The man in the corner

by AWB

 David keeps encountering a mysterious, darkly attractive man, and the lines between madness and reality become blurred.

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I frequented this coffee shop often—they had the best brew in town. I knew the regulars and obviously all the workers behind the counter. Well, I thought I did, until one day I noticed a new face. He wasn’t the outgoing type, which seemed odd for someone in this job. Oddly, I couldn’t stop looking at him. As much as I wanted to look away I was drawn to him. I tried not to be so obvious. I left the shop with my coffee knowing I wouldn’t be back for several days, which was my usual routine.

A week or so had gone by and this unnamed person working in the coffee shop was still on my mind. I eagerly rushed to the shop hoping he was there… but he wasn’t. I took my coffee sat at a bistro table pretending to do some work on my iPad. The hour had gone by and no sign of him, so I asked Tom, who often waited on me, who the new employee was.

Baffled at my question, Tom replied, “What new employee?”

“The new guy that was here two days ago,” I said. “Dark black hair, very dark eyes and muscular from what I could see.”

Tom chuckled and said, “We haven’t had a new employee for over nine months, not even a temp.”

“How could that be, Tom? He was behind the counter in uniform and at the corner brewing new coffee.”

Tom once again confirmed there was no one by that description working here and asked if I might have seen him somewhere else.

I smiled and said, “Never mind, I must have thought he worked here.” I know what I saw that day. I frequent no other coffee shop and he had the “Coffee Brew” uniform on. I’m not crazy, I told myself.

All that week the idea of this mystery guy drove me crazy. Several weeks went by and I was beginning to get on with my life when I was walking down Franklin Avenue and saw him again across the street, about six store fronts ahead of me. Just then a bus passed and blocked my view and when the bus passed, he wasn’t there anymore. The idea of him got me all interested in him once again.

Friday night rolled around and some buddies and I were heading out to the neighborhood gay bar as we often did. I liked the place, great live music and a great crowd. We arrived around 9 p.m. and as usual… went off in different directions. I stood at the bar with my drink thumping my foot to the beat of the music with this odd feeling and a sense of someone in the dark corner across the room. All I saw was an outline… but the chills I suddenly got told me it was him.

Without removing my eyes from the shadow of this man I walked across the dance floor. I stood there, not 20 feet away, getting the same feelings I got when I saw him in the coffee shop. But this time they were more intense. I was drawn to him. He had to have known I was staring him down.

I walked closer and his black eyes glistened from the dance floor lights. I was frozen, unable to approach him. Was I afraid of him, or was I immensely attracted to him? Out of the dark corner came a hand gesturing for me to come closer. As if in slow motion I obeyed. I was so transfixed on him the loud music seemed silent.

He spoke first and in this deep sensual voice said, “Come closer David… I don’t bite.” I could feel my legs get weak as I approached him and immediately asked how he knew my name. “I’ve always known your name, David, always.” He reached out and grabbed my wrist, and I felt this energy rush through my body like a lightning bolt. My head arched backward and I took the deepest of breaths.

“Wow, what was that?” I asked?

He smiled, a very sinister smile. He leaned forward out of the darkness and our faces were inches away from each other and with his other hand ran it over and around my face, enjoying what he was feeling. I have to admit I was beyond excited and the bulge in my pants confirmed it.

I composed myself and smiled back and softly asked his name. He leaned into my ear and in a long whisper said, “Damien.”

That did it for me… I melted. I could barely speak. He had this spell over me. It was hard to describe. I was thinking… I wasn’t hearing any of the music in the club? How odd. All I could hear was his singular voice, as if we were alone in an empty room and yet we weren’t. I was trying to reason with myself what was happening and I couldn’t.

I continued talking while he was listening and for a brief second I turned to hear my buddy say, “Hey, David, you just going to stand there staring at a wall or are you going to get out on the dance floor?” At that moment I turned back to Damien, but there was no Damien and no drink at his table. At that moment I felt a need to leave and go home. I was having serious doubts I was not having a mental breakdown.

I waved my friend off and rushed out, jumping into my car—only I was not sure driving was a smart idea. So I pulled my car into the lot, locked it and walked. It was only five miles to my house and frankly the night air felt good. It gave me time to process what just happened.

