Hypno muscle: jock dreams

by Douglas Benjamin

Toby and Liam have picked up a hypnotic audio tape that promises to grow their muscles. When they fall asleep to the hypnotic induction, they have a dream that seems all too real: Suddenly, they have to power to transform each other into big-muscled meatheads, flexing and posing for each other and talking like dumb jocks. Even more transformation is possible, but there is a catch.

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Part 1 Toby and Liam have picked up a hypnotic audio tape that promises to grow their muscles. When they fall asleep to the hypnotic induction, they have a dream that seems all too real: Suddenly, they have to power to transform each other into big-muscled meatheads, flexing and posing for each other and talking like dumb jocks. Even more transformation is possible, but there is a catch. (added: 13 Jul 2019)
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Part 1

“I like how big you’ve been getting,” Toby said, rubbing his face against Liam’s chest.

They were lounging in bed, about to fall asleep, both wearing just boxers under the covers. Liam’s arm was raised, reaching to turn off the bedside lamp, and Toby had moved in close to nuzzle his boyfriend.

“Big, like, good?” Liam said. He blushed, feeling Toby’s stubbled face on his chest. Liam had joined a gym two months prior and wasn’t sure if he was getting any results. But Toby seemed to feel otherwise.

“Very good,” said Toby, he wrapped his arms around Liam’s body and squeezed. “I can feel muscles in there… somewhere.”

Liam laughed, doing his best to flex. Both he and Toby were quite skinny, and neither one of them had ever been particularly athletic. He wasn’t sure he believed that he had actually gained any muscle.

“I still feel pretty small,” Liam said. “But if you think the gym might actually be helping…”

“Well, about that,” said Toby. “I do think you’re getting a little stronger. But only a little. It looks good, but … wouldn’t it be nice if you could grow more? Faster?”

“What did you have in mind?” Liam said.

“So, I was talking to Brett,” said Toby. “You know, from the library? I hadn’t seen him in a couple months and he’s, like, fucking huge all of a sudden. I didn’t even recognize him.”

“Oh, I see. He turned you on?” Liam teased.

“He… yeah, he did.”

“You wanna fuck around with Brett?”

“Well … kinda, yeah. He looks good.”

“That’s fine. You know you can. I trust you.”

Toby squeezed Liam again. “I know, but I wanna play with you more,” he said. “And I wanna see if you can get big too.”

“So what’s Brett’s secret?”

Toby rolled over and reached into a drawer of the nightstand. “This,” he said, pulling out a cassette tape.


“Okay, this is going to sound crazy,” said Toby. “But Brett said he joined this new gym a couple months ago. And they have, like, a hypnosis thing that makes the workouts more effective.”

“Oh, come on.” Liam rolled his eyes.

“I know! It’s dumb!” Toby put a hand on Liam’s chest. “But you can’t even believe how big Brett got in like just a couple of weeks. It’s insane. And he said that there’s a hypno thing that’ll help us get big like him.”

“Us?” Liam rubbed his hand up and down Toby’s thin body. “Are you going to join a gym too?”

“Maybe,” said Toby. He reached down under the bed and pulled out a beat-up cassette player.

Liam laughed again. “Where did you get…?”

“Thrift store.” Toby fumbled to get the tape into the door of the player, and then pushed the play button. There was a crackle of sound.

“I can’t believe this,” said Liam, lying back on the pillow and shaking his head.

“Just give it a…” Toby was cut off by a deep man’s voice coming from the speakers.

“Welcome, jocks,” said the voice. Liam scoffed. The voice went on, “Get comfortable. Relax. Let your body grow calm.”

“This is so dumb,” Toby said.

“Calm,” came the voice. “Calm. Calm.”

“Okay, maybe it’s kind of silly,” Liam said, wriggling next to Toby. Toby didn’t respond.

The voice kept droning. “Calm. Calm. Calm. You are completely calm.”

