The perfect man

by Seth Peterson

Finding out what your friend thinks is hot can lead to some amazing and unexpected results.

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“What’s your perfect man?”


That had come out of left field. I was reclining with my boyfriend on a nice grassy field in the park next to my house. We’d been dating for almost a month, and while I wasn’t getting my hopes up, that wasn’t to say I wasn’t trying to enjoy what I had. We hadn’t gotten to second base or anything yet, but he had been my first kiss. That was good enough for me.

“My…what now?”

He looked a little sheepish. Clearly he had been making small talk and hadn’t expected such a reaction. He was very cute when he was flustered. Hell, he was just cute, period. Cute and tall. I had a serious thing for tall boys, and my Ethan was definitely a tall one. Six four, and he was only nineteen. Lean and lanky, the only muscle he seemed to have a lot of was leg muscle. We had been on the same soccer team for a while; that was how we’d met, actually. But years of soccer gave him rock-hard thighs and amazing calves. And Ethan was one of those gays who loved wearing tight clothes and shorts that were just a hint too small. It was infuriatingly hot, really. His voice also drove me nuts; really quite gay-sounding (I think that’s a thing). And while it pissed the crap out of me with some people, Ethan somehow made it a thing of beauty.

“Your…perfect man. Y’know. Oh, never mind. It was dumb.”

I leaned into his tremendously long arm.

“No, it wasn’t. I just think I need an example is all.”

I was totally teasing him and he knew it. But he still closed his eyes and sighed.

“Okay, well…”

I sat back and smiled, enjoying myself. The sun felt awesome on my skin. He cracked one eye open, but quickly shut it.

“Wow, that’s bright. Okay, no judging?”

“Of course not, Ethan. You know me.”

“Yeah…all right, he’d have perfect brown hair. Long hair, too. Not surfer long, but like a Bieber-do sort of length. Down to his shoulders, tops.”

I smiled. I absentmindedly scratched an itch on my head and froze. My hair was growing longer! I felt it stretch outward from its usual gelled consistency, floating across my forehead and creeping down my neck. My ears got completely covered as my lush hair fell into my eyes. I blinked in shock as I realized my normally-black hair had lightened considerably. I opened my mouth, but my voice seemed paralyzed. I was too much in shock of what had just happened. My hand trembling, I brushed my new hair out of my eyes. Good god, it was soft! So silky…

“Mm, he’d look like you, obviously. He’d be really tall. Like, I’d have to look up at him like you look up at me.”

My whole body trembled as I felt my feet begin to tingle. I looked down in shock, my new hair falling back into my face. My shoes began to bulge obscenely as my feet stretched rapidly. I bit my lip in discomfort, but it was short lasted. My size-9 shoes (I’m five seven. Get over it) burst outward, shredding themselves on my growing feet. I watched my toes pop and jerk outward, followed closely by the body of my foot. I grew so disproportionate I feared I would never walk again, and still my feet grew. I brushed the hair out of eyes again and watched my feet finally stop growing.

I was still shaking, but the tingle spasmed into my legs and I watched them stretch longer and longer, the muscle streamlining as my pants pulled away from my my skin. Whatever remained of my socks shredded as my legs thickened and swelled to match my humongous feet. I jerked forward as the feeling shot into my gut. My thighs erupted upward and outward, and my stomach seemed to fly upward, my six pack growing higher and higher as my shirt popped off of my stomach. My chest expanded upward and my arms nearly doubled in size as they flopped down. My neck twitched and jerked, growing as my head expanded to match my body. My breath came ragged as I examined my new bod. My body hadn’t really changed at all, it had just grown. And it had indeed. I was about even with Ethan where we were sitting, but his giant feet only reached my calf! All this took place in less than a few seconds, and before I could open my mouth, Ethan was talking again.

“But he’d have like, really big feet. Y’know, because he’s not done growing. He’d reach his maximum height around nineteen, but his feet reached their max size already. Proof he’s going to be a big teen.”

My already-enormous feet jerked outward, their size dwarfing anything I’d ever seen before. My whole foot spasmed and bloated outward as my toes stretched longer and thicker. I pulled my legs in slightly as they finished and compared them to my boyfriend’s. Holy shit…Ethan was a size 14 and I looked to be nearly double that! Ethan smiled wistfully.

“But he’s already a big teen, y’know, ‘cuz he’s super muscular. He literally can’t wear anything without pushing the fabric to its limits. He’s got these enormous veiny biceps, the best eight-pack, A huge back with great shoulders, swollen legs, and an ass you could eat off of. But his pecs are the best. They’re massive and wobbly, and have huge nipples too.”

