The up side of a sprained ankle

by James Fourlegs

You don't need a splint, just more feet.

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“Which foot did you twist?” I asked Kevin. His legs were crossed, the calves and ankles heavy across my lap.

“The middle right,” he said, wincing. “Careful.”

I carefully lifted Kevin's right front foot off its injured partner, which rested in turn on his right rear foot, and held the right front guy to my chest. It was, like the rest of Kevin's feet, beautiful; he snuggled it against me a little as I checked out the sore mid-right foot. Meanwhile, the left legs raised themselves and Kevin rested his left feet comfortably against the part of my thighs that weren't already buried under his handsome right legs.

It was sore, all right. I carefully held the heavy calf and foot. I could feel a slight swelling under the ankle.

“You know what you're going to have to do, don't you?” I smiled, and Kevin's beautiful lips made a tiny smile.

“I don't know what I'm going to do with them all,” he mock-pouted, and then giggled.

“That's okay, you know I like you with more of them.” I said, feeling that old tingle deep in me when I thought of Kevin's beautiful legs and feet. We had done this once before, but I forget which foot had been hurting at the time. Kevin's option is to either let it heal or to shake the afflicted leg, which duplicates it and its partner. Since the damaged foot and the new duplicate start with a partial structure, both complete the reduplication undamaged, since reduplication is essentially the same as but much faster than healing. The only downside is too many extra feet, but for Kevin and I, you can't have too many feet. Or legs, for that matter. Kevin's are magnificent.

“Come, on, shake it, buddy,” I said, waggling the heavy foot. “Don't make the other guys lonely!”

“My other feet are not lonely!” he laughed, wiggling them against me, and trying to take the sore foot out of my hands, but I held it. Carefully, not to hurt the sore spot.

“Sure they are,” I smiled. “They only have the six of each other to play with. Don't you want them to have two big handsome new friends?”

He was getting hard, and so was I. “Okay,” he said, “but you have to help me take care of them all.”

“No problem,” I said sincerely, gathering all the feet against me and kissing the sore foot.

I let the foot dangle free at the end Kevin's long leg, and he gave it a couple tentative shakes side to side.

“Up and down may not hurt as much,” I offered.

He shook it up and down, finally with a quick snap in both directions at once, producing the split. “There,” he said.

“Nice!” I said, as both of the right feet settled back onto my lap, caressing each other. I noticed the extra weight the extra leg added, and there among the left legs was the new foot's left mate. The muscular, sleek forest of long legs looked nice with the added pair.

They were so heavy, but I loved the weight and feel of them warm against me, and the big feet were wonderful and sooo sexy!

“You're an octopus, bud!” I smiled, wrapping my arms around the cluster of ankles and buring my face in the sexy bouquet of eight big, handsome male feet. Kevin giggled gently and let the beautiful feet caress my face as I kissed them.

“Can I have white socks for Christmas?” he asked, smiling.

“Sure,” I laughed, but also meaning it: “If you'll help me out some more—they're cheaper by the dozen!”


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