The list

by brazboy

 There are two lists every college freshman wants to top: one is that of students accepted into their preferred university; the other one is just known as ‘the list’.

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My brother is next to me, his hand on my shoulder, as I refresh the internet page over and over again, but nothing except my name and application information could be seen.

“Come on, Luan, the results will be out at 4 p.m. and not a second sooner. Chill. I’m sure you will be accepted,” he says, but my heart is beating frenetically in my chest. I refresh the page once again.

“There’s no way you can know that,” I say serious, and he rolls his eyes as he sighs.

“Yeah, but you had a grade well above 800 at the ENEM, and the minimum passing grade for your course at that university has never been above 780,” responds my older brother. I frown, quiet for a second, before refreshing the page again.

“You never know! This might be the first time!” I respond, anxiously, before I refresh the page once again, and this time the page loads some extra lines below my application information. I scroll down, closing my eyes out of nervousness. Soon, my brother pulls my hand from the mouse, making me stop scrolling, and starts to laugh out loud.

“There it’s! 5th out of 120! I told you that you were being silly!” he says, and I open my eyes, which shine with happiness as I look at that big “APROVADO” written bellow my name, breathing of relieve as I relax on the chair. I then turn around towards my older brother, gleaming of excitement as he looks down towards me with his usual beaming handsome and proud smile. As I see his large muscular torso towering over me, his bulge as prominent as ever, his pants filled as much as his overstretched shirt, I stand up and hug him. Our massive chests slam and squeeze one another as my large muscular arms embrace his torso and compress it together with my own.

“I really did it, bro! I’m in university now!” I celebrate and he laughs, our muscles rubbing through our thin clothes. Then, realization hits me and my smile vanishes, as a feeling of dread overtakes my body. I sigh again. “Now I just have to worry about the list…” I say, making my brother roll his eyes once more before slapping my back and pushing our bodies apart.

“Not that again!” he complains, frowning, as my heart starts beating fast once more, “We have the same genes, and you know you’d have ranked spectacularly in past lists, there’s no way you’ll do poorly this year!” he says, tired of my nagging. I push towards him almost violently, my fists closed as they are starting to get sweaty, as I bite my lips due to the anxiety. As I get closer to him it becomes evident that I’m almost tall as he’s, but his immense muscular frame still makes me feel a bit small.

“You don’t know that! Maybe all those other guys at my university are bigger than usual!” I protest and he grabs my arm, out chest smashing together once more with a loud bump as he turns around to face me.

“Luan, be reasonable for once in your life. Look at yourself. Do you really think you are ought to be concerned about the list out of all things? You are pretty big even comparing to me, and I’m four years older than you are! You are basically as big as I was at your age, and you know how I ranked in my year’s…,” he chastises me, and I look up to his face, trying to control myself as our muscles rub together, before I start pulling up my shirt. I anxiously interrupt his speech.

“I don’t know, all right! I’m concerned! No! I know what to do! Let’s measure me again, and compare with last year’s results!” I say, and start to push down my pants, as my big brother rolls his eyes.

“Luan, you have not grown in the last three hours. Besides, this is not a test you can study for…,” he replies, but I just open the drawer and pick a measuring tape and throw it at him, as I take a few steps back to give him room to see my almost naked body, before I drop my underwear, as my balls—now suddenly free—sway around and my cock bobs up and down in a powerful and prideful semi.

“Stop complaining and just measure me, big bro! Be careful not to steal me any centimeters!” I respond, nervous, and he sighs and smirks, choosing to indulge in my nervous antics. I quickly start stroking my cock with both my hands as he starts measuring my waist, thighs, and then other places. As he does so, he announces the results with a painfully plain voice, as if each number were another argument defending his point of view—but I could only continue to nervously beat my cock to rigidity, and then have my older brother measure it fully, to try and wash some of the nervousness away with hard… numbers.

Second day of the welcoming week—my heart is almost jumping off of my 18-year-old chest, as I walk with my bag in my back accentuating my broad and thick chest towards the entrance of the faculty building. All lads are coming this way, as the chicks have been instructed to go to another building, fully aware of their destiny—we’ll finally know how we measure up against each other and against the world. Several upperclassmen are standing Ïaround with white jackets, which help us identify them in the large crowd of new students. They go around organizing a few massive lines in front of the main building where all of us freshmen have to wait.

“What’s going on?” I ask another underclassman. He shrugs.

