The machine

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In an era where new technology arrives every day, sometimes there are little headaches. On the other hand, as someone once said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

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The storm was horrendous. High winds, thunder and lightning lit up the sky and the rumbles and crashes of the lightning strikes were at unprecedented levels. It was late at night and Donny had an appointment with a doctor the next day. He was eighteen years old, and curious about what was going to happen.

Dr. Fletcher, the father of one of his Junior College friends, had been told by his accountant to go out and spend some money on the business. What he had decided on was a medical device to treat erectile dysfunction. It was a major brand of device designed to give extracorporeal shockwave therapy. The device was set up and his son, Donny’s Junior College friend Michael, had gone through the relevant training and had been taught how to properly operate the machine. Dr. Fletcher had also been trained and because it was harmless he told his Son to bring in some of his junior college buddies to practice on for a while before they offered the treatment to the public for money. The device would clear arterial and venous plaque and it would increase vascular size while doing the job. While several other sites made other claims, the only thing Dr. Fletcher cared about was that it could be done by his son professionally and properly—the machine was a cash cow and for E.D. therapy the practice would collect five hundred dollars per treatment. The good Doctor, wanting his son to go into medicine, agreed to split the profits from the treatments with his son and a new technician they’d hired. Before they officially opened the doors he wanted Michael to have at least two hundred treatments’ worth of experience. By that time, Dr. Fletcher knew Michael would have cultivated a disconnected, professional manner and it would be simply done almost by reflex action.

As the storm continued, a strike of lightning hit a transformer on a power pole and it was that transformer that fed Dr. Fletcher’s office. The power in Dr. Fletcher’s office went out and the computers shut down, surge protection having totally saved those devices and all their data.

The new shockwave generator, however, did not have a protection device, and while it was not left in the “on” status in any way, it had been left plugged in.

Michael’s very first learning patient was to be his friend Donny.

When Michael got to work on his first day, he walked into the treatment room he had been assigned for this new part time job. He prepared and fixed the table placing the roll paper properly and was preparing for Donny.

He left the treatment room and went to get out the new scrubs his father had bought him. He did not, as yet, notice the fault code flashing on the screen of the new machine as he walked out of the room. Michael had been running a little late. He donned his scrubs and combed his hair, as his friend Donny would be there within fifteen minutes.

When Michael re-entered the room he noticed the fault code. The owner’s manual stated the code number to be related to a power failure and simply instructed him on how to reset the device completely and how to re-calibrate. After two resets, the machine appeared to be operating normally.

Donny arrived and was told to disrobe. Michael greeted him taking him back to the treatment room from an outer anteroom with a dressing area. Michael handed Donny a tube of Lidocaine cream, telling him it was an anesthetic. The treatment didn’t hurt per se, but some individuals were sensitive to the shockwave pulsations themselves and the numbness of the Lidocaine cream would eliminate that totally. The anesthetic would wear off in a couple of hours. “Oh, and I suggest that you go kick back when it does,” he said. “When I experienced this during my training, as the topical anesthetic wore off the tingling of the revived nerves caused me to get a hard on. Now I want you to rub that cream thoroughly over your penis, testicles, and the area behind your testicles as far back as you can easily reach. There are some blood vessels back there I need to be able to treat.”

Donny nodded and started doing as he was told.

“By the way, Donny, my Dad wants to thank you for volunteering to help me. He may thank you himself later, but, the only one with a light patient load today is me. We will not be doing this for money until I have at least two hundred of these treatments in experience. As I told you, you could get some benefits from this one and if you have any arterial plaque in that area in a few weeks it will be gone. “

“How often should I come in?”

“Right now, I am short on volunteers and my dad wants this thing making at least some money in about 90 days if at all possible. Some medical offices using these devices do once a week, some do treatments as many as three times a week. So far there has been no harm in this and there have been guys who just seem to love the treatments because it improves erection quality it seems in everybody. When one buys these things one never knows who said what to whom, they are new technology so the whole world is still learning. There have been a few patients that claimed that it made their dicks bigger, but I don’t see how. In the guys with actual really severe erectile dysfunction it may take several months of treatment to see if it is going to work at all. If the patient has erectile dysfunction the time for response varies, some MD’s give ‘preventative therapy’ which is called ‘tune-up’ and those patients report improvements after one or two treatments. Some patients do report a thickening of the penis, though, because of the type of vascular changes this makes. It removes the plaque increasing blood flow and it can over time increase the size of existing vascular structures. Anyway… this is not in all cases, but a significant percentage do have this experience.”

“Is it permanent?” Donny asked, curious.

