The guinea pig

by JayPat

Jeff and Zach score some unconventional workout juice, but since they don’t know its effects they decide to try it out on Jeff’s skinny, picked-on brother, Nate.

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“Dude, this shit is legit, I swear it!” said Zach.

Jeff sat on his bed, looking up at his friend in disbelief. “I can’t believe you, Zach. All I wanted was some Test, maybe a little Decca, and you come back with this shit?”

“Seriously, Jeff, this shit’s cutting edge, way better than steroids,” said the tall lanky teen, holding out the tiny bottle filled with a clear liquid toward his friend.

“Dude, this guy saw you coming,” said Jeff taking the bottle and looking it over. “I bet he’s back there laughing his ass off right now. Why didn’t you just get the ‘roids?”

“I was talking to him, you know, telling him a little about you and how you wanted to put on some size,” said Zach, starting to pace, “and he said this shit was a better fit for you. He said you shouldn’t use steroids till you’ve been lifting for a while.”

“I’ve been lifting a while,” said Jeff.

“Dude, I don’t think three weeks is what he meant by a while.”

Jeff, who was wearing a wife beater and jeans, looked down at his arms. Okay, so they weren’t exactly big, but they weren’t small either. And if they had been big he wouldn’t have needed the juice! “It just so much fuckin’ work and it takes so fuckin’ long!” he said.

“I know, dude, I know. And that’s why this shit is so great,” said Zach “You don’t even have to work out or anything. One shot will put on about 20 pounds. It’s supposed to be instant. And it helps you get taller, too!”

Jeff had always wanted to be taller. 5’ 10” wasn’t exactly short, but he’d always wanted to hit that 6’ mark. And now that he was nearly 18, he doubted it would ever happen… But if this shit was what it Zach said it was… ? Jeff looked at the label on the small bottle. “Why haven’t I heard of this before? Shit, I can’t even pronounce the name.”

“That ‘cause it’s just out of the lab, dude,” said Zach. “They’re still doing tests on it and shit. My guy told me it was the only bottle he had and he probably wouldn’t get any more, maybe for years.”

“Experimental shit? You want me to be a fuckin’ guinea pig? No fuckin’ way! If it’s so great why don’t you try it,” said Jeff thrusting the bottle into Zach’s hands.

“Un uh,” said Zach, trying to give the bottle back to Jeff. “You’re the one who wants to get so fuckin’ big. I just had the connect. This stuff’s for you.”

“No way am I putting any experimental shit in me! I’d probably wind up all shriveled up! Then I’d be fuckin’ useless just like my fuckin’ brother…” Suddenly Jeff had a thought. “Hey, that’s a fucking good idea. We’ll get my brother to test the shit out.”

“You think he’d do it?” asked Zach.

“You think I’m gonna ask him?” said Jeff, smirking.

“Where is he?” asked Zach.

“He’s outside washing my car,” said Jeff.

“He washes your car?”

“Yeah, we have this deal. He washes my car and I don’t turn him black and blue.” Jeff laughed. “Come on.” And Jeff led the way out to the driveway.

Jeff’s car was kind of a junker, but it was the best he could afford. It was twenty years old and had a big dent that made the driver’s side door hard to open. And since the other doors didn’t work at all, you pretty much had to deal with the stubborn door. And as Jeff and Zach came out of the house, that’s exactly what Jeff’s younger brother, Nate, was trying to do—open that door.

Jeff put his hand on Zach’s shoulder to stop him and the two of them stood there for a moment watching Nate trying to get the door open. He was pulling and pulling on it with everything he had—which wasn’t much by the look of him—turning red and getting nowhere.

Jeff, barely holding back his laughter, turned to his friend and whispered, “Watch this.”

Jeff strode over to Nate and shouted, “What the fuck is this?!!”

Nate jumped a foot and turned around, obviously startled by the sound of his brother’s voice.

“I thought I told you to vacuum the inside too!” shouted Jeff.

“I’m trying,” said Nate, his voice cracking, “But I can’t get the stupid door open.”

“You can’t?” said Nate. “Outta my way!” Nate strode up, shoved his brother aside and grabbed the door handle. He gave it one quick jerk with everything he had and the door popped open. “You couldn’t do that?”

“No,” said Nate.

“How come I could do it?” said Jeff.

“Maybe because you only out weigh me by about 50 pounds,” said Nate.