My cell phone kept ringing the whole time I was walking home—it was my buddies and they were worried about me. But I ignored them and continued walking. Before I knew it, I was home.

I walked upstairs to my room threw myself on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. I sensed someone was in my room and yelled out and quickly flipped the light on. My mind was playing serious tricks on me and I was beginning to worry about that. I calmly turned the light off and laid back down. But that sense someone was there was still niggling at me. My breathing became heavy in a panic and being unable to move or turn intensified my breathing. I felt the foot of my bed go down and as if someone was leaning on it. Then I felt this weight of a body assuming the same position I was in. It rose up and reached towards me, reaching into me and touching my soul. I felt what I thought was my body rise up, but my body remained on the bed. I looked back as I joined my body once again. Within a moment I was able to move and now I was terrified I had lost my mind.

I fell into a deep sleep, sleeping through the night without ever waking up. I awoke in the late morning oddly wide awake and so, so aware of my surroundings envisioning everything in the entire room all at the same time. My mind was not fixed on a single object in the room, but all the objects at the same time. It was a crazy feeling but wonderful.

My buddies were banging on the door worried something had happened. Jack and the others came in and it was Jack who said I looked different. Maybe it was just that I looked well rested. The next several days were uneventful and then I got that feeling again someone was in the bedroom. This time it was real. I sat up quickly yelling, “Who’s there?” and went to flip on the light but it wouldn’t go on.

The voice in the corner said… “It’s Damien. It’s only me David.”

“Damien?… did you get in?”

He approached me and grabbed my wrist, and that rush of energy flowed through me like electricity again. I fell back onto my pillow, loving this moment. I lay there for what seemed like hours but was in reality only minutes. I had no sense of time, no sense of reality… or so it seemed.

Then I turned my head facing the window and in the light of the moon stood Damien smiling at me and gesturing to come to him. I reached my arms out and suddenly I was in a tight embrace with Damien. Looking down, my feet were just dangling above the floor as if I were weightless. Not sure if what was happening was real or in my dreams, I felt no fear, only a need to be closer to him.

We spoke to each other for several minutes when I realized my lips were not even moving. Were we communicating through thought? I was starting to panic unable now to tell what was real and what was not. My thought process was gone… my reasoning was gone. Is this what madness is?

Damien felt my discomfort and confusion but assured me I was not going mad. We rose together higher and higher in my bedroom until we were near the ceiling. I was so at ease and felt reassured. Damien whispered into my ear, “Never fear me, David… I will always be with you.” With that I was returned to my bed with my head being gently placed upon my pillow. “Rest, David… rest.” Upon hearing those words, my eyes closed and I slipped into a deep sleep.

I woke in the morning with such energy I sprung from the bed ready to meet the world head on. I was happy and singing in the kitchen. It was a new day, a new beginning. As I headed back upstairs to get dressed I glanced over and realized my house alarm was still on. That’s curious, I said to myself. How did Damien get in? After getting dressed I rushed down to my little office and called my security company and after identifying myself and my account I asked if they could tell me how many times my alarm was turned off and back on starting at 6 p.m. until now.

“Well, Mr. Morgan,” the agent said, “the system was unarmed at 12:02 a.m., armed again 45 seconds later, and no activity until this morning fve minutes ago when you apparently turned it off.”

I asked him, “Is it possible for my windows to be open and the alarm not go off?” He said it was not. I asked him, “Is it possible for the motion sensor downstairs to be malfunctioning?” Again he assured he it was working fine. I didn’t press the issue any further, not wanting to raise any suspicion.

Damien was now constantly on my mind from the moment I woke to the moment I closed my eyes at night. My need to have him around was growing stronger by the day.

While Damien dominated my thoughts every day, I realized I hadn’t seen him anywhere—my room, the coffee shop, in the street—for weeks. Yet, I felt always he was never too far away from me.

That evening after work, I returned home had an early dinner and called it an early night. I was taking a shower before bed when I felt someone standing in the bathroom doorway. This time I was not startled or scared. I drew the curtain back and Damien was standing there in a floor length black robe held closed with this right hand. I reached out and gestured for him to join me in the shower. He slid the robe off his shoulders onto the floor exposing a very muscular and hairy body. His cock dangled between his legs swinging from side to side near his knees. I smiled as I pulled him into the shower.