“Are you calm?” Toby said. He glanced over at Liam. Liam’s eyes were glazed over, his mouth slightly open.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Liam murmured.

“Calm,” said the voice. “You are completely calm.”

“Are you feeling … okay?” Toby mumbled. For some reason he felt kind of numb. It was hard to speak.

“I’m feeling … so good,” Liam responded. He was talking so slowly.

“You are sinking deep into relaxing sleep,” came the voice. “Your body is weak. Your mind is slow. Your thoughts are dissolving in your head.”

“Uhhhhh,” Liam groaned. He could feel his dick growing hard. He wanted to reach down and grasp it but his whole body felt like it was too heavy to move.

“Five,” said the voice. “You feel a pressure on your head. Heavy. Tight.”

Toby and Liam didn’t make a sound, but they both felt it. It was like a hand grasping them by the forehead.

“You will forget. No memories. No remnant of your past life. All will evaporate. You are fresh. New. Empty. Blank.”

“Whaaaaaat’s haaaappening,” murmured one of the men. Neither one of them could tell if they had said it, or the other one.

“Four,” said the voice. “You are simple and slow. Thoughts are thick. You don’t have ideas. You do as you’re told.”

“Do as we’re told,” Toby droned.

“As we’re told,” Liam echoed.

“Three. Your bodies are strong. Your muscles are tight. Hard. Big. Thick. You want to grow. You want power. You want to flex. You are a jock.”

“A jock,” said Toby.

“A jock,” Liam said, and giggled. “I’m a jock. I’m a jock!”

“Two,” came the voice. “You are driven by pleasure. By sex. By the feel of flesh. You crave the touch of men. Muscles turn you on, flexing makes you hard, cock makes your crave more cock.”

“Fuck, dude,” Toby gasped, “so fuckin’ horny!” He desperately wanted to grab his dick. It had never been so hard. But his body was numb, heavy, impossible to move.

“One. You dream,” said the voice. “Descend into dreams.”

That’s the last thing they heard.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Toby awoke first. He blinked his eyes and rubbed his face, unsure where he was.

Liam sat up next to him. “Did we… where… what happened?”

They were on their bed—that much was familiar. But all around the bed was a thick grey mist. Their bedroom was gone—the bed was all they could see.

“We put on that hypno tape,” said Liam. “And then … I think it told us to dream?”

“It’s a dream,” Toby said, looking around. “We’re having a dream. We must be dreaming.”

“Uh… together? A two-person dream? That’s … not a thing,” said Liam, shaking his head.

“I dunno, maybe it’s like a lucid dream?” Toby said. “Like when you know you’re dreaming, and you can make anything happen?”

“That doesn’t explain why we’re both having it together,” said Toby.

“I wish I could fly,” said Liam, pushing up from the bed. Nothing happened. Liam looked disappointed. “Aw, man. I really hoped it would work.”

Toby laughed. “How would you even fly, Liam? You’d have to grow wings.”

As soon as he said it, two massive feathered wings appeared at Liam’s back. Liam twisted around in shock, his new wings flapping. “Fuck! Holy shit! Toby! What did you do?”

“I don’t know! I’m sorry! Oh fuck!” Toby gasped. “You don’t have wings!”

And just like that, they were gone.

The two men sat in silence for a moment, catching their breath.

“Um. Maybe we are dreaming,” said Liam. He looked at Toby. “You… uh … you’re a bodybuilder.”

As soon as he said it, Toby shuddered, his face winced, and he doubled over on the bed. “Uh!” Toby grunted. “Oh fuck, I feel it!” His muscles shook, flexed, tightened. Then grew. His shoulders bulked up first, swelling round and thick, then his chest and his upper back. Muscle swelled where there had been none before, and his arms grew wide and strong, biceps inflating with power. His legs trembled as his thighs grew, the muscles of his ass straining at his formerly-loose boxers, and his calves widened.