“Fuck,” said Jeff, grabbing Nate by the wrist and holding it up. Nate’s loose t shirt sleeve slid back and pretty much exposed his entire arm. “Jesus, Zach,” said Jeff, you ever see such a fuckin’ skinny-ass arm?”

Nate’s arm was pretty much bones with skin wrapped around them.

Zach just shook his head.

“Hard to believe this fucker’s 16. He looks more like he’s 12!” said Jeff.

“Shut up!” said Nate, who was sensitive about his short stature, being no more than 5’4”.

“What did you say to me?” shouted Jeff, flinging his brother away. There was a hollow thud as he banged up against the car.

“Nothing,” muttered Nate.

“You’re fucking pathetic,” said Jeff, “useless. I don’t even think you’ll make a decent guinea pig.” He looked over at Zach and shook his head. “But it’s not like I’ve got much choice. Come here, Zach, help me take the runt here into the garage.” Jeff suddenly reached out and grabbed Nate.

“Hey, what are you doing?” yelled Nate. “Let me go!”

“You sure this is a good idea?” asked Zach.

“Yeah, it’s a fucking good idea,” said Jeff, “I paid good money for that stuff. Someone’s gonna try it, and it ain’t gonna be me. So help me get him into the garage, unless you want it to be you!”

Zach grabbed hold of Nate and the two teenagers carried the struggling smaller boy into the garage.

As they got inside and Jeff looked around, his eyes quickly fell on his weight bench. “Pin him down here,” he said, and they dragged Nate to the bench.

“Let me go!” shouted Nate. “Let me go!” but the two older boys forced him on to the bench.

“Help me turn him over,” said Jeff, “face down.”

“Face down?” asked Zach.

“Yeah,” said Jeff, “We’re gonna stick him like it was juice.”

“Stick me?!!!” shouted Nate. “What the fuck you mean, stick me?!!!”

But he didn’t get an answer as the two boys forced him onto his stomach.

“Hold him down, while I do it.” said Jeff.

“Yeah,” said Zach, placing his hands on Nate’s back and leaning on him with all his weight.

“Ah! Fuck, you’re crushing me!” shouted Nate.

“Really?” said Zach, “Are you hurt?”

“Don’t let up, Zach!” said Jeff. “He’s a sneaky son-of-a-bitch. He’s just saying that so you’ll go easy and he can slip out and get away. Keep the pressure on.”

Then Jeff reached over and yanked his brother’s jeans and underpants down, exposing his bare butt.

“Ouch!” yelled Nate. “What the fuck are you doing, you fagot!”

“Shut up,” said Jeff. And suddenly Nate started writhing like a wild animal.

“Let me up!” Let me up! What are you doing?” he cried, as Jeff prepared the syringe behind him where he couldn’t see.

“I’d hold still if I were you, little dude,” said Zach, “other wise your ass is going to get all tore up and you won’t be able to sit for a month.”

“Help!” yelled Nate. “Help me!”

“That won’t work,” said Jeff. “Mom’s not home and the neighbors don’t care if I pound on you. Hell, they’re used to it by now. So, hold still or this is going to hurt a lot worse.”

Jeff placed his hand on his brother’s round butt to steady it.

“No, please stop,” said Nate. “Please don’t.” And he stopped struggling and started softly whimpering.

“Stop whining,” said Jeff, sticking the needle in and sending the plunger home. “I’m doing you a favor, right Zach?”

“Ahhh, yeah, right,” said Zach.

Then Jeff stood back and admired his handy work. “So this stuff’s supposed to work instantly, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what the guy said,” said Zach. “One shot should put on about 20 pounds.”

“I don’t see any difference. Maybe we should give him another one,” said Jeff.

“No, no, you can’t,” said Zach. “The guy said if you took more than one shot in 24 hours, the effect would be existential.”

“Existential? What the fuck does that mean?” asked Jeff.

“I don’t know,” said Zach, “but I don’t think it was good.”

“Ohhhhh…” said Nate, and suddenly Zach noticed his whimpers had turned into moans. “What did you do to me… ? I feel kind of wierd…”

Zach looked down at his friend’s brother and blinked. “Dude, check out your brother’s butt,” he said.

“Why the fuck are you checking out my brother’s butt, you homo!” snapped Jeff.

“No, dude, seriously, look.”

