The meteor shower

by AGammer

When the meteor shower hits his farm, it has an unexpected effect on the teenaged, and very horny, William: a gift of changing himself and, as it turns out, his equally horny brother.

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Hi. My name is William. You see I was 15 years old when the best thing of my life happened. It was 2:45PM at school, and I was ready to go home when my 17 year old brother came to pick me up early. My brother is really smart, he skipped two grades. I was surprised to see him after two years, though we talk on the phone all the time. He was supposed to be at some collage in Indiana studying astrophysics. Man he had gotten hotter.

He was around six feet nine inches with straight red hair cut just below his ears. He had a long nose and big eyes. His ears were slightly pointed. He also had a very lean but buff build. I think he weighed 195lb, but he wasn’t a gym rat, it was a natural thing. He had long hands and swimmer’s legs, and a tight, narrow waist. He had a cute bubble butt that molded perfectly between his upper thighs and lower back.

The one thing that stood out the most about him was his pecs. The last time I talked to him he said that they were bigger than anyone he knew. Anyway, when he saw me he smiled and waved causing his pecs to jostle back and forth. When I walked up to him, he said, “Wow you’ve gotten a lot taller.”

I looked up at him “yep I think I’m six feet tall now.” He hugged me and I nearly suffocated. When he let go I breathed in but didn’t complain.

We took the bus home because he left his car in Indiana. I noticed that all of the girls and some of the guys were staring at him the whole time. You see our family lives on a farm in the hills, so when he stepped off the bus he said, “Wow this place hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Didn’t you see it when you came home?” I asked him.

“Nope,” he said. “I came straight to the school to pick you up early.”

I turned. “Why did you pick me up so early?”

He smiled and said, “There is a special event going on tonight and I thought we could go someplace high up to watch it.”

“What is it?” I asked.

His smile got even bigger as he said, “It’s a meteor shower. But not just any meteor shower, this one is supposed to be the closest one to earth ever recorded.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed, “it’s a good thing we live way up in the hills away from the city lights and the people.” I looked around. “Hey I bet we could get some chairs and sit on top of the barn.”

He turned, his pecs flexing unconsciously. “That’s a great idea,” he said. “Let’s go ask mom and dad.”

I looked at him. “Mom and dad are in Alaska buying moose for the farm,” I said. “Besides, why do you need their permission anyway?”

He chuckled and said, “Hello, 17, not a legal adult yet.” He turns and walks away shaking his head and muttering “moose” and “Alaska” under his breath.

Our family is as normal as normal can be for a farm, except for the animals. Our parents have a thing for unusual animals. Two headed cows, three legged goats, along with other things. The one I find most unusual are the horses. There are five of them, all from the same mother. There all male, and they each have two dicks that are three feet long, unaroused.

It was getting late and my brother and I, did I mention his name is Daniel; we were sitting on top of the barn watching the sky. “Hey Will, do you have a special someone at school?” he asked me.

“No, I mean… not any more,” I was bright red.

“Why?” he asked.

I sigh. “Well, he turned out to be what I call a sexy snob.”

“Oh,” he said and looked up. You see my brother has this philosophy about wearing shirts at home—he says it’s for the prudish. So when he jumped out of his chair pointing to the sky saying “it’s starting”, he had already shed his shirt and his abnormal pecs were on full display.

I laughed and looked up, enjoying the view in both respects. “Wow,” I said. The meteor shower was incredible. There was every color imaginable flying through the air. “Dan, look at that,” I said as one light was getting brighter.

He turned around. “I don’t think its getting brighter I think it’s getting clo—” {BOOM}

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The meteor impacted the ground right in front of the barn. We were thrown a half a mile back and into the hay piles. I groaned and sat up, the barn was gone. The meteor had smashed through it and slid a ways off into the fields.

I heard Dan stand up next to me. “Holy crap, what happened?” he said.

