Totally stoked

by John Perrot

 Ben and Kenny enjoy some premium weed Ben found, but its effects aren’t quite what they expect.

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Ben slouched down in his bean bag chair. Closing his eyes he leaned back, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. Handing the joint to Kenny, he giggled to himself as he felt the weed work its magic, lightening his mood and dulling his senses. Adjusting his baseball cap he felt his arm go weightless for a second, feeling like he was floating in space. Snapping back to Earth, Ben giggled, trying to replicate the sensation. Watching Kenny take a deep hit, he saw his friend’s face frozen, stuck in an eyeless grin.

Breaking out into a stream of giggles, Kenny gripped Ben’s hand. “Dude. Where’d you get this stuff? It’s blowing my mind.” Kenny gestured his hands to imitate an explosion coming from his mind.

Taking another hit, Ben leaned back. “I don’t know man. I found it growing nearby in a field.” Handing the joint back, he added, “Sooooo worth it, am I right?”

Bringing the joint to his lips like a cigarette, Kenny lightly puffed it. “Mhmmmm’absolutely my good chap. Absolutely,” he said in his worst British accent. They both erupted in a fit of giggles and snickering.

Looking up at the popcorn-textured ceiling, Kenny sighed. Feeling his lungs slow down to a deep, pensive pace, he inhaled softly, smelling the air’s sweetness. His heartbeat calming down, Kenny leaned back groaning to himself. Feeling his dick stir, Kenny smirked to himself. Trying not to throw wood in front of his best friend, Kenny tried to calm himself down, focusing on breathing.

Feeling his dick harden more, Kenny couldn’t help it. Palming his light bulge through his sweatpants, Kenny giggled. “Dude, I’m fucking horny.”

Ben snickered. “Don’t get any ideas,” he chuckled. Hearing the oven alarm go off, Ben managed to stand up, wobbling at first. Bringing himself down the hall, he inhaled, the delicious smell of brownies filling his nostrils. Smiling to himself, he forced his eyes open. Fumbling with the over timer, he shut it off. Putting on his shark-shaped oven mitts, he opened the door, bringing out the aromatic tray of brownies. Banging it on the cutting board, he watched it fall out, small crumbs bouncing down.

Putting the tray back in the oven, he shut off the heat. Getting a butter knife, he sliced the brownies, snorting to himself as he wondered if Kenny would fall asleep with a brownie on his lips like last time. Inhaling the steam, they definitely smelled sweeter this time. He didn’t know who was farming it, but they did a hell of a job. Putting the brownies on a plate, he popped one in his mouth. Chewing the soft and chocolatey snack, Ben giggled as he counted down the time until it would hit. It took probably 30 minutes last time, but it was so worth it.

Opening the door, Ben stopped giggling for a second, walking in on Kenny jerking himself off. He had found his supply of lotion and tissues and was going to town on his dick. Ben felt his own dick stir at the sight. Kenny had a nice piece, almost as long as his own. Seeing he had his eyes closed, Ben crept up behind Kenny. Whispering, “Boo,” Ben watched as Kenny did a half-hearted jump, still slouched in his bean bag chair. Laughing and giggling, Ben watched Kenny look around bewildered.

“Not cool man. Now I gotta start over,” Kenny groaned, gesturing to his cock.

“Why are you jerking off in my room in the first place?” Ben asked, putting down the plate of brownies.

“Cause I didn’t feel like getting up,” Kenny snorted.

“Whatever man, I’m too stoned to care.”

“Awesome,” Kenny sighed, leaning further back as he went back to town, using his other hand to feed himself a brownie.

Helping himself to a second brownie, Ben took another hit, feeling his heart start to rise up again in his chest. Falling back onto his chair, Ben left the joint in his mouth, breathing it in. Closing his eyes, he felt his body almost ‘connect’, in a way. He didn’t know how to put it, he could feel every sensation inside his limbs. He could feel his heart beating, his stomach churning, his lungs breathing, his muscles stretching and relaxing. Jumped out of his stupor by Kenny yanking the joint out of his mouth.