Jeff did and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The fleshy roundness seemed to be melting away as the butt cheeks sank in and the glutes began protruding and forming a little bubble butt.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” gasped Nate. “What’s happening to me… ? I feel like I’m shrinking and swelling with hardness all at the same time… oh man… this is strange.”

Jeff saw his brother’s shirt shifting as Nate’s back slowly seemed to change shape beneath it, leaving behind the skin and bones look and taking on the much more solid appearance of a young athlete.

“Fuck,” whispered Jeff, as the process ended. “That shit actually worked.” He looked down at his brother’s more solid body. “Let him up,” said Jeff.

Zach released his hold on Nate, and the younger boy slowly stood up and pulled up his pants.

“Damn,” said Jeff. It was clear his younger brother was an inch or two taller than he had been.

“I feel weird,” said Nate, rolling his shoulders and stretching his back, “I don’t move right. It’s like I’m… thicker. And my clothes don’t really feel like they fit.”

Zach looked over at Nate and thought that that wasn’t exactly true. It wasn’t that Nate’s clothes didn’t fit him. It was more like they fit him differently. Instead of his t-shirt hanging loose on his frame, it was filled out some. Nate had small protruding pecs, broader shoulders capped off with rounded delts, and a wider back, all of which worked together to pull that shirt tighter around his torso.

“This is so strange,” said Nate, looking over his new body.

“Take off your shirt,” said Jeff.

And Nate did, shuffling slightly as he quickly pulled it up and over his head.

“Whoa…” said Nate, as he laid eyes on his uncovered torso. He was ripped. He had a shredded six pack, small but hard looking pecs and strong-looking sinewy arms. He flexed and a bicep that was slightly larger than a golf ball bunched up on his arm.

“Damn,” whispered Nate as he grabbed his own arm muscle. “It’s a rock.”

Zach looked over at Jeff, whose mouth was hanging open. “Okay, dude,” said Jeff. “I think you can give me that shot now.”

“I don’t know,” said Zach. “It still might not be safe. Maybe I should go first.”

“Of course it’s safe. Just look at him,” said Jeff pointing at Nate. His brother was feeling his new body all over, knocking on his solid abs, and flexing his pecs, making them jump and dance. “Awesome,” said Nate.

“No, dude, I’d hate myself if something were to happen to you,” said Zach, “I’d better go first.”

“Fuck that,” said Jeff. “I’m going first.”

“No, I am,” said Zach.

“No, I am!” shouted Jeff, balling his fists and taking a step toward his friend.

“Would the two of you just shut up!” shouted Nate. “You sound like a couple of two-year-olds!”

It was probably shock that shut Jeff up. Nate never ordered him around, never. But, here Nate was, shirtless, shredded and red in the face. He just couldn’t process it. Zach seemed to be similarly shocked because he shut up too.

“Good,” said Nate. “Now, what’s going on? How the hell did I wind up like this? What the fuck did you do to me?”

Then Zach told Nate about the experiment shit he’d gotten from his connect.

“I get it,” said Nate, pulling his shirt back on. “Now that you see it works, you both want to be next. Well, I think I can help.”

“You?” snorted Jeff. “What can you do?”

“Simple,” said Nate, “give me both needles and I’ll shoot you up simultaneously.”

“We don’t want tubes in our arms,” said Zach.

“Not intravenously, you moron, simultaneously,” sighed Nate. “Simultaneously means at the same time.”

“I knew that,” said Zach.

“Wait a minute,” said Jeff, scrunching his forehead. “Why are you doing this?”

“It’s the least I can do after you gave me this awesome body,” said Nate, flexing those small, hard bis of his again. “And besides, your arguing was driving me nuts.”

“I don’t trust you…” said Jeff.

“Well,” said Nate, “it’s either me or you can start pounding on each other.”

“I vote for him,” said Zach, who probably would have gotten the worst of any fight.

“Well, all right,” said Jeff, preparing the syringes and handing them to his brother, “but you know what will happen if you try anything.”

“Oh yeah,” said Nate, “I know exactly what will happen. Now turn around and drop your drawers.”

Jeff and Zach turned around, unbuttoned and unzipped their flies, and then dropped their pants and boxers. They were so occupied with it that they didn’t notice Nate doing the same thing.

“Are you ready, guys?” asked Nate.