“They are vetting us. They’ll measure our height out here and then send us to different rooms depending on that, for the other measurements,” says a third freshman, joining our small conversation. I thank him and join one of the lines more or less at random. As I look around, I notice that I’m surrounded by hundreds to thousands of other young men like me, of all different possible looks—some are white, some are black, or brown; some are quite handsome, others more average; a few have long hair, a couple are even bald. More importantly, though, there’s also a diversity of sizes, and as such I try to assess my position relative to them more or less. With so many of us moving around all the time and wearing clothes, though, it’s quite difficult—but at least I can readily check that I’m indeed taller than most. Much, much taller.

“Hey, you, you seem familiar,” says one of the upperclassmen coming towards me. I widen my eyes, shocked, as the tall and handsome guy singles me out of all new students in our line, making a hundred of my peers glance towards me and start whispering.

“I…I don’t know? Me?” I ask, confused, as I have no idea as to who that handsome man is. As he approaches me, I also notice I’m significantly taller and bulkier than he’s, although he seems to be quite athletic himself, and well above average,

“Oh, yes, of course! But damn, you look familiar as fuck… maybe… are you Enzo’s little brother? Enzo from the National University?” he asks, and I blush, nodding slightly, as I remember that of course people here would know my big brother. They knew him everywhere.

“Yes, I’m,” I respond, simply, and he nods, raising his hand to my shoulder and pulling me off the line. Everyone else watches me as I, towering over them, am guided out of the crowd.

“Come to the other line then. We have a special line for guys who are more than 2,5 meters tall, and you are clearly well above that,” he says, pulling me out of the crowd and pointing to another smaller line filled with taller, mostly muscular men to the left, being measured by the hunkiest of the upperclassmen too. There are a good 60 or 70 of them there, which is quite an impressive sight if I’m allowed to say so myself—I know my cock certainly felt so. It’s rare to see so many larger men in some place at once.

I then nod embarrassed, as people whisper about me and my brother, but the upperclassman simply pushes me towards the other line—although that alone isn’t enough to move me as I’m quite a bit larger than him. So, I start taking steps myself, turning my back to the other lines filled with athletic and handsome men with heights mostly between 185 and 195 centimeters, but with some reaching well above 2 meters tall. As I move, the upperclassman yells to the crowd, “Any of you who is above 250 centimeters tall, please come here to the A line to make things faster for everyone, please! This is the only line where we won’t trouble measuring you, so please separate yourselves!” he shouts, as I move away a bit embarrassed and the other students started asking questions.

I join the line with the tall guys, and quickly realize that—as big brother had predicted—I’m tall and rather bulky even compared to them. The guys are talking about their heights and comparing weights and other stats, boasting about their family histories, and eying each other up, as if sizing the competition. Here, I feel more competitive too, as we are all more or less in the same league.

“What about you? You are super tall, dude, what rank do you think you’ll get?” asks one of the guys slightly ahead of me in the line. I shrug.

“I don’t know. We’ll find out later today, I guess,” I respond, and the other guys laugh.

“No wonder you are so calm, given your size!” says one of them, a handsome blond man with a powerful chest.

“Runs in the family, his brother is Enzo Guaraní,” says another, a brown-haired lad who is almost as tall as me, but more languid. I get a bit bothered by the comments, but that’s when a heavy arm falls on my shoulders, and a massive muscle wall slams against the side of my body, forcing me to look sideways.

“Hey, guys, come on! We are all nervous here, we just deal with it different. Some people like to talk about stuff to overcome their nervousness, and others don’t,” says the massive hunk, as I notice we are basically eye-to-eye, making me frown as I look at his handsome face awkwardly close to mine, his thick black eyebrows seemingly amused as he smiles—I tried to gauge our relative size, but as we moved and walked naturally, we couldn’t quite assess who is taller. That’s how close it is.

“Next!” shouts one of our upperclassman, and one of the guys talking to us walks forward to have his height and the span of his arms and legs measured. As that happens the massive man hugging me pulls away.

“Diogo,” he says, and I nod, “Luan,” I respond. He smiles.

“What course?” he asks.

“Mechanical engineering,” I respond, he smirks, “Me too,” he says. I actually laugh.

“Next!” shouts another of our massive upperclassmen, as he waves his arm which completely overstretches his sleeve, and seems to almost rip it. The brown-haired dude who is ahead of me goes on forward to be measured, and suddenly I’m the next in line.

“So, now tell me for real. Here between us, how tall are you really, Luan?” asks Diogo, and I contain a small prideful grin.

“Well, last time I measured I was 281 centimeters tall, pretty much. You?” I respond, and he nods.