Within seconds, Toby had become a muscle-bound bodybuilder.

He stared down at his body in shock. “Oh my God,” he said. “What the fuck?” He tentatively flexed an arm, feeling the strength and power he’d suddenly gained. “It’s like … it’s not even my body, dude.”

“Dude?” Liam laughed. “Since when do you call me dude?”

“Bro—something’s fucked up with my mind!” Toby exclaimed, looking at his boyfriend in shock. “I feel, like, dumb and shit!”

“Oh no,” Liam realized. “I didn’t just change your body—you’ve got the mind of a bodybuilder now.”

“Wowwww,” Toby murmured, flexing again. He rubbed his chest, feeling his wide pecs, then raised up his arms in another flexing pose. “It’s fuckin’ weird, bro. But maybe … maybe kinda worth it? I look fuckin’ hot.”

“You do,” Liam said. “Can I…” he reached out to touch Toby’s flexing bicep. It felt real enough—the warmth of the muscle, his boyfriend’s body heat, the gentle ripple of strength as Toby extended and contracted his arm.

“You wanna change too?” Toby said. “I could make you like me.”

“Well—I don’t know,” Liam said, concerned. “I’m not sure I want to get dumb. I mean, no offense, Toby, but I don’t know if we should both be mindless muscle men. I like being smart, and …”

“You’re a bodybuilder,” Toby grinned. “Like me.”

“Uhh!” Liam doubled over as the changes hit him. He felt his muscles all shudder at once, then suddenly swell. As with Toby, it started at his shoulders, thickening and widening on either side of his body. Then his chest, and his arms, and his back—he stared down at himself, watching his body become unrecognizable. He could see his abs flex, felt them tighten and grow strong. He reached down and yanked off his boxers, freeing his body so he could see his thighs grow huge, his calves swell to match Toby’s.

It only took a few seconds, and then he was staring down at a body that he didn’t recognize. But it moved as he moved, flexed and posed as he did. It was his. He was changed. Transformed.

Liam looked at Toby, speechless. Toby gasped. “Whoops! I shoulda watched my fuckin’ words.”

“Wha’d you do, bro?” Liam said. His mind felt thick and slow, stupid and stoned. He felt like a different person.

“Uh … show me a mirror,” Toby called out into the mist that surrounded them, and a large full-length mirror materialized at the foot of the bed. Staring into it, Liam saw what had happened. When Toby said “like me,” it had caused Liam to turn into a perfect duplicate—a clone of his bodybuilder boyfriend. They looked like twins now.

“Holy shit, bro,” said Liam. He looked at Toby.

Toby looked a little embarrassed. “You mad?”

“So fuckin’ hot, bro,” said Toby. He grabbed his boyfriend and pulled him close, strong arms sliding over each other. The two men leaned in close to each other and opened their mouths for a long hard deep kiss, tongues and lips sliding against each other on the bed.

After a minute, Toby pulled away, grinning. “So,” he said. “We’re fuckin’ jocks.”

“You are,” said an unfamiliar voice.

Toby and Liam turned to see an unfamiliar man walking towards them through the mist. He was dressed in a black tank top, tight spandex leggings, with thick white sneakers. There was a backwards tattered baseball cap on his head, and a padlock on a chain around his neck.

“Who the fuck are you?” Liam said. “This is our fuckin’ dream.”

“You’re welcome,” said the figure, standing at the edge of their bed. “I’m Hunter. I run the gym where you got the tape. Congratulations on figuring out how to use it. You like the results?”

“Oh… yeah, thanks, bro,” said Toby, flexing his arms. “Feels fuckin tight.”

“Yeah, so like are we like muscle jocks now for good?” Liam asked.

Hunter laughed. “No, dummy,” he said. “This is a dream. When you wake up, it’ll all go back to normal.”

“Aw,” said Liam, disappointed.

