Crafting my cousin

by Fallon Ives

Yusef’s cousin Hadi introduces him to a new game with a surprisingly detailed character creator. Might as well go wild with it, right? When Hadi hacks the game, however, changes made to their characters start to have strange effects on the real world.

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“God, you weren’t kidding,” I say to my cousin Hadi. I glance over my shoulder from my desk chair to where he lounges on the half-made bed behind me. “This game’s character creator is something else.”

I click through ribbon after ribbon of menus and watch the 3D character model on my desktop screen cycle through wildly different presets. There are the standard male/female/other toggles followed by a long range of fantasy races and species, of course. But what’s impressive is how many customization menus are under each of those headings.

Seemingly every part of the body is accounted for in almost absurd levels of detail. You can change the major attributes, sure—size, height, weight, skin tone and eye color. Yet that’s nothing compared with the detailed sliders available for everything from individual musculature to fat deposits to exact placement and texture of body hair in any desired thickness. The hair styles alone must number in the hundreds. The longer I scroll, the more overwhelmingly limitless the options seem.

“Right?” Hadi replies without looking up from his phone, on which he’s playing the mobile version of the same game. His dark wavy-haired head rests against a stack of my newly washed pillows. The rest of him splays out on my bed as casually as if it were his own. He wears his usual after-school sweat pants—black polyester. His red muscle shirt shows off his bare, slightly hairy arms and much hairier pits. I can almost smell his post-workout funk from here.

Hadi has way more muscle definition than I do, despite that we both just celebrated our eighteenth birthdays a few weeks apart. That we spend the same amount of time at the gym after school never seems to matter. I’m all-too-keenly aware of my scrawny, hairless limbs compared with Hadi’s developed arms and chest, not to mention my barely fuzzy cheeks by contrast with his nearly full beard.

The only thing I’ve got on Hadi is height. He shot up past me early in puberty before stopping around 5’10”, while I was a late bloomer who kept growing in my late teens until reaching a gangly 6’1”. If it weren’t for our sharing the same last name, I doubt anyone at school would even know we were related.

“And it only gets better once you turn on the advanced options,” he continues. “Check this out!” He rolls forward and half-launches himself to his knees on the edge of the bed, reaching out across the gap to my desk to show me his phone screen. His bright, hazel-tinted eyes—a little pink around the edges from the THC we just vaped—gleam with a mischievous glint I know all too well.

I spin my chair all the way around to get a good look at Hadi’s phone. On the screen slowly rotates a tall and utterly jacked elf dude with a cleft chin and a strong resemblance to mustache-phase Henry Cavill, plus two long and pointy ears. Unlike the generic preset figures on my screen, who each wear baggy white underwear, Hadi’s character here is completely, exquisitely naked. As the Cavill look-alike rotates, the sight of his musclebound ass is replaced by a full view of a flopping cut cock over two enormous sets of balls.

Hadi shakes his phone, and the cock and balls on Elf Cavill start flopping wildly on the screen.

I snort a short laugh and shove the phone away. “You’re such a child.”

“Aw, what’s the matter, Yusef?” Hadi shoves the phone up right before my eyes, Elf Cavill’s cock dangling. “I thought my gay cousin loves a good set of sweaty balls in his face.”

“Pfft, like you’re one to talk!” I swat Hadi’s phone hand aside. “You’ve hooked up with twice as many guys as I have.” That’s both understatement and overstatement. I’ve been with exactly two guys in high school, and neither of those hook-ups advanced beyond awkward kisses and furtive hand-jobs. Neither dude was really my type to begin with. Meanwhile Hadi, my beautiful bisexual cousin, had probably fucked half the hottest girls and guys at our school before senior year even started. I’d hate him for it if we hadn’t been best friends practically since we were born.

Hadi makes some ridiculous kissing sounds, then pantomimes sucking an invisible dick. I roll my eyes and turn back to my desktop screen. I click around a moment, then frown, frustrated.

“Okay, fine,” I say with a sigh. “How’d you get to those character options?”

“I’ll show you,” he says, scooting off the bed and stepping up beside me. I catch a whiff of his armpit musk as he plants his ass on my chair arm and commandeers my mouse and keyboard. “Scoot, coz. Unless you want a lap dance while I’m doing this.” He wiggles his ass inches above the crotch of my gym shorts suggestively. I’m glad with his back to me he can’t see my face flush.

