Bakecraft and broomsticks

by Ferin Rosca

 A new bakery opened in town. You just gotta try their sweets, they are absolutely life changing!

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It had been another long day of classes at the local university. Andrew walked down the sidewalk towards his apartment building going over his lesson plans and homework in his mind. He was deeply absorbed in his tasks and didn’t notice when his shoulder collided with something solid and heard someone say, “what the hell man?!”

Stumbling back a little bit and snapping out of his trance, Andrew looked to see who he hit and blanched. It was Tadd, the top wrestler at their school, and a bigger jerk you could not find. Andrew meant that literally as Tadd was one of the biggest jocks on campus and liked to throw his weight around. Easily 6’6” and built like a brick house, his considerable strength was used both on the mat and on campus, just not in any way that was good to those on the receiving end. Andrew also had a prime view of Tadd’s other big source of pride as his considerable crotch was right in line of sight as Andrew kept his head down. It was no secret Tadd was the most endowed man on campus, the singlets he wore for competitions guaranteed everyone knew that.

“Oh crap, sorry Tadd,” Andrew said as he dropped his gaze and hurried to move on from this awkward and potentially bad situation. “I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see you,” Andrew stammered as he hoped to disappear instantly.

Tadd wheeled around and saw Andrew, his face changing from mild annoyance to malicious delight as fast as a light switch. “Well, if it ain’t little ol’ stickbug,” Tadd said with contempt as puffed his considerable chest out, making himself look as big as possible. “Didn’t know anyone could miss seeing me,” he laughed to his buddies.

Andrew blushed and said nothing, he hated that nickname, and Tadd knew it, so he took every opportunity to call him that. Andrew never knew why Tadd had singled him out freshman year, but for some reason Tadd had decided Andrew was going to be his college bullying target.

“You’re lucky I gotta meet up with the coach and I’m running late,” Tadd barked snidely, “otherwise I’d take great pleasure in making you pay for bumping into me.” With a deliberate force, Tadd rammed his own elbow into Andrew’s arm as he passed, leaving Andrew clutching what would most definitely be a bruise soon enough.

Andrew let out a long sigh and was just thankful he got off easy as he started up his route home again. “Stickbug!” the taunt rang in his head as Tadd’s snarky face swam about with his trademark sneer. Though he hated that nickname, he knew it was not without merit. Andrew was quite often mistaken as someone still in high school, even though was nearing 22. At only 5’ 9” tall, he was painfully aware how average he was. His thin frame was not unhealthy or anything, he was in good shape if a little skinny. One could say Andrew was good looking in his own way, but when you’re followed around by someone like Tadd all the time, anything good ceases to exist when compared to him. Tadd only made the nickname up to draw an even more stark contrast between the two of them, to show how big he was compared to this, “stickbug”.

“One day that guy will get what he deserves,” Andrew muttered despondently, “just wish it was me giving it to him.” Andrew knew he had less than a snowball’s chance in hell to win in a fight with Tadd, apart from the obvious physical differences, Andrew just wasn’t very confrontational or confident.

Andrew’s mind formed an image that made him smile at the ground. There was Andrew; bigger, stronger and more powerful than Tadd, holding him up by the scruff of the neck while his legs kicked uselessly in the air. Andrew saw himself laughing as he paid back in kind the treatment he had endured since starting university. He couldn’t help but blush as he took in the enhanced version of himself his imagination had created, including the other item that had to out doo Tadd, his junk. There a grapefruit sized bulge stood out in pants that looked ready to burst open. Andrew felt his own member tingle and shift in his underwear and immediately snapped himself out of it, throwing all those enticing images away to avoid an embarrassing situation in public. “Knock it off,” he admonished himself, “nothing like that will ever happen and you know it.”

It was when he had stopped shaking his head clear of those thoughts that he noticed it. Andrew had stopped right in front of a shop he had never seen before. It appeared to be a bakery by the displays of treats and goodies in the window displays. Elegant cakes, tasty looking cookies, and mouthwatering tarts lay artistically arranged in decorative cases behind the glass. He lifted his head to see a sign above the doorway, made of wrought iron, twisted into the shape of a chef or was it a witch, a wizard perhaps? The figure was on a broomstick flying through the air, with the name underneath: Bakecraft and Broomsticks.

“That’s actually kind of cute,” thought Andrew when he had finished reading the sign. He bet this was some new bakery that opened up recently, as he pictured a sweet little granny in a costume witch hat serving a tray of fresh baked goods. This made Andrew smile remembering treats his own grandma had made for him when he was young.