Waking up to see Kenny still with his pants down, his average dick still in his hands, he was taking one last inhale out of the joint before throwing it away. Ben leaned back, trying to feel his inner ‘connection’ again. Instead, he just felt his own dick start to get hard. Squirming his hips, Ben felt his jeans force his dick back. Groaning, he unbuckled and slid down his jeans, revealing his lightly toned legs. Rubbing his dick through his boxers, Ben felt himself regain his inner ‘connection’, only this time he could feel the stretching and pulsating of his dick. He could feel the warmth between his nuts. Massaging the walnut-sized balls, Ben groaned, feeling his stomach churn harder.

About to feel the effects of his first brownie, Ben leaned up, reaching over and grabbing some lotion and tissues. Seeing Kenny floating through space, he was eating another brownie, his dick filling his hand. Something felt off about it, but feeling his dick pulse harder, Ben’s attention was drawn back. Leaning back, Ben stretched out his naked legs, feeling his leg muscles stretch and contract. Applying the lotion, Ben shivered, the cool substance enveloping his cock. Massaging and rubbing his flesh, Ben felt his stomach churn again. Swallowing another brownie, Ben felt his hand brush by Kenny’s hand as he grabbed another brownie.

Feeling his mind stretch back, Ben felt the brownie hit. His blood pressure felt like it was falling and rising at the same time, his heart beating slower. His skin was buzzing, his dick felt like it had a heartbeat of its own. Widening his eyes, Ben looked around, seeing his vision warp as blood rushed through his ears. Watching Kenny, he could see his friend getting uncomfortable. He tried to say something, but all that came out was a garble. Kenny didn’t respond with more than a moan. He watched his friend slither down his sweatpants, revealing his hairy legs. His mind was slowing to a crawl, but he didn’t remember Kenny being so hairy.

Kenny felt his sweaty legs hit cool air as he slid his pants off the rest of the way. He could feel his head pounding as he came down from his high, waiting earnestly for the brownie to kick in and bring him back up. Grabbing his dick again, he bit his lip, feeling his pulse quicken. Looking over, he could see that Ben was gone. He was lifeless except for his hand slowly jacking himself off. Kenny licked his lips, feeling his tongue go dry. He had always fantasized about Ben’s dick. It looked perfect, well-proportioned and blemishless. It looked an inch longer than his own 6-incher, and looked even thicker.

Feeling his dick get harder, Kenny grabbed some more lotion, massaging his swollen member. Just as he was about to jerk himself to completion, Kenny was stopped in his tracks as his blood pressure dropped, his entire body blown back into space. Losing muscle control, Kenny leaned back, feeling his dick spasm. His legs were getting itchy again. Mindlessly scratching them, he couldn’t assuage the itchy feeling. Feeling his dick bob around, Kenny’s hand searched as his eyes remained hopelessly closed. Finding his shaft, he groped and stroked it, feeling his heartbeat slow down again. He could feel his heart beating through his dick, each pulse blowing his mind a little.

Stopping to massage his nuts, Kenny felt that something was off. His two orbs felt much more sensitive in his hand. Fondling his nuts and jerking his cock again, Kenny felt his dick ache for release. He was getting hornier. He wanted to buck his hips, to jerk off like crazy like he did that morning, but he couldn’t make his hand go any faster. Feeling his dick stiffen up like crazy, Kenny felt that itchy feeling return, only now it was creeping up his hands and arms. Scratching his face, Kenny felt his small chin patch and moustache, and then he felt more. Scratching the growing stubble, he felt the tiny prickling sensation spread across his cheeks and chin, his lips and his neck.

Feeling his dick throb at the thought of having more facial hair like he craved, Kenny smirked, going back to massaging his cock. Stretching out, he felt his joints crack. Flexing his forearms as he stretched forward, Kenny groaned. Opening his eyes slowly, he had to blink a couple times before the fuzzy image cleared in his mind. Bewildered, he was watching Ben stretch and squirm in his bean bag chair too, only he looked different. Kenny saw Ben stretch his body upwards, raising his shoulders as he cracked his back. Only when he lowered his shoulders, the hem of his shirt rode higher than before. He could see the bottom of Ben’s treasure trail now.

