The incredible shrinking jocks: Shrinking at home

by Douglas Benjamin

Boyfriends Oren and Quinn love playing around with a shrinking potion that reduces Oren to a tiny size—so small he's nearly trampled underfoot.

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“You ready to shrink, little guy?” Quinn grinned at his boyfriend, striding naked into the living room.

Oren was just sliding his feet into a pair of flip-flops, preparing to leave the house. He looked at his Quinn in surprise. “Wait—now?” he said. “Come on, our ride’s going to be here any … uh … what did you do?” He felt the telltale tingle rush over his body, and the prickle of magic that meant he was about to get smaller.

“Who, me?” Quinn said innocently. “I didn’t do anything.” He flashed that devilish smile again, the one that meant he had definitely gotten up to some mischief. He was so cute when he was being naughty, the way he’d puff out his chest and grin, proud of having gotten away with something. “You must’ve drank the last of that shrinking potion without realizing it.”

Oren glanced down at the water bottle in his hand. The liquid inside glittered slightly and he rolled his eyes. “Come on, Quinn, you can’t shrink me now…” he hiccuped. “We’ve gotta go! We’re gonna be late! And you’re not even dressed!”

As he said it, he felt the tingle again, and this time it came with a woozy feeling of descent. He slipped down just a few inches in height. Not a huge change, but just enough that the tight workout gear he was wearing a moment ago was now baggy and loose on his muscular frame. He realized he was looking up at his boyfriend, who had stepped across the room to stand next to him.

“Uh oh, someone’s gonna be tiny,” Quinn teased.

“But there were only a few drops of potion left!” Oren exclaimed. A moment ago he was average height, his muscles bulging at the tight gym clothes. Now he looked like a short man wearing someone else’s outfit, the clothing hanging baggy and loose from him body.

“I know, I’m just kidding,” Quinn said, looking over him. “You won’t be tiny. Not yet.”

Oren gulped and looked up at his boyfriend, who was now a couple inches taller. He felt the tingle again, and gasped as he slipped down in height once more. He was now only as tall as Quinn’s shoulder—maybe even a bit shorter—and he bit his lip. He normally loved playing around with height, but they had somewhere to be.

“Come on,” Oren said, stepping back. But Quinn quickly moved his foot, placing it on top of Oren’s. Oren felt the weight of his boyfriend bare sole pressing down on his foot, anchoring him to the floor.

“Not so fast,” Quinn said. “How much time to we have until our ride gets here?”

Oren glanced at his phone, sitting on the table near the door. “Five minutes,” he said.

“Five? What a coincidence,” said Quinn. “Since you’re five feet tall.”

“No, I’m … ah!” Oren felt himself slip down in height yet again. He was now less than eye level with Quinn’s nipple now, and he was aware that he had started to sweat profusely, like he always did when he was turned on. He felt his cock stir in his gym shorts, and he rose up on his tip-toes to kiss Quinn’s chest.

“Feeling more playful?” Quinn teased, raising his hands and resting them on Oren’s shoulders.

“No, it’s just … I wanna play around, but they’re expecting … oh no…” Oren slipped down another few inches. The weight of Quinn’s hands were pressing him into the floor, which seemed to be getting closer by the moment. Oren’s gym shorts slipped down, exposing his ass, and would have fallen to the floor if his rock-hard dick wasn’t holding them in place.

Quinn leaned down and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead, tasting the salty sweat. “I know they’re expecting us,” he said. “Won’t they be surprised when we show up and you’re so small your clothes don’t fit.”

“But… the car,” Oren whined.

“How much time?” Quinn said, pressing down again on Oren’s shoulders.

Oren felt himself slipping down in height as he looked back at his phone. “Four minutes,” he said.

“And you’re four feet tall,” said Quinn.

Oren’s shrinking had brought him down to be eye level with Quinn’s belly button now. He stared up at his boyfriend, who looked like a towering naked giant, then down at their feet. Quinn’s looked massive by comparison, his toes huge and hairy, weighing down on Oren’s feet to prevent him from getting away.

“I… I’m so small,” he said, looking back up. He lost another inch or two, and now he found that Quinn’s cock was just level with his face. He nuzzled it with his cheek, kissed the head of Quinn’s dick, and then gave it a lick from base to tip. He was so small now that the dick seemed massive, as thick as Oren’s arm. He reached up to grasp it, and felt himself get even smaller. He had to reach up over his head to rub Quinn’s cock, staring up at the underside of his boyfriend’s balls.

There was a chime from his phone. “Three minutes,” Oren mumbled.

“Three feet tall,” said Quinn. He grinned down at his boyfriend. “You want me to pull your shirt off? Or you want to keep shrinking until your whole body fits through the neck hole?”

“Pull it off,” Oren said.

Quinn reached down, but instead of pulling off Oren’s shirt, he placed his hands under Oren’s arms and lifted him fully up into the air. His gym shorts fell to the ground, leaving his legs completely naked—he seldom wore underwear.

“Hey! Wait!” Oren protested, but Quinn didn’t stop. Holding his shrinking boyfriend in his arms, he yanked off the gym shirt and tossed it to the side, then squeezed Oren close to his chest. Oren nuzzled Quinn’s hairy pecs, the muscle engulfing his face, and reached up to try to hug his boyfriend back. His arms barely reached to Quinn’s sides now.

