fuck is this guy doing?” All eyes in the restaurant are on you two. Some gasping, whispering, and all staring at the sight of this massive man feeding another man.

You don’t know what is going on or where this food is going. You were stuffed silly just moments before. But now, you’re not just keeping up with his pace of feeding but you’re starting to feel hungry. You’re being fed and actually starting to want more. Your clothing begin to feel tight. Wait, you’re in a big and baggy shirt. It’s feeling tight? He finishes off the first two plates from his second tray and it takes a second for him to grab the last two plates and begin again. You just can’t believe how much food you’ve eaten, are eating, and still want to eat!

You end up looking at this monster of a man and see his face. He’s got nothing but love and tenderness on his face. In his eyes you see pure lust and a shit-eating grin.

Just as you finish eating the last slice of pizza you can begin to ear the fabric of your shirt and sweat pants straining to keep you in and themselves together.

He looks at you. You look at him. He says, “Look at yourself, man. I’m so proud of you!”

You look down at yourself and your huge swollen belly is so big. As you were growing and eating it actually pushed your chair further away from the table.

You see your hands have thickened. Your arm hair is much thicker than you remember. You’ve grown massive! A quick thought crosses your mind, “But this is all fat…”

Without a second passing you can feel his warm breath on your neck. His massive arm wrapped around behind your back and the attached massive hand on your other shoulder. You can hear him breathing low and deep, a slight growl underneath. “We can do even more together,” he says in your ear, sending shivers down your spine and goosebumps all over your body. “Are you all in?” he asks.

Your dick is rock hard you look down at his crotch and see it bulging even bigger than before. That massive python is ready to burst out of those hard, heavy, industrial pants of his. He turns your head and goes in for a kiss. The strongest, most passionate, most powerful kiss you’ve ever experienced. You can feel his power just from his tongue dominating your mouth and controlling the kiss. His suction as it almost, literally, takes your breath away. Sucking on your tongue like a dick, your lips are even over powered by his kiss. You begin leaking pre right away and it is flowing. You hear a rip and feel a powerful hand take yours and guides it to his now free dick. Thick, hard, uncut, and massive. As the kiss continues you begin to feel yourself swelling outwards and upwards. But this is a different feeling than the feeding. This feels like pure power, strength… muscle.

You can feel your new massive belly not growing, even though it feels like it should be. But growing more dense. No abs. No six pack. No ‘roid gut. That beautiful ball belly just getting harder and more solid. You feel a new power in yourself and under all that fat are swelling muscles. As you grow and have been feeling his massive cock in your hand, so wet with his own pre freely flowing out of it and it’s just covered with his thick and slimy pre.

Your taken out of your daze by the sound of yelling and running. The clanking of silverware and plates and cups. Of people scrambling to get out and away. You suddenly feel the crash of the chair you’ve been sitting on. You hadn’t even noticed, you were so lost in the kiss and growth and power that you’re now practically naked.

Your feet have burst out of your shoes and socks. Your thighs have ripped those pathetic sweat pants open and your new massive waist made quick work of that waste band, not to mention your underwear. Your shirt, ironically, first began falling apart during the kiss when the muscle began piling on and your neck swelled in size and power, snapping that neck band. Your shoulders and arms ripping your shirt to the point it just fell off in pieces.

You open your eyes as he breaks the kiss and you feel truly alive for the first time in your life. So big. So powerful. So massive. A true powerhouse of muscle and fat and bulk and brawn.

He’s again in your ear, “Keep going?”

“Yes,” you answer. No inner monologue. No doubt or question. And your voice. So much deeper and more masculine that before. You sound more like him than you.

He gently but powerfully guides you over to the buffet. Guides your arms up to the buffet at your elbows and you’re on your knees.

You feel something thick and powerful begin to spread your ass cheeks and it makes its way to your hole. You just hear him say, “Don’t worry. This ass was made for me, man. Eat up so you can grow big and strong.”

Now you see why he positioned you there. You begin to grab food straight from the buffet stand and eat while you feel his dick begin to slide into your hole. You finish clearing that area of the buffet of all food and shout, “More!”

Without removing his dick from your ass he wraps his arms around your belly and locks his hands. He lifts you up as you move to the next spot with food. As he lifts you up you can feel and hear the glass sneeze guard shatter against your size and his strength but don’t feel any pain. No cuts or scrapes. He continues to pound your ass and you begin to feel even more powerful as both your fat and muscle grows and bulges and extends.

The feeling of his dick in your ass is exquisite and beyond anything you’ve felt before. You continue to grow and swell as he grabs both your shoulders and pulls you closer and tighter to him. His head shoots back and he roars as he fills you with his seed. Thick load after load after load. You feel his hot cum inside your guts, filling you up even more. You explode with even more size and bulk.

You’re so lost in the feeling of pleasure and power and growth that you didn’t realize the full extent of your growth until your back hit the ceiling. Then you could feel that same ceiling begin to crack and succumb to your size and power as you burst through, still on all fours and him still inside you and still cumming. Before he’s even finished with his climax he pulls out of your ass with a pop and is now covering you and him and the entire area with cum. You’re not sure why he pulled out but quickly realize as, in a single move, he turns you onto your back and engulfs your dick and balls in his mouth.

He begins to suck and lick everything with such precision that, along with your massive growth and power and you can still feel his now absent dick in your ass and his cum filling you up like the food did your belly, it takes you 30 seconds to shoot your own massive load into his mouth and straight down his throat. As he is greedily gulping down every last drop of your load that he can you can feel the ground beneath your change as your feet and back and ass and arms are digging into the dirt, pavement, sidewalks, and other building as you continue to swell.

Your body and its unstoppable growth are destroying the city. Crushing cars and city buses, trains, street lights just disappear as you swell past, through, and over it all.

You realize that you are both still cumming. You down his throat but him all over you. But his cum only covers you for a short time with each load that lands. It slowly is being absorbed directly into your body through your skin. Finally, after 10 minutes of the most powerful and glorious climax in human history. You both begin to subside and, gasping for breath, realize how truly massive and powerful you’ve become. Your bodies combined have consumed the entire city. True titans, so far beyond human now. Panting for breath you’re mind slowly returns from the overload of passion and power and pleasure. He releases your dick and balls from his mouth and grins at you.

You smile back and say, “More!”

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