Seeing Ben in a smaller-sized shirt, Kenny couldn’t tell at first whether it was the shirt or his imagination, but Ben looked ripped. His revealing shirt was now tight around his pecs and his biceps, his arms filling out his shirt sleeves much more. His abdominals looked absolutely rigid, hardening into a six-pack as his shirt rose higher. Kenny felt his blood pressure rise as he looked down at Ben’s naked legs. Opening his eyes wider, he saw Ben’s quads visibly thicken. His hairy thighs stretching the leg holes of his boxers. Sitting atop the increasingly tight fabric was Ben’s nuts, each one the size of a lemon and filling out his hairy sack. Kenny starred in wonderment at the thick base of Ben’s cock. Seeing the thick tool rise up higher, all the way to his mushroom-shaped cockhead. He couldn’t tell if his eyes were playing tricks on him, but Ben’s dick looked huge.

Feeling his own dick throb at the sight of his friend’s horsecock, Kenny grabbed his own cock again. Looking down, he was blown away by seeing his own cock stretching longer in his hand. Feeling his pulse quicken through his shaft, Kenny jerked it off in his hand, visibly taking in its new size and thickness. The girth was incredible, he was barely able to grip his sausage in one hand. After another stroke, he could feel his fingers being forced apart by the beer-can thick shaft. Taking in the length, Kenny felt his usual range of motion lengthen with each stroke. It felt incredible, so much more cock to jerk off. Squeezing his nuts, he felt the tender orbs swell in his hands. They felt bigger than apples now.

Looking over at Ben, he could see his friend was also keeping pace. His own cock was stretching as long as his own, his nuts matching Kenny’s plus-sized orbs. Feeling his legs squeezed, Kenny looked down to see his sweatpants tightening around his growing thighs. His legs were forcing the fabric further apart, his swelling muscles pushing through the material. Sliding them off, Kenny saw his legs swell even thicker. He looked like he could run a marathon without breaking a sweat. His legs were plastered in thick swirls of hair. Pulling his boxer briefs back on, Kenny gasped in amazement at how his dick was bursting out of his normally roomy underwear. Even his nuts weren’t held in by the tight fabric. Sliding them off, his hands brushing his new leg hair, feeling the coarseness.

Hearing Ben groan, Kenny could tell why. His boxers were getting too tight around his growing thighs. Lumbering up off his bean bag chair, Kenny wobbled around a bit as he got used to the new thickness of his legs. He also could feel his nuts swinging down and hitting his legs. Feeling the intense heat and hairiness of his legs through his sensitive softball-sized nuts turned him on even more. Massaging his dick, Kenny knelt down next to Ben’s slumbering form. Gripping his boxer briefs, he slid down the tight undergarments. Feeling the incredible hardness of Ben’s legs, even at rest, as well as Ben’s leg hair, caused Kenny’s cock to leak a thick glob of precum. Landing on Ben’s quad, Kenny watched the clear liquid grow in size as his dick sputtered out some more.

Licking his lips, Kenny eyed Ben’s growing package. It looked enormous now, the girth now rivaled a wine bottle, and probably exceeded it in length. His cockhead was thick as a grapefruit. Leaning down, Kenny felt his thicker moustache graze Ben’s cockhead. Hearing Ben rumble in his sleep, Kenny gave his cockhead a quick kiss. Scratching his thicker beard, Kenny could feel the bristles thickening in number and growing faster. Feeling his own cock bounce down and hit Ben’s leg, Kenny widened his lips around the enormous cockhead. Feeling the spongy warmth fill his mouth, Kenny moaned. His dick spurted out precum all over Ben’s cantaloupe-sized nuts.

Hearing Ben moan again, Kenny drew back, licking his lips. He could see that Ben’s shirt had reached the limit. His pecs were pushing out several inches, forcing the collar down and revealing a swath of chest hair. His biceps had already torn through the sleeves and the hem of his shirt was now at the nipple line, revealing his furry set of brick-sized abs. Gripping the shirt, Kenny tore it off easily. Feeling his own strength barely register tearing off a shirt, Kenny took a moment to admire his own form.

Looking down, his pecs were definitely a shelf now. Each one felt like a pillow, a big furry pillow. Scratching his own chest hair, Kenny pulled and kneaded it, feeling the new sensation of having chest hair. Lifting his arm, he could see a thick forest of armpit hair set in a cavity formed between his pecs and his massive bicep. His arm looked enormous, definitely bigger than a football, and quickly approaching a soccer ball. Rubbing his hand down his abs, he looked at Ben’s, picturing his own midsection to look like that. Eight brick-sized abs with ridges and crevices to match a cobblestone street. A thick treasure trail of fur running down to a thick bush encapsulating a monster cock. Two hefty basketball-sized nuts laid out majestically on his hairy thighs.