“Unless,” said Hunter. Toby and Liam perked back up. “Unless you’re ready to make some changes. Join the gym. Make it permanent.”

“Yeah!” Toby said.

Liam scratched his head. He knew he should be hesitant about an offer like that, suspicious maybe. But he couldn’t remember why.

“You ready to become one of Hunter’s jocks?” Hunter said. “Become a piece of property?”

“Wait,” said Liam.

“Totally,” said Toby.

“I don’t know if we oughta…” Liam said, but it was too late.

Hunter pointed at Toby. “You’re a jock,” he said, and Tony got a look of surprise on his face.

“I feel weird, bro,” was the last thing he said before his body shrank rapidly down, dwindling into the bed and flattening out, turning to white cotton. With a soft rustling sound, Toby fell to the sheets, transformed into a jockstrap.

“Fuck, dude!” Liam shouted. “You turned him into a jockstrap!”

“Put him on,” said Hunter, and Liam found himself compelled to obey. He reached down, grabbing the jockstrap that had been his boyfriend a moment ago. It was warm.

“What the fuck,” came a muffled voice from the jockstrap.

“Sorry bro,” Liam said, his arms disobeying him and pulling the garment up and over his legs.

Toby was tight and snug, cradling Liam’s junk comfortably. Liam could feel his boyfriend shifting around, moving slightly.

“Dude,” came Toby’s voice. “You’re leakin’ precum into me.”

“Show him off,” said Hunter. “Pose.”

Liam instantly struck a bodybuilder pose, like he’d always known how. He tensed and flexed, showing off his perfect physique. Down at his crotch, he felt Toby rubbing his dick. “Come on, dude,” Liam muttered.

“Not bad,” said Hunter. “But I think I’d like a matching pair.” He pointed. “You’re a jock.”

“No!” Liam exclaimed, but he felt himself shrink. His body felt tight, pressed in, pushed down. And he watched Hunter seemingly grow larger and larger as his body transformed into a small scrap of fabric and some elastic bands. He fell to the bed, tangled in his boyfriend’s matching jockstrap body.

Hunter stood over them.

“So easy,” he said. He was silent for a moment, then snapped his fingers. “Back to one,” he said, and the two men suddenly exploded outward with human limbs, instantly restored to their original state. Small, weak, skinny men with unremarkable bodies.

Toby and Liam patted themselves in a panic, reassuring themselves that they were indeed transformed back. Their minds had been restored as well—no longer dumb jocks.

“Holy shit,” Liam muttered.

“So,” Hunter said. “Now you know. This is what I offer—perfect bodies. Simple minds. The ideal man. Beautiful, stupid, obedient. It can be yours. All you have to do is ask, and you’ll be mine. I’ll shape you into the perfect dumb jocks. But I expect total obedience. Disobey me, and you will be punished.”

“What if we say no?” Toby said.

“Then you go back to looking like … this,” said Hunter, looking at their thin frames disapprovingly.

Toby turned to Liam. “I want to say yes,” he said. “But only if you say yes too.”

“Toby! I don’t know,” Liam said. “It felt so good, but … we’ll be so dumb.”

“Yeah. Right,” said Toby. “But didn’t that feel good too?”

“It did,” Liam admitted. “It actually did. I liked being stupid.”

Toby shook his head in disbelief at the whole situation. “Okay,” he said at last. “Let’s be dumb jocks.”

“Let’s do it!” Liam said excitedly, turning back to Hunter.

Hunter smiled. “Ask,” he said.

“Make us jocks,” Liam said. “Human jocks! Not jockstraps. We want to be your dumb jocks. Aaaah!”

He doubled over as the muscle transformation began again.

“Me too!” Toby exclaimed. “Make me a … oh fuck!” He felt the changes as well.