“Fucking tall, dude,” he starts, and then I can see the tip of his lips move a little, forming the shape of a prideful grin, “Me? I’m 282 centimeters tall. Seems like we are almost the same height,” he says, and slaps my back. “Indeed, same size… but you are one centimeter taller,” I think to myself, with a weird chagrin taking over my inner thoughts. I look Diogo up and down, noticing how big and bulky he’s, how his clothes are completely crowded with muscle, and how large his bulge seems to be.

I’m about to say something when a large and serious upperclassman lifts his immense bulging arm, causing his shirt to rise a little reveal his incredibly carved-up abs. As he waves at us, his muscular arm contracts and relaxes, flexing just enough to open a rip in his sleeve, which no one cared about.

“Next!” he calls me, and I glance towards the measuring station, before Diogo smiles and I go get my first measurements.

“Name?” says one of the upperclassmen as I nervously approach them. He’s sitting down with a long list, checking names and numbers, while two other massively muscular seniors are around me, sizing me up. Each of them is either close to my height or taller than me.

“Luan de Souza Guaraní,” I respond, and he finds my name on the list, nods and looks up at me.

“Are you Enzo Guaraní’s brother? No wonder you look massive,” he says, although standing from where I’m he’s the one who looks massive—sitting down with his legs spread wide apart so his balls can stay comfortably bulging in the middle; his torso so wide it’s longer than the table he had with papers in front of him; so full of muscle that his shirt is incredibly thinly stretched (so much so that we could see his body hair under the fabric).

“Yes, I am,” I respond, not knowing what else to say, when the other two upperclassmen around me cough.

“Okay, we don’t have all day. Start taking off your shoes, so we can measure your height, all right?” says one of them, as they have a long measuring tape. I remove my shoes and stand in a small platform they had ready, and then one of them starts correcting my posture my grabbing my pecs and pushing, squeezing and handling them, “Stand straight,” he said, and I nodded silently. Everyone is watching me like this, and my cock is getting harder and harder under my clothes. I’m just glad they wouldn’t have me undress here, in front of everyone—or not yet.

“281 centimeters tall. A fucking giant,” said the other upperclassman, as he finished measuring me from bottom up, although ironically he seemed to be a bit taller than me, “It’s a record,” he says. The man sitting with the list nods, as he writes the number down on paper and then grabs a tablet where he repeats the procedure. They then make me open my arms wide, to measure their spam. Again, as one of the upperclassmen measures me, the other rubs my muscles and my torso, instructing my position.

“292, longer than he is tall,” announces the upperclassman measuring me, before he slaps my back with gleaming joy, “I wonder if your other measurements will be this out of the ordinary, Luan!” he compliments me, making me blush a little. I nod, not knowing what to say, and then I come down the measuring station and quickly put my shoes back on.

“Indeed, his measurement is amazing, but given his family, it isn’t really a surprise. Here, congratulations, Luan. Go to room A now,” says the man with the list, standing up to give me a small card with a number on it. I thank them and go into the faculty building as, behind me, Diogo is called up to be measured.

After taking my height, I’m sent to room A where I’m told to get fully naked and where they measured my weight (358kg, which surprised the upperclassmen measuring me there, and made a few of them whisper as they glanced at the balance). Immediately after taking note of that they then told me to continue on into the next room, still undressed where they measure the thickness and length of almost all parts of me—excepting the crucial one. As they pass me from one station to the next, and one room to the next, taking one set of measurements after another, I end up crossing paths with many of my fellow freshmen, all totally naked of course.

There are people of all sizes, everywhere. Some are short, others tall; fat, thin and muscular; with all cock and ball sizes too. I notice they are always sending me alongside other guys who tended to be larger. We size each other up, but now that we are naked, there’s relatively little conversation going around. We just watch each other’s muscles and limbs, guessing their measurements—or at least that’s what I think people do as they size me up.

As the morning goes by, a few of us got progressively harder, as did I. This, to me, is an inconvenience, as it meant the upperclassmen have to grab and handle my cock around, pulling and pushing it as they tried to measure my abs, my chest, the size of my nipples and such. They also just hand me a towel and tell me to wipe myself dry from the oozing pre that flows down my manhood. At one point in time, they even tell me to just go to the toilet and wash my muscle and chest, which is getting too sticky with male juices. I do as I am told, but find a small line in front of the toilet with other large men facing the same problem. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t take too long for me to wash myself and return to the line where the upperclassmen told me to wait.