“Fucking get on with it,” said Jeff.

“Oh, I will,” said Nate and taking one syringe in each hand he plunged them both into his own butt, one on the right cheek and the other on the left cheek. “Ahhhhh,” he said, “excellent!”

“What are you talking about?” said Jeff turning around, and pulling up his pants.

“You fucking morons!” laughed Nate as he threw the empty syringes at Jeff’s feet. “What was that? 20 pounds a shot? That’s 40 pounds coming my way, bro. That’ll make me bigger than you.” He grinned and pulled up his pants. “Things are going to change around here. That’s for sure.”

“No!” said Zach, turning around and pulling up his own pants. “You can’t take more than one shot in 24 hours. The effects will be existential!”

“Existential?” laughed Nate. “That means pertaining to human existence. How does that even make sense… ?” Nate trailed off. In his head, wheels were clicking into place. “Wait a minute,” he said. “Are you sure that guy said ‘existential’? You sure it wasn’t exponential?”

“Yeah!” said Zach, his face lighting up. “That was it! The effects are exponential! Why, is that different?”

“Oh fuck,” said Nate, “way different…” Suddenly he broke off and gasped. “… And from the way I’m feeling… Oh man… you’re about to see just… ooohhhhh… just how fucking… fucking different it is… Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhh ARGHHHHHH!!!”

And suddenly Nate started changing. Jeff stood there slack jawed as his brother began expanding out in every direction. His chest grew into large rounded orbs causing the front of his shirt to ride up and expose abs that were quickly turning into large, heavy blocks.

“Oh my god!” cried Nate, raising his arms and flexing. Those golf balls were swelling up, becoming rounder, thicker, higher, quickly pulling his shirt sleeves tight around them and then tearing them apart as his fucking upper arms evolved into huge veiny masses.

“This is fucking awesome!” he shouted, his voice dropping into a primeval growl, as he began inching up, getting taller and taller. There was a bang bang as his shoes exploded releasing mammoth growing feet. riiiip riiiip went his shirt as the sides opened up, and thick, expanding lats burst out.

Aaarrrgghhh!” yelled Nate as his neck got thicker and thicker pulling the shirt collar tighter and tighter and then ripping it apart just as his swelling, bulging traps tore out the shoulders. Nate’s shirt peeled off his thickly muscled torso like a banana skin, revealing a pair of huge shredded pecs the size of bowling balls, and a stomach that looked like a brick wall with a belly button.

Fuck yeah!” roared Nate in his new baritone.

Chirst, his shoulders were twice as broad as they used to be and his upper body had to be four times as thick—thick with raging, bulging muscle.

There was a final double rip and Nate’s boulder-like calves exploded outward and tore his pants cuffs apart, leaving the bottom part of his jeans shredded. And the upper part of his pant legs barley contained two huge, bugling masses. The denim had been pulled so tight that every head, every cord and every sinew was clearly visible surging beneath it. And smack dab in between those juggernaut legs was another healthy bulge.

Aaarrrggghhhh!” yelled Nate, as he brought his huge arms up into to a heart-stopping double bi. His upper arms were huge, bulging hills wrapped in veins and at least 20 inches around. He grabbed a hold of one flexed bicep and squeezed it all around feeling the incredible size and unbelievable hardness of it. Then his hands ran over those giant striated pecs and down to the plateaus and crevices of his iron stomach, hardly able to believe it was real. But it was. Feeling was believing. “I feel awesome!!!!” he cried! “All this muscle… I feel like a fucking tank!!!!”

“You look like a fucking tank,” said Zach.

Shut up!” bellowed Nate. “Did I give you permission to speak, you puny fucking moron?” Nate pulled a most muscular and sent every one of his huge steel-like muscles bulging up all over his large torso. What a fucking feeling!

Zach was visibly shaking all over as he stuttered, “N… no.”

“You’re fucking right I didn’t,” said Nate, strolling over to his brother’s weight bench. Now it was time to have some fun testing out his new body.

The bench’s supports were raised as high as they could go and the bar was loaded with 135 pounds. “Is this what you’re squatting?” Nate asked his brother.

Jeff was just standing there, eyes bugging wide, mouth hanging open. Nate almost chuckled. His bro was freaking over his new muscle bod. How awesome was that?

“Answer me, you retard!” shouted Nate.

Jeff nodded quickly.