The two men wrapped their arms around each other, feeling their bodies swelling with muscle together. Toby squeezed Liam tight, rubbing the rippling muscle of Liam’s back. Liam pressed his pecs against Toby’s, their sensitive nipples pressing hard together between surging pecs. They leaned their faces together and kissed, feeling one another’s growing muscle, the tensing strength, their straining limbs clutching tight over transformed flesh.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot, bro,” said Toby.

“I love you, dude,” Liam breathed back, licking Toby’s face.

“Mmmf… fuck, I’m gonna come, bro… you’re gonna make me come with this new fuckin’ muscle bod!” Toby gasped, heaving his thick strong chest against Liam’s. Liam pressed back, the two of them wrestling against each other on the bed.

“Do it, bro,” Liam muttered, pressing into Toby. “Gimme your come!”

“Fuck, here it comes,” Toby grunted. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

“Oh fuck!” Liam gasped, his cock suddenly quivering and shooting a load between them.

“Bro! I’m coming out of your dick!” Toby exclaimed. “Ahhh fuck, I’m coming from your fuckin’ cock!”

“Yeah dude! Keep going!” Liam groaned, another shot of jizz shooting out of his dick. “I can feel it, bro—I can feel you coming through me!”

“Fuck!” Toby flinched, his load shooting out of Liam’s cock and splattering between both of them. “Fuck, that’s amazing!”

“Get ready, bro,” Liam panted. “I’m about to come too! Ahhh shit here I come!”

“Holy shit!” Toby exclaimed as his dick quivered and then shot Liam’s load. “Dude! Ahh fuck, you’re coming from my cock now!”

“I know! Aahhh, fuck, dude, I can feel my load in your dick!”

Grunting, panting, heaving, the two boyfriends shot load after load between them, each coming out of the other’s cock, blasting white hot sticky come all over their bodies and the bed.

“Oh man,” Toby panted, catching his breath as their orgasms subsided. “Dude. I fuckin’ love you. Never knew it could feel so good to share… like this.”

“Yeah man,” Liam grinned, rubbing Toby’s dick, smearing jizz on his fingers and then licking it off. “Two jocks coming as one.”

“Lick it up,” Hunter said, nodding at Liam. They’d almost forgotten he was there in their dream, watching them fuck. “You’ll need to consume as much brotein as you can if you want to get this big in real life.”

“Aw, man, we’re not gonna be like this when we wake up?” Liam whined.

Hunter laughed. “You’ll be a puny nerd again,” he said. “For now. Join the gym and drink each other’s loads, and you’ll get stupid-swole in no time.”

“Okay, bro,” said Toby. “Hey, how fuckin’ big are we gonna get?”

“That’s up to you,” said Liam. “As big as you want. As stupid as you want. The more time you spend in my gym, the stronger you’ll become, and the stupider.”

“Yeah, but like … what’s the biggest any of your dudes ever got?” Toby said.

Hunter smiled. “I’ll show you.” He closed his eyes for a moment.

“Whoa,” Toby gasped. His chest swelled up, growing even larger with muscle. “Yeah man. Make me huge. Make me a fuckin’ freak!”

“Bro! Amazing!” Liam pressed his hands against Toby’s come-covered pecs, rubbing them up and down. He turned back towards Hunter. “Yeah, make him huge! I wanna have a massive monster boyfriend!”

Hunter grinned. “He’s well on his way. Aren’t you?”

“Uhh!” Toby grunted, shaking his head in confusion. He frowned, looking concerned, then rubbed his hair. It was turning green. “What … what you do to me?”

“I’m making a muscle monster,” said Hunter. He closed his eyes again, just for a moment, and Toby’s body swelled with size again. But this time, Liam changed as well—he shivered and shrank, just a tiny bit.

“Whoa, fuck, what happened to me?” Liam looked down at himself. He was still proportionately muscular, still thick with strength, but now he looked more like a little fireplug of muscle.

“Just doing a little trade,” said Hunter. “I’m taking your size to give to your boyfriend.”