He lifted me high above his head with the greatest of ease, pressing me to the wall tiles licking my abs and swallowing my cock and balls with one gulp. His mouth locked onto my package and not about to let me loose. “Make love to me, Damien,” I yelled out. “Make love to me like no other.” We were in the shower for the good part of an hour and Damien showed no signs of slowing down. At this point I was just too weak and his loads seemed not to diminish after each time he popped off. I’ve never been with a man like this who after seven loads is still going strong. My gut was swelling with cum and the shower floor deep with his cum. Each time he wanted to ram his monster cock in me, he would bend down scoop up a fist full of his cum from the shower floor, lube me, and go to town. I was numbed beyond belief. I was seriously wondering if I would be able to stand and actually walk. Yet, somehow I was hungry for more.

I rolled over in bed and glanced on the alarm clock, staring at it for some time wondering where the hours had gone by and how I got into bed. I remember being fucked endlessly by Damien for over an hour and beyond that I couldn’t recall. Another glance at the clock and approximately seven hours had passed. I was puzzled at the lack of recall. What happened in the shower that I couldn’t remember? I called out to Damien with no response. Once again, I called out… but my eyes were getting heavy again and within a moment I was back fast asleep.

I awoke in the late morning well rested and of course Damien was my first thought. My stomach felt strange but not in a sickly manner, more of something churning in it. Later that day I was not feeling steady on my feet so I went to lie down. My breathing became labored and I was lying there on my back with my legs apart as far as they would go. My hole was hungry… so hungry to be fucked again. It felt as if I needed to shit but couldn’t and this full feeling I had wouldn’t go away until I could relieve myself. I sat on the edge of the bed looking down at my now swollen gut. I was clueless as to what this was but knew if something didn’t happen soon I would have to get myself to the ER.

It felt like I had swallowed a basketball and was trying to pass it. I laid back down spreading my legs wide hoping I could do something. By now the feeling had gotten worse and my gut now tripled in size. I yelled out for Damien over and over and as I lay there with my arm over my eyes, I suddenly felt a warm hand on my chest. I opened my eyes finding Damien looking down smiling at me. “Damien!” I yelled out. “What happened last night to me that is causing this change?” He bent over and with my two hands rubbed both sides of my stomach. “I’m confused, Damien… what are you doing?”

“You’re having my baby.”

Well obviously, that wasn’t happening, and I laughed out loud. Then looking at Damien it didn’t appear to be a joke. “It’s impossible, Damien. Men do not have babies.”

“This is my child,” Damien insisted in a rough voice. “This is not just any baby. You had been chosen many, many years ago. Now the day has come for you to see your full potential.”

His eyes focused on my belly. “The gestation period is rapid in the male body. Growth is accelerated a thousand times. But now in the last 24 hours you appear to be what most women would call six months into it.”

“What?… Damien are you saying I’m pregnant?”

“Not in the normal sense, David, but you must feel proud you have been selected.”

“But Damien, this feeling I have in my gut… the churning, the movement, it never stops.”

“Please, David, you have nothing to fear. I will ease your pain and discomfort so you may rest.” With that Damien placed his hands over my eyes and it felt calming and relaxing and my thoughts turned solely to Damien. “How do you feel, David?”

“Ummm… wow… actually a lot more comfortable, Damien.” I laid there with my legs spread far apart and my gut in the middle.

By morning I looked like I was giving birth to an elephant. Fear set in thinking how I was going to pass this baby through my rectum. With all that was happening I wanted to be fucked so badly. A smile came to my face and laugher to my lips as I thought… was I having Satan’s baby?

Damien appeared seemingly out of nowhere without a stitch of clothing on and with a raging hard on. I licked my lips in approval and begged Damien to not be gentle with me… I needed him now.

Damien reached under my legs and lifted me with ease as he rammed his monster cock into me. I screamed in ecstasy for more. He flooded my hole with cum until it literally poured from my rectum. It seemed to have satisfied my feeling and need.