I give him a good shove and get up out the chair before he can notice my dick stirring to a semi. Sometimes I wonder if he knows he’s turning me on when he fucks around like this. Like he’s doing it just to torture me.

Hadi plops himself down in the chair. “Ah, you kept it nice and warm for papa.” He starts clicking through menus. “See, all you gotta do is enable advanced options, and then…” He types something into the text parser window that pops up. “…enter developer mode. That’s where the real fun starts. All sorts of extra goodies you can play with if you know the magic words for the command line.”

“Wow,” I say dryly. “I’m so impressed with your ability to Google.” Looking up these codes was probably the most research Hadi’s done all semester.

“No need to be jealous of my leet hacker skills, coz. Here!” He tosses me his phone, which I just barely catch with a near-fumble before it can hit the floor. “I’ve got an idea. How about you design my character for me, and I’ll handle yours. Whoever finishes first gets the loot from the first dungeon.”

“Leaving me stuck with whatever wacky shit you picked for my character?” I look over his shoulder at the desktop screen skeptically.

“Come on, you can still pick your combat stats. That’s all that really matters for gameplay anyway.” He winks at me. “It’ll be funner this way. Trust me.”

“Whatever.” I toss Hadi’s phone onto my pillows and crawl into bed after it. I pick it up and stare at the Elf Cavill avatar on the screen for a moment. He is pretty fucking hot. And if I’m going to be staring at Hadi’s avatar for a hundred hours of this game, I might as well make it one worth staring it. Still, this one could use some adjustments.

The first thing I do is head up to the fantasy races menu. We can do better than an elf, I think. The options scroll by to some of the more extreme variants, some lizard-looking creatures and centaurs and bunny-headed motherfuckers. Let’s keep it simpler for now. Something old-school.

I flip through until I settle on one that ditches the elf ears and gives the avatar a pair of gnarly-looking tusk-sized teeth sticking up from his lower jaw. His nose widens, his muscles bulge, and his skin turns a deep shade of green. There we go. Orc it is. A particularly sexy, Henry Cavill-esque orc packing porn-star-sized heat down below.

But we can do better still. I start messing around with the sliders. Orc Cavill’s pecs expand and his biceps balloon as I make my way down the muscle options. That fine ass is nearly doubled in size—and hairiness—by the time I’m done toying with the glute and quad settings. His mustache I turn into a full beard, sneaking a look at my cousin out of the corner of my eye. Let’s add a little more chest hair to the mix. I pay special attention to the treasure trail leading down to that generous package.

Big enough, I think, eying the 10-inch monster cock…before changing my mind and throwing a couple extra inches on there. A little extra girth too. Why not?

I flip the Cut switch over to Uncut, giving Hadi’s avatar the foreskin neither of us has had in real life since we were infants. A flap of skin appears out of nowhere to shroud the fat green head. I smile when adding the thick veins along the shaft for a flourish. The egg-shaped balls are closer to the size of a fist each by the time I’m done with those hanging beauties. I keep them hairless smooth, because hey, who’s to say even orcs don’t engage in a little manscaping? Orcscaping, I suppose with a smirk.

“You almost finished over there?” Hadi asks from the computer desk without turning.

“Just about,” I reply, eyeing the green-skinned beauty on the phone before me. I take another look at the facial features before messing around with the shape dials. A little less Henry Cavill, a little more…well, why shouldn’t Hadi’s avatar have a resemblance to Hadi? The final result looks somewhere roughly between both sources of inspiration. I change the default red orc eyes to a bright golden yellow, check the Barbarian class box, hover my finger over Finish, then pause.

There’s a set of options I hadn’t noticed before, the first of which is labeled Libido. They must’ve gotten enabled when Hadi flagged developer mode. I smile—sure, why not?—and crank Libido up from High to Intense to the maximum setting, Raging. The Pheromones I set to to max as well—Irresistible. Guess we’ll find out what sort of sex encounters this game offers. Now I hit Finish.

Are you sure you want to commit? Asks the button prompt. Changes cannot be made to a character once created. I hit yes, then am met with a second prompt above a simply massive text block in about a size-six font. Please read and agree to the updated alpha tester Terms of Service to complete character creation. I do not, in fact, read the Terms of Service, but I flick my thumb through the scrolling columns until it lets me select Agree.