Strangely, Andrew noticed that nobody else walking past it even glanced at the mouthwatering display. In fact it was almost as if they couldn’t see the place, but its elaborate front was almost impossible to miss. Let alone to ignore the smell coming from there. “Wait,” thought Andrew, there wasn’t a smell just a bit ago, was there?” Something deep inside of him felt a slight, uneasiness, at the confusion he felt about this place. Had he been hit by Tadd harder than he thought, and was now hallucinating? His arm gave a sharp throb at the thought of Tadd, and the pain snapped him from concern. At the same time he smelt the sweet scent from the shop and his stomach gave a soft rumble. The thought of a sweet treat was enough to push any concern to the back of his mind.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look inside,” thought Andrew as he considered taking something home to make up for the earlier run in with Tadd.

As he reached for the door handle he paused just long enough to register an odd feeling in the center of his chest, something that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He hadn’t even had a chance to recognize it before he heard the tinkling of a bell as he stepped inside.

At first Andrew had to shield his eyes as it seemed to be much brighter once he opened the door. However, that soon faded and he was able to take a look at his new surroundings.

He looked in genuine surprise at the inside of the shop, he could tell something was different about this place. It looked like the grand entry hall of an old Victorian house you’d see is some historical drama. Carved woodwork, heavy ornamentation, colorful wallpaper, and an elegant staircase at the end of the hall leading up to unknown rooms above him. Along one side of the hall was a large display cabinet with an old fashioned register and counter. Andrew saw doors leading back to what he thought must be the kitchen behind the counter. On either side of him were large archways leading off into rooms set up with overstuffed chairs and clothed tables, places for people to sit and enjoy their treats and drinks he assumed.

“Well, this is not quite what I was expecting,” mused Andrew, thinking he would find some kind of standard chain shop with quirky decorations. “It’s almost like a movie set in here.”

It was an old fashioned, but pleasant space. Lots of plants, curios, and furniture that appeared a bit formal but comfortable. Andrew approached the counter and saw there was no one behind it. In fact he registered that there was nobody else at all in the shop, could this place have just opened perhaps? Large windows covered in closed, lace curtains let in natural light but blocked all view of the outside. Andrew thought that was a bit odd as it seemed showing off the inside of the place would draw curious people in. In fact the very atmosphere of this place gave Andrew an odd feeling, nothing bad, just… different and he couldn’t explain it.

Looking at the display cabinet of various baked goods he saw several mouthwatering displays, but noted that there were no cards describing what they were, and no price tags either. Andrew was starting to worry if this was going to be one of those shops that charged high prices for luxury sweets. The phrase “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it” passed through his mind.

Looking around the counter he saw a small arrow shaped sign pointing to an old fashioned desk bell that said, “Ring for Service”. Andrew reached out a hand for the bell, and just has he hit the little button on top, he felt a small shock and withdrew his hand quickly as the sound of the bell rang through the hall.

Rubbing his hand in surprise more than pain Andrew started as the door behind the counter slid open, and what stepped out was not a sweet little grandma in a pointy hat.

“Welcome to my shop,” beamed the man. “I apologize for not being up front to greet you right away” The shopkeeper stopped and smiled when he saw Andrew standing there slack jawed and staring. Andrew couldn’t help but stare at the massive man in front of him. He looked to be almost 7 ft tall and built like someone you’d see conquering a bodybuilding competition for sure. His long black hair drawn back into braids and a pony tail keeping it from his handsome face. The apron he wore on top of his simple button up strained just as much as the shirt to contain massive pecs, and his arms looked like he would have no trouble shredding the sleeves if he wasn’t careful. Piercing yellow eyes gazed back at Andrew and the smile the man wore showed of a near perfect smile, although with rather sharp canines.

“Hello, my name is Ferin,” the man’s deep tenor was almost melodic and extremely pleasant on the ears, “how may I help you today?”

Snapped from his reverie, Andrew stumbled with his words and unconsciously looked around as if he forgot where he was for a moment. “I just noticed this place and figured I’d come in and see what you got,” muttered Andrew slightly embarrassed as he shifted his stance to deter his dick from its threat of getting hard.

“Well, I can tell you we’ve got quite a lot to offer here,” stated Ferin as he moved behind the display cabinet, “I do my absolute best to provide a wide variety of baked goods, pastries, sweets, and the like.” He flashed another grin and added, “I can assure you though my sweets have always been highly praised, life changing some would say.” Ferin suddenly noticed the now livid bruise on Andrew’s arm from before and threw in, “it looks like you could use something sweet, bad day?”

Instinctively covering the bruise, Andrew chuckled awkwardly. “Yeah, kinda ran into someone who doesn’t really like me. Got any suggestions on what to have?” he charged on, desperate to change the subject. “I’ve never really seen so many different baked goods, so I’m not sure what to get.”

Ferin’s golden eyes raked the young man before him and he smiled. “You’re in luck, then. I’ve got a special I do for customers who don’t really know what they want,” the shop keep said as he looked up and down the cabinet. “It’s like a tasting flight, a few samples of various treats I pick for you to give you a unique experience, included with a drink. It makes for a good first try at something new”

Andrew liked this idea, but then remembered something and cautiously asked “uhh… how much would that be, I haven’t seen any prices and I can only do so much.” Ferin just smiled pleasantly and stated, “for you it’s on the house today.” His golden eyes flashed to the now covered bruise. “Like I said, it looks like you could use something sweet.”