“Nobody really knows yet, it well may be. According to my studies I would tend to think that the frequency of sound waves could cause stretching of other tissues overtime, but that is not being claimed.” He paused, looking up from a checklist. “Did you slather that Lidocaine cream all over all the structures as I instructed? Is it feeling numb yet?”

“I don’t really know.”

“Hop up on the table and lay back.”
Michael did as he was taught, placing a surgical glove on his left hand and holding the transducer in his right. Donny had done an excellent job prepping himself and Michael verified that there was no feeling in his genitals at this time.

As he had been taught, he lifted the penis and treated all parts of the appendage especially heavily cared for were areas where the blood flow was carried. In addition he treated both corpora cavernosa thoroughly. Michael thoroughly treated Donny and even the area on the perineum behind the testicles and the arteries feeding the testicles as well. From beginning to end, the time Donny was on the table was about 40 minutes with the actual application time being about 30.

“Now Donny, especially for today, I want you to head back home and remember that you need to throw some loose shorts on or some equivalent and sit and work on schoolwork for at least two hours. When is your next class?”

“Seven o’clock tonight.”

“It’s ten in the morning now, so you should be fine. My next patient is not until closing—Richard the science geek also volunteered to help us. I have two classes myself but will be back here by 3:30 for Richard.” He helped Donny sit up. “Thanks again, but because of the probable involuntary hard on as the anesthetic wears off, try and be somewhere where it won’t matter before noon. It will take about an hour to settle down completely.”

At about noon right on schedule, Donny began to feel a tingling sensation distributed all around his genitals. It was not like what he had expected at all, in that it was in fact sort of a sexy or sensuous feeling or sensation.

All of a sudden it was as if his cock was being filled with a garden hose. It was hard as a rock within about five to seven seconds. It was throbbing hard and it was unlike any erection Donny had ever experienced. However, in Donny’s mind this was probably the best erection he had ever had. Nobody had told him not to, so he watched some porn on the computer and managed to successfully jack off for about ninety minutes. As soon as it went down it popped right back up again and he ended up ejaculating three times. The ejaculations were all powerful and there was no dribbling, just his cum shooting high and hard out of his dick.

Donny thought: “This might be fun, but I am really glad school is ending in a couple of weeks.”

Back at the office, Richard arrived right on time. As a science major he was interested in all things that related to it. After Michael had asked him he was game, but after he did his research he also saw enough to think that it might be possible for Dr. Fletcher’s magic machine to help him on a far more personal level. Richard was the classic geek in many ways. He was small and frail, he wore thick glasses (not being blessed with the best of eyesight), and though he was gay he had been afraid to do anything simply because he felt himself so very under endowed. Richard was nineteen years old, but because he appeared so much younger, he was rarely admitted to any clubs or places where he might be able to meet a potential sex partner. Richard had endured horrible mental anguish based on what he was physically. His supposed brainpower was supposed to be a genetic gift, but in return Richard in fact had zero social life so he had nothing else to do but study and learn.

Michael was both saddened by Richard’s plight and yet concerned for him at the same time because he was such a social misfit based on only his appearance. Richard’s father was a big name theoretical physicist at the four-year university that was about 30 miles from where they lived. He was much like his son, in that he stood about five foot four inches tall, probably weighted no more than one hundred and thirty pounds, and regrettably had lost his hair at a young age. Richard’s mother had died in childbirth along with the baby sister who was then buried next to his mother.

Michael had met Dr. Fischer at a Science Fair that Richard had entered. Richard didn’t win, but Dr. Fischer loved him just the same. The problem was that the Fischer home was very empty and very lonely for Richard. Aafter his Mother’s death Richard had been sort of a “latch key kid” in that he had tons of responsibility at a very young age. His father was great, but Richard really needed more.

Michael gave him a warm smile. “Hi Richard, I want to thank you for volunteering to help me with my training and I am very grateful for that help. I need at least twenty more people for this and I need some really great people like yourself willing to donate a little time. I was trained with my Dad by the manufacturer on the use of this electronic device.” Michael was explaining, but the fact was that Richard had already done his homework when he had heard about this possibility.

Michael made small talk while he went to a drawer and handed a single dosage tube of the Lidocaine cream to Richard, asking him to liberally coat is genitals and to pay particular attention to a few areas even Richard had not thought of. He told Richard to head into the anteroom dressing area and to disrobe. Michael had already prepared the table and Richard walked in covered in anesthetic cream and ready to go.

Just as he had done with Donny, Michael did a thorough job treating Richard.

Michael had never set eyes on genitalia that were so very small. He knew instinctively that Richard had been ridiculed for this when in school gym classes. He had full pubic hair, but in a relaxed state his genitals looked like those of a person only in early puberty. Poor Richard!