“All right, your character is in,” I say as I tap the button. The character screen is replaced by a black screen and simple loading bar, above which it says simply Rendering.

“Ditto,” says Hadi. He makes a final click of the mouse before spinning around in the desk chair. “I think you’re gonna love it.”

“Sure.” I fold my arms. “Knowing you, you probably made me some sort of multi-limbed spider goblin or pink-headed clown or something.”

“Nah,” says Hadi. “I couldn’t let my little coz Yusef go off adventuring like that. I made you much cuter.”

“‘Little’?” I scoff, grabbing the bag of chips from my night stand and pulling it open with a crinkle and a pop. “You’re like three weeks older than me. Besides, I’m the taller one.”

“Not for much longer.” Hadi slides his chair back so I can see the monitor as the loading bar fills and the screen reveals the avatar he has made for me. In the middle of a wide, grassy field stands a tiny figure besides a large tree. Short, pot-bellied, and curly-haired, the pale little halfling stands there completely naked. Its ridiculous little uncut microdick pokes out above two balls the size of cherries.

The halfling holds a comically huge book in one hand and rests the other on his very wide hips. He seems proud of his three-foot-something stature and his fat ass hanging out in the breeze. A thin trail of curly hair runs down his belly to his crotch, with two significantly hairier patches atop either foot. His face, though a little more fleshed out around the cheeks, looks uncannily like mine: arched eyebrows, button nose, and the same dimples when he smiles.

“You made me a fucking hobbit?” I shake my head, amused yet unsurprised.

“A hobbit wizard, coz.” He grins. “Think about it! You’re basically one already. You’re a huge nerd, you never wanna go out. You eat basically all the time.”

“I do not,” I insist lamely before popping another sour cream and onion chip into my mouth and munching down on it.

And you’re the family’s biggest pot-head after Uncle Nasir. You couldn’t even wait until we got home today before vaping up in my car.”

“Like you didn’t rip half that pod yourself.”

“Just embrace it, bro!” He gestures to the screen. “You were born to be a little fantasy nerd who curls up at home studying book magic and eating, I dunno, fantasy pastries. Aaanyway.” He saunters over the side of the bed and plops down next to me. “What’d you make me? Lemme see.” When he reaches for the phone I yank it back, pretend like I’m gonna keep it from him. “Oh ho ho. Yusef wants to get cute.” He wags a finger back and forth. “Don’t make me pin you down and take it, coz.”

Fuck, I wish you would. The thought comes unbidden, and there’s nothing I can do to make myself forget it. I relent and hand the phone over before the image of my cousin wrestling me for it can give me a hard-on.

Hadi takes the phone and leans back against the pillow beside me, scrolling. It takes a lot of effort not to slide my hand down my gym shorts around my cock while he’s distracted. And to avoid looking at the bulge that is Hadi’s crotch beneath his sweat pants. Even soft, he’s packing a pretty good-sized meat down there. We both are—one shared family blessing.

“Damn, an orc barbarian, huh? That’s what you think of me?” He smirks. “That’s okay. We both know what I lack in SAT scores I make up in sex appeal.”

“So, we gonna play this game or what?” I ask, reaching an arm beneath my t-shirt to scratch my flat stomach. It’s itching something fierce down there, all of a sudden. A lot of me is itchy, come to think of it. My face feels warm, my neck a little flushed. There’s a kind of weird tingle spreading up and down my arms and legs, gathering at my fingertips and toes and—uncomfortably—at the head of my dick.

“You okay, coz?” Hadi asks, watching me shift uncomfortably. He scratches idly at the side of his nose. Then he reaches the same hand down to scratch at his ass crack, as though I’m not sitting right next to him.

“I don’t know,” I reply. “I’m kind of itchy all of a sudden. Little warm too. Must be that THC pod or something.”

“Fuck, it is hot in here.” Hadi flaps his muscle shirt a couple times to cool himself, revealing his belly button and hairy slab-cut abs in the process. Then, dissatisfied, he rips his shirt off and tosses it right at my face—damp and dank with the smell of our workout.

“Knock it off,” I mutter, pulling the shirt away…though not before taking a good-sized sniff of Hadi’s scent on it. I throw it off the side of the bed towards the hamper.