Nate smirked, grabbed the bar with one hand and lifted it out of the supports. Fuck it was easy, way easier than he expected. Oh fuck, was he gonna have fun. “Check this out, tiny,” he said and began curling the bar one-handed with ease, loving it as his huge bicep contracted into a vein covered boulder with each rep. “Man this feels so fucking light,” he said. “Only a pathetic looser would do squats with this!” Then he hoisted the bar over his head and finished off with a couple of quick one-handed military presses, tossing the bar from hand to hand and watching in a mirror as his huge shoulders bulged up even bigger with the pump. “Fuck yeah,” he said. When he was finished, he let the bar drop to the floor where it landed with a loud clatter and took a couple of chunks out of the concrete. Man, he was a fucking beast.

Nate strode over to his brother, just loving how Jeff was now a few inches shorter than him. Nate stood right in front of Jeff with his big, shredded pecs just brushing Jeff’s narrow shoulders. Nate couldn’t get over how small his brother looked next to his new huge, muscle body. Jeff was so fucking thin, probably not even half his body weight. “Nervous, bro?” he said, raising his eyebrows.

Jeff rapidly shook his head.

“You should be,” said Nate and chest bumped him. Holy crap, one little bump and Jeff flew a couple of feet through the air and landed on the floor. How fucking awesome! Now it was fucking time to lay out some new rules.

“You getting my message, bro?” asked Nate. “Do you understand what I’m communicating to you?”

Jeff quickly nodded, paused and then shook his head.

“Well, let me make it perfectly clear, then,” said Nate. “Everything you own is now mine. I want your room, your weight set, even your piece-of-shit car, everything. Consider it payment for the years of hell you put me through.”

“Now wait just a minute…” said Jeff.

“Oh, you don’t like that?” said Nate. “I can think of another source of payment.” Bam! Nate’s fist hit the wall next to Jeff’s and and punched a hole in it. “Maybe you’d like a little of that instead,” said Nate. “Fine by me.”

Jeff gulped, staring at all the thick cords and building tendons in his brother’s broad, rippling forearm. “No, you can have my stuff.”

“Good,” said Nate, retrieving his fist. His mind started mentally cataloging all of his brother’s possessions. Most of them were junk, but there were one or two cool things… and one thing in particular he suddenly wanted very badly. In fact the more he thought about it the more insanely excited he became.

“Where is it?” he said, barely breathing he was so eager.

“Where’s what?” asked Jeff.

“Where’s the bottle of that fucking serum shit.”

Jeff’s eyes went wide and he swallowed hard as he involuntarily glanced at his own pocket. Nate’s eyes followed his gaze and noticed the small bottle-shaped bump in Jeff’s jeans. Without hesitating Nate reached over and ripped the pocket right out of his brother’s pants.

He held up the mass of cloth and cleared away the scraps. There in his large, thick hand was the tiny bottle still partially filled with a clear liquid.

“How many doses are left?” he breathed, his excitement almost more than he could handle. He was met with silence.

How many fucking doses are left?” he bellowed.

Slowly and meekly Zach raised his hand. “Two, sir…” he stuttered.

Nate smiled. Two was good. Two was very, very good.

He handed the bottle to Zach. “Get the shots ready,” he said.

Nervously Zach took the bottle and began filling a couple of syringes.

“W… what are you gonna do, Nate?” asked Jeff.

“What do you think, moron?” said Nate.

“But you’re so big already… If you get much bigger you’re gonna be a freak.”

Nate laughed. “That’s right, puny, I’ll be a freak, a real, giant muscle freak, and I can’t fucking wait.”

“But… why?”

Nate sneered down at his littler, older brother. “You have no idea what this feels like,” he said flexing his huge arms and making his large biceps erupt into existence again. “To move your body and feel these huge steely masses explode out all over it, to have more fucking power in my arms than you have in your legs, to watch you two fucking morons shake with fear and stain your tighty whities just because I frown at you… I fucking love that, and I want fucking more. Got it?”

“I… I think…” said Jeff.

Zach finished filling the syringes, and Nate grabbed them from him.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you get it or not. Stand back, guys, cause here comes the fucking freak!” And Nate sank the two syringes in his butt and brought the plungers home.

Aaarrrgggghhhhh oh my god!!!!!!” he yelled, clenching his fists. His chest began heaving in and out, just gulping down air, and then he started to grow.