Just as he was about to go back to licking Ben’s cock, Kenny felt a wave rush over him. Hearing Ben groan too, Kenny could only surmise the third brownie was kicking in. Falling back onto his bean bag chair, his legs now extended much farther, his foot hitting Ben’s bean bag chair. Feeling his mind fall backwards again, Kenny stared open-eyed at the ceiling, his heart beat filling his ears again. Managing to lift his arm, his eyes widened at the volleyball-sized muscle of his bicep, matched with forearms that reminded him of a Christmas ham. Even his hand looked thicker; thick, sausage-like fingers attached to a palm that outsized a baseball mitt.

Bringing his arm down, he felt his muscle fibers tense and stretch. Bringing his hand to his chest, his fingers grazed his left pec, a thick layer of hair covering it. Scratching it, he could feel his heartbeat pounding. Feeling his pecs swell in his hands, he looked down to see several inches of fur-covered chest meat filling his view. His thick sausage fingers rising higher. He could see his thick beard mixing with his chest hair. Leaning back, his beard still mixed with the chest hairs. Leaning forward again, he could feel his chin get blocked by his pecs. Raising his arm again, Kenny felt his heart race as he saw the massive melon-sized bicep. His forearm looked as thick as his bicep from before. His hand looked bigger too. Thick kielbasa-sized fingers in a hand that looked like it could hold two basketballs.

Feeling his feet push out further, Kenny felt his toes hit a fur-covered mass. Managing to push himself up in his stupor, Kenny gasped at his new point of view. The first thing he saw was his pulsating dick. The massive pole extended out for feet in front of him, bobbing and swaying. His enormous cockhead was flaring bigger than a basketball. His eyes glazed over the telephone-pole thick shaft as it curved down, inch after inch until the widening base was obscured by his massive pecs. Looking past his swelling cock, Kenny’s dick spasmed and vibrated uncontrollably as he stared at Ben.

He couldn’t even see Ben’s face, just a glimpse of his bushy hair peeking above his unflexed pecs. Each of his massive chest muscles were bigger than bags of concrete, covered in a forest of black hair, and pushing down two nipples that were bigger than shot glasses. Looking at Ben’s enormous midsection, he could hear Ben’s stomach groan through the wall of cobblestone-sized abs. Feeling his own stomach grumble, Kenny’s hand automatically went for the plate of brownies. Picking up the small plate in his mitt of a hand, Kenny instinctively tipped the plate into his mouth, swallowing the rest of the brownies. Licking his lips, his stomach growled again.

Tossing the plate aside, Kenny tried to sit up, his glutes outgrowing the bean bag chair entirely. Hearing a loud pop, Kenny’s enormous weight split the bean bag chair wide open, a flood of beads spilling out on the floor. Sitting up, Kenny’s hands mindlessly went to stroke his cock, his eyes glazed over. Reaching where he usually reached, he was met with a thick patch of hair. Feeling his way around, his hands gripped his massive nuts. Picking them up, he could only guess how big they were, his hands feeling totally out of proportion. Dropping them back on the ground, he winced, groaning at the sharp shock wave of pain that tingled his spine.

Finding the base of his cock, Kenny massaged and squeezed his iron-hard shaft. Gripping his cock with his new strength, he could feel so much more now. Every nerve ending in his cock felt like it was firing twice as much stimulation, every caress his fingers gave forcing his anus to clench, causing his dick to push higher and higher. Gripping his pole, he jerked it off, double-fisting the enormous mass. Hearing another loud pop, Kenny watched as Ben’s figure slumped down as his bean bag chair deflated. Watching Ben’s own cock bob up and down, Kenny squeezed his anus again. Seeing his dick push up further, he angled his hips.

Smacking his dick into Ben’s member, Kenny felt fireworks shoot down his dick. The sensation of rubbing cock on cock was sensational. Every groove and bump from Ben’s network of veins to rubbing his cockhead against the spongy mass of Ben’s own cockhead only made Kenny’s cock vibrate even more. Feeling pins and needles erupt within his cock, Kenny groaned. His stomach churning, he looked over at the empty plate. Just as his mind was clearing, he felt that familiar sensation. As if someone had tackled him and they were both falling off a cliff, Kenny felt his back fall down, his view of the ceiling retreating.