“What? You know you love the gun show.” Hadi waggles his eyebrows and flexes his chest and arms with an exaggerated twist of his torso. His upper body is slick with a light layer of sweat. Black chest hair curls its way down between two meaty pecs—much meatier than I remember, actually. He must have been pushing himself harder at the gym these past few weeks than I’d realized. His bronze arms are similarly jacked, biceps and triceps flaunted above veiny forearms and beneath rounded shoulders.

Is it just me, or are they getting bigger?

“Why the weird face, coz?” Hadi asks of my frown.

“Nothing, it’s just…You haven’t been juicing, have you?” I reach out and feel one of his rock-hard biceps. “You’re looking weirdly swole.”

Juicing?” He scoffs. “You know I’m one hundred percent all-natural man, baby. Besides, you think I’d start steroids without telling my gym partner?” Now it’s Hadi’s turn to frown. “Speaking of which, we need to pick up your workout pace. You’re starting to put on some pudge, coz. Must be the end of that growth spurt.”

“No, I’m not!” I insist. What’s Hadi even talking about? I’ve tried to pack on bulk for ages with no success. Which is partly why workout routine has been so unproductive.

Hadi pats me smugly on the tummy, and it actually jiggles a little. What the hell? I lift up my shirt in confusion. Normally my torso is all visible ribs poking out above and a flat hollow beneath; if anything my stomach tends to be concave. Now, not only have my ribs disappeared, but my stomach has filled itself out. My thin trail of chest hair runs down to a downright flabby paunch. It’s not quite a beer belly yet, though it’s getting there.

“Looks like your non-stop snacking has finally paid off.” Hadi pinches one of my newly-forming love handles. I swat his hand away in annoyance. “Time to start pushing you harder on the bench press! It’ll be your cutting phase before you know it.” As he leans back, I swear to God I can see his chest growing bigger. And his torso actually seems to lengthen before my eyes.

“Hadi, what the fuck.” I leap out of bed and gesture for my cousin to do the same. “Get up. I’m pretty sure you’re growing.

“Well, duh.” He grins and pushes himself off the bed’s edge. “What do you think I’ve been doing all those extra reps for?” As he stands before me, the change becomes crystal clear. His eyes are staring straight into mine.

“No, not just your muscles. I mean you’re getting bigger. Like, everywhere. You’re taller.” I lift my hand up to his head to demonstrate, them move it back towards mine. “We’re the same height!

“The hell?” He stares at me, seems to realize for the first time he’s not staring up to do it at all. He turns and rushes across the room to my standing mirror along the far wall. As he does it gives me a full view of his bare, musclebound back, his corded traps and delts, and the newly jacked triangle of his lats. They taper down at his waist, only for his enormous glutes to tent his gym pants out below. “Holy shit.” He whistles at the sight of himself in the mirror, which is barely tall enough to contain him. “I’m getting huge. Fast. How’s that even possible?”

I reach a hand down to shift my dick and balls, which are tingling uncomfortably within my boxer briefs. That heat itch is intensifying everywhere. My new paunch stings all of a sudden, and I swat at it, only to feel my whole belly jiggle. I look down to see it sticking out like a beach ball from the tent of my t-shirt. What the fuck?

I rip off my shirt in a panic—I barely notice that it’s way larger than I remember that shirt being—and stare at myself in horror. My flabby pecs now give way to a full-on beer belly below, poking out as round and prominent as a college frat boy’s freshman fifteen. More like a freshman’s thirty, in this case. My stomach hair trails down to curl around my belly button, which has somehow gone from an innie to an outie without my noticing. I grasp my new belly’s roundness with both hands, feel my way around prominent new love handles. How could this have all happened so quickly?

“I’m getting way too big,” I say aloud and suck in a long breath.

“Nah, Yusef,” says Hadi, stepping up beside me. “You’re getting small.” He places an enormous hand on my shoulder.

I look up—up—to see Hadi looking down from a full head’s height above mine. The top of my head barely reaches his chin, and my eyes are now level with his enormous gleaming pecs. The scent of him is getting stronger, wafting off from the hairier-than-ever pits only inches from my face. I take a deep breath. The smell of him is incredible. Almost…intoxicating.

“Hadi,” I whisper. “What the fuck is going on?”

“I don’t know, coz,” he says with a deeper baritone than I can ever recall his voice having. “But whatever it is, you’re getting cuter by the second.”