With a pop pop riiiiiiiip, Nate’s pants just exploded into shreds. They didn’t stand a chance, against the massive quads and hamstrings that were erupting out of his legs. Muscles just kept piling on top of muscles as Nate’s legs got thicker, longer, wider, and just exploded with raw fucking power.

Aarrrggggghhh! Arrrggghhhh! Oh yes!” he cried and flexed.

His upper arms swelled into gigantic peaked masses. The shoulders above them grew to the size of cannonballs. His forearms expanded into great wedges of muscle leading up to his thick heavy fists.

Ahhhh… ahhhhh… .ahhhhhhhhh! FUCK YEAH!” he yelled and exploded upwards. His shoulders stretched out further and further as grew into huge balls of rock-hard flesh. Colossal traps rose up and merged with his thickening neck and his back got thicker and wider behind him.

I can’t fucking believe this!” he yelled as his two mammoth thighs bulged out to an unbelievable volume. And those huge muscles, writhing and swelling under his skin, almost drew attention away from his cock, almost. That python was hanging half way to his knee and thick as a fire hose.

“Holy fuck!” he shouted. And as he looked at it it began to stiffen and grow even longer.

Fuck, yeah!” he shouted, and he flexed his already massive arms and watched them bulge up into veiny peeked mountains and then grow even larger. His shoulders continued to stretch outward, further and further, exploding into incredible globes of unbelievable size that flowed down and melded with his titanic pecs. His back pushed out further, causing his entire upper body to grow wider and wider as he continued to grow taller and taller. He was just a fucking mountain of rock-hard muscle now. He looked down at Jeff now, way, way down, as his brother and Zach as they peered up at his monstrously massive muscle body with terrified eyes.

And Nate laughed, a roaring thunderous laugh that bounced off the walls and shook the windows.

“Dude,” said Zach to Jeff, “this is not good. This is very, very not good. I think we should go.”

“I’m with you, bro,” said Jeff, and the two made a run for the small side door.

“Wait a minute,” Nate bellowed from behind. “Who said you could leave?”

But Jeff and Zach were already out the door. The two boys ran for Jeff’s car, but the door was being even more difficult than usual and Zach couldn’t get it open.

“Get out of my way,” shouted Jeff. “I’ll get it!”

“No, dude, I can get it,” said Zach.

Kaaaarrraaaccckkkkk bang! The garage wall exploded outward. Shards of broken wood and glass flew in all directions. Jeff and Zach instinctively ducked and covered their heads. The looked up just as the dust was clearing.

Holy crap. There was Nate. He was strolling through the giant hole he’d just smashed in the side of the garage.

Ha ha ha,” he roared. “Here comes the freak!”

Jeff gulped. He was terrified. His wimpy brother was now an incredibly wide, impossibly thick towering mass of heaving muscle. Fuck, his massive back and wrecking ball shoulders made him wider than the car. He had to be somewhere near eight feet tall, weighing more than a ton, and all of it, bulging, rippling, shredded muscle.

Trying to get away from me?” he roared. “Trying to get away from the freak?!!!” He pulled a most muscular, and every one of his incredibly large, incredibly powerful muscles bulged out all over him. “I’m your fucking GOD NOW, LITTLE MEN, AND YOU WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!”

Instantly Jeff and Zach were back pulling at the car door, trying desperately to get it open.

Having trouble?” boomed Nate. And suddenly Nate’s immense hand reached in and grabbed the door, his thick powerful fingers ripped into the metal, bending and distorting the door and tearing it off the car with a creaaaaaak pop!

What? Can’t you do that?” he laughed and wadded the door into a shapeless mass of metal and glass, his powerful forearms and biceps rippling and bulging beneath his skin. Crrrunnnch sqeeeeeek crrrunch. “Ah ha ha! I’m a freak, a total muscle freak! ha ha ha!”

“Fuck this!” yelled Jeff as leapt into the car with Zach scrambling in after him.

What the fuck are you doing now?!!” bellowed Nate. “The freak didn’t give you permission to leave!!! Aaarrrgghhh!”

Nate roared as he grabbed hold of the car. He grinned as he felt his massive steel-like body explode with power as he lifted the car up off the ground and over his head.

Oh my god—I’m such a fucking monster!!!”