“Hey, man!” says a familiar voice from a line next to mine. I turn around and see it’s Diogo, his naked body as muscular and glorious as I had imagined from seeing him clothed. “I just went through the weighing room and people are crazy that this freshman broke up the record in weight, 358 kilograms, can you imagine that?! That’s like 25 more than me!” he says impressed. I open my mouth and then frown.

“Hmm…well, that was me, actually,” I respond, and his eyes widen.

“Damn, man, I knew you were big but…wow! I’m taller than you but you are packing way more muscle than I am!” he jokes. As we converse, all the other guys naked in our line start paying attention to us.

“Well, you are 1 centimeter taller, for what that’s worth,” I respond, and he shakes his head.

“No, two. Apparently, dad measured me wrong and stole a whole centimeter from me,” responds Diego, laughing, making his muscles contract and his cock bob around, completely soft, as it slapped his buffy legs. What a fucking limp penis he has! It’s long, brownish, and had a lot of foreskin covering its massive head.

“Hey, hey, everyone, make sure to keep the lines straight!” shouted an upperclassman as he passed on slapping some of the younger student’s assess or pulling their arms to call their attention if they were out of line. He’s incredibly tall, even more so than Diogo, and wore a bandana around his arm. He slaps Diogo’s ass as he passes through him, forcing him further from me to keep his line straight, “Even you, li’l bro. You have to eat a lot of rice and beans before you can make your own rules,” he says, and continues walking on and shouting orders, as Diego turns really red of sheer embarrassed.

“Damn, wow. He’s Santiago’s younger brother!” whisper some around us, “No wonder he’s a contender for the top of the charts!” others say.

“Fuck, your brother is an ass!” says one of the hunks in Diogo’s line, punching his back to call his attention. He’s a dark-skinned stallion with a hard cock reaching almost to his nipples, but so heavy it would sometimes bob around, even getting close to bumping against Diogo’s own back before the guy pulled his manhood back towards himself—not fast enough that some lines of his pre didn’t land near Diego’s round ass, though.

“He can be a bit fascistic at times,” responds Diogo, as he sighs and his soft cock wobbles around. I’m looking at him and slowly notice his own member engorging between his legs.

“Everyone, look at me!” shouts Santiago at everyone, “Each one of us with the armbands will guide one of your lines now to the next station. You follow the guy in front of you, in an organized fashion, okay?” he says, and a few people responded unenthusiastically.

“I asked: okay?” he shouts again, and now everyone shouts back, “YES!”

“Good. So now I want everyone to hug the guy ahead of them around their hips!” he orders, and some people mumble.

“Hey! No complaints! Wrap your arms around the man in front of you, and follow them. The one in the front of the line follows the senior designated to their lines! Let’s get moving, the other group has just finished using the arena and we are measuring 7.000 students today, so please collaborate, everyone!” he shouts, “Understand?”

“YES!” everyone shouts, and I feel two muscular arms wrapping around my abs, as the man behind me gets closer to my back, his cock swinging and rubbing my ass.

“Sorry,” he whispers, and I shake my head.

“No problem,” I respond, and move to wrap my own arms around the abs of the handsome but shorter man in front of me, which demands me to move my ass up a little to bend my torso downwards slightly. The man behind me gasps seeing my ass move, and the man in front of me moans a little as my muscles rub his abs and his pecs, being as my arms are higher up in his body due to our significant height difference. At the same time, my cock slaps his back just over his neck, oozing some against it, and on his shoulders, and even his hair.

“Sorry, dude,” I tell him. He shakes his head, making it rub against my glans and slit, provoking me to release even more pre out of my sensitive slit.

“I understand, it’s hard,” he says, and I nod.

“Yeah, so fucking hard,” I respond, and soon we start being pulled by the men ahead of us like a jock train, following our upperclassmen to the arena. Each step meant my rod is rubbing up and down the length of the back of the man ahead of me in the mine, while I oozed pre coating his body. All that happened as the balls of the lad behind me slapped my ass with each step, and several lads unsurprisingly started to moan and gasp, including the one ahead of me.

We were all instructed to form a long line in the main arena, one man after the other, side by side. By now they had reorganized us by height, and so I’m the third from left to write, with only Diogo and one other freshmen before me—I actually had the same height as that one, but his legs are longer than mine and that served as the tie breaker. As we got positioned, the sun shone over our naked bodies, and an army of our upperclassmen glanced at us and taking notes.

“A bit nerve-wracking, isn’t it?” asked the guy between Diogo and me. I sigh.