“More!” Toby growled. His skin was turning changing color now, a deep shade of green washing over his flesh. “More big!”

“Bro, what’s happening to you?” Liam said. His voice sounded a little high-pitched.

Toby growled again and leaned forward, pushing down on Liam’s shoulders. Liam slipped down a few more inches in height, as Toby gained them. His shoulders swelled wide, his thighs thickened, and his forearms grew massive.

“Me change,” Toby snarled. “Me get big.”

“Yeah, but dude—ahhh fuck!” Toby pushed down on Liam again, and he dropped down in height even further. He was about half his previous size now, a shrunken little bodybuilder being pressed against the bed by a towering brute.

“You like being an orc, Toby?” Hunter asked.

“Me orc,” Toby growled. “Monster! Big monster!”

He lifted up his arms to flex, showing off his massive physique. Two tusks poked up from his lower jaw, growing up over his thick darkening lip, and his nose turned up in a flared-nostril snout.

“Dude! Too much! You’re changing too much, bro!” Liam squeaked. He tried to crawl away from Toby, but Toby reached down and grabbed his shrunken boyfriend in his massive arms, then threw him down on his back on the bed. Liam flailed around, but before he could move, Toby whipped one of his massive feet around and slammed it on top of him.

“You no move! Give more size!” Toby roared, pressing down with his foot.

“Help!” Liam squeaked, feeling the pressure of his boyfriend’s foot. It was nearly as large as his whole body, and the pressure made him shrink even more. The foot grew larger and larger on top of him as he shrank down, disappearing beneath the arch of his boyfriend’s colossal foot, the toes pressing against his face.

“Bigger!” Toby bellowed, flexing his arms and throwing his head back. He pressed down again with his foot, and surged upward in size. A curly tail sprouted from his lower back, a green tuft of fur at the end. “Bigger! Monster big!”

“Mmmf!” A muffled cry came from under Toby’s foot as Liam shrank even further. He was pressed tight between his boyfriend’s green toes now.

“Enough,” said Hunter. “I’ll see you both at the gym.” He snapped.

“What?” Toby gasped, sitting up. It was morning, and he and Liam were both back to their old human forms, pressed together in their bed.

“What … happened?” Liam groggily pulled himself up, his hand on Toby’s back. “Did you have an incredible dream just now?”

“Yeah, with muscle and jocks, and … I think I stole all your size,” Toby said, looking at Liam wide-eyed.

Liam felt his body, reassuring himself that it was back to normal. The muscles were gone, the green skin was back to its old hue. Liam glanced back at Toby. “You did,” he said. “Um. I kinda want you to do it again. Dude.”

They both laughed.

“Oh wow,” Toby said. “We were super dumb, huh? We turned into dumb jocks! Haha, bro.”

“Bro!” Liam laughed. The word sounded strange in his mouth, but not as strange as it would have the day before. “Okay, so we have to go join that gym now, right?”

Toby stretched, feeling his thin lean body and missing the muscle of their dream. “Yeah,” he said. “I think we do. Maybe this afternoon after some errands.” He threw off the covers and stepped out of bed, standing there naked.

Liam followed, crawling out of bed after him to hug his boyfriend.

But something was different.

“Uh… Toby? Are you on your toes?” Liam said, hugging him. Toby was ever so slightly taller than he had been.

“Are you crouching?” Toby said, looking down at his boyfriend.

They stared at each other, naked and embracing. The change was subtle, but it was definitely there—Toby just a little bit taller, Liam just a tiny bit shorter.

Liam reached up and brushed Toby’s hair. “You’ve got a green streak there,” he said, smirking. “It’s fuckin’ hot. Bro.”

“Okay, fuck the errands,” Toby said. “We’re going to the gym right fucking now.”



. . This story takes place in the Muscle Monster universe—for more adventures with bulging muscles, dumb jocks, and hot sweaty sex, check out my Amazon Author page: https://amzn.to/2JsbsCv

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