Even as he was saying this, I was growing. Everything was swelling bigger, hunkier, sexier. My shoulders jutted outward nearly a half foot each as my neck strained wider and my traps swelled upward. My arms quadrupled in size, my biceps exploding to destroy my sleeves. They bunched and coiled dramatically, and two thick veins crept up them even as I watched. My forearms thickened and swelled, veins covering the underside of them as well. I felt my six-pack solidify and harden, and another set of bricks came in underneath to form a gorgeous eight-pack. My legs lost any fat they may have had and bulged out, tearing my jeans right down the sides. If Ethan heard, he didn’t show. Must have thought I moved or something.

I felt my butt bloat outward, bouncing me off of the ground slightly. Good god, it felt huge! Huge and firm and round and holy crap it was big! I was about to turn and look when two mounds plumped up into my vision. I looked down to watch my pecs swell and bulk outward, obscuring my view of my abs…then my thighs. I grabbed them in awe before noticing they wouldn’t even fit in my palms they were so big. They bounced heavily before settling into their new position a good quarter foot lower than before, their girth unparalleled and their suppleness entrancing. I watched my nipples bloat and wobble as they perked up and jiggled outward. My voice still seemed to be on standby, and the tiniest of whimpers escaped my lips. Ethan just grinned.

“I know. Hot, right? But wait. So he’s got these big muscles, and he’s super tan…because he is.”

I watched my skin darken until it was that perfect shade of bronze everyone loves (Everyone. Let’s be real).

“He’s got amazing stubble. It’s scratchy and rough, but super well-kept and never seems to grow or go away…just that perfect scruff all year round.”

I felt my jaw itch and bristle even as my hand was going to feel it. I felt my stubble darken and thicken until it was a perfect layer of hair covering my chin, cheeks, and neck. It felt amazing, not hairy at all, just sexily scratchy and bristly.

“As for body hair…not much. A trail, maybe. No chest hair or anything…but he’s got a good amount of arm and leg hair. But…”

He hesitated, his face reddening. I wondered if he was ever going to see what he had created.

“No hair…down there. Anywhere.”

Instantly, all of my pubes vanished. Just gone. Any hair on my bubble butt disappeared as well while my stomach sprouted a healthy line of hair and my limbs grew darker and sexier.

“His…voice would be super deep.”

I felt my neck twitch slightly. All of a sudden I found my voice, and let out a grunt of shock. Whoa, my voice had dropped. It was deep, all right! Ethan chuckled.

“Sort of…but much deeper.”

My neck twitched again and I let out a low moan in response. Holy crap, my voice was deep! It was disgustingly hot “Wow, you really are good at voices. But no, no. Like, three octaves lower.”

My hands flew to my throat instinctively. The twitching in my neck had been my Adam’s apple swelling to accommodate my tremendously low voice. Such as it was, I could feel it swell to the size of a golf ball and harden precariously. I was almost scared to open my mouth, but curiosity overwhelmed me.

“Is this low enough for you?”

I felt my new neck vibrate as a voice so low it almost seemed fake boomed from me. It wasn’t really smooth or velvety like some deep voices are, just so low it boned me solid. Ethan smiled dreamily.

“Yeah…that’s really good.”

Jokingly, he chuckled.

“Although a couple more octaves lower wouldn’t hurt.”

My eyes widened as the bulge in my throat nearly doubled in size. I didn’t even try talking this time. I didn’t trust either of us. Thankfully, Ethan did not go any further.

“But his…y’know, parts, would be nice and big. Not too huge, but definitely above average.”

Nothing changed. I almost chuckled, but decided against it.

“And…no judging, but it’d be equine in nature. Sheath, flaring, the whole deal. And by above average, I mean…”

He was definitely struggling to say it, and I didn’t blame him. Obviously he trusted me a great deal, and I loved him for it.

“…for a horse, y’know.”

He smiled even as my face quickly took on a horrified expression. Oh boy. I felt my dick twitch and watched it harden to my impressive (yeah yeah yeah, shut up) eight inches. My cock began to wobble and bob as blotches of discoloration appeared along its shaft. My foreskin disappeared, but a large flap of skin began to swallow my dick from the base of my shaft. My dick lost all its rigidity while staying eight inches, and began to grow longer and thicker, the head bursting outward into the telltale horse flare. Veins bloated to the surface as my cock slipped down to my ankle before reeling back into my new, prominent sheath. I sat back in horror and erotic fascination as Ethan sighed.

“And that’s pretty much it, I guess.”

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