I race over to the mirror, which used to be about my height and now rises a good foot above me. I gasp at the sight which greets me. Not only has my face filled out, round and rosy-cheeked, but my whole body is covered with a layer of pudge I’ve never had before.

That’s not the half of it. As I get chubbier, it appears I’m also getting shorter. The figure in the mirror before me can’t be more than 5’3” now. If this keeps going, before long I’ll be a full foot less than I was when I woke up this morning.

It hits me: I’m looking more and more like the halfling on my computer screen by the second.

“Hadi,” I say softly, hardly believing it. “I think we’re turning into our game avatars.”

“You’re telling me,” booms his voice from behind. I spin to see Hadi extending his arms and staring at them. They, along with the rest of his body, have turned a deep shade of green. Hadi’s nose has widened, his brow has deepened, and his two lower canine teeth are sticking out from his bottom lip like burgeoning little tusks. There’s no mistaking it: he’s gone full orc—a hulking barbarian.

My jaw drops…as do my gym shorts as they slide off my shrinking body. Nothing hides my growing hard-on now as it tents beneath my underwear. Hadi’s gym pants barely seem able to contain the outline of his own semi, which runs almost halfway down his pant leg towards his knee.

“Holy shit,” I echo at the sight of Hadi’s new monster cock.

“I’ll say,” he says in that deep new bass, wincing. “Fuck, I gotta get these pants off. They’re way too tight.” He’s not kidding; the gym pants look more like tights now where they hug his massive quads. The legs of them are barely long enough to reach halfway down his pants. Hadi strips them off, and his comically small underwear with them. His green cock flops free, sausage-thick and at least ten inches long above the largest and tightest pair of balls I’ve ever seen.

“Y-you’ve got a f-f-foreskin,” I stutter, stating the obvious.

Hadi reaches down to finger the green hood of skin newly grown over and around the tip of his cock. “Huh. Whaddaya know.” Experimentally, he peels it back, revealing a massive, bulbous cock head of an even darker green.

“Shit, is that precum?” I note of the glistening liquid around his slit. “Is this turning you on?”

Hadi snorts. “You’re one to talk. Looks like your dick is having the time of its little life—what’s left of it, anyway.”

As he says it, my whole body tingles, and for the first time I feel the shrinking happen as my line of sight lowers a few more inches. My boxer briefs slide right down my legs, exposing my now-raging hard-on to the air. I look down and cry out—a strange, high-pitched sound I barely recognize as my voice.

Hadi wasn’t fucking with me. My once-more-than-ample eight-inch cock has shrunk to a mere four inches stiff. It sticks out carrot-thin at a sharp angle above my dwindling ballsack. I grab it with my shrinking palm and feel the barely chestnut-sized nuts within.

“Hadi, you have to help me! How do we stop this?”

“You sure you want to?” He steps towards me, cock swinging. His facing is wearing that mischievous grin again, only made more devious by his new tusk-like lower fangs.

Hadi must still be getting bigger as I’m getting smaller. His crotch is nearly up to the height of my face. When he stops right in front of me, towering above, I catch a faceful of the musky scent rolling off his sweat-slick cock and balls. A powerful urge possesses me to take that meat in my mouth and taste it, devour it.

The fuck is wrong with you, Yusef? I ask myself. He’s your cousin, for crying out loud. I try closing my eyes to get the image of Hadi’s monster dick out of them. Instead, I see a mental image of myself sucking it, running my tongue up his massive shaft and working that glorious green cock down my waiting throat. My tight little halfling throat.

“Because it sure seems like you’re enjoying this,” says Hadi. I open my eyes to see him crouching before me. In this position, with him squatting low and me standing tall, our eyes are just about level. Which suggests I’m well below five feet tall now. Maybe close to four. Dwarf territory.

Hadi reaches a massive hand to cup my crotch, and I squeak in surprise. He takes my newly shrunken erection between his fingertips. Small as my microdick is now, it throbs as powerfully hard as ever. I shudder when Hadi uses his fingers to pull back the hood of my newly uncut tip.

“This little guy looks excited to see me.” He laughs. “So how about it, coz? I saw the way you looked at this big bad orc cock.” He slowly stands again and starts to stroke that cock of his. It’s growing harder and longer by the second, a half-mast now. It slaps hot against my cheek as he rises. “You man enough—or should I say halfling enough—to take it on?”