Smacking his head on the dresser behind him, Kenny was out like a light. Startled by the sound, Ben sleepily woke up from his slumber. Immediately he began to freak out. Thinking that he was tripping, he looked down to see the tops of two enormous pecs pushing his chin up. A dark forest of hairs crisscrossing the enormous field coming into focus. Looking up and around, he began hyperventilating. His heart beat rising, Ben’s focus was drawn to his central line of vision. He watched as his dick swelled and pulsed, rising closer to the ceiling. It looked enormous, like a whale’s dick. It had to be thicker than a concrete pillar, and it certainly felt as long. Looking down at his hands, he saw two enormous hands that would outsize a lumberjack. Connected to two thick wrists that immediately expanded into the thickest pair of forearms he ever imagined, and to two arms that looked thicker than he was.

Glancing from side to side, his eyes traversed the small hills and mountains of his traps as each side went nearly three feet to his massive shoulder. Rising his arms, he felt his mobility limited as his enormous biceps swelled and mashed into his pecs. Flexing his pecs, he could feel their power with how weighted they fell when he stopped flexing them. Taking a deep breath, he pushed them out, watching them swell another couple of inches, filling his vision. Relaxing them, he watched them only shrink about an inch or so, still filling his lower eye line with a sea of chest hair.

Hearing a deep moan opposite him, Ben looked past the monolith that was his dick and saw Kenny’s body going crazy. He looked even bigger than Ben and his muscles were flexing and contracting like crazy. Ben felt his dick thicken even more as he watched Kenny’s pecs surge upwards, blocking any glimpse of his bearded face. His arms spread across the carpet, his shoulders broadened. Ben gripped his dick, jerking off his pillar of a cock as he watched Kenny’s dick surge longer and thicker. It was swelling with each pulse. After a minute of growth, Ben was jerking himself off furiously as Kenny’s enormous cockhead was being forced across the ceiling. His dick was thicker than a desk and was audibly throbbing.

Ben could hear Kenny’s heartbeat through his throbbing dick. Turning him on even more at his buddy’s unstoppable growth, Ben felt his own cock surge a little bit bigger. Looking up, he watched as his cockhead began brushing against the much thicker underside of Kenny’s cock. Looking down at the sensation of his nuts being rubbed, he saw Kenny’s nuts swelling rapidly, pushing against his own. Ben’s own nuts were the size of pumpkins and swelling, but not as fast as Kenny’s nuts, which just swelled larger than their bean bag chairs.

Feeling his growing cock be forced down by Kenny’s widening shaft, Ben aimed his bobbing cock downwards, landing his cockhead on Kenny’s burgeoning chest. His nuts were beginning to take control of him, the constant rubbing and pressure from Kenny’s larger balls was making him need to cum sooner. Rubbing his shaft as his cockhead was scrached by Kenny’s chest hair, Ben felt his nuts squeeze even more as Kenny’s nuts swelled to the size of a couch. Feeling his load shoot down his shaft like a cannon, Ben flexed every muscle in his body. His pecs and arms swelled against each other, his back surged higher, his thighs thickened monstrously, his nuts were swelling closer and closer to Kenny’s size, his cockhead flared and didn’t stop swelling.

Cumming endlessly from his position, Ben felt his dick brush past Kenny’s face and hit the opposite wall. Forcing the rest of his load out, Ben took a deep breath, inhaling the familiar but much stronger scent of his load. Before he could start jerking off again, Ben watched as Kenny’s unconscious mass stirred. Rising up, Kenny towered over Ben, even though they were both sitting. He was plastered with Ben’s thick cum, his dark layer of body hair matted down from the stickiness.

Staring into the eyes of his hypermasculinized friend, Ben could see that he was still high, his eyes were a dark pink. They both stopped for a moment, looking down to hear Kenny’s stomach churn loudly. Licking his lips, Kenny swallowed the rest of the cum that his tongue could reach. Smiling as he heard his stomach churn louder, Kenny scooped up more cum around him, greedily swallowing the mixture. Ben starred in mindless ecstasy as Kenny’s cock lowered from its own weight, the massive head soon pointing right into Ben’s face. Hearing Kenny rumble again, Ben closed his eyes and opened his mouth.


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