I stood up. “I think we were hit by a mete—Daniel, your clothes!” He looked down at herself, what was left of his clothes fell off in little charred pieces. He was buck naked, his thick cock rivaling his huge chest for my attention.

I tried to look away. “Come on bro, cover up or something.”

He chuckled. “No big deal! I’m your brother, besides you look like your enjoying the view, your been pole has sprouted quite nicely.” He laughed and his pecs jiggled with the action.

I looked down and turned around, embarrassed, my dick had swollen up to my waistline.

“Anyway,” he said, “that’s not important, we need to save the horses.” He started jogging toward the barn. You can probably imagine better than I can describe how his pecs were moving wile he ran, and his flopping cock, and that tight round ass. In my currant state of arousal that image was a little too much for me. I turned around and exploded all over the hay. When I turned back around he was gone.

Hoping no one would notice I ran to catch up with him. When I got to the barn I heard Dan say, “It’s no good, there’s only one left. The rest are dead.” He stumbled out of the rubble muttering, “Damn it, I really, really liked those horses.”

He jogged over to me and I averted my eyes. He took one look at me and started laughing so hard his pecs started to expand and contract with the effort. “I see someone had a little too much fun watching me run. Let me guess… it was my chest, right? That gets ’em every time.”

I was so red it hurt. “Ya ya,” I said, trying to be tough, “and if you don’t cover up you might get hosed down too.”

He spotted one of the horse blankets on the ground and grabbed it. “Okay, I don’t want you to water the crops this early in the season.” He laughed as he wrapped it around his waist, but it barely did the job.

I gave him a dirty look and said, “Just let the horse out of the rubble; I want to see what hit us.” He nodded, turned and waded back into the remains of the barn. I followed the trench the meteor had made as it skidded over the ground. When I found the crater I saw that the rock was about as big as a beach ball. I climbed down to examine it. For something so destructive it had an odd coolness to it. When I reached out to touch it I discovered that it was not cool at all—in fact it was so hot that my hand stuck to it. I screamed in pain as my skin felt like it was melting off my bones. Then somehow through all of the pain I noticed that the rock was dissolving. The rock was half gone when I heard another scream above me. Then something slammed into my back and I fell forward. There was a moment of unfathomable pain as every part of my body touched the rock, my head my chest my stomach my dick, and then I blacked out.
I opened my eyes and moaned in agony, everything around me was burning. It was burning the same colors as the meteor shower. I turned my head and saw Daniel huddled on the ground. He was naked again, he was staring in horror at me. He stammered, “M-my—y-your, y-your—” he was on the verge of hysteria “y-your dick is gone!” he finally screamed.

I froze in horror, expecting to feel more pain any second. When it didn’t come I forced myself to look down. Instead of a bloody stump or a melted nub, I saw nothing. There was nothing there; no hair no balls, no dick. Just smooth skin like there was nothing there in the first place. I looked up at Dan, but he had fallen forward and passed out. I looked up at the sky but instead I saw the lifeless face of our last horse with its tongue hanging out, its eyes rolled back in its head, and its spinal cord protruding from its neck. It was too much, I screamed and blacked out.

When I awoke I was in my bed. I sat up, a little dazed, and then all that happened that night hit me. I threw the covers off my bed and nearly tore my pajama pants trying to get them off. When I finally got them off I sighed with relief, everything was still there. I put my pants back on and went downstairs.

My brother was standing in front of the window cooking some food. I smiled to myself because he was still committed to that no shirts at home thing; all he was wearing was an old pair of his sweats that really showed off his muscle ass and the thick bulge of his shifting dick. When he heard me come in he flipped around. “Hey bro. I had some really weird dreams last night,” I said. Then he stepped away from the window and I saw a smoking pile outside were the barn used to be. “It wasn’t as dream,” I said in shock.

He rushed toward me, his pecs jostling each other. “Will, man, you are finally awake!”