“Yeah, I guess many people will have a hard time getting an erection under this much pressure,” I respond, and he laughs.

“Well, I can imagine, but luckily for me if there’s one thing that I won’t have a problem with is getting my cock hard surrounded by all these hunks,” he comments, making me grin as well.

“I know what you mean… I was already failing miserably in controlling my cock before. I’m only sorry for the guys who ended up coming on the way here due to the excess of physical contact, since they’ll have to ask for a second judgment another day and those won’t be up in the first version of the list,” I reply, and the guy turns towards me and smiles.

“That’s true. Good luck by the way, dude,” he says, and pats my massive pecs. I smile to him and pat his broad back.

“Good luck for you too,” I respond, and Diego who is on the man’s other side harrumphs.

“Good luck for me too!” he says, loudly, making some guys to my right glance over my muscles towards him, but me and the other guy just laugh his remark off.

After that, it doesn’t take long for the last guys down the line to organize themselves, and soon Diogo’s older brother in a small, improvised stage shouting at everyone.

“Now, lads, hear me out! Each three of you is assigned three judges, who will be some of us, your upperclassmen. We will start by measuring ball volume, by dipping your scrotums in a cup of water and measuring how much water runs out. We will then get your cocks up and hard, and once the subjects agree their cocks are fully erect each judge will make an individual measurement of the three lads. The average of the three measurements will be the one considered official, unless there’s a discrepancy of more than 2 centimeters between measurements, in which case us seniors will personally take new measurements. Finally, we will jack you off and make you cum in the cup, to measure the volume each of you can shoot, but do not forget to have one of the judges take your personal profile pictures while you are hard before you come!” explains the hot hunk, “Understood?” he asks, very loudly.

“YES!” everyone responds.

After that is explained the judges started moving towards each group. From what I could see, there’s no degree of randomization in the selection of the judges: simply put, the tallest upperclassmen are measuring the tallest underclassmen, barred exceptional cases such as familial relationships. As I glanced at the judges walking towards the other extreme of the field, the thought crossed my mind that they did so to avoid that the underclassmen could, for example, blackmail or somehow threaten the judges using their own overgrown bodies.

And so, three massive upperclassmen hunks came our way—each are taller than me, well above 3 meters in height, and their bodies are even more muscular than my own. Since they are wearing clothes and their white jackets on top of that, we couldn’t see their bulges all that well, but they must have been sizeable too. Diogo seemed to recognize some of them—which is not a surprise since his older brother studied here—but he didn’t really react any differently from it. The three of us are waiting at attention as they approached us.

“Hello, freshmen. We are here to measure your balls so please spread up your legs and hold your cocks up as we drop your sacks in the water, all right?” asked the first judge, as they then proceeded to kneel in front of us in turns, and immerse our balls into room-temperature water, which would allow them to check the volumes of our ballsacks.

“Wow, this one is larger than Félix from last year,” says one of the judges, as they make Diogo’s balls swim. Another judge laughs, as he grabs my balls and pulls them making me gasp.

“No wonder, he’s Santiago’s little brother, there’s nothing little in their family!” he says, before slapping my balls on his palm for fun, and then letting them swim too. I feel the coldness of the water and then I’m relieved as he lowers the cup bellow how low my balls do hang.

“Hmmm… wait, let me try again,” he says throwing away the water, filling the cup again and repeating the process. As he sees the numbers once more, he laughs and slap my inner thighs, “Amazing crop this year! Apparently, there’s no lack of record-breaking studs amongst the freshmen this time!” he comments before the judges stand up once more and switch to measuring the other ones of us.

After measuring our balls, they pass the information to the organizers and go back to our bodies, each one of the judges grabbing one of our cocks—mine, is almost fully hard and throbbing already, while Diogo’s is almost entirely soft and hanging between his massive legs, and the guy between us has a perpetual semi.

“Hmm, I kind of need to go to the toilet before that…” says the guy between me and Diogo as the upperclassman judge starts stroking his member slowly. He looks up towards the naked lad’s face and nods, standing up.

“Just piss down on the grass, its fine either way,” he says, and the underclassman next to me blushed.

“I’ve never… isn’t that too much?” he asks. I lift my arms and hug his massive shoulders.

“Come on, he’d not tell you to do it if it weren’t okay,” I say and the man nods slowly and grabs his own semi, pointing it at a random patch of green grass, and starts pissing from his hard penis. Some guys look at that and start asking their judges if they too can relief themselves. Less than thirty seconds later, the guy next to me is over and the judges come, throw some water to clean his cock, and start stroking it.