“Must be getting close to two minutes now,” Quinn said, and Oren felt another tingle as his height diminished yet again.

He looked up at his boyfriend’s face.

“We can’t show up looking like this,” he said.

“We’re not gonna,” said Quinn. “You’re gonna be so small they might not even see you, tucked away in my underwear.”

“What?!” Oren gasped. He felt himself get even smaller, and watched as Quinn seemed to surge upward in size, looking thicker and taller. Oren knew Quinn hadn’t changed at all, but he seemed like a massive towering giant now. “You can’t … there’s no way you could reduce me to an inch!”

“Let’s just find out, sexy little man,” said Quinn. He squeezed Oren in his arms, gently but with enough pressure to make Oren aware that he was still getting smaller… smaller … smaller.

“There’s still some growth potion left, right?” Oren said. “Like a couple drops at least?” His voice was getting high-pitched and squeaky now. It was always so embarrassing when his voice changed during a shrinking session.

“Oh sure,” said Quinn. “I put it up there.” He pointed to the top shelf of a bookcase where there was another sparkling water bottle.

“I can’t reach up there anymore!” Oren exclaimed. “I can’t even reach the second shelf!”

There was another chime from his phone. “One minute,” said Quinn. “One foot tall. And still shrinking.”

Quinn bent down to set his boyfriend on the ground. From down there, Oren was truly aware of just how small he’d become. He didn’t even come up to Quinn’s knee anymore. Not even close.

“I gotta get dressed so we can go,” said Quinn. “You don’t mind if I borrow your clothes, do you? You’re way too small to fit into them now.”

Quinn picked up Oren’s discarded gym shirt and shorts, and slid them over his body.

Oren could only watch, helpless, feeling more of his size slip away. The room seemed to swim around him like a giant cave.

Quinn looked around. “Hey where’d you go, tiny man?” he teased. “You still here?”

“Quinn! Come on! Make me big!” Oren squeaked. His voice was so quiet.

“I can hear you, but I can’t see you,” Quinn boomed. “You must be so small now!” He looked down at Oren. “Oh, there you are! What are you, six inches?”

He lifted his foot and brought it slowly down towards Oren. Oren was paralyzed with shock, and also unbelievably turned on. He loved when Quinn played the crushing game—always playful, never violent enough to hurt him. Oren stared up as Quinn’s massive foot came closer, and closer, and closer, becoming massive above him, the size of a car, and then slowly made contact and pushed him down onto the floor.

Oren made a muffled sound of pleasure as he felt Quinn’s colossal foot rub back and forth over him, the smelly toes wiggling over his face. He was still shrinking, he knew—the foot that was previously the size of a car was now the size of a bus. He called out for Quinn to press harder, but his voice was inaudible, a whispered squeak under his boyfriend’s giant foot.

Then he saw daylight, and Quinn’s giant face staring down at him. “An inch tall,” Quinn grinned. “Maybe even less. I think this is the smallest you’ve ever been.”

It probably was. They’d played with shrinking potions a lot in the time they’d been dating, but this was the most Oren had ever shrunk. It felt amazing to be so small, to see his boyfriend’s face towering over him like a giant monument. Quinn could easily lick him up off the floor and swallow him now.

There was a honk from outside. Quinn looked up. “Ride’s here,” he said. “You’d better get ready.”

He strode over to the bookshelf, and grabbed the growth potion off the top shelf. To Oren, he looked like a walking skyscraper. Oren was relieved to see that Quinn was unscrewing the top of the bottle, and expected him to bring it over. But instead, Quinn took a swig of the water, swallowing it. He instantly started to grow, his legs stretching up even taller, his shoulders straining at the seams of the shirt that had minutes earlier been Oren’s. His torso stretched, revealing a bit of his sexy belly. His feet wriggled, growing even more massive.

“No!” Oren squeaked, far too small to be heard.

“Just kidding,” Quinn laughed. He knelt down on the floor over Oren, smiling at him. “Here you go, tiny man.”

He turned the water bottle over and dumped it out over Oren. For a moment, he was deluged in the sparkling water, like a giant tidal wave, and then he felt the pressure of rapid growth. It started with his feet, which tingled and stretched and swelled up what seemed like a massive size. Then his hands began to grow, becoming heavy and huge on his tiny frame, then his ears bulging out from his head. He felt his hard cock blast forward, inflating like a massive balloon, and then the rest of his head, his legs, his arms, his ass, his chest.

With a shout, Oren suddenly burst upward, dripping wet and soaked from head to toe in the potion, just as he couldn’t contain himself anymore and felt his dick blast a torrent of jizz. He gasped as he swelled upward in size, bursting with thick ropes of hot white come that splattered over the floor as he grew.

And then it stopped. Oren looked around, dazed. The room looked like its normal size. Quinn reached down with a hand to help him up. “You okay?” he said.

Oren struggled to his feet, then gave his boyfriend a shove. “You dick,” he laughed. “I thought you were gonna put me in your pants!”

Quinn mussed up Oren’s hair. Oren was still about two inches shorter than his usual height. “Maybe next time,” Quinn grinned. “Come on, get dressed. We’ve got somewhere to be!”
Author’s Note
This is a sneak peek at my new book, The Incredible Shrinking Jocks! Pick up the full book on Amazon, and check out my Tumblr for daily gay TF stories.

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