Later that night I awoke with a feeling in my gut that it was about to explode. I could no longer sit up and my legs were sore from spreading them wider apart. My rectum was prolapsing more and more. I yelled out for Damien and from the shadows of darkness he appeared. He was standing before me in a full-length black robe and came closer and said, “It is almost time.” He comforted me with his words and his warm hand upon my head. My legs were literally sideways and my gut resting on the bed between my legs. Damien grasped both my ankles and with such force spread them apart. I yelled in pain, knowing my rectum was about to be split apart. My hole had dilated to the size of a basketball and the severe pain I had been feeling melted away in an instant as Damien stroked my hole waiting for his child to be born.

“It’s time, David, to give me my child.” With that I took a deep breath and my rectum ripped open. The initial sting of pain was gone and Damien held his child before me.

He had a full head of black hair and very open and large black eyes. Damien stroked my hair and thanked me for this moment. The baby appeared to be abnormally large and well developed for a newborn. Having looked at his size, my thought of my rectum came to mind and what it must look like. For now… I was feeling such pride.

Damien said, “This moment for me will place you at a very special place at my table.” He went on to say I would be held now with great respect and be seen by others as Satan’s lover. It was a position second to none… and my fate was now sealed. Perhaps it was the moment but after that I completely missed what Damien had just said. Or was it that for the first time I was realizing that Damien is really who I thought he might be all along? All sorts of things were rolling around in my head about my future, the days ahead, the changes… a ton of things.

Damien was smiling like a new dad and suddenly he placed the baby on the floor next to the bed. I glanced over at the edge of the bed, and I noticed this child standing before me peering over the edge of the bed staring me straight into my eyes with those pools of black for eyes. He reached up to my hand, grasped it and kissed it. With that Damien walked him out of the room.

I was so confused and not able to sort out reality anymore. Everything I was seeing, feeling seemed so, so real to me. Was someone going to come into the room and shake me to wake up? All I knew is I was so tired as I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes.

I woke up in the morning, not in my bedroom in my house, but in a massive bedchamber that appeared larger than a ballroom. More than a dozen male servants were peering down at me. All of them were bowing their heads and welcoming me to the father’s lair. I stepped from the bed and they eagerly covered my nude body in a robe as I was directed to the a doorway across the room. “Your father awaits you,” they said, as they pointed again to the door. I made haste and opened the massive door which lead to a very long staircase and a room poorly lit. I stopped at the base of the stairs looking about for Damien when I heard his voice off in the distance. A child approached, looked up and gently grabbed my hand and escorted me through the darkness.

Damien sat in an oversized chair more like a throne standing as we approached. Smiling he said, “Do you recognize your child? Isn’t he wonderful, David?” My mouth was unable to close, and I looked towards Damien in utter disbelief. This was the baby I gave birth to just yesterday.

My mind was not processing anything lately so this was nothing so shocking. Why not, I thought to myself. I stood there before Damien barefooted and draped in just a long robe. I was convincing myself I would never come to know reality again and I should just abandon the idea I would ever get back.

Damien was quick to respond to my nonverbal thoughts and assured me that my reality would all come together very soon as I adjusted to my new life. Ah… my new life? What exactly did that mean, I thought to myself.

Once again Damien responded. “David, tell me… what can you tell me about your friends.”

“My friends?… I have none, why do you ask?”

“David, do you recall your family?”

“Damien, please… you have always been my family, the only family in my life, I have no other. Why are you asking these silly questions?”

“David, one last thing where did you live before here?”

“Damien, I feel like this is a silly quiz. This has always been my house all my life, you know that. Are you finished with the twenty questions?”

Damien smiled. “For now, yes!”

I turned to Damien and said I was still a bit tired and wanted to rest. He motioned to go back upstairs and said, “I’ll be up shortly to seed you.”

I smiled. “Well, I hope so,” I replied, as I ascended the stairs escorted by six male servants.

As the hours went by the reality was that I was losing my old reality. Unable to remember details, friends, my own family. Memories, any memories.

I could hear Damien approach the bedroom as the door swung open and the six waiting servants lowered their head in his presence. I dropped my robe welcoming him and ready for his seed. Damien was very aggressive with me and exploded his seed in me in what seemed to be just a moment. His seed was burning inside me like a fire ball. I was in ecstasy… and thanked him for the moment.

All I knew was, I needed to be sure Damien was happy and pleased with me at all times. As for me? I was always happy in Damien’s home, and have been for these past two centuries.

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