“Let’s get down to business, now,” says the upperclassman stroking the guy’s cock, as my own almost fully hard penis is fondled by another older hunk. He slaps my glans, calling my attention.

“Do you get bigger than that?” he asks me and I nod slightly.

“A little, I think… but it’s pretty close to my max,” I say as my lips are in fact hidden behind my hardon. The guy in front of me nods, and then lowers his head to lick my cock, making me gasps with surprise and excitement.

“Then let me try this…” he says, and his long wet velvety tongue pushes inside my slit, making me moan desperate as my cock oozes such abundant pre that it’s running down my cock like a river. My gasp is actually so loud that some of the other freshmen are looking at me now, as they themselves have their members helped and engorged by our upperclassmen’s actions.

“Damn…. Hmmmm, fuck!” I say moaning as the upperclassman ‘s lips start surrounding my massive manhood, licking and kissing and sucking on it. I groan. Meanwhile, to my left, my colleague’s cock is throbbing as he’s being jacked off hard by another of our hunkish upperclassmen; next to him, Diogo’s cock is being stroked by two of the judge’s arms, while his head pushes against the freshman’s fat nipples, and the judge is biting and licking them thoroughly. Diogo’s eyes roll as his penis gets quickly very long and very fat and very wet all at once.

“God, damn, Santiago never told me you guys were this rough!” complains a moaning Diogo as his judge bite his massive pecs, pulling his deliciously hard nipple, and making the mountain of muscle that is my colleague tremble.

Soon, some guys start to orgasm further down in the line—some can’t take the judges’ stimulation, while other groups are quickly measured due to their smaller sides. As the guys are finishing their part in this whole thing, they turned around to watch the biggest jocks being jacked off, sucked and measured, some even being fingered—as is the case of the guy to my right, moaning deep as his judge pushed three of his long fingers into his tight hole, and swirled them around in there. The guy next to me is being so completely stimulated by his judge that some of the seniors even came to intervene before he’s made to shoot all his load too quickly.

“I think I’m ready now!” I say seriously and the judge pulls away from my manhood to quickly and skillfully measure it up and around. He doesn’t announce the results, instead giving them only to the organizers who’d then calculate the averages as the other numbers came in. Soon Diogo and the guy between us are also being measured up and our three judges changed places.

“Fuck, this one is even larger!” said one of the judges measuring the group to our right, as another of the upperclassmen grabs and now handles my cock, slapping it against my own chest, covering me in pre.

“Hey!” I protest, and he smirks knowing this made me even harder. He pinches my nipples, licking my sensitive glans, and then cooped some of my pre before forcing his fingers into my mouth, making me lick them clean..

“Let’s see how big you are, little Guaraní,” he says teasing me. Calling me little would be ridiculous in most contexts, but given that this guy is a big palm taller than me, and almost as big as my older brother, it just felt like he’s being cocky.

“You guys are getting me close,” I complain as he measures me but, waiting the other judges finish with the rest of my groups, he massages my cockhead with one hand, and my balls with another. He laughs at my comment.

“Good, then the next measurement won’t take too long,” he replies as the judges continue making us edge as they change around once more to measure all of our cocks a final time. Soon the results are tabulated, after the upperclassmen told us to continue edging our manhoods for the next measurement while they checked up the results once again.

It took them five minutes—600 seconds of us jacking our penises in front of all the other students—before they announced the final results. They started with the smaller guys, and ran up the list listing hundreds of cocks by their length and thickness, before getting to the top five.

“Five, André Luís Andrade, 159 centimeters long by 133 centimeters across,” said Diogo’s older brother, solemnly, and I noticed that made the guy to my left—the one as tall as I’m—bite his lips, a little bummed out.

“Four, Carlos Yamato da Silva, 163 centimeters long by 134 centimeters across,” continued the reading of the list, and now the reaction came from a guy three positions to my right, “Three, Diego Costa e Pinto, 169 centimeters long by 141 centimeters across,” says Santiago, and now it’s the guy right next to me celebrating, as the other guys on his group pat his massive chest and muscular back to congratulate him. His red penis is overflowing with pre as he celebrated.

I swallow dry. Now it’s between me and Diogo. We glance at each other. He smiles at me and I tried to do so too, but I’m nervous He had me already beat in height and, now with our members, I wasn’t as confident as I wished I were. Santiago glances at us.