Something in Hadi’s scent overwhelms me. I can’t resist the impulse any longer. No longer thinking, I practically launch myself at his monster cock. I start at the base first, working my tongue around his heavy shaft and tasting the salty sweatiness. I go to fondle his balls and discover each now just barely fits in my open palms.

As Hadi’s orc cock fully hardens, his massive head starts to peak from its sheath. Precum leaks down around its bulbous rim, which I lap and lick up eagerly. I have to strain on tiptoe to reach the head and work the tip of my tongue into his gaping cock slit. Hadi moans such a low, throaty moan from above it almost sounds like he’s growling. I take the whole head in my mouth, and that alone is enough to fill me.

What would a cock like this do to my shrunken hole? I wonder. And this time I don’t try to force the thought away.

“Take it,” purrs Hadi. “Take the whole thing. Stop fucking around and suck my cock, Yusef.”

“Yes, sir.” I have to take my lips from the wet cock to give a slobbering reply. At this, Hadi growls and grabs me by the back of my scalp. Holy shit. His hand is nearly big enough to fit my whole head in it. His grip tugs at my hair, and I wince. “Ow, Hadi! That hurts.”

“Did I say you could fucking stop?” Hadi’s tone makes me shudder. He gives me no time to respond before shoving my face back onto his cock. My cheeks bulge and I struggle not to gag as the colossal shaft fills my palate and his head pushes at the back of my throat. “You keep working that tool until I say so, you little cockslut.”

I can’t say yes or so much as nod with his orc cock ramming its way down my throat. So I choke back the tears of discomfort and do my best to gratify my increasingly aggressive cousin.

He closes his eyes and rolls his head back with pleasure. “Fuck, who knew all these years you were just waiting for your big cousin Hadi to put hungry little Yusef in his place. You wanted a taste of this meat so bad, didn’t you?” He forces my head up and down his shaft without a break to breathe, let alone respond. “Probably snuck a peak at it every time we showered, wondering what a real man’s cock would feel like down your throat. Up your tight virgin ass.”

He’s right. Oh God, he’s right. That’s what I’ve been wanting since the first signs of puberty. All this time, all my hesitation to put myself out there, to find guys I actually want to hook up with, give my untouched hole to…have I just been waiting for Hadi?

My throat burns with the effort of taking all his girth. Even with my palate relaxed, the cock is getting to be too much for me. I’m shrinking too fast. I think of the window in which I can safely take this cock up my ass rapidly closing, and I start to panic. Will Hadi force me to take it anyway? It’s getting harder to recognize where my cousin ends and his berserker avatar begins.

“That’s enough of that for you,” he says as he pulls my head off his cock mercifully. Immediately I find myself missing it, hungering again for the taste of it. I like my lips of his sweat and precum, savor the salty-sweet nutty mix of it. “Don’t worry, you greedy little bastard. There’s plenty more eating for you to do.”

With that, Hadi lifts me by the hair and tosses me clear across the room onto the bed. The effortless gesture takes me by such shock I don’t even have time to breathe, let alone scream before I hit the comforter. I tumble feet-over-head a couple times then land flat on my back against the pillows. Hadi lumbers over like a giant, blocking much of the corner lamp’s light when he reaches the bed side. He flops facedown on the comforter before me, rocking the whole bed and causing its wood frame to creak with the strain of his newfound mass. One of his enormous feet nearly kicks me in the face as he rotates so his head is at the foot of the bed.

“Get in there.” He slaps a hand on his massive hairy ass. He lifts that ass up off the bed before me, spreading those muscled cheeks and revealing his dark green hole. His taint glistens with the same sweat that beads along the ends of his curly hairs. Two enormous round balls dangle below.

Hadi’s meaning is crystal clear. I crawl to the feast spread before me. Eagerly I shove my face in, licking and tasting my way up from his beautiful balls to his taint. When my lips reach the lips of his asshole, we both moan—mine a pathetic soft and high sound, his a deep full-body rumble. I kiss his hole repeatedly, feel his cheeks the size of watermelons under my tiny palms. My tongue slides into his depths, tastes the pungent taste of him.

“Oh, yeah,” he purrs, again satisfied with my performance. “Eat up, you fat little slut. Eat your big cousin’s ass, good and full.”