Because of Richard’s plight Michael hoped that if there were any possibilities for enlargement that Richard would be so blessed. For that reason he was extra thorough with Richard.

Richard was home alone eating a TV dinner when the anesthetic cream began to wear off. First there was a tingling sensation as feeling began to return, then not unlike Donny, Richard’s cock achieved an erection so hard he thought it would explode. There was no pain really, but the strength of the erection was such that it literally did not want to move from the position it took. Like Donny, Richard grabbed some porn and relieved himself, then was surprised when fifteen minutes later the scenario repeated itself. The fourth time there was not much ejaculate, but the fun was certainly still there.

Later that evening, back at Dr. Fletcher’s home:

“Dad, because of the need with regards to the machine, I would like to ask my instructors if I can take my finals early?” Michael asked. “Would that be all right with you?”

“Will they let you do that, son?”

“Yeah, this semester I am actually way ahead, all my papers have been turned in and graded. If you write me a note regarding my current duties with the new piece of equipment, I think I can make my internship with you give me a few brownie points as well.”

“Okay, find out what I have to do on that one and if your work is all current, I don’t see any reason why that can’t be done.”

“Being finished with classes would also give me a chance to work around campus and get some more volunteers. One other thing Dad, I have some questions that I need answered… and I think the only way I can answer them is to experiment on myself.” He thought about what he needed to ask. “Dad, what happens if we run into an individual who is allergic to the Lidocaine cream or some other ingredient in it? Can a patient have this treatment using some other anesthetic or, for example, a cream that might be used for other purposes with diagnostic equipment which also uses a transducer?”

His father didn’t answer right away, and Michael continued, explaining his reasoning. “See, Dad, this gadget cost a considerable chunk of change. We will be advertising that we have this available, and we are, because of this, going to have patients coming to our door in numbers we have never seen before. Let’s assume we have over the first two years one thousand patients. We are bound to encounter some individuals who have allergies to different or related things to the Lidocaine. I would like your permission to go in to the office at night and experiment with different Anesthetics on myself and then some other conductive creams that might also be of benefit. I would also later after the semester ends in college, ask for help from both Donny and from Richard Fischer. The reason is that Dr. Fischer may be able to be of help later. Bringing in Richard could be of value.” He grinned. “This will of course only happen with your permission.”

“Well, Michael, you have my permission for what you want to do without question. I really would like to think a little bit before I give open permission on the others. Before we open Pandora’s Box on this, I would like to hear some specifics on what you have in mind from beginning to end.”

“Dad, my other reason for asking for Donny and for Richard is that they are already volunteers. This way my body is not doing one hundred percent of the energy emitted by the transducer and this way we can spread it out more.”

“Okay, son, tell me more.”

“Well, my idea would be to leave the house later in the evenings. It also guarantees that we will be the only cars in the parking area allowing us to use the reserved spaces. It gives us three guinea pigs instead of one for experimentation purposes and evaluation, and it is simply a more expedient way.”

“Well, son, expediency may be good, but, if you went to work for this five days per week that would be a great deal of shockwaves going into three penises in a rather short time. The greatest success is so far demonstrated over a period of time.”

“I am aware of that, unfortunately. Basically we would be there I would imagine for about four to five hours. This would mean in there by 8 p.m. and out by 1 a.m. This should leave time for everything. To me, the biggest hassle is figuring out what we can be doing while the anesthetic wears off. That is, to me, the largest problem. You and I both experienced this several times ourselves during the training, and it took anywhere from two to three hours before the after effects of the anesthetic were completely gone.”

“‘Yes, the post-treatment erection does seem to be a mild hindrance.”

“Dad, I really need to talk to both Donny and Richard some more. Can I do this myself for one week to see what happens?”

“Okay, son, for now I will give my permission for that. Remember for now you are the only person allowed, right?”

“Yes, Dad.”

At about 1:30 a.m., Donny awakened with another extremely hard erection.

A few miles away, Richard was having the same problem.

For Donny this was his third erection since his treatment. The erection was great and had a certain great feeling about it that he had never experienced before. The strength of the erection was far greater than those of the past and the speed at which he erected was faster. The erection, as had the two predecessors lasted a few minutes and then after he got out of bed to get a glass of water it faded.

Richard had virtually the same experience. Get up, move around and it disappeared.

Michael was still trying to recruit some more volunteers to increase the numbers for his own benefit. His Dad was normally a man who meant what he said and if he said two hundred, he meant two hundred.

It was the weekend and he would start on himself with the various changes in creams and anesthetics on Monday night.

Michael had remembered the post treatment erections rather fondly. He did not speak of these in any different terms when he had originally talked to Donny or to Richard, but if he had to fight to keep them in the program after this got boring, maybe he would try to change the equation a little to keep them interested.

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