Nate heard cries of, “What the fuck?” and “Holy shit!” coming from Jeff and Zach. He roared with laughter as he shook the car like a kid trying to get the last Milk Dud out of the box.

Come on out, you pathetic loosers! Come on out and see the freak!”

Zach fell out first, shortly followed by Jeff.

Don’t go anywhere!” he yelled. Then Nate squeezed. He loved the feeling of the steel bending beneath his hands like tin-fucking-foil, the creeek crunnch craaaack sound the car made as he slowly folded it into a piece of shapeless junk.

“What are you doing to my car?!” yelled Jeff.

Your car?” bellowed Nate. “You don’t fucking own a car, loser! You don’t fucking own anything, remember? This is my car. And I can do anything I fucking want with my car. And it’s too fucking tiny for this freak to ride in; so what else is it good for?”

Nate finished reducing the car to scrap and tossed it aside. Then he looked down at Zach who was staring up at his colossal muscle ridden body with wide staring eyes and a pretty obvious hard-on in his pants.

You liked that didn’t you, Zach?”

“What the fuck…?” said Jeff looking over at his friend. “You got a fuckin’ boner?”

“I… I can’t help it,” said Zach.

Jeff, you are so pathetic! How could you not notice your best friend’s been jonesing after you for years!”

“Whaaa… what?” stammered Jeff sliding away from Zach.

But that’s okay,” bellowed Nate. “I think he sees something he likes better now, don’t you, Zach?”

Zack just sat there staring slack jawed at Nate’s fire hose of a cock hanging between his massive ripped muscles thighs and nodded. Slowly Nate’s python began to stiffen and get longer.

Well help yourself boy. The freak’s giving you first shot at his new massive muscle cock!”

In a second Zach was all over Nate’s giant member, stroking it, liking almost devouring it. And the thing just kept getting bigger and thicker and longer. And Nate’s breath kept getting deeper and heavier and louder. “Ahhhhhhh fuck!” he yelled as a flood of white cum shot out of his cock and knocked Zach about 30 feet back.

Damn that was good!” he bellowed.

The he reached down and before Jeff knew what had happened, Nate had lifted him up into the air with one massive hand. Nate couldn’t help notice that his massive, rock hard, peaked biceps were bigger than Jeff’s entire torso.


Time to lay down the law. “Say hello to the freak!” said Nate. “I hope you like him ‘cause he’s here to stay! And from now on he’s gonna rule your fucking world!”

Jeff pissed his pants.

Ah yes, thought Nate, as he pondered the ridiculous size and power of his massive shredded body, life is going to be pretty sweet from now on.

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The hulk pill by JayPat The only thing weirder than your buddy Boz offering you a “hulk pill” would be for it to actually work. 5 parts 29k words Added Oct 2012 101k views 4.7 stars (30 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Muscle•Hyper Strength•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Nanotech•Destruction/Violence•Infectious•Complete •t/t

Ladder of the heavens by Ziel "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*" 11k words Added May 2015 19k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Decrease

Simon says by BRK My goofy, fun-loving shop owner loves staging these ridiculous competitions with us, but this latest one is definitely the craziest. 2 parts 7,732 words Added May 2013 Updated 30 Jun 2017 24k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Extra digits•Multi-abs•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Suggestion

Small problems by The Obsessive-Compulsive College freshman Curt has certain inadequacies he’d like to correct. (Hint: Remember the “Better Living through Chemistry” meme?) 7 parts 9,668 words Added Sep 2009 38k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Increased Libido •M/M

The touch by TylerGermany Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. 2 parts 11k words Added Mar 2014 Updated 13 Apr 2014 28k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Nanotech•Age Difference •M/M

The trainer by Also Known As Needing a new trainer, Thomas finds onewho can push him to the next level, and then some. 7 parts 22k words Added Jan 2014 27k views 5.0 stars (15 votes) No comments yet •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •M/M

Transform by Also Known As Containing a secret is a hard thing to do. And the bigger the secret is, the harder it is to keep. No one was finding the truth of this more than those few men in charge at the Institute for Genetic Enhancement where the way has been found to transcend ordinary masculinity. The sequel to Supermen. 35 parts 132k words (#8) Added Oct 2002 71k views 5.0 stars (11 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Prehensile Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Voice Deepening•Hyper Pheromones•Infectious•Flying •M/M•M/M/M

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