This time I have no trouble complying. The minutes pass like seconds as I work my tongue in and out of him, tease his rim and reach around with my stubby fingers to jerk his shaft. My cousin tastes so goddamn good, and I’m in my glory here feasting on him.

Hadi stops me far too soon.

“That’s enough appetizer for you.” He says, rolling over to reveal his hairy green chest and the twelve-inch monster of a cock lying rigid against his abs. “Come here.” He gestures for me towards his abdomen.

I swallow nervously and climb forward, careful to avoid stepping on those grapefruit-sized balls. My smooth microdick and balls rub along the base of his shaft as I advance. I catch my breath when Hadi grabs me under both armpits and pulls me forward, sliding my plump little ass’s crack along his cock. He plops my butt down just below his pecs, two great hairy mounds before me. It’s then I fully realize just how toy-like I am compared with him. I’m hardly more than a glorified doll with my stubby legs barely long enough to straddle his sides.

“It’s time for your main course,” Hadi says with a dangerous toothy grin. The bulbous head of his cock presses against the small of my back, hot and huge enough that it could dwarf my closed fist. Again I shudder. “Let’s fill you right up.”

“Hadi, I can’t!” I squeak, truly terrified. “I’m way too small. Please! You’ll tear me apart.”

Hadi cups a massive hand around my ass, works a finger the size of my former cock down my crack. “Did I ask your opinion?” He shoves a finger in my hole—the smallest finger, I think, his pinky—and even that is enough to make me cry out in pain. “Seems like you need to loosen up a bit.” He works his pinky in a wide circle, stretching my taut little anus around it. “You’ve always been too much of a tight-ass, coz.”

I bite my lip against the threat of tears as Hadi rams his finger further up my poor virgin hole. I can only imagine how much worse the pain from his cock will be. With any luck, I’ll pass out the moment that monster tears into me.

Slowly, though, the burning ache in my ass begins to subside. I close my eyes and take deep, slow breaths, breathing in the scent rising up off Hadi’s slick chest. As I do so, my hole relaxes just a little. The pain doesn’t quite transform to pleasure, yet it’s joined by it. Bit by bit Hadi’s unwelcome finger starts to feel welcome.

“See?” says Hadi. “You’re getting the hang of it. No need to be such a baby.”

“Hadi, this is serious,” I say, though my half-moaning voice sounds ridiculous. “If you try to fit that cock in me, you might just kill me in the process.”

Pfft,” he scoffs. “You’re supposed to be a halfling mage, aren’t you? Use a little magic if you’re so worried about it.”

“What?” I open my eyes in confusion. Hadi’s face doesn’t look like he’s joking. “Magic? Are you kidding me? That shit ain’t real. It’s impossible.”

He narrows his golden eyes. “I’m a seven-foot orc about to spear your three-foot-tall hobbit ass with this uncut green cock of mine. And you’re still hung up on what’s ‘real’ or ‘possible’?” He snorts derisively. “To think they call me the dumb one.”

“But I don’t even know any spells! How do I—”

“Better figure it out fast, Yusef,” he says, pulling his pinky free of me. It emerges from my hole with a painful plop, leaving a gaping absence. Nowhere near gaping enough to take his cock, however, which is already pressing eagerly against my taint. “Because I’m not sure I can make myself wait much longer.” Hadi takes a deep breath. “Aaaah,” he sighs. “There’s just something about the smell of you like this, little guy. I can’t help it. My cock is fucking starving for you, to get into you—like it’s got a will all of its own. You’ve got maybe less than a minute before I stop fighting it.”

Fuck me. My mind races for a solution. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I know some magic. Come on, Yusef, you have to know this. Nothing comes to me, no sudden secret knowledge of magic spells. Seconds tick by. My panic mounts as my mind remains blank. Hadi is groaning now and shoving his enormous cock head up against the far-too-small opening of my little hobbit hole, which I clench shut instinctively. His fists similarly clench the comforter on either side of him as though he’s fighting the urge to grab my cheeks and rip them wide apart.

Then he stops resisting. A wild look fills Hadi’s eyes wide. He releases the bed and takes my ass in one hand, grabbing the shaft of his cock with the other. He lines it up, precum-soaked head smearing the rim of my hole as its only prepared lubricant.