“Now, as number one... Luan de Souza Guarani, 187 centimeters long by 166 centimeters across, beating Diogo Rodriguez Figueiredo with 183 centimeters long by 159 centimeters across,” announced Diogo’s older brother, and suddenly all eyes are on my throbbing cock, which bounced around throwing pre everywhere as I realize I’m the best endowed of all the freshmen in our university. I slowly stroke my cock as everyone watches me, even Diogo, whose eyes now have a touch of jealousy. I suddenly feel an urge to cum and coat them all in my juices, but I have to keep it in.

“Congrats man, number one! I think you have a big change of reaching the top lists for freshmen nationwide!” says André slapping my back, his own cock throbbing as he licked it slightly. I nodded.

“Yeah, like my big bro,” I say beaming. Diogo bites his lips. Santiago, out there in his platform, continues shouting.

“Even before we take the last measurement, I want to congratulate everyone already! You are a very fine crop of young men who will represent our college and make all of us upperclassmen proud! Now, let’s all take your individual pictures before we can move to the final measurement so we can go and drink some beer to celebrate!” he says, and everyone cheers as the judges come back towards us to record our erections and bodies in permanent images, and to then make us finally orgasm. Admittedly, that is not their hardest task ever.

We are told to jack off as those cups are pressed against our slits by the judges. For the smaller guys the cups are so large that they massively covered their whole members, but for those of us who—like me—are pretty well endowed, they simply serve to be compressed against our glans so out white spunk jets wouldn’t go to waste. Now it’s simply an issue of trying to fill said buckets, for which reason each one of us is jerking and stroking their cocks, which showcased everyone’s different style: André, I notice, used his hips to force his megacock to fuck his hands which gripped his member tight, while Diogo, for example, used his hands to stroke up and down his gigantic member as if performing a violent massage. I, on the other hand, am exquisitely stimulating my gigantic thing up and down, while I use my lips to kiss and even nibble on my sensitive cockhead which reaches well above my own thick lips.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum!” warns André, and his judge is now holding and pushing the bucket-sized cup hard against his hard member’s one eye, so that not a single droplet of male cum would be wasted. Indeed, as André starts moaning and groaning, and his cock throbs and trembles betraying his orgasmic state, all his salty and thick milk pushed and is accommodate inside the generously-sized bucket. André, after a deliciously long orgasm, strokes his cock a few final times to get every lest milliliter of cum counting, and then gasped and let his softening immense rod fall with a great slap as it hit his muscular legs. He then takes a step back to watch me and Diogo as we work up and down our members, our balls swaying around as we only have eyes for one another.

“Want to make a bet?” Diogo asks me, as he strokes his rigidity. I smirk, squeezing mine.

“What kind of bet?” I ask, and he smirks, moving his lips to his manhood and liking it, mirroring what I’m doing to mine.

“What about, whoever has the smallest orgasm will…hmmm!” he says, before pleasure forced him to utter a groan mid-sentence, “Help the other jack off for a whole year!” suggests Diogo, rather timidly. I laugh, nibbling on my cock as I stroke it harder and harder.

“Well, whoever is above on the list will have that right, anyway,” I respond, and then moan, as does Diogo, with André’s hands going to our muscular assess and stroking them, feeling them up and squeezing their mass.

“What about this: whoever wins gets free access to the other’s ass for one year,” suggests the mischievous giant between us. The two of us seem to think for a while, before responding in unison:

“YES!” we say, and in just a few seconds, Diogo is shooting his cum into the bucket with such strength that his judge almost couldn’t hold the container right in place to recollect all of the hunk’s ejaculation. The amount of spunk the jock produced is such a large amount that the bucket soon can hardly contain it, and it seems to be filled to its 10-liter capacity.

“Amazing! 10 liters!” gasps the crowd between whispers, certainly thinking of how many babies such cum could produce, or just how much human warmth it contained.

As the bucket is pulled down from his member to the crowd’s roar, Diogo smirks, fondling his cock and licking it clean of some leftover juices as his penis slowly becomes softer, seemingly teasing and challenging me. Seeing that, and having now everyone’s eyes on me, I feel closer and closer to coming. Then, on the distance, I see a gigantic figure entering the arena and the waking towards us, approaching quite quickly. The figure talks to some of our upperclassmen, as he gets them to allow him to continue to approach us. He goes to Santiago; they shake hands and do some small talk while glancing our way. In a split second I recognize that gigantic overwhelmingly masculine presence: it’s big brother. Damn, I hope I can make him proud. Has he heard the previous results? Has he come to see me be measured up? He glances directly at me and smiles, and pushes his two massive hands together before interlocking his fingers—this makes his massive muscles bolt, engorge and flex, but I only carry about his message to me: one like the other.