Andrew was shocked at this statement, but being a college kid he wasn’t about to turn down something like this for free. “If you’re sure, that sounds wonderful,” he said, smiling broadly. “I don’t want to put you out or anything.”

Ferin only smiled and took out a small notepad. “No trouble at all if I can help make someone’s day better. Just follow me, please.” The enormous man stepped from behind the counter and headed towards the foot of the stairs. Andrew seemed a bit confused as the table and chairs were in the rooms to either side of the hall.

Seeing the young man’s confusion, Ferin explained, “I prefer to do these tasting experiences in a few private rooms I have upstairs. It allows me to cater more to my customer’s needs and gives you a nice, specialized experience.” Not seeing anything wrong with that, Andrew proceeded to follow Ferin up the majestic staircase and to the next floor above.

Hoping to fill the silence, Andrew decided to throw out some small talk. “This shop is really something, and you don’t see places like this anymore.” Then without thinking Andrew added, “Bet the high ceilings are a godsend for someone as tall as you.”

Chuckling softly, Ferin replied, “Yeah, this place and I kind of found each other and I’ve been running this bakery ever since, here we are!” They had stopped in front of a heavy wooden door with a plaque that said the “Sapphire Room”.

Ferin opened the door and inside was something like a bedroom that had been converted into a small sitting/dining room. A large fireplace was crackling merrily and a few squashy arm chairs were placed around a lace topped table. An extremely comfortable looking bed sat in a corner and Andrew noted that it was quite large, more than enough even for someone like Ferin to fit just fine. Like downstairs, there were curios, plants, and other various decorations all over. The walls were covered in a blue velvet with a pattern of golden stars. “This must be where the room got its name,” thought Andrew as he sat in one of the chairs at the table, while Ferin made sure the fire was in good order.

Ferin pointed out the private bathroom off to one side and said, “Just make yourself comfortable and I’ll bring up your tasting flight.” With that the large man left the room, closing the door with a soft snap.

Andrew took in the room around him, it was warm and cozy, far from the stuffy feeling you would normally get in one of these old fashioned buildings. He appreciated the private bathroom as Andrew had forgotten to ask where it was in case he needed it. However, he confirmed his theory that this place must have once been a home as it was a full bathroom with a shower. He passed the time looking around at the old knickknacks around the room, all had been chosen to fit the overall style of the room, lots of things related to astronomy by the look of it. Just as he was examining a rather elaborate telescope in a glass case there was a small knock on the door. Ferin quietly opened the door and pushed in a cart with a covered dish and full tea service. Andrew quickly returned to his seat and waited for Ferin to finish setting things up for him.

“I’ve gone ahead and chosen several treats I don’t think you’ll have had the chance to try,” Ferin explained. “I’ve also selected a type of tea that should complement the sweets quite nicely.” He took the time to pour Andrew a fresh cup of perfectly warm tea and motioned to have as much sugar and milk as he would like. Then he placed the large covered dish before Andrew and lifted the lid. Andrew took in really elegant selection of various slices of cake and other treats, none of which he had ever seen before. Ferin took the time to explain each one at hand so Andrew knew what he was getting into.

“Starting here we have a strawberry and chocolate Buffenberg Cake,” Ferin pointed to a thick slice of checkerboard cake in pink and brown wrapped in smooth frosting. “Next we have a slice of Matcha Barash Cake, I think the earthy tones will help balance the sweetness of the rest of the desserts” he pointed to a slice of green cake covered in a green mirror glaze with flecks of edible gold on top. He then motioned to a layered confection of cream and what looked like meringue. “Over here we have a hazelnut Dicquoise, and last but not least a small assortment of cookies” He finished by pointing over to a few cookies on a small plate, one decorated with tiny lettering that said Eat Me. “All wrapped up with our house blend of lavender tea,” he finished and placed the delicate cup and saucer within Andrew’s reach.

The spread looked and smelled amazing, and soon Andrew felt his mouth begin to water. “I recommend you eat each one at a time and all in one sitting, then follow it up with the tea,” Ferin explained. Andrew thought it a bit odd he was given instructions on how to eat the offerings, but then again, he wasn’t the expert here. “Thank you very much, this all looks too good to be true,” Andrew beamed back at the unusual baker.

“Like I said before,” said Ferin with a small wink as he wheeled the cart back into the hall, “most people find my treats to be life changing, do enjoy and ring the bell should you need anything.” Ferin made a final gesture at a pull cord by the door and saw himself out.

Andrew could not wait to dig in, something about these sweets seemed to be calling out to him, his stomach was growling now in anticipation. He had never felt so enthusiastic about this kind of thing before, but he knew he was in for something really special. He picked up the fork provided and began looking to see what to attack first.


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