No no no-no-no, oh God oh God. I close my eyes and prepare for the worst. I’ve never been particularly religious, yet my lips move of their own accord in something like silent prayer. Strange words come to me, words I’ve never heard before in an unfamiliar language. My skin tingles everywhere as though electric. The last silent words leave my tongue, and a charge shoots through my body, culminating in a blast of radiating heat through my ass and hole. My cheeks seem to grow beneath Hadi’s fingers, and something unseen moves through my anus, expanding, relaxing, opening.

Hadi forces the head of his cock into me. For a second, there is pain—excruciating pain—as the ring of my rim expands to accommodate his absurd girth. Then, as he slides his shaft inch by thick inch into me, lubricated only by the slickness of his own precum…the pain subsides.

My hole opens for him. Shifts for him. Caresses him. Moves and expands and contracts in fleshy waves as though made for him, changing to fit him. It’s like my whole body has become a sleeve for Hadi. The pleasure of it is unspeakable. I’ve never felt something so good and perfect in all my life. And when instinct moves me to lean back and slide my ass further down on him, that pleasure only increases. I stabilize myself above his stomach with one hand and reach with the other for my own rock-hard little nub.

“God, you’re…Auuuhhhh,” Hadi moans. “How are you even doing that? It’s incredible. Like your whole ass, your insides are…massaging me.”

“Magic, I think.” I let out a long, euphoric moan of my own. “Or at least it feels like magic. I’m pretty sure you were right.”

“Whatever it is,” he grunts, “don’t you dare fucking stop.” He thrusts his hips to slam his cock up to the hilt into me. Enormous orc balls slap against my fat halfling cheeks. Harder and harder he shoves that cock in and out of me.

I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I ride him up and down, taking all of him. The tip of his cock presses all the way up within my abdomen; it’s as though my insides have fully rearranged to accommodate Hadi. My round belly bounces with each movement, pressed even farther out from the pressure of his cock shoving up behind it, displacing my guts. A guy could get used to this magic thing. In this moment, I never want it to stop.

“Oh, fuck!” Hadi lets out something halfway been a groan and a howl. “I’m gonna come!”

“Fuck, yes. Use my hole.” I stroke my little microdick furiously. As small as it is, that feels almost as amazing as the bliss which radiates out from my throbbing prostate. I can barely breathe. “Come for me, Hadi. Fill me up, please!”

Hadi grabs me by the love handles and pulls me down as he thrusts up my ass with all his might. He roars, and his monster cock explodes into me. Wave after wave of hot cum fills my ass and abdomen. My belly and sides expand with the rush of fluid coursing through me, filling me.

I cry out in ecstasy as I join him in coming. Though tiny, my dick and balls produce a surprising load. It shoots out in white roping spurts to spatter over Hadi’s face and chest. He licks his lips, tastes it, and smiles. I sink down on Hadi’s cock to rest my tired ass against his pillow-like sack and balls. I let out a long, slow sigh as high as Hadi’s is deep.

A knock sounds at the door. Hadi and I both turn to look at it with panic.

“Yusef? Hadi?” My mom’s voice sounds from beyond. “Is everything okay in there? I thought I heard someone scream.”

“Everything’s fine, Mom!” I shout back, doing my best to deepen my squeaky voice to its normal levels. “We’re just…playing a game.”

“All right, well…try to do it a little more quietly, yeah? I know how you two get carried away.”

“Will do, Auntie,” chimes in Hadi. “Sorry!” Hadi can barely suppress his grin as Mom’s footsteps disappear down the hallway. “Now,” he says, picking me up by the armpits and sliding me free of his cock. “Where were we?” He sets me down again on my his stomach with my back against his still-rock-hard rod.

“I think,” I say, leaning back against his cock and rubbing a hand over my cum-filled belly, “we were about to see what else magic can do.”

“Well, I have one idea.” He lifts me like he’s bench-pressing me, then lowers me so my face is just above his. He leans in so our lips brush, and his thick black beard tickles my cheeks. “They say kisses are magic, right? In fairy stories and stuff?” Our lips lock. The taste of his enormous tongue against mine is almost as good as that of his cock. He sets me down on his chest so I can wrap my arms around his neck and lean into making out with him. His pecs and firm and warm beneath my cheeks.

“I guess we’ll find out,” I pull back just long enough to say with a smile. “Seems like anything might be possible.”

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