With my brother there rooting for me, I glance at Diogo with a dare. I don’t contain myself anymore, and just I groan, allowing the full force of my orgasm to explode inside the bucket, quickly filling it with 7, 8, 9 and 10 liters of male ejaculation. I’m moaning, trembling, as my coming continues unabated. I break the ten liters mark and the bucket is full—the judge therefore lets my cock go, pulling the bucket away. The uncontrollable gushing erection throws white spunk all over me, and over the ten or twelve guys in a 3 meters radium around me. It takes more than a minute for the pleasure to abate, and for my cumstorm to become a small oozing river down my shaft and over my muscles, after getting so many people covered in my seed.

“I think there’s no need to count!” says a completely cum-soaked André from behind me, as he licked his hands and arms and lips, cleaning himself a little.

“Amazing! Way above anything we have seen in the last few years!” says my also completely drenched judge. Far away, my brother is smiling at me, as I extend my hand and rub Diogo’s ass, before pushing my warm presence between his buns, rubbing his actual crack.

“I think I won, at least this time,” I say, and he blushes, slightly embarrassed at losing our bet in front of everyone in such a way, but he quickly smiles confidently once more, in the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

“Enjoy your victory while you can,” he says and we both laugh, while measurements are recorded and afterwards analyzed. Now it’s just a matter waiting until all results are taken together, reported nationally, and the list is released.

My brother is right in front of me, his cock completely hard slammed under my own, as we compared length and girth, but one of my hands is busy rephrasing the webpage where the national results of the list would be published.

“Come on, Luan, you asked to compare so please pay attention! See, our cocks have almost the same shape but yours is still almost half a meter shorter than mine, and maybe half that much smaller in girth. You have no reasons to worry, though, as men like us grow a lot at your age,” he says, seriously, as I check the page again, before he takes the phone from my hand.

“Brother! Give it back! I know you are bigger than me, I want to know how I stack against everyone else in my year! You know it’s important!” I say, serious, pushing in to grab the phone back as he holds it up way above my height. Doing this motion forced our cocks to rub against the each other’s torso, and compressed them between our muscular selves as I cut the distance between us.

“Hmmm… little bro, I’ll return it, but only if you pay attention to what I’m saying from now on, all right?” he starts, but I interrupt him by grabbing his massive member, embracing it, and starting to lick the thing almost violently.

“You pay attention to this then! Stop provoking me, you know this is important… the list, the list will define my place in university, in life!” I respond, and he rolls his eyes in pleasure and also at my own insecurities. Soon he starts pushing and pulling his hips, fucking my brotherly embrace and hitting my hungry face with his playful but overgrown cockhead.

“Oh, stop it. You are big and you know it. We are brothers, Luan. You are bigger than most guys my age, even!” says Enzo, and I frown, as I let go of my hold on his cock, and then embrace both our manhoods together as one, before also starting to thrust my cock against our muscles, against his own member, together. I moan.

“But not as big as you…,” I complain, and he laughs, one of his hands go to my ass, pulling me together even more, and squeezing my bun. I moan as he rubs my ass cheek.

“Yeah, but that’s because I’m the big brother; you’ll never be as big as me, little one,” he says, and I frown. He glances at the screen of my phone and laughs, “See, I told you,” he says, before showing me my phone.

I look towards the screen he’s holding towards my face and I see the new updated list. I gasp in pleasure, as my brother’s cock and mine rub together with absolute bliss.

“No way!” I say truly shocked.

“Way, 1st out of 2 million, 567 thousand and 899 young men in the whole country. Congratulations, you deserve a prize,” he says, and then throws my phone on a chair and both his hands are now embracing me, rubbing my ass, and spreading my ass cheeks.

“Fuck! I can hardly believe it, I truly am the largest stud of my generation like you were!” I say gasping, kissing his cock and then mine, and then licking both of them too, as they rubbed up and down between our packed muscles in a powerful hug.

“I told you there was no need to worry at all,” says big bro, and then he too kisses and nibbles our manhoods, but from his own side, “So what about a celebratory jack off?” he asks, and I nod furiously—which he can’t see because our cocks are between us, and so I communicate as we do, by biting his rod once. He groans, and soon we are rhythmically thrusting our erections up and down between our bodies, like one does with one’s brother.

It’s a great moment, one to celebrate. I’m in, I’m in college, I’m in the list. And at the top too!


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