“What do you mean fina—,” I started to say, but he grabbed me and hugged me. My face was buried in his chest. “You were asleep for three days, I was so worr… what is that?” he pulled away from me and looked down. I looked down at the bulge in my pants, and watched as it got bigger and bigger.

“What the…” I said as I felt something moving past my stomach and over my chest. When it popped out of my shirt collar I saw that is was my dick. I turned and ran back to my room. I slammed the door shut and tore off my clothes, I almost fainted. There was an enormous dick about half a foot thick growing out of my crotch. But that was it no hair and no balls just a colossal dick. I touched the place where my balls should have been and immediately they dropped down to the middle of my thigh and started to grow. They were the size of melons and my dick was well over my head when I finally had enough. I thought to myself, I just want this to STOP, and it did. I can’t go out in public like this, I need to look NORMAL, I thought, and suddenly my dick and balls started to shrink until they did look normal.

An idea sprung into my head just as my brother practically broke my door down and flew into the room. He grabbed my shoulders. “Are you—,” he looked down, “how did you—?”

“I’m fine,” I said. “As for how I don’t know, but I want to try something.” I stepped back and thought two inches, and my dick grew two inches longer.

My brother looked surprised. “Wow awesome,” he said. His own dick was obviously hard in his sweats. Then his eyes lit up. “What else can you do?” he asked with this look on his face that I had never seen before.

“Like what?” I said.

His odd look got more intense. “Remember the horses that I liked so much?”

“Yes,” I said. “You mean the ones with two—” What happened next changed everything for ever. My brother gasped as a second dick identical to the first grew out of my crotch right next to the other. I was so surprised that I reached down to make sure that it was real.

“DON’T” my brother snapped. I looked up in surprise. “Let me,” he said softly.

I was completely floored as he got down on his knees and grabbed both dicks with his long hands and began to stroke them. Surprise turned into bliss as he slipped the one on my left into his mouth and started to suck on it. He was still stroking my right dick when he pulled the left one out of his mouth and said, “I wish I could suck them both.”

I smiled as another idea struck me, I reached down and touched his head and thought, two. He gasped as a second head appeared next to the first. When he spoke every other word came form his left mouth. “Wow” “this” “is” “cool.” He looked up at me. “Now” “let’s” “have” “some” “fun” and he slid my left dick into one mouth and my right dick into his other mouth. He was sucking my left dick and licking the right when he tried to say something. I touched his face and thought three, and his two heads moved apart as a third appeared between them. “Thanks,” he said, “could you possibly make them any bigger?”

“Sure,” I said. “How deep can you throat?”

The third mouth grinned. “Let’s find out,” he said.

My hard dicks were about two feet down his esophagus when he said, “Stop! That’s far enough.” I stopped the growing. The sucking and slurping noises were getting louder as his esophagus squeezed my dicks in different places. About two minutes later he grabbed my dicks and started stroking them harder and harder in frustration. Finally he panted,“Why won’t you come?”

I looked down at him. “How much do you want?” I asked him.

“Gallons,” he said and continued to try and lick my dicks regardless of how far they were down his throat.

“Okay,” I said and felt my body begin to shake. “Here… it… COMES!!” I yelled as I felt the warm liquid gush down my shafts and onto his belly.

I continued to unload my self into him as he said, “That’s right just keep coming and coming and com—” He stopped speaking as a gurgling sound came from his stomach. Suddenly sticky white fluid started to gush out of his middle mouth. His eyes glazed over and he fell backwards.

I stopped the flow of come as my dicks slid out of his mouths with a squelchy sucking noise. He landed on his back and white fluid erupted from all of his mouths. “Uh” “so” “full,” he said and I reached over and made him one-headed again, though I knew he wouldn’t stay that way for long.

“Thanks,” he said and burped. He stood up and said, “Wow, that was the best thing ever. Let’s do this every chance we get!” I nodded and started getting dressed, deciding to keep the twin two-foot cocks for now.

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